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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. forecast looks great and we are looking forward to beautiful weather. >> let's have fun. joining us this moshing with a full rundown of the weekend best bets is cathery hanrahan. >> it is good. it is not snowing t will be a weekend we can actually go outside hopefully. >> no cabin fever. >> let's start with the 15th african-american cultural celebration to kick off black history month. >> it is such a great event every year. it is free, saturday, starting at about 10:00 a.m. north carolina museum of history. more than 75 performers.
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artists, a great free celebration to bring your family to. >> this saturday, the triangle will celebrate the chinese new year and i will be a part of the festivities. i'll emcee a portion of that. it is always a great event out at the fairgrounds. >> so much fun. it is at dorton arena. they'll have performers, the chinese dragons just a left fun to go out to. this is not free though. you do have to pay. tickets are $5 in advance, # at the door. children ages six and unioner do get in free. >> and we've got an empty and tony ward inning actress coming to town. >> i love her kristin chenoweth. >> she is amazing. >> she is outstanding. she will be at carolina theater of durham on saturday night to help them celebrate their 90th anniversary. so she is doing a performance. they are doing a lot of celebration stuff this year to celebrate the 90th anniversary. she will be out there. tickets start at $47. >> i think most people know her
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>> she was fabulous in that. >> she was also in glee for a short period of time. >> she hosted the tony wards several years. she is outstanding. >> if you are looking for a different kind of show, the blue collar comedy tour will be here. >> get her done. jeff foxworthy and larry the cable guy will be out this. tickets start at $5 #. >> what about the food truck rodeo. >> last wiped, we could not have a food truck rodeo because it was too messy. >> -- last weekend. >> durham central park, you get out there this sunday and enjoy some food trucks, craft beer. everything starts at noon t goes until 4:00 p.m. admission is free. it will a great event. the first one of the year over at durham central park so always fun. >> i'm been there in the past, just a great space and great selection with all the food trucks out there. so again, the weather will be
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>> if do you all that stuff, you'll be worn out but happy. >> no shortage of choice this is weekend. for more information about any of the event that kathy talked about and many more across the triangle and beyond, search out and about on >> great to see you, kathy. thank you so much. it's local dish recipe that is too good to miss. >> why brian schrader believes this dish is one the best desserted we have ever shown you. the recipe you almost missed because of that snowstorm. >> and he is just three days old but his future is set. the newest member of the clydesdales who will one day
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brewer. . hey, now! >> she knows all the words. >> all the weird words. >> it is that song that gets stuck in your head. >> did you see the flags? they are really whipping in the wind out there. i thought the wind wasn't going to whip up until later on. >> they are whipping but they'll be really whipping later today dwroosm this is breeze stage right now. >> yeah. this looks like they are really going there though. >> i think they should play the star spangled banner right now. >> there you go. i just checked the stats. three miles per hour is what
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that looked like at least 7.5 miles per hour. >> officially from bill. >> hold on to your hats. it will be breezy later today. it is chilly out there this morning. the wind chill is down into the 20s. 34 in erwin. 37 in fayetteville. 39 in southern pipes. 36 in south hill appear rocky mount. it is a cold start to the day but it will be even colder tomorrow morning. here is a live look from our recally skycam pointed over to nc state's campus with everybody walking around, wearing their jackets. looks like sweatshirts. they don't look too terribly cold. 32 at the airport. winds are out of the west to southwest at three miles per hour with partly cloudy skies. we do have a few clouds out there this morning. we did have a the bit of fog down to the south. it wasn't really much tomorrow pact the roadways but visibility is down to about a mile or so in some of our southern communities. we are starting to see some improvements now though. all the rain we had yesterday
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counties, that has moved offshore. really quiet weather across the state today. a lot of sunshine expected with just a few clouds around. we will ray weak cold front move in later on today. that will shift our winds out of the northwest and they will really start to become blustery later this afternoon probably around lunch time and beyond. we'll start to feel the gusts. high pressure settling in behind the front will bring us plenty of sunshine this weekend and eventually that will move to our east and wind flow clockwise around high pressure. that would mean we would have more of a southerly to southwesterly flow. as we wrap up the weekend sunday, temperatures will be much warmer. here is a look at the upper level winds and the surface temperature as we progress into the weekend and can you see the you southwest flow, the greens in the area so we start to warm it up on sunday. we'll likely be at our warmest as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. that all in advance of our cold front. you can see the cold air coming down from canada into the plains states. this is tuesday. so the cold front not arriving just yet. as we get into wednesday, it
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we'll have rain on and off during the day on wednesday. and then thursday is when we'll start to feel the colder temperatures move in. it is with us through friday and for the first part of next weekend, super bowl sunday, of course. we'll be talking about that as we head into this weekend and we'll have more on the forecast coming up. but as we head into saturday, february 13th, we start to see a little bit more of a moderation in temperatures warming it up a little bit. for today, 52 degrees. wind will be gusty and so we could have wind chills staying in the 30s and 40s newout most of the day today. so it will feel rather cool today with the wind gusting out of the north and west. saturday looking good. 54 to start. 27 to start. sunday, beautiful weather. 6 afor the high temperature after starting off in the 30s. 65 for the high. above normal, a normal 52. it will feel nice and spring- like on monday. by monday, we have upper 60s.
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then rain moves in late tuesday into wednesday. showers are likely wednesday. temperatures still fairly mild then and then cooler back behind the front. we'll be up to around 50 degrees on thursday. look at that nice stretch of dry weather. >> i'm going to get my car wash giant food those will be busy places today. >> i think you're right. >> brian that raider says this could be the best local dish dessert he has ever shown. he and lisa prince are testing out recipes popular on social media. let's see how this really looks. >> so this one is a snicker doodle apple cobbler. it is one of my favorites. >> we use tart firm apples here so we are using granny smiths that we've peeled, slice and cord. coat the slices with brown sugar and cinnamon and spread
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we mix together some sugar and cinnamon in another bowl. we make the cook yankee dough. >> this is the super mite white cake mix. you add in egg and melted butter. >> come wine it well. lisa macme stir the old- fashioned way. >> -- lisa makes me stir the old fashioned way. >> you know the saying, everything always tastes better because grand ma stuck her finger in it. >> are you grandma. >> not yet. >> i roll the doughs into the sin man sugar mixture. we evenly distribute them over the appled. >> sprinkle over the dish and bake it at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. when it is ready, serve it with some vanilla ice cream. >> it can't be beat. >> is that good, good, good. y kw f i could eat this on days it snowed, i probably wouldn't mind it at all. >> hear that, elizabeth?
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>> a little friendlier. >> get a copy of this great recipe on enter recipes in the search box and look for the link to the printable version. . residents in southern new jersey now know what is behind a series of loud noises and ground shaking they experienced recently. >> like the house rattled, all the windows rattled, the whole house shook. >> it was not an earthquake. it was a series of sonic booms. the u.s. geological survey says they were cause bid two f-35c fighter jets that were doing some testing on a flight strip over the atlantic ocean. the booms were heard as far as long island, new york and connecticut sofnlt different mystery solved. this one in san francisco. -- a different mystery solved this. one showed up way sign that says do not unplug. the bach is actually a sensor installed as part of the
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super bowl prep rigs. it is supposed to be able to detect a biological attack. this is part of the biowatch program which cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars. has a lot to live up. to the newest member of famed budweiser clydesdale family was born this week. that is max a male foal born tuesday at the anheuser busch ranch in missouri. he is the first clydesdale born not family of gentle giants in 2016. he already has a job lined up. his care cakier says he has all the mashings the company is looking for for its famous hitches. the little horse will train to join the proud tradition of the clydesdale hitches in about four years. . >> max is beautiful. the panthers are nine days
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how they are being celebrated . it now 8:55. i'm renee chou. >> imally bill leslie. works are from the aspca returned to the haven yesterday to remove dozens of animals. the operators are are already facing animal cruelty charges. >> carolina panthers are gearing up to show their support to fans for the nfc champion as head of super bowl 50. charlotte is holding a rally today where fans can show off their panthers pride. the festivities begin at noon
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plays are will be there along with sir purr. >> you got to love that name. name. year. temperatures. this weekend. more on that in just a minute. start today. upper 30s in south hill. mid-30s at erwin. chilly start to the day but lots of sunshine out there. winds will be the story today. we'll have gusty winds later this afternoon gusting up to about 30, maybe even 35 miles per hour. but it's dry day for us. lunchtime, we are up to 47 degrees. it is windy, mostly sunny skies. high temperatures will be in the low 50s but it will feel more like the 40s with those winds continuing to be a little bit blustery this afternoon. heading into the weekend, we'll warm it up. 54degrees on saturday. but a cold start. 38 sundays morning but in the mid-60s sunday afternoon with
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>> we've got good news for drivers on 540. the accident that was blocking two lanes westbound is now clear so can you see those cars moving through that direction. still some heavy delays as people are trying to get through all of that backup so you will start to encounter those delays as you cross over buffalo road on 540 westbound this morning. taking a wider at the triangle, a cup oofl trouble spots for people this morning. you will see in garner there 70. -- a couple of trouble spots this morning. we do know that at least two lanes right now are still closed as you are headed east this morning. as you are headed way from raleigh and towards garner. in holly springs, an accident at 1010 and kildare farm. we are just hours away from the panthers rally in charlotte. we have a crew down there. arielle clay will be bringing us live reports.
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we'll have an update on a disturbing case involving a ft. bragg soldier. marcel will items facing 13 counts of sexual assault including raping a child. we'll be talking about that.
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