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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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new rules went into effect today that will keep some people opposed. they are no longer accepting licenses from five states that have not complied with a law that helps identify fake id. >> live from fort bragg to explain who is impacted. >>reporter: let me first day -- say we turn the camera there you will see anything but the big seven the sky, we are talking about the real id act a 10 -year-old federal law actually put in place after 9/11.
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problem getting into the gate but if you don't there will be problems for you. let me explain if you are a civilian visitor a private contractor when you go to the visitor center at the all- american control access point the clerk will ask you for a form of id. normally any state drivers license will do however you will not be able to use a drivers license from illinois, minnesota, missouri, new mexico or washington state to get a visitor pass. this is a 10 -year-old bob but military leaders at fort bragg decided to implement it today. >> we were waiting for guidelines from the office of the provost marshal general's office and from the secretary of defense. once we had guidelines on how to do -- interpretive like other installations throw the country we implemented it. >>reporter: guidelines are established by the office of homeland security. right now more than half of all
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carolina have not made the adjustment to the drivers license to better protect them duplication of fraud. right now north carolina and exception of the five i mentioned have been given an extension until october to get it right. until then, if they don't, there will be changes for those folks as well. we will keep on this and have more coming up at 5:30 >> gilbert, thank you. a second chapel hill bar connected to a deadly drunk driving crash learned its punishment today. the abc commission voted to find the odors of he's not here, $16,000 -- $15,000 and suspended license for 21 and days. the fine must be paid by february pit and a license suspension begins february 12. workers accused of serving before he was involved in a crash that killed three. chapel hill and county leaders trying to find a fix for a flood prone area.
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condominiums sustained severe flooding. for commenting on those properties. the town is try to work with condo owners to find an solution with no luck. the hla approached asking for help. the town and county emergency managers will meet tomorrow to see what can be done. >> our raleigh attorney pleaded guilty to fraud charges in connection to a multimillion dollar drug business. joseph lee levenson conspired with a former durham ceo to get mortgage loans to buy homes telling banks it would be rental popular sense that they were used as marijuana grow houses. he pleaded guilty the agency he and two others operated several houses around orange county between 2005 and 2010 they used shell companies to launder millions. he was ceo of one of those companies. levenson will be sentenced in may he could get as much is five years in prison. reaction continues to pour into president obama's final state of the union address.
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issue stood up for both people -- for people on both sides of the aisle, unifying the country. >> speaker . >>reporter: president obama delivered his final state of the union address them conceded his partly to blame for the political divide the shut down washington. >> one of the few regrets of my presidency the rancor and suspicion between parties has gotten worse instead of better. >>reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley praised for her republican response, echoed the point when she said r party needs to resist the siren call of the angriest voices. >> all i am saying we got a responsibility. the way we handle issues and talk about issue should be toward solution not toward division. >>reporter: president obama has one year and one week remaining in office. presidential copy -- presidential candidates jockeying to succeed and had plenty to say. >> hillary clinton tweeted her
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administration's work. >> the president made a compelling case about the progress we have made. but the work that still lies ahead. >> texas senator ted cruz, who skipped the speech in order to campaign, said he can't wait to get his own state of the union address. >> that state of the union will be very different from tonight's stated the union. >>reporter: crews in the fight to win the gop nomination. a new poll shows him with a three-point lead over donald trump with less than three weeks to go. >> the press and hits the road to tout his vision for the future of america with a stop in nebraska this evening followed by a speech in baton rouge on thursday. the board of education talking about dissolving its magnet school. superintendent proposed the idea of this week's board meeting. one of a handful of restructuring option suggested in order to save money. they opened the 2013 and great -- serves grades six through 12.
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about the way the county distributes sales tax dollars. city leaders have called a public meeting at 7:00 to get thoughts from you. the current agreement expires at the end of this fiscal year. the city and county at an impasse over negotiation. a common food may put women at higher risk for diabetes. how a new study and you can reduce your risk. an online test to find out if you are at risk for kidney failure. the way researchers say can help patients mentally prepare. new at 5:00 in north carolina pizza restaurant
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. a search crews looking for a missing malaysian airlines flight has instead discovered a shipwreck that could be 200 years old. this is sonar imaging of the shipwreck taken during the search. crews found the wreckage off the west australian coast last month. experts believe the ship is likely made of steel and iron and dates from the turn of the 19th century. searchers were looking for the
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2014. with 239 people on board. a race t-shirt a common trophy among runners. the raleigh rock 'n roll marathon no exception. race organizers released the design for participants for the event inaugural 5k saturday april 9. the day before the marathon at the half marathon. >> powerball fever has spread to neighboring countries and in canada at toronto bakery giving away tickets to customers who spend $20 or more. crowds waited in line the world- class bakers for a third day. people are going the distance for a chance to win $1.5 billion. >> so much money it is unbelievable to even try and imagine. but such potential to help so many people. >> the bakery has given away about 300 tickets. about 10 years ago when
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line. pacific gray whales make another big showing on the west coast. record numbers spotted swimming past the los angeles coast line last year. well watchers say this year shaping up to be a busy one as well. yesterday researchers recorded hundreds off the coast the pacific gray whale lives in the waters off alaska then they migrate to mexican lagoons in the winter. >> they change their mating call every year. >> is that right? i did not know that. they are fascinating. a farm in virginia looking for goat smugglers. >> farm expect about 90 newborn goats by mid february so needs volunteers who will snuggle and feed the babies. they have to be bottle fed four times a day and they must be kept warm. the farm says no experience necessary for volunteers. >> it would probably be a lot of fun.
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i bet they will get a lot of volunteers to make no experience so easy. >> billy goats. >> so cutethanks for joining us the latest local breaking
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