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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 2, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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the virtual tie on the democratic side while one candidate declares victory in the race for the gop nomination in the white house. we take a look at where the race stands now and where it is heading next. good morning. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm renee chou. we have an update on breaking news out of harnett county. we have learned one person has died in a two vehicle crash on highway 210. it happened shortly before 4:30 this one. troopers say a southbound vehicle collided head-on with the northbound vehicle in the center lane about to turn onto bill shaw road. the person in the southbound car died. troopers have not released his name. the investigation continues. we are learning more about a deadly wake county crash. this is breaking news last night. it happened on wide open road near i-40. a truck driven by 79-year-old
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center and struck a vehicle. his truck then hit another vehicle head-on and the driver in that vehicle, 31-year-old christopher wright, of garner, died. munday had nonlife threatening injuries, charges are pending. opening statements begin in the trial of a man accused of killing a north raleigh woman during a burglary. >> if convicted, travion smith could face the death sentence. wral's tara lynn is live at the wake county justice center with more. >> reporter: it took more than a month to find enough people to fill the jury box. people willing to consider the death penalty in the case. the trial will be starting officially in just about an hour and a half. 23-year-old travion smith is on trial for his life. he is charged with killing melissa huggins-jones two years ago. the 30-year-old mother had just moved to raleigh with her 8- year-old daughter to start a new life well as new job. prosecutors say smith and others were breaking into cars in the area near north hills
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autopsy results revealed that she was beaten to death. it was her 8-year-old little girl who woke up the next morning to find her mother dead. another suspect in the case, ronald anthony, has already pleaded guilty to murder in the case and the serving a life in sentence in prison. he will take the stand in this case as well as a third suspect, sarah redden, who admitted to being their body weight friday. officials say she has changed her story a couple of times. so, if she does testify in the case, she will first testify in front of the judge, and then he will determine whether or not he will allow her testimony in front of the jury. opening statements begin at 9:30 this morning. will be live streaming those, as well as this trial, in its entirety. >> tara lynn live in downtown raleigh on a major murder case. thank you. the 2016 presidential race then turns to new hampshire just a day after the iowa caucuses. >> marley hall is in des moines where the republicans have a clear winner, where on the democratic side, both major candidates claiming victory. >> reporter: the democratic
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unresolved this morning with hillary clinton and bernie sanders still locked in a draw. both candidates addressed supporters late last night as the numbers were still being counted. >> i will keep standing up for you. i will keep fighting for you. >> we are going to create an economy that works for working families, not just the billionaire class. >> reporter: the virtual tie means both candidates will likely leave iowa with roughly the same number of delegates. but dependence say the results don't bode well for sanders. >> a tie is probably not going to cut it. he did not turn out the quote unquote obama coalition as he would have hoped for. >> reporter: republican turnout in iowa shattered records as voters handed victory to ted cruz over donald trump. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored.
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with a third-place finish last night, only trailing trump b 1% >> the big target is on marco rubio's back. it's not only going to be cruz and rubio going after trump but christie and kasich. >> reporter: the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to new hampshire which rolls into the nation's primary next week. marley hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >> the iowa caucuses were the end of the road for mike huckabee and martin o'malley who both suspended their presidential bid last night. there is a public meeting today about a push to speed up the trip between now and morehead city. >> it is a plan that has been years in the making and out to get more traction, wral's mikaya thurmond is life in wilsonville.
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projects. >> reporter: if the dot gets its way, us-70 at spring creek road as well as another intersection, us-70 at wilson's mills road will go away for place with the freeway style interchange. this is all part of a plan to open traffic along the us-70 this is all part of a plan to open traffic along the us-72 freeway speeds bween raleigh and morehead city. congress made the designation official in a transportation bill in december. in june, the d.o.t. is expected to complete a bipartisan goldsboro. today's public meetings from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the wilson's mills elementary school cafeteria. you can ask questions and leave comments. there will be no formal presentation so attendees are we roxboro, anytime between those hours. bill and renee? >> mikaya thurmond in a place that is sometimes hard to pronounce, called wilson's mills. a lot of "s" but you got it right. this afternoon raleigh city leaders will consider a
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forks road corridor. the city is looking for ways to integrate the commercial, residential and recreational uses. the study includes recommendations for streetscapes from i-442 women were based on public input. well, renee, did you see your shadow today? >> i did not because it was pitch black when we came in. wasn't it? >> well then i would see my shadow. >> just asking. [ laughter ] >> oh, bill. and we need some rebel rousing back in there. supplying it for us. >> are you egging him on? >> we will take a look at what's going on out there. a lot of this this morning of cloudy skies. there are a couple of places especially heading east of the triangle where we have starts to see breaks in the overcast and some sunshine breakthrough here and there. we can see more of that
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south and east as we go through the day. there's a look at current temperatures, 46 in roxboro, 48 henderson. same thing in lewisburg, 49 rocky mount, chapel hill and also at the station in raleigh. moving to the south, 54 fayetteville, 52 in goldsboro with clinton at 53 in smithfield right around 50 degrees. satellite radar over the last 24 hours from the band of moisture moving in last night. you can see sprinkles and showers associated with that for a while during evening hours, dying during the night. we've got leftover class behind that, you can see kind of looking quite on the map. expecting mainly cloudy skies through the morning hours, drizzle. 52 by lunchtime in the triangle area, 56 by 3:00 or 4:00 with 8:00. look like we range from low 50s north to maybe low 60s in the south as we go through the day. of course some of that depends on whether you stay in the overcast today or get in one of
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breaks through. now over to brian who is keeping up with this traffic in place. a couple of trouble spots here at 8:08. starting off in ghana. this is i-40 at the clayton bypass. the clayton bypass is there in the distance, we're standing atop white oak bridge looking back at the bypass. you can see the accident meeting concerning to have it was bundle is this morning. out of those delays with more approaching the beltline around jones sausage road, when the trip from ghana this morning. this slows down more on the south side of raleigh through the fortify work stone from the 440 split out for south saunders street. using 70 business as an alternate to try to get into another problems but is northbound on the durham congestion especially between i- 40 right around ellis road. durham. best alternate route is 55 was found it right now at least from i- way to the durham
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featuring a little extra time to go from the durham freeway exit down to 55. keep that in mind on i-40. there's a look at the life commute map this morning, overall looks okay. recaps a couple of accidents in road, we'll take a look at those in a moment. still getting an action cleared up in eastern side of durham county on 98 yourself the road, also still looking at minor accident getting cleared up from new bern avenue around trawick road. around the central prison intersection. looks like maybe an accident at the knightdale bypass, 440 interchange. details about that in another update in 15 minutes. back to you. the zika virus has called a
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e vhee yoa as it is 8:25. i'm bill leslie.
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we begin with traffic troubles in garner. brian shrader with the latest. >> have lingering delays on 40 westbound, congestion and a minor accident in the median, backing up traffic on the westbound side around the clayton bypass, then you will see traffic been out as you head toward 70 business but it slows down again in the approach to 440. let's take a look at the latest drivetime, 24 minutes to make that trip from 42 up to the beltline split. the good news is earlier delays through the fortify works on appear to have cleared up for the moment so that right from 442 us-1 taking 10 minutes. getting through, is a big problem, consider using 70 business as a good alternate route if you can. road, and maybe wilmington street from there, head on up to south raleigh. also tracking delays on the northbound side of the durham freeway this morning, especially between i-40 and elsewhere, 13 minutes to make that trip from mencken street. the best alternate route will
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durham freeway, 10 minutes. not saving you time and time but you'll probably feel better moving along more smoothly. back to you. >> brian, thank you very much. troopers are investigating a deadly crash in harnett county that happened shortly before 4:30 this morning on bill shaw road and have a 210. two cars collided head-on. one person died. that person's name has not been released. charges are pending in another deadly crash on white oak road and i-40 in wake county. a truck driven by 79-year-old henry munday of garner crossed the centerline, struck the had on. the driver of that vehicle, 31- died. testimony begins in the trial of travion smith who during a burglary, melissa huggins-jones was founded in
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year-old daughter. the trial begins this morning at 9:30. fall the case on now the weather with mike moss. >> we had a call from across the area last night. in its way, dry air aloft but low-level moisture giving us a lot of us a little overcast there are a couple of pockets where we have breaks in class. 46 degrees in tran -- roxboro, 50 over to greenville and also raleigh, 54 in southern pines and fayetteville with goldsboro at 52. there's a look at radar, a few sprinkles in glaciers proceeded that front last night with an upper-level disturbance. that you see that dole gray cover over most of north carolina indicating low clouds there this morning. they should stick around for the most part today, 52 at
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two of drizzle in this year for the first time super bowl media day was media night. >> media day was in prime time on the east coast. jaff gravley is on the west coast where panthers super bowl week is officially underway. >> reporter: there are only seven carolina panthers players who have ever played in a super bowl. for most of these guys, how do they balance the accomplishment of getting your with the business at hand? >> i think there is a fine line between enjoying the moment, kind of enjoying this whole process that is the super bowl. but at the same time understanding that this is a game. everything we do, we need to make sure we're doing everything in our power to prepare ourselves to go out on sunday and give ourselves a
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>> it isn't everything, but you don't want to discount it and think it's nothing. so, it's a wonderful thing to be a part of. you know, and i'm going to cherish every moment of it. >> to feel that we are actually here. nobody can take this away from us. but, we have a mission and our mission is to win. we have the mission to remain focused within the glitz and glamour. >> reporter: this is the craziness of media day. if you have a lot of football questions this is probably not the place for it but you do run across some really interesting characters interviewing each other. former duke defender kenny anunike is on injured reserve, but, hey, he did get a chance tonight to talk with miss universe. no apologies necessary. the crutch has worked. >> i know, it really did. hats off to coach kubiak for putting all of the guys on the trip.
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brought everyone. >> reporter: we know some the stars arebetter than others but really when there are only two teams left in the nfl plane, they are -- playing, they are all-stars. jaff gravley, wral sports, san jose, california. >> jeff and his crew will also be a part of two 30 minute specials as we get you ready for super bowl 50. join us thursday and friday night at 7:00 for "keep pounding." each live broadcast features reports from santa clara and charlotte, as well as little- known local connections to the big game, player interviews and more. a shooting at northgate mall has some shoppers on edge. this happened saturday night. it started as an altercation inside the mall that eventually spilled out into the parking lot. the victim who was shot in the room was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. shoppers tell us the shooting reaffirms fears of visiting the mall at night.
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most of the time we are here during the day. it is a lot of activity going on, as far as, you know, crime and stuff like that. that is sad because they have taken away from the mall. you know, traffic. >> mall management says they have security measures in place to keep shoppers safe. there are no plans to step up security at this time. durham police are looking for a man who robbed a fast food restaurant. on january 20, they say the man tried to use a stolen credit card at the kfc on fayetteville street. then they say he grabbed cash out of the register and ran out of the store. this picture shows the man who had on a blue puffy jacket and his dreadlocks were tied up. if you know anything that can solve the crime, calldurham police. the wake county school board will once again consider moving a dozen elementary schools to singletrack year- round schedule. the schools have been identified as lower performing. the goal, in part, is to decrease summer reading loss
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with teachers. some board members want the change right away. others think it should be delayed one year to make sure it is implemented properly. this has been a proposed compromise to convert the calendar of just a few next year. the north carolina abc commission and local law enforcement are offering a training class in chapel hill today for bar owners and staff. it is to teach employees about right and responsibility's one comes to serving alcohol. employees will learn how to spot a fake id. the training comes ahead of the college spring semester kickoff. sessions are at 10:00 and 2:00 at the chapel hill public library. the clock that towers over downtown fayetteville will be back in place. workers are set to replace pieces of the market house clock that were removed for repairs. the project is expected to take much of the day. crews are set to calibrate and test the clock tomorrow. make sure how accurate it is. the council of state in north carolina will vote on whether to approve a permanent
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fairgrounds. the proposed route would take fairgoers right over the midway. carriages could either be simple chairlifts, or perhaps gondola style basket. the new ride isn't just about having fun. fair officials hope it will become a way for people to quickly get from one end of the fair to the next. tran and moves around a lot at the fair, i'm sure he would like it. he does all those great reports out there. it's going to be a wacky winter week. we will warm yesterday, cooler today, then we go back up tomorrow. >> that's right. we had back up tomorrow and only one day after that before coming back down. a lot of ups and downs he roxboro the next couple of days to roxboro a couple of frontal boundaries. one of the moves through a store the stuff last night.
8:32 am
last couple of days. there's a look at the durham sky cam. talk about the fact that we had a lot of clouds, maybe a couple of breaks in the clouds, just a minute ago, the son was poking through and casting sharp shadows on the durham county courthouse. right now, it has gone back within the shadows, there's a look at tool doppler 5000 with the last week, we're not seeing any precipitation, that would be measurable, there would be a pocket or two here and there where there might be drizzle falling not looking for an awful lot of that either. as we look at town by town temperatures, most of us close to 50, 50 in chapel hill and durham, same thing cary. 52 in clayton, erwin at 33, roanoke rapids at 50. he roxboro the day, we're probably going to see low 50s for the highs with northeast breeze, up toward the virginia line. we have some 60s probably from around fayetteville to goldsboro and points south and east. a lot of clouds during the day but maybe a couple of pockets where we temporally sunny, especially from around the triangle area south and east. >> mike, thank you. it looks like the panthers
8:33 am
defensive end jared outland sunday. >> next from our health team expert, dr. allen mask, is here to talk about what he could likely pay despite a recent broken bone in his foot. everyone watched and waited at the nation's most famous
8:34 am
borough. the countdown to super bowl 50s on. injuries could play a key role in who wins the tough defensive matchup between the carolina panthers and denver broncos. >> panthers defensive end, jared allen, suffered an injury. but he is expected to play super bowl sunday. our medical expert, dr. allen mask, is here to discuss his availability sunday. >> reporter: his name does not appear on the first injury report by panthers coach, ron rivera. that is great news for carolina
8:35 am
championship win over arizona. now, there are 26 bones in the foot, and all have the potential for fractures. allen apparently did not require surgery, so he probably had a nondisplaced fracture where the bone stays in place. orthopedic surgeon, doctor michael feigenbaum, with raleigh bone and joint, made an educated guess about the injury. >> i think he may have fractured what is called the fifth metatarsal. from what i have read about his injury, it was a bone close to the pinky toe. this is a bone that is commonly broken in athletes. and often, it requires fixation with a screw. >> reporter: most nondisplaced fractures, doctors recommend several weeks to heal before weight-bearing but doctor feigenbaum says alan could play with the injury. >> it is the kind of thing with the super bowl coming up that they could put an orthotic or splint with anissue, give him some ibuprofen release. he could probably play in the
8:36 am
damage or harm. >> so, dr. mask, has allen likely been undergoing physical therapy over the next couple of weeks? >> he probably has. i think it was a great idea that they kept him out of that came to eliminate the risk of reinjury to the broken bone. i suspect he has been working with an orthopedist, physical therapist, and athletic trainer since the seattle game. he certainly has been wearing some sort of cast to protect the injury and allow it to you but of course on game day the cast will likely have some sort of a custom fitting on that and with good tape job. >> do you think it doctors will evaluate him day by day? >> i'm sure they look at him on a daily basis. you have an mri on the foot at the time of the injury. they will likely use mri technology to determine the degree of healing as he returns to practice and returns to the
8:37 am
reinjury. that risk is may be modified by a limiting his playtime sunday, looking at what we think the fracture is, he will likely require surgery after the game whether he wins or not. he may need a screw to go in and stabilize at fracture. certainly looks like he is going to be playing in the game sunday. go, panthers. >> exactly. keep pounding. thanks for, dr. mask, for that in-depth look on athlete injuries and recovery. got to get them healthy. jared allen told the nfl network last night that he's 100% ready to go for super bowl sunday. three other injured players who did not practice at home on friday to take part in practice including linebacker davis thomas with a forearm injury. and running back jonathan stewart and mike tolbert. neither team is scheduled to practice today. for more on recovery from foot fractures, go to find the story under the health and life top. >> while crews are intensely preparing for the super bowl, preps for another sunday event are probably already done. >> maybe less preparation for this one. we will show you one of the other big anticipated sunday matchups.
8:38 am
we will talk to burners dr. mask. i don't know if he will get any answers but we will talk to him. >> "pick 3" numbers, 1, 2, 2.
8:39 am
5, 9. su i had no idea that song ever existed. that's excellent. here we are on groundhog day. looks like of course we have already gotten a report from punxsutawney phil that he did not see his shadow.
8:40 am
raleigh this afternoon, around noon time. right now we're having toward the idea that we will stay mainly cloudy up to the midday hours. but there is an outside chance we could see those low clouds break a little bit at times. it's not a guarantee right now as to whether wally is going to see his shadow or not. there's a look at roxboro. you can see the deal we are dealing with. we've got this low-level moisture leaving parts of the area overcast right now, others are seeing these way because like we are seeing on the roxboro sky cam with a couple of things spots and breaks in those and i have seen a little bit of sunshine from time to time on the roxborough camera and durham camera for that matter. a lot of us are seeing quite a few clouds to start the day. we've got durham at 50 degrees, cary 50, same thing at the station in raleigh, wake forest and holly springs. a lot of 50s around on our local reports. town by town, widening things out a little bit. roxborough and south hill at 46. over in rocky mount, it's 49. 53 in irwin, 54 seven phone lines and fayetteville and 52
8:41 am
we look at satellite radar over the last4 hours, we have that frontal boundary moving in, sinking to our south. you can see the low class behind it in the dark gray colors. also we had sprinkles and light showers across parts of northern north carolina during the evening hours last night. those are all off to the east. we think that most of the deeper atmosphere above these low clouds visible to drive for precipitation today. during the morning, those low class might produce in a few spots some sprinkles or drizzle, and really just a patch or two of drizzle but a lot of is generally missing out on mashable's precipitation during the day. however there is a cold front coming toward the mississippi valley area that may produce some severe weather out toward kentucky down into mississippi and alabama as we get into the afternoon and evening. that same cold front will sweep across north carolina late tomorrow and tomorrow night. ahead of that, we may see a band of showers and thunderstorms that could produce one or two strong or isolated severe storms. here on the upper level future
8:42 am
low pressure area across the plains states and contrast temperatures from the south and east from cooler air to the warmer, right along and ahead of that is where we expect severe weather today. then tomorrow we are going to have this frontal boundary moving from western north carolina during the afternoon. the upper level low not quite as intense and moving off to the north and east so we don't think it will support severe weather with that front for us quite as much. only a marginal verse for us tomorrow. that front moves across the area. we may have some substantial rainfall associated, happens to maybe an inch and a half. and then on thursday the frontal boundary stuck to the east. we may have a few showers left, especially over eastern parts of the state. after that, dry and cooler air moves in friday and hangs around into the weekend although we may see temperatures come back up a little bit sunday and into some -- for today, looking for mostly cloudy to cloudy skies for the most part, there may be
8:43 am
especially from the triangle area south and east. 52 at noon, the high, by 3:00 or 4:00, phone back to 52 by 8:00 p.m. maybe some 60s in the south. later tonight, lower 50, high of 68 with the severe whisk of whether. brighter for friday and saturday, on sunday of course, we are showing the super bowl here on wral. it is being played in santa clara, california. looks like the game will kickoff sunday with sunny skies and temperatures in the lower 70s. by the time the game ends, low 60s was mainly clear skies. we'll have our next chance of rain it looks like after that, coming back into the area on monday. back to you. >> thank you, mike. panthers and broncos players aren't the only one gearing up for the big game. kitten bowl iii airs sunday on the hallmark channel. the cute kittens will take to the field decked out with scratchy goalpost and other records.
8:44 am
punxsutawney phil missed his annual prediction this morning that he didnot see his shadow. that means according to legend we should expect an early spring. records going back to the late 1800s show he forecasted more winter 102 times while forecasting an early spring just 17 times. local groundhogs will get in on the action and make their predictions including sir walter wally. we will find out today if he sees his shadow at the state museum of natural sciences at noon. festivities begin in a few minutes. and this is snerd from garner, he will be in his second year predicting the end of winter and beginning of spring. with the snerd is his trainer from claws incorporated. great to have you with us. >> great to be here.
8:45 am
>> he doesn't go with his shadow. he communes with mother nature herself because he doesn't hibernate. so, he is awake all the time. and then he also -- >> ross from others? >> right, we also have a picture of him on our facebook page checking the almanac online which is an excellent shot of that. >> he sounds very thorough. he does his research. >> if you can't make it out to garner today, check out the facebook page. just do us facebook search on facebook at claws inc. >> and it will be at noon with mayor running willingness. there will be festivities. >> will have activities for the kids. and we've got lots of words. owls, falcons, lots of birds. you can have your picture taken with snerd or with our raven, griff. >> tell us a little bit more
8:46 am
he has been around humans all his life. >> all his life. mortimer was the previous weather predicting groundhog, mortimer was doing it for eight years at white deer park. and, snerd is his understudy. so, he learned from the past. he took over last year. so, this is his second year. >> mortimer retired and he had a pretty good track record, right? >> yes. he was 7 for 8. as far as we know he's the most accurate weather predicting groundhog. >> what did snerd predict last year? was the correct? >> snerd was not correct last year unfortunately. i was trying not to bring that up but we are hoping he gets into his group this year. >> clearly he likes bananas. what else to groundhog feet? >> they are herbivores. in a while they generally eat
8:47 am
why they are kind of -- to current -- gardeners. that they will go through fruits, nuts, twigs and leaves. >> thank you so much for bringing snerd in. we know he's got a lot to prepare for the big moment at noon when he gets his prediction on whether we are going to have six more weeks of winter. you can go to white deer park, festivities will be from 10:00
8:48 am
will be the time is 8:55. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou.
8:49 am
routes across the triangle. let's check in with brian shrader. >> it has been a rough morning on garner through 40 westbound. we have been doing with congestion on clayton bypass but we also have a minor accident in the median there that kind of added to those delays. and even so as we approach 9:00, still looking at a 22 minute ride from 42 to the beltline split. gradually improving i expect between them, coming in from johnson county heading back toward raleigh this one. also on the east side of raleigh, problem on the beltline, 440 westbound at new bern avenue. this is between newborn and brentwood, you can see in action appears to be plotting that left lane there, there may not a very serious accident but it looks like a -- before it will be clear. let's assume in on the map of these raleigh, you will notice as soon as we get beyond that accident, traffic starts to thin out and smooth the radar toward capital boulevard, just
8:50 am
new bern avenue before things improve. >> thank you, brian. now for the top stories. is investigating a deadly crash in harnett county that happened shortly before 4:30 this morning at bill shaw road anti- with 210. one person died, that released. they grow project could lead to improvements along us- 70 in johnson county of the project improvements will flow. there is a public meeting to talk about the improvements at wilson's mills elementary school from 4:00 until 7:00. > ae forecast today on >> thanks. looks like it's going to be fairly cruddy one for a lot of us, maybe a few breaks and especially midday into the afternoon from raleigh south and east. right now a lot of low clouds out there for a lot of us and our temperatures are pretty mild for this time in the morning. 38 in roxboro, 58 in chapel
8:51 am
station, moving to the south, 54 in southern pines, 54 around fayetteville and 56 toward laurinburg and maxton. there's a look at satellite and radar, you can see low clouds trailing behind the front that slipped south across the area last night, those will stick around for the most part but again, a few of the main mix out and break out and allow blue sky and sunshine. we should be 52 at noon, 56, our high this afternoon, maybe some 60s in the south and we fall back to about 52 by 8:00 p.m. >> thank you. to families bound together through tragedy. one lost her baby suddenly but his death gave a little girl a second chance at life. we show you the emotional
8:52 am
plus, th announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: oh, boy. ha ha! very good. thank y'all. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a
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