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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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donald trump making headlines for headlines he made during two stops here in income the latest upheld in fayetteville tonight. we are there live. adam, trump's visit is not without controversy tonight. >> reporter: yes, a little bit of controversy on this stop. two stops on the first stop there were some controversial comments that were made. on the second stop here in fayetteville and then attempts to be clear on what he meant. >> reporter: before trump ark arrived people were already
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hours earlier. as he told people hillary clinton would abolish gun rights. >> by the way if she gets to pick -- booing. if she gets to pick her judges nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> reporter: it was the last part that some called a threat against his campaign rival. the clinton party said this: the comment was not intended that way. >> what he meant by that was, you have the power to vote against her. i saw it, i heard it, i know what it meant. i heard how the krout reacted to it. >> reporter: taking a hit at clinton he said the country needs a tougher tone. >> she has the temperment of a
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we have to win again. >> reporter: particularly as it relates to the economy. in the speeches he leans hard on his reputation and business. trump this message for trade deals he feels are unfair to america. >> if they don't want to renegotiate. you know what is going to happen? bye-bye, we are finished. we are finished. >> reporter: i asked a trump supporter if she was bothered by the controversy around his words? >> i think you have to, you know, look for can't folk us on whatever there might be that you disagree with. if you agree are for the most part. >> reporter: as he said in the past trump promised supporters here tonight that he would return to north carolina many times before the vote in november. gerald? >> reporter: adam owens hive in fayetteville, thank you. hillary clinton is facing tough questions. a person at a rally in florida was the father of the orlando
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baseball cap. today, secretary khrepbt onignored questions if she knew the man -- clint onignored the questions if she knew he was in the -- clinton ignored the questions if she knew he was in the crowd. a missing raleigh boy has been fo 5-year-old jayden williams was reported missing at 4:30. he was found safe nearby about two hours later. tonight, the police have not released more information about that boy's disappearance. a woman shot while walking down fayetteville street this evening is in critical condition. tonight the police need your help to find the shooter. the women was shot along andy street mere ike street at 6:30 p.m. she was taken to the medical center. detectives are searching for a motorcyclist wearing a bright
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shooting. the person on the motorcycle was seen wearing, again, that brightly colored shirt. anyone with information should call the police. a fire at a home in fayetteville was arson. the fire started at 1:00 on the second floor bedroom of a home. no one was hurt. the officials say the fire caused $25,000 in damage. a raleigh man was arrested after exposing himself in public. 29-year-old longstreet is charged with indecent exposure. the police arrested hi they have not released information about the incident. he is scheduled to appear in court next month. >> they might get a new fire station. not before they say what they would like to see. they voiced concerns about the project. candace sweat attended the meeting, candace, what was thed. >> >> they appeared to be in good spirits after getting a chance
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and the developers. the relocation project is for fire station 14. it sits at 4220 lakeboone trail and it is now too small and outdated to accommodate their demands. the site of the new station is off hardin road. the purpose of today, design and functionality and how it will impact the quality of life for the residents during and beyond the construction phase. raleigh fire chief tells me that there were concerns in beginning but transparency has been key. >> it is statistics. telling me what do you want to do. get them on the ground floor. in the say so, it in the design, how it looked. >> this is a process. but, i think we are encouraged that we can move forward in a great manner. >> coninstruction are for the project is expected to be out in the middle 2017. he expects to open the doors to
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give the community members an opportunity for feedback and to feel like they have been a part of this process every step of the way, lynda? >> thank you. even though delta's computer system was back up and running today airline passengers still faced headaches. delta airlines is trying to recover from a crippling outage that led to more than 15canceled flights between yesterday and today. aviation experts say it will bed with at best before the schedule can be back the outage and subsequent problems will likely cost delta tens of millions of dollars. a 15-year-old can be tried as an adult, accused of killing his grandfather with a hatchet. the victim's son, the same person, made the discovery and called 911. when the deputied arrived to the home they found 63-year-old joseph -- when the deputies arrived to the home they found
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neighbors are stunned. >> the last time i saw him -- he was taking out his trash and everything. he was taking the trash out. i was cutting my grass yesterday and his grandson was over there cutting the grass and joe was sitting on the porch and what not. and everything was normal. >> a judge will decide on thursday if he will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. people are urged not to rupblg to judgment. a man was arrested on sunday. 911 calls made his home a man tells a dispatcher there was a number of -- a group of hoodlums outside of his home and he is locked and loaded and going to keep his neighborhood safe.
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somebody. copley remains in jail. a crime happened a little after midnight, a police report shows robbers got away with clothes, two smart phones and a necklace. the teens ran to a neighbor's home for help. >> there were two young men at the age of 15 or 16 years old standing there in their underwear and socks. >> reporter: that neighbor called the police and got towels for the teens. call the police. the state bar is investigating a wake county prosecutor. he went before a judge and ordered the investigation. this comes on the heals of an appeals court ruling and a rob row case from 2014. the ruling claims that he conspired with an investigator to hide the drug-dealing active i ty of a key witness. >> this conduct effects the
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that the court make. [indiscernible] anything occur inappropriate to deal with it. >> as a result of the appeals court decision both men had their convictions overturned and they were released. jannsenn retired from her job. a state court trimmed back the legal fights over north carolina voter id law. judge michael morgan ruled today a case challenges the voter id law hold. that is because the court of appeals struck down the law. morgan said he can lift his stay and bring the state case to trial if the supreme court stepped in and overruled the 4th seurbgit. team usa continues to rack them up. let's look at the medal count. -- 4th circuit. team usa continues to rack them up. let's look at the medal couldn't. 8 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze, that is 24.
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we will have more following the coverage of the olympics. because of the olympics, it will be on morning, noon, night, newscasts are moving temporarily. the noon news and 4:00 p.m. news will air on fox 50. that is only during the olympics. a baby in texas, born with birth defects from zika virus, has died. what health officials are saying about the second death in the u.s. we will hear from a mother of a charlotte man accused of a change in plans as talks continue over a new local multimillion stadium. mike? check out the radar. we had showers and thunderstorms earlier this afternoon. we lost the heating of the day and they died down but off to the northwest in the triad. you probably noticed there were
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s wait, lucky for life is free with powerball? boom! sign me up. $1,000 a day for life? that's my game. cause i'm gonna be around for awhile. i don't even get sick.
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a baby in texas born with birth defects related to the zika virus has died. the faith officials say the mother traveled to latin america during her pregnanciy. tests on the mom came back inconclusive. the child tested positive after her birth. it is the second death in the
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texas. >> there is a higher demand for the zach scene since they confirmed the patient contracted the virus while contracting overseas. local health officials tell us this was a convenient lowcasion to hold the clinic for people interested in getting the vac seen. keounty health workers confirmed the case of the measles and a list of the places they viceited. we posted the information for you a 7-year-old girl, found dead in western carolina died from malnutrition. she was rushed to the hospital where she laed she was viceiting from davidson, north carolina and had -- visiting from davidson, north carolina for a few days. they have not determined who she was with at the time. a man appeared before a judge to answer charges he
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recruit terrorists through social media. he claims to have signed up 10 members and building a secure training compound. a month ago, the fbi raided the house last week. his mother is speaking out against the accusations. >> i will never believe that. it is not because i am his mother. he never did anything like that at all. >> woods says her son never showed support for isis. he could face up to 15 years in the police need your help finding a missing man. the 51-year-old was reported missing last friday. he was last seen walking in the area of west david street. if you see him call the burlington police department. the state department of health and human services and environmental quality are defending the state's efforts to protect drinking water. it comes after a toxicologist advised well owners living near coal ash pond about the
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his findings are questionable and inconsistent. they used his own threshold that is lower than the federal standard. a boil water advisory is in effect as crews repair a water main break in cary. it is for 79 homes. water service was restored this afternoon. residents should boil their water until further notice. fayetteville does not want to spend more than $35 million on a new stadium. that is said this year. it will be a smaller version of a stadium that opened in columbia, south carolina. home to a single a filliat for the astros. the council is eyeballing 10 acres of land behaoepbd the prince charles hotel for the location -- behind the prince charles hotel for the location. we had storms today. good rain. >> yes. yes. not as widespread. none producing the warnings and in the days ahead fewer storms
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locations it this afternoon? hreupbd is going, yes! getting hotter in the next coming days. radar view. looked at it a moment ago. heavier rain around the triad prompting a nash flood warning. we saw a few widely scattered storms. high pressure coming in from the atlantic. we believe in the days ahead it is areas to the west of us that would have better tune etfor showers and thunderstorms and the farther east you go the less likely you will run into a thunderstorm. so, what is ahead? warm, muggy. i don't think as widespread as this morning. we did not see the widespread rain nature that we had yesterday. high pressure forecast. not that it is stressful for us. it is high pressure building in. putting a cap or a lid on the atmosphere, fewer storms this one could be brilliant. now, peaking thursday night into friday morning after
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on friday. according to nasa's models it predicts perhaps an outburst. the comments going closer to jupiter than some of the debris caught up in the field and pushed closer to earth. 200 meteors an hour. not set in stone, a predick. -- prediction. you may see a nice disp according to nasa and west and down east towards the coast where well are fewer lights. wral gardens a little bit of rain. not a lot. 78, the dew point, 75, the dew points will be high in the coming days. that coupled with the greater heat will make it feel more miserable for you folks that will have to work in the coming days. >> 88 southern pines. 75 right now in south hill. more widespread off to the
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days. the spin in the atmosphere. we pointed that out yesterday. upper level of pressure. the ridge building in from the atlantic and what it will do is put the cap or lid on the atmosphere. fewer storms in the coming days and as it builds farther to the west. the response will be for this upper level low to shift to the west as l. coming up in weather desk top we will show you the impressive rainfall coming in with the totals for the storm on the gulf coast states. little bit of rain forecast. overnight, expecting partly cloudy skies. watch what happens at 5:00, 6:00 a.m. whitish gray showing up, low cloud cover or patchy fog burning off quickly. tomorrow afternoon, heating of the day. widely scattered showers, a thunderstorm, maybe not all that widespread. once you lose the heating of the day it will all day down. fewer storms for thursday and friday. overnight, partly cloudy, lower to middle 70. 74 in fayetteville.
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76 at 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, middle to upper 80s w. that humidity we will have more heat index values in the 1s tomorrow. upper 80s, 100. that is where we head today. check it out. warmer than what we showed you yesterday. 93 on thursday. 94 on friday. peaking over the weekend with deeper middle 90s with 96 on saturday and sunday. then, the heat should back off on monday and tuesday. by t be back down in the 80s for the highs. could be a brief bake. >> a brief bake. >> yes. >> no 100 degree. >> close. >> all right, thank you, mike. many of us had dream jobs when we were kids. one child fulfillinga that dream seemed impossible. >> a 10-year-old boy with terminal brain cancer gets his wish to bottom a firefighter. we will take you in the
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absolute. we remember former unc football coach. and jeff takes us on an adventure heading to team usa
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the man known as the trench
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this morning at the age of 82. he is the tar heels longest tenure football coach and the only coach to lead the program to multiple conference championships. he coached in chapel hill since 1967-1997 and then went on to virginia tech and wake forest. he is credited with advancing the game of football in the acc. women's soccer team is moving on to the quarterfinals in the olympics after winning group g. did not come easy. th this afternoon. hope solo not her best game. now, bradley will have those highlights for you coming up tonight on wral after olympic coverage wraps up. for the most part, jeff has been spending time in the olympic park area as his coverage continues. today he took a trip to cover usa basketball practice in an
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venue. taking an hour to get from olympic park to get here. it is absolutely beautiful. we saw breathtaking beaches that were packed with people. they are not worried about all of the megtivity about it. now, the fastball, if you look inside of look at the video monitor. looking at the monitor it is the gold medal. this is where the team looks at film for tomorrow night's opponent. [broken audio ] >> it it was tied last night. everybody is freaking out. what is going out. everyone was freaking out but for them >> it is basketball, man.
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any time you face adversity you want to play through it and see what you got. last night it showed we did not panic. coach was not panicking. that is the best part. stayed together, stayed calm. the end of the game, you seen the score. >> what did you take from that the fact that they pushed you like they did. >> we have to adjust to the game. to the flow of the game and the rhythm of the game. kind of find our own pace of the game. once we did that we was we settled down defensively. we settled down, made shots, and we did not look back from there. >> they play australia tomorrow night. now, matthew madova. >> back to you. >> finally, baseball scores for you. 3-1. rain won the game with the mud cats. they will resuma that game through the 1st inning, 0-0 tomorrow afternoon.
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to relieve aches and pains is gaining popularity for athletes. >> wral's health team talks to a doctor from duke how the cupping therapy reduces pain without taking medication. new bathrooms for airline passengers but not for humans, what airport's creative way to cater service to dogs. another horrible accident involving an i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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a child remains in intensive care after falling 45 feet from a ferris wheel in tennessee. two other children also fell in that accident. it comes a day after a 10- year-old boy was killed in a water slide. safety. >> reporter: rides at the green county fair in greenville, tennessee are shutdown as inspectors try to find out what went wrong. >> last night at aprilly 6:00 p.m., three people were injured as a -- approximately 16 p.m. three people were injured when they fell out.
10:31 pm
broke her arm and the other will be downgraded to stable condition today. a third party inspector will determine -- >> reporter: ard party inspector will determine what happen -- >> reporter: a third party inspector will determine what happened. >> we need them to tell us what happened. >> reporter: it is unclear when or if the rides, operated by family attractions, were last inspected. there are no requirements for amusement or water parks. >> firm state to state, location and location. >> reporter: the accident comes a day after a 10-year-old kansas boy died on the world's tallest water slide. an autopsy revealed that he died from a neck injury. the investigation lead into how that accident happened is also on going. back to you. >> today, people said shoulder snaps or snapped off while
10:32 pm
he told the workers about the loose strap. another man did not file a complaint with the park. 10 teens were hospitalized after their van crashed on a highway in ohio. the teen driving the van tried to switch seats with a apartment while the van was still in motion. the driver lost control, causing the van to crash into a median. two passengers thrown from the vehicle are in serious condition, the driver and all other seriously hurt. the police say the teens were on their way home to michigan after spending the day at ceder point, the investigation is ongoing. crews located the black box from the ship that sank during a hurricane. they hope they can use it to peace together the circumstances surrounding the final moments before that ship sank.
10:33 pm
peninsula brace for javier as it swirled towards popular resorts. they started getting ready as the surf kicked up. hotels and restaurants boarded up and packed away deck chairs. tourists checked for flight cancellations as strong wind and rain started moving in. >> this was unexpected. we were not planning on a hurricane on vacation. but, we know the precautions, you know, we will make sure we go to town and get bottled water and food and if we have to stay in the room we will stay in the but i think -- like i said the resort is safe and we will stay indoors. a luncheon held today was not just about feeding first responders but showing appreciation. they had a hot dog lunch in honor of those that protect and
10:34 pm
and more. honors three state leaders to improve the lives of older adults. a ceremony was held in the north carolina office in raleigh for aarp. richard berr received a reward. commissioner of insurance wayne goodwin was honored for his public service and state representative averoy was honored. the governor business leaders and educators for a ground breaking at rtp campus. they will focus on technical programs, business, computer programming and business administration. wake county's campus will be the 6th location for that school. expected to open in spring of 2018e. you may notice a change in your local fire hydrant. they will paint all of the hydrants yellow instead of red.
10:35 pm
raleigh maintains more than 22,000 hydrants. privately owned in a shopping center will stay red. milwaukee's international airport has a special place for service pooches to potty. it features a fire hydrant sitting on top of fake grass. it have a freshing system underneath. they still must pick up but the area includes sinks for humans to wash rdu international has designated dog relief areas but they are curb side. >> what is the handrail for? >> that is a good question. flight entertainment is free on all-american airlines. they can watch their favorite tv show or catch a movie. it is through seat back screens or streaming it on their personal devices in their
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kanya west is among an exclusive list of artists. >> the new rankings that puts him in front of michael jackson. him in front of michael jackson. a 10-year-old, diagnose today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less.
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raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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nbc universal struck a deal with warner bros. they acquired the rights to the 8 "harry potter" films and the 4th film. the original 8 films will air on the channels as well as the cable channels beginning july 1st, 2018. epter tainer, kanya west reached group. for the most top 40 hits by a male art oyst billboards top 100 list. he is now 10th overall in the list of chart toppers. elvis still on top with 80 top 40 hits. amazing. now, fans of former band group is hoping for a reunion. that is after justin posted this. the boys are back together. he shot this picture with
10:40 pm
they were all together for jc's 40th birthday party. they have their hopes for the band to reunite. time for a look at what's trending. >> i can not get passed kanya has more hits than michael jackson? >> i don't understand that. >> the michael jackson or mike jackson from brooklyn? >> i need to see the math on think you seen it all. check this out. >> no way. >> oh! >> he is playing with this bird. >> so they imitate so many sounds. >> yes. they don't know what to make of it. [ laughter ] >> i talk leak you. [ laughter ] >> that is amazing. [ laughter ] >> how are they so different to mimic so membership sounds. >> they are okay. okay, back off.
10:41 pm
>> it can use a littler box? i don't know. half a million views. [ laughter ] >> that is bizarre. [ laughter ] >> it is strange. take this guy. i tell you, seals are great in the water. this one, though, wants to take it a step further. he is trying to get on a surf board. watch him. he is relentless. this is in norway. >> oh! >> now he is on. yes. >> oh how he must of seen a human do this. >> yeah. >> pretty smart animal. look at that. trying to get it in the water. it is impressive: they look like the sweetest things, don't they? yes. they are huge. >> yes. like a big lap dog or something. >> this has only 5,000 views so far, i am sure it will get more than that. >> yes, so cute. >> i posted these on my facebook page if you would like to see them again. if there is something out there that you think we should
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gerald. a dream comes true for a young boy that has terminal brain cancer. the effort to grant a 10-year- old's wish to become a firefighter. we were talking about high pressure building in. the area of low pressure to the south and west. you can see it on the radar, the spin, the rotation moving away from us. that i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time. looks like you're all hooked up. game's about to start. let's do it. we're watching here? oh yeah.
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a boy is running out of time. he is dieing from a brain cancer and does not have much time to live. >> a town decided he does not have to wait to try out his dream job. >> reporter: like most 10-year- olds knows what he wants to be when he grows up. the town decided he have to wait to start his career, his dream job began today. >> reporter: they add a new member. >> brian johnson as an honorary member. >> reporter: they gave him a badge and a shirt for the job and after a full absolute from the department he hit the streets. less than a year ago he was playing football when he came off of the field and he was sick. his parents thought maybe he
10:46 pm
eye. immediately we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: they were told cancer. defused. a tumor in the brain stem. the news from the doctors was even worse. >> there is 0 kids that survived. his parents say that is why the focus is on ryan and creating memories for him. >> he lives life to the fullest each and every single day. if he wants to do something he the best jobs. >> saving people's lives. >> reporter: he likes playing with the cool toys. >> what is your favorite part? >> the siren. >> the sirens are pretty cool. although doctors say he has a terminal illness his family says he is looking forward to starting school in a few weeks. >> boy, a sad story and then you see everyone rallying around him. at least the last parts of his life -- >> keep him upbeat. >> granting him his wishes. >> yes. something to remember.
10:47 pm
thunderstorms, especially off to the west and same thing happened out in arizona. when they have them out there they are big problems. it is monsoon season. this is what happens when they have heavy rain in august. they have flooding. wreaked havoc in tucson. streets look like rivers and cars were swallowed up in the high water. rescue crews had to help drivers to safety. the police say no one was hurt. this scene will likely be repeated through the remaining weeks of the month of august. i am sure we will video from out there. let's take a look at weather top. still showers off to the west. bigger thunderstorms producing flooding over are towards the triad. we will look at the radar view. ground clutter. the showers are moving out of income income. still some in the high country and southwest. and tomorrow we will see widely scattered showers on to oeus lated showers. the farther west you are the more likely to see rain. the farther east you are. taking a look at the jet.
10:48 pm
access. anywhere to the right that is where you have the rising motion in the atmosphere. reason in arizona and new mexico they are seeing the big thunderstorms during the afternoon. dumping heavy rain, seeing flooding, they die down overnight and resurge during the afternoon. now, for us, we have a ridge of high pressure that was off shore yesterday. now it is starting to ridge in the southeast. tomorrow, it will go farther to the west. now, this upper level low is sitting to the south over the past couple of days shifting westward and rain along the gulf coast. panhandle florida, alabama, lower mississippi. also, parts of louisiana will get hit with heavy rain. take a look at future cast. rain fall totals. this is 64 hours, pick up on the little swirl. the counterclockwise rotation that is where the pressure is for us tomorrow morning there could be patchy fog and low clouds to start the day. showers possible, a thunderstorm, not as widespread as today. that is the theory.
10:49 pm
patchy fog as well. upper level low. notice, thursday afternoon, few showers and thunderstorms popping up. and then during the day on friday. we see that spin and the heaviest rain confined along the coast. friday morning, clouds, during the afternoon, unlikely we will see that many showers and storms. here is the rainfall potential over the next several days. you can really pick out with your eyes the big rain that would occur over the lower mississippi. talking about 5, 6, 7 inches of rain. widespread flooding. then other farther away from the upper level low you see lesser totals here in central and eastern north carolina. we are talking about 1/10th of an inch for five days. high pressure ridging into the eastern part of the state preventing showers and storms. greater heat, 91 tomorrow. like they have today. 93 on thursday, 94 on friday. perhaps peaking to 96 on side and sunday. that warm here in the triangle.
10:50 pm
fayetteville. the heat will back off early next week. each afternoon you can not rule out a shower or a storm. not everyone will get wet. many counties here could be a shower here in the viewing area. >> yes. >> all right, mike, thank you. a type of therapy to treat aches and pains may not look appealing but it is popular with athletes. coming up, wral shows the
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
so many olympic fans are talking about the large reddish dark spots, hickeys is what they look like on athletes. >> yes. the biggest. >> a pain relief method with roots in eastern medicine. how safe is this? weekend athletes this trug-free option to treat aches and pains -- drug-free option to treat aches and pains. >> reporter: 41-year-old joslene is a runner. >> like most runners the it bands get tight. >> tissues running from the pelvis to the lower leg. >> sometimes it gets too tight.
10:54 pm
acpuncturist she always does cupping. >> it lentens and the it band is more comfortable. >> part of what you are doing is enhancing blood flow for the pooling of the blood to the surface. >> reporter: he says that is the western medical perspective but they call it enhancing the flow of energy or chia through the body. they used to use small glass bulbs coated with alcohol and then lit. >> a lot of people get distracted by the flame is just to create the vacuum. >> reporter: she leaves them on the skin for 3-5 minutes. greater pain may requirer longer applications. then, the marks do not look bruised and the imprint fades but not the results. >> i found it to be really, really, helpful. this is a way to do it without being need to take medications. >> especially pain medication that could be addictive. >> sometimes they may work to
10:55 pm
powerful pain medications. >> that is why a growing number of people are willing to give this therapy a try. >> back to you. >> i am still out on that one. not sure if i would try that or not. you would, i know. there are cupping kits to buy on-line but people at duke say it is effective when you use it in combination with other therapies like acupuncture. if you love the olympics and kittens the next story will check out the kitten summer games hosted by the hallmark channel. you knew it was coming. they compete. sort of. they just look cute. the best part, the whole event was used to find homes for the furry competitors who were all shelter kittens. like hay did the puppy bowl and all of that. same thing. >> oh. got to stick that landing, though. >> they always land on their
10:56 pm
>> that is true, they do. michael jordan is pledging $5 million for the african history museum on the national mall. >> jordan's gift will help the museum explore how black athletes change sports and american society. the museum says it will name a section of the sports gallery after him. he donated a jersey he wore during the 1996 finals to their collection there. the museum is next month. we will be there. >> it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. yes. i remember the stunning video of him when he is holding the trophy like it was yesterday. >> yes. >> wow! >> yes. thanks for watching. for weather and traffic every 10 minutes watch our morning news on wral starting at 4:30. >> and fox 50 beginning at 7:00.
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call now. access. r rio. >> i'm thinking you're looking forward to the rematch. >> what's the old saying? you don't poke the tiger? >> oh, it's on tonight. michael versus the rare soul who's beat him. and he he's a cocky one. add to that the new intense cold war between these two. >> we're going to go up to >> no, no, we have a few more. >> it's one of the seven wonders of the world. i'm natalie morales but the meaning runs much different for a brazilian model. >> what is it for you when you see the christ? >> you must be be okay to walk away. >> it's the most important bargaining rule at rio's hippie market. i'm kit hoover but unfortunately i don't know if it's going to work for me.


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