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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  FOX  August 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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durham, what we know about the young suspect faces charges. >> and get ready for a scorcher this weekend, we'll tell you just how hot things get. live from raleigh, wral news at 4 starts now. thanks for joining us, i'm gerald owens. >> i'm lynda loveland. the family is fighting a quarantine ordered issued by the health department. >> reporter: the family wanted the quarantine lifted because of job obligations and because they wanted to go to a the judge heard the hearing yesterday over the phone. eventually, he decided to uphold that quarantine keeping it in place. now, according to court documents, the family of four traveled to europe in july. when they returned the son was diagnosed with measles which was a highly contagious disease. a few days later the health department ordered members of the family under quarantine. the mother and father were ordered to produce vaccination records.
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produce sh although she is not showing symptoms remains confined to the house until august 23rd. now earlier this week, the county set up a makeshift health clinic in order to offer vaccines to anyone who needed it. now quarantine orders are often put in place in cases of communicable diseases, and if you break those quarantine orders, you can be found guilty and serve up to two years jail. linda, gerald. >> now julia, how much longer do they have to stay in quarantine? >> well, it's the 12th and they've got until august 23rd,ed daughter in the home. >> got you. julia sims in our newsroom. thank you. make sure you stay hydrated this weekend. we're going to see temperatures in the mid-90s. mike maze is in the weather center with a look at what we can expect. >> temperatures are well into the 90s across the area, 93 here in raleigh, 96 fayetteville, 93 in goldsboro,
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drier air aloft come down. they dropped into the upper 60s to low 70s. that hasn't been the case this afternoon. check out the heat index values, what it feels like in the shade. feels like 104 in raleigh. 106 in goldsboro, and this will become a familiar scene over the weekend. the heat is only going to get worse as we go through saturday and sunday. in fact, take a look at futurecast starting tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., we have 78 by that point. by lunchtime we're in the upper 80s, topping out in the low mid-90s, 93, 94 in the mid triangle: overnight on saturday into sunday morning, perhaps only in the upper 70s to low 80s. it will be a very warm night saturday. we're already starting off warm. by lunchtime on sunday, we could be in the low 90s at that point peaking in the mid-90s in the triangle, upper 90s in fayetteville. at this point the heat index values if the drier air aloft is nixed down, we could be looking at heat index values, 105, 108. the heat doesn't last that
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take a look at the radar, and we'll call it pers id part 2. two young people are facing charges in the murder of a taxi driver in durham. the victim is described as a hardworking father of three. wral's ariel clay joins us live in durham with the new developments in this investigation. linda, this evening two of the suspects in driver's case remain here at the durham jail in downtown durham, 17-year-old zion mcneil and 21-year-old travion lyo ns were in court. the third suspect is 15 years old and did not appear at the jail. police say the three men pulled off several crimes yesterday that ended with the death of 46- year-old emir sulamon. it started with the robbery of
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man's phone and used it to call his cab. sulamo in, picked them up and was shot. he went to the la quinta inn for help and he would later die at the hospital. today sulamon's co-worker were mourning the loss of the father of three and remembering him as a pleasant man. . >> he was a really, really nice guy . he's a nice guy, worker. worked constantly all the time, and he was well-liked by his fellow cab drivers. >> so the 15 and 17-year-old suspects were charged with murder. that 21-year-old was charged with accessory after the fact. he were all taken into custody just a short time after sulamon arrived at that hotel for some help. when arrested, police said they did have some of sulamon's belongings on them. linda.
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after a massive fire erupts in watauga county. one person was taken by helicopter to a tennessee hospital with severe burns. the fbi is helping investigate the cause of that fire. authorities haven't released additional information about the missing person. a north carolina boy continues to struggle from a virus he contracted from a mosquito. j. j. wise turned eleven in june. three days after his birthday he got a headache that wouldn't his speech began to deteriorate and he had a manic episode. then j. j. suffered a stroke. doctors in charlotte believe he contracted the lacrosse virus from a mosquito bite. his family hopes j. j. will be out of the hospital soon, but he has years of outpatient therapy ahead of him. a memorial service for a young boy killed on a water slide.
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two other women were injured during the ride. the slide is closed indefinitely. a former police officer faced a federal judge today for shooting a black motorist who ran from a traffic stop. the shooting happened in north charleston south carolina last year and was caught on camera by a witness. it shows michael slager running after walter scott and shooting him. slager's in federal court on civil rights charges. he's also accused of murder in state court. for the first time since he was accused and eventually convicted of boys, jerry sandusky took the stand today. the former penn state assistant football coach is serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. he's hoping to have his conviction thrown out or get a new trial. in the first day of the appeals hearing, sandusky forcefully denied the abuse and says it wasn't his idea to waive his right to testify during his 2012 trial. the hearing is scheduled to last three days. two people were shot in fayetteville after a fight early this morning. it happened just before 1 a.m.
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auto parts on northeastern boulevard. the men ages 26 and 29 were rushed to the hospital in serious condition. the owner of a club that shares that same parking lot says two people got into a fight inside the club and the dispute spilled out into the parking lot. a woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after she was stabbed overnight. it happened near the days inn on glenwood avenue in raleigh. police say the woman had several stab wounds. so far no arrests in the case, but police do not believe this was a random attack. a court appearance today for a man accused of shooting and killing a woman walking fayetteville. police arrested 30-year-old christopher lee. he's being held without bond. lee is accused of shooting 32- year-old angela taylor tuesday night near the intersection of andy and ike streets. she later died. police haven't released a motive for the shooting. deputies are investigating a shooting in johnston county. that shooting happened at 7:30 last night. death say a man was shot and taken to wakemed in serious
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a family dispute. they say they have one person in custody but haven't released that person's name or the name of that victim. the zebulon police department needs your help locating a missing 15-year-old girl. fa layla altman was last seen in zebulon july 31st. she's 5-foot 4, weighs 135 pounds. she may have traveled to raleigh. call police if you think you're seen her. the driver of a truck that crashed into a fayetteville restaurant says his accelerator one person was injured when the ford crashed through the window of the restaurant on raeford road. the injured man will be okay. the driver arthur hooper is charged with careless and reckless driving. the restaurant could reopen as early as tomorrow. an apex man is facing charges after a crash this morning involving a tanker truck. the ramp to u.s. 1 from i-40 was closed after dean nelson came on to the ramp too quickly causing his rig to flip over on its side.
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up. however, no one was hurt. the next time you head to charlotte, you better pay attention to crosswalk signs. police are cracking down on jaywalkers. they handed out 100 warnings in just 90 minutes at one crowded intersection that's seen a dozen people hit. police also ticketed drivers who didn't yield when walkers had the right-of-way. moving day continues for students at universities across the triangle. students start moving in friday the 19th. meredith moves in saturday the 20th. duke's new students will start tuesday the 23rd. a heartbreaking finish for team usa's women's soccer team that lost their quest for a fourth consecutive goal. team usa lost to sweden in a shootout this afternoon in the quarter finals. let's take a look at where the medal count stands, the united states leads with 42 overall medals. china follows with 34.
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have 20. our debra morgan and jeff are in rio. then they'll join us again for the olympic zone at 7:30. former olympic legend shannon miller will talk about this year's gymnastics team. an army wife fulfills her mission to make sure her husband's legacy lives on. next, how a new child care facility at fort bragg is honoring the life and legacy of a man who died fighting for our country. >> plus a s.w.a.t.
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mike maze and wral weather, the most experienced team of meteorologists in north carolina. >> a new child care facility at fort bragg cares the name of a soldier who died protecting our country. >> wral's gilbert baez takes us inside the child development center dedicated to staff
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>> 2, 3. >> staff sergeant edward laredo's wife and children unveiled the dedication plaque that will be placed on the child development center that bears his name. laredo was posthumously awarded the bronze star after he was killed by a roadside bomb in 2010 while serving in afghanistan. >> it's an exciting day not only for my family but for fort bragg to have a facility like this that families have been asking for for a very long time. >> the center already will be a place soldiersan their children while they go and work out at some of the recreation centers on post. the family says the center was who sergeant loredo was. >> fitness and family were his priorities and it just fits really, really nicely together. >> the center can serve about 30 to 40 children at a time. fort bragg wanted to build it five years ago, but it was almost cut from the budget. loredo child development center is one of only three facilities like this in the country.
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ultimate way to remember their fallen hero. >> although we lost him, i know that he's looking down from heaven smiling because his name is on a facility that's going to be wrapping its arms around the children of fort bragg, and i just know that he's proud. >> well, the center is open for business but they closed for the dedication. the children will be back here tomorrow. at fort bragg, gilbert baez wral news. >> the center is from the hercules physical fitness center. when a s.w.a.t. team arrives at your house, it usually means trouble but not what the sheriff's office rolled up to cole's home. last week we told you about colt's diagnosis -- he was a little overwhelmed when the truck showed up at his house and all of the excitement that followed. the sheriff's office made this a day to remember, though. >> he's calling this the squat team. he's been so excited about the
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it's just amazing that they're taking the time to do this for him. >> and you know, you may have seen colt in his own police car. he is rolling today. his parents say recent tests have been promising and he's getting stronger every day. >> he's getting such great support from everyone. >> it's fantastic. >> got a s.w.a.t. team helmet. look at that. >> you know, the big truck, all the guys hanging off of it. >> and when you're just a little guy, you know. >> how cool for him, >> i'd love to see that. i think that'd be -- make me a little kid again. >> under good circumstances. >> yes. >> no kidding. >> yeah, definitely. hey, the heat's starting to go up there. becoming a little more uncomfortable. those heat index values reaching the low 100s. sunday i think that's going to be hottest day this weekend. let's step outside and take a look at the radar view. gerald washed his car yesterday but he didn't do it today. that's why the showers aren't
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happening. we're going to be in our coastal plain. it's across sampson county, parts of wayne county seeing little bit of rain, and the motion today is a little different than yesterday. if you're watching from sampson county, maybe up to turkey and newton grove and specie's corner, the wayne county area, these will start to grow and move to the north and east. once we lose the heating of the day, that will all be gone. two, one gentleman said he was so excited he couldn't go to bed until after 4 a.m. apparently in europe they had a huge display, more than 200 per hour. the outburst was seen in some locations. you still have a chance to see a decent display tonight as the earth is running through the debris stream of the swift tuttle comet. more hot and humid days, minimal rain chances but by
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us now will break down and storm chances will be increasing. by that point we'll welcome the rain and welcome the cooloff that will be coming. look at all the beautiful blue sky out there with the nice white cumulus clouds. it's hot. 93. our dew point's at 74. we have a southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. numbers close to home, we have 93 here at wral. 93 at durham. the durham bums are back in town. it's going to be a warm game. no worries about getting wet this evening. 88 in moncure, and town by town, 96 in goldsboro. 90 in south hill virginia. another look at the heat index values. these will be in evidence over the weekend, the same territory tomorrow, maybe a little bit higher in some locations on sunday. that's if the dew points remain up. now there are little showers that have develops this afternoon. once we lose the heating of the day they will die down. high pressure ridging in from the there can. we have systems off to the west. we have that low still over the lower mississippi valley bringing soaking rains, a lot
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parts of mississippi and louisiana, and then we have our next cold front coming in. and since you think of it as a brick wall of air, nothing can bust into this ridge, so either go around it or just stall off to the west. when you have this moisture linking up at the front, we're expecting soaking rains across the ohio valley this weekend,ed mid-mississippi valley, the lower mississippi valley. none of that will get here. we'll take a look at rainfall in the next half hour. it is very impressive, scary and maybe flooding situations throughout the mississippi ohio valleys. for us those showers diedown. if you want to step out and view the perseid meteor shower. tomorrow morning we make up to mostly sunny skies, partly cloudy in the afternoon. notice one, two, three four little green blips and that's about it. just an isolated shower possible tomorrow afternoon. the bottom line should be a very dry hot afternoon. this evening watch out for an isolated shower south and east of raleigh. 86, should be 87, 88 in fayetteville by that point.
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with a mostly clear sky after midnight. a bright start for your saturday if you have a yard sale, things look great for that. if you want to go ride the motorcycle early in the morning, go to the lake, go golf, everything looks good. you're going to be doing a lot of sweating. the humidity will be up, and then highs tomorrow in the low to mid-90s. 90 at roxboro, 94 in raleigh, 95 in fayetteville with a partly cloudy sky. more heat to come. we're still holding on to our 96 on sunday and monday, slowly backing off tuesday and wednesday. thursday will go about 90 as the cold front approaches. sc thunderstorms will become more likely, and perhaps by this time next week being back into the upper 80s. be prepared to sweat. be prepared to water your lawn if you want to maintain its greenness and the gardens and farm. >> cut my grass today because i knew tomorrow would be detrimental to my health. >> yeah, get it done. >> things came to a standstill in michael phelps hometown last
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all behind the scenes stuff. >> time for a look at what's trending. >> for a look at what's trending. >> getting in on the action. >> that's usually your thing. >> we've all been watching the olympics and there's so many sports to watch. boatable football started last night -- boatable football starred last actually football started last night. it just happens to be whose hometown, michael phelps. >> michael phelps. >> so in the middle of the game last night, they actually paused the game and showed michael phelps race up on the big screen. isn't that cool, cam newton was out there cheering him on. everybody was getting into it. how can you not cheer for michael phelps, the greatest swimmer ever. >> and a home boy. >> and a home boy. that was his hometown. a big preseason game, everyone
4:25 pm
it to give him a little credibility there, a little respect for what he was doing, winning his 22nd gold medal. >> and the ravens won the game over the panthers. >> yeah, i know. i was leaving that part out. >> just the baltimore, baltimore thing, love. yes y -- arod announced his retirement on sunday. despite the buzz about his retirement ticket sales have plummeted for the >> i thought they went up. >> they did go up from $17 to $218 after he announced but since then ticket prices started falling. 161. >> so the initial excitement kind of wore off. >> and the game of course is going to be tonight right here on fox 50. pregame starts at 7:30. if you like a-rod or the yankees. >> he's been a great player despite his proble. >> i have a fascinating story today. >> i love your story. i love sharks.
4:26 pm
a new study using carbon dating recently caught shows they can live up to 500 years. >> that is insane for an animal to live that long. >> think about this, 400 years ago a ship called the may flower was set to sail. the oldest sharks today might have been babies or they could have been young adults. they could have been alive when the may flower. >> george washington and all that. so much history, but they were lurking deep beneath the north >> it defies everything we know about life. >> it totally does. i hope they were very careful. i mean they're senior citizens, got to be gentle. >> until now the record holder was the boat whale, lived up to 200 years. so this surpasses that. i mean carbon dating was anywhere from 390 to 500 years old. >> if they've survived that long, what else is under there. >> you see these pictures of
4:27 pm
bitten out of them. the rumor is they're meg ladons. >> they're hoping it could bring a natural cure to aging. maybe we can find their secret and apply it to us. >> live in the deep. >> and don't eat that much. >> no kidding. very cool stuff. let us know if there's a topic you think should be trending. what you need to know about the number of zika cases on the rise in one local community. >> and how many cases are now being reported in our owner says it's time to show our appreciation for police officers. just ahead his plans to feed the force. >> and a woman went to a dating service looking for love, and she left with a lawsuit.
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covering your community for 60 years, this is wral news with lynda loveland, gerald owens, and the number of zika cases is on the rise in one local county. >> durham county has reported nine travel-related cases of the zika virus. that's nearly a third of all zika cases in north carolina. >> the durham department of public health stresses that the nine reported zeal zika cases are not locally transmitted. still the virus deserves serious consideration, especially for pregnant women.
4:31 pm
of zika throughout north carolina. durham's higher incidence appears to be related to more people traveling to areas like south america. north carolina doesn't have the species of mosquito that carries zika but the virus can be spread through sexual contact. the best defense, use bug spray. don't leave standing water on your property. most people infected don't actually show any symptoms. >> it makes it much hard tore control that way. the state is moving forward with plans to use unconstitutional district maps in the upcoming election. this after a panel of federal judges ruled they could. wral's laura leslie joins us live at the state legislative building in raleigh with a look at what this really means. laura. linda, the panel ruled that maps are illegal and
4:32 pm
would be wrong. the trouble is we're out of time to fix that problem. fixing the problem would require state law makers to come back and approve new state and house senate maps. then elections boards would have to open new filing periods. they'd have to hold primary elections again, and they'd have to allow time for overseas and military voting which is a window of several weeks. there aren't enough days before november 8th left to make that work. however, the judges have left open the possibility that they could call for special legislative elections again next year once the districts are approved. an additional primary and general election would likely cost millions of dollars. bob hall with voting rights group democracy isn't advocating for that but he says there is a strong case to be made. >> it is a fact that we are going to be voting in november in districts that are illegal. now the boundary lines are unconstitutional, so the representatives are not really our true representatives.
4:33 pm
how long do we tolerate that. >> now this is the fourth set of maps drawn by gop lawmakers that federal courts have thrown out as unconstitutional. hall and other advocates are hoping that track record might prompt legislators to reforming the process. >> laura leslie live in raleigh. thank you. the search continues for victims of a massive explosion and fire at an apartment complex in maryland. at least two people are confirmed dead. this happened late wednesday night in the washington d. c. suburb. several people are still missing and presumed dead. the investigation continues into what may have caused the blast. a giant hand swatting an airplane, that's how one passenger described a rough flight that sent two dozen people to the hospital. a jetblue flight headed to sacramento california hit some major turbulence. the flight was forced to land in south dakota because of the injuries. all 24 people on board went to
4:34 pm
injuries. a restaurant owner says it's time to appreciate the good things police officers do every day. wral's bill leslie shows us how he is backing up his words of affirmation with something every officer enjoys, a good meal. >> yanive shareer is a man on a mission. >> how's it going, going good man. >> the owner of o'malley's pub and restaurant has launched a campaign called to honor local law enforcement. >> i don't think these people get enough credit. we want to shine a little light on them, pat them on the back and make them feel like the heroes they are. >> he he is recruiting demo's and other restaurants to offer free meals september 4th and 5th. >> they deal with a lot. these guys really got a lot of weight on their shoulders. it's nice to come in a nice comfortable environment where people really appreciate what they're doing for us. >> flying burrito is another
4:35 pm
owner jim dignon would like to see feed the force grow beyond the triangle. >> if we can get more and more local businesses and make it grow maybe to the states and then even, you know, beyond the state, i think that's something we'd like to see. >> another element of the campaign, the sale of feed the force t-shirts. >> if i can get dentists to hold up the back here, so i can get a copy of that. >> co-owner richard puckett donated more than 200 t-shirts, all proceeds going to a group provid families of fallen officers. >> i know they're out there doing the best they can, and i think it's important for everyone to get behind them and show their support, you know, and show what they mean to our community. you know, they're very helpful. we would be lost without them. >> spread the word. that's the best thing we can do. >> he will continue to knock on doors and would love for others to get involved. >> i would only and that anybody watching this would tell their favorite restaurant
4:36 pm
owners, mention this to them. give them the opportunity to include themselves into this project and let's make this thing as big as we can. bill leslie wral news, raleigh. great idea. earlier this week, facebook announced it will start showing advertisements to people who have desktops that currently use ad block plus. the german-developed software is designed to keep your social media free of marketing spam. two days later ad block plus found a way again. facebook is planning to fight back, and even ad block's creator admits the site may develop a code to block its filter. a woman who went it a dating service looking for love filed a lawsuit instead. jane woods signed up with ambiance match making with the understanding the company would find her one to two dates a month. when that didn't happen, woods sued and she won. >> i was not looking for a marriage partner, but i was
4:37 pm
compatible with. >> a court ordered ambiance to pay woods $5000 which she hasn't received yet. the company spokesperson said they tried to work with woods but it was woods who quit the program. we know it's important to take care of our oral health but something that tends to get overlooked is teeth grinding. because it typically happens when we aren't awake, most people aren't aware of how harmful it can be. >> whether it's brought on by stress or anxiety, tee because it often happens during sleep, most people are not even aware they're doing it, and that can pose a problem. experts say grinding or clinching your teeth on a regular basis cannot only damage your pearly whites but can cause other health issues by putting pressure on the muscles and tissues around your jaw. now in some cases, the chronic
4:38 pm
of your teeth. your dentist may recommend a mouth guard. cutting back on the alcohol, grinding tends to get worse after a few drinks, and don't chew on pen caps or anything that is not food, including gum. chews gum only allows your jaw muscles to get used to the idea of clinching, and that's what you want to avoid. allen mask. a texas scare when he opened his garage door. >> he found a 9-foot alligator waiting for him. the 300-pound gator not happy when authorities tried to remove it. they eventually did get control of the gator and released him on an agator agay -- an alligator farm. >> how did he get in. i guess they left the door open. >> that is a huge gator, nice and full, too. >> came in a doggie door, yeah. >> downsize the doggie door.
4:39 pm
the race for the white house. still to come, how the race between hillary clinton and donald trump is shaping up in our state. >> ahead at 5 on wral, a rare c shows up in this week's restaurant inspection report. 5 on your side's monica laliberte tells us where there were flies, dirty equipment and no hand washing. >> with those heat index values in the low 100s right now, 10 104 at r did, u the durham bulls are back in town three-game home stand.
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hillary clinton just released her 2015 tax returns. the release comes after repeated challenges to donald trump to do the same. the tax returns show she and her husband bill paid roughly a third of their multimillion dollars income to uncle sam. the clintons million last year and paid 3.24 million in federal income taxes. clinton's running mate will be in north carolina next week. the democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in asheville monday and fayetteville tuesday. kaine will focus on hillary clinton's job plan. hillary clinton leads donald trump in four key battleground states including north carolina. here in the tar heel state, she is leading by 9 points, 48% to 39%, but trump says the media
4:43 pm
emily schmidt has trump's latest attempt to smooth over critics after a volley of hiked up rhetoric including calling president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> there is no doubt donald trump said what he said wednesday. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> and there is no doubt trump said it again, repeatedly. >> these are the founders of isis. >> he is the founder >> even as a conservative radio host tried to get trump to say he was speaking metaphorically. >> i know what you meant. you meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis. i do. >> early friday morning, trump tweeted this, ratings challenged cnn reports so seriously that i called president obama and clinton the founder of isis and mvp. they don't get sarcasm? trump says the media can't figure him out.
4:44 pm
unfit to be our commander in chief. >> words can have tremendous consequences. >> new polls in three battleground states show clinton gaining ground, extending her lead to as much as 14 points. sources tell cnn the republican national committee chairman spoke to trump concerned about the direction of his campaign. >> and these dishonest media people, the most dishonest people, they said oh, did he mean that. didn't he friday's campaign event making certain supporters knew he meant what he tweeted even if it's not what he originally said. >> obviously i'm being sarcastic. then, then, but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. >> in washington i'm emily schmidt. an overnight-light show lit up the skies. the annual perseid meteor shower was visible across the northern hemisphere, including here in our area. >> darn, it's a picture.
4:45 pm
there. imagine if you will these images show meteors streaking across a star-studded sky in spruce knob west virginia. the celestial event is known to produce some of the brightest shooting stars. i went out on the back porch, and there was still some light pollution. i didn't see any. i was so bummed. >> can we still see them tonight? >> yeah, yeah, through dawn at least you have the potential. the earth still riding through a stream of comet >> oh, good. >> do have the potential. could be better than what we saw last night. >> in which direction. to the northeast is where the constellation is. if you look straight up you'll see them streak across the sky. over in europe they saw more than 200 per hour. not to say that that would happen around here but some prime locations could see a good light show again tonight. let's take a look at some flooding. we're been talking about this all week. the gulf coast states are getting it.
4:46 pm
flooding. heavy rain is causing problems in southern mississippi. officials in pike county say roads are closed and water is nearing homes just north of the louisiana, mississippi state line. that area has already seen at least 10 inches of rain since last night, and more is in the forecast. we'll show you more about that coming up. the rain is not going to go away anytime soon. let's take a look at the four panel display. lots of colors to share with you. that's that rainfall potential throughout the deep south and the mississippi valley, but for us, rather high this afternoon, not over here in north carolina but in south carolina as well, 104, 105, in fayetteville. 108 in greenville. if you're working outside, you know the drill. take it easy. the heat's going to be rough in the coming days. there are a few showers on the radar. over sampson county, they're now starting to get into the newton grove area. they're very tiny like we saw
4:47 pm
once we lose the heating of the day they will die down. we're not going to see a whole lot of activity. so here is the satellite and radar review over the nation. we'll put the jet stream on the map. we have a trough of low pressure in the center part of the country. we have an upper level low across the gulf coast states and of course we have our ridge of high pressure here in the eastern part of the u.s. encompassing north carolina, south carolina, and also virginia. we talked last half hour, that's kind of like a brick wall, the systems try to move in from the west. the hi saying, no, you can't come in. hahs what this rain is going to to do. it will stop and try to go around the ridge. look at all the heavy rain across the gulf coast states. there's louisiana. it's a super soaking there. southern louisiana, even parts of the panhandle florida, and southern alabama. there's our next cold front making its way through the ohio valley. it will steadily move to the east. over the weekend it will stop because, again, it can't get through what we'll call a brick
4:48 pm
be funneled up to the north running into the front, can't get here. it will try to go around, but it is going to rain a whole lot in the next several days all across the lower, mid- mississippi valley and the ohio valley. we see the dark green which encompasses parts of missouri, indiana, illinois, all the way into ohio. where you see the reds those are flash flood warnings and flood advisories across parts of iowa and illinois. here is the rainfall potential over the next five days, with whole lot of rain. look at these insane totals, widespread, 5, 6, 7, 8 inches of rainfall. this could cause flooding in this area in the coming days and could make national news. let's go ahead and take a look at our forecast around here. it includes a lot of heat. overnight low about 76. tomorrow morning about 78 with clear sky and tomorrow afternoon we should be where we were today or maybe a little higher. 89 at lunchtime. toastier on sunday with about 96. difficult toe for monday and
4:49 pm
perhaps this time next week we could be looking at upper 80s. that ridge will break down. in the meantime it is going to be baking, not extreme. not excessive. that would be upper 90s to low 100s. we're going to go with middle of the road kind of heat. >> the last hurrah maybe. >> hopefully. >> it steals some of your most precious possession, your ease the symptoms of also's. >> you've heard about them at the state fair. now you can have them at your
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today. ?? coming up at tens of thousands of toyotas on a recall list for the third time. what first started the problem and the continuing issues with the vehicles now. plus we head live to rio, debra morgan introduces us to a unc biomechanics professor who worked with usa track on every olympics since 1988. how he tracks the data to help athletes improve. nearly 5 million americans have alzheimer's disease. that number is expected to triple by 2050. some medications can ease the symptoms but nothing has been
4:53 pm
as wral's dr. allen mask explains, a local company has an experimental drug that is showing great promise. >> with alzheimer's disease, brain imaging tells the story. the brain slowly wastes away as if starved for food. >> so-called anorexia of the brain. as you can see in this picture, the severe alzheimer's brain greatly atrophied compared to a normal brain. >> research triangle says until now drug development research has been focused on treating plaques or the sticky buildup around neurons in the brain. so far that approach has failed and dimmed hopes for a cure. >> we believe this offers a new ray of hope. >> his first in class combination therapy drug t3d959 is designed to address the diseased brain's inability to process sugar into energy.
4:54 pm
glucose or sugar absorption. >> it's not processing glucose, and that is likely due to insulin resistance and insulin- like growth factor resistance. >> like diabetes of the brain. in early animal trials t3d959 showed the potential to reverse memory loss and improve motor function. in a small human trial, dr. dinsbury said they found effects from the oral medication. >> very encouraging but it is early. this needs to be tested in longer and larger trials to determine safety and efficacy. >> dr. allen mask wral health team. >> dr. dinsbury credits the technical and financial support to the north carolina biotechnology center which started in 2015. he says future drug trial science will likely include new hope clinical research sites in
4:55 pm
artists using mixed mediums to create their works of art. one man is mixing his creations like a deejay of sorts. walter logan hamilton is flown for his unique pieces of art. hamilton meticulously breaks, cuts and mixes albums similar to a deejay. only you can't dance to his works of art but you still can enjoy them. he says it takes anywhere from days to a couple of months to complete a piece. he's even been commissioned by actors, comedians and has a piece featured on didn't know that was his piece -- featured on the fox hit show empire. hostess is launching deep fried twinkies today in a version for your home freezer. >> never had one. >> i have. >> i bet you have. the snack is the result of a year-long collaboration between hostess and wal-mart. they're trying to boost sales with innovative products. it's battered and partially fried before being frozen. the twinkies need to be heated up in the oven, toaster oven or
4:56 pm
7. for the first three months they will be available only at wal-mart. >> every once in a while, you can't do that on a regular basis but you know when you're craving something like that. or the fair is coming up. >> yes, just wait for that. we deep fry everything. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back here on fox 50 tonight at 10. >> don't forget to turn over to
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ?? >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ?? [ applause ]


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