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discussantstoday ahead of them murder trial for mom killed. plus, candidate doing everything they can to sway voters ahead of tonight i will caucuses, the last push in the state. and we're live in san francisco for excitement with the super bowl wrapping up, advice locals are giving to visitors. live from raleigh, wral news at 4:00 fox50 starts right now. a jury has been seated and attorneys are ready to make opening statements tomorrow morning, thank you for joining us, i'm david crabtree. >> and i'm debra rgan. traveon smith is in trial for the murder of a mother. amanda lamb is not in the newsroom with what they had to say. >> reporter: attorneys covered little bit of everything. they talked about how test results for dna, footprints and anger prince will be reintroduced. they talked about what crime scene and autopsy photos are appropriate to show the jury.
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talked about who will stify against traveon smith. or not they haven't offered plea deals. now, ronald anthony pleaded guilty under an agreement with the state and was sentenced to life in prison, he has told the state he will not testify but is still on the witness list. sarah redden has no deal, she's the admitted getaway driver and has changed her story that she told police three times. defense attorneys are concerned she was a smith is the most probable version they believe she ter retracted. >> sometimes, even if you give a proper limiting instruction, it's too damaging. what this is about is a ogeny so-- a prejudicial piece of information that you can >> reporter: the judge that before any testimony is hurt by transcript of different transcript of event as redden described and will question her outside the presence of the
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opening statements are set forth tomorrow morning, watch the live stream on, the trial is expected to last for weeks. >> amanda, thank you. degrees police have not identified the man hit by -- while crossing north roxboro street this morning. 85 bridge. the man was crucially injured, taken to the hospital, no word yet on whether anyone will be charged. franklin county deputies want to find this girl, 15-year- old haiti -- haley effield. plasticine on bradley town road in the bun area, walking toward our and our food mart. she s wearingdark sweatpants, a dark shirt, mickey mouse issues. if you see her, please call the franklin county sheriff. two virginia tech students appeared in court accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl. 18-year-old david eisenhauer appeared this morning out of sight of reporters. he is charged with murder and a production in the death of 13- year-old lovell. her body was found over the state line in north carolina. 19-year-old natalie keepers is also facing charges.
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eisenhauer get rid of the girls body. >> eisenhower knew her prior to the girls disappeared. she's the knowledge to abduct and kill. >> police have not said how lovell was killed or released to motivate that. police believe she walks her daughter and granddaughter bedroom window. interest to say she did know eisenhauer before her death. three inmates who broke out of a california jail planned their escape for at least six months, that is according to investigators. they also say the man objected a taxi driver and drove to north california where they thought about killing him. one inmate came back to santa ana where the taxi driver and later surrendered. today, prosecutors announced another arrest in the case of a man accused of sending some sort of article 2 of the inmates escape and the woman arrested last week was set free due to a lack evidence. a un envoy officially declared the beginning to syria peace talks today.
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opposition leaders, both parties are in geneva. the government delegation met their friday, today, human of the opposition. they are planning for more talks in a new meeting tomorrow in the first goal is to keep those lks going. after months of stump speeches, pulls and debates, today should finally bring the first concrete results of the presidential campaign. iowa voters have the first chance to win candidates from both parties, where in des moines with the very latest on the ucus day. >> reporter: donald trump begin -- believes winning here and i things. >> if we do, we're going to run all over the place. >> reporter: that's what worries ted cruz. conservatives and evangelical voters in most polls. ted cruz asking for support when the most counts. >> this is the time for the men and women of iowa.
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that the candidates. >> reporter: amid the divide, marco rubio aimed for a late surge. >> it to caucus for me d you -- >> reporter: a chairman says he believes many decisions will be made tonight the last nute. >> hopefully they can come to some synergy were principal and beating hillary clinton in their minds can come together, i mean, it's practicality versus principle. >> reporter: clinton wants to avoid a repeat 2008. senator barack obama. >> we apply those lessons, we've got a great team working literally around the clock. >> reporter: she is thinking on her ground operation and solid blocks like over voters to win away with bernie sanders the time dramatically with my sleeve in new hampshire polls, sanders campaign says of loss and i wouldn't would not be the end.
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get across the finish line. that if we don't go to new hampshire. >> reporter: on both sides, battles that are months old with the contest will only begin here tonight. in des moines, iowa, i'm karen capel. still ahead at 4:30, we talk with political expert david mclennan with what the outcome of tonight's votes an forboth candidates. one concern iowans are watching, a blizzard in the forecast. if voters decide not to come out it really could change that outcome. mike is here to talk about the timing of all of that. >> i don't think it's going to be a problem. is a storm is slower moving and so they may not see pick up until midnight or so. let's take a look at future cast. they are under blizzard warnings. the storm toll is 6 to 10 inches and most will come during the day tomorrow. there is future cast at 10:00. nothing falling, it's to the west of nebraska and kansas but as we go toward midnight, snow should begin to fall and should really start coming down during the morning commute tomorrow. again, most of us will be over by the time the snow even gets there and there is tomorrow afternoon lunchtime. there is 6 to 10 inches
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winds of 30 miles per hour, a romance but should not be a problem for this evening. >> they have a real storm heading their way. oh, my odness. a shooting at northgate mall has some shoppers on edge today. a woman was injured saturday night when someone opened fire in the mall parking lot. wral's rielle clay joins us live with what shoppers had to say about this incident. >> reporter: all of the shoppers i spoke with said they say they have been coming here to northgate mall for 20 or more years, and all of them say they were disappointed by what happened here this evening. police say the incident started inside of the mall as an altercation that spilled outside into the parking lot where woman was shot in the arm. she was taken to the hospital. police say she is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries. this all happened at around 7:00 last night. this morning, some shoppers say the incident reaffirmed their fears of visiting the mall night. >> i don't come at night.
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and most of the time we are here during the day. you know, it is a lot of activity ing on, as far as crime and stuff like that, and that is sad because they have taken away from the mall. you ow, traffic. >> reporter: right now 20% of the most retail spaces are vacant. mall management has security measures in place to keep shoppers safe and say because of that reason they do not have plans to increase security here at northgate. david? >> arielle clay reporting live in durham. a harnett county bank was heavily damaged when a driver accidentally drove in the building. officials say the 65-year-old woman behind the wheel is okay. this is suntrust on west cumberland street in dunn. to was in the front door were damaged. it has been years in the making, and there is fresh movement in the push to speed up the trip between raleigh and morehead city. two road projects are helping you get to the beach faster in the future.
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the proposed changes. that meeting will be from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the wilson's mills elementary school cafeteria. comments. probably is committed to a national study of the arts and economy. raleigh and wake county arm and 38 arts councils in the state economic prosperity study. the state arts council will also contribute. the study will monitor the national economic impact the nonprofit arts and culture industry have. and in less than an hour the roadies -- raleigh city council will meet to vote ideal to improve moore square, the popular square sits on state land leased by the city. the city wants to put a cafe and restrooms on the property. council meet at 5:00 to finalize plans. and the council of state will weigh in at a meeting tomorrow. this is a $12 million project and construction is to begin as early as this mmer. passengers on board an
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what they described sounded like gunshot. inveigorbeevsoon may have thrown an object the damaged one of the trains windows. 200 passengers were onboard the train heading from washington dc to new york last night. crews to stop the train in new jersey to check out the damage, no one was rt. yahoo maybe cutting hundreds of jobs. the wall street journal reports 15% of the workforce could be impacted by layoffs. the company's core internet business had struggles and competition with facebook and google. yahoo ceo marissa mayer is expected to announce the layoffs today. all eyes are on the carolina panthers and denver broncos ahead of super bowl 50. >> and the game is changing when it comes to fans d gender. the growing number of diehard gridiron gals coming up. plus, encouraging new news
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in less than three hours the active campaigning in iowa will over. it is the night of the iowa caucuses coming on the first day of february. with us, david mclendon, political science ofessor at meriden, thanks for being here with us again. we don't know if that some folks will show up at the caucuses tonight. if they do he will win the caucuses. >> is way for trumpet and sanders. do they get their folks out.
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>> with the big headline tonight be who loses? >> it will either be who loses or who loses by how much. it has it's all about the expectation.'s for someone like marco rubio, if he can make a third-place showing, they will give him momentum into new hampshire. if hillary clinton loses, that is going to put a lot of pressure on r because she's not doing -- >> caucuses are not being to begin with. people will be in these churches and schools, and if you are a candidate that is doing pretty poorly, you may be pulled over d persuaded to vote for someone else, a person could be voting for donald trump or marco rubio or jeb bush who came there to vote for someone else. >> it's old-time democracy and really is people persuading neighbors and looking to see who your best friend is voting for. it is not anything that we in north carolina used to be. >> david, we can talk about the quirkiness of the caucuses or talk about this is the first, it may not mean all that much,
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you want to win every me, right? >> particularly because the candidates have been there for the better part of the year. you don't invest in time and money and say it is t important. sets up the rest of the primary schedule. >> next week we are in new hampshire, and then the data, and all of a sudden we are in south carolina and a lot of states falling apart. >> between now and the middle of march, we will go through a majority of the primary states. >> last question for you. march 15 is the north carolina primary. it has been ved up. will this be wrapped up possibly for the republicans by march 15? >> if donald trump picks up iowa, and starts really wron through e states, new hampshire, south carolina, we could be all bad. now, they are proportional states so that delegates will not overwhelmingly in trump's favor. but north carolina, for it to be a player, they need close races on both sides.
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not say you, many of us including me have been dead wrong. i never thought trump would be here. >> i do t, either. david mclendon, i know you will be watching. and your students. and they are excited, right? >> they are very excited this year. >> outstanding. thanks so much for being here. deb? >> well, there talking about how they were going to get a blizzard in that area, too. >> good news is it should come before the caucuses over. >> maybe they are going to the stores and getting their bread, milk, i smiled and generators ready to go. >> 6 to 10 inches of snow. a lot of that coming up for them. for around here back into the cool air time because there's a front coming. there's a little bit rain. that's look at the radar view. for most of us, the triangle area and as we got to the evening tomorrow it will be to the spot south and everybody
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start the day tuesday and lasting through the entire day. if you have any plans outside tomorrow is going to take on a different look and feel. it's going to be overcast, grizzly and cool, instead of the 70s we will likely have 50s tomorrow. that mister walter wally will not see his shadow. that means early arrival of spring. that is certainly good news. this is a nationwide picture. we talk about what's going to happen with the cold front but there is a big storm system over the intermountain west, rockies getting slammed, at least one colorado, wyoming, utah and into new mexico. very potent storm system and it is moving to the northeast. it's going to be running into a lot of cold air. they expect snow from iowa up to wisconsin but the cold front will make its way into the deep south. there is a lot of moisture and warmth throughout the south and energy in the atmosphere because this trough will swing to the east and bump into that warm, unstable air so there is potential for severe weather. let's zoom in closer and look at the frontal boundary as we have the one ourdoorstep that passes by later tonight and puts us back into cool air
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there's our potent storm system with heavy snow across parts of wyoming, colorado, getting into nebraska heading north and east. but this region here could start to see me thunderstorms pop up this evening and we could be severe. here's the potential for snow over the next 48 hours. in some locations if you look at the chart, we're talking 12 to 18 inches of snow prescott of nebraska. iowa, 6 to 10 inches of snow from des moines back to the north and west. southern minnesota will get slammed. so is wisconsin. and nobody throughout the ohio or tennessee valleys will see the snow but have potential for severe weather. for the day tomorrow, damaging winds, large hail, maybe even a few tornadoes. we see that aren't, that's what we call enhanced risk. national getting up toward louisville, seven indiana, getting back to jackson, mississippi. maybe birmingham and even getting up toward muscle shoals and huntsville could be looking at the potential for widespread severe weather during the y tomorrow. that system will begin by the time it gets here wednesday. we're talking about a few strong wind gusts, maybe damaging and heavy rainfall. but we're not looking at
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about tornado potential, at least until this point. if that changes we will let you know. this is the rainfall potential over the next five days. it's really just the next three days, chance of rain, tomorrow workers peared wednesday, showers and storms and the thursday. so they could see quite a bit across the florida panhandle. we'll talk maybe half inch to greater amounts southwest and greater amounts off to the east. somewhat weather is on the way. here is your forecast this evening, tonight and tomorrow morning. 60 this evening. 72, warmest i have seen so far. temperatures will still be warm to the evening. overnight low, 48. winds will pick up tonight between the northeast, 10 to 15 miles per hour. 8 am tomorrow morning, clouds, drizzle, perhaps 50 x 8 a.m. stays in the 50s tomorrow. 56 with lot of clouds and potential for thunderstorms during the day. upper 60s to low 70s for the high. thursday behind the front it's cooler and the ensemble forecast model wants to keep a really good chance of rain going. that's why be put it overcast
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forecast. have probably of rain friday, saturday and sunday. looking pretty good. dry weekend ahead but not as comfortable as the one we just experience. this weekend was incredible but we will take it, it's dry. over the next three days, keep jacket handy tomorrow d umbrellas. we'll call it a yuck fest. >> are yucky. thanks. pick fog creates havoc on a highway. a look at the video is quite chilling. ming up, dashcam video
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in the midst of a massive a massive pileup in slovenia was caught on dashcam. at least four people will killed in the 50 car crash. you can see heavy fog in the area where it happened. this driver pulled up to the crash, several ran to the side of the road to avoid getting hit and cars keep getting smashed from all sides as more people driving to the cident and wreck, a close to keep within the country in both directions. a massive fire engulfed a los angeles building sending plumes of smoke into the y. the fire erupted at a commercial building early this morning. firefighters got it under control run 7:00.
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cylinders and other combustible stored in the building helped fuel the fire. they have not said how the fire was started or if anyone was hurt. more parents are playing video games with their children. that is the finding of a recent survey. a consulting magazine ran a survey and found parents whose children playing jority -- video games alongside them. the primary reason is to spend time with children. some parents say this can be helpful with busy schedules. >> when we finally have some time together, we ke to do things she enjoys. she enjoys other activities, too. but this is one of them, we have fun together, we like it. >> reporter: the survey also found a majority of parents prefer their children play with consoles that are easy monitor, rather that on computer, smartphones or tablets. >> fun for the whole family. a retired sheriff's deputy in colorado springs is receiving quite a sendoff after
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>> this is puty tonyshehrer, known for being highly professional. he decided to cut loose with this elevator dancing video. other deputies, there they are, joining in. but to shape up after the deputy finally walks into the elevator. again, this is all done with the sheriff's arrival, the sheriff starts dancing, too. >> there we go, there go. >> we missed the part where they stand very straight. it's very funny. when the chief deputy lks in. >> this is on facebook already >> oh, yeah. well, that is fun. >> they can wear the zebra plants -- pants. very appropriate. a unique way to tween politicians in north carolina will put meals on the tables of hundreds. >> they decided to hold to dress in their offices, food will be donated to a local food bank in both states in the name of the team.
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a bed, a waiter, with our college in colorado. >> we've got to figure out what we want to win.
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>> thank you a thhumb,
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