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tv   Today  NBC  November 26, 2016 2:38am-3:30am EST

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i just want out. harry, good undercover agents aren't easy to come by. i really need you on this one. there's other ways to sting the forty-third. i've already talked to narcotics. they're ready to move. why are we working so hard to bust our own guys? if they are guilty they're not police officers. they're just as bad as any of that crap out there. look, harry... your job is to do the best you can.
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cops! penhall: hey, man, don't go. come on! we just got here. 11, yo love. someone was on a roll. hope you're not angry about what happened the other day. that was just an initiation-type thing. come on, doug. call it what it is. you ditched me, you know. i loed forward to joining the force the brotherhood because i i ought it was all automatic.
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what was that thing the sarge said to work out n tween partners? you have to work out an understanding between you and your partner. if he goes down do you attend to him or pursue the assailant? go after the guyuy why do you say that? isn't that what everybody does? i have a nephew i'm taking care of. his mother is in a real dangerous place-- more dangerous than this precinct. i'm never going to see him play little league baseball or get love sick, or nothing like that. so if i go down you call an ambulance. don't go after the guy. you understand that? yeah. yeah, sure. what was that thing about the bagpipes? is that somehow to fit in?
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guess i'll cancel my lessons with mr. mcgillicutty. that's very funny. think so? hey, in the parking lot. call for backup. just put the crowbar down. just cool it.
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freeze or i'll splatter his shirt with your brains. get him out of here. doug, you okay? huh? i think it's okay. all. you should have waited for back! i did what you guys do. why do you care what we do? i am part of this watch! you u e a snitch! you are freaking. if you're wired, you're dead! okay, but i meant what i said.
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...i meant what i said.
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hey, what are you doing here? where's mr. lee? i got your money. up front. oh. here yououo. a good day. garrett: excuse me. thanks. you know that lee's appliance?
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we've got to make a run. we've got to distract garrett somehow. e to. why not? he's not internal affafas. what? yeah. i talked to that union guy. he said that, uh... garrett's six-week leave really was family problems. what reason? i don't know. who cares? sick mother. main thing is, garrett's not our internal snitch. he acted a little too dudley do-right to be a snitch. why don't we make it up? bring him in on this appliance e ore thing? leave him out. a littlelehange won't hurt the kid. what do you think, chief? i'm worried about him getting diarrhea of the mouth. let's take a vote on it. i say we owe him. me, too.
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it's the kid's choice. dougie? i don't have a problem. okay. i'll talk to the kid. ( knocking ) my kid's asleep. what do you want? i talked to wolf. hmm. you too, doug? man... i looked up to you.
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you were uncool if you didn't. but... okay, this one time i liked this girl-- rosisibovalino, seventh grade-- and keith charpelli, my enemy for life he told her in front of everybody at the ice rink. i wanted to die. so, while he's playing pinball, i tilted his game. i called him a fat pig and then i ran out on the ice. ming up to me telling me "he's going to kill you." i stayed out on the ice for about two hours scared to freaking death. yeah? i finally cut out the back door. i'm hauling ass home. it's snowing real bad. and i hear him. ing after me. and there i was, in the snow, alone.
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and i fell and he grabbed me and just when he was about to cave my skull in the snow all around gogo red and blue and there was a cop in a car and he says to charpelli "let him go"o" and then he drove along with me home about two blocks away. man, from then on whenever kids trashed them in school in my mind, i'd say, "no, copaare okay" because i thought that they really were there to protect and serve. they are. how can you say that? it's a childish ideal. i'm sorry for having believed in it for so long. don't quit on me here.
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it's gone. you took it away. that's when they plan to hit the store? yep. you've been more than cooperative. when this is done t be there when you make the pinch. you've got to. i may be causing a good cop to go bad. good cops don't go bad. this kid won't, because i won't be there. i think he'll follow my lead. all right, we'll work around you. thererwill be surveillance cameras here and here.
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are any of the targets actually internal affairs? no, alalthe targets-- uniformed officers-- will be bad cops. our undercover officer will be moved out before the operation. the suspects will be meeting at a chinese r rtaurant. once there our man will get an urgent phone call. if we're all in sync let's take them. ( laughing ) if my partner's in, i'm in. okay, so you're in. there's s e other thing. it's kind of last minute to briri it up. what?
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they've got a habit of protecting their goods. so? so one of us will have to keep his .38 on the chinaman and not hesitate to put him down if..... i'll do it. are you sure? yeah, i'll do it. here. thank you. hello? yeah. don't worry about it. okay. everything okay? baby-sitter-- nightly panic. ready?
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okay, ioki, here they come. otto, murray, you take the back. mccurry, wait here. don't move. you stay right there on that cockroach. a little lesson to learn abouourunnebg drugs put the gun down. i'm i.a.d. you are? put the gun down, dougug hey, what's going on?
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no, he's i.a. hey, hey... kid's clean, back off. i wonder if this ever happened
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some choice-- work with i.a. or be suspended without papa i mean, keeping you and ioki in the dark. i was in so deep, i told fuller it was best for my protection that nobody knew. this is the chapel? yep. it's no st. patrick's. st. patrick's is a cathedral. this is merely a chapel. do you have to get technical every time we talk? let's not get off on the wrong foot. i don't want this first day to be like my last one. all right.
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[crow cawing] [cawing] [cawing] [caws] [kiss kiss] [cawing] we have business, you and i, hmm?
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there is no need to shout between us. we'll conduct our business like gentlemen. [caw] now tell me. [caw] tell me. [horses approaching] [c[cing] here. this, i think, must be the place. good day to you, lad. may we have some water? water is free. free. free, you say. ah! not so. not always. even this you're building a fence around. you can help me, sir.
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what would you want with such a man? well... when i find him...
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master kan: your tread must be light and sure, as though your path were upon rice paper. it is said a shaolin priest can walk through walls. looked for, he cannot be seen. listened for, he cannot be h hrd. touched, he cannot be felt. fragile as the wings of the dragonfly, clinging as the cocoon of the silkworm. when you can walk its length and leave no trace,
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unh! ha ha ha! bravo, clarence! ooh! [horses neighing] drop it. drop it. drop it, i said! blood has no part in this.
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if the fighting's dirty, these two are worth a platoon of mercenaries. they've defended their dishonor in saloons from san francisco to madagascar, and nobody ever did what you did to them before. i'll stake my life on it. you've the brand of the tiger and the dragon on your arms, eh? kwai chang caine. and if i am? i am brandywine gage, captain gagege ashore from the ship peking lady. where no man ought to be calloused. this brace of surly dogs-- my first mate clarence murphy... and tran chou. he could peel a potato at 20 yards just by hating it. you're angry, lad.
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what is it? more than you ever dreamed about, lad. ah! kwai chang caine, i've a ring for you, and a name. ywang kyu. mean anything, eh? master kyu? at the gates. ly] are you u e old man who heals? i am he.
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come. let me see it. you deserve it, drunken fool. no one deserves pain. aah! unh. all will be cared for, but you must do just what i tell you.. you may see him tomorrow. i have work to do, and so has he. come. [crying softly] yes...i know him. old teacher of yours, eh? you have news of him. he is well?
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the yellow house in town, caine. after you've read your letter, come see me. [crow caws] [caw caw] [caw] [caw]
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"the priest kwai chang caine, "condemned to die for crimes against our imperial throne, has--" [knock on door] yes? it's me--ellie. you didn't come to supper. you are very kind. s looked like after father died. things seemed so hard to get done, like that fence. you make it look like a whole range crew's been working on it. it wililserve. it's the best fence in the county. what did those fellows want this morning?
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your men are shooting at me. belay that! this is none of mine. stay down. ching, you're a bloody, bloody fool! yoyoalmost ruined everything! you don't even know it. i ought to have you flogged till the whip cries "mercy." you are my husbandnd and i belong to you, and you may whip me if it pleases you, but i'll shoot him again if i get a chance. ching, you... ah. kwai chang caine? i am here. catch. ha ha ha!
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ah, mr. caine. uh. come along, then. come along. ha ha ha! i'd like you to meet my mischievous, most dear wife, the lady chi c cng. she is of the royal court and niece to the emperororimself. and apologize to mr. caine asasou meet him, eh, my sweet? i wish to please you, my husband, but do not ask me to apologize to that murderer. man: he's just killed the royal nephew! get the guard! master: did you u ll him? yes, my master. you must leave the country. gage: the boy you kikied, the nephew to the emperor-- he was her brother. they were very close. sorry.
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we may be barbarians in america, but we don't go around shooting one another...often. i am sorry, kwai chang... that i tried to shoot you... and missed. [gage sighs] i'm afraid t tt will have to do, eh, old fellow? it will do. now to business. ah, ah, ah, ah. no more of that. give it here. now you go there and sit down like a good little princess and behave yourself. so, kwai chang, you read the emperor's decree. i do not understand. he has sworn to see me die. aye...
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his newest bride-- pretty little girl-- mu ling, caca down with the brain fever, don't you see? well, his majesty announcedd whoever could cure mu ling should have whatever he desired. your old shaman ywang kyu came along and cured her right up, and what he desired was forgiveness for you. this is true? as true as i'm standing here. had ywang kyu thrown out of the palace, but then... then? then... they struck a bargain. gage: ah! the emperor insisted that royal honor demanded a beheading, and they so agrere.
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not your head, lad. a token, a small beheading. the small finger of your right hand. they agreed. that's all. why that? ohohwell, the emperor wanted more, believe me. he's not a charitable man. no, this was ywang kyu'u'idea. he said... that you would understand. [liquid pouring] injured man: because i was a rascal and a fool, bought... [sniffles] wine for everyone, paid the flower girls for their song. there was nothing left. at last... they goaded me into it! i bet my finger. mau threw the dice...
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d what would you have won if the dice had been otherwise? 4 pieces of silver. as many as i have fingers left! and with the 4 pieces of silver, you would have bought more wine and flower girls, would you not? then perhaps with the finger, and that would be well worth the price. you say ywang kyu is dead? yes. cognac? no. how do you come by his ring? given to me by the emperor, along with the parchment i put in your hands. there is sorrow in you, lad,
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and so i ask you, are you ready to leave? leave? aye, lad. leave. go home. to china. my ship lies in the bay, loaded and provisioned for the orient, and i am like a beached whale in this barren land, dying for a splash of water and salt air. what is to hold you?u? it's free passage i'm offering you. [strikes match] well, lad? first...i must decide if i wish to pay the price. the price? ha ha! mmm, the way the world is, this bids fair to be a bargain for you.u. everything you ever wanted-- friends, home, freedom.
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gage: hmm. not to offend you, captain gage, but it well may be you mean to betray me. why should i do that? i do not value myself very highly, but i believe the emperor has much to give to a man who would bring me to him. oh, lad, you don't know, and it's not for me to try and convince you. with or without you, we leave tomorrow at noon. ll the same to me whether you're onboard or not. may i speak to the lady? why? i believe i may learn the truth. [chuckling] lad, the minute she sets eyes on you, she fires a cannon in your direction, and you're looking for the truth from her?
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go ahead, then. talk to her. is this truth? am i pardoned? chi ching: how can you believe me, whatever i say? you know i hate you. if i say it is true, the pardon may be false. you will go back to china... and die. and that would please me. and if i say it is false, the pardon may be true. but you will stay here and live among those barbarians, barred forever from your native land. and that, too, would please me. you have not answered.
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do you believe me? yes. well, then, lad, come along. i'll see you off. how artfully you picked your way around the truth. i did not lie. my uncle is indeed the author of this tale the fool believes. brandy, would the american emperor do such a thing? lie? make a false promise? my dear child...
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is an emperor, by any name you call him. then honor is a children's game. and we are rich. you should have let me shoot him. with twice the reward offered for him alive? it's throwing money away. you tell me that no chain will hold this shaolin priest, no man may take him, and yet you bait a trap with words. he'll walk onto my ship because he wants to, and he'll step up to the emperor's chopping block because he promised. and if he does not? heh, if he does not... if he does not... well... if he does not,
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[cawing] [cawing] [crow cawing] injured man: i've lost too much already! aah! the fire has entered the hand through the wound, and the hand is dead already, and if we do not remove the fire, you, too, may die. did you hear me? liu, liu, i've done all i could,
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and may even demand more! the spirit? have you seen the spirit? was it here? it is here, at the window! aah! [cawing] aah! drive it away! drive it away! aah! aah! no, you cannot have my hand!
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it had a tear in it. i patched it. it had no tear. yes, it did, on the button. you must think i'm an idiot. no. i just wanted to show my appreciation. for what? for everything you've done around here. you feed me, give me a place to sleep. but it seems so cheap. i want to do something useful for you. useful? cook, clean, sew-- all the things a woman can do. you do not believe in yourself? of course i do. then why do you need to perform for me?


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