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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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another blast of wintry weather headed the area. elizabeth will talk to us about the forecast. and the ial for the man accused of a young mother's murder is expect to the wrap up. secretary, that's a low blow. >> more heated exchanges between senator ernie sanders
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let's take a look at the list of school closings. wake county schools were already scheduled for an early release. buses will be picking students home late morning and early afternoon depending upon the school. you can see the full list scrolling at the bottom of your screen and you can look for them any time on >> we have been watching the system coming into the area. we had a beautiful snow scene in knoxville. >> that's right. it is coming but not here yet. we are wait waiting, waiting, waiting. we are only talking about a half inch to an inch. wilson sky cam. they are prepared on nash street. you can see the brine on the road there. and mikaya will take us on how
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precipitation which should arrive around noon, depending upon where you are. precipitation trying to develop on radar. don't be surprised if you see a flurry or two but the bulk of it does not come in until closer to lunchtime. winter advisory in blue, win storm warning in pink and that's out of the viewing area. to the west, they will be looking to a trace to an inch, the father east you go. that's the higher chance you have have of a higher amount. an area that may see more sleet and freezing rain than snow. raleigh to rocky mount, south hill to roxboro, likely to be more snow but, again, the amounts will be light. temperatures in the 20s now but feels like 18 in roxboro and raleigh, wind chill and temperatures today remain awfully cold at lunchtime. below freezing. we might make it to about freezing at 4:00.
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system pulling away from us. do expect some places where roads are treated, but it does not mean that there won't be some slick spots later on. bill? >> thank you very much. we are getting you ready for when this winter system reaches us today. >> mikaya thurman is live in garner. good morning, mikaya. >> good morning, bill and renee. myself and photo journalist have been driving around all along. we are at 70 east and garner. you guys have been catching us at a red light. as we get moving, you will be able to see many of the brine stripes on the road. we have seen that all throughout the triangle. yesterday, sky 5 was able to capture video of the brine trucks around the belt line going around prepping for the cold weather expected later this morning into this afternoon. some important things to remember is that, as we expect
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make sure that you think about your pets and your plants. for both of those, you will need to bring them inside during colder temperatures because, as always, if it's too cold for us, it certainly is too cold for them. i know, bill, we talked earlier about about rufus can almost come in. >> rufus is always inside. >> he is an indoor type of walk. >> he likes to go on walks, but brisk walks, get it over with. >> thank you. brian has a dog. tell us about the dog. does your dog like any time outside. >> absolutely not. she is dying to get out the door and you open the door and she feels that cold and she backs off. she says, i'll hold it. [ laughter ]. i'm good. let's show you the road weather index. we are looking at dry conditions all over the viewing area.
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problems until we get any potential problems, i should say, until we get closer to 10:00 or 11:00, maybe noon later today and maybe into the early afternoon. and elizabeth was saying the area that we need to watch closely is from raleigh on to the north and east. places like rocky mount, rapids and points east, that's where we are most concerned about having a few slick spots later today. your morning commute is absolutely dry. go ahead and head out there, just have some plans for later on if you have to go out around the lunch hour. you might run into some slick spots. you need to check wral app at for conditions. live commute map is nice and quiet. stalled vehicle on the right shoulder, 40 eastbound, before wade avenue. scoot over and give a little room as they get that cleared up. also inside the belt line, east raleigh, minor accident. >> thank you, brian. the prosecution could rest
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accused of murdering a ther in her apartment. >> travion smith could face the death penalty. it took a while it seat the jury but the trial ismoving quicker than expected? >> reporter: exactly right. jury selection took a month and, now, the trial could wrap up with closing arguments as early as monday morning the coroner spent the testimony describing how melissa huggins- jones was killed. the mother whose eight-year-old daughter found her dead. she was beaten to death, hit at least 18 times. crime scene investigators also testified that shoe prints at the scene were a partial match to travion smith. ronald lee anthony has already pleaded guilty to murder in this case in order to avoid the death penalty. at one point, he was with a
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looks like the prosecution will call him so, again, we expect the prosecution to wrap up their case today. its 'not likely that the defense will put on any evidence or call any witnesses. so, again, we could see the closing arguments starting as early as monday and then the case will be in the hands of the jury. >> tara lynn on the latest on the travion smith trial. people are displaced after a fire destroyed a mobile home in johnston county happening along branch chapel road in selma. three roommates who live in the home went out and came back to see the home on fire. the house is destroyed and unfortunately five pets inside that house died. no word yet on the cause. funeral services for a school teacher e held today.
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kinkade was confined to a wheelchair. he was hit after a bus pulled away after opping children off. graveside at 10:00 a.m. saturday at fair view cemetery in lagrange. a challenge by environmentalists over a coal ash deal. a deal in which north carolina regulators settled decades of suspected ground water pollution. a judge is scheduled to hear arguments as opponents seek to overturn the deal between duke energy and state environmental air quality department. the claim is designed to claim ground water pollution claims at not one but all 13 the state naacp holds the 10th am march raleigh.
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all carolynians to vote on march 19th, when north carolina goes to the poll. there will be a worship service at first baptist church in raleigh. the raleigh and march begins at 9:00 tomorrow. democratic presidential candidates challenged each other last night. and a violent machete
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after a resounding defeat, hillary clinton is working to right her campaign in nevada and south carolina. clinton and sanders were polite but pointed. >> hillary clinton called the vermont senator out on his owe called unrealistic plan for the country. >> we have to be very clear, especially with young people about what kind of government is going to do what for them and what it will cost. >> hillary clinton, you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: both candidates then turned their attention to immigration and criminal justice reform. >> i would hope that we can all agree that we are sick and tired of seeing videos on
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often african americans, shot by police officers. >> when we talk about criminal justice reform and the mass incarceration, we have to talk about job, education, housing and other ways to help the community do better. >> reporter: with the candidates next and neck in the polls, minority groups are expected to play a key role in the next nominating content. >> there is no doubt that secretary clinton starts with a longstanding record and a longstanding advantage. >> the form sectary of state has worked to set herself up as the candidate who will continue president obama's legacy. something pun kits say appeals to the democratic base in nevada and uth carolina. the next republican debate is saturday at 9:00 p.m. from greenville, south carolina. wral's kevin broward will be there live and have reports
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a jittery morning as the asian stock market takes a plunge. how volatile oil ices are playing a role.
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to cuba. i love that we can combine a love song and a party. the cool remix there you go. >> [ laughter ] oh, we don't want to see r du. we want to see dancing, grooving. >> yeah. >> back in the club days. i forgot those days. >> that was while ago.
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>> so we are watching the snow. to our west coming at us from the west and from the east. i'll let you know what it's doing both of those in the next couple of minutes. it approaches from the west, first of. we looked at knoxville now let's take a look at get lynn burg. it's snowing there, look at that beautiful scene isn't that gorgeous? now they don't have know sticking to the road. it's been so cold. we do have the potential to have some of that sticking to the road, you know, maybe they have brined there road nicely. we are all brined and ready but not likely to have any real problems around here. lunchtime, 30 degrees. 33 degrees at 4:00. let's talk about what is coming here. winter weather today from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. probably going to last a little longer than that and, of course, these times are not set in stone.
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10:00, 11:00, 12:00, depending upon where you are. mainly snow from the triangle north and east, mainly a mix of sleet and freezing rain to the south. expecting very light accumulation. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect starting -- started at 7:00, until 7:00 p.m. amounts are going to be very light. starting to see a little bit of patchy precipitation showing up on the radar. it's very dry over us right now. these initial bands are going to evaporate before they reach the ground. don't be surprised if you see some ecipitation showing up over your town. nothing happening as you look outside. pretty gray outside right now. wind chills bringing the temperatures down into the teens, at least for what it feels like, with that wind at 8 miles per hour. from the east. very dry.
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28 in goldzboro. these warmer temperatures down south will create a changeover pretty quickly from the triangle area north ward. there is that big band of snow coming in to knoxville, coming into atlinburg. that continues to push eastward and it will arrive here. it's going to move off to the coast. it will energize that low and this low will wrap around. comes from the west and then reenergize from the east and here is how all of that looks as we get through the day. up through 10:00, still looks pretty dry but between 11:00 and 2012, looks like it starts to get going. again, snow from raleigh north ward, more of a mix down south. heaviestment will be, stay, from greenville and rocky mount to elizabeth city. an inch to two inches out of here by the evening commute but
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spots by the evening commute. two inch total to the east. you want to stay with us all day as that snow starts to fall. if it causes some problem, we'll break into programming fo nn but don't forget to tune into our noon newscast on wral and, of course, the evening commute, greg and mike will be followg all of that. you are still on track for a bitterly cold weekend. temperatures in the teens and 20s for lows and the 30s, barely even making it above freezing on saturday. below freezing on sunday and then the next system brings snow and a mix of wintry precipitation for monday but changes over to rain. so it will probably be high impact early on monday but then it all washes away. bill? >> thank you, elizabeth. a machete attack in a restaurant in ohio injured at least four people. the suspect, we understand, is dead. a man walked into a restaurant in columbus, had a conversation with an employee and then left. he came back a half hour later and started the attack. he led police after that on a short car chase.
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he got out of a car with a machete and another knife and lunged at officers. a national wildlife refuge in oregon had remain closed a little longer while federal agents collect evidence and check for damage. armed activists occupied the refuge. the group wanted the government to turn over the land to locals. the standoff lasted 41 days and ended in dozens of arrest. one man was killed attorneys for army sergeant bo bergdahl says that delaying his trial is unfair. a judge granted the stay while they clear the battle over classified documents. they also say that the delay will undermine public trust in the trial. bergdahl is charged charged
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bill cosby's wife must give a deposition at adeposition lawsuit against the comedian. that is the ruling from a judge in massachusetts. however, she can refuse to answer questions about private marital conversations. in the lawsuit, seven women claimed that cosby defamed them by branding them as liars after they went public with accusations that he sexually assaulted them decades ago. japan's main stock index took a dive this morning leading other asian index lowers. the nikei went down 4%. the latest turmoil was triggered by a slump in lower oil prices. chair woman yellen acknowledged risks saying that it was too early to tell whether they were severe enough to alter the central bank's interest rates policy. the dow jones industrial average recovered from sharp
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the s&p lost 22 and the fashion dark fell 15 points. so many complaints from so many customers.
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blue cross blue sh it is 8:25. i'm renee chou with the top stories. the trial of a man accused of killing a woman in her north raleigh home is expected to continue today. melissa huggins jones suffered at least 18 blows to her face and body. the state naacp holds the 10th annual mass moral march. the goal is to get all north carolinians registered to vote
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get people vote. and john fennbresque is calling it a stupid mistake. he says he forgot the gun. he tried to take it through security. he said he had forgotten that the gun was in the bag. we are expecting snow by lunchtime. >> that's right. you might see flurries a little earlier. it may take a while, even early afternoon before it arrives there. one of the spots that we are more concerned about in terms of impact would be wilson and from wilson north ward and eastward. that gets out of the viewing area fairly quickly. they look already north, you can see the stripes of brine on the road there. that is nash street. even though this looks like a higher impact area, we are still talking about half inch to an inch of snow. hopefully it will look pretty and won't cause any major impact on the road there. elsewhere, looking at a trace to half inch. starting to see a few more blobs of precipitation trying to make their way out of
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i still think it will be closer to lunchtime before we see it wythe spread. >> winter weather advisory in effect. area in blue, light mix of snow from the north and down to the south, likely to be more of a sleet and freezing rain type of event. it's 22 in south hill and 31 in clinton. that's the range of temperatures this morning. we are not likely to climb much booth freezing in the triangle area today. precipitation wrapping up by the evening commute. bright and bitterly cold with temperatures near freezing for a highs, teens and 20s. checking the road weather index, showing you how dry it is through the viewing area. as elizabeth mentioned, won't be until the lunch hour that we'll start to see a few slick spots as the precipitation begins to the north and east. we'll watch it for you. you can follow it for the latest storm on the wral news app or the wral weather app or
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picture there. he saw this minor accident at dawson and lane street. looks like it was blocking that lawn on dawson street.
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d urpo 2 lo people all over the world join in >> that's just for you, choo choo, love train. >> all aboard, chugging along through the morning hours.
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>> i e the caboose [ laughter ]. >> i think we get excited at 8:43 in the morning. >> however, we're going to be with you as the slow precipitation is getting here. i thought maybe by 10:00 or 11:00, we might bebreaking into programming. i don't know. may be close to our noon newscast before much of this arriving. again, i want to stress these amounts ok really night light. it does not take a lot to cause problems. a view earlier of knoxville and gatlinburg, snow coming down there. they are getting a little break in the precipitation. i still think it's coming though. don't worry. just hold on. it will be here shortly. taking a look at what's going on. it's starring to look a little more impressive. we have this band of what looks
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roxboro but the air mass is so dry right now that the first wave of precipitation coming in as it falls, a lot of na will evaporate. looks like it's going to get ready to snow in hope county. i would not count on it. i would not be surprised if we see a flurry. at the coast, that will wrap back inland. it will come from the east which is not the typical way we see precipitation here. talking about half inch to an inch would be wilson. looks like they are ready to g you can see the brine stripes on nash street here. so probably this is not going to be a big deal. the amounts will be light. the problem is our temperatures have been so cold. we have been in the 20s, highs in the low to mid-30s, for the last several days. so we are prime for this to be able to stick. we'll see how it goes. of course, don't forget to tune into our noon newscast on wral.
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all rough the afternoon. join mike this evening. he'll talk about the impact of the system. there will be concern as the first wave comes n a lot of that will evaporate. 28 in southern pines, 30 in fayetteville. there it is, that snow coming across the mountains sweer seeing a little bit of a break but here comes that push. we saw that wave back here coming through oxville and gatlinburg. this piece comes here and tries to energize the low here. it's starting to create more precipitation. that wraps become around our area. those two working together to gives this system. here we are at 10:00 a.m. still pretty quiet, even at 11:00. this is the very latest run of future cast. a little slower and a little bit lighter with the precipitation amount. here is 1:00.
8:47 am
mix of rain and sleet and freezing rain down to the south. it's really out of near a couple of hours. we'll see. all along, we have been stressing that this will be a light event. dusting up to two inches out of the viewing area along the coast. some viewing area will see an inch to a half inch. everybody else a trace to half inch. that's not a whole lot. still watching what is likely to happen on monday. it will be cold ahead of it. it will start as wintry precipitation and warms up and changes over to rain. we'll talk much more with that as we get closer to monday. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. we are spending fun ways to use fresh north carolina sweet potatoes.
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>> i call this recipe to order. >> it's a good recipe, worth it, sweet potato brownies >> first, we make homemade browny batter. sweet morcels and unbaked squares and a whole lot of butter. >> how much butter is this? microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between. once it's smooth, we get a separate bowl and whisk together, egg, sugar, cold coffee and vanilla. combine flour, salt and baking powder into a separate bowl. and then in the wet bowl, whisk in the chocolate and add in the flour. and stir in some north carolina pecans. >> we'll make the sweet potato layer and put it all together. >> combine mashed cooked sweet potatoes, brown sugar, eggs, heavy cream, cinnamon, tmeg and orange zest. lisa cleans the whisk
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moment, she is the messy one. [ laughter ]. >> i want that on camera. >> line of baking dish with parchment paper and layer. swirl in the bruny pecan mixture we set aside earlier. bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. >> uh-huh. >> hmm. >> what a nice way to enjoy sweet potatoes. >> isn't that right? >> it's tasty, chocolaty. >> it's sweet potato pie. >> where is my milk? >> you can get a copy of na delicious recipe on and the recipes in the search box. join us today at noon here on wral. we'll sample that ourselves. next week, sweet potato salad. great recipes garner native and season 10
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shows off his mentoring skills last night. >> love it. good job. sound really great. as long as you sing with that kind of grit that you put in there and the emotions. sounded good first take. >> thank you. >> you're ready for the camera and the show already. >> shoot. >> scottie, and jenna are two top hopefuls. he used his experience to help them continue moving forward in the competition. he also sang duets with his two contestants. >> the judges cut five contestants from the round of 12. raleigh native jordan sasser did not make the cut. he posted this message on instagram which read in part, i'm grateful for my idol journey and humble. jesus was in every detail of my time on ericanidol. he says, i love you all. >> what a run, though.
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rock and roll raleigh is adding a new 5k race to the marathon and half marathon. the details are out. the 5k course will wind through the campus. if you run the 5k on saturday and either the marathon or half marathon, you'll get one of three medals, including the remix challenge medal. search rock and roll on for more information. >> all right. brian is up next with sightseeing. >> tonight on the evening news on wral, we'll have a preview of the courses for all the differt ce that's right. >> this year. >> will it be less hilly? >> no. all those hills will be there. we talked to a running coach with some advice. it will be valuable for you if you're going to run this thing. i think this is fascinating. this is a great precedent.
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owes a company -- owed them about $11,000 for the installation of a new boiler system. the court ruled, it can pay back $3200 in prayers for the health of the company. >> yes. >> the court ruled they didn't have to pay it back? reporter, bill. whoever wrote this for the associated press did not ask that question, parentally. but, man, i was thinking, what do they have to say about it? >> if you're going to be in england for valentine's day, heads to kfc because they're going to try out table side romantic dining service with a soft drink somallier.
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>> nothing it is 8:55. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie >> here are your top stories. >> three people are displaced after a fire detroit their mobile home. the three roommates who lived in the home went out and came back and the home was on fire. five pets died in the blaze. we are checking on possible charges in a deadly hit-and-run in garner. police say they found the vehicle and the driver involved in that crash. 22-year-old kayla higgins died. a driver found her near the intersection of yeargan road.
8:56 am
we are waiting for snow. it's coming, but making its way in slowly. >> its aslow snow, isn't it, elizabeth? >> it is. the later runs on the commuter models. we have been talking about a trace to half inch. it's not going to be a lofts precipitation but, sometimes, it takes a little bit to cause slick spots on the road. we are not going to discount this just yet. we'll have some snow moving in from the west and then developing off the coast and pushing in from the east as well. you can see a little bit of that starting to develop there on the radar. especially around hope county but it's so dry over us right now that i think the first bit that developed will likely evaporate before it reaches the ground. weather advisory in effect for parts of the viewing area from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. temperatures are cold. mid-20s from raleigh north ward. 30 in fayetteville. 31 in clinton. best chance of precipitation will be the middle of the day. saturday and sunday will be dry but bitterly cold.
8:57 am
the teens and 20s brian? >> 8:57 now, elizabeth. as you mentioned, completely dry right now looks like it will remain dry. slick spots on some roads. something to keep in mind, check in with the wral news mobile app and we have a few accidents lingering in raleigh, one at side raleigh. getting word of an accident with injuries. earlier crash at pool and donald ross drive in the clearing stages and a minor accidents downtown raleigh at dawson. not causing too many traffic problems right now. back to you. >> thank you, brian. coming up on the noon news, as elizabeth mentioned, we'll have live coverage as the snow begins to fall. and the republican debate
8:58 am
south carolina. we'll take a look at how the candidates are preparing. >> and living the legacy series continues with the story of a civil rights pioneer from lewisburg.
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>> we'll see you today at noon. joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: come on, shearer family. come on, make it happen. how you doing, folks? welcome to the show, come on. thank you very much. i appreciate you, now. thank y'all very much. yeah. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody, i'm your man, steve harvey. as always, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from atlanta, georgia, it's the shearer family. [applause and cheering] and again, from atlanta, georgia, it's the wilkerson family. [applause and cheering] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. [applause and cheering] let's play "feud."


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