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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  WRAZ  March 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> the day after supporters of a charlotte bathroom ordinance rallied in raleigh, opponents are now speaking out in the queen city. thank you for joining us. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. >> we are following breaking news out of lee county where one man is dead and a deputy is injured following a crash involving an atv and the deputy's car t happened just after 1:00 in the morning when lee county deputy manuel torres was doing a security check. he turned from a church parking lot and hit an a tv driver head high pressure on. drop ares say the atv was
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he was hit. new overnight, police in texas shot and killed two robbery suspected. they wounded two others outside a houston furniture store. when the men walked out, officers were waiting on them. the group that was being monitored by a tactical police team investigating other robberies in the day. five police officers fired their weapons. two guns belonging to the suspects were recovered but it is not clear if the suspects fired any shots. one did pose as a store employee and tried to hide in a truck parked in front of the business. no officers were hurt. a tip leads police to an arrest in a nearly 15-year-old murder case. marcos democrat la cruz is in the wake county jail. he is charged in the death of isabelle lopez. lopez was reported missing intown. her remains were found two
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a tip to police last year helped authorities connect the two. cruz was already in prison on an unrelated case. today, the largest animal acongress in aspca history begins. >> the group hopes to find new homes for close to 650 rescued dogs and cats. what i great day this will be. tara lynn, one of our biggest period of time pet lovers we have here, this has to be an exciting day for you. >> reporter: it certainly is. we have more than 600 animals in sanford. you might be asking why are they here? they needed a facility that would be large enough to house all of these animals to give them the care that they need and also host such a large adoption event. joining me now is the a field operations manager, tim and tell us about who you have here
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terrier mix and he is one of almost 600 animals we have available for adoption this weekend. we have dogs and cats and you can see he just likes to snuggle. i hope that everybody comes out and supports these animals. they've really been through enough. little time to get them into a home. this is also a wonderful opportunity. these animals have all been ccat. ey've been spayed or neutered, they've had medical care. they are healthy, happy and ready for a home. >> reporter: he cover a lot of these stories where they have a god heart, they want to help the animal and they just keep taking them in and things get overwhelming. the animals were in some bad health conditions you'll still amazed that only one dog, one cat had to be euthanize out of 650. tell us about the medical conditions. >> this whole weekend is in the animals and the situation they were in and where they are today.
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partners have worked incredibly hard to get the animals healthy. we have ahad so many medical issues, i can't even begin to count but some really major medical issues but our commitment was to the animals from the beginning to get them to this point. we've done that and today and saturday and sunday, we hope to see lines of people out here wanting to come in because there is an animal here for everybody. >> reporter: that's right. about 650 dogs and cats. make sure you have proof of your identification and have a carrier to take home with you. you will have to answer some questions to make sure this is the right pet for you and you are the right person for the pet.
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dog and cats being pretty vocal saying please adopt me. >> good work by all involved. thank you. republican lawmakers are trying to decide whether to return for a special session to consider outlawing a charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance t tax effect april 1st. a group opposed to the ordinance will speak out today in charlotte. that come a day after supporters of ordinance came to raleigh to it tell lawmakers to leave it alone. the ordinance allows transend are people to use the rest room of the gender with which they identify. >> similar ordinances are already in effect in 200 plus cities around the nation including in myrtle beach and columbia, south carolina. there have not been any public safety issues in those other communities and i do not see the south carolina legislature racing to waste $42,000 a day to fix a problem that poses no actual problem.
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leaders and community leaders. they are urging the governor and the general assembly to take immediate action to overturn this measure. seize the day. i think we'll seize it one more time. >> our beautiful weather is expiring, i guess. >> just for a few days. tomorrow and sunday are going to be on the wet and chilly side. we'll have some cold mornings at the beginning of next week. by the time we get to wednesday and thursday of next week, we're right back into the 70s with plenty of sunshine. let's take a look at our apex skycam. it is pretty out there. early this morning before the sun came out, we had overcast conditions. skies are clearing from west to east and we are seeing plenty of sunshine in apex right now n cary, it is 49. 48 in wake forest. a little on the cool side but the sunshine makes it feel nice. wide range in our temperatures from 41 in roxboro and south
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54 in goldsboro. the cooler air filtering in from the north. at lunchtime, mid-60s. we'll see a high of 71 this afternoon compared to yesterday's high of 77. and highs over the snow will be in the 40s and 50s. some rain. we'll tell you whether the rain is likely to roll in and how long it stick around coming up in just a few minutes. bryan mims in for brian schrader this morning. what is your biggest backup out there? >> a good question. there are quite a few accidents and no big backups. that is good. we don't like to talk about bumper-to-bumper traffic on friday morning certainly or any morning. there are a number of accident around the triangle. the one just -- the latest one is here at new bern avenue and 440t doesn't look like, according to the sensors, that it is causing many delays at that interchange but just
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outer lanes of 440 over the last 45 minutes to an hour have been slow going but, in the last couple of minutes, things have markedly improved. the speeds of traffic here on 440 westbound were around 45 miles per hour but it looks like the traffic is speeding up through there now and not seeing much of a slowdown. let's take a look at the traffic camera. looking good there. traffic moving at posted speeds. let's take a look at i-40 and rock quarry road around the fortify construction zone. not seeing any issues there. just a beautiful friday morning. sun is shining. no problems whatsoever on 40 coming in from johnston county. 42 to i-440, just a nine- manhunt drive there. you do see a little bit of a showdown from 440 to u.s. 1. the dump trump movement may be gaining some steam this more thanking. >> what we are learning about a
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>> we'll take you out to the pnc arena where carolina fans celebrated their first win of season. recall.
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could put your health at risk. donald trump's emergence as
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a tine yankee pool of presidential candidates left has spured a scramble by political power brokers to try to shut down his campaign. >> as tracie potts tells us, republicans against trump are looking at two options. how to beat him or to you ho give him some competition. >> reporter: this closed door meeting organized by conservative republicans looking for a strategy to beat donald trump. it is not clear that that is ted cruz. they are looking at backing a third party candidate in november. >> hopefully, there is time to still prevent a trump nomination. >> reporter: at a late rally last night of course bernie sanders called on democrats to unite. >> that trump is avenue day dividing us up. >> reporter: an "l.a. times" editorial warns trump to knock off the rabble rousing about riots if he is not nominated describing him as a
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tantrum. >> to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> reporter: any scathing speech, the senate's top democrat argues republicans cannot have it both ways condemning trump and supporting him. >> they should put on make america great again hats and stand behind trump at his next press conference. >> reporter: trump's response in he is ignoring it all tweeting overnight that hillary clinton is corrupt and focusing on tuesday's primary in arizona. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. michigan's governor is on the hot seat before congress. what he told u.s. lawmakers about the water crisis in flint. >> plus a study of racial bias in traffic stops focuses on the
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disturbing trend. >> look at all that sunshine there. what you walked in, our skies were cloudy. the clouds have been shifting eastward. all that sunshine should be continuing your way. 48 is on you are current temperature. you know, you might want to step outside and feel rs what does 48 feel like in that is as warm as it will get on sunday. the air mass is fairly dry right now. our cool spot, 41 in south mill. our warm spot is 56 in clinton.
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across the area. we should see temperatures warming up into the mid-60s by lunchtime and a high of about 71. it is just that the weekend will be so much different than the weather we've had for the last two weeks. you know it had to happen at some point. the temperatures come crashing down. we'll see a high temperature of 56 after starting off at 46 in the morning. our morning low on sunday will be 39. the high of 48 with rain in the forecast saturday and sunday. just be prepared for this cloudy, school, wetter weekend. here is how all of that is going to happen. we have our cluck shifting off the coast. -- we have our cloud cover shifting off the coast. we have a low pressure system that has form ad long the low and that will ride along the front out here into the atlantic where it will gain some moisture. that moisture will lift northward and as the low moves up the coast, it will spread the moisture into the area. we'll cut back to these.
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so cute. mom and dad just threw out of the nest. it is coming out of its shell. look. there is mom saying come on out, come on out. that is neat. and she is going to cover him up just like a mom. oh, that is really need. kiel continue to check in with the eagle later in our newscast and this evening and into the weekend too. neat, neat stuff. back to our weather today. it will be beautiful today. there is 9:00 all the way through the afternoon and into the evening. and then overnight, our skies cloud up a little bit and by just after lunchtime, the rain starts to roll into our area. we'll see rain overnight and into sunday morning. there is 7:00 a.m. even in the afternoon, we may see some lingering drizzle. it may not completely move out on sunday. plan some indoor things over the wound. 71 for today.
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they are trying again for the world record kilt run on glenwood avenue saturday morning at 9:30. i think it will be pretty dry for that. saturday afternoon, then sunday morning will be fairly wet. it will just be a miserable day sunday. 33 on monday morning t will be a cold start to the workweek and even tuesday morning remains cold at 29. after that, temperatures warm up nice hi. our normal low just for reference, 41 degrees. wednesday and thursday, temperatures finally climb back up into the 70s. it is a fairly briefling stretch with temperatures below normal. it is going to be a huge change compared to what we've been seeing. two triangle teams are still dancing but they had their moments yesterday when they weren't looking too good. a career high 23 points for marshall plumly and duke
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duke pulled away at the end and won by eight. 93-85. march madness has set in in the triangle. carolina won their game. >> we are getting to it right now. >> unc fans were feeling the basketball fever at pnc arena. lynda loveland talked to the tarheel faithful during yesterday appear nail biter part of the game. -- yesterday's nail biter part of the game. for carolina fans. just a short drive down the road and they get to see their the ncaa tournament. family. >> i love t we keep advancing but we could go somewhere else. i love it being in raleigh. >> when you are a busy mom and have lots of responsibilities, you know to get the opportunity to do a girls weekend to come down and see some basketball, that is pretty awesome.
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and maybe lucky in scratch- offs. james mcneil felt he needed to try. >> i'm feeling lucky because we are playing 16 seed so therefore, why not? >> reporter: maybe there is something special about this night. we even found this duke fan helping a carolina fan pick out a t-shirt. something special indeed. it is not the wearing of the green on this st. patrick's day. it is about the making of the green. >> for us, it is an economic engine not just for us but for the community. you get a lot of visitors from out of town. these are really, really special events and wear honored to get them. >> and the final score unc83, florida gulf coast, 67. tomorrow, duke will play yale at 2:40 and unc will play providence at 9:40 p.m. wral is your hoops headquarters keeping you up to date with the latest scores, player
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house lawmakers took turns grilling michigan's governor administrator gina mccarthy over the police department water crisis. some called for their resignations. republican governor repeatedly apologized for his role in the crisis. snide he placed the blame on all levels of government and says he is committed to finding a permanent long-term solution. the water was contaminated with lead. two recalls to tell you about this morning and in one of them, the consequences could be life-threatening. bumblebee is recalling thousands of cans of chuck light tune in a. in oil an watt we are best by dates in february of 2019. the five ounce cans may have been contaminated during a
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sesms. and chicken of the sea tuna
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the fda has all of the i'm renee chou with your top stories. in me county, a deputy's cruiser collided with an all terrain vehicle killing the atv driver. the deputy was on routine patrol. the deputy was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. hundreds of dogs and cats are up to adoption today in sanford for free. about 650 animals need loving homes. they were rescued in january from the haven which was an
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operated in rayford. drrs need photo i. d., prove of understood rest and a crate -- adopter need photo id, proof of address and a crate to transport the animal in. let's take a look at our durham skycam. looking beautiful. the sun is coming up behind the dbap there. they are about two weeks away from the home opener there. spring is coming. we'll just have a little setback with the temperatures. highs over the weekend, upper 40s to upper up are 50s with some showers. the main area of concern is the beltline. we are seeing significant slow downs there on westbound i-440 as you approach glenwood avenue. speeds about 20 to 25 miles per
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let's show you what it looks like there. lassiter mill road, can you see a backup on the westbound lanes of i-440. once you get to six forks road, this is the traffic as it backs up to six forks road. once you get past that on lake boone trail looking pretty good. we'll have more news coming
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stay with us. south a new study takes a look at racial bias in traffic stops in durham. >> according to report, black
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pulled over in traffic stops by durham police from january of 2010 to october of 2015. the study shows the odds of a black man being pulled over was 44% higher during the day when you can see easily inside a car than at night when it is dark. the study looked at sick gyres of data and -- six years of data and over 151,000 traffic stops. there was no racial profiling found among female drivers. there is a court appearance for a man who left one man dead and another injured. david souls is accused of shooting a fort and son in argue argument on monday. the son is still recovering from his wounds. souls was released on $25,000 bond.
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degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. johnston county authorities arrested two people in connection with the double homicide. mag use jones and jessica pyatte were found dead in a home actually toddler was found in the home uncharged. gerald paul is charged with murder. tara will on is charged with accessory after the fact governor pat mccrory has shut down the coal ash management commission. the group was set up by state lawmakers to oversee the clean- up of unlined coal ash pits across the state. that work will shift to the division of environmental quality. that agency is overseep by governor mccrory. mccrory challenged the creation of the coal ash commission in court and won his case after he argued that it was an intrusion on his executive authority. workers will begin repairing an emergency room
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a man suffered a medical mrnl and crashed into the lobbery. the accident killed horace bachelor and injured two of his relatives. bachelor was waiting to be seen at the er when the crash happened. the driver survived and was treated at vident. the public got a chance to learn about and comment on a plan to extend pullen road. the city wants to stretch that road across western boulevard all the way to accept tenial parkway. this project would connect nc state's main campus to its centennial campus t would also ease congestion on roads like abend ferry that connect the two streets. >> i think it would help the traffic especially around 4:00 to 5:00 in the evening. you have to learn how to be patient with it. it can be pretty bad. >> the city has talked about this idea for decades. it surfaced again because of construction of that new
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the diocese of raleigh and nc state will split the $3 million cost with the city. work will start next spring. the road is expected to open at the end of next year. a former camp lejeune marine receives a high losty decoration today. sergeant matthew parker will be awarded the silver star this afternoon. it is for parker's courageous actions during a fire fight in afghanistan in 2011. park anterior assumed command two of squads and mounted a counterattack against the enemy. jordan lake's annual spring clean-up is this weekend. park rangers say the situation is worse than usual. the lake rose to very high levels in january because of heavy rains and that pushes trash onto two popular camping areas and national woods near heavily used hiking trails. the clean-up is tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the new hope overlook access to jordan state recreation area. that is off pea ridge road in new hill.
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that will be tolerable will be in the morning tomorrow. >> that's right. we could see rain tomorrow. >> that's right. in the afternoon, probably after lunchtime and rain on saturday night and into the first part of the day on sunday. you know, even after that, it may taper off but we could still see drizzle or patchy light rain into sunday afternoon. the clouds are lingering for a bit in the eastern part of the viewing area but plenty of sunshine shining there on the back of the courthouse t looks gorgeous. our temperatures are a little cool this morning and we are talking about a big cooldown for the next several days. it is 51 in henderson. it is 47 in wilson. so dibble long sleeve weather out there by the courthouse this morning. 64 64 at will you please. time. -- so definitely long sleeve weather out there by the courthouse this morning.
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we'll talk more about the weekend and then the bitterly cold temperatures that will start next week in just a few minutes. uber is launching a pilot program in san francisco that is inended to help its drivers collect their pay faster. the company will allow drivers to deposit earning each ride into an account with a subsidiary of the prepaid debit card company green dot. there will not be any fees for the service and go bank will not charge a monthly fee as long as drivers access their accounts at least once every six months. the program is also an effort to fend off emerging payday lenders targeting drivers. fitbit users can get motivation from amazon's virtual assistant to reach their goals. when prompted, amazon's alexa equipped devices can communicate with fit bit and what it knows about the user's exercise performance and vitals and if needed provide encouragementment.
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fitbit how many steps you've taken, she might responsibility you've taken about 4500 and still need 5500 more steps to reach your daily goal. the st. patrick's day celebrations continue into the weekend. our out and about editor will be here with more on that. >> she will tell us about a most unusual organ concert in the triangle this weekend. >> plus a fire breathing stunt
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high school students. the celebration of st. patrick's day and spring continues across the triang until weekend. >> there are a number of exciting events you might want to check out. kathy hanrahan has compiled a short list of them this morning. >> there is so much going on. >> tell us about the kilt run.
8:39 am
you needed to wear your kilt for this. if you have a regulation kilt, can you do this tomorrow. >> got a good one. it cost a lot of money, i'm telling you. >> they are trying to break the world record for most runners wearing kilts. they want to you go out there and run a three block stretch tomorrow morning in your kilt i don't what color is your kilt, bill? >> it is a leslie tartan. i'm deep forest green with hints of red and blue. it is very similar to the stewart tartan. i. >> i bet you wear it well. >> he didn't want to show up the other people. >> yeah, they might not have as great a kilt as you. if you don't have a kilt, following that, they will do the run green 8 come. >> tass at 10:30. >> then they'll be doing a special celebration over at raleigh beer garden. can you go over to live music, drinks food.
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sure picking up the pieces tour to durham saturday night. >> it has been a while. jewel has been gone for a while. she has been recording and writing. tick ernesto are available to that and that is happening the carolina three -- theater of durham. and if you have never seen this, he plays an organ. he will be at nc state this weekend. an international touring organ. >> he brings his own organ on tour. >> and look at his feet on stage working there too. >> it is amazing. i don't know how he does that. organ music, bringing it into 2015. >> sounds like phantom of the opera there. >> a little bit. >> you can introduce your
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>> if you are into some comedy. >> bill bellamy def comedy jam. mtv has done dozens of movies. he will be over at good nights comedy club all weekend. what about that bizarre bazaar craft? >> lots of vendors, food trucks, life music. 1like to 6:00 p.m. it is a great family first sunday. -- 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. >> and another great family pick, food truck rodeo, the first one of season in wake forest. that is happening in front of the renaissance corrupter in that parking lot. lots of food trucks, music. >> there may be pockets of decent weather.
8:42 am
not going to feel like spring. thank you so much. >> thank you. for more information on these events and many more, search out and about on a hearty treat on the half shell.
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schrader and lisa prince here's a little song i wrote you might want to sing it note for note don't worry be happy >> let nature take care of
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>> the eagles are so happy. they have a brand-new baby. either mom or dad is sitting on the baby right now. this is up in d.c. >> wave been happy to watch this all morning. >> we did see a glimpse of the eaglet. >> we might catch atonline i anot sure what web cam that is from. if the producer wants to tell us. >> the national arboretum in d.c. you can find it at can you follow along. >> nice high def cam. >> the eaglet is so cute. >> all is well there. >> our weather will be fantastic this afternoon for anything you have planned. tomorrow, not so much. we start off with our look from the north carolina museum of natural sciences, speaking of eagles. our camera looking over the
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can you see just a hint of a breeze there with the flags in front of the building and lots of sunshine over downtown raleigh. i love this view. you can see how the trees are sort of in stages of leafing out. some of them kind of producing some pollen, others some blooms, some leaves and some haven't even begun to leaf out. this is the beautiful thing about spring. it changes every day especially when our temperatures get really warm. things start to bloom fairly regularly. all that may come to a halt over the weekend. 48 is our current temperature. a little on the cool side. 36 is our dew point t doesn't have anything to do with temperatures. it is the moisture in the atmosphere so we'll warm up into the low 70s this afternoon. we won't have any humidity to speak of. it is in the mid others in southern pines and erwin. mid-40s around roxboro. we'll have a chilly start to spring. the first day of spring is sunday. sunday of the next seven days will be the grossest day we'll
8:47 am
a high of only 48. we'll see showers mostly in the morning. we take a look at what our first days of spring have looked like for the last five years. 51 last year. then 55 and 81 in 2012. over the last five years, we haven't had a lot of gorgeous days for the start of spring. that 81 is not that normal. we saw that on wednesday. still fairly unusual for us to see 80s in march. our skies starting cloudy this morning. this cheering now. we have a low pressure system down here along the stationary front. going to ride along the front. when it gets out into the atlantic, it will pick up some additional moisture and strengthen a bit. that is where our rain will be coming from over the weekend. we'll start to see the clouds tonight. but the rest of today stays really nice. we take you out to lunchtime and sigh the afternoon, pretty conditions for us with a high of about 70 degrees. we'll wake up to clouds on
8:48 am
we'll see showers that roll in about lunchtime or so. if you have have morning plans, you are probably okay but by noon, you want to know where the umbrella is. sunday, a big band of rain coming new in the morning. just some sprinkles on and off through lunchtime and gradual clearing. i think it will stay pretty gray for us for most of the weekend. enjoy today's 71. our temperature 57 on saturday. just for reference, our normal high temperature this time of year is in the mid-60s. we'll drop down almost 10- degree below normal for saturday. our chance of rain ramps up as we get through the day and on sunday, it ramps down. if you have plans on sunday to be outside, you'll have a bitter chance of staying drier even sunday afternoon. even sunday afternoon may produce some drizzle. we start at 33. so temperatures down near freezing to kick off the week both monday and tuesday. it will be winter coat weather. be sure to tune in to make and amy over the weekend.
8:49 am
changes that may happen to our forecast. right now, it looks like we won't have any freezen precipitation. not quite that cold. the precipitation moves out before the really cold air comes in. then we're back up to nearly 80 by next thursday. >> thank you. we feature north carolina seafood many times on local dish and this month, we are going to focus specifically on recipes using fresh north carolina clams. >> this week, brian schrader and lisa prince start out with a reliable favorite. >> this is kind of a flowback. >> we'll just make some good old stuffed clams. i tried to jack them up a little bit with fresh mushrooms and fresh parsley. >> reporter: jo melt some butter and saute chopped onions and mushrooms until they are tender. add salt being pepper, paprika and flour and stir aall together. add some chucked and chopped north carolina claims and let
8:50 am
>> you want to stir in in stuffing mix and some fresh parsley. >> combine it well and pour the clam mixture into the stuffing mix. >> we have our clam shells that we cleaned really well and we've agreesed them. >> what did you use, like wd- 40? the household oil? >> we use butter. >> royce does not care for my scooping technique. >> oh, my gosh. you can also put it in a casserole dish and serve it with toast points and you have an appetizer. >> bake it and serve it with lemon wedges. >> that is a good stuffed clam. >> clam meat with some stuffing and j. and some mushrooms and onions. >> it's good. >> can you get your copy of the recipe on enter recipes in the search box and look for a link to the
8:51 am
next week, brian and lisa serve up spicy clams over risotto. a man is recovering after his fire breathing stunt at a florida high school went wrong. during the stunt, a man is supposed to jump over a ball of fire but rickey charles accidentally set himself on fire. he suffered first degree burns on his face. he says he has been doing the routine for more than 30 years but used a new lamp oil that he had never practiced with. >> he was putting the fire in his south so we're thinking oh,' fine. all of a sudden, he is throwing the fire on his face. >> it got all over his body. and he started throwing it off his arms. >> that is hard to watch. several students were treated for breathing problems. some were taken to the hospital for further evaluation. the pep rally was organized to get students excited for the state standardized tests. we are getting our first look at new detail images of pluto, the dwarf planet.
8:52 am
taken by the new horizon spacecraft show jagged ridge lines and craters and soft slopes. nasa's scientist believes pluto has an underground ocean and that volcanos there appear to spew ice instead of fire. how the at the rain was formed really remains a mystery. the planet has an average surface temperature of minus 380 degrees. a blue diamond ring shirley temple wore for decades is up for auction. sotheby's says the ring is among more than 300 lots in the magnificent jewels auction coming up april 19th in new york. it has a presale estimate between $25 million and $35 million. the stone was bought for her for her 1th birthday at a cost of $7,200.
8:53 am
life. we have to wait a bit longer before washington, d.c.'s cherry blossoms show off the peak bloom. it is now forecast to begin march 23rd and 24th. an earlier forecast has the peak between march 18th and the 23rd but unexpectedly cooler temperatures this week have moved back the date. we are getting a behind the scenes look at fox tv's upcoming live musical, the passion. here are the stars practicing ahead of the big premier this weekend. it's two-hour tv special telling the story of last hours of christ on earth with contemporary music sung by the cast. tricia yearwood will may mary. march -- will play mary. >> what i love about the story is it tells this 2,000 engineered story but it does bring it into modern times and still preserves what is sacred about it to me. and to be a part of that is an honor. >> the passion airs sunday
8:54 am
a deadly crash into a hospital emergency department. >> still ahead, what will happen today at the scene where
8:55 am
8:56 am
had his own medical emergency i'm renee chou i'm bill leslie. good morning, everybody. here are the stopper toies. workers will begin repairing an emergency rule wall at vidant medical center later today.
8:57 am
emergency and crashed into the er's lobby yesterday morning. died. hurt. the driver, william spelman, survived. beautiful weather today but changes for the weekend. >> enjoy it today. take a look. we are heading over to wilson and can you see all the sunshine behind the courthouse there. getting a little cool there. temperatures dipped in the mid- 40s this morning. it is 47 in rocky mount and wilson. 46 in roxboro and 5 # in fayetteville. on the cool side. temperatures will feel pleasant this afternoon but not as warm as the last several days. a high of 71. rain saturday afternoon. saturday night and into sunday and cool temperatures with 50s. we've had some serious backups here on the westbound lanes of i-440 because of an accident. that is clearing up at rim road
8:58 am
delays are stretching all the way back beyond capital boulevard. traffic moving along at nine miles per hour athe westbound 440. here is the area where accident happened. ridge road has cleared up but traffic is still slowing down. we are still seeing some residual backups on 440 west. it is improving. a health alert in wake county. syphilis rates are at a 15-year high. wake join health officials say cases have doubled. today at noon, we'll explain
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say someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thanks for coming. how you folks doing? thank you very much. there you go. how you folks doing? thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for the the third day from little rock, arkansas, it's the carlton family. and from austin, texas, it's the johnson family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, head-turning ford fusion right there. let's get it on! give me gabby,


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