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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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county voters will cast their vote is not set in w=?ostone. what the elections board is telling the judge or at least recommending to a judge. >> and tens of thousands of delta passengers lined up, hoping to get to where they need to go after an outage caused major delays. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm monica renee chou. a police-involved shooting outside of sacramento in california. a suspect was seen with a gun, and residents were told to take shelter in a local library. they later said that a man was kill -- killed but no additional information. and a call in cumberland county to a home in elgin drive
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unconscious person. we are still trying to get information to confirm whether someone was gravely hurt in the incident. delta airlines is trying to make it up to tens of thousands of passengers after a computer outage. the airline will hand out refunds and travel vouchers to thousands of passengers. some people waited in line for hours to get on the delta check-in counter this morning was very busy at rdu, but we are told that things are working out and the airlines is trying to accommodate those whose flights were canceled. donald trump doing double duty in north carolina today campaigning first in wilmington and then fayetteville as he
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fellow republicans. as tracie potts reports, one of the republicans has an op-ed piece in a major american newspaper. >> reporter: in a washington post op-ed, republican senator susan collins writes donald trump lacks the temperament, self discipline, and judgment to be president showing a complete disregard for common decency. this, after 50 republican they won't vote for trump. >> this is a movement that has been swimming upstream. >> reporter: trump heads to north carolina. a monmouth university national poll puts him 13 points behind hillary clinton but he is getting new support. >> i'm going to vote for trump and mike pence. >> reporter: and more criticism from clinton. >> we have three wall street money managers, an oil baron, a
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of the financial crisis. >> reporter: trump is bringing his tax cut plan in line with washington resembles. >> i am going to cut regulation massively. >> reporter: he is promising to give families a full child care deduction. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. on the political front here, this fall's election will go forward with voting maps that have been declad suggestion from the wake county board of elections. d said otherwise there would have to be a new filing period and perhaps a primary next month. some voters will get extra time to cast their ballots this fall. rs have 7 extra days to cast their ballot this is fall but only at one
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elections office in downtown raleigh. the board of elections today -- i should say yesterday discussed adopting the new early voting plan in response to a federal court ruling that struck down north carolina's voter id law. that law carried a number other positions, including cutting early voting time from 17 ds 10 days. more in information, visit wral will be in court monitor a hearing involving former prosecutor colleen janssen who resigned last month after accusation that is she withheld in evidence a robbery case. a man convicted for a murder he said he did not committee. johnny small was convicted of killing the owner of a tropical
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he has maintained his innocence, and he will be back in court today because the key witness at the original trial said he lied. >> the family felt he was always innocent and never doubted it at all. honestly, i am ecstatic. i never thought that he would be back in court. >> the man who recanted his testimony is he admitted he lied about the crime because investigators threatened him with the death penalty. the judge could uphold his conviction, vacate it, set him free or order a new trial. 3 three separate crashed on i-40 yesterday, causing all kinds of problems. this one was at leesville, and video from the traffic camera
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involved in a fatal crash wednesday up in flames and involved multiple vehicles, and we are working to learn more about who died here. earlier, there was a crash involving an 18-wheeler truck. troopers worked the scene for civil hours, and a third accident on i-540 involving a fedex truck. we are working to get more information on what happened but it does not appear injuries were serious there. it looks like the weather could be a evening commute. and that's what happened with most of the accidents, the heavy rain late in the afternoon to the evening. we have the potential again today. the chance of storms, slightly lower but a lot of folks will see a lot of heavy rain the time of the evening commute, and ahead of the rain, lingering moisture with fog around roxboro and fayetteville, the only spots on
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seems to be improving as you get closer to the 8:00 hour. our temperatures are still in the mid-70s. 75 in cary and 76 in durham. 75 in fayetteville and by lunchtime expect sunshine breaking through and temperatures in the low 80s and warming into the upper 80s this afternoon, and then thunderstorms kickoff again and will help to cool things down and may bring heavy places. don't forget. at 4:00, you can tune into mike maze. and brian has a look at the roads this morning with backups. i don't see fog in the picture there. no, and even the low cloud cover seems to be lifting. but we are seeing fog on the ground. we'll take a look at that. a look at the durham freeway on glover road. this is northbound with an accident that blocked the left
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have to deal with residual delays. 21 minutes from i-40. a delay-free ride, 7 minutes. consider 55 westbound as your best alternate route and lingering delays on garner on 40 westbound. 42 to 440, 26 minutes, and consider using 70 business as an alternate route through garner or highway 50. looks like the northern side has 440 to wade avenue, looking good, 14 minutes, congested from wade to 540. and the ride to the park, 8 minutes. some areas, still seeing fog in the distance. this is the picture from our twitter feed at wral traffic. the roxboro police chief sent this. roxboro is not participated in
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where we are not predicting fog, you should still allow extra time. and an accident on the north side of raleigh on durant road between falls and capitol boulevard. we are seeing heavy traffic on durant road. >> thank you, brian. team usa is still involved in the medal count. day 3 was an awesome day. >> it was. the connections who are bringing home medal as soon as and wildfires out west, the warning for folks in ?reez and a ride company involved in an accident at a state fair is involved in
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. well, a lot going the summer olympics in rio. among the events, the women's gymnastics final and in the pool, katie ledecky and misty franklin will compete. on the men's lm?r"e, michael phelps is expected to x?compete in the 200-meter butterfly, and women's soccer will take on colombia. cathleen baker finished
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stroke. the 19-year-old was just .3 of a second behind. here's a look at where the olympic medal count stands. the u.s. leads with 5 gold, 7 silver, 7 bronze for 19. china has 13 and japan and russia each have 10 followed by? italy with 9. to remind that you wral's renee chou is covering the game, and during the olympics. a quick programming note. because of /n1the olympics, we' have to move. the news at noon and 4:00 p.m. will air right here on fox 50. twitter helped comedian and actor leslie jones earn a plane? ticket to rio. the ghostbusters star is bg0? officially joining the coverage after jones went viral over the
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usa enthusiastically from her home and posted a number of j tweets and commentary. the olympics' executive producer invited joans on sunday. jones was a cast s]fmive saturd s expected jgj on friday. his death two years ago sparked protests and a call for action. >> hffhow the nation will remem michael brown. >> and hc?a professor making a
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this morning. is that fog or low clouds? something in between. actually, low clouds 3w?]/ can see there. >> ? not >> yeah. no snow though yet; right? >> no. but i tcxmean, any time, roxbor you'll see q?the snow. first of september. [laughter] >> not montana but -- >> it's mount mitchell could see snow at any point but it will be here before you know it. let's take a look at what you're seeing. we are seeing low cloud cover and fog in fayetteville and this camera, up off the ground a bit and we're looking through? the low cloud cover, and you can see the market 8h?house in fayetteville. and the thicker cloud cover
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?temperature and the dew point at 74. and feeling as you head out the door. here's a look 5a?l]?at the visibility, at a .25 of a mile in fayetteville and southern pine. we occur ? one location where they are seeing that, and starting to see improvement, 1 mile in irwin and .75 of a mile at the ?an quarter so gradually seeing improvement. by the time we ht?iz?get to p$l or before, we should see sunshine. the cloud cover be(?will keep t temperatures cooler. 70 in south hill and 75 in goldsboro southern pines. c7m coming right off atlantic, sou?
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showers and thunderstorms continue today. there may be fewer of the storms today than yesterday but? we may see a fairly messy evening commute. at lunchtime, the thunderstorms crop up down south vomand /ia?l to the iangle area around the evening commute. so it will make it nicer for folks in fayetteville and lifting into virginia. mainly ."y?cloudy skies to star with starting tomorrow and more showers and across our area again. high pressure will begin to build back $qin and put a lid o a cap on the thunderstorms later in the week. so the chance of storms goes down and the high temperature goes up in response. 89 for the high today as the storms get kicked off, we cool off the temperatures, upper 80 this is fen. and a chance of thunderstorms across the area c??and then the
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a few scattered storms for thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, and we will have the perseid meteor shower. you have to find a dark place. you can't just walk out into your backyard unless you are way out in the country to see this. if you can find a dark place, x? it will be a treat. twice as many as we usually see, and perseid is always a bigger of the meteor showers in the year. beforesunriseon pride, the best viewing after midnight. into the weekend, temperatures in the low 90s and we will end up seeing a slight [oschance of scattered thunderstorms, or us. if you have outdoor plans, a few isolated storms but no rain.
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liv san bernardino to ?i?evacuate. the pilot pfire stands at nearly 10 square miles. former illinois governor rod blagojevich will be resentenced in federal court this morning. he has already u?served four c years in prison but five of the corruption charges @gxwere thr he is serving a 14-year sentence for corruption convictions including an attempt to sell an appointment to president @ehobama's old ?9u
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three children are in a tennessee hospital after they fell from a ferris wheel at a
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while riding. old. no word on the conditions of the kids. this is the same company that brought rides to the south carolina fair in 2015. 5 people were hurt in an incident there. the anniversary of michael brown's death in ferguson missouri. a grand jury choose not to cleared him of civil rights violations sparking months of protests. there will be a couple of events commemorating the somber anniversary including a national moment of silence. a raleigh man said he was protecting his family. >> what happened in court after he was accused of shooting a man on his property. >> and mikaya thurmond will have a live report on a rally
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fayetteville and security
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it's 8:26. i'm bill leslie. and we have traffic troubles. brian? we have slow traffic from 42 to the borderline split, and it was slow all morning long but gradually improving. consider using 70 business as an alternate route or maybe highway 50 might be a better option until we get that cleared up. south side of raleigh, looking pretty good.
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split at wade, 13 minutes and things are easing up heading out of raleigh. about 6 minutes to rtp. we are looking at fog, and elizabeth, you have been following it closely. we are looking at improvement. absolutely. looking at the cameras, it's definitely looking better. in durham, cloud cover but it's lifting in the spots with lower clouds and fog seeing improvement. some drizzle and mist out of the clouds this that is beginning to taper off. mid-70s now, 75 in irwin and goldsboro and someone to south hill with a high of 89 and again for tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. new information on the deadly crash on i-540. a van was stopped in the roadway due to traffic from an
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crashed into and pushed into a van. a woman was killed and another was seriously hurt and will face charges of misdemeanor death by vehicle and failer to reduce speed. a local actor known for playing scrooge at christmas. up next, his new role. it's very interesting. you will want to hear all about it coming up in the next half hour on fox 50. z22sjz zy6z
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z22qzz zy6z
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good morning, everyone. it's 8:30. in the news today, donald trump will be back in north carolina making two appearances. his first scheduled stop is in wilmington. >> and tonight, the nominee will hold another raleigh in fayetteville. mikaya thurmond joins us live outside crown arena where the second of two trump venues will be held. >> reporter: good morni this is trump's first visit to fayetteville since a march rally where a protester was punched. the protester will likely make another appearance but the man accused of hitting him will wait for a personal invitation. this rally will be held at a smaller venue. in march, trump appeared in
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10,000 people and today, the arena will be only half the size. and the cumberland county sheriffs office said they are prepared for any violence that might occur. you must register in advance. doors open at 3:00 p.m. and the event begins at 6:00. you can watch it live on and there will be a rally in wilmington at 2:00 bill and monica in. >> mikaya thurmond live in fayetteville, thank you. election day is still 13 weeks away, but a professor at east carolina university said he knows who will win. the model accurately predicted every presidential election since 1996 and this year a narrow win for clinton. and he predicts the same
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representatives. the model will be used in election predictions at the university of virginia's center for politics. >> we will bring that back up and see how it works out. durham investigators are renewing efforts to solve two shootings. you may remember dorothy holloway was shot on a drive-by shooting in february. her leg had to be amputated due to her injury. deputies have yet to find a suspect. seeking information also on a shooting that killed duane greer senior and duane greer junior. they were found dead at a home on angier avenue. the sheriffs office is asking for the governor for funds to help to solve the crime. if approved, a reward of $500 would be offered in both cases. one person was critically hurt when a gas explosion
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room at a home before 9:00 yesterday. one person got out and now is in the burn center at unc. the home is destroyed. a raleigh man is behind bars held without bond after facing charges of murder. police arrested the homeowner, chad copely, and charged him with murder. authority says that he fired a shotgun from inside his garage, killing the man who was his family. foe ruling in a federal court hearing over a state law that allows magistrates refusing to marry same-sex couples. the lawsuit claims that tax dollars are spent on what they call a discriminatory law a allowing magistrates to opt out. the judge said no one proved they were harmed by the law but
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their refusal secret. this is the first federal judge to strike down the same-sex marriage prohibition 2 years ago. and a local politician taking leave to focus on cancer treatment. the school's provost will serve as acting she is gone. 4 $80,000 grant from the u.s. department of agriculture will be used to expand opportunities in rural areas including video conferencing equipment for librarys and community centers. i just stepped up -- well, i didn't step out but i peeked outside. it's just gloomy out. >> it is.
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95. so the clouds and as sticky as it is, you know, the heat index -- you know. sometimes, it's kind of nice. justsaying. [laughter] let's check out some of the clouds across the area. we're starting off with a few from the skycam. you can see the clouds right now. looking down at the low clouds, and they will thin out and probably will be closer to lunchtime before sunshine, and then the temperatures will warm up quickly and we'll see the thunderstorms developing. on the noon newscast on fox 50, i'll show the storms cropping up. and town by town, 74 in holly springs and our temperature will warm up to 82 at lunchtime and a few breaks in the clouds at noon and then scattered storms. like yesterday, the storms will
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see fewer of those than yesterday. but the timing will be about the evening commute and we will probably have messy conditions for the commute this evening. bill? >> thank you, elizabeth. the wake forest's publix grocery store construction is reducing traffic to one lane at forestville road to rogers road. the lane closures will allow crewed to create a new turn lane into the shopping have work should be wrapped up at 5:00 p.m. this evening. signs and flaggers are in place to tell you where to go. a survey on the cost of care finds parents are recognizing the need to budget for child care more than ever before.'s third annual cost of care service finds the majority of families, 54%, spend more than 10% of their annual household income on child care.
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families budget for child care as they do housing costs, an increase from last year and 58% budgeting in 2014. there are dozens of weight loss plans and diets, but can you lose fthe weight without debting? >> dr. a len mask has simple lifestyle changes we could all make that could help xd?wsito d the pesky pounds that linger. >> plus, michael jordan his mark on a new washington dc attraction.
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a mine fiet??iof obstacles] for those looking to lose
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it's the bread. that's what keeps many people from committing to losing weig0x?a?but there is another way. our i]own health team expert dr allen mask is lphere to help us out. dr.mask? >> reporter: good morning, q monica and bill. we encourage people nw(?to diet but to change lifestyles. experts with web md offer 4h2ux including getting a kitchen timer. set it ol'? reinvent yourself as a slow eater. you will enjoy your meal m%xq than when you woof it w3down in hurry xdand enjoy conversation between bites. ill have time to tell your brain qit's full. try the 80-20 rule.
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you feel 80% full. according to a university e @&c& michigan of study, an extra hour of sleep every night could help to you lose 14 e1pounds in year based on 2500 calories a ?r day intake. an hour of xdf?sleep, an>dhour day intake. an hour of xdf?sleep, an>dhour without snackingi#:?jhcould cut calories. sleeping less than 7 qhours making you feel more hungry. and put meals on a plate with xdsmaller portions o proteins and carbs, and fill half the plate with three vegetables rather than just one. flavor them with lemon juice f?1 and herbs rather than sauces. add a broth-based soup qto a
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add frozen q?ror lpfresh veggi don't drink ?iyour calories. cut out sugary sodas and tea. if you t(?rreplace one sugary d] with ?i0-calorie seltzer xd you can lose pounds effortlessly. it's a big problem when we are watching the olympics late at night or surfing the r until 4:00. snacking is a jf?ibig problem. ? but once ?ryou get something li mint-flavored gum, it's thought it w3woulover power e1your appetite. >> i e1get that. it ruins t(the taste of anythin
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lie -- i like that. and eating at home. >> we have been saying for years eating at home is healthy. and consumer reports found it was the weight loss. you still have to make re#lthy choices at home, more veggi?%r & whole grains and we also want to make just a rule. let's not drink our calories. wesay that fundamentally, sugary sodas and u?ice ?itea an coffee including alcoholic beverages. you can stop those, then just with that alone, you will drop pounds. >> and it's really if you write it down xdand pay attention to it, it makes a ?rdifference. >> it ko?will with your lifesty >> and eating at home savings you money, too. thank you so much per coming in, and you t(can find more
8:44 am >> i will try to mint trick. coming up, 28 xdye' and 9t11?one every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength.
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[ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ bell rings ] buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you just...? got it. staples. make more happen. kind of a cool song, fitting the image that raleigh looks like. you know, it looks like the city e1o?.#espair today. >> i know. it does.
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in places, not much x?? a bit. >> starting to lift ??a bit and t%!&?afternoon, it will be like august. >> t(will we see the sun? >> looking t(at e1the blue sky behind us. >> we were looking at the tower camera a few e1minutes ago, and it's gorgeous. once the clouds break up, we'll see sun, and then once we see xdthe sunshine, we'll see t thunderstorms developing. us and e1feel good. let's go qto wilson. they had cloudwqqcover there earlier, and yes, it's still 4x? ut we are not deali with a lot of low clouds. the clouds are lifting. you can see here to doesn't look -- well, it jfdoes. it's hard to qtell. that's the roadv u$at's jfthe some of the roads have looked damp especially around roxboro i>!?low clouds.
8:48 am
the e1low cloud cover producing drizzle. 77 is the current temperature and the dew point at 74 and the humidity at 90% and the visibility, coming up but not everywhere. 1.5 in raleigh, not too bad and a ?ixdmile in irwin and a .25 o mile in fayetteville and southern pines, and i]?rwe are seeing improving conditions. goldsboro, 3 miles and clinton at 4. the temperatures in the raleigh, a warmer spot and 76 in fayetteville. the temperature is something we'll be watching closely. the norm high this time ck??iye is 89 5a?and we had intense hea across texas and dallas, the and 92 in denver, so the heat ]y does qspread up to the plains while our high is likely to be in the u?upper 80s.
8:49 am
hot air. so what's happening next. if you remember the intense heat a few weeks ago, we had the hot air mass across the plains and spreading ttuju(?q?h cross the mississippi valley and came here and stuck around for a week or so. here's how it looks for us. instead of the hot air migrating in our direction, this high pressure system from the atlantic will back in and hold the heat back to the west across mississippi and hold the moisture back, too, for e1the e of saturday, sunday, medicine, tuesday, and then the ?ilatter part of next week, the intense heat will ease up a bit and all of the v&? hot ?ii]pr) stays we to the west. today, another round of thunderstorms. a good steady flow oh@umoisture from the atlantic into our area and right into the w3stationary1 front. so we're expecting a 40% f?chan
8:50 am
we had heavy rain inxdthe evening qcommute yesterday and some of that again across the area. tomorrow, 40% to 30% chance, so @&c& dce of c& thunderstorms ?.ut i am hoping it will ?rbe clear for the perseid meteor shower. y case, we are expecting to see more meteors than normal. find yourself a nice, dark place to that's a fun event. highs over the jfweekend in the low 90s, just i]an isolated storm. bill? >> e1thank you very much, elizabeth. ?rt ?simpsons will double
8:51 am
season in september, 1 day before my f?birthday. mariah carey will get her xd role in the e1fox show "empire. she hinted that e wanted axd role. she will play a superstar singer, not xdlpa stretch. her character will appear with the i!foctober the premiere is wednesday september 25. michael jordan is pledging $5 million for the new african- american museum help being to explore how black athletes changed sports in society. jordan also donated the jersey he wore during the 1996 nba finals. i remember that day. the museum is scheduled to open
8:52 am
together by a group out of durham. pretty gallon. >> and the building is so cool. >> is elizabeth garner going to join us? >> no. she said she is done with brian. >> oh, okay. she owes me money. [laughter] >> okay. >> there she is. well, we were not going to start miami, florida. take a look at this rescue attempt. a little kitten, a kitty cat stuck in the back of a police car, the grill on the police car. that happened in miami-dade county. a kitty cat there and the auto tech from the police department came out, freeing the sea lion. >> aw. poor little thing.
8:53 am
move and now it lives in a cardboard box. [laughter] just kidding. >> so glad they found him before they started the car. >> yikes. it would have been hard to see him there. >> yeah. a little meow, meow. >> ow. >> brian makes a good cat. >> he does. >> i am a cat whisperer. another great video. this is somebody backed into a ferrari. and the driver of the mercedes -- the driver was attempting to parallel park outside a northern virginia coffee shop. >> oh, wow. >> that's a red on red fender bender. >> a $100,000 car. >> for three years, we were
8:54 am
parking competition between raymond over there and elizabeth, and we have to the seen this come to fruition. this may inspire them to seal the deal. >> raymond in the ferrari.
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8:56 am
the time is 8:56. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm monica laliberte. authorities responded to a
8:57 am
elgin drive around 11:30 last night. so far, they are not releasing details about what happened. republican presidential nominee donald trump visits north carolina today stopping in wilmington and capping his day in fayetteville after announcing his economic plan in michigan. he will be at unc wilmington at 2:00 and crown arena in fayetteville at 6:00. will carry both events live. time to check the forecast, this afternoon, great. and we have drizzle and mist m durham, cloud cover and they will break up with sunshine midday and afternoon storms developing. we'll have heavy rain to deal with around the time of the evening commute at least in spots. the temperatures, starting toen across up. 77 at the airport and 75 in southern pines and irwin and goldsboro and a high of 89 this afternoon and tomorrow and
8:58 am
storms, 40%. brian? 8:58, elizabeth, and 40 westbound through garner, troublesome all morning but is improving even though that's a red bar. it should be green. we are down to a delay-free 10- minute ride, and 40 westbound, looking good out to the airport, and a few crashes but none of which affecting the major routes. back to you. a quick programming not this morning, the news at noon
8:59 am
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks? welcome to the show. that's good. how's everybody? i appreciate you now. thank y'all very much. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their third day from right here in atlanta, georgia. it's the champs. it's the nichols family. and from philadelphia, pa, philly, it's the collins family. all right now, everybody's here tryi to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, head- turning ford fusion hybrid right there, folks. let's go meet the collins


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