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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 26, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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what they plan to address. and staged protest. plus, countdown to iowa. democratic candidates meet in a town hall debate. with the candidates plan to do in the final days before the caucuses. thank you for joining us i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. >> we have school closings and delays. first, wake county on the three-hour delay. >> chapel hill carrboro city schools are closed today. that information is incorrect on your screen. they are closed today. chatham county schools e closed. durham public schools closed. franklin and granville county schools are closed. >> halifax county schools delayed two hours.
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virginia osed, moore closed. >> person county closed, the band county closed, three-hour delay for wake county d warren county schools are closed as well. >> you can also see closings and delays on also scrolling at the bottom of your screen. the good news is warmer weather today. >> high of 58? >> that's right. yesterday we had a high of 52. that was a nice warm day but we had a lot of cloud cover. that un is good at melting the snow, just the air temperature does not do nearly as good of a job as the son. we had some melting yesterday but not as much as we want to get this morning, we are expecting more sunshine. matter fact you can see that over downtown roxboro right now, still plenty of snow and ice on the grass and of course where it has been piled up. but, they have done a nice job of getting off of sidewalks and streets. however, there have been piles of snow and ice melting and
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even though temperatures want as cold last night we are seeing isolated patches of black ice along with some lingering icy conditions that are on the roads. and causing some problems in some places. right now, looking at issues also with visibility from erwin down toward fayetteville. some patchy fog to watch out for. some of that is beginning liftinto a layer of clouds in downtown fayetteville but about an hour ago, it was down there on the ground. in wake forest, 28 in the northern wake county we've had a number of instances of black ice. brian we'll talk about that in a pier 39 durham, 38 cary, 37 holly springs. some problems in chapel hill with black ice. 32 rocky mount, 35 south hill, 36 in fayetteville and clinton. again, there are pockets of freezing temperatures this morning. sunshine and 52 at noon but increasing clouds at 4 o'clock pick and 58 degrees. bracing for summary tomorrow. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes.
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of the spots are on the ads , or a couple of spots. >> this has been a dramatic picture we have been shown you from durham at davis drive and 54. the durham county sheriff tweeted this picture. at 8:03 you can see the danger we are running into on secondary roads, especially shaded areas this morning. still a lot of ice lingering out there, kind of surprising after the temperatures lingering above freezing overnight, but, you know, in certain areas, it just depends on what kind of sun you had yesterday that feeds into the weather , if you got any melting in the north side of raleigh, a picture from a twitter follower indicating that one of those neighborhood streets there still is snow and ice covered. hearing about ice on brier creek parkway at lumley road well. a number of areas in wake county reporting problems with ice. the twitter follower tells us highway 55 is still pretty icy between cave creek and 540 heading into rtp. another problem we have been hearing about this morning is on the north side of raleigh between wake forest and raleigh on falls of neuse road
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let's go to mikaya thurmond live in drive 5. we center out to check it out. i hear that they just got a salt truck out there not too long ago. >> reporter: that's right. we are over on to rant road. i want to give you a live look. about two minutes ago, raleigh police were out in this area, standing guard over certain icy spots. they have been calling r backup for sand to be delivered. salt and sand to be delivered to certain icy patches in e area. drivers need to be cautious. the biggest concern at this point is that most of the roads are clear, but then you have those icy patches that are catching some drivers offguard. and then, you slip on the ice. again, raleigh police pretty much has been moving around at any reported areas, so if you do see an icy patch, be sure to contact authorities as soon as possible. that way it can treated. brian? >> thanks.
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you can see that it is in a pretty shaded area there and there's a lot of stuff on the side of the ad that has not noted. i think people are hitting that and getting into top. another problem has been in wake forest. you're looking at video that mikaya thurmond and our photographer their prior shot. a water main break in wake forest on 98 not too far from capital boulevard. this is to the east of capital boulevard. durham road. traffic is able to get by. they have a flagger on hand to direct traffic a run for that water main break has been a part of the road. it's going to be a while before that reopens this morning, so you need to plan on some extra time heading through that area. it does not look like huge traffic problem right now. as we take a look at sensors, you can see the screen between downtown wake forest and capital ulevard. it's right there at tyler run dry. a lot of extra time if you should be in pretty good shape. we are still falling word about icy spots, i'll have another update in a little while. back to you. federal fices in washington dc remain close us hearts of the northeast
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weekend blizzard. the monster storm which set records for many areas has airports dealing with cancellations and struggling to get back to normal. schools in dc, baltimore and philadelphia remain closed today. forecasters are now watching the system that could bring another big storm to the area by the weekend. we are working to learn more about a fire in an apartment complex in garner. this was breaking news last night. it happened on shady lawn court. the fire started in the uniton the first four. two people jumped to escape and were taken to the hospital. three units have smoke damage. an update to another story we reported in our 11 clock
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precaution during a security sweep. the unc board of governors will me today after winter weather canceled their meeting last friday. >> it will be the first meeting without eir former system president. tom ross. wral's tara lynn is live in chapel hill. we understand the faculty and students planned a protest and bring attention to historically black colleges in the meeting today. >> reporter: that's right. one of the reasons they are focusing on that topic is because the meeting was originally scheduled for friday in greensboro, rth carolina, that is one of the unc systems for historically black colleges. now of course, you can still see the snow behind me in chapel hill. weather was what forced the system to postpone the meeting and move into this morning here in chapel hill. students planning protest say that they want the board to put more resources toward historically black colleges. one of those colleges is
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facingnumerous issues the last couple of years. and, there was even some talk about possibly closing campus due to falling enrollment. the chancellor had actually just resigned last month after only being on the job for a year. today, the board is expected to vote on her replacement. this will also be as you mentioned the first meeting since former system president. tom ross was forced to step down at the start of the year. however, the new president will not be in place just yet. she will be at the next meeting. we are talking that margaret spellings. that meeting is set for march. many faculty across the c system and students have called attention to the fact that they think the hiring process for margaret spellings was secretive and that they were planning to voice that opinion today and call for e board to move forward with more transparency. the meeting is going to be here at the friday center at 10 am. >> tara lynn live in chapel hill, thank you. it is 8:09. another democratic debate down,
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reba ongrhi > plecur it sure feels good to see the sunshine. i don't know about walking on it, though. but you could. >> let's walk. let's walk over to elizabeth. [ ughter ] >> i think the cold air and snow is getting to bill. he's getting a little cabin fever. [ ughter ] i know it has been getting to the kids. especially friday was great, saturday was good, there was still sweating to be done in some places. but then school out yesterday, everyone was in the house l weekend, and it's getting a little crazy.
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school today. wake county on the three-hour delay but i think orange county, chapel hill and all counties northward up toward virginia out again today. still some more snow today, maybe some sweating to be happy for the smells. let's take a look at what's going on. here's our durham sky cam. what i want to point out on this camera is a wet roads. of course we haven't had precipitation since saturday. what is happening out there is that sun is nothing all of the ice and snow on the side of the road. right there, it is running down over e pavement. and last night, we were talking about the fact that it wasn't going to be nearly as cold as it was the night before. boy, yesterday morning, everything was a solid sheet of ice because we dipped into the mid 20s. well you know, we are above freezing in a lot of places but there were a couple of spots the dipped down to 32, even upper 20s. in those isolated pockets we have had some of that ter melting.
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because a lot of that is just water, but in a couple of places, it's frozen. and it's really, really hard to tell the difference. brian will talk about trouble spots that people have been running into this morning in a few nutes. 39 at the airport. right around raleigh we have not had a lot of trouble but northern wake county, yes. perfect durham, orange and northward. dewpoint 35. there has been falcon irwin and fayetteville this morning. 33 in urban. 32 rocky mount, wilson and roxboro. 37 in southern pines and south hill. still looking at quarter mile visibility around irwin. it has come up a little bit in fayetteville, we can see that on the sky cam last time we took a look, otherwise no problems. increasing clouds ahead of the next front which has the biggest impact on us tomorrow, some showers, you can see those back into tennessee. you notice that all that is green. that means even in the
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rain. just too warm ahead of the system for anything frozen to come out of it, with the exception of just some brief sweet, that there is a slim chance of happening. it is worth a mention but is not likely and know many folks would see that. 7 am tomorrow, this band of rain comes through. it's not going to be heavy rain. probably less than a quarter of an inch out of the system. it moves up to the coast and by 5:00 with missy clearing. that front will stall. unutterable develops into some computer models as they were trying to spread the precipitation back and over. today, most of the models keep it offshore with the exception of right along the coast. we were talking about the fact that thursday morning we would have a ntry mix. that looks less and less likely. we have taken it out of the forecast. here's a look at thursday. we should end up seeing sunshine, should be pretty nice day thursday. from there we continue a pretty good-looking warm-up. 58 the high temperature today. we start at 39 tomorrow morning. it's going to be a chilly rain but again, most of it should be liquid. 50% chance of rain in the morning and that chance does taper off. thursday, 32 in the morning, partly cloudy skies.
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65 degrees and our normal is 52. looking at a record of 77 sunday. certainly can be even warmer than that. and it looks like our warm temperatures will continue into next ek. bill? >> thank you. president obama is placing a ban on solitary confinement for juvenile offenders in federal prisons. the president announced it last night in an op-ed piece in the washington post. he says the practice of isolating prisoners can cause long-term psychological effects on young offenders and the middle of the ill pillaged he says solitary confinement should be the practice of st resort when prisoners present a danger to themselves. president obama is reviving plans to expand access to retirement savings accounts. the plans are expected to be revealed in this budget next month. it would require employers to enroll their workers in an individual retirement account. the employers would get a x
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white house as proposals could provide more than 30 million people access to retirement savings accounts. the proposal was also pitched in last year's budget. a new state investigation is underway in michigan over the water crisis flint. a former prosecutor and former head of the traits fbi office will spearhead the investigation. they will report directly to michigan's atty. general. and promised a thorough, independent review of the facts. some residents in california are being ordered to leave because of fears that their structure may fall into the pacific ocean. these apartments are located near clips that are crumbling in part due to the el nino storms. several units are now condemned, parts of the areas coastline have been crumbling over the years. threatening homes and businesses. some residents say they have no plans to leave despite the order and previous evacuations. preparation for super bowl 50 are well underway in santa clara county, california. here in north carolina, diehard fans are trying to pull together a trip to the big game.
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this, more than $5000, according to not including hotel, airfare or anything else. after it italic, the weekend could cost upwards of $9000. wral is home to super bowl 50. watch the carolina panthers face the denver broncos on sunday, february 7 on wral. and, count on us for special coverage including live reports from levi stadium, leading up to and on game day. 8:22 now. breakfast all day sounded like a great idea for mcdonald's. >> coming up how the decision may impact the bottom line. and, a wild introduction into the world for a family in the baby born during a
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8:25. lingering ice causes traffic troubles. brian shrader on top of the messy situation. >> i think we are all surprised at just how icy conditions are, morning. take a look at and are avenue durham county sheriff saying there are many patches like this, that black i said you don't now it is icy. it looks wet, but really it is ice covered. we're seeing accidents in many spots around the triangle. one of our twitter followers, we appreciate these reports very much, telling us that led mine wrote from six forks to millbrook is very slick. you can feel the wiggle a couple of times. we're also hearing that lead -- leesburg road is icy. this is a picture not too far, one of our twitter followers send us this. you can see the neighborhood street completely ice covered this morning. there are still secondary roads and neighborhood streets especially on the northern side
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durham county and points north where we are still seeing a lot of problems with icy spots. and in some areas, big icy patches. there's a look at another picture, one of the side roads in the bahama area, it looks okay but does not take much to get you into trouble on the side of the road or big patch of ice invisible to you and take it right up upon it. we have an accident that does not appear to be related to whether. 64 westbound on rolesville road, slow ride coming in from zebulun on window d knightdale. our temperatures looking right now? >> right where we have in the last several hours which in many places is above freezing. i wasn't as concerned about icy patches, yesterday it was a given.
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this morning, it is just in certain areas. if you look at the top left- hand side of your screen, you can see that with ramp. this is the durham freeway coming right to durham. in some spots, that's freezing, in others it isn't. you have to really use caution and assume that it is. we have also had falcon places, especially in hornet and cumberland counties this morning. some of that is beginning to lift. 34 in roxboro, 32 rocky mount and lson. 34 in erwin, 35 fayetteville. for the most part, temperatures are a bit above freezing. except for pockets of upper 20s. 58, the high this afternoon. some sun this morning should continue the melting process. more showers in the forecast with a high of 45 but right now it all looks like liquid. bill? >> thank you very much. there are a number of school delays and closings today. several secondary and neighborhood roads have ice as we saw in the reports from st 13. district made the decision to cancel or delay classes monday afternoon. districts tried to make decisions early enough to give
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with the warm-up today, we webornann itbe s ecdurhl. ayli morni an
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enthnd conarme ta nopitaular th t bplacesas wor rita thendth mroul em toav icy ora chion snow on e of the road. we have seen raleigh police as well, over certain icy patchethat have already beena prlem, requesting th they get some sand treatment in meantime. but again, traffiappears to ust kind of slow going stop and go, but that ceainly ewiddrioan ma ur ar reigh. ryy sn't we
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petoach.y takti dat . >> we don't y more sno windshields. >> we don't. there. i s surprisein my neighborhood close twntown there was a car ally covere all over with ice. nobody had moved get. there are still cars out there with ice on them. they have not beenscraped off. let'take a look the rdu sky cam, we'rnot annd aithdo nic tn r of t ty ouevth alecome eaofour next hy thhiand wi yettlil, co in sensdolpg ndkie lae es t
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obrhg do is ittoerit rest ha hsps deindu n thosre few afar 32 in rocky mo n , d 35fae erre ngfr t laicee veodayatime.ghthinouds. th awi lp lt m a ok ple stprt al
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lehbth n a ed seherestr ni sop noofrtnehborhoodrel s orod tcore. e rah, nleesin northwest siof raleigh, a lot of people still trouble g the neighborods this morning. and it's not just neighborod street ke a look at fas of neuse in raleigh. wee been repoing about the problems out tre. mikaya thurmond was in live drive 5 showing off some of the problems that we had seen thigsh trk, ordnt of neuse road we alov mngig io du aa enf ouwe. fr
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lo welehereaturo ntanget am pice ve the s onaletlefo d lomsre yoedtotime re pwillnot t imprlange gh u woses. daros , before sein it iritohbhoodtr st e cku.t uff.>>ri ow crthe hewistofth beof thewinters down. th may ve vitors t lar bears ar digging ery inch of it.
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w you say her name? anana. >> this was posted on the facebo page over e weekend. zoo officials plan to reopen thisominay, january 30. rmep tce ialind r s s d th ook cllog cewa filrv o a nves un pavestatg deofinteathe un main fd la t. erinveatst
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stth ieden96d eyerssusstomla e to a yrs shhianaerotness and adolescents re associated withigh riskr hi blood pressure at ul low aerobic fitness was also hypeenon risk fa among n with e normal be a -- bmi. the pediricians as a healthy diet and aerobic fitness should be emasized ea with chilenprevent future health obls. if as a andeshe good hees fm bion, ng orn
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pe ir stud isa,ew cefewtodd. turng seven today. >> she is so lented. she is such good student, what a great athle as well. >> yes. she plays basketball. soccer, dance. you know, she is doit all. >> she can dribble two me ti. >> yoon ok shshe. e-houreler brsh ngouth rning.>> s. bay loivsike >>ay gor bi ja
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60wi ofbe y ath is and talk a nstt te ondatu tharthmewhsot lookin th th urnoar ag wyey. ter yts doals r thptn cloud ve itgh late c. we're hoininbeme dy
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famomog,ha esof clouds and especially for erwin, fayetteville and areas south of trle. 37 in roxboro, 32 iny mount and wilson. toy nine in south hill. 43 southern pines. 43 and fatteville an goldsboro. some sts startg to warm up and it shouldbe a nice, warm afternoon. already much warmer an this timeterday. 10 degrees warmer in wainhill es ldstatpofoutthiale loat bierwibilityni rockan wiltcoffo opa patcghg time of our morng commute. o so.ldhtlys y nc theclben
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but nothat wl tomoa.prking quartf an 10 atrand p g teth ingsooarfointha anvethbast, someweoube that am veli tldae lodepsio yeda despadatn reuray ke stor y ryiohey res he t g ovncees
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57in thbeg en thathae got again, not looki at a lot of rain with that. then temperatures really warm- up, 59 saturday, 65 on sunday. the record on sunday is 77 and formal is 52. so, this book isabe normal but not anhee the record. the weeken thodoes look prettyd doemond with nice highs. re s t er in noraigh.i'ice. the datures in mi upr s overicanltg pick i aokpie a hbigh here at e pi he l coio
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you cahoodthey arestt thoa is omn fra cte fr way.n loic thf twthis b ic owit's d ke reports indingehisome aen ice eaisorcrlu mereh e pe f . mberf s,se nre a d , att. eabom.ct upatale late x osra stnge
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crosng st tdo sirworkonac ando ad in n'cic just teanextr yo t, n. > ere d mion piugpao r. rfeen shitrr treesrefi hitreail could d. over the weekend, second fe was uncovered in the foundation the . they are working to crack the state. a new ho is being built on the site. transit po do took care of usual commuter overe ioy stsithe otgl edtuof reaske
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a sweet ila l icwe > . tihave r, ore es ea siamntngcoty an ne s alsove e hs al on rt rathy mi thhbceov t re ec beree in
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tepifrom leesvill ere a number of icy patcs reported on the northern side of wake county. at this poin ols e-izab whadoti forof>>gog tty rmin th40p e la su w dentoav ftg t seei ofi hiveweer be cl sonolt a e ino. othaveisrne igecr co canbennly i un
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no. sun ismo ho amearesloy,t 5 ee t d l the fig ou rmpres e n aceth nirsancellorho e eautiterare scmain12tepa o 90ur ar run ig ouepre si awawa da blndemoc>>das.y 0, ic aumres eyto bth
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anof plud." steve [captioning made pose frane media] sts it goi? come let'go, let's go. how you lks doin thank y very much. thank you.
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everybody. i'm your manteve
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