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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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ediat. each year, only about half of the six to eight million pets who enter shelters will be adopted.
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finding their pets in pet stores, breeders and other sources. there is a new campaign to change that. it is called the shelter pet project. superstar shelter pelts and their opener are joining forces to help drive pet adoption rates sky high. joining us is the chairman along with toast of toast meets world. >> good to have you. >> hi. good to be here. >> tell butts shelter pet project and how it hopes to help increase awareness about adoption. >> we are excited. today, we are launching the next phase of our public service announcement targeted towards adoption of shelter pets nationwide and we'll have tv and radio and print, outdoor, big social media campaign and one of our stars
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toast would is here today with her mom, katie. >> katie, tell us how toast is planning to get involved in the campaign. >> i can't hear you. >> she is wondering how toast became part of our campaign. >> oh, toast? well, toast is famous. she is a supermodel. and i think she is the perfect candidate for this campaign because it is a wonderful story about a shelter dog who went from being in a shelter and homeless to being a literal celebrity. so it is such a special story to share. >> we've got a couple of other special animals that we are highlighting in our campaign as well. they were all adopted from country. and just want to promote that
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celt every ts, fabulous animals. amazing pets provide incredible love to that you are family. there are 2.9 million animals dying in shelter as cross our country. we don't need that to happen. >> talk a little bit more about why more americans should adopt as opposed to going to the breed ares and the pet stores. >> well, i mean i think all animals would make fabulous additions to anyone's family. but we have -- there are 2.4 million animal that are in shelters today that need a home and need the american people to come out and bring them into their family. and they make fabulous pets. the range of animals that you can find in your local shelter, everything from kitten an puppies up to senior animals. all type of breeds with 25% of the dogs in shelter are purebred dogs.
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so you name it, you can find it at your local shelter. and they just make wonderful additions to your family. >> amy and katie and toast, thank you for joining us. we he appreciate you talking to us today. there are still millions of healthy cats and dogs that need your help. >> we just love our pets. they mean so much to us. it is a local dish recipe that is too good to miss. why brian schrader believes this dish is one of the best desserts he has ever consumed. the recipe you almost missed because of the snow last week. >> plus, the big super bowl 50
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cbs pherth yicrewenzofo bill leslie here with your top stories. authorities expect more charges to be filed against the operators of an imal shelter in hoke county. workers returned to the haven yesterday to remove animals. carolina panthers fans are getting ready to show their support for the nfc champion as head of the super bowl. charlotte is holing a big rally today where fans can show off their panthers pride. the festivities begin at noon
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some players will be there along with sir her. and aimee is here with the weather. >> we want to talk about the winds. they are starting to pick up a little bit at our skycam. you can see the flags flying around. we could have gusts up to 30 miles per hour, maybe even more. right now, temperatures, town by town, it is 34 degrees in south hill. 36degrees in roxboro where it is pretty windy now. 31 in raleigh. 32 in erwin. by lunchtime, temperatures will get their way to about 47 degrees. mostly sunny and windy with sustained winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. highs today in the low 50s. it will feel cooler though once you factor in that wind. we are warming up this weekend. we'll be around 54 on saturday but mid-60s sunday with plenty of sunshine. a good looking weekend forecast. let's send it over to tara. >> we have a couple of
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first, going to start out on the south side of raleigh at i- 40 and lake wheeler road. traffic in the westbound lanes moving toward you. very sunny out there. make sure you have your sunglasses this morning. as we take a look at i-440 and wake forest road, there was an earlier stalled vehicle at six forks road. you can't see it on the camera. i believe that is now clear but that had contributed to some owels onthe beltline. as we take a look at our live commute map, we have seen quite a number of accidents pop up just really in the last 30 minutes. things have been much busier. there is an accident on i-440 eastbound at the we were boulevard exit so be aware that there are going to be some delays there as well. we'll take a look at another dents when we head back to fox 50.
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