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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >>h y win, it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for [ applause ] >> after tonight, this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination. [ applause ] >> first, donald trump on the results and his battle with pope francis. >> he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian or something. it's unbelievable. teflon don. then, senator marco rubio on what's next for his campaign. >> the state of south carolina will always be the place of new beginnings and fresh starts. [ applause ] >> we'll ask rubio about his effort become the establishment alternative to trump. plus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle in nevada. a sunday poonl where -- panel on where the race stands. and strategist behind bernie
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are you surprised sanders is doing this well. >> yes. i am surprised. sunday." hello again from washington. we begin with the results from doubleheader. south carolina, donald trump scored a big victory, winning almost 33% of the vote. it was a close race for second with marco rubio edging out ted cruz. the bottom three were far back with jeb bush suspending his campaign. in the nevada democratic caucuses, hillary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders with 53% of the vote. we'll talk with the two republicans who had the best nights, donald trump and marco rubio, in a moment. first, fox team coverage starting with chief political correspondent carl cameron in rockhill, south carolina. carl? >> reporter: thanks, chris. donald trump has now won the first two primaries, new
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carolina, back to back. and he is looking to make good on his prediction to "run the table." >> let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win tse krat the sec. >> this has become a three-person race flea market and we will win the nomination. >> reporter: marco rubio grouped second coming back from fifth in new hampshire and narrowly eked out a win, a fraction of a percentage point against ted cruz who came in third. >> if you are a conservative, this is where you belong. we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> reporter: jeb bush, despite spending more than any other candidate, took fourth and bowed out. >> i've had an incredible life. for me, public service has been
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no matter what the future holds, here's the greatest safety landing if you can imagine -- tonight i'm going to sleep with the best friend i have and the love of my life. >> now, folks, it's down to the final four. we are going to travel all across this country. i'm going to take you with me. >> reporter: john kasich came in fifth, far behind. but because jeb bush dropped out, he's now fourth. ben carson came in last. but kasich and carson have vowed to keep on going. the next three weeks is going to be a frenzy of voting across the country. more than half of the delegates will be selected by -- including march 15th. and on march 15th, there are winner-take-all states for the first time. donald trump will be facing two big states -- ohio, where john kasich is governor, and florida, where marco rubio is the senator. chris? >> carl cameron reporting from south carolina. thanks for that. joining us now from palm beach is donald trump, winner of the south carolina primary.
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welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you very much, chris. >> with your big win in south carolina, where do you think this race stands now? you have talked about running the table. can you be stopped for the republican nomination, or is this over? >> well, i guess you can always be stopped. i have very good competitors, smart people. you know, governors, senators, very talented people. ben carson, dr. ben carson, who's a tremendous guy and talented guy. i mean, we have a lot of talented people. >> let me ask you, premtalking about this now as a three-man race. let me ask you about your two chief competitors. thumbnail sketches, lightning round rules. ted cruz? >> well, he's very smart, very sharp. you know, i haven't been too happy with the way he's conducted himself. i understand he wants to win, and it's a little bit tough. did a couple of robo calls on me yesterday morning, the morning
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they were tough calls. i thought they were very unfair calls. but they -- they were done. that's why i'm surprised i won by such a big margin. you know, when i entered this, i wasn't expected to win south carolina. i was supposed to, you know, maybe not even think about winning it. that was like a number of months ago. all of a sudden, i made one speech. they fell in love with me, and i fell in love with them. those people are incredible. we won't forget them. >> let's talk about marco rubio and his fitness to be president. >> he's a talented guy. he's a good guy. i like him. we're going to have to see what happens. i start off liking everybody. then all of a sudden, they become mortal enemies. he's been respectful, very nice. i hope to beat him. >> you had quite a week in south carolina. you pot into something of a flap which diminished, but were in a father. i went after george w. bush.
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double-digit, you did poorly among swhoerts decided-- did poorly among voters in the last week. i wonder if that hurt you. do you think you need to tonight t down, to act more -- to tone it down, to act more president >> probably i do. i can act as presidential as anybody that's ever been president other than the great abraham lincoln. i thought he was hard to beat. >> when are you going start? >> pretty soon. you know, don't forget, we started off with 17 people. i've opinion hit from 97 different angles. now we're down to i guess five. and we'll see what happens. but i think yeah, i think i'll be very presidential at the appropriate time. right now, i'm fighting for my life. i was fighting against the tremendous amount of very talented, very tough people. and i didn't really have time to think about it. i mean, i had to be tough and smart and had to be sharp. that's okay, too. >> you took some strong positions this last week that you later had to walk back. i'd like to explore a couple of
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president bush, 43, lied us into war in iraq and took it back. here it is. >> they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none. >> you would not say again that george w. bush ride? >> i can't tell you. ride is to look at documents. >> and -- i'd have to look at documents. >> and here on the obamacare mandate that all americans should have health insurance. >> here's where i'm different. i don't want people dyeing on ingdying on the streets. i'm the most conservative person in the world on obamacare. >> question, do you support the individual mandate on obamacare or not? >> right. let me explain to you. first of all, i don't want mandates for anything. i want people to get. i don't want people dying in the streets. i was talking over anderson cooper, who i thought it was a great interview and he's a great interviewer. i was talking over him. he was talking at the same time. he mentioned mandate, and i was talking about something else, to be honest. doesn't matter -- >> you said i like the mandate
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>> i like -- i want people to be covered that cannot afford to be covered. i don't want people dying in the streets. that's not mandate. that's me. that's having a heart. i don't want people dying in the streets. i don't want people to have no health care whatsoever and they're in the middle of the street dying. i talk about it all the time. when i give these speeches where i have 10,000 and 15,000 and 20,000 people and talk as a republican, as a conservative republican, and i talk about that and i say i don't want people dying because they have no money, i get standing ovations. you know, the republicans are not bad people. i get standing ovations. so i think it's very important. i'm not going to have people dying in the street if i'm president. i can tell you that. you can call it whatever you want. >> to the larger point, i mean, whether it was loying or whether it was the mandate -- loying inglying or whether it was the mandate, do you think you have to be more sdmafl. >> well, that -- more careful? >> well, that was a case where
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but we were talking at the same time. the war in iraq was a disaster. i was against it at the beginning. joscarborough can do that because fortunately he found a clip. the fact i said they a successful military operation, maybe it might have been successful as an opening operation, but i was opposed to the war. the war in iraq was a disaster. it may have been the worst decision ever made, ever made in the country. >> respectfully, that wasn't the issue. the issue is whether or not we were lied into war. i don't agree -- >> right now that's for other people to -- i don't say yes or no. i'm not saying yes or no. i'm saying let somebody else determine. i can tell you the war in iraq cost us $2 trillion, thousands of lives. we got absolutely nothing. we have wounded warriors who i love all over the place. we got absolutely nothing out of it, chris. now iran is taking over iraq. we handed it to them on self-er platter. they're going to take on far more than iraq unless i'm president, of course. look, the war in iraq was a disaster. the reason i won by such a large be?
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yourself thought i made a mistake when i took on bush on that issue -- and i have nothing against bush. i don't even know the president. i never met him. when i took on bush on that issue, i never felt it was a bad thing to do because people that are smart know that the war in iraq was a disaster. and even jeb bush in the end admit that the war in iraq was not a good thing. >> new question. new subject. when are you going to release your tax sflurns. >> well, we're having them made. they're extremely complicated. it's going to take a while. i don't know if you ever saw the picture i gave, but i gave a picture with about 2.5 feet of tax returns standing in front of me as i was signing. they're having them done. and we'll wllo a t appropriate time. >> well, reporters is been asking for months, and you keep saying the appropriate time. you know, i i'm sure -- >> i -- >> you have a ton of lawyers and a ton of accountants. don't voters deserve to get a look at your finances, sir? >> oh, i think so. i've already given my financial statements more than anybody's given --
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>> they turned out to be about five times greater than anybody ever thought. no debt, very little debt. tremendous cash flow. some of the greatest assets in the world which is the thinking that our country needs to get rid of its $19 trillion, et cetera. >> but the tax returns -- >> i've given -- tax returns, at the appropriate time. there's no rush. at the appropriate time. >> to use a business term, are you involved in a hostile takeover of the republican party? >> no. i'm not at all. i get along with the republicans. there's nothing hoss bill it. i was -- hostile about it. i was a republican establishment figure. the day i decided to run, became an outsider. more so than i even thought. people that were totally establishment that loved me, you know, i was a big contributor. i gave $350,000 just before to the republican governor's association. that was a major -- >> what's your view of the gop establishment now, sir? >> i think it's a mess. i think it's a mess. i think they'd better get their act together because they're
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with the thinking that we have, with the karl roves and steven hayeses and figures who can't get themselves arrested, if you want to keep people like that, if you want to keep listening to people like that, you're never going to win. you're never going win. they're from a different age. they're from a different world. >> you raised the question again this week of whether or not you're going to honor your pledge, the loyalty pledge that you signed to run as a republican and even if you lose or if you lose, not to launch a third-party campaign. is that a threat that you're going to keep wielding throughout this campaign? >> no because i want -- folks like you, you're bringing it up again as an example. no, the pledge is the pledge. but the other side is not honoring it. look, i signed the pledge. i'm a republican. i'm the leading republican by a lot. and that's where i want to be. i don't want to run as an independent. i'm not going to be doing that. i think it's highly unlikely. i'm not being treated right. when we go to the debates, the
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special interests. i'm self-funding my campaign, putting up my money. i'm putting up millions and millions and millions of dollars, like throwing it out the window. so far it's worked. so far i'm also spending a lot less than other people that are spending $100 million. i'm leading by a lot, and they're losing by a lot. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm not controlled by special interests. i'm not controlled by donors. i'm not controlled by lobbyists, right? so i'm doing that. the rooms are stacked. every time i go to a debate, i walk in, it's like death. and when other people -- i won't mention names, when other people speak, they say something stupid and get standing ovations. it's very unfair what the rnc is doing. they're stacking the room. and that's unfair. with donors and special interests and lobbyists, and that's unfair. >> are we going to see you at the fox debate march 3rd? >> yes, i expect to be there. >> like forward to seeing you. safe travels on the campaign trail, sir.
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up next, we'll speak with florida senator marco rubio who finished second in south carolina. with jeb bush dropping out, can rubio become the choice of the gop establishment? you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years,clhave u
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nothing easy about running for president. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> well, that's a taste of the
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winner and some of the losers in the south carolina republican primary. and it's now time for our sunday group. gop strategist karl rove, mira tanden, president of the liberal think tank the center for american progress, laura ingram, and julie pace who covers the white house and campaign for the associated press. karl, i want to make sure you know that donald trump sends his best this morning. >> i give him my best back. >> glad to hear that. where does the republican race stand? how strong is trump, and how do you handicap what sure is looking like a three-happen race? >> i think it is a three-man race. he had a good night last night after having a bad last few days. he ended up last night with a very solid 32. he took because of the party rules all 50 delegates in the only winner-take-all contest out
9:33 am
february 1st and march 14th. he a very good night. looking ahead, he has a couple of very good weeks ahead. he's found a way to unglue blue collar evangelicals, thereby deeply damaging ted cruz's chances to sweep these six southern states that are going to be voting on march 1st. and the rest of the contest, he's going to do well because if he takes a third in the vote, he will probably get slightly more than a third of the delegates. they're all proportional contest between now and the 14th of march. and he's going to have a divided opposition. on the other hand, there are big challenges for both parties. and -- and the republicans probably bigger challenges. if he becomes the nominee, we will have nominated the guy who has the -- who has tied for having the worst favorable unfavorables of all the candidates, republican and democratic alike. the only other candidate who's as bad is hillary clinton. if we don't nominate trump, the party will be equally divided because he's made it clear if he doesn't get the nomination, that's his definition of being treated unfairly.
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and talking primarily about the republicans post south carolina and this three-man race. what do you want to add? >> i think it's interesting to look at a rubio hierarchy in the campaign. most are based in south carolina. lauren tompkins, the firm, partner both working war rube-- working for rubio, super pac. if rubio with all the peckser it tease in south carolina can't -- expertise in south carolina can't deliver more than two where does he go to win? rubio has momentum to win this race, i don't see where he wins. i think karl's on to something. in nevada, trump will win it. sec primaries, he's going to roll through. a big speech in atlanta. we saw the huge crowds turn out for eliminate alabama. jeff sessions hasn't endorsed him, but in my mind he's all but. i think trump has momentum. but he -- he must have to unify the party. i think i's interesting that he hasn't gone after rubio.
9:35 am
him. i can see something in the offing here where if trump keeps going, the compromise to the establishment, whatever you call them and the grassroots could be a trump/rubio ticket. i know people are horrified to hear that maybe. that's what i'm seeing, if i have to have a crystal ball now. >> briefly, how about ted cruz because some people would say, look, 70% of the voters there identified as born again or evangelical. and that would seem to have been if he can't win there, where can he finish? >> i don't want to count out ted cruz. i think he has an amazing campaign delegation. he has 11 delegates. trump has 61. at this point, ted cruz has to do soul searching, too. if he can't start chalking up more than victories in iowa is he going to throw in with rubio or trump? he could be the sweet spot for the establishment and more of the grassroots candidate. >> if we remember one thing a month from now, a week from now, it may be the fact this was the week that pope francis, the holy
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the republican presidential primary in south carolina. when you thought you'd seen it all, you saw this. >> translator: a person who only thinks about making walls again and again and not making bridges is not a christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> we asked for questions for the panel and the guy at love comments like this from mike on twitter. who is paying the pope or directing him to drum up votes against conservatives in america? julie, a lot of people think that in fact the pope's comments helped trump in heavily evangelical south carolina. >> i think it's possible that it did help trump for this reason. the thing that trump has been saying consistently throughout this campaign that has really gotten him support across the country is his positions on immigration. and you've seen moments in the campaign where he veers off to other topics, but every time he can come back to immigration,
9:37 am
position, he gets stronger. and so the pope gave him an opportunity to do that. i think that -- you know, the pope is someone who has taken some pride in trying to role up politicians on immigration o climate change. i don't think he was trying to do anything specifically to stop donald trump. but it's another great example of how donald trump is a masterful politician. he took something that could have been -- that was quite controversial and i think turned it into a positive. >> before we get into the crazy not in your party, how much are you enjoying what's going on with the republic? >> i think it's an interesting time in american politics on both sides. i was surprised that you could have a kind of twitter war with the pope and still survive. i do think the one thing going forward really for both parties, although there are differences in both parties, is if you look at the exit polls in south carolina, 53% of gop voters are anti-establishment. party. not just anti-establishment,
9:38 am
how a party produces a marco rubio or a kind of traditional candidate when you have that much anger at the gop establishment, where they feel, to use the word betrayed, is something we look at. there is factors like in the democratic party. it's just not as high. >> clearly that's something that bernie sanders is tapping into. we'll get is on that in the next session -- we'll get into on the next segment. if donald trump ends up the nominee -- and i know some democrats, i don't know about you, who are licking their chops, you have to be careful what to wish for. could he tap into that on the republican side and democratic side, that sense of we're going to just burn the place down and start over again? >> you know, i think he seems to be driving the numbers. there were higher numbers in south carolina. that is something democrats should be worried about. he might polarize other folks,
9:39 am
the other way, but he is transforming american politics. you have to see how much it's going to mean. and whether it would depress republican voters if he went with a pro-establishment candidate. >> one more quick thing. that tableau -- and i talked about it with marco rubio, when he's on the stage with nikki haley, with tim scott, young, minorities. if that were to be the face of the republican party, doesn't that become pretty tough for democrats in the sense that it explodes the kind of traditional stereotypes? >> sure, but we have to say that the rhetoric on the trail has gotten so much more polarizing on immigrants and other issues. so that's the real question. this debate, this debate in the gop will decide where does the party want to go. and can you attract candidates who are anti-establishment, angry at what's happening in the country, really angry at what's happening in the country, and still be a diverse party? that's the question. >> okay. we have to take a break.
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[music] >> joel osteen: well, god
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bein' with us today. and if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise ya we'll make ya feel right at home. i like to start with something funny each week, and they're just a joke. don't be offended. i heard about this man. he was sitting in a dark restaurant. he said to the lady sitting next to him, "would you like to hear a blond joke?" she said, "well, before you tell me, you should know that i'm blond, 6-foot tall, and a professional bodybuilder. the lady next to me is blond, 6'2", and a professional wrestler, and the lady next to her is blond, 6'5", and the kickboxing champion of the world. now, do ya still wanna tell me?" he thought about it a moment and said, "no, not if i'm gonna have to explain it three times." i'm gonna need a ride home today, but anyway. say it like ya mean it. this is my bible. i am what it says i am. i have what it says i have. i can do what it says i can do.


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