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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure. here's romance. here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west,
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?? >> oh, cisco, this is a nice place, eh? >> yes, pancho, i think so, too. >> oh, yeah, the-- the air, it smells so sweet and fresh, and the little birds are so happy. oh, it's so nice and peaceful here. (gunshot) hey, cisco, the air, it don't smell so good now. let's went! hey, cisco! cisco, you are wenting the wrong way! oh, why is he wenting where the bullets want to say hello to pancho?
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>> i warned you to stay away from my sister, and if i can't talk any sense into your head, then there are other ways of doing it. (groans) just what do you think you're doing? >> stopping you from killing someone. >> cisco, why you are always taking the pistola away from the beautiful se?orita? must they all be dangerous? >> is that what you were >> it's none of your business. isn't there someplace a girl can find a little privacy? >> cisco, this i don't understand, why she is shooting at a tree? >> she was target practicing, pancho. >> something is wrong, cisco? hey, look, cisco, the bullets-- they didn't even go through the target. >> i wonder why she was using such a weak load, pancho.
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(chuckles) >> this bullet has not enough powder in it to kill a rabbit at five feet. >> well, maybe she don't like rabbits. >> you heard what she said, pancho. >> what? >> she was practicing to go after someone, right? >> well, you could be wrong, but i think you are right. >> then i wonder why she was using bullets that are absolutely harmless. >> well, maybe she didn't want to kill the tree. >> no, pancho, there is more here than meets the eye. i think we'll ride back to town >> oh, cisco! hey, trouble! hey, trouble, here come cisco and pancho!
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>> there it is, pancho. i'll be out in a minute. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> what can i do for you? >> i'm afraid i ruined the firing pin. (chuckling) >> you boys should never try to mend your own guns. >> do you recognize this gun, my friend? >> >> a young lady lost it. i'd like to return it. >> well, just leave it with me, and i'll see that she gets it. >> if it's just the same to you, i'd rather return it myself. she's a very beautiful young lady. >> you young men, you're all alike-- so headstrong and impetuous. handles nicely. >> it should. we have been friends for a long time. what about the young lady? >> i'd like to be able to help you, but, unfortunately, i do not know her name. she comes at the shop
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you've been here so long, i thought maybe you was living here now. >> pancho, i was about ready to go. >> oh, for the cisco kid, there's no charge. come in when you have time, and i'll give it a real overhauling. >> you are very kind. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> let's went, huh? >> let's went. >> we're gonna find the girl and return the gun to her. ?? >> where is he?
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>> it's you, conlan. we made quite a haul last night-- could use a lot more of this. looks almost as good as real money. >> why not? i made it myself. but you won't be passing it much longer if you don't stay away from christine's little sister. >> you're not very good at making jokes, conlan. >> jokes, eh? comes to my shop to buy bullets, she means business. that's why the shells i sold her didn't have enough powder in 'em to harm a fly. >> well, thanks, but you're making a mountain out of a molehill. christine hasn't the faintest idea what we're doing. >> oh, no? you don't suppose she could be working for you all this time without knowing what's going on? he came to my shop a little while ago. said he found christine's gun and wanted to return it
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with cisco in town, anything can happen. >> that's exactly what i mean. therefore, we've gotta get rid of him before something does happen. he and his pal pancho are on their way to christine's home now. >> well, good. i'll have the boys take care of this little detail right away. oh, mark, norton, come in here. >> there is her horse, pancho. >> cisco, once more you are moving in where angels are flying. it's such a little gun. she don't want it. >> if she doesn't, pancho, i'll be right out. >> jane!
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>> i'd thank you to stop butting into my life! i'm quite capable of taking care of myself! >> once and for all, jane, you're not taking that job at sloan's! >> if you can work there so can i. >> that's different. i'm older than you are. i can look out for myself. >> you had that job when you were younger than me! >> sure, so you could go to school, ha a decent life, not come out here and fall for the first cheap tinhorn gambler you meet. >> you're just jealous. you're in love with sloan yourself! you're afraid i'll take him away from you. >> stop talking rubbish, and either you come to your senses to a convent. >> you're not shipping me anywhere! >> i'll get some sense into that head of yours if i have to pound it in! >> wait a minute, you two! you're too grownup to do a thing like this. pancho! >> muchachas sin verguenza! diablita, le voy a dar unas nalgadas, ven ac? porque te voy a dar unas nalgadas! and i am just the guy who can do it.
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>> is there anything we can do to help you? >> no, thanks, not a thing. >> hey, cisco, she's a little spitfires. she's got a head like a rug and a hand like a hammer. >> i should know better than to try to run my sister's life. it was just... oh, well. >> this sloan, was he the one you were shooting at when we met you? >> yes, it was sort of silly, wasn't it? >> nothing is silly when you're trying to protect someone, particularly if it is someone close to you. >> too close. i've raised her since she was ever since mother died. but it'll all work out, though. thanks for trying to help. >> you're welcome. >> hey, just who are you two, anyway? >> i am known as the cisco kid. this is my very good friend pancho. >> hey, pancho ismael fernandez de conejo, who always gets in trouble when cisco looks
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for work. >> just a minute, miss. what does sloan do besides running the gambling tables? >> he owns the gambling tables. i deal for him, that's all. >> oh. (whinnies) >> look out, pancho! >> cisco? >> get out of the way, miss! >> we'll never get them this way, cisco. >> i know, pancho.
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>> we'd better get outta here but fast, mark!
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>> he's hurt pretty good, i think. >> yeah, it's too bad, pancho. i'm sorry i had to shoot him. >> cisco, you know, i don't think this a very healthy climate for cisco and pancho. >> in that case, pancho, we'll
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>> and when the men buy chips, they put the money here. when they cash in, you pay off from here. that way you never get your bank mixed up. jane, you didn't have any trouble with christine, did you, about your working here? >> what i do is none of christine's business. >> of course, it isn't, but we don't want her to be angry at us. >> would you rather i didn't work here? ?? well, it looks like you already have your first customers. >> if christine sent you, you're wasting your time. >> talking to a beautiful woman is never a waste of time. >> that is true, se?orita. always he is talking to some beautiful woman. >> i'm on duty now.
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to lady luck? >> i can't choose my customers. >> there you are. >> dave, lefty. >> what's the matter with him? >> our friend here hasn't been shooting very straight these days. >> what's the job? >> hey, cisco, you never was a gambler. you don't like gambling. >> but, pancho, you know very well i always like to talk to pretty ladies. >> yeah, yeah, you're telling me. >> are you just going to stand there? aren't you going to play? >> pancho, which one do i put it on, eh? >> well, put 'em on 7-11. >> i think i will put it on 00. >> then why you ask me? >> because you always tell me what to do. >> there's two men out there with jane. but play it smart--
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i give you the signal, and don't shoot until it's self-defense. >> we're way ahead of ya. >> if you keep losing like this, your boss will not like it. you know, miss jane, your sister is a very wise woman, and she loves you very much. >> place your bet, please. >> my bet is really on you-- that you'll wake up to what you're doing. >> look, mr. cisco, or whatever your name is, i'm being paid to work this roulette wheel. if you want to play, i can't stop you, but when you try to run my private life, i can call a halt. you don't me along with the chips. >> you better cash in and move on, mister. >> what's the matter with you? don't you like your customers to win? >> not when they annoy our dealers. so, just move on! >> go ahead and draw, se?or.
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>> we don't like trouble here, mister. >> then don't start it. what's more, if any of your hired hands try to ambush us again, i'll come after you. >> come after me? i don't understand. >> you don't, eh? then ask that man i just wounded to refresh your memory. now, cash in my chips. >> there you are. >> miss jane, i-- >> if you have anything else to say, tell it to my sister. >> all right, pancho, let's go. what's the matter, pancho? >> oh, cisco, i don't like this town. >> you know, pancho, i think
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settle their own affair, and you and i go about our own business. >> you mean we can leave this town? >> that's what i said. >> oh, cisco, leave those two se?oritas with their necks in trouble up to it-- you know, i never seen the cisco kid scared before. that ain't like you, cisco. (laughs) >> i just wanted to call your bluff, pancho, and see what would happen. >> you mean you're gonna stay? >> pancho, we won a lot of money in this town. we ought to give a little back, don't you think so? >> yeah, yeah. i knew you wouldn't leave the little white dove to that old fox, eh? what are you gonna do now? >> you know what i'd like? >> huh? oh, cisco, a bath, hot water! we are rich, eh? >> christine, christine, please wait. >> look, you'll be doing us both a favor if you'll just go away. there's nothing you can do. i'm late for work now. (chuckles) >> you didn't did so good that time, huh? >> pancho, this is counterfeit money. >> counterfeit? we win this money honest.
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give you bad money, cisco. >> no wonder christine was afraid to talk. she knew all the time what they were doing. >> oh, i see. these girls, they use bad money to buy bad bullets, eh? well, it's a fair exchange, i think, no? >> no. >> oh. >> you know, i think this gunsmith has something to do with this business. i wanna take a good look around his shop. >> oh, cisco, that can wait. it's the first time in weeks we have nice, hot water. >> yeah, but we'll come back. >> but, cisco, the barber, the one who call up when we first go rob a counterfeits printer. >> well, then you stay here. >> oh, cisco, i worry. >> oh, pancho, relax and enjoy yourself, and when you get through, meet me at the horses, eh? holy smokers, how i can feel happy when cisco don't have
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>> hey! look. >> reach! throw your gun away. >> what're you trying to pull here? >> why you push me around! i didn't did nothing. >> hold it! pancho, take their guns. get them inside.
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>> listen, you two, i've been battling all my life, and what happens to me doesn't matter-- >> sloan, the cisco kid and his pal have got dave and lefty in the gun shop. >> what? so, that's your game-- keep both of us here so cisco can rifle the shop. >> he doesn't know anything about you. >> and he never will... if you're not around to tell him. come on. >> alex! what happened? >> sloan shot me. he didn't want me to talk. get the sheriff, jane. >> are you all right? >> i'm all right. get the sheriff. >> all right. i'll get a doctor, too. >> well, pancho, we have all the evidence we want now. the only thing we need is to find out how they make them. >> that's a very interesting statement, mr. cisco. but it really wouldn't
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>> did they take anything? >> no, it's all here. >> good. ?? >> here! can you-- can you took this?
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>> don't you come near me, or i'll kill you! >> not with that gun, my friend. it's christine's. you fixed that one yourself. the sheriff will be very much interested to see you and your friends, conlan. (screaming) >> i used to like to get spanked because it feels so good when they stop, no? >> no! >> thank you. >> you know, christine, everything would've been different if you told me what was wrong, instead of giving me those orders. but, then, maybe i wouldn't have believed you anyway. >> i guess everybody has to learn the hard way. >> well, i hope now you've learned to trust each other. >> yeah, and if you ever use a gun again, don't use a gun like this. it's very pretty, but it's no good! (clicking) eh, what i told you?
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it go off, eh? >> oh, pancho! >> oh, cisco! let's went! ?? >> goodbye, amigos! >> see you soon! (laughing)
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you can't go in there! what's going on here? i said you couldn't come in here. well, it appears i am in. stranger: mr. yedor? what do you want? $10,000. throw him out! oh, oh, oh, oh. i wouldn't do that. either you get out of here or i'll walk across the street and bring back the ranger. well, now you feel free to do that, mr. yedor. but i should warn you. unless i get the money within the hour, i'm prepared to blow the town of porter
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reatened before during the time ranger hoby gilman had been assigned there. killers, thieves, and confidence men have tried to bring the town and its people to their knees. hoby wasn't sure which group this new threat fit in to, but he was sure it was one of them. that's him. that's the fella. ralph, get all these people outt'a here. all right, come on. move along now. there's nothin' to see in here. i know, but that's him. what's your name, sir? i'm talkin' to you, mister. stranger: i know. you have a name, i guess? well, it will make you any happier, you can call me, uh, bart. that's nice. bart what? oh, bart anything.
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i want it. $10,000? that's right. in small bills. and no coins, if you please. and if you don't get it, you... well, if i don't get it, i'm gonna blow up the town of porter. mhm. how you gonna do that? with a bomb. (laughs) uh, just one bomb for the whole town? you're taking this very lightly, sir. well, how do you expect me to take it? well, frankly, i don't care. this straight, gilman. oh, of course. gilman. well, i don't care how you take it. but if i were you and wanted to stay in one piece, i'd advise him to start counting out the money. mr. gilman? you get 'em out? yes, sir. do you mind if we outside? stranger: oh, not at all! stranger: oh and, mr. gilman?
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well, either one of you ever seen him before? seems to me i have around the hotel, i can't be sure, though. well, get down there and see if he's registered. but if he is, go through his room. yes, sir. where you goin'? to get the money. well, now. wait a minute. we don't know he can blow up the town. it's probably just a bluff. yeah, maybe it is, but i don't wanna take the chance. hold on. now let me talk to him. if he's a crackpot, it'll show up. and if he isn't? then i'll help you count the money. is, uh, that the bomb you're gonna use to blow up the town? oh, no! oh, dear no. a bomb of this size wouldn't do anymore than shake up the building.
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e of them. well, actually, there are four. you know, you men shouldn't be standing around here like this. it's gonna take some time to count all that money and you haven't got that much time. as i always say, he who hesitates is lost. where are the bombs? they're around, were they'll do the most good when they go off. just how are you going to se them off? oh, i don't have to do that. it's already been arranged. what do you mean? well, you see all of them are my invention. i-i-i made them all. uh, i'll show ya. (laughs) um, understand this is just a small one. in this box, i have four sticks of dynamite. and, at the-- you do understand the others are not like this. stranger: no, they're much larger and more powerful.
5:36 am
deal of difficulty getting the timing mechanism right. but i got it. i can control the explosion time to less than one minute, one way or the other. you see, in the big ones, there's a holder here with acid. and underneath it, i have some metal disks, which the acid is now eating through. and when it touches the detonating cap, bloo-wee! well, what's that one for? well, (clears throat) after you pay me the money and i tell you where the other bombs are, in case you try to keep me from leaving town, um, i just twist-- this is very delicate. i twist this top and there won't be enough to bury. lemme see. i'm sorry, mr. gilman. now, you can do what you want,
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well, it's 10:45. you better hurry. you know, even after you give me the money, you have to collect the bombs and dismantle them. (door closes) what'd you find out? gave his hometown as st. joe, missouri. did you go through his room? (sighs) well? yeah, i went through his room, but it ain't good, mr. gilman. what do you mean? well, there's an empty box of dynamite, and what's left of a bottle of acid.
5:38 am
i say give him the money. well, we've got no guarantee of disarming of the bombs even if we do. we can search the town. building by building. we can find them. where you gonna start? this is not a big town, but we can't cover it all in forty-five minutes. then what do you suggest? well, i don't think he's crazy and i don't think he's gonna blow himself up, no matter what he says. empty dynamite box in his room. all right, maybe he left it there for us to find. what're you gonna do? hoby: all right, let's go, mr. fred kettle. oh no, i like it here for whiling. all right, then i'll tell you what i'll do. i'll pull everybody out of town and you can go up all by yourself. well, that's nice. that's very nice, but you're not gonna let this town explode to save $10,000. i don't know you can take the whole town with ya. well, what the explosion doesn't smash, the fire will burn. fred: oh no, mr. gilman. fred: i'll get my money. if i believed you, which i don't.
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so i prepared for it. all right, how? you know that abandoned barn just south of town on the left? sure, the old simpson place. fred: that's it! well, in about three minutes that should bloo-wee. you planted a bomb there, huh? yes, just to prove to you that i'm not joking. all right, ralph. go out to the simpson place. make sure there's nobody around there. yes, sir. fred: and don't get too close yourself. if that place doesn't go you know what's gonna happen, don't you? mhm. but it'll go. you seem pretty sure of yourself. i made the bomb. well now, understand. i made it for just eleven o'clock, but i won't guarantee the explosion to thesplitsecond fred: because the action of the acid is variable.
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all right, that's it. gimme. no. no, i won't lose, i won't. just because one didn't go off doesn't the others won't. doesn't mean that at all. well, that's a pretty good indication to me.! (smack) (smack) oh! oh, you're gonna be sorry for this. you're gonna be awful sorry. here. come on. we've got a nice jail cell. i think it would just about fit you. i...don't understand it. i don't understand it at all. (explosion) hey! well, mr. gilman, as i always say:
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(door closes)
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according to what fred kettle had said,
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he also directed that a bucket brigade be made ready in the event that fire follow the explosion. the ranger was sure of just one thing: kettle was going to get the money only when every avenue of escape was exhausted. oh! did you take care of everything? huh? the arrangements. bucket brigade clearing the towns. that all done? this is mr. tenner smith. he's been looking forward to meeting you. mr. kettle. how do you do, mr. smith? mm, would you like a little turkey sandwich? eh, no thanks. mr. gilman, how 'bout you? no, thanks. mr. gilman says that you're gonna blow up the town. oh, yeah. well, i-- i certainly hope it won't go that far. i really do. why you doing all this? well, you won't believe this, but there was a girl. there usually is. yes, but this one was something special.
5:47 am
yes. fred: her name was vera. and she ran away with a button salesman. would you believe it? with abuttonsalesman. and you know why? because he used to bring her little gifts from his travels. yes. and those things actually... well, i remember one time it was a silver spoon from the centennial exposition in philadelphia. another time, it was an embroidered pillow an--an--and she... (sighs) vera. well, from that moment, i decided thati'dbe the one who brought the presents. realpresents. i, fred kettle. and i'd show all button salesmen. and that's when you came up with this plan. yes.
5:48 am
out of your account? may i have a few words with you, hoby? oh, surely. oh, uh, mr. kettle. hmm? may i buy you a drink while we wait? oh, no thank you. i seldom-- got some 40-year-old brandy i've been saving for a very special occasion. it doesn't look like they'll be one more special. well, i'd be very honored. (door closes) are you outt'a your mind? if there's one thing in the world i don't want to do right now, it's get him drunk. now, normally i'd agree with you, hoby, but right now i think it might be the best thing. why? i don't think your friend is as sure of himself as he'd like you to believe. well, he's got me convinced. that brandy i mentioned? two belts of it and he'll have trouble remembering his name let alone what time it is. well, you mean we set the clocks ahead? i'll go across and get the bottle.
5:49 am
i'll go to work on mr. kettle. ?? ?? like a fresh breeze. mmm. ooh! (laughs) fine! (whispers) ten minutes. hoby, i wonder if you can find us a couple of glasses. yeah, i guess.
5:50 am
eh! oh, care to join us? no, thanks. you don't know what you're missing. here you are, mr. kettle! to you, mr. kettle. may the money bring you what you want, and may you never tire of what you'll get. what's the matter, mr. kettle? is something wrong? oh, no! nothing i-- i'd just like to see you drink first. me drink-- oh... le, not withthis. this is too good. i apologize. no need. your health, sir. well! drink it up, mr. kettle. there isn't much time. (laughing) you gonna give him the money, gilman?
5:51 am
all right for you. bloo-wee! bloo-wee! you're gonna show her, aren't you, mr. kettle? who? vera! oh, vera. you know, the golden hair girl. vera was the-- hey, wait! oh! oh! what're ya doing? oh, oh! oh, mr. kettle! what're ya doin'? i'm sorry! um-- you have no idea how sorry i really am. all right, now forget it. forget it? forget it! okay. i will buy a hundred suits when i get the money. but get-- a thousand! a thousand. better. better? better suits! (both mumbling) tenner, what're you-- tenner: well, just don't stand there, mr. gilman. get something to wipe off the gentleman's suit! yeah, quickly! quickly! quickly!
5:52 am
tenner's just blown the whole thing. i sure never thought tenner'd do a thing like that. in good company. how are things on the street? it's clear. is that right? it's ten minutes past. give me that. (both mumbling/laughing) here. oh that's good, good. thank you. leave him alone, tenner! get your hands off me, gilman! thanks, tenner. thanks a lot. how much time you thinkin' we've got? hoby: we're out. said the latest he could start dismantling those bombs was 11:30. we better start countin' money. ??
5:53 am
ooh! hmm. fred, ole friend! what? what's the absolute latest you could go after the bombs and stop them? 11:30. that's the latest? 11:30. tenner: that's good! good! we'll show them won't we, fred, ole friend? what? well, it's after thatnow. oh, it can't be see? after then. it--it-- fred: no! oh, no! tenner: (laughing) we'll go together, tenner: won't we, fred, ole friend? tenner: you and me, we'll go together. tenner: you and me for all the veras in the world. bloo-wee! no! no! no, no, mr. gilman. g--go--go get me the money quickly where are they, kettle? because... where are the bombs? you'd rather die before you give 'em to me, wouldn't you? well, i don't wanna die. do you understand me? i don't want to die! mr. smith, i don't want to die! oh, it's too late now, fred. it's too late!
5:54 am
, we can all go to the different one. look, and it's so simple! you just have to take out the little metal cylinder. just take out the acid cylinder. that's all there is! where are they? wait! oh, go on and tell him, fred! it can't hurt anything now. well, the first-- the first-- blake: here it is. $10,000. where are they? where are they! now, wait a minute. you wouldn't bring the money unless-- unless... understand. it would be too late if these clocks were right. fred: oh, you were clever. fred: you were very clever, but you forgot something. you forgot this. here's the real time. you've got a-- fred: oh, no! oh, no. no! fred: oh, no! gilman, the saloon, under the-- ralph, get them! the hotel! the first potted palm on the right! blake: i got it!
5:55 am
the third... stall... ?? you lost, mr. kettle. you never were on my side, were you? you-- i'll tell ya what, though. i'll buy you a drink. to vera and all her sisters.
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at 12 noon, it was over. the three bombs had been found and disarmed. and seemed almost happy to settle down. how's he doing? meh... ralph: mr. gilman, maybe you can tell me how that fella's watch got set ahead. oh, how 'bout some, uh, coffee, ralph?
5:59 am
n understand about the clock in the wall gettin' set ahead, but i can't under- oh, i am sorry, ralph. ralph: but i still can't understand how-- tenner: you'll learn a lot of things working around a saloon. you never know when one of 'em will come in handy. yeah, but i still-- what time is it, ralph? eh? well.. hey, where's my watch? as i always say: the best laid plans of mice and men. what do you always say, hoby?
6:00 am
what's the trouble? he tried running away, sheriff. we got enough proof to hang him five times over. yeah, and what kind of proof? take a look at this. we found it in his bags. nobody but a rustler packs a running iron, stocker, you know that. that's not mine. they planted it on me. i suppose we planted the money, too. where's the others? oh, they're scattered over five states by now. but i...


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