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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  February 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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four people, including a gunman dead, after a series of shootings in can cast. you are the only person in this stage that's ever been fined for working for you illegally. >> no, no. i'm the only person on this stage who's fired anybody. >> a barrage of attacks and insult in the most heated debate so far. and president barack obama talks about his first job. and he launches an initiative. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. lots of sunshine, not very warm. >> not yet. >> not as warm as al roker at 72 in miami. >> no.
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but it's going to be 72. >> yes. >> it's going to be a whole lot warmer. let's take a look at the sky cam. pretty out there right now. nice, bright sunny day. right now, it's 32 in kerry. 35 in springs. either at or just a little above freezing. by lunchtime, 44 and high of only 49 this afternoon. chilly today. tomorrow will be cool as well. by sunday, we begin a warmup that will last well into next week. very spring-like conditions. we'll talk more about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. taking a look at forecast, i know we hit into the 7:00 our, gets busier. >> fry call may not be as busy as it was yesterday or any
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pretty quiet so far. 7:02. starting off in downtown raleigh where we are picking up trouble there. part of downtown rally. north of the belt line, we do have report of a minor accident on st. auburn drive. not a big deal but just something that you need to know about. not having any impact whatsoever there. we are not running into any unusual delays on any of the major routes. still looks fine in durham on the freeway and also on 40 eastbound. of course, we'll watch the eastbound side. if you are leaving chapel hill, headed into the park as you head into the sunny days during this time of the year, the sun angle is just right. down south, a few plays that we
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checking on the northern side of wake county, looking fine. not a problem this morning on in bound capital boulevard. for the moment at least, 98 looks good on that right. back to you. >> thank you, bryan. >> a kansas community in shock this morning following a gunman's deadly rampage. flags in kansas will fly at half staff to honor the victims. >> tara is gathering more. this is terrible. >> reporter: we seem to keep hearing these stories every couple of weeks. that gunman is dead along with three of his victims this morning. a law enforcement source tells cbs news that the shooter was 38-year-old cedric ford. police say he first started shooting around 5:00 p.m. and injured two people on the street before then heading to the plant where he works,excel industries.
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they say that they think that they know what triggered it but they won't say. he entered the factory with an asaul rifle. this community is located just north of wichita, kansas. at this point, the local police department has asked that the the fbi help them, as they continue to investigate. raleigh police are looking for a shooting suspect. they received report of a shooting at 8:30 last night. officers tell us there is one male victim and that victim got himself to the hospital. his injuries are not life threatening. police are looking for a man wanted for a shooting. this is one of a series of
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believe are gang related. a 12-year-old boy is also injured in the shooting and that one is along burton street. >> i just had been shot. i said where? he said in the leg. >> so far, four people have been arrested and charged with the crime five republican presidential candidates wrapped up dr. final debate. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> he can't do it for the obvious reason. >> and here -- >> he does not know how to tell it the truth where is your plan is this. >> marco rubio went hard after donald trump ripping him on illegal immigration, his speaking spell. another. it happened so many times you the action. we'll have much more on the debate coming up in the next half hour.
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primary for north carolina u.s. senate seat, that election happens march 15th. republican senator richard burr is up for reelection. four democrats want the right to the run against him. last night, they took part in a debate hosted by wral. the former state lawmaker, deborah ross, dumb mayor, chris ray and earnest reeves, a retired military officer. >> unless our republican counterparts put something forward better than what we have, it's important that we work together, both parties, to be able to fix the current law, the current aca that's in place. >> unfortunately, the north carolina legislature has not expanded medicaid and that has made it not work as well as it could in north carolina >> absolutely, the expansion of the medicaid program to cover the gap. the fact that north carolina has yet to do that is an unconscionable issue.
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tax in addition to try to work on a bipartisan basis to work out the employee mandate which is a problem. >> after the debate, the executive director of the north carolina republican party said that the candidates lacked knowledge in foreign affairs and criticized their support of government-created jobs instead of relying on the prate sector. state lawmakers can meet early to discuss charlotte's new lgbt protection ordinance. >> the amount of money it takes to carry just one day of a special session. it's a way that children can exploit other children. >> a controversial teenage sexting bill is a step away from becoming law in new mexico. hear who would not be prosecuted for sharing racy photos and duke's grayson allen makes headlines for the second time in a month. not for scoring but, instead, a
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7:10. nearly a week after a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, authorities still don't have any motive. dalton has been interviewed several times. he admitted to the shooting. his lawyer declined to talk about the case but a lawyer representing other members of the family, his family, told a national news program that dalton was acting depressed
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the u.s. sent an unarmed nuclear missile over the pacific ocean. it hopes to send a clear message to north korea. it was carrying test instruments rather than a nuclear war head. the launch comes amidst concern that north korea is trying to develop a nuclear missile capable of reaching the united states. and an ordinance was passed that would allow lgbt members could use the bathroom of their choice. lawmakers are due to return to raleigh april 25th but the charlotte ordinance goes into effect april 1st. it costs roughly $2000 a day to hold a special session. it is unclear if the caucus
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71:11 now. president obama launched a program to help teens get their first job. >> the north carolina city backing the project and find out where the president got his start. and hear why some parents support and others oppose a
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don't tell me what you want, what i really, really want >> and we say ahh on a friday. beautiful sunshine. >> look at that warm, beautiful morning glow cascading down on the landscape.
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>> somebody is getting really poetic. >> but that's the photographer's paradise. >> the light is perfect. >> first thing in the morning. just beautiful. >> and wilson is like americana right there. >> that's right. >> beautiful town. >> it is. >> beautiful people. >> i love that part when you get to sweep the camera around. that will be a good one today, too, later on. going to be breezy. expecting today. what do we look forward to? cold mornings, this morning, saturday morning and sunday morning. i know a had the of folks here like to get up early on the mornings to do their exercise. you will be out there, going to be upper 20s to low 30s. so be prepared for very winter- like conditions if you are out morning. sunny skies all weekend. a little breezy today. gusts up to 20 miles per hour.
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you'll feel it. warm air coming starting monday. we're going to talk a little bit more about tornadoes that touched down here on wednesday. yesterday, the national weather service went out to do a site survey to see what actually happened. were these tornadoes damage or straight line thunderstorm wind. three separate tornadoes that they found, one in seven springs, one in durham and the sim -- same cell seemed to move north ward and got into huntsboro at 4:32. that tornado moved into grant county and did a bit of damagethere. that tornado was on the ground for five miles and an ef 2. the tornado down in durham with ef 1, 90 mile-per-hour wind and did some tree damage.
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some mobile homes in the tornado in wake county. and an ef 0 at 75 miles per hour, for about a mile. we are dealing with nice weather this morning, i which is nice. roxboro sky cam, plenty of sunshine, cloud cover there. 32 at the airport right now but nice and dry with a dew point of 25. roxboro, 34. 34 in south hill. 34 in rocky mount and in southern pines. 7 to 8 to 9 degrees colder than where we started at this time yesterday. temperatures just in the mid- 40s. you'll need a coat if you're going to be out for lunch at a meeting or running errands or meeting a friend. high temperatures only in e upper 40s. if you're going to be out for dinner or going to a movie,
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temperatures will drop into the upper 20s pretty quickly. we get into the lower 50s tomorrow morning. where is all this cold air coming from? the weather system back to the west and low wait up here in canada to push that cold air into north carolina. we feel it for the next couple of days. normal highs upper 50s, upper 40s today. 51 saturday and sunday turns much warmer, 63 and temperatures keep climbing from there. 68 degrees. monday. 63 on wednesday but by wednesday, we have spring back in the forecast and after that, temperatures drop a little bit. brian, as we get into march, our temperatures can be all over the place, you know, and on are. 70 one day and 50 the next. >> we had snow in march. >> we did, measurable snow all the way into late april here. hope is not lost. >> that's something to think about. can you imagine? i know it's like 1983 or something with that april thing? can you imagine how horrible
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weather and then the snow. oh, depressing. 7:19 now. not so depressing on the road right now. we only had a couple of minor accidents. zooming into raleigh, we had some accidents. six forks road, right around the jones franklin own intersection outside the belt line. neither of those are very serious accidents and probably are not causing semi-big po -- any big problem right now. if you are heading out, no problem, heading into rtp. delays west raleigh on 40. trip with west raleigh stands at about six minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much, brian. chemical giant basf could be cutting dozens of jobs in
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the company is refocusing its plant biotechnology research for polio that would remove about 50 positions. while the plans include keeping the research at rtp, it will be down in size. president obama is detailing his first job hoping to inspire businesses. he learned responsibility and how to work hard by scooping ice cream at baskin robbins. in an essay posted to the network, the president said that rock hard ice cream was brutal on his wrist. linkedin had pledged to connect people. the department of labor committed $35 million to the president's summer opportunity project for young people. >> charlotte is one the city's promised to help thousands of teens get their first job. a bill in one state could make sexting legal among teens. new mexico's governor has until
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sign the legislation. the bill would create harsher penalties for those distributing or those possessing child porn. the controversy point would also allow minors ages 14 to 17 to share nude photos with each other and they would not be prosecuted as long as it is consentual. >> it's not illegal, they are not going to all of a sudden turn 18 and then discontinue doing that illegal activity. >> i don't think that we need to be tying titles to these kids for the rest of their lives. >> right now, teens in new mexico can be prosecute the for sharing pornographic images but, many times, they are put in supervision or rehab programs and this new bill would seek law enforcement out. the new mexico attorney general agrees and says that the bill would not prevent the feds from sexing. and we are sharing new ways
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week's dishes. >> we are making a sweet potato pizza, an be a teizer and it's sweet and savory. >> spread a puff pastry on a sheet. combine dried sage with melted butter and fresh out all over the dough. bake it according to packaged directions. now over to the stove where we melt some butter with maple syrup and a little salt. we'll use that for sweet potato dip. we had some proscuitto. >> we had sweet potatoes, went ahead and sliced it and peeled. >> put the maple syrup butter mixture and set it aside. we had the puff pastry out of the oven and lisa flattened it into a crust. >> you are flattening it?
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sweet potatoes on top and the proscuitto. >> this is fancy. >> this is so fancy. [ laughter ]. >> this is the fancyiest thing we've ever done. >> top it with parmesan cheese and broil it for a minute. the finished product tastes as good as it looks. >> this came right out of your head, didn't it? >> hmm. >> and i like it. >> hmm hmm. i mean the savory. >> yeah, the mushroom. >> work on the puff pastry. >> there is something there. >> for a recipe, head to the recipe. apple is not giving up in the battle against the fbi. >> they will head to court today and the rival company that backs apple and the number of numbers
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for bernie sanders supporters. it is sen 26. i'm renee khou with your top stories. >> raleigh police are looking for a shooting suspect. they got a call at around 7:30 last night. one victim got himself to wakemed. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. state health officials say there has been another flu- related death which now claimed four lives in north carolina so far this season. the c.d.c. says this is a milder flu season than last year's and a vaccine for this season is a much better match for the most common strain than last year. it is going to be a beautiful friday but we are starting off cool today. >> yes, unusually so.
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temperatures since you are heading out the door. has not been this cold in several days. let's take a look at the tall tower cameras, looks beautiful. looks like that sunshine will warm things up. but the high this afternoon will stay in the upper 40s. tall tower camera looking to the west across wake county. certainly is a beautiful sight there this morning. raleigh, 32. that's the cold spot. not far behind, 34 in southern pines, rocky mount and wilson. 37 in fayetteville this morning. high of 49 this afternoon and then 51 on saturday. we drop down into the upper 20s and sunday morning will be cold as well. but sunday afternoon, temperatures jump on into the 60s and we'll stay into the 60s for a high. 7:27 right now, elizabeth. as we take a look at downtown raleigh, still accident free but a couple of accidents outside of raleigh.
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the sensors indicate big slow downs on st. al ban road and another big accidents on western boulevard around jones franklin road. word of an accident on lewisburg road and foxboro, picking up a little bit of a delay on inbound lewisburg. no deys indurham, 85 and i- 40 still looking good. through wake county, pretty quiet. try days typically are -- fridays typically are more quiet than other days. back to you. >> thanks, brian. ahead on fox 50, the three most talked about candidates
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presidential debate. welcome back. >> prosecutors can rest today in the case of a murder. >> prosecutors say that chris lawrence killed his girlfriend mikaya thurmond joins us today. >> two people are expected to testify today, the police chief who pursued this case for years. >> chris loring was under suspicion for his girlfriend's, pregnant girlfriend's disappearance.
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evidence to make those charges stick. after new scientific testing, he was arrested in 2014. mcqueen's remains were found almost a year after she disappeared in a wooded area. off u.s. 1, just about 30 miles from raleigh the geologist expected to take the stand tested a pebble found in the threat of the suspect's shoe which matched the rocks found where the body was discovered. as for both of those testimonies, the state will rest their case. the trial is set to resume at >> thanks. texas. 38-year-old cedric ford opened fire on several people at three separate locations in hesston, kansas, including a lawn care products factory where he worked. at least four people died, include can the shooter who was killed in a confrontation with police.
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flags in kansas to be low lowered in honor of the victims we learn the names of the the people involved in and accident. hill died at the scene. she struck an suv. her passenger is in the hospital with serious conditions. two people in the suv went to the hospital with nonserious injuries we now know that three tornadoes touched down in our area during this week's storms. the twister left a mess along a five-mile path. three homes and a nearby dairy farm along huntsboro road were damaged. utility crews spent all day yesterday working to restore power. could be days before authorities have an estimate. an ef 1 tornado touched down briefly.
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through the roof into the living room and damaged a living room and a garage. some homeowners say that repairs will take weeks in wayne county, an ef 0 tornado caused damage to a mobile home where a mother and her three children were taking shelter. justina garcia was inside with her four-year-old, six-year-old and 11-year-old when the wind blasted the roof off their mobile home. they all made it out safely. the red cross is helping that family. the gop presidential candidates wrapped up their last debate ahead of super tuesday. >> to say that the gloves were off would be a major understatement. tara lynn has more. >> the jabs kept coming. there were five candidates technically on the stage but really the top three candidates in the race that dominated the conversation. marco rubio, donald trump and ted cruz. florida senator marco rubio did not hold back this time against donald trump. he challenged the businessman about a past fine for hiring illegal workers and pressed him
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care plan. trump said he would erase barriers between states to increase competition but said he didn't need to say anything more beyond that. senator ted cruz also jumped in on the trump attack. >> let's talk about your plan. >> he says five things everyone is dumb, we're going to make america better, win, win, win, we're ahead in the polls and the lines are out in the state. >> donald -- that's a lot of fun out here tonight. i have to tell you. >> thank you for the book. >> donald, relax. relax. >> i'm relaxed. donald, get back and your meds. >> as you probably hear, the moderator has a hard time getting in. at one point, ben carson joked, hey, can somebody attack me so he can get in on the debate.
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more interesting from here. >> i wonder what abraham lincoln would say if he were watching that debate. he was one of the great debate fors. >> if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. >> tara lynn, thanks for that recap of a very heated gop presidential primary debate. >> almost luke a reality -- almost like a reality show. >> you want to hear about the issues, but, instead, you hear all these insults, one upping the other. >> that's right. >> let's see if we company one- up the weather from yesterday. >> i think we can do it, yeah. >> it will be sunshine. >> a little bit cooler than yesterday. >> and too many will be on the cooler -- and tomorrow will be on the cooler side as well. we'll have a stretch of 60s into next week. solar farm cam 5, plenty of sunshine to generate power in the eastern part of wake county. the temperatures, of course, chilly.
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much to do with how much energy can be produced. a lot of it has to do with how much moisture is in the atmosphere. when it's drier, you can produce more energy. represent, does feel like winter out there. make sure that the kids have their wind chill coats off. temperatures starting in the low 30s. still breezy and a bit breezy through the afternoon. winds gusting up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. high of only 49. tomorrow and sunday morning, our temperatures start off near freezing. keep that in mind. again, we have that nice jump in our temperature for next week. brian is here taking a look at the roads. you had an accident or two on the roads. anything he is that is causing problem. >> an accident on 540 westbound, beyond glenwood avenue in the past couple of seconds, looking at significant
7:37 am
from glenwood out towards aviation parkway. you can see the d.o.t. trying to get a better look at what's going on out there kind of hard to see in the distance what's happening, but we are working to get some more the newsroom already up to a 15 minute drive. a delay-free trip would be 12 to 13 minutes. so we are adding a little bit to that overall trip. something that we are watch can. another update in about 15 minutes or so. taking a look at the commute. looking good in downtown raleigh, couple of minor accidents around town. one in is the alban off six forks road and another one around jones franklin road. those are accidents with damage. they should be cleared soon. we are not picking up any unusual delays with that but it is something to keep in mind. still getting some information about an accident onlewisburg road at fox road.
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coming from lewis road is busy. let's take a look at the major trikings, picking up some delays towards the hammond road area. beyond that looks good out to the park and so far so good in durham. back to you. be careful what you start online. it can catch on. >> hear how a dating website for bernie supporters went from joke to a job.
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court google says it will back apple in its court fight with the fbi over the security of its iphone coming after apple filed a formal objection in the case. a former imagine stray ordered the company to access the phone belonging to one of the san
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the company wants the judge to reverse her order saying that the federal government is seeking dangerous power through the court. google now plans to file a friend of the court brief on apple's behalf within the next week. shared interests can be an ingredient for romance. there is now a dating website for people who support bernie sanders presidential campaign. how the site grew from a joke to a job for one student. >> i didn't expect it to go viral like this. >> asu soft more colton sidel has been a bernie sanders supporter since the vermont senator announced his candidacy. he and a friend started the website for bernie sanders supporters. >> we thought it was a joke. >> so many people went to the site >> we had a million hit for the
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>> reporter: it caught him by surprise. >> i barely got any sleep. now, i pretty much just manage a team of volunteers. we have about 20 people working on it right now. >> the free site connects singles all across the country supporting sanders' run for the white house. there are now about 11,000 members. he has heard from some who made a connection all things to bernie. >> there has actually been quite a few studies out there showing that people that connect because of interest do better in a relationship. there is a reason why people would join the site. >> 7:42 now. still ahead in what's trending, the controversy move made by duke's grayson allen. >> we'll explain what happened in slow motion and why it has
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is a pattern. waiting for tonight, when you could be in my arms waiting for tonight j.lo thinking of bromance with a b. >> that would be a very romantic play. >> maybe some bernie sanders singles are down there. who knows? >> oh, goodness. >> going to be a little chilly at the beach. everybody seize the moment. temperatures for monday, tuesday, wednesday looks really nice. >> yes. >> a sneak peek of spring wednesday but not the way we
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however, we get to at the beginning of next week and it will be sunny and nice, great to get outside and enjoy a little bit. let's take a look at what's happening right now across the area. we start out in fayette ville where there is not a cloud in the sky. beautiful clear skies thanks to high pressure sitting just back to our west. 32 degrees. temperatures down to freezing. temperatures not ready to let go just yet even though we get into march of next week. you know, they say march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. there is a reason for that. very wintry at the beginning of march and by the end of march, feeling very much like spring. march is a month where we don't have severe weather. we start that had off, you know, on wednesday. not on the greatest note. 36 in roxboro. 34 in rock hills. 34 degrees in rocky mount.
7:47 am
37 degrees in fayetteville. some precipitation in the higher elevation, a little bit in the lower elevations. some snow flying. precipitation in north carolina can go into the middle of march, as long as the temperatures don't get too warm. we have a system to the west and another system to the east, working together to push the cold air into north carolina. the winds are coming right here. the winds follow the white lines. if your eyes follow that up. sources up there in canada coming right down into north carolina. so it will remain chilly for us today and tomorrow. be a then we start to see this colder air lifting back to the north and the source of our wind comes from back here to the west. it's warmer over texas and parts of oklahoma.
7:48 am
so we'll see some more pleasant temperatures for sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. but then, we have cold air that dives south again and we'll feel that thursday and friday, probably even into the weekend next weekend as well. temperatures this afternoon, about 49. mostly sunny. a little bit breezy, definitely chilly. 51 for saturday. we start it at 27. several cold mornings in the forecast as we get into the weekend. 63 on sunday and look at that, nearly 70 for monday and tuesday. wednesday looks mild but also looks like we'll have scattered showers on wednesday and thursday. turning colder and temperatures begin in the low 30s back to more wintry weather on thursday. no wintry precipitation. plenty warm as the rain falls on wednesday. brian will be happy about that. >> oh. >> what happened out there on 540? >> we have an zdeno on 540
7:49 am
that is leading to big backup around glenwood avenue. delays beginning well in advance of the glenwood avenue interchange on 540 westbound. and does not look like we are seeing much improvement out there. right now, the travel time from capital boulevard to i-4023 minutes and rising rapidly. i will be happy to offer am alternate routes, but, there is not a lot of at into the route. we'll have more coming up in about six or seven minutes. elsewhere on the live triangle, accident on lewisburg road and fox road. an accident outbound on lewisburg road from the capital
7:50 am
also this minor accidents reported on st. alban drive off six forks road. right now, other accidents don't look that bad, about 13 minutes to make the trip from 440 to u.s. route and after that, smooth right into the park. just starting to see a little bit of delay on 40 eastbound in south durham. we'll take a look coming up. in honor of black history month, we turn our living legacy series. the program honors four individuals who are living the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. tonight, mikaya thurmond introduces us to en educator. >> education used the right way can empower them to be the best
7:51 am
>> lester thomas hosts an annual kwaanza celebration to teach students about black history and cultural celebrations. time for a look at what's trending. you be the judge. did duke's grayson allen trip a florida state florida player last night? if he did, this could be the second questionable play for the duke guard. you can see after arein's leg movement, the player fell to the floor. but others are asking if this is a pattern for allen. they are pointing to a similar move that he made back on february 8th in a game against louisville. allen was called for a flagrant foul when he tripped cardinal player raymond spalding. what do you think?
7:52 am
>> definitely will be looking into that. >> that's something that has a lot of sports fans talking. >> i don't know about that one but the other one seemed -- >> the other one, when he is standing up. you know what coach k had to say about that. >> also trending, american idol is in its good-bye season. the show's original i'd doll winter -- idol winner, kelly clarkson said she paused several times during the performance. take a listen. >> he'll never walk -- he'll never walk away. he'll never break her heart. he'll take care of things. he'll love her
7:53 am
clarkson is 333 got emotional during that song. she sang, peace by peace and got and standing ovation. clarkson said she wrote the song while pregnant with a little girl. now, she is pregnant with a little boy. american idol in its 15th and last season. the show ends in may. >> they got the first alleged trip, too. let's watch that. sticking the leg out like that, that's not a natural sort of movement. >> hmm. >> fans are certainly chiming in on that. >> he may be called on the carpet for that. >> music, drama and basketball happening in the triangle this weekend. >> wral's out and about editor
7:54 am
7:56 am
during the day and after dark. 7:56. i'm bill leslie. we start with news reports. >> we have an accident on 540 rights around lundley road. let me back out of the way. on the west bound side, we have two left lanes blocked and on the westbound side, one lane. so this is 540 at lumley road. we'll work to get more on this zdeno. looks like a pretty big response.
7:57 am
vehicles overturned in the median there. 45 minutes capital boulevard to i-40. there are no good alternate routes there on i-40. be patient, make free more road down to glenwood avenue. and then the belt line to wade avenue, kind of around the heart of raleigh. looks like this will be with us for quite some time. we have a crew on the way and we'll have more as the news continues on fox 50. now. major routes are looking good. do look out for accidents. heavy delays this morning elizabeth? >> we are certainly looking at a lot of sunshine out there but chilly temperatures this morning. we'll start off with a look at what's happening across raleigh. you can see lots of sunshine out there right now. and it's cold, though. you.
7:58 am
30s right now. 32 in raleigh. 34 in rocky mount. south hills, 37 in fayetteville and goldsboro. even with all that sunshine, it remains cool this afternoon. 39, temperatures little breezy, too, not as windy as yesterday but we may have wind gusts to 30 miles per hour out of southwest this afternoon. a couple of other cold starts, saturday and sunday. temperatures will be on either side of freezing. sunday, we begin a warm up with a high of 63. coming up on fox, hear from candidates from last night's north carolina senate candidates. introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger.
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our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger
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four people, including a gunman, dead after a series of shootings near wichita, kansas. what we have learned overnight. you are the only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project illegally. >> no. no. i'm the only person on the stage who has ever hired anybody. you have not hired anybody. >> a barrage of attacks in the most heated presidential debate and president obama talks about his first job and launch as project to help teens get hired. >> a kansas community in shock following a gunman's deadly rampage. >> flags in kansas are flying


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