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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure! ? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west, the cisco kid! ? >> what's the matter, miss? you look troubled. >> a friend, he's badly hurt. he's in a cabin, just on the other side of the hill.
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>> we'll be glad to. >> thank you. [chuckling] that was quick. that's the first time i ever hear you say hello and goodbye at the same time to a se?orita. >> pancho, this is no time for joking. that man is hurt. he needs our help. come on, this way. ?? >> reach high, quick. ?? >> well, your lady friend tricked us very nicely. >> very nice, and she's a pretty se?orita, eh, cisco?
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the great cisco kid and his pal, pancho, falling for an old trick like this? get out of y yr clothes, both of you. >> i can't take off my clothes, my knees freeze. >> take 'em off or your knees will getet permanent chill. >> hurry up! >> all right, panchoho do as we're told. ?? >> you didn't harm t tm, did you, harry? >> of course not, darling. >> good. i'll draw some money from the bank, send it right off. >> what would i ever do without you, lorraine? >> you're sure you won't have any trouble getting the evidence to clear you? >> not in the slightest. don't you worry your pretty little head about it. >> take good care of yourself and hurry back, dear. >> i will. >> goodbye, slick.
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you know, harry, if cisco and pancho decide to look her up, they're liable to get rough with her. >> who cares? any girl dumb enough to swallow the line i f f her has it coming. >> let's get on to lorenzo. >> wait a minute. we're not going there just yet. you know, wearing cisco's clothes has given me an idea. >eah? yeah, instead of leaving here broke, we're taking along a nice, fat bundle of cash. >> who's handingngt out? santa claus? >> i'll tell you all about it on the way to town >> ah-- ouch! >> what's the matter? >> i bumped my head on the chair, cisco. >> well, be e reful, or you'll break it, and the furniture doesn't beng to us. [through teeth] yeah, what if i break my-- break my head? >> well,l,t least that belongs to us. >> those two convicts must be around here someplace, but where? >> beats me. >> finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. come on. [grunting]
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mm, so is-- so are my teeth. now, untie me. >> hold still, will you? >> i can't, cisco, these clothes got little bugs in them. >> that's just your imagination. stop wiggling! >> ouch! ah! >> what's the matter? >> my imagination's got teeth! he just bite me. say, cisco, why you think they take our clothes? ?? >> that's them.
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?? >> hey, cisco, this is the end of the perfect trail. >> get off, pancho, quick! ?? >> hey, cisco, just like you told me, my imagination is still biting me, and at a time like this, too! >> shh! >> mount off,
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[gun firing] gaines! wofford! come on out, your hands up, or we'll pack you out of here, dead. >> hold your fire! >> keep 'em covered il shoot. >e?or sheriff, these bandidos is not us. that's the truth, the whole truth, and everything except the truth. >> yes, i know, you're just a couple of wandering eskimos. >> you're making a aistake, sheriff. >> you were riding the horses and wearing the same clothes as two convicts who shot their way out of prison. which one are you? gaines, or wofford? >> neither one. now, if you'll only listst, i can explain everything. >> that's what they all say.
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what are you falling out for? >> my horse is lame. >> keep him covered. i'll take a look. get up there. keep 'em both covered. >> hey, mr. sheriff, look, long ears. ?? >> take it easy, deputy. get his gun, pancho! >> his i already got! [chuckling] we are pretty clever hombres, don't you believe it, eh, mr. sheriff? >> get over there. i'm very sorry to have to do this to you, sheriff, but we're not the men you want.
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>> you, the cisco kid? now i've heard evevething. >> but it's true. >> save your breath. what do you take me for, a fool? >> yes, like all sheriffs, and a big one. >> well, if i can't convince you, i can't. get on your horses and ride. >> you haven't seen the last of me. >> and i hope we didn't ever see the first of you! [laughing] well, pancho, guess now-- hey, what's this? miss lorraine bentley. 1414peach lane. it was very considerate of gaines to forget a letter, pancho. now at least we know where the girl lives. we're gonna have a little talk with her, come on. >> here's your gun.
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>> sheriff! bank robber! ?? [guns firing] come on, boys, mount fast! ?? >> we meet again, miss bentley. >> how did you learn my name and where i live? >> it's very simple. cisco a little bloodhound, he can find anybody. >> have any more escaped convict friends that need our help? >> who told you about them? >> the sheriff. >> heh, he thinks we are them. they want to put u in the jailhouse.
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with the sheriff. >> can you believe that, cisco? she helped them steal my pants, and-- which is very low down. >> you'll get everything back, just as soon as harry and his friend get the evidence to clear themselves. >> i suppose thehewere framed into prison, eh? >> exactly. >> oh, and i suppose there were 16 other men in there, all gray-haired grandmothers. [horses approaching] >> don't try to warn them, miss. otherwise, something may happen to your boyfriend. [knocking] open the door, miss. >> harry. >> surprised to see us, ar? >> naturally, i thought you were miles away by now. what brought you back? >> i just had to see you once more before i left, darling. >> how touching. >> and don't move, you lobos. >> pancho, get our guns. we're going to turn these two over to the sheriff. >> you can't do that. harry and his friend are honest, i swear! >> i'm sure you think so,
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hey, you, t out of my pants. and hurry up-- andale! >> you, miss-- you go outstse
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?? [guitar ringing] >> didn't i told you? music charm the savage beast! [grunting]
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>> stop it, stop it! >> yeah, you better stay by me and watch cisco fight. he's very good. you can get him, cisco! [speaking spanish] see what i'm telling you? ?? [grunting] ?? >> let them go, or i'll shoot. >> hey, look, our horses! come on. ?? >> better get out of here, fast. >> but harry, what about the bank money in our saddlebags? >> right now, i'm more interested in my neck-- comemen! ?? >> i don't believe what you say. theyeyust have had some reason to attack you.
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with, and his very good friend, they're no good. >> that's their horses. we'll sneak up and surprise 'em. come on. you two cover that side. watch the back. come with me. put your hands up. >> but sheriff-- >> shut up, you. miss bentley, you better get in the other room, these men are dangerous. turn around, you two. >> we're not the men you want, sheriff. >> no, we didn't do something.
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all l u did was rob the bank. now turn around. you! suffering sassafras. gaines and wofford. >ou're wrong. we're cisco kid and pancho. do you mind telling us what is all this business about robbing a bank? >> you robbed a bank as soon as you broke jail. i saw you myself, coming out the bank door. >> oh. so that's why those two came back here, p pcho. >> what two? >> gaines and wofford. and while you're standing there talking to us, they're getting >> hey, sheriff. i found the baba money in their saddlebags. >> so you didn't rob the bank, eh? >> it was gaines and wofford. >> you're gaines and wofford. >> you are more stupid than my cousin fernando-- when they passed out the brains, heheas fast asleep. >> one more remark like that out of you and i'll forget i'm a lawman. i'm taking you both in, now get outside. >> sheriff, please. >> get our guns, pancho!
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just gonna tell the sheriff-- >> you've done enough lking. now please be quiet. you, put that money on the table. mimi bentley will return it to the bank. sheriff, you and your deputy are going with us. come on. hold it. you two didn't come here alone. get the rest of your men and have them throw away their gunun and remember: i'm right behind you. go on. >> hey, bobo, come here. throw away your guns. >> you heard him! throw w ay your guns! throw them on that woodpile. [guns clattering] now stay put. come on, pancho. >> get your guns.
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>> how do you know that? >> i know the real wofford and gaines. they left a few minutes ago. >> have you any idea which way they headed? >> san lorenzo. >> maybe we can catch 'em before they cross the border.
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>> well, cisco, what are you gonna do now? >> we'll find those two hombress and clear ourselves, pancho. >> how we gonna do that when we don't know where they go? >> well-- >> hey! i think i remember... the se?orita, she write a letter to se?or gaines and i put it in my pock-- in my-- ay, caray, i leave it in my other pants, eh, cisco. >> oh, pancho, did you see the address? >> eh, i can't remember, cisco. >> oh, please, pancho, remember. think! think hard, now. >> i can't, i can't think,
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wawait guadaljara? no... guadalajara, monteverde, rosalia... laredo, san antonio... eh! san lorenzo, san lorenzo! let's went! [singing in spanish] ? la cucaracha, la cucaracha ? la cu-- [singing cnu
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>> oh, se?or, you make such a beautiful husband! you are a wonderful man! i can not refuse! >> holy smokes! you are more than i i pected! >> oh! los hombres. >> well, pancho, i've looked everywhere. no sign of them. did you have any luck? >> yeah, lots of luck, but it's all bad. [speaking spanish] gracias. >> well, pancho, now we know where they are. let's get our horses. >> let's went.
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>> hey! come on out! >> what's all the excitement, hayden? >> you boys better make tracks. the cisco kid and his l'l' be here any minute. >> how do you know that? >> i heard 'em asking questions and gettin' directions how to find you. >> come on, harry, let's get out of here. >> why? i think we'll wait right here and let 'em findnds. you know, there's a good chance that bank money is still in those saddlebags. how 'bout it, hayden, you want in on this? >> heh, no thanks. tanglin' with the cisco kid is something i ain't hankering for. good luck. ?? >> listen, harry, i don't think this is such a good idea. >> settle down. get on that window. i'll cover the other one. when they get within range, we let 'em have it.
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>> we don't got no chances of finding 'em, cisco, they will see us. >> wll smoke them out, pancho. you stay here. after i give you the signal, keep them busy. ?? >> i wonder when they're gonna show up. >> i don't know. sure taking their time. ??
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[guns firing] ?? [roof rattling] what's that? a fox on the roof, i guess. ?? [guns firing] ?? [gun firing] ?? [gun firing] >> don't shoot! i give up! i'm unarmed! ??
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?? [grunting] ?? >> there is a prison waiting for you and your friend, gaines. >> you can't t take us across te border, this is mexico. >> you're right, we can't. but there is nothing to stop the united states marshaha from extraditing you. >> and in the meanwhile, you will wait for the marshal in a not-so-comfortable jailhouse. andale, go on! [snoring] go, go away. [snoring] go away, por favor. hey cisco, you can't foooome. i know that ain't loco what's tickling me, and, i... >> i've been looking for you all over! [woman speaking spanish] >> oh, pancho!
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[cisco laughing] ?? >> goodbye, amigos! >> see you soon! [laughing] ??
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(gunshot) (gunshots) see joe, what did i tell you? (laughing) little brother of mine. heck if he ain't the surest shot in town he's tanked. except me. okay he's proven it. now suppose you and your other brothers mop 'em up and cart 'em back to your farm. i'll buy that. but joe here's from missouri. takes a sight more provin' before he believes. i believe you, ambrose. everything you say. pickckp the glass, joe. i don't want to pick up the glass ambrose. hold it up high. hold it up to the light. wewe little beamer will get himself a nice, clean shot. i'd leave that tickler where it is, mrmrsmith.
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'less you got a mind to try out kelly and gagah. take the glass, joe. please. hold it up high. higher! on a count of three, beamer here. one, two... 's it beamer, hold it right there. gun. unbuckle your gun belt. ranger wants you to give up your gun beamer. figure's you ain't man enough to wear one. you're burying him. what i figure is you've got some provin' to do. that you are a man. what do you figure, beamer? dodot listen to him, beamer. don't be a fool. i'm not going to hurt you.
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we ought to read something over beamer, ambrose. read something. i'll read. over gilman. when he's lying out there beside him. we go and pop him, ambrose? that what we gonna do? yeah. hey listen. i'll get met the card beam. then what i'd like to know. shut up. both of you. you hear what he called me? i said shut up! there's any popping to be done i'll do it. tonight. we could do it tonight, ambrose. yeah ambrose we could go into town and call him out. smart thinkin' marmites. full of notions. but i thought-- what? what did you think? that you'd just ride in theree? well if no one sees, ambrose.
5:34 am
e in town won't guess who did it. well we gotta do something. somethin. something but whwh? i'm gonna find it. i'm gonna find it and chop him. make him taste i i the way he made me. and i need to see his face. brackettville. sure. why didn't i think of it? the way we did to the sheriff down there. ke, listen ambrose i don't know, we-- i do. i know. maybe we was to get him out on a country road. he could choose him, ambrose. we'll do it likekee did in brackettville. just you remember it. with me you boys are something. respect it. fear it. without me you're nothing.
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private start. first six shots are on me.e.he rest you pay for. go on, it helps. oh now look, hoby. grateful i am to y y for saving the glass and all but sitting here hour on hour. it's breaking me, hoho, ruining my trade. keep seeing that boy's face. you don't like faces, get out of the business. mm. nyway? same as you, maybe less. dirt farmer. came up here from bracactville about three years ago. brackettville? mhm. familiar to you? oh well. no doesn't have anything to do with this. just a sheriff i knew down there got drunk and shot an innocent man was hung for it, that's all. mm. well, anywayaynext people know here's ambrose and his brothers
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spend most of his time here shaking up the town. things all his way until you got here. put a lid on his stunts. now see, that's it. now that's it. that's what i'm getting at. why the stunts? running ararnd here, terrifying people. anybody. like joe today. why does it mean so much to him? makes him feel like a big man i guess. well sure that's part of it. but...i don't know, there's something more. well. hoby, if it's sleep you're after. oh i'll make it myself. hoby, like i told you it's none of my business. well i'll lock my door. put a chair against it. he's a sick, vicious man. you've been in his cross since you got here. he even tried to kill you with his own kid brother
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whatever it takes.
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hey ambrose. bodies. why? what for? do as your told! back up. back up! behind the post. well that's kind of new, isn't it? ah. yeah, matter of fact. i just bought it over at baron's. 89 cents he wanted. imagine? what happened to your other one? now what say? your other knife. where is it?
5:46 am
what is i mumu have lost it out on the rocks. this wouldn't be it, would it? say. i got a blister. (laughing) carbon steel and balanan like a feather. throws good,too. right fella flippin take the head off a possum. (laughing) or a snake. get up! get up! get up ambrose. he hit you first, hit him back. whole town saw it. yeah, but him in the mouth. you get up or i drag you up. you get up or i'll break your neck k ght there. hoby! hoby. what's the matter with you, take it easy.
5:47 am
i never seen him do nothing like that before. just hit him. collar up and belted him. and the way he looked. like he'd been drinking. arrest him? what, are you out of your-- for what? what do i arrest him for? oh what you said, attempted murder throwing that knife. uh huh. did you see him do it? did you see it? t uh-- but what? but you know they did it. we both do. all right. we know it. nobody saw it. and that's what matters you haul him in here and lock him up and theyeyl be out on a written. twenty four hours. what are you going to do? if i could just figure it. got to admit after me before to make ambrose look like a two penny horsrsthief.
5:48 am
but this is really...sittin' here, waiting. jumpin' at shadows. 'til o o night i'll end up takin' a shot at the first man that comes in the door. like that sheriff down in bracketvillll you said they came up from bracketville, ambrose's brothers that's right. and there was this sheriff down there sam what...what was his name? ilson. he ran that town with an iron grip. and all of a sudden he started to loseset and he uh...turned nervous and jumpy, he started to drink and nobody could figure it out. one day an old tramp, a harmless man stumbled into his office. sam wawaso blind he... well he didn't know what was going on. he opened up and poured two shots into the wall and four into the tramp.
5:49 am
think that's what ambrose is setting you up for? that and not trying to kill you? well, he's trying to kill me. just a question of how he gets the job done. wherere you going? uh...a little ride. well i'll go with you. do i have the right to my own company once in a while? you aren't thinking of doing anytng stupid? just a little ride. a littttle fresh ai think things out. okay? okay. all i'm saying is you could have hit back. that's all. you don't think i wanted to? so bad i could taste it? but you didn't. you just sat there. what else could i do? bust loose with him wearing a badge? he hit you first. you don't think that made any difference?
5:50 am
i don't know. i mean, i just don't know. i want to raise you. teach you the way. you listen. nothing. not one thing i say. all you got in your mind is pop and i'm square in front of a witnessing crowd. it was just the way you looked. i mean, you was just sitting there. you don't think i'll forget neither. i'm adding things up. now get outside and water them horses. see if you can't do something right just once okay ambrose. no call to get hot. it's him. he's comin'. who's comin'? who? what are you talkin about? can't be. he ain't supposed to be.
5:51 am
i'm here! i want you. i want you out front the two of you. right by the steps. i want you out there, you hear me? now move. let's have it out ambrose, you and me right now. you ain't thinkin' gilman. goin' in pushing himself onto private property. forcing a fight and no cause. throw the book at you. well at least i'll see it coming. you draw first or do i? steak wants his head snapped off, you snap it. get him, garth. i'm not talking to garth, i'm talking to you. i guess garth can ventilate you as good as me. i'd rather have it from the top man if you don't mind. pop him, ambrose. take it two thous. whwhat, are you scared to do it yourself?
5:52 am
at he said. scared yellow, that's what you are, plain as your face. and you with a dead brother at his hands. well i'm takin' him from you here? he ain't yours no more he's kelly's get him, kelly. my fight's with you. sure. sure. fine. pop you and once for me. well you just got through sayin' i'm the one that's forcin' it. yeah? and who knows? half the town saw me swing on you this morning. hreaten you. take him ambrose, what are you waiting for? now now wait. our plan. remember our plan. we don't need no plan. now now wait. our plan. rall you need is guts ambrose. not your brother's. yours. you let them spill enough of theirs. let's see a chance of your own for once. sure. sure if it's a fight you want i'll give it to you. the old country road. dry quick bed. meet you there.
5:53 am
u now, ambrose. ambrose. shut your mouth. take your gun out. re telling me? you with a dead brother and you too yellow too-- take! pop me. and after all i've done for you. been likike a father. take! you yellow filthy-- kelly! you draw that gun you'u'll regt it the rest of your life. why was it ambrose all those years of tearing up towns and shaking people? i told you. respect. you told us. the only way we could get it. that was an act, wasn't it? it was. it was! it was you afraid. and garth and beamer and me are workin' the towns and workin' the people and scared you most. and all that time i was thinkin of you as afraidf no onene!
5:54 am
listen. you know it's always been you. all i ever did, everything only for you and garth. beamer. what about beamer? dead! dead to thground because of him yeah you talked to him ininto taking a fight just like you was talkin' garth and me kelly take your hand away from your gun! and let him live!? that's right. garth go get his horse. go get it! he ain't goin' no place, gilman. i ain'n't done with him yet. what do you mean? go where? that's for you to decide. but i got no place. i got no place to go. well a frightened man usually doesn't. kelly. kelly, go with me. kelly stays here. garth. go with me. alone, ambrose. you go alone.
5:55 am
not anymore. gilmanan. get on. what if i don't? your gun's over there. your gun's at your feet. you aiain't gonna last without . you ain't gonna last a month. they'll last. it may take 'em a little while to realize it but they'll last. just the way any man does
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oh, hoby. did you see the el paso newsws? are you kidding? i'm 3 weeks back on the porter enterprise. well then you haven't heard. what? bottom of the page on the right. when this happen? three days ago. paper just came in this morning. "...when without warning, ambrose hooker drew on johnson as he neared hooker's table,fired three wildshots.
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questioned following the killing, a stunned mr. johnson told sheriff deputieies of havig approached ambrose hooker alone at his table simply to ask if he could join him for a drink." well that completes it. what do you mean? well he did it to the sheriff in bracketville and he tried to do it to me. wound up doing it to himself.
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? whoa.


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