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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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the critical test for the presidential candidates hoping to stay in the race. thank you so much for joining us on this first day of march. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. march is really coming in like a mb, elizabeth. >> it is. we had such pretty weather yesterday, and here are march 1 with beautiful weather. it's called her this morning that it was this time yesterday but we're going to warm up quickly into the 60s by lunchtime and low 70s this afternoon like yesterday. look at the pretty skycam shot in wilson, you can see the sunshine over downtown, that building on the left is the wilson courthouse. it's 56 in wake forest, rocky mount and wilson 36, 39 in irwin, 32 in xboro. some spots even below or near and out freezing, it's 43 in fayetteville, 44 clinton. those are the rmer spots.
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but 66 by lunchtime with a high of 72. we'll see some increasing clouds by j, we have rain in the forecast tonight and into tomorrow morning, it may linger long enough to affect her commute. we will be tracking that for tomorrow morning. do you have anything you are watching this morning? >> a couple of problems here at 7:01. we start north of downtown raleigh where there is word of an accident at capital boulevard and wade avenue. earlier we saw delays on the northbound, outbound side of capital boulevard approaching weight, we thought maybe that is where the accident was located but it looks like it may be on the inbound side. looks like the delays are really starting to build as you head away from the wake forest road bridge, atlantic avenue area, heading back down toward wade avenue, heading downtown from 440. allow extra time, we're working to get more information about that. you might want to come in from
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beltline through downtown. as we head over to durham, still looks good, all of the major routes look fine. 85 and i-40 looking lay free. let's head down to the western side of johnson county. we have an incident of some kind over on the right oulder of40 westbound, right there at 42. we have a state trooper on the scene. kind of hard to tell what's going on out there but it's not causing big problems at this point. as part of the states move over law, stay in the left lane with your way from 40 westbound toward the clayton bypass. something to keep in mind as you leave the cleveland community. right from 42 over two 440 take 13 minutes. the state naacp holds a news conference this morning about a man shot dead by raleigh police officer. >> happened shortly after noon at the intersection of bragg and east streets in raleigh. wral's tara lynn is live with more on the incident that is getting national attention. >> reporter: raleigh police say
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the suspect who was shot and killed yesterday. meanwhile his family has identified him as 24-year-old akiel nkins. emotions are high on both sides, all sides of this case. while community leaders are urging people to stay tient. >>what did he do? >> reporter: crowds gathered quickly on the east side of downtown raleigh. unrest and anger was immediate. >> where is my child? >> reporter: senior officer, d.c. twiddy, shot a man on pursuit while trying to serve a arch warrant. rolanda byrd says it was her son, akiel denkins. he was unarmed. police spoke at the scene and address the community. >> we did find a kind within close proximity to the deceased suspect. that went with all other elements available at the single process. >> you have taken one of our children!
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spot where denkins died, by nightfall, candles were lit, tears, ger, frustration, all covered faces in the crowd. pastors and community leaders acknowledge the anger but urge for people to stay calm. >> let's do this ing right. because, do you know what? they expect for us to act up. they expect for us to act a fool. but we are better than that. >> reporter: denkins leaves behind two young children, a 2- year-old and 3-year-old son. the officer involved is on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. that naacp presser is set for 10:30 this morning. we will bring you updates in our noon newscast as well online. it is finally here, super tuesday. 12 states, hundreds of delegates, and seven candidates
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the ce. as tracie potts reports it is a critical day for the lacking presidential hopefuls who are trying to overtake too tough front runners. >> reporter: donald trump hoping to build on his front runner atus todaywith his closest challengers aiming to collect enough delegates to remain competitive. >> a vote for donald trump tomorrow is literally a vote for hillary clinton in november. >> reporter: for ted cruz, that means winning texas. >> what we will see, i believe, is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk of delegates and everyone else far behind. >> reporter: there could be trouble for trump this super tuesday. buzz feed reports there is a secret "new york times" tape where trump rejects his own promises to close the border. >> you should be very troubled
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donald trump who tells the "new york times" one thing and tells the public another. >> donald trump should ask the new york times to release his audio so that we can see what he means. >> reporter: bernie sanders is hoping to pick up wins in vermont, massachusetts, the midwest and even texas. hillary clinton is already looking past super tuesday, focusing trump. >> at some point you can't just say whatever comes into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: republicans are looking ahead, too. and some are concerned whether trump could beat hillary clinton in november. in washington, i'm tracie potts, wral news. >> count on wral for complete coverage of super esday. we will carry unexpended hour- long "nbc nightly news with lester holt." watch it at 6:30 right after wral's local news. then tuning for our late news at midnight for a mplete wrapup. starting today you will see an increase in how much we pay for several services across the state. there are new piece on various
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services eviously untaxed. wral's mikaya thurmond is live in downtown raleigh with details on what this means for you. >> reporter: these new service tax rates are expected to raise nearly $160 million just within the first year. is important to remember that sales tax rates will t change. but, the new tax now applies to services such as repair, maintenance, and installation will so include putting in big appliances and auto repairs. as for these, they go up for a number of services within state and government agencies. for instance, a standard eight your drivers license fee will go >> thanks. mikaya thurmond reporting live in leigh. it is a reunion on months in the making.
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paratroopers and their loved ones in fort bragg. state regulators that you should have a say in the closing of duke energy's coal
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can get started on the 7:11. public hearings start today on closing duke energy's coal ash ponds across the state. they are asking the public to get involved on how those ash
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classification is a huge step in cleaning up toxic material and setting deadlines for when it should be closed. there are hearings in several spots today. more akin to the end of the month. this is the first official day on the job for the new president of the unc system. margaret spellings succeeds tom ross who was forced out at the beginning of the year. coalition includes faculty and student members is calling for a walk out on several unc campuses today including unc chapel hill. the group takes issue with spellings background in the way in which she was chosen by the unc board of governors. news this morning more than 160 paratroopers are back home at fort bragg. paratroopers with the 82nd division reunited with loved overnight. they were in iraq for the last nine months. this homecoming was an emotional one. >> this is my last one.
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united states army. i have 20 years of service, i will be retiring in september. >> and, we thank you for your service. this is the second time in less than two weeks paratroopers from the 82nd division returned from a deployment overseas. >> great work, guys. 7:12. family and friends say justice works. what is next for a man accused
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backstreet boys. that is a flash from the past. >> [ laughter ]; of those boys. >> catchy songs. you know, they get you going. that sunrises beautiful. >> it is pretty out there. another beautiful day, temperatures climbing into the 70s this afternoon. you might not know it as you step outside, it's chilly. let's head out to apex, you can see lots of sunshine, dry conditions on the roads, it is 39 degrees, though. it's cold out there. you are going to need a coat this morning in those places. then you will have to shed it because it's going to warm up so quickly as we head through the rest of the morning. right now the dewpoint is 36 and humanity is at 89%. 85 in south hill, down to freezing in roxboro. 39 in southern pines and erwin, 36 at rocky mount and
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goldsboro to clinton. of course this is a big change from yesterday, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees colder for raleigh northward. not as big of a change from goldsboro to fayetteville, but still, you will definitely notice the difference. jumping ahead to this afternoon even though temperatures are in the 30s in many places, there is no reason to think we won't climb into the low 70s in many places by many spots this afternoon. it stays nice tomorrow through 5:00 with temperatures holding overnight, up into the 50s until maybe 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. and then all of a sudden we start to see temperatures fall. this is where the cold front is and as that warm air moves eastward and opens the door for some colder air. but that's about the time we get to sunrise. and so there will be a battle between the sun and colder air. temperatures will hold near 54 much of the day tomorrow which will be about colder than today. and then tomorrow night, wednesday night into early thursday, our temperatures drop
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it's going to be pretty chilly to begin with thursday. here's our satellite and radar picture. things looking pretty quiet but we are tracking the next front that comes into my producing strong storms out ahead of it across parts of arkansas and missouri. we are going to be experiencing the warm air ahead of this front shape behind it it's definitely colder. we will see temperatures dropped by at least 15 degrees for highs today versus highs tomorrow. 72 degrees of course is going to feel good, there's going to be thunderstorms ahead of the front. most about today and tomorrow will be on the other side of the mountains. even as that front shift eastward into north carolina it's not likely to bring energy. we'll have rain or isolated thunderstorms through thursday morning but not likely to have severe weather this. how much rain? x-rays to a third of an inch, certainly somewhat conditions
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morning commute time wednesday. could create some additional accidents. our next system comes through friday. we start friday morning at 36, that's close enough to freeze. some of the ring may mix with big wet snowflakes for the triangle area northward. right now it does not look like that will cause any big problems or impacts, but maybe a little bit early to make that call. friday is the day we will watch closely. normal high on friday is 60 degrees. that is the first time that we have hit 60 that is the first time that we have hit 64 the average high this time of year. that's a warmer sign that warm air is coming and we will see more of it by sunday and monday, this coming week into next week, that warming trend will continue. brian if you're checking out the roads. i know that it tends to get busy in the 7:00 hour. what do you have? >> it is getting olympic busier. a live accident we have been following in the last hour, a crash at capital boulevard and wade avenue apparently on the inbound side of capital
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according to sensors, we are picking up delays leaving the 440 interchange heading down toward crabtree boulevard and on toward the wade avenue interchange. as soon as you get beyond that heading into downtown it looks fine but as that accident gets cleared up, you can expect to delay coming in from 440 through downtown raleigh. looks like those are easing up according to sensors. over in durham, looking good on the durham freeway. still looks good on 40 eastbound. there is a report of an accident on 55 and martin luther king jr. parkway. right now we're not picking up any delays on the sensors on 55. the rest of the triangle still looks pretty good overall. picking up slowdowns through garner on 40 westbound right around the clayton bypass. overall not a bad trip from 42 to 440, about a 30 minute drive. typically this type of day we would not be surprised to see that but it looks like it's holding steady around 13 or 14 minutes. through the fortify work zone, looks pretty good, nine minute trip.
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rtp, from wages to 540, taking five minutes. a man found guilty of killing his pregnant girlfriend 20 years ago is planning to appeal his life sentence. it took less than two hours to find chris lawing guilty of murdering lacoy mcqueen in 1996. investigators say lawing killed mcqueen and dumped her body in world vance county because he was upset about her pregnancy. friends and family have been waiting for this day for 20 years. >> 19 years slow. but, it works. and he is where he is supposed to be, on his way to where he supposed to be. transported to a prison cell for the rest of his natural life. >> the judge sentenced lawing to life in prison. the virginia police officer killed in the line of duty will funeral services for ashley
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officer was shot and killed last weekend. it was her first day on patrol. she and two other officers were responding to a domestic violence call when police say ronald hamilton shot all three officers. the other two officers are recovering. still no word on a motive behind a school shooting that left for students heard in ohio. a 14-year-old boy shot two students in the cafeteria yesterday. two more were hurt in another way. the injuries are not life- threatening. police arrested the teenager nearby. he is also a student at the school. the man accused of murdering two college students in virginia is expected to plead guilty. jesse matthew junior is due in court tomorrow. he is charged with the deaths of pentagram and morgan harrington in 2010. he is already serving life in prison for sexual assaults. authorities have not said exactly how grandma or harrington died. sportscaster erin andrews took the stand in nashville to testify about new video taken of her and posted on the internet.
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her testimony saying she felt ashamed and humiliated. anderson says she suffers from depression, panic attacks and anxiety because of the incident. she is doing michael david barrett and the owner of the marriott in nashville for $75 million. supreme court justice clarence thomas did something yesterday he has not done in a decade. he asked questions during a supreme court argument in the first time in 10 years. the questions concerning the breach of federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. this is the second week the court has heard arguments since the death of justice antonin scalia. google is reprogramming its self driving car software after it caused a bus accident. it happened in mountain view california valentine's day. the google lexis was going less than 2 miles an hour trying to get around sandboxing wide lane. grace the side of a city bus. no one was hurt. google says from now on, it's cars will understand that buses and other large vehicles are
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types of vehicles. 7:23. raleigh is set to take up the issue of police body camera coming up, the aclu's response to the delay in the process. many states holding primaries today. we find out from a google search trends experts what is
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head to the polls. what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila
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i'm bill leslie with your top stories. the sbi will investigate deadly officer involved shooting in raleigh. officer d.c. twiddy is on administrative leave after shooting a man wanted on a felony drug charge. raleigh's police chief says a gun was found near the man's body. the naacp is holding a news conference later today. new sales taxes take effect in north carolina today. taxes will be charged on a number of services including car repairs. previously such businesses generally only tax on parts and materials but not on labor. combined state and local taxes will amount to about 7%. temperatures will be up today after a cooler start. hello, elizabeth. >> it's pretty chilly out there this morning but nice and clear. there's a look at the
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in south hill. in our forecast, expect a high of 72. 48 tomorrow morning. not as cold but we will see rain to begin the day wednesday. it stays cooler, and thursday, fairly chilly with a high of 50. 7:27. we have an accident on capital boulevard around wade avenue creating as you leave 440 heading toward downtown. noticing heavy delays at this point but we will run into slow traffic as they get that accident cleared up. inside the beltline, glenwood avenue and wade avenue both look pretty good. let's head over to durham. no major problems, major routes looking good overall. there is a report of an accident on 55 run martin luther king jr. parkway, picking up a slowdown on some parts of 55 in south durham. restrictions are in place at one local hospital. tran01, by some people are
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ones. welcome back and thanks for staying with us. it is 7:29. the naacp will be talking about an officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of a raleigh man. they will be holding a news conference today. >> family members tell us 24- year-old akiel denkins was shot by an officer police have identified as d.c. twiddy. we have been working on this story since about noon yesterday, and as anger swells, community leaders, the naacp
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asking for patients as the investigation continues. the police chief says she will put together a written report for the city manager and have it by next monday. >> it was around noon when police went to survey felony drug works near bragg street downtown. witnesses say the suspect ran and during the chase, the officer shot denkins and killed him. the police chief says a gun was found near the suspect but investigators are still trying to determine to whom the gun belonged. crowds gathered and tension remained high into the night during a vigil. >> you could have arrested him tomorrow. why did you have to kill him today? >> our police are to protect and serve. things like this have got to stop. tragedies like this have got to stop. >> the state bureau of investigation is handling the criminal part of this probe.
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internal affairs unit is to looking into whether department policies were violated. we will have much more on the story later on today on wral's noon news. the shooting happened at the same day the raleigh city council was supposed to take up the idea of body cameras for police officers. that discussion was postponed. but the aclu says it needs to happen along with expressing condolences, the state executive director said in a statement, this shooting points to the urgent need for north carolina's second-largest police department. to adopt technology and policy that guarantees it will be used to protect officer accountability and transparency. the state department of health and human services will roll out the report on medicaid reform progress. state lawmakers passed a bill to overhaul the $14 billion insurance system for the poor and disabled. authors expect it could take up to two years to gain needed approvals from the federal government. it will take another two years
7:32 am
transition to manage care intended to minimize rising costs. a left-leaning policy group says the connect nc bonds would create thousands of jobs. the $2 million bond package is on the march 15 ballot. much of the money is earmarked for new facilities on college and university campuses. the report from the nc budget and tax center says that would create 5000 jobs over the next five years. most of them in the construction industry. read more about the analysis of the bonds in the nc capital section of raleigh city leaders are expected to talk about a dangerous dog ordinance today, establishing clear restrictions for keeping such dogs and authorizing the destruction of an animal determined to be dangerous under certain conditions. the ordinance would stop short of banning any particular breed as has happened in some u.s. cities.
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are doing with growth. the school board will talk about new district lines today and announced schedules for next year. they are also expected to vote on new funding schedules for school construction. take a look at their sessions live on starting this afternoon at 4:30. cape fear valley health is limiting the number of visitors to its hospitals. the reason? an increase in the number of flu cases. children under 12 are prohibited from visiting friends and loved ones. the measure also limits the number of visitors who accompany patients inside the emergency department. officials say children under 12 will be allowed to visit once the number of flu cases drop. what a day to get outside and to enjoy the glory of meteorological spring. >> that's right. it's march 1. so it is the meteorological beginning of spring and the reason that we consider it that way is because we tend to have so many changes
7:34 am
the beginning of the month. officially it is spring the third week of march, but we will have a lot of wild weather between w d en not too wild out there this morning but it is cold. today is the day you have to dress carefully because we have temperatures in the 30s this morning. we will climb into the 70s and places this afternoon. our durham skycam looks beautiful. you can see clear skies across downtown durham. 39 apex, 36 rocky mount and 32 roxboro. town by town, 42 in clinton camaro warmer spot. at the bus stop it's nice and clear, beautiful than cool ranging from 30s to low to mid 40s. then we jump up to 72 this afternoon. this is the last day that we will see highs in the 70s, at least for the next seven. we do have rain in the forecast for tonight and again friday. we'll talk more about the timing of those systems coming up.
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that beautiful shot in fuquay- varina. >> this is a look at broad street and stewart streets. the sign-up and it's pretty quiet out there this morning. let's take a look at the drive coming in from southern wake county. once you are on 401 leaving fuquay-varina up through raleigh, looks like a 19 minute drive. if you are taking 55 out of fuquay-varina on broad street heading out toward garner, or rather toward holly springs and apex, the right from 401 two us- 1 will take 17 minutes and on highway 50 coming from southern wake county, the far southern part, from 40 to 2 business 70, 21 minute drive. these roads are filling up quickly. we are seeing a delay, nothing unusual for this time of day. if you typically take those roads, looks like a pretty typical morning in terms of travel times. elsewhere around the triangle looks okay. 540 westbound slowing down in some spots as is 440 westbound from around the new bern avenue area, wade avenue.
7:36 am
zone, 440 out to the us-1 interchange. let's zoom into the capital boulevard wade avenue area. we still have delays from an earlier accident on inbound capital around weight. they have eased up a little bit but we will still run into a backup from 440 down toward wade avenue this morning. beyond that the trip into downtown raleigh looks just fine. checking durham, good on the freeway. a little bit of a slowdown building on tw alexander drive as it typically does this time of day. the good news is to the south side of durham, no sun glare delays on 40 eastbound from chapel hill into rtp looks just fine. plenty of people are heading to the polls across the country for this super tuesday. >> online researchers are giving us interesting insight into the trends at the ballot box. we'll talk live with an expert about what those trends are. also, we are spreading the news. it is national peanut butter lovers day. oh, i can't wait. we will share a few facts about
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some of us. things you don't even know about >> crunchy or creamy? will start that debate. "pick 3" numbers, 7, 7, 3. sum it up, 17. "pick 4," 2, 7, 8, 0. sum it up, 17.
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35, and 38. super tuesday is here, a critical state of the primary election calendar, a day that could help decide who the nominee is for both the republican and mocratic parties. this morning, google is giving us a fascinating look at this year's election through the lens of millions of nationwide searches. google search ends expert, latoya drake is on the google election team.
7:40 am
good morning. >> good morning. some of you look wide-awake which is pretty amazing, considering it's awfully early out there. >> [ ughter ] >> i know that north carolina is not part of super tuesday, our primary is coming up a little bit later this month. what are north carolinians looking at? which candidates are getting the most searches here in the tar heel ate? >> yes, so one of the things we have taken a look at is not just what's happening at the local level but also oking nationally to see who people are searching for and which candidates are taking the lead. on the republican side of the house, donald trump has laid search engines pretty much since he announced his candidacy. right now he is followed by marco rubio and then ted cruz. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is leading right now, leading hillary clinton in terms of overall arch interest. >> okay, can you tell us what issues the voters are really
7:41 am
>> yeah, it's very interesting, because the top issues that people are searching for on a national level sort of mirror what's happening locally. but the number one issue that people are searching for is gun control. that is followed closely by education, immigration, taxes, and also me-sex marriage. in the super tuesday states, gun control continues to be one of the most popular issues that people are searching for and learning more about as it relates to their states. >> can look at all of that data and determine who might win today? or is that too much out of ur realm? >> that's out of our route. we can't predict who is going to win, the one thing that we take a look at as it relates to the data is just to get an understanding of what people care about, the questions we are asking. but it does not tell us who's going to win the race, just gives us what people are curious about. >> have the issues changed during the campaign or has gun control in others been in the
7:42 am
>> one of the things we noticed is that the issues tend to fluctuate based on what's happening in the news cycle and what candidates are talking about. at one point, immigration was a top issue. even when we are looking at the debates, just depending on what the candidates are saying, obama care could be a p issue. one of the things we do with trends is look at how things are changing down to a minute by minute basis and also day over day. in the past day, gun control continues to be the top issue that people are searching for. >> what a fascinating job you have. google search trends expert, latoya drake from google's election team in los angeles. thank you so much for being with today. >> very interesting insight. i would think campaigns would be interested in that information. the makers of the world's fastest car on a mission to break their own world record. mcnabb, the newest supercar, and how much you will have to spend to put one of these in your garage. and it was the biggest upset of oscar night, sylvester
7:43 am
today in what's trending, the twitter tirade from the stars little brother. ah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um...
7:44 am
i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
7:45 am
that is a nod to scott kelly and the two other crew members that will be returning to earth today after spending almost a year in space. >> yeah, he goes from floating around to hanging out on earth. >> big change. >> that's incredible.
7:46 am
after that much time in space. you know, we just love what he has done out there. the pictures, stories and video that they have shared from up there in the international space station. >> making space relatable. >> yes, making people interested in what's going on out there and giving us a window into what that is like good that has been exciting. i'm sure the other astronauts that are still there will continue that trend but i know scott kelly has been one of the leaders in sharing some neat space from up in space. it's beautiful over downtown durham right now but our temperatures really dropped overnight. it's 39 degrees and a number of spots in the 30s. i'll winds are calm, our dewpoint is at 36, humidity 89% but it's a very quiet morning. it is 34 in roxboro where we have dropped to 32 a little earlier. it's 33 in south hill, 41 goldsboro and southern pines. 43 fayetteville, we should start to see temperatures
7:47 am
it's going to be dramatic. we'll see a huge jump in temperatures. is started near freezing in roxboro that we will climb up to near 70 this afternoon. that's a big jump from morning to the afternoon. we are still writing well below where we were this time yesterday. 18 degrees colder in south hill. not as dramatic down south, 6 degrees colder in fayetteville. satellite and radar showing calm conditions for us right now but i'm tracking the next front. it has been producing strong and severe thunderstorms especially in parts of missouri and arkansas. this is going to shift on into tennessee but never translates over the mountains. once that front crosses the mountains it will lose energy. we're not likely to see strong thunderstorms but we could have a rumble of thunder overnight. here's futurecast, we take it through the day until lunchtime. everything is nice and bright and on through the afternoon, we get into the evening. clouds may thicken up and we could not rule out an isolated sprinkle. most of the rain comes in overnight and notice how it
7:48 am
we are not seeing that band of yellow or red which indicate a line of strong storms. futurecast is still insisting that this is passed us by 7:00 a.m. but some other models want to run the so more slowly. it is certainly possible that by during the peak of the morning commute we could still be dealing with rain, maybe heavy. when we see conditions like that it typically means a lot of additional accidents and backups. brian will be here tomorrow morning tracking that entrie into an.7:00, find us here on fox50. we take it out to wednesday afternoon, looks nice and bright. the sunshine is going to struggle against some cold air that comes in behind that front. 72 today, the best chance of some stronger storms will be back into tennessee for today and tonight. and then we may see a rumble of thunder but not likely to have anything severe. it'll be a mild night in the 40s but temperatures only end up in the low 50s for the afternoon wednesday. much, much cooler.
7:49 am
to a third of an inch of rain out of this system. thursday is quiet but chilly and we begin friday with temperatures in the mid-30s. with those cold temperatures and that system coming in it would not be out of the question to see some big fat wet snowflakes falling from the triangle area northward on friday. it will likely transition over to rain. we'll be watching that more closely as we get to friday. saturday and sunday looked right but a little bit on the cool side, especially saturday. brian is here taking a look at one of the first backups disconnect the centerline of 440 westbound was blocked little while ago between brentwood avenue but here at 7:50, it has been moved over to the right shoulder. if you look under that sign, you can see what appears to be available on the right still seeing backups on 440 westbound. it's rather slow from new bern wade avenue. morning. looks like it may be using up a
7:50 am
trail toward weight, but certainly between new bern avenue and back toward the bypass, clear around to glenwood avenue it is stop and roll. allow that extra time. also on 540 westbound between lewisburg road and creekmore road, very slow. once you get out leesville and glenwood avenue, 540 westbound, traffic moving along well. as we zoom in on what to do about that earlier crash on capital around wade avenue. looks like those delays have cleared up inbound so if you're trying to come into town on capital boulevard from the belt on you should be in good shape. picking up delays on the northbound side of the durham freeway. let's take you out to 147 and alexander. slow traffic heading toward ellis road. it starts to thin out a little bit. traffic speeds pick up into downtown. the overall drive taking 10 minutes from i-42 downtown. bill? bugatti is looking to break the record for the fastest car in the world. the french automaker revealed
7:51 am
geneva motor show. the bugatti by red model was named the world's fastest car by guinness in 2013. to top its sibling, the chiron will have to top 268 miles an hour. i have a car that does that easy. just kidding. bugatti says it has already sold a third of the 500 supercars it plans to make. the base price, a cool $2.6 million. today is national peanut butter lovers day. there is even a website dedicated to it. did you know that peter and butter is consumed in 90% of u.s. house holds? here's something to think about the next time you open a drawer. it takes 540 peanut to make one 12 ounce delicious jar of peanut butter. of course, unless you have an allergy. time for a look at what's trending. the brother of sylvester
7:52 am
twitter tirade attacking best supporting actor winner, mark rylance, or his role in "breach of spies." sylvester stallone was no word season favorite going into his -- for his performance in "creed." his brother was not happy and he let the world know about it on twitter. he said the academy should be ashamed of themselves. it's as clear as the nose on your face that sylvester one. mark who? it is total hardware. and then there are words that we cannot read. frank went on to say mark hair. this is the third time sly has gotten ripped off. then he went on to attack the academy. stay classy is what i'm hearing. really? no black actors get nominated, my brother gets ripped off. the academy voters need to get booted. well, sylvester stepped in to help out his little brother, saying on instagram, i'm very
7:53 am
brother is emotional because he's just very protective and only wants the best for me. life is good. well, frank eventually apologized five hours after this whole thing began. he tweeted, i will always defend what is right but i was wrong to put down mark rylance but i apologize. he is a fine actor but i thought sly deserved it.
7:54 am
7:55 am
to the twitter outburst. it is 7:56. here are your top stories. sbi will investigate deadly officer involved shooting
7:56 am
administrative leave after shooting a man wanted on a felony drug charge. raleigh's police chief says a gun was found near the spects body. the naacp is holding his press conference later today. the wake county board will talk about new school district lines today and announced bell schedules for next year. there are also expected to vote on a funding schedule for construction. watch the sessions live on starting at 30. let's get a check on the weather with elizabeth pierce to make it sure is pretty but chilly out there. colder than yesterday. take a look at rdu, not a cloud in the sky, we will see the clouds picketing up later on today, and then a friend comes through tonight likely to bring us a good chance of rain and thunderstorms. 33 in south hill, 34 s. hill, 43 fayetteville. a wide range of temperatures. expect sunshine into quick warm- up to 72 this afternoon. rain early tomorrow and cooler with a high of 53 tomorrow, 50 thursday. 7:57.
7:57 am
commute map in rham, we are seeing slowdowns on 40 eastbound. that trip out of chapel hill toward the durham freeway is a little slow because of sudden glare lays. allow extra time as you head out. elsewhere around the triangle we are seeing slow traffic as well on 40 westbound right around the clayton bypass. then it slows down again as you approach 440. and from the 440 split on how to us-1, 60 minute drive from the fortify rk zone. the trip from i-42 wade avenue taking 24 minutes. we're seeing slow affic on i- 40 westbound, that is leading
7:58 am
7:59 am
back t right now on fox50, the local organization pushing for answers today following a deadly officer involved shooting in raleigh. plus, services across the state or where will pay more in taxes starting today. and it is super tuesday, the critical test for the presidential candidates hoping to stay in the race. thank you so much for joining at this 8:00 hour, i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. the state naacp holds a news conference this morning to talk about a man shot dead by a raleigh police officer. >> it happened shortly after noon at the intersection of bragg and east streets in raleigh. wral's tara lynn is live with more on the incident that is getting national attention. >> reporter: raleigh police say
8:00 am
the suspect today. his family has already identified the person who was killed as 24-year-old akiel denkins. emotions are high on all sides of people in the community are urging those to remain patient. >> what did he do to your child? >> reporter: crowd scattered quickly on the east side of downtown raleigh. the unrest and anger was immediate. >> where is my child? >> reporter: senior officer, d.c. twiddy, shot a man on pursuit while trying to servea search warrant. rolanda byrd says it was her son, 24-year-old akiel denkins. she says he was unarmed. police spoke at the scene and address the community. >> we did find a gun within close proximity to the deceased suspect. that with all other elements available at the scene will be processed.


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