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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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enre meou>>ndca akno less ke soy we are working to learn the condition of a man who was shot and robbed while doing work at a hem in durham. investigators tell us two men wearing hoodies approached the work are, held him at gunpoint and took a watch, wallet and other items. at last check, the victim was in the hospital with serious injuries. testimony is expected to begin next week in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman in her north hills apartment. jury selection for the travion
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smith is charged with killing melissa huggins-jones in may of 2013. police say the 30-year-old was beaten to death following a break-in. she was found by her 8-year-old daughter. ate year and a half after the deadly police shooting afterren unarmed plaque teen, the police department in ferguson, missouri is overhauling its policies, training and practices. michael brown was shot in august of 2014 by a white police officer, darren wilson. the shooting led to national protests and a federal investigation that found racial bias through outthe force and the local court system. the recommendations are detailed in a 131 page document that is still up for public comment and the city council vote. among the recommendations, body cameras for officers, additional training and the recruitment plan for more diverse police force. lawmakers in michigan are expected to vote on an emergency spending bill that could send $2 million to the city of flint to help deal with contaminated water. set regulators permitted flint ntreat water for
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switched its supply in 2014. that allowed lead from old pipes to get into the water. some of the money will pay for more bottled water and filter and the monitoring children at risk to developmental delays. marking 30 years since one of nasa's biggest tragedies. we'll tell you how the space program plans for honor those lost in the challenger accident. and the change the federal
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wi ye oree wa >> for you. >> there is something i haven't heard before. i can honestly say my husband has never used that line on me. he stuck around. >> how about amy, what you gonna do. >> i can do the weather for you. with that he can talk about the weather for the next two minutes and 4 # seconds. take a look at the radar. not much to show you. it is pretty quiet around the triangle, points to the north and west. after he stayed dry so far this morning. the rain has been down to the south and east. still a little bit of it falling. this is the first wave and starting to come to an end as it moves for the north and east. still some light rain down in samson county and wayne county. all of this headed out of the area. here is a look at how much rain we could have today. northwestern sections staying dry.
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central sections of the viewing area including the triangle. and then possibly up to about 1/4 up. for our southeastern communities down toward perhaps points in cumberland county, maybe fayetteville. samson county, clinton, getting about 1/4 inch with higher totals. 34degrees at the airport. mostly cloudy. winds are currently calm right now. the dew point is at 32 degrees. the humidity is up to 92% now. temperatures are pretty cold in our northern and northwestern counties. we are in the upper 20s. 34 in raleigh now. it is 41 in erwin and in southern pines and in fayetteville, 39 degrees now in goldsboro. here is a look at the satellite and radar combined. we did have a the bit of rain move into our southeastern counties. still a blgt its of that falling. it is really lightening up. we have another surge of moisture that will move in from the gulf of mexico. can you see more rain down into
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headed in a northeast fashion so again, the best chance for rain for the next wave that moves through will be east and south of the triangle. a couple of those spotty showers could push as far west as the raleigh-durham area. futurecast doesn't think so t keeps all it was south and east of us. this is lunchtime today, some showers possible fayetteville into samson county up to parts of wayne county and point to the east and then for the evening commute, mainly dry with the exception of folks down to the south and east but still plenty of cloud cover so a bit of a dray day. by 11:00 tonight, we'll start to see cheering skies for some of us. your friday forecast. 40degrees at noon. perhaps a spotty shower. you will more than likely run into a shower too as you head down to the south and east and then highs today will be in the mid-40s with a few showers around. it will stay fairly cloudy throughout the day today. friday, we'll elsewhere more sun, mostly sunny, breezy way high of 50.
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plenty of sunshine and then look at sunday. 65degrees for the high temperature. another chilly start. we'll start off around 3 but the high temperature will be 65. -- we'll start off around 38 but the high temperature will be 656789 groundhog day on tuesday. 6 # degrees, nice and warmment and then another system moving in wednesday. it bring as a little bit of rain but temperatures staying in the 60s into the middle of next week. that will be the big weather story. a huge warm-up. i'm really looking forward to it. as am i. today is the 30th anniversary of the challenger disaster. >> liftoff of the 25th space shuttle mission and it has cleared the tower. >> seven members of challenger crew died on this day in 1986 when a booster engine failed causing the shut toll break apart 73 seconds into the flight. i think we all remember this image.
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remembrance and they will also pay tribute to the crew of apollo 1 and the columbia disaster along with those lost in service to america's space program. the day begins with a wreath- laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery and will continue with event at space centers in florida, alabama and houston. overnight, flee more people are now arrested in connection with that armed group that seized a remote federal wildlife refuge in oregon. this comes as the jailed leader of the group, ammon bundy, urged the remaining activists to go home and give it up. bundy and seven others were arrested tuesday night following a traffic stop and a shoot outwith authorities. one protester was killed, another was injured. the group had been occupying the wildlife refuge for more than three weeks. they claim the government is forcing ranchers to sell their lands. police made five arrests and expect to make more in
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three minute natis from a maximum security jail. men fled friday. officials sea they managed to get out sometime between mandatory day and mandatory night checks. search efforts continued around the clk for the criminalled who share a history of violent crime. police are offering a $200,000 reward for information leading to their capture. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences claimed some of its rules. some of the academy member are previous testing that the rules are not enough. some top names promise to boycott in years' oscars over the lack of diversity. the fcc wants more companies making cable boxes. the fcc says 99% of cable and satellite tv customers rent boxes from their cable providers and the price of
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since 1994678. a new study confirms what we've all been thinking, vehicles with automatic braking or fronted collision warning technology are less likely to cause a rear end crash. the insurance institute for highway safety says such auto braking systems can reduce rear end crashes by 40%. meanwhile, fronted collision warning which warns the driver but doesn't slow or stop the car automatically cuts the risk of a rear end crash by 2%. 40% of strokes sold in the u.s. currently offer automatic braking while 61% offer front collision warning. you have until sunday to sign up for health insurance arne the affordable care act. by law, if you do not, you could get a penalty. can you greet in-person help today at the alliance medical ministries off donald ross drive in raleigh. navigators will be there from 9:00 until 3:00 to answer your
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to learn more about the sign-up process, go to and search for obamacare. thousands of animals found in unfit conditions. what was uncovered and with one group is calling the largest appear malseizure ever.
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yett ctrover welcome back. the city seal will be the focus in fayetteville tonight. >> some are calling for the city to change the seal because of its past ties to slavery. wral's tara lynn joins us live from downtown fayetteville. that building behind u is part of this debate, right. >> this is where the state ratified the constitution but it was also the place where slaves were once bought and sold. that is why some are calling for the city to remove the building from the industry's seal. the market house s built in
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about 41% of fayetteville's population is african-american. the city will be holding a second round of community forums tonight for people to voice their opinion. they will be at the college lake rec center, the westover rec center as well as the smith rec center. they will all three be going on at the same time. they will start at 6:00 p.m. and are expected to last until 7:30. >> tara lynn live in fayetteville on a big debate. thank you. a few dozen people gathered at the wake county detention center to protest raids on undocumented immigrants. it is one of several demonstrations that took place across the southeast. it was i show of solidarity with children and families who have been detained in the department of homeland security's recent raids. protesters tell us these families should not be a top priority when it comes to deportation because they do not pose a threat to public safety. >> we have families would don't even want to bring their kids
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afraid that they will be deported on the way. >> a recent statement on the d homeland security's web site acknowledges that there has been a significant spike in families and unaccompanied children specifically coming from central america. however, the release also says very clearly people who come here illegally will be sent back which dhs says is consistent with our laws and values. we are waiting to find out where csx will build a cargo hub known as the carolina connector. the transportation company proposed building the terminal just east of selma in johnston county. the county and governor said it wasn't going to work because of concerns from current landowners and their devier to sell their land. other counties see opportunity here and are making a pitch to csx to consider them. >> we also are keeping that door open because we know this would be a great project. >> i know there are many
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trying to find sites as well but we are in the mix. >> wayne county's board chairman is one of several now trying to convince csx to consider its county. the transportation company says it looks forward to working with all interested parties to address concerns and move the project forward. hundreds of animals at an animal shelter in hoke county are rescued in what the aspca is calling the largest animal seizure in its 140 year history. the hoke county sheriff's office checked for animal abuse at the haven animal shelter. there were more than 300 doings, 250 cats, 40 horses along way number of farm animals. investigators say a lot of those animals are suffering from untreated medical issues. they also say the animals were kept in filthy kennels, cames an outdoor pens, many without protection from the elements.
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weom >> i'm sure a t-bird or two has driven through blowing rock over the years. >> and appropriate, fun, fun, fun on national fun at work day. >> every day for us. >> you're getting a little cheesy here. >no. we do have fun here in the morning. >> and today, we are talking about some rain in our southeastern counties. nice little transition there. not the prettiest of weather days for some of you. it is pretty in our northern counties where it has been dry and we've had some sun.
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hang on in our southeastern counties. wayne county and samson county he sooing last it was for now. we'll have more later on today. more moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico will mean more run for some of you. temperatures are cold up to the north. 29 in south hill. 28 in helpedder son. 28 also in roxboro. 34 in durham. also 34 at the tv studios in raleig ismithfield and low 40s in erwin and fayetteville. 42 in laurinburg and 41 in southern pines. here is a live look from our tower cam. it is just dry and gray now. the roads look fairly dry. they were wet a hort time ask. 4degrees at the airport. mostly cloudy skies. wind are currently calm. take a look at this. the sunset on january 1st was 5:12. fast forward to january 31st and it is 5:40. so a little bit more sun out
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for the kids to play around. i notice my kids were able to stay out a little bit longer last night to enjoy the mild temperatures. a little bit more sun to finish the evenings and the sun getting up earlier for us in the mornings too. notice we have clouds from about raleigh, point to the south and east and a little bit of rain trying to hang on in extreme southeastern parts of the viewing area. look back down to the south though in south carolina. we have more rain that is going to be heading in but if you look at the trajectory here, it is moving to the north and east. it is likely the same community that have already seep some rain will see the rain this afternoon and this evening with this next wave possibly a couple of those moving into the triangle. we do have a stalled-out front offshore and we'll via couple of waves right along that because it is so far east of raleigh. the best chance will be east of us for the rain. it look like we could have up to about 1/2 inch along the coast. here is a look at rain chances through outthe day today. this is 1:00 this afternoon b a
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north. southern counties. as we get to 5:00 for the evening commute, rain chance goes up "little bit for the triangle but it is still higher east. we start dry out overnight tonight. tomorrow looks pretty. for today, a gray day. temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees with showers from raleigh and point to the east and south. i think everybody else stays dry today. and it stays cool with temperatures around 45 degrees. 45 for the high temperature today. bay trace to maybe 1/10 of an in. of rain. higher total as you head out towards the coast. beautiful on saturday. we'll have 56 for the high temperature. plenty of sunshine. still a little cool but we'll be even milder as we get into sunday. mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s. 66degrees on monday. and then upper 60s, close to 70 as we get to tuesday and then rain wednesday but we stay in the 60s.
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very pleasant this weekend. >> absolutely. it will be -- i'm already making plans to go running. >> do something outside. >> thank you for arranging that. there is an 11-year-old basketball player in leesburg, virginia getting national attention for his incredible moves. >> he can copy tricky plays by nba players in just minutes an his home videos have gone viral but his talent recently aaroned him much more than praise online. >> reporter: when noah cutler isn't playing basketball, the 11-year-old is watching it and looking up his favorite nba players online. >> one day i could be there if i put in the work. >> reporter: when noah saw steph curry of the golden state warriors do this, he had to try it. >> next thing you know, watching videos on youtube and he is dribble out in the front yard and if it is raining, we have to pull him out of rain. >> i messed up a lot but at the end i got it.
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>> i was happy i got it. >> noah's dad posted a video on instagram showing him mimicking the tricky moves and several others. they quickly went viral. >> this was no transition. everything was boom, boom being boom being. you look back. >> reporter: noah's clips became so popular, the warriors invited him to california to pete his role model. >> i didn't even think it was real life. i thought thighs dreaming. >> noah says the attention is nice but playing basketball with his friend makes him the happiest. he is small for his age, the smallest kid on his team. on the court though, he field like a giant. noah has big dreams too. >> just that it would be crazy to play on that floor and one day that would be my deem. - - my dream. >> reporter: he is already playing with the pros on the
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-- and noah has nearly 150,000 follow erred on instagram. >> amazing. british actor joseph fines is getngs e st t d n,neofe b ai time. icg ci. so ocabor aslodo susher osts at isa rienomby n rlviat e he an
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i'm bi lesl. >> i'sago.
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ledelafrthe ro ortetynk> yo. newt . announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you folks? thank you very much, folks. i appreciate you all now. hey, loo welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man we've got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from old bridge, new jersey, it's the voza family! [applause and cheering]
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