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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a ce thiny k itworst e e gainthmberilziigowchck ma ng do ov pyer th oonno ed al t stall. thyee nte n cused ofshooting himother the face hahisfirst court hearing uple hours ago. we he a report fr newsroom at the fayettevill observer >> reporter: this case has
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u rtekll 25 years ago tomorrow, president george h. w. bush announced the bombing of iraq. it was the start of operation desert storm and the effort to liberate kuwait from invading iraqi troops. the massive u.s.-led air attack lasted 42 days before then president bush culled a cease- fire.
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success for e international coalition. today, governor pat mccrory made a special announcement. state will use money to create an exhibit about north carolinians who served in the wariments. joining us now with firsthand perspective is retired air force general robert springer. you were with us 25 years ago when the first bombs started falling on iraq. what is your most vivid memories of that time. >> the massive numbers of people and airplanes and ships and equipment we had. interestingly, we think about that might when they started bombing and the f-117 stealth fighter going in, but the department of defense new well in advance of that, because the first aircraft to be launched was a b-52 bomber from louisiana and it had made
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but that was just the air. the number of troops that we had involved, over 500,000. that was from the coalition of 31 countries. we had 12 countries involved with aviation, 100 aircraft involve in that. as i might have menned to you earlier, that first night, 24 hours bombing, we hit more distinct targets. >> it is amazing what we can do now. just getting over there logistically was a monumental challenge. talk about what had to happen if that to be successful. >> number one, you get a lot of people that went by air. you had people and things. the big things, the tanks and ammunition, all of that goes by
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this is a thing called prepositioning equipment. there is a lot of stuff that is prepositioned around the world in various places and we were using prepositioned items in those days for our forces. but we also had already had aviation assets in saudi arabia, for example. so very close by. >> sunday didn't commercial airlines help out too in. >> that is a very good question. the commercial airlines were very importantment before a thing called civil reserve airlift fleet. i was very close to those people. they are tremendous. they guarantee us that they will be with us in war time. we guarantee them business in peacetime and there is a lot more peacetime than war time fortunately. and those forces make up routinely a little over 90,000
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who are haul bid commercial airlines. you will see them at pope field from time to time. >> and as a nation, we learned something from this war. >> we learned we are not sticking with it very well in my mind. i mentioned 540,000 people and 1800 airplanes. he went in with the determine is a it win and get out. we did that very well. now, we did have a residual force there all the way up until 2011 because of of the stability of their government. now, people will tell you, well, korea has a stable government, south korea. they do and we still have forces there. so i assume that -- japan, germany the same thing. i would suggest that we will be in iraq for many, many years in support of their government. >> as an expert how this nation fights our wars, are we better because of desert storm? >> we are much better.
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first time with precision guided weapons and the first time we flew into a heavily air defense environment. the first time we used space and satellites to the effect that we had for guiding weapons systems. you know the old story, with the precision guided weapons, you can stake out wral. i would ask which corner did they want to take out rather than which building y we have come a long way and you've been with us the whole way. >> i'm always happy to be with you. >> thank you. 25 years. >> and that night seems like it was yesterday, doesn't it in. >> were you born yet? >> sweet. so this cold rain, it is getting out of of the way. >> the steady heavy rains have already moved on by but there are still some showers around
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but the good news, if you have something planned to do outside tomorrow, you have got yourself a gem. you have won the lottery if you will. let's check out the radar. you can see the yellows and reds have shifted way down east and we still have some showers to deal with but they are not nearly as widespread or heavy as what came through a little bit earlier. 51 was the high temperature at the airport earlier today. here is a look at the skycam. miles per hour. that will be shifting to the west tonight. the dew point 47 and the humidity at 89%. a lot of times when you have a rain event during the day and you get clearing at night, you
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i certainly want wouldn't want to rule that out later tonight but it looks like the wind going to continue to blow at a decent clip at least enough to prevent widespread dense fog from formingment so right now, we are not looking at that. -- from forming. we'll keep an eye on it and if anything changes, we'll be sure to let you know about it. there are the colder cloud tops. this is a very well defined system in the upper atmosphere. you can sort of see how it shapes back near a look and this look back in here is the part that will be coming through this evening with its own batch of showers and then we'll start to get into the clearing after that. next system, taking shape out here in the southwestern part of the united states doesn't look like it will be a big deal. there has been a lot of hype about the possibilities of snow on sunday and so forth. there isn't any low level cold air that we'll be able to tap into. the only way we can get it commonwealth edison enough for anything to accumulate here would be to manufacture the cold air in place.
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has to come down hard enough so the cooling associated with the melting snow, in other words the snow fall and when it melts, turn into his rain, that extracts heat from the atmosphere. you have to rely on that process and i don't think that process is going to be enough to cause any problems on sunday. so we continue with our low key approach to this sunday event. but the big thing we are confident about it is going to get mighty chilly here early next week. let's take a look at future cast real quickly here. it is way slow on the rain getting out of here. as you can see here, it has the solid rain back to the west an we see that that is not really the case at all right now. it is just some scattered showers. by tomorrow more than, partly sunny skies. looks like the rest of the day, partly to mostly sunny. you'll see the high temperature on the seven-day in a minute. futurecast doesn't have any precipitation at all here sunday morning. i don't think it is right about that.
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rather light and insignificant and with temperatures freezing, it won't matter. 46 at 8:00. late tonight, clearing. hopefully no fog. 41. and then tomorrow, look at this. this is not bad for january, my friend. partly to mostly sunny. 59 here in the triangle. 62 around fayetteville. then on sunday, colder with clouds and a little bit of light rain in the morning. could be a few wet flakes mixed in but with a high of 44. lock how cold it gets monday and tuesday. highs in the 30s and lows in the upper teens. you will feel that and it is dry. >> a brand-new camera to show you coming up. >> is it yours? >> not mine personally. >> we look forward it up nonetheless. ahead in what's trending, the young man would hit the lottery on his first try. >> $50 was a lot of money for
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>> watch the young pros in the
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at 8:00 an we told you before the break that there was a 19-year- old in florida. he won one of those $2 million powerball prizes. here is the quicker on this one. this is the first time the kid has ever played the lottery. first time, he walk into the store, goes up to that little booth. there was already a ticket filled out so he's like you know what in these numbers are as god as any and he played the ticket already filled oud and that was the one who matched five numbers.
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and left it. >> and his birthday is coming up. first time he played and won. first time, 19, playing the l.a.ery. >> he has a lot more dates right now. >> a lot of cold girlfriends calling back. >> would -- two men who made a fortune the old-fashioned way is on broad way. the musical in other words is the story of steve jobs and bill gates. it was first presented in 2005. it played a limited engagement at the north carolina cheater. the musical opens on broadway april 21st. >> i think that would be incident refusal resting to see. >> this is a little puppy. apparentlier doesn't like to take a bath so whether they get out the hose and the soap and whatever, the puppy collapses and allegedly plays dead. just limp as limp can be.
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somebody posted this on facebook and it has gotten several million views. playing dead puppy. >> maybe it is just really tired. it is a puppy. >> i bet if you held up some food, the puppy would perk up. >> they are cute. >> we'll have livings to these videos and stories on facebook. still to come, the face of sunday mornings may be considering retirement. what i source says about charles osgoode and when he may sign off. >> the gop debate focused on the spat between the two leading candidates. the challenges that donald trump and ted cruz had for one another.
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dr. martin luther we are learning more about that hotel attack in after catch at tax happened in the country's capital near an upscale hotel in the city's center. witnesses said they heard explosions. an ap reporter on the scene said several cars were on fire. we are still trying to find out if anyone was injured. today, state employees honored dr. martin luther king, jr. the annual event mark what had would have been his 87th birthday. >> laura leslie is here with the events. >> reporter: today was the 27th annual state employees celebration of dr. king's birthday. the event features awards for
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music we shall live in peace some day >> reporter: the state employees choir right there. this year's theme was the contributions of the african- american community to commerce and economic development in north carolina from durham's black wall street to science and education and agriculture. the state played a role in the civil rights era as well. the reverend urged the gathering to continue to pursue king's dream. >> we pause to remember his legacy teaching us that love is more powerful than hatred, teaching us that peace is better than violence, teaching us that unity is better than disharmony.
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awarded the state's highest civilian owner to two people. and the state cultural secretary announced that the historical commission has approved a new state capitol monument, the first ever honoring african-american contribution to the state. planning is under way on the new monument and the committee in charge of designing it will be seeking public comment soon. on monday, we will join the nation in paying tribute to dr. martin luther king, junior junior. the 36th annual mlk triangle interfaith prayer breakfast is monday morning at 7:15. it will be at the sheraton imperial hotel. you can watch the entire event on but from 8:00 a.m., we will carry it live on wral tv. note, cbs this morning will air on wral 2. we will also rebroadcast the first hour of the breakfast on fox 50 at noon. fayetteville police say posted on instagram led them to
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he is charged with painting buildings. police found an instagram tags. the user also posted a picture of himself in a gray hoodie and holding cans of spray paint. detectives pursued court orders for information that eventually led them to smith's home last week. let's take another look at the stock markets now after just a rocky week. 359 points. nasdaq down just over 126. lots of red there. the s&p down nearly 42. republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after last night's debate. the event in south carolina turned into a slugfest between the two leading candidates. craig boswell is in washington with details. >> reporter: donald trump is back campaigning friday morning fresh off what many are calling his best debate performance yet. >> i've won ever poll and every debate. but the pundits sometimes don't go on long with the poll. now the pundits are sort of getting it.
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of thursday night taking on ted cruz and argued he isn't ready to run for the presidency because he was born in canada. >> there are other attorneys that feel, and very, very fine constitutional attorneys, that feel that, because he was not born on the land, can he not run for office. >> reporter: cruz struck back at trump's values. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage, focus around money and the media. >> reporter: this is the first time cruz and trump have openly attacked each other in a debate. friendships go bad. >> reporter: john dickerson says cruz' new york values statement was aimed at one group of influential voters. >> he is talking to the evangelicals would are voting one of you. >> reporter: the pundits say one other candidate helped himself thursday night. >> i know have you i lot of good choices but no one running
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passionate about the american dream than i do. >> reporter: marco rubio is hoping to capitalize on his performance with five rallies in new hampshire. former florida governor jeb bush picked up an endorsement today from south carolina senator lindsey graham. graham dropped out of the race last movement. charles osgoode may be planning to retire from cbs sunday morning. he hosted the program for 22 years. according to a person close to him, he is beginning to have conversations with cbs about retiring. cbs news doe lained to excellent. the source said osgoode's contract expires in december and said the transition is expected to take place later this year. hookah is often billed as i safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. we have a warning for you about the water pipes. >> chipotle is shutting down all of its restaurants for one day only.
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>> new at 5:00 on wral, raw chicken and seafood next to the sink and food containers
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>> reporter: as cigarette smoking rates fall, the popularity of hookah iss is on the rise. a new analysis has the idea that they are safer than cigarettes is in doubt. it exposes the user to 125 times the smoke, 25 times the tar, two and a half times the nicotine and 10 times the carbon monoxide compared to a cigarette. the researchers look at the result from 17 previous studies to come to that conclusion. here is why that is important. the cdc says hookah smoking is slightly more common among high school students than cigarette smoking. the pittsburgh researchers do admit it is difficult to compare the two forms of smoking since people generally smoke multiple cigarettes in a day and hookah smokers may only use it a few times a day. ultimately, they believe the practice needs to be examined more closely than it currently is. chipotle plans to close all of its stores for a few hours
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the move is aimed at rallying employees behind a new strategy to improve food safety o february 28th, nearly 2,000 location will close so companies can attend an employee meeting. the c dc says 53 people have gotten sick in several states. your parents may have been onto something when they wanted to you eat something green with dinner. >> a new study suggests eating more spinach, kale and broccoli may lower your risk of glaucoma by as much as 30%. doctors in boston report people with chronic optic nerve damage benefit from the nitrates in green leafy vegetables. the deadline to get health insurance under the affordable care act is almost here. and we know you have qstns wr is here to help. we will have trained people taking your calls in our studio. it is free, confidential and it is happening thursday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. it is only natural that parents want to help their
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dots are sell girl scout cookies every year. still ahead, why one expert says this is not a good idea for your child. >> still a bit on the wet side out therer the steadiest heaviest rain appears to be over. we have a lot to look forward to for at least the first part
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nor ar t ki e t ofsl nd eninthe 35degree temperature >> bundle th u kep shoplifter on th ru employs trstop e and how eventually t away. all caught on camera. lus, cary is recognizing its sier cities.
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directiol . what is coming up for 5:00? >> coming up tonight at 5:00 being the market continues to rattle the confidence of almost everyone. this has become the first -- the worst rather two weeks of a new year ever for the markets. we'll take a closer look as who why this is happening and if there is any glimmer of a way out before things get even worse. general springer talked with you about it earlier. 25 years since the beginning of the first gulf war. north carolina sent 57,000 troops to the war, more than any other state. a drug trial gone way wrong in france. what happened that left one patient brain dead and five others in critical condition. those stories and some major
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wral news at 5:00. >> thank you. police in san francisco are looking for a man they call the make-up bandit. investigators just released surveillance video taken last month which captures the man in action. police say the man rode type store on a bicycle and stole several items including the make-up. employees recognized him as someone who had stole thrn before. they caught him and the suspect pushed two work ares trying to escape. a third worker stopped the man but the suspect pulled out a knife and took off. no one was hurt. a road is closed to cars right now because of newt mating season. >> they are very slimy but they are important to the area. i'm not actually sure what they do. >> everything is important. park officials in california closed the road so the reptiles can make their way to ponds and other water sources. experpts say newts will walk up to a mile to find them. dogs and bikes are still along the road. the newt is part of the
4:48 pm
will stay closed until march. >> i'll be darned. a newly discovered 122-foot long dinosaur is now on display at the men museum of natural history. the dino is so big it tops the museum's model of a blue whale by about 30 feet. the creature was found in the pat grownian desert of argentina in 2014. scientist says the animal was an herbivore. it likely roamed the earth 100 million years ago. cary is directing its visitors to the town's sister cities. a sign reveals the name of each of the sister city partners and the distance to travel there in both miles and kilometers. it is located on town hall campus and will stay there until the downtown park is finished then it will be placed in the park permanently. london is putting on quite the
4:49 pm
it transforms the city into works of multimedia art. they turn the city land mashs into light and color. they say the idea is to light up the wintry darkness this time of year. biologists discovered the two new mountain lion kittens in the santa monica mountains. >> the national park service implanted tracking services on the male and female kittens. thank you for joining us. our latest local breaking news continues in dad's telling the whole world about the great deal he got on at&t u-verse high speed internet. right now, he's probably talking about how reliable our connection is. my connection is super reliable, so i know i can depend on it working. sounds good. do i know you? see? get a deal worth talking about. get u-verse high speed internet starting at $15 dollars a month for 12 months with a one-year term and other qualifying service when you get it all on one bill! with u-verse high speed internet, we get fast internet for an unbelievable price. plus, we can connect all our devices to the home wi-fi and save money on mobile data usage.
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