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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  January 22, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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thlothesh ate fattm l.shoue ose ct our coverage of this winter storm continues, a reminder you can find a full list of the closing and delays at the bottom of your screen as well as on durham is in the middle of a precipitation pause, at least parts of durham. >> our team coverage continues
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darryl prior in dry 5 in durham and we understand the snow kind of stopped r a moment? >> reporter: that's right, bill. you've always been such a great wordsmith but yes the snow has stopped. i want to give you a live look at fayetteville street and what we've been doing that's really interesting within the last 20 minutes or so is following around some of the durham crews out on the roads taking a look and surveying, i can say that of everyone we've seen it seems to be only the crew that we seem to be out and about this morning going around and again checking out those spots, whatever they do seem to find a sidewalk that needs to be cleared off, someone will hop out and begin shoveling or sweeping i guess a bit of the snow away, but again it has been interesting seeing those crews for now the snow has slacked off but as quickly as it started is as quickly as it stops and that means we could be in for another round here
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>> so you're saying that mostly crews are out and not a whole lot of people unlike raleigh which we saw earlier with amanda lamb that a lot of folks have been out there driving. >> yeah, not a lot of people, i think durham got the message this morning to stay in if possible. >> all right, live in durham where they do have a little break in the snow. >> that is good news that people are staying in and d.o.t. crews out in full force this morning making sure the roads are safe for those who need to get out. >> of course our drive 5 teams are also out on the roads monitoring road conditions and this is a look at boone. you're talking about snow they get snow up in boone. this is the campus of appalachia state and it is snowing up there. >> beautiful. very picture else being. >> it's gorgeous. and we'll be back with more coverage including the forecast from elizabeth gardner whose tracking the storm system,
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velltient. right ba we're continuing our winter weather coverage this morning and fayetteville has seen some action as well. >> just not much of it. more ice than snow, gilbert is live in fayetteville to bring us up-to-date. things could have changed in the last few minutes but it hasn't been too dramatic where
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>> reporter: no, bill, katherine it actually has not been dramatic at all but we have ice accumulated on some of the surface and we also have puddling on the ground here. i want to show you this because this is significant. i talked with bill, our engineer down here, they just went out at 11:00 last night and for this morning put more brine down. this rain and water coming down right now is washing that away so that's going tousissues as the commute begins this morning for those who have to get out now photo journalists and i have to get out and take pictures along robinson street. there are motorists getting out but again, the rain that's falling now is starting to ice up on some of the areas like the bridges for example,, so if you you have to get out here you'll be de september everly fooled by what you you see out here. you can make your way around, there's no reports of any accidents but the concern is noticerly getting where you're
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or job or something it's getting home a little later on today so bill and katherine we'll keep monitoring how things are. we were able to drive around a little bit. our video that we got out of our vehicle looks like we're going pretty fast but we're actually going about 35 miles an hour in a 45-mile an hour zone, so anyway we'll keep you posted on what's happening in fayetteville. rain is coming down a little mixture of sleet and there are some accumulations over the bridge areas and on along concrete and sidewalks as well. be careful as you even just get out of your house to walk to >> absolutely. gilbert we were checking in while you were talking with elizabeth and she said it's 29 degrees in fayetteville so that rain really is freezing rain. >> yeah and the ice tells the story. >> and that's a good point again, in talking with bill, he says the ground temperature he measured earlier was still 38 degrees here in fayetteville, so it's going to take a little time before those two meet and get to the freezing point but
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we have concerns with because those will freeze over before the ground surface. >> good point. >> all right thanks, gilbert live in fayetteville keeping us updated on conditions there. brian shrader is doing double duty working traffic and also social media. >> he's over at our storyteller. brian i know thing have been coming in fast and furious. >> reporter: we appreciate all of that activity on twitter and also on facebook. use that hash tag wral snow to send in your reports and also your pictures this morning. let's take a look at some of those pictures starting off in harnett county where they've seen a lot of snowflakes and sleet and it's starting to cover elevated surfaces there. also in cary, a little bit of accumulation so far this morning especially on the grass and they've seen a lot of sleet and snowfall on that side of wake couldn't it something we've noticed and been talking about this morning is those soil temperatures are high enough now in the mid and upper 30s that a lot of it is starting to melt as that
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temporary lull coming through. it's not coming to an end. just a lull. we've been talking also about the difference between sleet, snow and freezing rain this picture from goldsboro shows you what freezing rain locks like that's where it rains and you get that glaze and we have ice covering windshield there and that is going to be a common scene throughout our viewing area as we head into the rest of the morning and on into the afternoon. again hash tag wral snow we will appreciate your social media pictures as long as you can take them safely we'll be happy to show them here on television. back to you. brian thank you very much. just a reminder a full list of closing and delays are at the bottom of your screen and you could also find them on want to take a live look now at the scene in blowing rock where the snow really coming down bill show you a temperature 19 degrees there in blowing rock and they are getting plenty of snow this morning. elizabeth gardner back in two
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st htrrtime, our troopers vestigated fi collisions across the ter raleigh area but we do anticipate number increasingpele start geanabout travel on th roadwaysjustince brian s sa aminute ago there is ki oflught now in the weather but we anticipath wehegiaieain coune e meho partul os. aron injurwreaieor bkeoft. mehidag ndk t eoki
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