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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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i'm renee ou. >> i'm brian schrader in for bill leslie. >> the cathedral dome raising will be something to see. >> it will start about 9:00 and we'll be streaming it live on >> we are trying to run a time lapse on it too. our museum skycam is looking beautiful from the north carolina museum of natural sciences. we have a little sunshine over downtown raleigh. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the area this morning. that has kept our temperatures a little warmer. 60 in wake forest. 59 in durham and here at the tv studios. 61 in southern pines. so temperatures should be close to 60 as you are heading out the door. as we get closer to lunchtime, we'll see a bit more sunshine. temperature chime into the low 70s.
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day with temperatures much like yesterday. tomorrow, we'll see more cloud cover and the weekend may bring us a few scattered showers. rain is not likely to be heavy but we'll talk more about details regarding the weekend. you've had a couple of incidents pop up in the last couple of minutes that are pretty impactful. >> yes, we had an incident on 440 offer on the east side of raleigh. there is at least one accident in that area. now it hooks like there is another a little bit further along. if we take a look at the first incident, this on the beltline at new bern avenue. it looks like it is very close to being cleared. there was an overturned vehicle in the left lanes and at one point we were down to only one lane of traffic being able to move through the area. you also have the traffic merging onto 440 west.
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point is blocked. it look like they are in the process of righting that overturned car. about a mile further on i-440 west, there is another little fender bender there. that one not adding a lot of extra delays in that area. we are starting to see things clear here at nc42 in johnston county near the i-40 interchange. still waiting to get that van moved out of the way and towed out of the middle of that intersection but traffic is able to move through that area. starting to he so the typical delays at the clayton bypass in onston county. it is taking a the bit of extra time but should take you about 15 minutes to make your way from nc40 up to the 440 split. take a look at durham and things are all clear. back to you. >> thank you.
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breaking news in raleigh all morning where police found two people dead inside a vehicle in a parking lot. >> this is at the panera bread on blend wood avenue just across from the pleasant valley promenade shopping center. mikaya thurman joins us live from the scene. what have police been telling you? >> reporter: at this point, this is being investigated as a suspicious death which has escalated since when we were first here around 4:00 this morning. investigators are here focusing their investigation to the back part of this park parking lot of panera bread. they've been out here since around 12:30 this morning. once they arrived, they found the two deceased men inside of a car. they have not released the name
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they are asking for anyone that has information on this case to please reach out to raleigh police or crimestoppers. >> thank you. we are also tracking breaking news in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. that is where police say five people have been killed in a shooting and at least two gunmen are at large. police say they killed four women and a man last night during a backyard party. at least three others are in the propose, two with critical injuries. police say the gunmen barged into the party and opened fire in an ambush style attack. >> it look like they were fleeing towards the back door of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard and they all seemed to get caught on the back porch. >> police aren't saying yet what led to this attack. we'll provide updates on the
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morning. presidential candidates have descended on florida. the republicans debate in miami tonight. the democrat faced off there last night. tracie potts reports that senator marco rubio is now talking about what happens if he does not win in his home state. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned in tampa today facing new questions about her e-mails, the republican party suing for more and about whether she will be indicted. >> that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: immigration a big topic in last night's miami debate. undocumented children pouring into the u.s. without their parents. >> i said welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said send them back. that is a difference. >> that is not fair about what
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i did say we needed to be very concerned about little children coming to this country. >> reporter: marco rubio is now publicly acknowledging. >> it will come down to florida for me. we need to win here. against florida's 99 delegates, we have a very different conversation about the state of the republican race. >> florida is my place. >> reporter: meantime, frontrunner donald trump so far ahead in florida he is campaigning in north carolina folk youing on isis. >> we got to knock them out. got to knock them out. >> reporter: something he is also hoping to do in florida tuesday. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. as we mentioned, republican
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another debate tonight in florida this. comes after donald trump's rally last night in fayetteville. a large crowd packed in crown coliseum to see the gop frontrunner. trump spoke for about an hour hitting on familiar themes and touting the fact that his campaign is self-funded. he talked about getting tough with isis, taking care of veterans an immigration reform. >> we're going to have a real wall and who is going to pay for the wall? >> several time during his speech, demonstrators interrupted trump and law enforcement quickly escorted the protesters out of the building. at times, our wral cameras caught physical confrontations between demonstrators and some trump supporters. north carolina's primary is coming up on tuesday. count on wral to bring you up to the minute results throughout the night. we'll have live team coverage from the biggest races on our
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this is a big day for the catholic diocese of raleigh. the 160-ton dome is expected to raised and placed atop the new cathedral that is under construction off accept tenial parkway. -- off centennial parkway. circumstances permitting, the crepe will start lifting that dome around 9:00 a.m. you can watch it live on t should take about five hours, they say. el chapo not enjoying his time in prison and he wants the world to know it. >> what his lawyers are trying to do to try to ease his living conditions. >> the former head of the world anti-doping agency is responding to the controversy surrounding maria sharapova.
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>> i aflorida woman shot in south creigh's military says that north korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. the missile firing took place as the u.s. and south korea were conducting some large korean border. a u.s. artillery brigade launched a barrage of rockets seven miles from the heavily fortified border. defense attorneys for el chapo guzman are seeking international support for its protest over the miss prison conditions of their client. he is reportedly being held in isolation in the maximum security prison he broke out of
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a lawyer said the defense team is staking support from organizations like amnesty international and the international red cross. the attorney says he fears for guzman's life saying he is incoherent at times. the president and the first lady are greeting the canadian prime minister and his wife. it will be the second meeting between the two leaders. on the business side, they hope to discuss big topic like energy, climate change and the economy. public viewings continue today for nancy reagan. the former first lady's body is lying in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. a private funeral service is scheduled for tomorrow. mrs.reagan will be buried next to her husband at the library on sunday. reagan was 94 jurors old.
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years away from the tennis courts. what the world doping agency is saying about the drug the tennis star is accused of using. >> plus are some important
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certainly applicable today. >> you two got it right. beautiful shot there of downtown raleigh. >> they are going to be having reptile and amphibian day. renee will hold a snake. >> absolutely n this kind of weather, the reptiles like
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>> they are starting to come out. they do want to watch out for them but they certainly fill a gap and do their part in keeping the world straight. so they're useful. we do need them. our solar farm 5 looking pretty this morning. a little mix of sun and cloud cover out there. maybe not quite as bright as it was overall yesterday. we continue to have the southwesterly wind at seven miles per hour bringing us some conditions and moise ping things up a little more. it is 54 in roxboro. -- and moistening things up a little more. 59 in southern pines. 58 in fayetteville. another very mild morning.
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maces now. we'll see variably cloudy skies and into the afternoon, we should have more sunshine. the precipitation back to our west is inching ever so slowly closer to us. this front is not move very quickly. this high pressure system has been blocking it all to the west. but trying to see a little more moisture into the region. around the high, we have winds that rotate clockwise. more humidity. all along the stationary front is heavy rain especially down south. a lot of flooding happening in louisiana and in texas, really feeling for those folks. instead of this whole thin picking up and shifting east wards, it will fold over in half and the top half falls into north carolina tomorrow. we take it out to 9:00 tomorrow morning. that is the top half of the front. it just goes down into north carolina. we are not going to see the untense moisture that is happening back to the west but
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during the day on friday and then again saturday. there is 7:00 a.m. saturday. just an isolated shower or two possible on saturday. same story sunday. we really don't get into this deep moisture, this heavy stuff but we do have a chance of some showers friday, saturday, sunday and monday. that chance goes up a little bit as we get through the weekend. i'll show you our chance of rain coming up in about 30 minutes. nice and mild this afternoon and tomorrow. variably cloudy. highs near 80 degrees. on saturday, 68 degrees. we were talking about the fact that they are having reptile and am fib nan day at the museum of natural sciences on saturday. about a 30% chance of rain during the day saturday. mid 106 at noon. notice that saturday will be cooler. -- mid-60s at noon. sunday, a chance of showers and monday, we may have an isolated shower or thunderstorm.
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daylight saving time so set your clocks ahead one hour saturday night. wednesday, once the system clears out, temperatures jump up again. 83 on wednesday. the record was 86. our normal is 63. if we hit 83 wednesday, that is a god 20 degrees above normal. when we get back to normal and below normal, it will feel like a shock but it doesn't look line it will happen any time in the next eight or 10 disas. >> all i know is we will be switching the clocks forward and have more daylight into the evening so this is the happy of the time of the year for me. not so happy for our drivers. let's look at some of the trouble spots along i-40 west. the good news is that accident you see there on the beltline just cleared. we are waiting for our map to update but we are still seeing the slow drive times for people in in area. this is the westbound lanes of i-440 at new bern avenue.
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here and they were just able to tow that vehicle away that was involved in an accident. traffic will be able to move more smoothly through that area. we were tracking an accident at nc42 near i-40 and that is now cleared. they have moved the camera back to take a look the i-40. traffic moving smoothly in both directions. capital boulevard at u.s. 401, not sewing any major delays in that area. -- not seeing any major delays in that area. as we check in with durham being traffic is moving smoothly here along the durham free at cornwallis road and your drive times to downtown durham, i pretty easy ride whether you are traveling along
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the former head of the world anti-doping agency says maria sharapova is guilty of willful sentence and could face a four-year ban o monday, she admitted she tested positive for a drug called meldonium at the australian open back in january. meldonium is a drug that is designed to treat heart conditions. it is not approved by the fda and was add to the world anti- doping agency's banned list on january 1st. she could face a ban of up to to four years unless she can prove mitigating circumstances. >> the tennis association issued several warnings, none of whh she apparently read. you are running a $30 million a year sole enterprise, you better make sure the base is for that commercial success, if nothing else, remains unassailable. >> he said he did not understand why sharapova was taking the drug for 10 years. the drug manufacturer says the normal course of treatment is four to six weeks.
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international tennis federation will hold hearings to decide any long term ban. a study published yesterday in the british journal of sports medicine found up to 490 athletes may have been taking meldonium during last year's inaugural european games. a florida woman is in the hospital after her 4-year-old son accidentally shot her while she was driving. police say the boy got the gun off the floor of the pickup. the bullet went through the driver's seat hitting the 31- year-old gun rights advocate in the back. hours before this happened, she wrote on social media that her son gets jacked up to target shoot. she was an outspoken gun advocate. she is recovering from surgery. it will be week before we know for sure whether a knife found at o.j. simpson's former estate is connected to the killings of his ex-wife and her friend. there are doubts that it was
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some say it is a common knife among gardeners. o.j. simpson was aquitted of the murderers in 1995. the murder weapon never has been found. hundreds of home owners told to avoid drinking their water are getting an important update today. >> why the state of north carolina is now telling them that the water is safe to drink. >> plus, the recommendations that one if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone.
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good morning. we are following breaking news in raleigh. two men were found dead in a vehicle on glen road wave near pleasant valley road in a parking lot. the victims' names and cause of
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police are calling their deaths suspicious. it is a big day for the catholic diocese of raleigh. the 160-ton dome will be placed on the new holy name of jesus cathedral under construction off centennial parkway. there is a live picture from our tower cam. it is all supposed to begin at 9:00 this morning. you know they are counting on good weather for that. >> it is looking good. know wind is an issue. it can't be too windy with the dome flowing around t look fairly calm in terms of our winds, probably five to 10 miles out of the southwest. that is keeping our temperatures warm. 55 in roxboro. 58 in rocky mount. partly cloudy skies by the afternoon with a high temperature of 79. a little bit cloudier for friday with a high of 79. then on saturday, temperatures drop a bit to 68 for the high temperature. we have a chance of rain
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>> taking a look at our live commute map, we have a couple of accident have cleared but some new ones that have popped up. let's start taking a look at one accident that is down in fuquay-varina at this point in the morning. this is going to be on judd parkway as well as 401 so starting to see some delays for those who are moving northbound at this point in the morning. as we head to holly springs, there is an accident on holly springs road at the intersection of sunset lakewood so do be prepared for delays in that area. we are starting to see the
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a tech initiative is coming public meetings start today about classifying duke energy coal ash ponds in north carolina. >> the state department of environmental quality came one the draft proposal. this is important because the classification will determine when each pond must be closed. the agency will present the draft to the public in 14 meetings throughout the state all this month. the meetings tonight are at robeson, central carolina and wayne community colleges. they all begin at 6:00. the meeting are happening as at state does a major about-face on the safety of hundreds of wells near coal ash ponds. the state department of health and human services told more than 300 families their well water was not stave to drink. the agency says its testing standards were too strict and 235 of those wells are safe after all. the new standards mean duke
7:30 am
provide bottled drinking water for those homes. nash county deputies are showing off the largest hair win seizure in the county's history. the tar river task force discovered 347 bricks of heroin during a traffic stop monday morning. we'll be getting another update from state health officials about the flu today. at last report, there had been five flu-related deaths since october in north carolina. overall though, this flu season has been mild. more than 200 people died last year. the season typically lasts through may. this afternoon, i'm emcee an event that grouser mccrory will be at where he is announcing a $1 million grant to seven local nonprofits. they are groups that have come together for help improve health outcomes for hundreds of young people. it is the glaxo smith line impact grant. officer body cameras, a community oversight board and more police training are recommendations for police
7:31 am
a community task force takes those suggestions to raleigh's human relations commission tonight. they hope the commission will endorse the recommendations an present them to raleigh city council. some groups representing sheriffs and police officers in north carolina told state lawmakers that body cameras should not be mandated by the state. the groups say no agency should be forced to adopt the devices. a spokesman for the sheriff's group says body cameras are an expensive undertaking that each agency would be responsible for funding. the state capital police welcoming a new four-legged officer to their team. take a look at balu, a 19-month- old german shepherd. he recently completed explosive detection training. can he search if a variety of explosive materials. he will partner with his handler, officer kevin johnson. i am an andy griffith show fan.
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had the blood hound and it was name blue. he was convinced he could show the dog a picture of e suspect. >> that is the best show. still to this day. we are having more beautiful weather. we have a little bit more cloud cover out there than the last couple of days. looking a little grayer over downtown durham. but getting into the afternoon, the cloud will thin and temperature will climb pretty rapidly. temperatures range from the mid- 40s to nearly 60. 59 in chapel hill. just a nice mild start to the day today with a mix of sup and clouds. at the bus stop this morning, the kids probably need a light jacket. we'll climb up to nearly 80 this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. it will be a bit breezy. a chance of showers begins tomorrow an continues into the weekend. it is not likely to be a washout. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. tara has her hands full
7:33 am
of raleigh and around the beltline. >> we'll take a look at that drive along i-40 west this morning. there was an earlier accident on nc4 #. that has cleared. we are seeing some heavier traffic as people are moving along through i-40 west. here a look at that westbound traffic at jones sausage road. it will take you 13 minutes from the cleveland area of johnston county up to the 440 schmidt this morning. we take a look at the south side of raleigh where we are also seeing some slowdowns. here a look at the westbound traffic at lake wheeler road on i-40. taking you 12 minutes so add some time to your commute from the split on out to u.s. 1. we to have a couple of extra accidents that we are following. some that have just popped up on our map.
7:34 am
earlier accident here on the beltline at 440 west. i do know one of those is clear so we may have another one. as we move down to holly springs and fuquay-varina, two accident to let you know about. one on 401 north doesn't seem to be adding a lot of delays at judd parkway. and holly springs road and sunset lake road, also following a crash near 540 at this point at 64. coming up. back to you. >> thank you. for the first time, anybody can drink a beer while cheering on their favorite team at the acc tournament. until now, only people with the high-end premium seats could buy a beer at the tournament. now, all fans will be able to get a beer as renee points out, age appropriate, of course.
7:35 am
>> the acc said it made the other events. take a look at the schedule for today. because of the 12:00 game, the noon newscast will air here on fox 50. olympic gymnast gabby douglas is going to let the world watch as she attempts to make history. the reigning olympic all around champion and her family are doing a reality show called douglas family gold. the show centors douglas as she seeks to defend her title at the 2016 olympics in rio. the 19-year-old trains in ohio where she lives with her grandmother while the rest of her family helps balance her various business interests and their own lives in california. the show debuts on the oxygen network may 25th. don't forget, can you watch
7:36 am
when we show the olympics here on wral this summer. >> can't wait. that will be fun. >> it will be a big month in august. does the thought of lying on the beach with your feet in the sand make you feel guilty? >> no. this is something can you talk about at work today. we'll tell you how different generations feel about vacation shaming. >> filming continues on the next installment of the star wars sag a we'll tell you where.
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winning lottery numbers. the flight schedule is guardia airport. the damage came from a plane that blew out a chunk of cop crete on the runway as it was landing and caused a hole. crews had to close the runway to fix it and that led tie bottleneck for flights --to a bottleneck for flights trying to get in and out. volkswagen group of america says ceo michael horne has resigned effective immediately. the company has been under fire since admitting that some of its diesel cars included software that was programs to cheat admissions tests. the united states is suing vw and the company faces up to $18 billion in fines. volkswagen's international ceo, mart unwintercorn resigned last september due to the scandal. ving is almost officially here and airlines are projecting an increase in travel.
7:40 am
airlines are projecting a 3% increase. that would amount to 140 million passengers during march and april. the trade group airlines for america, also says that would be the highest ever for spring travel. 1 # 6.2 million passengers travel by air during the same period last year. >> apparently all that travel brings emotional baggage. >> who knew? >> this is all we've talked about. if you felt guilty about taking that last vacation, you are not alone. that is according to i new study by alamo rent a car that fines vacation shaming has become prevalent in the american workplace especially among millennials. 59% of employed millennials described a sense of shame for taking a vacation. oddly enough, employed millennials are not more likely to feel vacation shame but they are more likely to shame their
7:41 am
>> i would never shame brian or elizabeth for taking a vacation. >> as much as i take, i would really be in trouble. >> recharge your batteries. a white house-led effort to boost tech jobs is coming to the triangle. we'll tell you which local companies will participate in the obama administration's tech hire program. >> you may have seen the face
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did you know sheryl crow went to my alma mater, the university of missouri. she was there a few years before. but she was a kappa alpha theta. >> look at her. >> i enjoy her music. >> i got to see her at walnut creek a number of years ago. >> i'm sure she is touring still. >> we have some exciting events happening across the street from us. this is the catholic diocese of raleigh. they are building this beautiful new cathedral there. that is the dome that you see connected to the crane and they are going to lift the dome up on top of the building later on today. it will sit right there. so they've got it all prepped. they are just waiting for -- i think they will start at 9:00 potentially. we have a crew over there. so we'll catch it so we'll
7:45 am
that should be pretty cool to see as that happens. then, as you are driving down western boulevard near wral, you will see that. it is a huge building. 59 is our current temperature. it is a beautiful day for it. they do have a little concern with the wind. right now, our wind is southwest at seven miles per hour and as long as the wind is below 18 miles per hour, they will be okay. i think we will. i don't think we'll see any strong gusty wind this morning. our dew point, 56 degrees. in roxboro, it is 59. our temperatures are running a little warmer than they were yesterday. we had some cloud overnight. the clouds act as an insulating blanket. temperatures are closer to 60 this morning. 63 in southern pines. 59 in goldsboro. we do have some changes coming. we can't hang on to the sunshine forever. and i'll explain how the changes will come about now. we have high pressure right here. it is pulling in more moisture into north carolina. it may feel more muggy to you
7:46 am
we have a stationary front right up and down the mississippi valley. this has been dragging up moisture from the gulf of mexico and producing heavy rain and flooding and severe weather. this has been a real mess because it hasn't been moving. it starts to move tomorrow. instead of the whole thing picking up and shifting eastward like the systems so often do, it will fold in half. the top part will fold over into north carolina and out to bring is a chance of rain starting tomorrow. i think our chance for rain today is very slim. even friday, we are talking about just isolated showers. in 30 mipped, we'll walk through and show you the rain saturday. set and sand, i 30% chance of rain both days. but the amounts are incredibly light. through the day on saturday, this includes friday and saturday's rain. we are talking about a trace to a tenth of an inch. that is nothing. we might have a slightly better chance of more rain on sunday but still, we are looking at very, very small amounts. not a washout for the weekend but more cloud and at least a
7:47 am
up fortunately, the folks here along the mississippi valley especially down into parts of mississippi and louisiana continue to have heavy rain. the flooding problems there are only going to get worse. we'll have some pretty weather here this afternoon. clearing skies, 79. 79 again on friday. saturday, our temperatures will drop into the upper 60s instead of upper 70s. so a little bit cooler saturday an sunday. once that system moves on out of here, our temperature get cranked up again. 83 for the high on we had. 20-degree above our normal of 636789 and the record, 86ment we won't quite hit the record but we'll be close to it. tar a you have been busy in the last hour or so. a number of accidents. >> let's take a look at the east side of raleigh and we have all three lanes blocked here at the knightdale bypass. traffic is able to move by on
7:48 am
but when you have all three lanes block there had in the eastbound lanes, that is going to cause quite a bit of trouble. we've got dot checking out around the area and the camera. but again, eastbound lanes, that is where we are going to see the most amount of trouble here. hopefully, they can get that cleared as soon as possible. let's take a look at what this look like on our live commute map at this point in the morning. this is where the accident is here. and you will start to encounter pretty much as soon as you enter u.s. 64, 264 from this point of the morning. you will start to see some of the delays. let's look at some of the other trouble spots around the triangle. we have ahad quite a few accidents keep popping up. another accident on nc42 at i- 40. at this point, the traffic camera is on i-40 and it is not showing anything. let's take a look at fuquay- varina. you will run into an accident
7:49 am
401 in holly springs and one at sunset lake road and holly springs road. on the south sued of raleigh, things really starting to slow down. take a look at the drive times coming up. the white house is adding raleigh to its tech hire initiative. the idea is to bring low skilled workers into the tech economy by matching employers with training programs. here in our area, nc state and wake tech will work alongside companies like ibm and capital broadcasting which owns wral in order to train workers n raleigh, the program plans to place 50 workers into jobs within the first year and 350 work ares by the year 2020. in a match-up between man and machine, who wins? so far, it is machine n seoul, south korea, the artificially intelligent compute are defeated human champion in a
7:50 am
the computer's win signifies a huge advancement in artificial intelligence. the human lost the first match but he has four more chances inform he wins in the best of five series, he will win $1 million. do is equis is replacing its long time commercial act foyer a younger actor to attract young are drivenners. that is jonathan goldsmith. he has been the face of the mexican beer company's ad since 2007. his last commercial will show him being shipped off in a rocket for a one-way trip to mars. his final words will be the classic line. >> maybe he will be the most interesting man on mars. >> not a lot of competition. the filming of the new star wars film is now under way in dubrovnik, croatia. crews were seen setting up for
7:51 am
section of the city. filming will last for eight days. the eighth installment of the series will be released december of 2017. the sound track of a childhood right there. your thumbs just move along with the music. >> perfect for flowback thursday. >> it is national mario day. did you know that? national mario day. it is official and unofficial at the same time inform you spell out mario and if we take the camera, i've done the work for you, viewers. so if you write it out, march 10, it kind looks like mario. you can celebrate or just play mario. time if a look at what's trending. remember the so-called hot
7:52 am
well, guess what in he is out swooning. junior my meeks was sentenced in july to just over two years charges. his mug shot was posted on a california police department's facebook page and it went viral. yesterday. and now this hot convict or sexy felon is pursue a modeling career. after going behind bars, meeks white cross management. he posted this picture of himself and his manager on twitter and instagram saying i want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers. i am overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. i am ready. someone is really upset about the noise at reagan airport. last year, nearly 87 noise complaint were made about the airport. 3/4 of those complaint came from the same person.
7:53 am
that is the equivalent of making about 18 call ever y of the year. they haven't named the frequent
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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here are your top stories. we are following breaking news in raleigh. two men were found dead in a vehicle in the parking lot of panera bread on glenwood avenue. the call came in around 1:30 last night. this is near pleasant valley road. the victims' names and their cause of death have not been released. police do say they are calling the investigate suspicious. officer body cameras be a community oversight board and more police training are
7:56 am
reform in raleigh. a community task force takes those suggestions to raleigh's human relations commission tonight. they hope the commission will ebb dorse the emrations and eventually take it to city council. let's get a check on our gorgeous weather with elizabeth. >> more pretty days ahead. take a look at our roxboro skycam. it is a little cloudier this morning than it was yesterday. we are seeing felt ared sunshine through the clouds and as we get closer to lunchtime, we'll see more blue and less gray. it won't have an effect on our high temperatures this afternoon. it is 59 in roxboro and south hill. 52348 fayetteville. 60 in clinton. it is nice and warm this morning. we'll see a high near 08 today and tomorrow. a chance of some showers saturday and sunday and slightly cooler. >> all three lanes are back open at the knightdale bypass. this is some good news in the eastbound lanes at hodge road. we should start to see some of the delays alleviate at this point in the morning.
7:57 am
accident is and you will start to see the traffic be able to move through that area much quicker at this point in the morning. no longer are those delays starting all the way at the beltline at this point. we are delay-free through johnson county and up through garner this morning. still starting to see some of that congestion through the south side of raleigh. we will take a look at the other accidents on our map coming up shortly. back to you.
7:58 am
7:59 am
our camera at the donald trump we continue to follow breaking news in raleigh where police are investigating two suspicious deaths. >> we are following a mass shooting in pennsylvania. what we are learning about the number of victims and the search for suspects. >> a big day for the catholic diocese of raleigh as their new cathedral right next door to us here at the tv station will get a new significant feature, that beautiful shiny dome that will be placed atop the building today. >> a nice process an we are look forward to that. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm brian schrader in for bill leslie. we are following breaking news all morning long after two men were found dead inside a vehicle in a parking lot. >> this was near the panera bread. mikaya thurman is live at the scene and she has been following this all morning. we understand police are now calling these suspicious deaths.
8:00 am
when we first arrived, it was simply a death investigation. then that escalated to just around 6:00 a.m. to a suspicious death investigation. you can actually see investigators just beyond my left shoulder here that are looking and focusing the investigation to a vehicle that we can't see but we do know that it is parked right beyond that wall. i can tell that you just around 12:30 a.m., police responded to a welfare check. when they arrived, they did find two men that were deceased inside of a vehicle. at this time, they have not released the identities of those two victims. they say that is pending the next of kin notification as well as the cause of their death. >> thank you. we are also following breaking news this morning near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. police say five people have been killed in a shooting and at least two gunmen are at large. police say they killed four


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