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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good morning. good morning, sergeant. can i put these under the tree for the party? maybe better we keep them in the radio room. i'll put 'em out later on. look what we got for 'em. a replacement rabbit. he looks exactly like the one they reported stolen. yeah, we gave the pet shop guys the description. well, this is wonderful, sergeant. we got some other presents for 'em too. we're gonna have s snt nick here and everything. well, he's got some very kind elves working for him. yeah, and there goes santa now. [ groans ]
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oh, that-that's great. great. thanks a lot, mr. peters. i'll send a car over. i just got two dozen deadly space assassins dolls for four-year-olds. - great. - yeah, detective medavoy. let me call you back. hey, andy, did you pick up the santa suit yet? [ sighs ] not yet, medavoy. oh. 'cause i took it to the dry cleaners. i-i told 'em you'd pick it up today. this afternoon, andy. hey, medavoy, how come i gotta be santa claus? well, uh, stillwell psychoed out, and walker's got jaundice. no offense, but you're the fattest guy in the squad. hi. andy. hey, what's haverill doing here? uh, i guess he's waitin' for the lieutenant. now, you see, that much i figured on my own, medavoy,
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all's i know is he's gettin' to be a regular. haverill's gonna need a camping permit, huh? i can't make these numbers work. i don't see the caseload to-to warrant the overtime you're putting through. obviously, i disagree. you wouldn't be buying your squad's loyalty at time and a half, would you, lieutenant? captain, the last time,, . the time before that, it was case management. and both those conversationsn. with the job you're doing, and i just don't realize it? i think all your cards aren't face up. you want a command slot to open, and i'm the candidate to get moved along. if you feel we've got a personality conflict, maybe you should put in for transfer. uh-uh, captain. you think i authorize too much overtime? you don't like my clearanceceate? go on record at the borough, 'cause i stand by how i command.
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you're gone. yeah, well, i didn't get here easy, and i won't be going easy either. what do you know, andy? how's it goin'?
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did you get the spot out of the fuzzy collar? oh, that's great. that hypocrite bastata haverill knows fancy's doin' the job. he just wants to move his own man in there. probably that ass-kisser murphy. how come he's got such a big smile for you? who knows? screw him anyway. maybe he likes your sunny dispositioio you got a problem with my disposition? yeah. i'm just wonderin' where the big mistake's gonna happen this year-- who says there's gotta be a disaster? [ sighs ] come on, john. they set clocks off of me. last year-- today's probably the anniversary-- ke down my pants. i was lookin' to bang my good friend lois the whore. of course, it turns out not to be lois. i was in the wrong room. correct me if i'm wrong,
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lucky i had the 20 bucks. no, all i'm sayin' is that it could be different with you bein' off the booze, that's all. yeah, yeah, maybe you're right. i mean, i get to play santa claus this year. hand out the precious gift of merchandise to all these deprived kids. maybe some of 'em actually didn't try to break into my car on their way to school. then maybe there's somebody you can talk to about it. you know, somebody professional. [ fancy ] hey, kelly? think about it. we got a kidnapping. go in soft clothes. okay.
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unund pretty young. said he'd call back in two hours. i canceled all your appointments, spoke to leonard at the bank. he can have the money ready in a couple of hours. you wanna tell us what that's about, doctor? they've asked for $100,000 ransom. uh, i'll pay a athing. okay, we can't tell you not to do that, but we would like a chchce to record and mark some of those bills. look, detective, these people are gonna get their money whenever and wherever they wantntt. what time you drop her off at school this morning? i did that. i pick tina up at 7:30 and drop her at school by 8:00. dr. sachs goes the opposite way to the hospital. you do that every day? the last couple of years. is that telling you something? it just means that it was, uh, it was an easy job. look, we're gonna need some pictures and a description of what she was wearin'.
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the phone company will put t trap on the phone to monitor the location of any calls. one of our people will come out and put a recorder on the line so we can monitor the time of the calls. i don't want my daughter put at risk. this won't put herert risk. if we can put a trace on the call, then we can put sueillance on the location of the call. i am gonna pay this s ney, i am gonna get my daughter, and i don't want you to interfere. - doctor, is this ur first kidnapping? - andy-- you really think that sarcasm is appropriate here, detective? nobody's bein' sarcastic. now sometimes, people pay the money and they don't get their child back. i've worked those cases, lookin' for a child from a cold start. - okay, andy-- - i don't like findin'n' . - what do you mean? - what do you think i mean? [ kelly ] doctor, you're gonna have to trust us. we'll work with you. let us do our job. ananhopefully, something will come out of this.
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did he cooperate on n e ransom? the bank xeroxed all the bills. the f.b.i.'s been notified. they want us to keep 'em informed. they said they'd monitor the situation. good. just what the world needs-- more monitors. kidnappers said they want a quick score in and out. that's good news for the kid. put the guy in the cage. yeah. put the lady and the kid in interview one. we made a pickup on that north carolina teletype request. that armed robbery? everything else falls in-- the description on the dririr, the license plate. he had a woman with him, which the north carolina want said a woman was seen in ththcar. let north carolina know what we got. work the interrogation with medavoy. [ woman over radio ] nest to basesek." base standing by. we've got an incoming call. 10-4. we got an incoming call. nest to base. the subjects are on the phone.
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y phone, northeast corner water and broad. [ siren wailing ] - [ tires screeching ] - ho! you okay? huh?
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look at this, kelly. not a scratch, huh? 'cause he's totally loaded and he didn't get all tensed up. hey, what's goin' on? hit us, you xxxxxxx. yeah? well, why don't we let the cops figure out who the xxxxxxx is, huh? and you're an xxxxxxx! i'm an xxxxxxx. i'm an xxxxxxx, huh? huh? i'm the xxxxxxx, huh? i'm the xxxxxxx? get off my car!
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rea saw anything.
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they tell sachs where to make the drop? the deal changed. the same ransom, but they added narcococs. the doctor bought a couple hours to put it together. we ought to work up his patient files for addicts. the nurse is bringing them over. you sure you're okay? yeah, i'll be all right. hey, lieutenant. listen, uh, don't do anything rash on that haverill s suation. what haverill situation? i'm just s sing, give it time to play out. i don't know what you're talking about, andy. and if i did, i'd tell you it's none of your business. i got nothininto say. that car looked like you were on a trip. full ashtray, a lot of litter in the car. like i said before-- there was a couple ran a liquor store in north carolina. they got, uh, p-p-pistol-whipped during a robbery down there. the woman lost an eye. the owner got a new york plate number. - it was the car you were driving. - screw 'em. what's your relationship to the woman and the kid we picked you up with?
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come on, calvin. you've been aroundnd you know how this works. you're lookin' at-at-at armed robbery and-and-and felony assault in north carolina and-and felony weapons charges here. why don't you help yourself out a little? well, i-i-i w-w-w-w-want a lawyer. do that again. come on. imitate me again. i wantnt lawyer. well, the season bein' what it is, xxxxxxx, it's gonna take a while for us to get one here for ya. you think about how we're gonna give you special treatment. how we're gonna do our best to make everything turn out lousy for you. ladies and gentlemen, i am here to announce that the main and basement levels of the precinct house have been cleared of rodents. [ cat yowling ] thank you. i can now offer the services of big bad bert to the investigative level of this building.
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you, martinez, could be in danger. so stay alert, be careful, and wear a name tag at a a times. if there are no further comments, let the hunt begin. [ yowling ] what are you-- what are you doin' with kyle? uh, he's gonna be right outside with, uh, miss abandando. oh. could he be in here with me? he's real good with my face. real quiet. that's, um, finger-finger-- where you fingerprint people who are going to jail. am i going to jail? well, uh, you're gonna have a lot to do with that. uh, why don't you tell us what happened. how did you meet mr. james? well, kyle and me were hitchin' at a truck stop near gadsden. we had a sign that said, yoyoknow, "new york city." and calvin, he saw our sign and he picked us up.
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esn't it? we think so. it's-it's-it's about something that happened in, uh, uh, north carolina. what? do you recall stopping anywhere there? uh, yeah. we stopped at one place-- at a store, a package store. calvin, he just went in and he got himself a beer, and he brought out a moonpie for kyle. you waited in the car? yeah. that store? well, i don't know nothin' about it. i didn't even know it happened. you can place him at the scene. to testify? yeah, i guess i would.
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- wouldn't be him. - you're sure? i'm sure. he enrolled in a rehab program. he works as a counselor nowow he's very proud of being in recovery. how long ago did you speak with him? three days ago. i'm telling you, it's not him. - i know you're upset about this. - yes, i am. you dropped tina off every day. you must've been close with her. i can't stand to think of anything happening to her. larry ashman. doctor noted drug-seeking behavior. no. she e uldn't have known him. you sure about him too? it isn't him, i'm telling you. it isn't him. who is it, mrs. bowman?
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base standing by. subjects are calling. doctor's receiving his instructions, "k." incoming call. make the trap. he's to drive uptown on amsterdam avenue. son of a bitch. they're callin' on a cellular phone. they're gonna call him on his car phone, "k." base to nest. i wanna talk to o e doctor when he's through. put him on. he's off the line, "k." i tell you, whoever invented cellular phones should be hung by his nuts. [ dr. sachs ] detective kelly, i'm gonna do what they want. doctor, we want a chance to fololw you. this way, just let me do this. doctor, nobody's gonna know we're following g u. you head up amsterdam avenue. we'll pick you up. we know your car. we're gonna be a in a taxi, number 1, "t" as in thomas, 5, 3, all right?
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thanan a lot, all right? have a nice holiday. yeah, you too. he made the drop, andy. parked car right where you left me.
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a phone. phone. it's inside? over there. yeah. andy-- he's got it, andy. come and pick me up. he's headin' north. - pick me up! - [ honkininhorn ] come on! come on! let's go! come on! son of a bitch! andy!
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[ kelly ] that's him. there. there. [ kelly ] there he is. i'll stay back here. come on, you xxxxxxx. take us to the kid. come on. come on.
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andy, that junk is p pe. he o.d.s., we got nothin'. let's go. get out of the car. hey! hey! what'd i do? get out of the car! shut up! what'd i do? what'd i do? now you listen careful now. you got nothin'. you got no family, you got no friends, and you got no rights. now, you got one shot. you tell us where that kid is. you better tell us. [ groans ] i'll tell you.
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hi. my name is laura michaels. i'm an assistant district attorney. am-am i gonna be arrested and-and fingerprinteddand ? north carolina has issued what is called a jaja doe warrant in the liquor store robberies that the detectives talked to you about. they've asked me to condudu an interview to determine whether you should be tried in that case or held as a material witness. , and neither one of us done anything wrong. would you like to have an attorney with you? no, thank you. according to the statement you gave to detective medavoy and officer martinez, you waited in the car outside the liquor store while calvin james was inside? - yes, ma'am. - you have no idea what transpired in the store? n-no, ma'am. only what they told me.


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