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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 28, 2016 2:58am-3:58am EST

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[music] >> about to blow, sir. >> power up. >> [inaudible]. >> rather than dropping out.
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>> five minutes. >> take a good look. >> no, sir, negative. >> who is it? >> looks like colonel. >> what is hisisall sign? >> what do you think you're doing?
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>> you are violating procedures, now get back where you belong. >> excuse me, captain. >> forget about my neck. you have jeopardized the squadron. >> 12 o'clock high...
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>> i wouou like to be able to give colonel both sides of this. >> what did lieutenant do that was wrong? >> saw a pilot in trouble. >> he said you were less than five mininutes away from the rendezvous.
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trailed the formation, neither one of you broke it. yet you put him on report. >> seems when a pilot throws a book out the window. >> aren't they part of the group integrity. >> means pilot and personnel obeying orders and airplanes flying where they belong. nothing pepeonal but there was never any reason for him hero on my account. >> you flew 14 missions. shot down one. good record. i don't know how it was but here at 918 group morale is very important. >> it happened to be the backbone. >> the job is enough to think about. you let your personal things get
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those are facts. >> facts and truth can be interesting. i'm a lawyer in private life. if i had you on the witness stand i would say this man has his facts too well rehearsed. i'll give you the facts. but i have a feeling the real captive a better man than these facts would seem to inincate. let's go, captain.
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>> just a quite lilile party. of course you did mention i couldd bring along my handsome buddies. >> quickly you thought of me right? >> it means you're out. >> how about inviting him into the party? >> don't be such a hard nose. no >> captain. >> hi. >> hi. >> we're short a man totoght. >> i know you haven't had a chance to meet any girls. >> i said no thank you,
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>> okay. i'm sorry if i bothered you. >> i have to level with you, stan, i don't think he's worth the efforts. >> probably feels bad and doesn't want to mention it. >> yes, madam. >> hello. yes. of course i am. all right, sir, sure.
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>> not exactly buckingham palace and there's no wireless. >> i have a radio. i'll bring it over. >> it's dreary. i realize there isn't much of anything in this town. sir, maybe >> things didn't work out in london. >> well look, there's a taxi waiting.
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>> yes, sir. >> i've been going over all the reports concerning you too. i want to ask you one thing.. either one of you harboring any hard feelings? >> no, sir. >> no, sir. >> all right, lieutenant, that will be all. >> captain. >> sir. >> got words for you and i think you have a pretty good friend there.
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>> this isn't a social club. we do try to work togetetr here. i think the sooner you learn that, the better off you'll be. that's all. have a good day. >> how much longer?? >> navigator to pilot. 10 minutes, sir. >> clear over the target area. >> right. >> i didn't hehe you. >> trying to pick you up.
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>> somebody saw you together. nikki, i think it was. >> why don't you two. >> this isn't a social club. >> come on. i'll tell you what... a good friend of mine. >> formation. >> pull it in.
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>> took a hit. >> dropping out.
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>> [inaudible]. >> i haven't any idea, lieutenant. >> couldn't be the last one to jump. >> nor the first. >> only saw one parachute. >> well i ordered them to get the rest of the wounded out. i don't know who went out first. maybe the navigatoror someone must have seen more than one shoot. >> we were busy, captain. then we lost you in the clouds. >> ten minutes before i jumped. >> you're confident you didn't order the bail out too soon.
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>> am i wrong either way because i survived. >> hold on a minute. nonody is blaming you for coming back. >> if this will diminish you as a pilot and officer, i don't have to ask any questions, and if it has nothing i can do about it. strictly up to you. that's all captain. >> what do you think? >> i don't know. he's not the first man to come back alone. >> why don't you ground him r a while. send him on leave. >> that would be like passing judgment. >> if we do have to fly tomorrow, sign assign him. >> [inaudible]. >> no one seems to like it.
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words on his behalf. >> i wouldn't do that. let him earn his respect. >> let him earn it or let him spin out. >> sir. did he find you yet? >> no. >> word camam from the french they located your aircraft. >> so. >> two bodies, no survivors reported. >> let's go, i'm starving.
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>> i'm sarah. ernie. >> this is sergeant. >> hello. >> well, where should we eat? >> i just stopped by to give your husband a message. >> husband? i lost my husband. >> sorry, sir. >> i hope it's lively tonight. it's been dull for me. >> sarah, i have to get back to
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>> i keep wishing you would say something. >> captain, why don't you come over and join us since itit your first night back. >> thank you, lieutenant. i'm just having a quick one. >> we had a few buddies in the
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d maybe you can tell us what happened. >> we were shot down, lieutenant. >> i saw that. i also saw only one parachute open. >> is that supposed to mean something? >> you're the only one that would know, captain. you're the only one that came back. >> what do you or something? would a tear convince you? >> all right. they were your friends, lieutenant. not mine. they're gone. i'm sorry. i'm really sorry. >> we will all now stand and
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>> where are they going? >> you'll find out in the morning. >> not us.
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dear. >> captain, can i ride out with you? >> how come? >> i heard he got sick. >> ahead code. >> yes, sir. >> well he did a ather assignment. >> i made the saeument myself, i mean, it was my idea. >> you volunteered? >> yes, sir. >> come with me, sergeant. >> colonel? >> sir. >> may i see you, please. >> relieved, why do you ask?
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airplane. >> you fly it the way it's set up. >> if a man tries so hard to withdraw from this world it begins to look like h h has a
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>> [inaudible] she'll fly. >> okay. turn him over. >> lieutenant. it's time to warm-up the engine.
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>> stand by. >> 361 ready to roll. >> pilot to crew. >> take off position, acknowledge. >> were you calling us, over? >> flight engineer, get in your positions and report. >> all secure back here. >> clear for take off.
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sir? >> co pilot, clear them now. >> thank you. >> i want you all to know i get the memeage. and i buy it. remember one thing. this is a combat mission. i'll do my job. you do yours. >> show fellow respect to this commander. raise your right hand.
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there he is. let's get you something to eat. >> practical. run along. >> nice young man. >> sarah, you've been gone all day. >> she's a liar. o >> you're not abananning the ship now, are you? >> you two know each other, i'm sure. >> you're not being fair to the baby. >> leave me alone. what am i supposed to do, sit in the flat day in and d y out. >> lieutenant, you don't understand the situation. now please. >> but you understand, leave me
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>> stay out of my life. don't get me involved. >> i suppose i should be feeling ashamed of myself. >> your husband. >> no offense. >> i didn't think him to have a friend. >> never really liked me mh. both had girls back in the states. butt still, taking care of me ad the baby ever since. sometimes it's more like prison.
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i'll not sit here and stair at him for hours. take me somewhere. >> you have found yourself the exact right man. >> good. >> chin up. >> me too. >> why doesn't he sit with the baby i ihe's so concerned? >> right. >> baby.
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>> jealous too. >> who me? hey, stop that! is he dead? >> no. >> hold the people back. >> call the base. request an ambulance. >> sorry, sergeant. i didn't mean to hit him so
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>> all right. lieutenant said... what happened then? >> then i woke up with this very large size head. >> what happened in between? >> in between, he belted me. >> look, i admit i tried to move in on the girl. >> the captain already admitted he hit you. did you provoke him? >> hard to admit to something you don't recall. why don't you ask the girl? >> leave sarah out of this.
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>> captain is in serio trouble. you'll make things look worse. >> i don't see why it makes my difference to you. >> i was the only survivor. he has a load on his back and thinks he has to carry it alone. he's wrecking himself. >> it's me. >> ma'am, it's none of my business. his baby. i'll take care of you, he said. >> your husband and pilot? >> co-pilot. he could have saved himself too. they gave my husbanan a metal fr dying, how about that. staying back and getting his wounded friend out of the ship
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>> that's all it seems to you, can i give it to captain? >> honestly... colonel. >> i would like it to be my fault instead of his. it might come back to me. all i remember is walking down the street with her, stopping and then the lights went out. >> colonel please believe me, i
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trouble. he did g g fresh and i hit him with the handbag. >> lieutenant, that will be all. >> okay. >> [inaudible]. >> i'll come to your place as soon as i can. >> don't, just don't. excuse me, colonel. look, it's better if i go back to london. my mother can help with the baby. this is my baby too. goodbye. >> captain, is this w wt you hope to accomplish? >> i didn't know how bad he was hurt and i had to care for the child. >> this doesn't make any sense at all.
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constantly rejecting friendships and you accepted the responsibility... >> that was my choice. i have to live with myself and only myself. and because of her husband. >> he wawayour co-pilot. >> and my buddy. >> sir, my buddy elected to die in my place. >> you elected to take >> is that the reason he sacrificed himself? >> i don't know. someone has to take care of her. i do my job. >> you don't do that your job. do you know why? you're so committed to a dead man. >> you're convinced you're the type of man who wouldd have bee in the crew. they don't trust you. you're a bad risk. >> colonel, i request a
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you off on another group? nobody wants to fly with you. i think if you havee a hunch if he was alive he wouldn't want to fly with you either. as of now, you're grounded. >> colonel. >> i said grounded. dismissed. >> sir. >> joe just called. we're on stand by alert. walls so thick i heard you say grounded. did you pheeb it? mean it? >> no way to give him to shut
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>> he leeft looking for lightnig to strike. >> i hope so, i hope so. >> sure he's a pilot. maybe a good one. i have automatic pilot that will fly the airplane too t. only problem there is it doesn't have
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>> colonel you fly me tomorrow. put me in a a airplane and you fly me. do you understand? >> yes, captain, i think i do. >> o. thank you, sir. >> it shouldn't be too bad.
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okay radio silence now. >> either of you two talk to him this morning? >> i did. >> would you care to know they're e t happy. >> your decision to fly them? >> i'm not worried. >> bombs w w 15 seconds, sir? >> roger. all yours. five seconds. four, three, two, one.
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>> two o'clock high. >> i'm hit. >> i'm all right, sir.
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>> number one. >> looks all right, so far. >> isn't that right? >> it's breaking up. >> stay alert. >> okay.
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>> cover you. >> 12 o'clock high. >> all right. report damage. >> to pilot. >> [inaudible]. >> who is that?
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>> you get back information. acknowlelee, over. >> i wish i could say this is voluntary and i'm trying to prove something, but i can't keep up with them. >> you keep up with me. >> i don't think so sir, out. >> did you hear me? take it easy. >> relax. >> bale out. >> i'm changing course.
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>> no word. >> no word. >> let's go in. >> you don't suppose he pushed it too hard trying to prove a point.
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>> thank you, sergeant. >> welcome. >> captain. >> drop over the deputy ine and i'll buy you a drink. >> i'm in a hurry, thank you anyway. >> captain, any time. >> come in. >> hi.
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>> well. >> i'm not. >> well i can come and see the baby. i meanan once in a while if you're going to stay. >> are you going to stay? >onderful here. >> sure has. >> sarah. >> yes.
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>> yes, sir, how is lieutenant? >> critical but he'll survive. >> all right, seeant. as long as you have the jeep you can have the rest of the afternoon off, if you like. >> thank you, sir. >> what about his request to transfer? >> i wouldn't throw it away. bu up. >> he can't beat it.
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