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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  January 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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it ll nsai is right now, birthday celebrations to honor martin luther king, jr. what is happening today and through the weekend. >> kids pulled from a home after a meth lab bust in raleigh. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> the golfs come off during the republican presidential debate. hare how donald trump defended his hometown. thank you for joining us on a friday morning. >> happy friday. the sun is coming up and it is looking beautiful out there. you do want to grab the umbrella though before you head out. >> skies can be deceiving right now.
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>> we're giving you a heads up. >> don't get tricked. our raleigh skycam looks beautiful right now. we are seeing sunshine, mix of clouds. as we get through the next 15 or 20 minutes, it will be beautiful. just the right mix of sun and clouds. that does not say rainy afternoon to you, does it? that is why we're here to let you know by lunchtime, it will be cloudy and by 1:00 to 3:00, depending on where you are, it will be raining. 36 in durham. 35 in cary. 36 in raleigh. 29 in south hill and rocky mount. 33 in fayetteville. for the most part, we are either side of freezing. raleigh is a the warmer than that here in the mid-30s. expect temperatures to be somewhere in the 30s as you are stepping out this morning. by lunchtime, 46 and it will be cloudy and rain sets in. some of this rain will be heavy at times.
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expect a high of 52. it will be a fairly interesting weekend. saturday looks beautiful but we've been tracking a system that could bring us precipitation for sunday. it looks like it could be very light but we'll talk more bay that. brian is here for brian. >> happy to be here. this more than, it is dry and things are moving along just fine. we have a couple of situations to tell you about. there is an accident here -- actually, let me tell you about the lane closure. one westbound lane on i-440 at pool road is closed. that is blocked as you of some construction going on there. so be aware of that. and there is an accident just reported in the last 15 minutes at kick croak road and davis drive. it doesn't appear to be causing any delays there but just be
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head out. let's take a look at i-40 west. all green as you see right there. this is at the clayton bypass. actually, that is not the clayton bypass. this is i-40. this is the fortify zone and you can see there is some gumming up and some brake lights there so you could see some slowdowns as you head through the fortify construction zone this morning. >> we start with breaking news. coast guard is searching for personnel after a marine corps helicopter collision off the coast of hawaii. >> two helicopters are believed to have collided off the north shore of oahu and there were six people on each helicopter. a navy helicopter is also assisting as well as the honolulu fire department helicopter and rescue boats. police removed children from day home in raleigh, a home where investigators say
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raid happened last night off of huntley drive. mikaya sure -- thurmond joins us now. >> reporter: both a man and a woman have been arrested. robert kennerly and melissa godshall are both facing two counts of child abuse, cruelty to animals and meth making charges. they both live at a home where atlantis discovered a meth lab along with two children. the find choseed a portion of huntley drive last night. a 1-year-old and 7-year-old were transported to the hospital to get checked as a precaution. word of this bust has shocked many neighbors. >> if i seen it, i call the police in a heart beat. the smell or anything. >> reporter: everyone including the children are expected to be okay. both suspects will appear in court this afternoon. >> mikaya thurmond live in raleigh, thank you.
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investigation in north raleigh. this happened at a home on cromwell court last night. fire crews say one of the home owners was home at the time. she got out safely. hehuanwanot home. the couple's three pets died in the fire. no word on what may have started it. a man accused of shooting his mother in the face is due in court today. this happened in fayetteville. 24-year-old kevin powell, jr. is charged with attempted murder. police say he shot his mother at a hair salon where she worked off ireland drive yesterday. the helicopter flew her to unc hospital where she is listed in critical condition this morning. powell is in jail on $750,000 bond. today would have been dr. martin luther king, jr.'s 87th birthday. the bells of raleigh's
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this is video from last year's let freedom ring ceremony. it is all part of the state's annual program to honor the civil rights leader. it starts at 11:00 this morning anding open to the public. >> fayetteville honors dr. king tomorrow with its annual parade. it will begin at noon at the cumberland county courthouse. the republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail one day after squaring off in their sixth televised debate. donald trump and ted cruz clashed over cruz's eligibility to be president because he was born in canada to an american mother. meanwhile, marco rubio and chris christie argued about gun control and planned parenthood funding. the candidates took shots at president obama's state of the union address. coming up in the next half hour, hear emotional exchanges from last night's debate. kids are supporting an nfl player who missed a major field goal. >> we love you so much.
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you will hear more encouraging words for minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh. >> the reason this year's tax filing deadline is pushed back.
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and he is st this year, april 15th will not be the deadline to file your taxes. you will get some extra days. >> it is all thanks to a little known holiday that is recognized in washington, d.c.
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emancipation day in the nation's capital. for that reason, the irs commissioner said that taxpayers nationwide will have until monday, april 18th to file their returns. filing season opens next tuesday, january 19th. a federal court make a ruling about how police can use tasers. if a person is not an immediate safety risk, police are not allowed to shock them with a stun gun or taser. the fourth circuit court of appeals ruled that the pain from a taser is so bad it violates the fourth amendment. this decision evolved from a lawsuit in pinehurst concerning the death of a mentally ill man at the happened of police. we are learning more about the straying of two u.s. navy boats into iranian waters. it appears it was a navigation error and not mechanical trouble that september the boats towards an iranian island. they were held for several hours. they are back with their fleet.
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were not spying. they were making their way from kuwait to bahrain. it is hard to face the public especially in your teen misses the nfl playoffs because
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>> here are the touching words the streak of pink out there above rdu international. beautiful sky, clear morning. >> i approve.
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>> that is what our takeaway is from that beautiful sky. everyone who didn't watch elizabeth this morning is going to be wet this afternoon. >> it will start to rain probably right around or just after lunchtime. if you have lunch errands, you might get those in before the rain begins but you won't escape the evening commute being rather wet and messy. it is beautiful. look at that. more pink sky hanging over downtown raleigh right now. it is gorgeous. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the area now. by lunchtime t will be cloudy in. we are talking about some fairly significant rain t won't be the kind of thing that you can get away with. what is going to happen is you will be working all day and then all of a sudden you get ready to leave the office at 4:30, 5:00 and you'll get to the front door and say i left my umbrella in the car and you are going to get drenched. you.
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-- again, we are seeing the sun in many places. we are starting to see an increase in moisture ahead of the system that will bring us the rain today. 30 in southern pines. 32 in clintonment our temperatures are sitting pretty close to freezing. even so, it is a little warmer in places than it was yesterday especially in raleigh up towards roxboro. we do have a huge cold snap coming for next week which we'll talk about in just a minute. temperatures aren't going to be cold enough to produce any snow for us but we are starting to see a little bit of that into the mountains, just the leading ed. mostly in the mountains we'll see rain also. this is a big, big band of rain. it is heavy in places. you can see the oranges and yellows. that rain is right here. by this afternoon and this evening, if you have plans to go out to dinner tonight, it will be wet. here is 1:00, starting to see the rain crossing from south
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by 3:00, it is firmly established and than we'll see rain on and off through the evening. some thunderstorms along the coast. we could have a few rumbles of thunder here. this system moves out pretty quickly. saturday looks pretty. we'll see partly cloudy skies. temperature in the mid-50s. here comes sunday's system. watch what it does. it dips down here into the gulf of mexico and instead of spreading moisture here into north carolina, it scoots right offshore. that is finally the computer models coming together a little bit more on this. we were talking the last couple of days about the big differences. we'll have a little bit of light patchy precipitation. right here is our next front. that will usher in some cold air. but the precipitation is out of here before the cold air gets here. 52 today. 56 tomorrow. saturday looks great. here what is might happen sunday with the low sitting offshore t could spread very light amounts of precipitation.
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sprinkles, possibly a few flurries mainly west of the triangle. this will be light. this is not an event that causes any problems. on monday, this will be an issue for you. if you are headed out to an mlk, jr. ceremony or the march in downtown raleigh at 11:00, temperatures will still be in the 20s. it will be bit arely cold monday, tuesday and wednesday. bryan mims in for brian schrader this morning. >> it has been quiet. it has stayed true to form. we have seen a couple of little situations arise. one accident here on miami boulevard. this is u.s. 70 just outside durham at laurel drive. there is an accident block one lane of highway 7 right through there -- 70 i should say. just be on the lookout for that. it doesn't appear to be causing any delays or backups on highway 7 on. this is another crash to tell
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this is extreme we were wake county. davis drive and kick creek road. there is an accident. doesn't appear to be causing any major problems there either. let's take a glance from i-40 west coming from wrongston county. so far, no backups. it looks beautiful in the clayton bypass. traffic moving along at posted speed. 42 to i-440 is a nine-minute drive and we'll take a quick look at i-40 and lake wheeler in the fortify zone. trafn is slowing down there. maybe about 40 miles per hour so you will see some slowdowns. -- traffic is slowing down there. brian and renee? >> thank you, bryan. you will need some extra cash going to the panthers mayoff game this weekend. parking prices range from $35 to $70 depending on which lot you choose. a round trip on the light rail system in charlotte is $4.40 for adults. amtrak also getting ready for extra riders on sunday. extra seats will be available
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between raleigh and charlotte on game day. train number 73 will take fans to charlotte and then piedmont 76 will bring you back home. game time is 1:00 p.m. super bowl 50 is sunday, february 7th and it will be shown on wral. here is a look at what you can see right now in san jose, california. signs and banner are up at the airport encouraging travelers to get in the super bowl spirit. the game will be played at nearby levi stadium, about 20 minutes from the airport. it was one of the biggest upsets in sports this year. with only seconds left in the fourth quarter, minnesota viking kicker clair walsh missed a 27-yard field goal sunday. had it gone right that, into r advanced his team to the playoff. after the disappointment, walsh is finding support in an unlikely place, an elementary school. >> the snapper and the kick is
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>> for vikings fans, kicker blair walsh's missed field goal still stings. >> i'll take the blame. i deserve every second of it. >> reporter: showerly, flashbacks have been painful but he has taken it all in stride. >> yesterday was not what i wanted. >> reporter: while he is still taking the heat, thursday, he got some support from the youngest of fans. >> that cheered me up a lot. >> reporter: walsh visited first grader at north point elementary just outside of minneapolis. early this week after his missed kick, the children wrote walsh letters of sympathy and entertainment. >> dear blair, i foal bad for you. you are so so good at football. >> don't give up. you're still number one. >> reporter: the kindness and empathy weren't lost on walsh and he said he had to return the favor. >> thank you very much for all the letters you wrote and the card. it is very, very touching to me. it says a lot about you guys
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>> i think it is pretty cool how a famous athlete is in our school. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news. >> what a heartwarming boost. hopefully that negates all the hater out there. ianette jackson has big news for fans. she tweeted she has rescheduled her unbreakable concert dates. the pop star had postponed the tour for a surgical procedure. her new schedule starts in europe in march and kicks off north american shows in may and just looked at her web site. she will be performing in winston-salem on august 10th.
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dpac ranked among the top five venues based on its size. nearly a quarter of the sell outshows came from the hit wicked and also hosted smash hits like beautiful and kinky boots. we know where the winning tickets for the billion dollar trawl jackpots were sold and now it is all about figuring how the who collect the riches. residents in one neighborhood believe one woman along their block won. that is all rumors. news crews got out there. the police were called n officers say the woman said, hey, she didn't win anything. so mystery remains there. we are also waiting to find out would won in california and tennessee. we are trying out recipes popular on social media all this month on local dish. >> some good ones here.
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have a simple appetizer that will wow your guests. >> cheesy bake ron wrapped stater tots. because i know you love a stater tot. and north carolina is big on bacon. >> i love bacon too. >> let's pull out a strip of bacon. >> one strip of bacon. >> we should be able to roll three tots into one strip. >> grab a frozen stater tot and wrap opportunity. >> roll it, wrap t cut it. >> this is absurd. >> it is not that hard. >> we picked a really easy recipe. >> place them in a foil lined baking pan p abake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. we put them in for 30 minutes just to make sure they are crispy. >> put that cheese on there. >> bake it for another five minutes to melt the cheese an you've got a real treat. >> i know. >> it smells good.
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>> how can you go nechto dad enrt jrrg ofenwi --7th bi std in>>e nur , . rafogonr
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stthoustween st dt haen. l lkabouat a thomupst tt skinto cdou so cl dl on r ti. lyn mount. h xbo. fattce gh f in rnin sartouanokodghf htf w rileurt owng
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e at s.70 at caing onamd 7 oue th rebe ro atwa onoout --n inespriinthiss inca rirough eatay u cais
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ng prtialcr welcome back. it is 7:30. the road to the white house ran through north charleston, south carolina last night. seven of the republican candidates took to the debate stage. it was the smallest group of gop hopefuls yet to appear in a debate. >> as don champion reports, the previously civil relationship between donald trump and ted cruz is starting to show cracks. >> reporter: one of donald trump's strongest political moments came when he defended his hometown, his clash with ted cruz was one of most talked about moments of last night's debate. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro
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>> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more hue manically than new york. >> you had this heartfelt response from trump. you don't get a lot of heartfelt response trump. >> well, i'm glad we are focusing on the important topics of the evening. >> reporter: cruz is running neck and neck with trump in iowa. pundits say he scored major points for going toe to toe with the candidate on the birth are issue. >> ted cruz has a very loyal following. when you go after cruz in a personal way and you damage someone who they still think would make a fine nominee, then trump is really on thin ice. >> reporter: the debate also produced fireworks between marco rubio and chris christie. >> unfortunately, governor christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports. >> two years ago, he called me a conservative reformer that new jersey needed.
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>> the guy is on that stage for a reason. everyone wrote him off seven months ago as a guy under seige. he has a little bit of a pulse in new hampshire. it will be very hard for one to take votes from the other. >> reporter: other candidates like jeb bush and ben carson to take the spotlight. the republican contenders have one more debate before the iowa caucus. don champion, cbs news. while three of the lower polling candidates took part in another debate, rand paul boycotted that event. the three democratic presidential contenders, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will square off in their next debate sunday night in charleston, south carolina. the state board of elects will consider the protest of a benson count commission candidate at their meeting this morning. commissioner john bonner defeated challenger dean mclamb. mclamb challenged the results after discovering dozens of vote ares had received the wrong ballot.
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elects asked state officials for permission to hold a new election, something both men support. neri two years after a massive coal ash spill in the dan river, duke energy gave the media a look at its clean-up efforts. the utility is required to move more than 30 coal ash dumps across the state after 39,000 tons of potentially toxic ash spilled into the dan river in eden which is north of greensboro. about three million tons of coal ash at that site will be hauled away. the around will be taken on trains to a specially lined landfill in virginia. >> priority one for duke energy right now. this is the most important thing that many of us have worked on for several years now and we have an army of engineers and technical staff that have developed the closure plans for these sites. >> reporter: so. >> so far b66000 tons of coal ash were removed from that site.
7:30 am
four high priority locations that duke must clean up by 2019. there is a visitation for a mother and daughter who were victims of a double murder suicide. today is the actual birthday of dr. martin luther king, jr.ment there are a number of events across the triangle today including a wreath laying this morning at the martin luther king, jr. memorial gardens in raleigh at 9:00. on monday, we will join the nation in paying tribute to dr. king. the 36th annual martin luther king triangle interfaith prayer breakfast scheduled for monday morning at 7:15 at the sheraton imperial hotel at research triangle park in durham. capital broadcasting is a proud
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can you watch the first hour on and from 8:00 on, we will carry it live on wral tv. if you want to watch cbs this morning on monday, it will air on wral2. made it to friday and it looks beautiful out there. >> for now. but there is an expiration on that. >> there is. >> shelf life. >> it does look pretty in a lot of places. we'll head over to wilson and there is plenty of sunshine as we look down nash street. bright sunshine behind that tree. everything is nice and dry now. that is not the way it will look when you head out the door at 3:00 or 4:00 or as you are headed home from work or school. the rain will be pouring. so do be sure to be prepared. 32 in benson. 36 in garner. morning. but that is exactly what we would expect. as you are about to send your kids out to the bus stop, make
7:32 am
raincoats or umbrellas. not too cold this morning and it will be a fairly mild afternoon at 52. saturday looks pretty tbefnlt highs in the mid others with sunshine. sunday will be cloudy and a little cooler and we'll talk about our chance for precipitation. it is not much but more about that in a few minutes. bryan here way few more incidents on the map. jot map is getting i agent more clouterred as we head into the 7:30 ha hour -- a little more cluttered as we head into the 7:30 half hour. main one is u.s. 70 at mineral springs road. an accident is blocking both lanes of u.s. 70. you can see all the red on 07. that is south miami boulevard just outside durham and you want to avoid this area if you can and take the durham freeway to get around all that mess on
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there is also an accident on capital boulevard at i-540 reportedded just in the past few minutes. atlantis -- there is a vehicle, some wreckage blocking one lane there. it doesn't look from the sensors that it is causing any major problems in that area. let's take you back out to this area, middle vings road and u.s. 70. you can see where the traffic is backed up both directions. a couple of lanes are blocked there and you can see the traffic getting around the police and emergency responders there. so again, try to take the durham freeway to steer clear of all of that. here is a look at the drive times coming from johnston county and i-40 west. nine minutes from 42 to i-440. not sewing any delays on i-40. >> thank you. a study says a certain variety of foods can reduce your risk of glaucoma.
7:34 am
three > tian m ofb ceth doosn people with chronic optic nerve damage benefit from the nitrates green leafy vegetables. here is surprising news about e-cigarettes, people using them to help taper off of real cigarettes apparently are much less likely to quit. that is according to the doctors at the university of california san francisco. they found the odds of quitting are 2% lower for smokes are who
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shoving snow is no easy task especially if you are 101 years old. >> this man's good deed has thousands of views online.
7:36 am
young age. i like that one. >> start the day right. >> gotbury appear's approval. >> i sign off that. >> sign off on the weather for now. if it starts raining this afternoon, i take a nap. >> that work for me too. we always have to plan our naps when we get up this early in the morning. >> one way to get yourself out of bed is before you actually put your foot down is think
7:37 am
as long as you can get that straight in your mind, it is easier to put that foot down and get out of bed. >> when you take the afternoon nap, you always have an afternoon nap to look forward to. >> whether or not you actually get to. it most of the time i don't get to it but i arrange it in my brain before i get out of bed. >> the secret to work in the morning. >> fascinating. >> yeah, isn't it. >> psychology involved. >> all right. let's check what is going on outside right now. you would never really guess that we are going to have a rainy afternoon and a rainy night. you may be tempted to scrap your plans to head out to dinner. you might not want to scrap them just yet but just wait. you've gotten home from work, taken off the shoes that hurt and then all of a sudden, you're looking at your watch and oh, man, i had plans to go out to dinner and it's pouring rain and cold out there, right now, dialing pietz a. i'm going to call it. we do have plenty of sunshine
7:38 am
no real hints of the rain that is to come later on. it is 36 degrees at the airport. that has been one of our warmer spots. our dew point at 29 showing the increase in moisture as this system approaches. 29 in rocky mount and wilson. 28 in sanford. 30 in southern pines. 33degrees in fayetteville. we're very close to freezing which is also very close to normal. we'll jump ahead to next week. this is something else you need to know about. it is friday. you may be out of touch over the weekend. but let me tell you right now, you need to be prepared for very cold temperatures. monday more than, 24. tuesday more than, 18. if we hit it, that will be the coldest morning so far this winter. 21 wednesday, 28 thursday. eye very, very cold start to the day every day next week. back to the rain for today. this is a low pressure system that we started tracking actually several days ago. it finally makes its appearance later this afternoon. we are starting to see the rain edging into south carolina. that rain moves on into our
7:39 am
it is only going to be rain. it is not going to be cold enough around our area to see anything but rain. but this afternoon, that rain sets in. a few scattered thunderstorms along coast t stays with us overnight and we end one sunshine saturday. saturday looks beautiful. then we start tracking the next front. it dips down here into the gulf of mexico and then shifts offshore. this one has the potential to spread some moisture in across the area. but it is not going to be heavy enough to cause us any issues. we are going to see a high of 47 on sunday. it won't be cold enough. there could be a couple of flurries that develop early sunday morning. i want to emphasize light amounts of precipitation with this. this will be worst case scenario, some sprinkles from the triangle area eastward, a couple of flurries from raleigh north and west. but really, at this point, that is all we are expecting. but right after that, we get the blast of cold air and that really will be something. monday is martin luther king, jr. day.
7:40 am
there is a march in downtown raleigh at 11:00 a.m. and temperatures even at 11:00 a.m. will still be in the 20s. that is going to februtally cold. bit arely cold again tuesday into wednesday so be prepared for that and be prepared for the rain later today. bryan is preparing you for a bunch of accidents. >> most of those are fairly minor accidents but there are a couple causing some problems for the morning commute, particularly the one on south miami boulevard and durham. let's zoom in on that area of town, of the triangle. this is right around south mineral springs road. an accident has been blocking traffic on both lanes of u.s. 70 for the past hour or so. and let's take you out there to the scene and just show you what it looks like now. you can see all the brake lights, the spring of brake lights in both directions of u.s. 70. there is some police activity there an a couple of lanes of 70. that is miami boulevard here, that is blocked.
7:41 am
take the durham freeway to avoid this stretch of u.s. 07 for a while. there was a disabled vehicle on the inside lane of 440 westbound right near rim road. this is i-40 and ridge road causing a little bit of a delay but it doesn't appear to be posing much of a problem now. look like that is in the cheering stages at the moment. this is i-40 and rock quarry in the fortify zone. not seeing much of a delay through that stretch of i-40 this morning. >> thank you very much, bryan. another triangle college is banning the use of hoverboards. nc state college is latest to say no because of safety concerns. several caught fire around the country. duke, unc chapel hill and nc central university also ban those boards from residence halls. a great-grandfather is
7:42 am
a video showing him helping out a neighbor. kate raddits splainsz. >> i was born march 8, 1914. that make me a little over 101. -- explains. >> reporter: richard mann has learned a thing or two about the work ethic. >> i was the only boy and it was an automatic thing to me more or less do -- i called it a man's job. >> reporter: after his father died when he was four, he took care of work around the house to help his single mom, including shoveling snow. >> we always had four or five feet of snow for two or three weeks at a time. >> reporter: the job never got him much attention until now, nearly a century later. >> this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up and get out and get something. >> reporter: the video showing richard shoveling his neighbor's snow has gone viral. richard's daughter showed him the video yesterday.
7:43 am
>> that is quite a number. >> that is a number, yeah. >> i wish i could collect a dollar -- >> for each one. >> reporter: richard says he was just doing his neighbor a favor, not expecting anything in return as he was taught growing up. >> i've always been active, always doing something. >> reporter: over the years, richard lost one wife to cancer, another to alzheimer's. he has not lost his humor. his secrete to long healthy life. >> clean living and wine, women and money. >> reporter: it is that humor, his work ethic and kindness that makes his children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren proud. >> that is why i think people appreciated seeing the video of him because there was so many things going on that are not -- people are not being kind to each other and kindness is the key to having a successful and good life. >> i've had quite a life. >> isn't he great?
7:44 am
golf whenever he gets the chance and renee says he swears by bacon and eggs for breakfast every day. >> he looks amazing for 101. what a story. today, we are honoring the legacy of civil rights leader dr. martin luther king. it is his birthday today. wral's parent company, capital broadcasting company, is a proud sponsor of the 36th annual martin luther king triangle interfaith prayer breakfast. that is happening monday joining us now is the chairman of the triangle martin luther king, junior where are committee. good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you with us. >> so excited to be here for dr. king's birthday and we are excited to celebrate and we send out an invitation to the entire try ang toll -- triangle to celebrate with us. we are calling for prayerful reflection on the man and the leadership he provided for a
7:45 am
century and to look again at the message hope and peace and justice for all citizens of america. through his ministry, we have resources to help us solve conflict without violence. appear it is a good time to review all of that. i think it is very relevant for the 21st century that we live in. >> and the prayer breakfast is a huge event each year. talk about some of the distinguished panels that you will have. >> we are really excite. we began at 9::00 a.m. today with a wreath beltway leying. early monday morning, we'll gather other than interfaith prayer breakfast and will reflect the different religions. and a dynamic speaker will be sharing the message. we begin with 40 days of service there. we'll gather also at the
7:46 am
a march to the duke center where we'll have another service and inspirational speakerment and we close it off with a 5:30 p.m. musical that is dynamic. we want all citizen to come, all of the i triangle to be with us an to take time to pray in your own tradition and reflect upon the meaning of man and the heedership he provided for us. >> thank you so much for talking with us. the 36th annual martin luther king triangle interfaith prayer breakfast is monday morning at 7:15 at the scherrston imperial hotel in research triangle park. you can watch the first hour of the breakfast on, from 8:00 on, we'll be carrying it live on. where al tv. always good to talk with you. >> my pleasure. a tony award winning musical an a reptile convention. just two events this weekend. wra almost's out and about editor has ticket prices and details about what you will see there. she is live way list of all the
7:47 am
stay with us, please. good morning. i'm brian charade we are a look at your top local stories. there is a visitation tonight for a mother and daughter who were the victims of a double murder suicide. investigators say lemuel miller shot and killed the woman and her daughter last saturday. miller then killed himself. visitation is at 6:00 this evening at the apex funeral home. though the fill holiday is monday, today is the actual birthday of dr. martin luther king, jr. there will be a number of events across the triangle today including a
7:48 am
gardens in east raleigh at 9:00 med and we should have pretty good weather for that. >> it will be very cold by martin luther king, jr. day but tomorrow looks pretty with sunshine and temperature in the mid-50s. we are starting to see what is going to happen for us later this afternoon. the last round of skycams we looked at still had a good bit of sunshinement now, we are looking west across wake county. you are not expecting rain but you are starting to get the idea that the clouds are thickening up out there. 36 in raleigh. 32 in roxboro. 33 in fayetteville. the rain will not arrive in time today for any of that to be frozen. temperatures will warm up pretty quickly. we'll see a high of 52. the rain starts around or just after lunchtime. it continues tonight t will be heavy at time. maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. saturday, mid-50s and partly cloudy. sunday, mostly cloudy, an isolated sprinkle or flurry and a high of 47. we are seeing accidents pop up across the screen and the
7:49 am
the one area of concern we are focused on is on miami boulevard u.s. 07 in durham. this is blocking both lanes of 70. this is miami boulevard and during this morning here at mineral springs road and you can see 70 westbound dog into durham is also experiencing delays. let's take a look at the scene. this is miami boulevard and 70. you can see a couple lanes are blocked and traffic is snarled both directions of 70. take the durham freeway to avoid all of that mess. there is a stilled vehicle on raleigh. it is causing some tea lays there. this is i-440 at lassiter mill road. coming up on fox 50rbgs how school kids are embracing a nfl
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