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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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there is a huge upset on the democratic side. it is also severe weather alert week. we are alive at a school where students learn strategies to save lives. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. it is weather the cannot get much better, i would say. just gorgeous. but it is a reminder that we are warming up and are entering severe ather month. >> exactly. two weeks ago today we had our first tornado outbreak, three tornadoes touched down. we are fortunate no one was hurt or injured but we had a number of buildings and mes destroyed. a reminder that today is a statewide tornado drill at 9:30. we encourage everyone to participate and when you get home, talk about your safe spot, in a basement or first- floor room with windows. let's take a look at the roxboro skycam. no threat for severe weather or rain for that matter. that sunshine will be the ruler today. gorgeous over roxboro.
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51 degrees in ry. 40s for rocky mount, wilson, through south hill and xboro. year. expect mainly mid-50s by 8:00 a 73 at noon. high near 80. forecast. it will come in by the time we as we head into the weekend. i know by 7:00 there typically something on your map. >> off to a fine start as we check in with that commute map. it's accident free. you can see that in raleigh, durham, cary, chapel hill, hard-pressed to find slowdowns. only a couple. one on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass. later sensor readings s 42 to the beltline split, not bad at all, heading into the fortify
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along westbound through wake county. picking up a slowdown starting to build on 440 westbound heading away from new bern avenue for the capital boulevard area. getting busy heading toward the 6 forks road. interchange. youngstown, looks like a smooth ride toward wade avenue. also looks good in durham on all major routes. let's take a look at us-1 northbound through cary. starting off as 64 and i wrote. that's around the ten ten road area. looking find through the ry parkway. that is northbound traffic on the pedestrian bridge toward walnut street at the i-40 interchange. no trouble heading into west raleigh. six minutes from 55 up to i- 40. breaking news. fayetteville police are investigating a deadly hit d run. >> it happen.2:00 in the 6800 block of raeford road. a green 1997 ford ranger
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a pickup truck was left at the scene within north carolina tag, bjp-1906. anyone with formation should call police. the name of the victim hasn't been released. more breaking news, iran has testfired two llistic missiles with the phrase, "israel must be wiped out." written them. this comes as vice president joe biden visits israel today. he is scheduled to speak with their prime minister who strongly approached the nuclear deal with tehran. police are investigating a deadly shooting in the 1400 block of maple drive. two males were found with gunshot wounds at e scene. both went to the hospital, one of them died. the other is recovering from non-life-threatening wounds. no word on a suspect or motive. we have new information about a deadly crash on interstate 40 last night. this involved a motorcycle and
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troopers say the motorcyclist was speeding and ran into the back of a pickup truck near airport ulevard in roseville. the bike went off the car and the rider was killed. we have been telling you about how the final group of 82nd airborne troopers deployed in iraq returns home today. >> families are awaiting their return at fort bragg this morning. wral's gilbert baez his life -- is live. >> reporter: we are anticipating their arrival, you can see balloons behind me. families waiting for them to return. who is returning? >> my husband. >> reporter: you've got the whole family. children, aunt, mom, and twin brother.
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fort bragg. >> why didn't u go? there was some mistakes? >> had to take him instead. >> reporter: enjoy e homecoming. i want to show you this baby. young lady, how are you doing? i know you are talking to your family but i'm going to interrupt you. what is your name? >> jordana. >> reporter: who is this? >> collin duke. >> reporter: was her husband home for the rth? >> he came home. but he left after. >> reporter: is going to be shocked to see him. enjoy the homecoming. this is what the reunion is going to be about. hugs and kisses between a lot of families. we met one family where the baby was 11 days old when the soldier had to deploy. wait until you see the size of this kid now, 11 months old. we will have that reunion when we have to live shot coming up
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great day from the 82nd airborne division. great day at fort bragg. >> we never get tired about stories ke these. >> yes. and gilbert gets it because he has been there and done that. we appreciate . well, though donald trump trained just keeps on rolling down e track. it was another huge night of victories for the front runner in the republican presidential contest. >> trump won three more primary states, claiming victories in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz did when the idaho gop primary. on the democratic size, -- on the democratic side, hillary clinton won the ssissippi primary. rival, bernie sanders, surprised everyone by pulling off a big win in michigan. fresh off the victories in
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donald trump is visiting fayetteville tonight. this is his second trip back to north carolina this week. wral's tara lynn is live at crown coliseum, it looks like next week, he could be celebrating a victory in north carolina as well. >> reporter: according to a new wral poll, trump has a sizable lead in north carolina. take a look at ose numbers. we tapped 2000 n. carolinians over a four-day period and asked who they would vote for in the republican presidential primary. 41% said nald trump, 14% said they would vote for marco rubio, and 11% for john kasich. thank you trump will be meeting with fans at the crown coliseum. this is his second trip this week. he was in charlotte monday where he vowed to change laws to legalize waterboarding and other interrogation techniques on rror suspects. senator. ted cruz held two stops in north carolina yesterday and
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we reached out to marco bio's campaign. he says at this point they do not have any north carolina stops planned. we have not yet heard back om john kasich's campaign manager at this point. the rally at crown coliseum is set for 7:00 p.m. but at 5:00, donald trump will take a town hall with fox news network another part of the crown complex. the city of fayetteville says to expect a large crowd here and expect to see a lot of traffic during the rush hour. so they are going to have some traffic officers who will be in the area to try to facilitate all of the people expected to hear trump speech tonight. >> tara lynn in fayetteville. 09. fire damages an apartment in raleigh. >> hear from one of the men who rushed in to help their neighbor and what they saw inside. the legendary producer known as the fifth beatle has
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neighbors are being hailed as he rose this morning for rescuing a man from a fire at his home in raleigh. the fire broke out after 5:30 last night in an artment on bashford road. people who live above the apartment spotted smoke and told a neighbor to call 911. the men who lived there realized the man inside was not coming out.
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burning apartment to pull him out. >> he was in the kitchen with his back against the cabinet sink. smoke was, ke --we could not see. it was very scary. >> these three gentlemen that went into pull him out did that without any kind of protective gear or equipment. and they truly risked their lives to save is man. >> the man they rescued was taken to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. his name has not en released. raleigh firefighter's accidental or improperly discarded smoking materials caused the fire. a statewide amber alert stays in effect for missing 15-year-old girl. the brevard county police department is oking for dixie mae bailey. she was last seen wearing a peach cobbler pullover, black tights and cowboy boots.
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another scare this rning for chipotle. the illness that forced one
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a special welcome the sky is the limit. i would agree. >> from the group 2. look at that beautiful blue sky. this is the american bacco campus. >> how high do we go today? >> nearly 80 degrees in some places.
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one re degree. we probably will hit that for today. >> but not record-setting. >> tomorrow will be closer to it. the record is 81 tomorrow so it's not out of the question we would at least tie the cord tomorrow. we'll see how that goes. we had been talking about the solar eclipse, in the 8:00 hour we had that interview with a nasa scientist talking about how they would be studying it. but you can only see it in asia. i want to share some pictures with you. do you see that black dot? cow that moves across the earth. that is the shadow of the moon on the earth. a solar eclipse happens when the moon is tween the sun and earth and a cast a shadow. that black spot is the eclipse happening. it was only visible in asia and this particular satellite picture is from a satellite from japan which interestingly enough is named sunflower.
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thanks to mike moss for pushing this animation ong, you can see that. we weren't able to see the eclipse in the united states but we will be able to see the next total solar eclipse which will happen in august of xt year. not this year. that was the only total solar eclipse of 2016. kind of neat to see how that shadow moves across the earth over there in asia. no shadows around here. plenty of sunshine. solar farm 5 taking in plenty of energy with sunshine. 51 is the current temperature. nice and miles. dewpoint 48 degrees. temperatures on the mild side. these mild mornings will continue all the way through the weekend into next week. we have a long stretch of warm temperatures in r forecast. wouldn't you know it, though, when we get into the weekend we have to add in a chance for rain. skies will cloud up, mostly
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30% chance rain saturday but 50% chance on sunday. keep that in mind when you make your weekend plans. the time we can thank high pressure for keeping things nice and dry r us. it'll hold that pressure across the mississippi valley back to the west for a few more days. it is only so long it will stay back to the west. another round of severe thunderstorms on the front half, there has already been flooding in texas because of that system. instead of this whole thing zipping on through, what's going to happen is it very slowly will rotate or pivot down into north carolina. the top half of that front moves into our area, bringing us a chance of more clots by friday and eventually some showers. here is a look at how things go the next couple days. today and tomorrow look nice and bright with the exception of tomorrow morning, low oud cover. watch that front. the tail end of it stays in the
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half pushes into rth carolina bringing ice clouds friday, maybe a few showers. then we see some waves riding along that front, again better chance of seeing that sunday then on saturday. we will come back and talk more about this day forecast. nearly 80 today and tomorrow. this is severe weather preparedness week. we have been talking about the statewide tornado drill beginning at 9:30 is morning. we recommend that you participate at your workplace and when you get home talk to your family about where your safe place is in ur house. if you have a basement, if not, first floor, small room with no windows. it's amazing to see how many days in a row we have 70s for the next couple of weeks. we will talk about statistics related to that coming up in
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accidents. >> we have our first two accidents. as far as we can tell they are not serious. at 7:20 we take a look at the live commute map and zoom into those accidents. pausing perhaps a few problems. right now we have a crash reported onelm street at sasser, also 40 westbound beyond the clayton bypass interchange. i want to zoom in to give you an idea of the extent of the delays. right now the backups began around highway 42, extending beyond the clayton bypass interchange which is pretty typical for this time of day. with the addition of that accident, things could be slower than usual, even for this fairly congested point in the morning commute. right now that trip is taking 15 minutes from 42 to the beltline split. allow extra time as we head from the western side of johnson county this morning. let's take a look this morning at drive times coming in from orange county, coming in rom hillsboro.
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computer is trying to wake up this morning. this is a look at the drive times coming in from llsboro on 40 eastbound. no delays on the northbound side of 15-501, and then northbound from i-40 to the durham freeway, eight minutes. vernight the legendary music producer often called the fifth beatle, george martin, has died. he was widely regarded as one of the greatest record producers of all-time, was also a composer and musician in his own right. his music expertise helped refine the beatles bums. overnight, ringo starr tweeted, thank you for your love and kindness. peace and love. british prime minister, david camera, called m a giant with wisdom. commuter rail derailed in
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one thetrains jumped the rails and plunged into a creek. union pacific believes a mudslide swept a tree onto the track during the storm causing the train to derail. rescuers pulled people to safety. nine of them were hurt, four seriously. while covering the local train derailment, a news crew became part of another story. during a ve report, a car crashed and came barreling toward alex savage and his photographer, chip vaughn. they could be heard yelling to get out of e way. moments later, savage brought his coworker onto camera and thanked him for saving him. health workers will inspect a chipotle restaurant in massachusetts after employees became sick. at least one has the norovirus virus. the management close the store at billerica so crews could do cleaning. they hope the city's board of health will tell them today
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no customers ported illnesses. wral is your hoops headquarters for all the acc tournament games. today is a g day, pitt matches up with syracuse at noon. at 2:00, duke plays nc ate. thompson and georgia tech play at 7:00 and at 9:00 virginia tech plays fsu. because of the 12:00 game, our noon newscast will air on fox50. it is severe weather preparedness ek.
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could save your life it is 7:26, i'm renee chou with your top stories.
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investigating a deadly hit and run that happened shortly after 2:00 on raeford road. a green 1997 ford ranger struck a male pedestrian. the pickup truck was left near the scene. the driver took off and the name of the victim has not been released. durham police are investigating a deadly shooting. they found two men shot near maplewood drive around 10:30 last night. both were taken to the hospital where one died. police have not released their names. let's get a check on our beautiful weather with elizabeth gardner. >> taking a look at the skycam, this is our museum skycam, glad to have this one back. they were doing roof repair at the museum of natural sciences for a while and took the camera down. everything looks beautiful in downtown raleigh. they have reptile and amphibian day on saturday which is always fun. 50 roxboro, 50 fayetteville and goldsboro. we warm up nicely to near 80
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skies. patchy fog tomorrow morning with afternoon high near 80. into the weekend, friday, saturday and sunday we may be dodging a few showers. 7:27. we have a minor accident in the median of 40 westbound near the 70 business interchange. we have our typical delays around the clayton bypass, slowing down around the 70 business interstage. under the states move over law scoot over one lane whenever you see flashing lights and if you are unable to do so, slow down considerably. 15 minutes to make the trip from 42 through the beltline split. right now through the fortify
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delays. governor pat mccrory has designated this week severe weather preparedness week. >> many schools across the triangle are preparing students and teachers by practicing tornado drills. wral's mikaya thurmond joins us this morning where students will practice later today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill and renee. the school system as well as emergency officials encourage everyone to participate no matter where you are this morning. this is not just for kids. spring is tornado season. last year the national weather service reported nine tornadoes in north carolina. the combined cost from tornadoes, flash floods and
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service reported nine tornadoes in north carolina. the combined cost from tornadoes, flash floods and severe storms is about $12.5 million. one of the best things you can do is be prepared. here are some things experts suggest you listen to local tv and radio when severe weather is likely. take shelter, if you are at home, go to the lowest floor of the house and get away from windows. go into something like a hallway. finally if driving, get out of your car and take cover in a low lying flat area. here at east garner elementary school the national weather service will have a coordinator that will offer additional safety tips. bill and renee, this drill is set to happen at 9:30. >> mikaya thurmond reporting from garner. the senate judiciary hearing will hold and oversight to the u.s. department of justice. the only winners will be
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maintains oversight over the justice department. charlotte ordinance regarding restrooms, southern city council approved an ordinance use the restroom that identity. senate leader phil berger republican senators and a lieutenant governor to work on blocking the rule. both berger and house speaker, tim moore, says they have return early. april 1. the final group of 82nd airborne division paratroopers returns home today after transferring to baghdad. more than 160 paratroopers and their families will be reunited on green ramp at pope army they deployed to iraq in june 2015. this will be the third group to come home to fort bragg in the past three weeks. >> it has been awesome to see
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these waves of homecomings. we know you like them as we do too. >> they are so much fun. >> and there will be gorgeous weather for them when they come home. >> how about that? and extended period of warmer than normal temperatures. looking outside it's beautiful. the tall tower camera looking across wake county is beautiful. clear skies at the moment, there may be a few passing clouds later this afternoon. town by town made for dispensing, 49 rocky mount. 54 roxboro. 51 wake forest and garner. out of the bus stop, it's dry. kids don't need rain or winter coats. just a jacket because most likely they will be in their shorts and t-shirts. lots of sunshine this morning, high of near 80 under mostly sunny skies. of course this trend continues until we get into the weekend. then we have to add rain into the forecast. i will tell you about that in a couple of minutes. we are taking a look at slower traffic near. where is that?
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garner, this morning have a minor accident in the median adding to the delays. again, this is 40 west at 70 business. the accident is in the median, traffic slowing down as it should around an accident. traffic back up in the clayton bypass that is always slow this time of day, 15 minute drive from 42 to the beltline split. we are starting to see fortify work zone delays in raleigh, 440 out to us-1. 12 minutes. most delays are between the 440 split and lake wheeler road area. by the time you get out toward gorman street and us-1, traffic moving well and beyond that. no delays beyond the airport. the drive from wade avenue took 540 taking six minutes. as soon as you get through the delays on the fortify work zone you are in good shape. north of downtown raleigh we have a minor accident in a residential area. elm street at sasser street, not going to have an impact on too many commutes. also 440 westbound slowing down
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toward six forks road. once you get out toward glenwood and lake boone trail, traffic looking good heading towards wade avenue and eventually on toward i-40. in durham, we are seeing pretty good traffic on 85 northbound and southbound through durham. 40 eastbound in good shape leaving chapel hill heading into the park. that drive from 54 to the durham freeway taking six minutes. the northbound freeway all clear. i'm i-42 mangum street, seven minutes. teaching requires patience, special education teachers need more patients than most. >> in partnership with the north carolina education lottery, wral's gerald owens found a teacher who fits the bill. >> reporter: jennifer lemmon offers one-on-one instruction to special education students
7:35 am
>> to raise those loud and proud? >> they have an individual education plan based on their needs. unique to each student. >> reporter: it is a delicate juggling act trying to keep each student on task based on their own ability, yet in step with the rest of the class. >> they have come so far. they know the classroom routine and how to interact with each other. they are really good with turn taking. i'm excited with where we are going. >> reporter: they will stay with her for several years or as long as necessary. >> it helps to facilitate a close relationship between them and myself as well as the parents and i so that we really are a partnership together. >> i think i know what kind of insect that is. >> reporter: but that is not her ultimate goal. >> michael for each child is differenbuulmaly want them to never need me. i want them to be able to be in
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extra support or help. >> reporter: until that happens they have a dedicated professional in their corner every step of the way. >> this is what i have always wanted to do. this is my calling and where i am supposed to be. >> reporter: in erwin with our teacher of the week, gerald owens, wral news. to see all the teachers of the week go to and search teacher. the first years of a child's life are key to overall development. >> coming up the results of a study about one thing many parents are not doing and how you can make a change. we tell you about the project promise in fort bragg that could be completed before
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>> pick 3 numbers, 7, 1, new research shows parents are missing a key opportunity to prepare their kids for the first day of school and it starts at birth. according to a survey released by the research firm, ugov, not enough parents are reading to their kids for the recommended time each day. joining us to tell us about this study and the president of read aloud 15 minutes, doctor john huston at the cincinnati children's hospital. thank you so much for being with us today. >> good morning. >> what are the key findings and takeaways from this survey? >> i think the first thing is that we learned that about 60% of parents really know that they should begin reading to their children at birth, for 15
7:40 am
but, the important thing is that so many of them don't. what the campaign is trying to do is help them understand the urgency of reading aloud beginning at birth for 15 minutes. the impact it has on a child's brain and how it prepares them for kindergarten. >> what are the tips for parents on best practices for reading aloud to their kids? >> i think one of the simplest is to make it fun. and also, to really try to get the child engaged on the process as much as possible. babies are going to be more interested in june on the book and holding it but as they get older, like to turn pages, asking questions and letting them help choose the story. the more you can get children involved in the process, the better. >> what do you think about tablets or tech devices? can they help or do they hurt in the long run when it comes
7:41 am
>> that is a common question. really, this secret sauce to early brain development and benefits of reading aloud comes down to the parent-child interaction. as long as the material in the device, whether it is a story or pictures on the phone for example, as long as the parent and child are talking about what they are seeing and asking lots of questions and relating to one another, it is probably fine. what is a problem is when the device is turned over to the child and the engagement goes away which can lead to some problems. >> march is read aloud a month. how can parents get involved and how early should they start reading to kids? >> it is really at birth. that first minute where a child's brain is just maturing so quickly, although it might not seem that anything is happening. a lot is happening behind the
7:42 am
begin reading immediately, and begin intonation and sounds, because the child really is forming lots of brain connections. get involved,, on the web, we have day care centers or preschools, we have some tips and reading diaries for older children. and we will have the results of the survey. for the people in your region. we do have some data they might be interested in. >> doctor candace kendall and doctor john hutton, thank you for being with us to learn more about read aloud 15 minutes . just go to
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spectacular event. i can almost smell the fresh mountain air. >> doesn't it look beautiful? their temperatures have been warm lately, too. and, there is the profile of grandfather mountain. >> hello, grandfather. >> how beautiful.
7:46 am
it takes a surprising amount of action for spring to come into the mountains. sometimes it is not until may until the trees start to leaf out. hours starts pretty early, there are some bradford pears trying to leaf out. >> the higher elevations takes some time. >> it takes a long time up erbuit kea nice and cool for the summer. we are in the middle of this long, warm spell. let's take a look at statistics related to that. when is the last time we ended up with temperatures like this? let's take a look at our graphics. starting off, when was the last 80 degree or higher day that we saw in raleigh? that was back on october 9. that's pretty typical. we tend to be wrapping up our 80 degree days in october. but the last 80 plus degree day in fayetteville was christmas day. that's highly unusual. remember that warm december we
7:47 am
we rounded out the month with warm temperatures. we had a four day stretch in december from the 24th through the 27th with temperatures at 70 or higher in the triangle area. we are going to see a longer stretch than that now, this is not unusual to have days in the 70s or even close to 80 degrees in march, it's just unusual for us to have such a long string of them. we have had pretty whether to go along with it, too. lots of sunshine. our temperature at the airport is 51. beautiful in downtown durham. 48 is the dewpoint but we still have not had enough breeze to keep the fog from developing. 55 roxboro, 51 greensboro, we hang on to mild temperatures over the weekend with highs in the 70s but a front trumps in on us giving us a better chance for rain. 30% chance saturday, 50% chance
7:48 am
keep that in mind when making plans. as we get closer to the weekend we may have to fine-tune that. we continue to have warm temperatures because of the way this front to the west is going to ask. instead of this front picking up eastward and bringing in cool air the tale of this front will stay put to the west and the top end of the front will bend over, if you will. that is going to help bring us a boundary for some showers starting friday. but we don't ever get into the cooler sector of the storm. watch these temperatures on our contours. we stay in the warm sector of this system through friday, saturday and sunday. well into next week. so does a huge section of the country. the warmest from raleigh back toward texas. looking at mild conditions near the canadian border near wednesday, thursday and friday, finally toward the end of next week we start to see some of that colder air sinking southward. enjoy the pretty weather.
7:49 am
two weeks ago today we had three tornadoes touched down in north carolina so we do have that statewide tornado drill starting at 9:30 this morning lasting for a few minutes. it's a good time to practice. school kids will practice that this morning. it's a good time to practice at your business and when you get home talk to your family about your safe spot, in the basement or first-floor room with no windows. brian, look at that extended period with temperatures in the 70s. and it is the middle of march. >> it's a gift. good news out of garner, accident we have been following on 40 westbound in the median at business 70 has cleared up. let's take a look at the camera. traffic is still a little busy through there and likely will remain busy for a little longer. 15 minutes to make the trip from 42 up to the belt line split. with that accident can't we should be steady improvement as
7:50 am
minutes or so. around the rest of the triangle is pretty quiet as far as accidents go. there is one north of downtown raleigh inside the belt line not causing any big problems. we are seeing delays through the fortify work zone, when you get beyond the backups through garner you will run into slow traffic from 440 out to south saunders street. over towards lake wheeler road, good drive overall, the trip from wade avenue taking six minutes. picking up on 40 eastbound in south durham especially around the 751 interchange. 40 eased from 54 out to the durham freeway taking seven minutes, gradually climbing. we are not seeing it climb steeply for something we will watch over the next 15 minutes or so. back to you. there was a total solar eclipse that could only be seen on the other side of the world. thousands watched the astronomical spectacle. the rare event was witnessed along a narrow path that stretches across 12 provinces
7:51 am
and 40 million people. the next total solar eclipse is set for august of next year. and, we will be able to see it in the united states. time for a look at what's trending. it has been a week since scott kelly returned to earth after spending a year in space. you can tell he loves being grounded as much as he loved being in orbit. >> my first rain. awesome. >> appreciating the things we take for granted here on earth. on his twitter account he shared video of his first reign on earth. he called it a great ending to a full day of postflight tests, adding that he missed weather.
7:52 am
the apple pie doctor jill biden delivered to him at his homecoming celebration. on monday, he had his first stake on earth after 1000 meals in a bag. he says it was a nice taste of change. he set a record for sending -- spending 340 days on the international space station. the trip will help nasa study the impact of long-term spaceflight on the human body. excuse me. i am going to need some water here. a seventh grader may have proven patriots quarterback tom brady's innocence in the deflategate scandal. ben goodall won his second straight science competition in the saint pius v school in massachusetts. his experiment involved taking properly inflated footballs and exposing them to different weather conditions, snow, wind chill, humidity, cold and ice. each time you dropped by 2 pounds per square inch. and thank goodness elizabeth is going to be here
7:53 am
>> i can talk about football. this coughing fit. >> it happens.
7:55 am
but we have been 's day 7:56. i'm bill leslie. here are the top stories. donald trump will be back in north carolina at crown coliseum in fayetteville for a rally. trump won last night in mississippi and hawaii.
7:56 am
north carolina again sunday. marco rubio does not have any north carolina stops on his itinerary ead of tuesday's primary. a group of north carolina senators is trying to block an ordinance allowing ansgender peopleto use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. a group of senators and lieutenant governor are working together. the ordinance takes effect april 1. the weather is beautiful. >> it is. and will be for quite some time except for the weekend, wouldn't you know it. let's take a look at the durham skycam. not a cloud in the sky looking across the lucky strike tower across the american tobacco campus. right now temperatures are nice and warm. 55 roxboro, 50 goldsboro. town by town 49 rocky mount, 54 in south hill. unusually warm temperatures this morning. topping out near 80 this afternoon d tomorrow. there may be patchy fog tomorrow and chance of a shower friday. brian?
7:57 am
westbound around the us-1 interchange leaving south raleigh heading toward ry, you can see activity on the shoulders but we are not seeing any lanes blocked at is point. we still don't have flashing lights good i'm sure when we get police on the scene we will see slowdowns as people hit the brakes around that interchange as ey should. something to keep in mind leaving south raleigh heading toward us-1. a couple of accidents in garner, as far as we can tell not causing any big
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the biggest slow if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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right now on fox50 durham police investigate a shooting that left one person dead, another recovering in the hospital. donald trump is bringing in three more primary victories as his campaign stops in fayetteville. there is a huge surprise on the democratic side. it is also severe weather alert week. we are live at a school where students learn strategies to save lives. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. we begin with breaking news out of fayetteville where police are investigating a deadly hit and run. >> it happen.2:00 in the 6800 block of raeford road. a green 1997 ford ranger struck a male pedestrian. a pickup truck was left at the scene with a north carolina tag, bjp-1906. anyone with information should call police.
8:00 am
been released. more breaking news, iran has testfired two ballistic missiles with the phrase, "israel must be wiped out." written on them. this comes as vice president joe biden visits israel today. he is scheduled to speak with their prime minister who strongly opposed the nuclear deal with tehran. police are investigating a deadly shooting in the 1400 block of maple drive. two males were found with gunshot wounds at the scene. both went to the hospital, one of them died. the other is recovering from non-life-threatening wounds. no word on a suspect or motive. new information about a deadly crash on interstate 40 this involved a motorcycle and pickup truck. troopers say the motorcyclist was speeding and ran into the back of a pickup truck near


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