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tv   WRAL News Noon  FOX  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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exactly where this happened. now, a lot of neighbors are afraid to talk about what they heard last night or what may have developed. but here is what we have learned from police. around 1:30 this morning, a call came in reporting a shooting here on allen street. we have since learned 26-year- old sebastian smith was shot and died. the town of wake forest making sure they are clear that this tied to the home where this happened. i want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about the home where this happened. i'll step out of the way so you can see hope house. it has been here for about five years helping this community. in fact, right in front of the home, there is a sign advertising a back to school giveaway where they will be giving out backpacks to children in need around this area.
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will also be setting up over here to serve food to the community. people are already sitting down waiting for hope house. i talked to the owner of the home, pastor holloway, from friendship chapel baptist church. here what is he said when asked if this morning's violence and tragedy will keep hope house from serving the community. >> not at all . it just moves us more knowing that our service is much more needed [ inaudible ] >> it just gives us the strength to move on further. >> reporter: it is pretty powerful and inspirational to hear pastor holloway talking about his determination. police at this point have not made any arrests on the
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description of the suspect either. at this point, they are still reviewing evidence and we expect according to the town of wake forest to get more information on what investigators have learned this afternoon. back to you. >> thank you. within the hour, health officials will talk about a lead scare at a school in cumberland county. the school is implementing measures to remove the hazards at william on raeford road. they found lead on the exterior of the school. no lead was found in the classrooms or in the water samples. parents will get a letter detailing the finings. free blood testing will take place at owen elementary on september 12th. you can also be tested at the cumberland county public health center. work to remove the lead should be started prior to august 29th, the beginning of the
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umbrella in case you run into showers. >> it has been a while since we've had any widespread showers or thunderstorms across the area. so this is a change in our weather pattern. we had the bermuda high sitting over us bringing sinking air and not allowing any storms to develop. we've seen a few of these close to our viewing area and we'll take a look at that. here is is a look at our radar picture. you can see our radar picture starting here at 8:00 a.m. and we had hints of showers you can see that little band developing and shifting off to the south and east. nothing else is happening yet. when it does, it will likely first appear near the virginia line and as we get late near the afternoon, it will start to erupt south and east of the triangle because this is where most of the instability will be for later on today. we look at what is happening up in roxboro.
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today. just getting back into the more typical summer-like pattern. we'll talk more about the rain and how much we'll see through the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much. new at newport now, raleigh police have just released an update on their investigation into the weekend incident, the chaos at crabtree valley mall. >> this after combing through hundreds of 911 calls and speaking to witnesses. amanda lamb joins us fr newsroom with what they've learned so far. >> reporter: they say they still have not found evidence that a gunshot was fired at the mall saturday as some people reported. but they aren't ready to completely rule out that possibility either. now, sounds that shoppers identified as possible gunshots sent thousands fleeing from the mall on saturday, as many as 10,000 people. people also hid inside the mall. the building was eventually evacuated and searched. police say two holes found in
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tested and found not to be bullet holes. they have reached out to witness those 300-plus 911 calls. they have examined the surveillance video and they have found no sightings of a person way gun related to that sound. no one has been arrested in this case. now, the next step, raleigh police have asked the fbi to come in and examine a recording of that sound heard to determine for sure where it came from. no timetable on when that this afternoon, police will release the 911 tapes to us. we'll go through them and we rhode island report on those in our afternoon and evening shows. back to you guys. >> it sounds like a very thorough examination but so far no real answers as to what happened. thank you. republican presidential nominee donald trump will expand his staff in north carolina. he made that announcement just ahead of his visit to charlotte tonight.
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security plan. ken smith will be there and bring you details on our late news. will live stream the event beginning at 8:00 p.m. the candidates for governor of north carolina made a pitch to business leaders this morning. >> republican governor pat mccrory is running for re- election against roy cooper. they spoke at the summer leadership conference at the greater raleigh chamber of morning. >> laura leslie has more. >> reporter: governor pat mccrory and attorney general roy cooper each addressed raleigh business leaders here in pinehurst for about a half hour this morning. each one making his case that's the better choice for the city's economic security. and each talking about house bill 2. back in april, the raleigh chamber called for the law's repeal criticizing the legislation as bad for
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saying the law has already cost the state thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars, some of those losses in raleigh. mccrory said the law and the resulting federal lawsuit is a dispute over basic common sense and privacy. >> that is why 22 other states have now joined north carolina to challenge this federal government overreach. it is a change in our basic culture, values and norms. and that is the fight. most of you talk to site developers and recruiters and know that this takes us off the list for many of them. people across the country are looking at this governor's race as a signal for who north carolina is. who are we? >> reporter: the two candidates touched on their business background and their position on funding for education and tax cuts.
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bipartisan deal maker who gets things done. mccrory brented himself as someone who has brought business sense into state government. a new addition in raleigh to protect voting rights. last month, a federal appeals court ruled that north carolina's id requirement and several other voting changes were discriminatory and illegal. governor mccrory has asked the u.s. supreme court to issue a stay on overturning the law. a reform jewish outreach group and the naacp will tick off participation and protection campaign. that happens later today. police reveal new information on a late night incident in holly springs. investigators are calling that incident in a strip mall parking lot an accidental shooting. police say around 10:30, officers responded to the area of village walk drive. there was a victim in the parking lot. a male was also present at the scene. a female was treated by ems and immediately taken to the
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gunshot wound. her condition is not yet known. it appears that this incident is isolated and accidental in nature. new at noon, video from an event aimed at helping military spouses with employment. blue star families hosted the networking fore numb fayetteville this morning. organization wants to address one of the biggest issues it says it has identified which is military spouse employment. a restaurant in raleigh has a fundraiser tonight for the family of kouren thomas. he was shot to death while he and his friends were walking down single leaf lane after a party earlier this month. thomas had worked at several mcdonald's in the triangle area. the fund raiser is from 5:00 to 9:00 tonight.
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shot by an officer in milwaukee. they say seville smith and the officer once attended the same high school. smith's sister says the officer knew smith and he didn't like him. the shooting sparked fiery protests across the city. the officer who shot smith is 4 years old but he has not been identified. former chicago police officer jason van dyke is due in court he is charged with first degree murder for the october 2014 killing of 17-year-old la quan mcdonald who was shot 16 times. in video of the shooting, there were protests in the city. a special prosecutor was apintded early they are month to handle the case. -- appointed earlier this
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be aware there is live training near the american tobacco trail so parts of the trail are closed. the town of cary is conducting the exercise. officials say smoke may linger even after the training has ended. it is day 13 for olympic competitions in brazil. don't miss usain bold's run in the 200-meter dash. that is tonight. one of the sprinters lining up against carolina athlete michon merritt. also today, the u.s. women's basketball team will take on france. watch women's diving, bmx men's cycling and synchronized swimming. watch all the action on our sister station wral. the united states continues to own the leader board as well with 94 medals overall. china is a far second with 54 medals followed by great britain with 52.
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wral's olympic zone tonight at 7:30. people are still trying to escape the flooding in louisiana. next at noon, details on the show of support from college football players there. >> thyroid cancer is great news. with at&t, the bundle price you sign up for is guaranteed to stay the same for two years. call at&t now and bundle directv, home phone and high speed internet for just $89.99 a month for two years.
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the u.s. homeland security secretary looks at flood waters today in louisiana. people are still being warned to evacuate areas in the southern part of the state. at least because of the issue and the floods have damaged thousands of homes. japingsville is one of the areas hardest hit. chet davis shows us how the university of lieu hue football program is hope -- university of louisiana football program is helping.
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hours a night, four hours a night with the worry of what to do next, trying to stay focused and then a bus of football players shows up. they came in and they're like do you need help and we're like are you serious. whatever we needed them to do, they are just doing it. they haven't left us. >> i think the way faces of the residents that, motivated them to do a good job for them. i just wish we could do even more. >> nothing like giving back to the community to help others out. >> literally grabbed the tools out of my hand and start working and tell me to take a break. at one point, i had seven guys in my house and i didn't even know what their name was. they were working to help me
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also overseas, more than 200 people are injured after two car bombings in turkey. the attacks targeted police stations in the eastern part of the nation. at least six people were killed. leaders blame the attacks on a workers party which has launched a campaign of attacks targeting police. a feeling of uncertainty as a wildfire continues burning in southern california. it swallowed up homes across 40 miles of mountain and desert east of l.a. here is a look at members of the san bernardino fire team. crews warned thousands of people to evacuated. mary maloney has more. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire, i have never seen a fire behavior so extreme. >> reporter: extreme and uncontrolled. a roaring fire is burning everything in its path. weather and dry brush only help the fire spread. >> it is challenging when we are up against a fire burning so aggressively that we are really struggling to keep up with it. >> reporter: the blue cut fire
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angeles. you can see the flames light up the night sky in this time lapse video. watch as the fire grows. >> with the rate of spread that we've seen, if we ask you to leave, you have to leave. >> reporter: the fire started around 10:30 tuesday morning engulf ring mountains in bleums of smoke. crews say the explosive and fast-moving flames make fighting this kind of fire dangerous. >> this is a challenging year. one of the thems we are seeing is that the fires in unprecedented fashion. it is to the point where explosive fire growth is the new normal this year. that is a challenge for all of us to take on. >> one extreme to the next. incredible how powerful mother nature is. >> flooding in one place. drought that causes fires in the other. so we can feel very fortunate that we don't have extreme weather like that to deal with. it has been about 10 days since
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airport. everything is just fine. we are not even close to being abnormally dry. let's take a look at the radar picture. we'll start off with what to expect in the next couple of days. a wetter weather pattern. so we should eventually start to see some rainfall in the rain gauges at rdu. but as i mentioned, it has been 10 days since we've seen any. it has been a fairly wet summer so far. that is probably the longest streak we've had so far summer. still will be hot through the weekend. somewhere in the mid-90s to near 100 for the next several days for the heat index. but our temperatures will be a little cooler than we've seen for the last several days. we do have a big weather pattern change for early next week. i know a lot of folks are going to be happy to see that. excuse me. something in my throat. down here south and east of fayetteville, we are looking at this cluster of thunderstorms and you can see the lightning
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as this heads out towards elizabethtown. it is moving away from our viewing area at the moment. at this point, we are not seeing anything else developing. nothing here around the triangle area. we are likely to start to see some of this up toward the virginia line as we get our front a little bit closer to us. thank you. nate johnson to the rescue with the water bottle. thank you. that should solve the problem. let's tuck about our satellite picture. this also tells a good thunderstorms popping up first. you can see the write white clouds showing up. this is the cluster i was just showing you. nothing else starting to pop just yet except up here into virginia, you can seat brighter white clouds and those will be shifting southward. that will help to bring us that better chance for thunderstorms. in the meantime, boy, everything will heat up for us. this is a look over at nc state university. classes are back in session. can you see all the students
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definitely hot and sticky. 90degrees is our current temperature. really heating things up fast. our dew point is at 70 and that is high. not quite as high as it was yesterday. that will play a part in the way it feels for us. 82 in roxboro. 91 in rocky mount an wilson. looking at hot temperatures to the south. 90 in clinton and goldsboro. these are not afternoon highs but morning these horning lows are going to feel better too. the rest of the weekend will be fair hi typical, at least what we've seen for the last several weeks in low and mid-70s. by tuesday and wednesday, look at that. refreshing. 64 on tuesday. 60degrees on wednesday. big, big changes are coming in terms of our temperature. this front is not going to be able to do it for us. even though it will slip down here into north carolina. it will not help to usher in the cooler air t will just most in and sort of wimp out on us.
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to cool things down for us. here a look at the way things are happening up through the afternoon. a little sea breeze front developing toward the coast. it is likely to be late afternoon and evening before our thunderstorms crop up. look at that. it may be really after sunset into the early-morning hours before we see that really good juicy band of rain that comes through producing some heavy precipitation and some strong, gusty winds. friday afternoon and evening, there it may be a little earlier. 40% chance of rain for today and tomorrow. keep that in mind. not everybody will see the showers and thunderstorms but they will be out there. we get into the weekend and that chance does continue through saturday night. we are looking at 1/2 inch to an inch as an average. there may somebody locations where we see heavier rain than that. as much as 2 inches or more now.
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next week in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> today at 4:00 on fox 50, a link between obesity and brain function. the health team's dr. alan mask explains the connection revealed in a new study. >> then at 5:30, the tarheel traveler, scott mason, takes us to stokes county to share the story behind this unusual but lovable couple. where wilbur and harry got their name and why people keep stopping to say howdy. noon news, a sharp rise in thyroid cancer. >> what is behind the surge and
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your height could indicate
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found taller people are more likely to support conservative positions and politicians. they base the information on nearly 10,000 british adults. researcher says this is most likely due to a link between height and income. studies show staller people get paid more and wealthier people tend to vote for more conservative candidates. thyroid cancer is the fastest rising diagnosis of cancer in the nation. >> most treated right away. they are not life-threatening. we have a report. >> reporter: megan was told two years ago she had thyroid cancer t may seem hard to believe even risky but she and her doctor decided not to treat it for now. >> because it is so slow- growing, i figured it can't hurt to do the watchful observation and see what happens. >> reporter: that is the
12:26 pm
new england journal of medicine suggests may be best. researchers found doctors overdiagnosed thyroid cancer about 80% of the time because new screening technology is picking up small growths that are slow growing and unlikely to cause symptoms or death. >> what happens to these lesion ifs nothing is done? >> the vast majority of patients don't need any treatment for these small thyroid cancers. >> reporter: most often diagnosed in women, thaw cancer treatment conditions harsh, involving surgery, raid ration and medication for life. because megan's cancer was small, her doctor at mount sinai hospital recommended careful monitoring knowing, if it starts to grow, it is still treatable. >> they know they have the option to do surgery any time they want it. but it is not an emergency. the barn is not on fire. they have some time to think about this. this is an example of one of those overdiagnosed thyroid cancers. >> reporter: a new way of
12:27 pm
rush into aggressive treatment. dr.john torres, nbc news, new york. retail giant target reports apple product sales are down. they've seen a more than 20% decrease of apple products in stores. business leaders hope for a turnaround with the release of the new iphone 7 this fall. companies like apple and samsung are seeing changes as customers are less in a hurry to replace old devices. donald trump plans to open campaign offices across north carolina. >> that is wh gets a leadership makeover.
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the wake county public
12:30 pm
testifying about his role in a scheme that cheated the schools out of close to $1 million. soo. >> amanda lamb has been following the case and joins us in our newsroom to explain. >> what this case boils down to as i long pattern of corruption by a handful of people involving weak county clerk's ballentine testified that he initiated the conversation about w. bonds men about changing computer records to make it look like large bond amounts were not actually owed to the court system. money that was ultimately supposed to go to the wake county schools. he says bonds men gave him lists of dozens of cases to handle in this matter. he was paid over $500 to $1,000 a pop for n. return for his services. he used that money to pay bills. now, specifically, he said bonds man ronnie smith who is
12:31 pm
connected to the scheme was his partner for about a year. >> being escorted out of a place i worked has taken a toll. i wish i could go back and not do it. it wasn't worth it at all. >> reporter: >> reporter: ballentine says he continued to perpetuate the scheme with other bonds men. he testified he knew all along what he did was wrong but did it because he was immature. he says he is getting no deals in return for his testimony but is testifying because it is the right thing to do. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. health leaders will talk about a lead scare ate school
12:32 pm
measures to remost hazard at william h. owen elementary school on raeford road. they found lead on the exterior of the school. no lead was found in the classrooms or in water samples. parents will get a letter detailing the findings. free blood testing will take place at the school on september 12th. work to remove the lead should be completed prior to the start of the school year on new at noon, republican presidential candidate donald trump announced new plans to expand his staff in north carolina. trump visits charlotte tonight after already making big leadership changes. jason carol details. >> reporter: with a major shake- up in his campaign, donald trump now seems less likely to
12:33 pm
>> i think what he doesn't like is people telling him what to say and how to do t maybe that is hillary clinton's game. what do the focus groups say. >> reporter: kelly ann conway is now campaign manager but the buzz is about media flame flower steve bannon. he is now the cam pine chief executive. he was dubbed the most dangerous political operative in america. both will work controversial political consultant roger stone. also advising trump though the campaign denies it, former fox news chief roger ailes. in short, an aggressive mix of operatives. so why shake things up with less than three months to election day. in part, lag poll numbers in key battleground states. trump's former campaign manager whork whose strategy during the primaries was to just let trump be trump says the campaign needs to let their candidate unleash more on hillary clinton in his own way.
12:34 pm
over the last two to three weeks that have not had the trump campaign responding directly to the mistakes that the clinton campaign has been making. >> reporter: campaign chair paul manafort stepped in when loon lieu -- lewandowski was let go. trump saying he is committed to doing whatever it takes to win this election. >> we'll have trump campaign tonight in charlotte. ken smith on that coverage. today marks 10 years since north carolina carried out an execution. samuel flippen was put to death for the murder of his stepdaughter on august 18, 2006. exec uses were put on hold because of several legal challenges. 147 men and three women are currently on death row in our state. we are trying to learn more about a shooting at a party in
12:35 pm
it happened at a home on nugget court just before 8:30 last night. she was taken to cape fear valley medical center and is in fair condition. police have not released her name. still to come on wral noon news, an exclusive tour inside a major science lab. >> find a vaccine for the zika virus and find it fast. >> raleigh rallies to help flood victims in louisiana. why the story hits h where should you start when you're
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his fork flooding in hue lieu prompted people in the triang toll help residents there. -- in the triangle to help residents there. they are contacting for a few clothing items but says his main goal is to go help with the clean-up efforts. he is asking for donation of work gloves, trash bags, diapers, toilet par, can you find out how to help by looking for this story on researchers are working to create i vaccine against the zika virus. >> the public can't go inside the laboratory at kansas state university but tom dempsey got an exclusive tour of the research facility. >> we go through this plastic curtain.
12:39 pm
biosecurity lab are conducting important experiments. >> this is where we are rearing the mosquito. this is an environmental chamber. >> reporter: inside this room and chamber, researchers breed mosquitoes be used to experiment with zika. >> it is used to rear mosquitos which will be used. >> after those mosquitos are taken away from the breeding room, they are taken away from a highly controlled laboratory where only highly trained researchers are allowed to work with the zika virus. ca only those researchers are allowed beyond the closed doors. >> with the obvious danger of working around mosquitos carrying a harmful virus dr. steven higgs says the research team pays close attention to detail and makes sure nothing gets out. >> have you to have total confidence so you are not putting them at risk. we know wear not. >> a race to found a vaccine and research at k-state that dr. higgs says could make a difference. >> it is important to the
12:40 pm
of stuff we're doing. >> reporter: symptoms of zika virus include a raised rash, fever, muscle aches and red eyes. dangerous side effects of zika can potentially cause birth defects in babies. that is important work at k- state. everyone could stand to save a few bucks here and there but couponing is a whole new class of saving. >> most important, you want to save money. next week, can you get tips from an expert. our wral smart shopper fay prosser is here to tell us all about that. >> you can take one of my many classes. the good news is i have some free ones coming up next week on august 25th. you can head to the wilson library at #:00 p.m. for an hour and a half free class. we'll talk about everything you need to know to cut your grocery bills in half. >> where can we get the address and the registration and phone
12:41 pm click on smart shopper and then just give them a call and let them know you are coming so we have enough handouts for you. look forward to seeing everybody there in the wilson area. >> any classes in the raleigh area? >> absolutely. we have one coming up on october 8th here at wral in the studio. that is always a lot of fun. a couple of wral employees said they are coming so we can do a little intervention. might be a good time for your the gross training here. >> i definitely need an interv >> i think so. absolutely. >> i know you have some favorite deals for the week. >> shredded cheese is one of of my favorites. >> who doesn't look some cheese. >>. harris teeter has shredded cheese, buy two, get three free. aldi has grapes on sale. this is a ridiculously low price of 79 cents a pound for a two-pound bag and then whole
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pound, excellent in the slow cooker right now. with this heat, you do not want to run your oven. and finally walgreen's. and the rewards. >> can you freeze that chicken if you can't use it all. >> absolutely. with your cheese. >> what are you going to do with five bags ever cheese? that is a lot of cheese. >> you don't have teenaged girls. >> i don't. >> you could buy 10 bags at a time, which i do and they all go in the >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for more smart shopping tips from faye, head to and search smart shopper or look under the consumer tab. >> more news and the pet of the day still to come. what about the weather this afternoon? will those skies get clogged with clouds? is it going to rain?
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12:45 pm
some rain today. >> : mine included. it is starting to get a little bit crunchy out there. >> i don't know that my lawn or your lawn is actually going to see any rain today. but somebody's is going to. we'll get back into that wetter weather pattern. here is a look at the radar picture. there is elizabethtown. they are certainly citying a fairly hefty storm coming
12:46 pm
certainly some heavy rain and a lot of lightning with that cell down around elizabethtown. you can see this around roseboro and salemburg. clinton, tbar land, harold, the southern tip of our viewing area will see this particular little band of thunderstorms developing. -- garland. i don't think anybody else way see too much of that. we'll widen the view out a little bit. we'll show you is looking quiet. take a look at the loop as of 8:45 this morning up until now. it is not looking at a whole lot happening except for the one little band of storms down to our south. when we get through the afternoon, we'll have more and more of those. it may be that overnight tonight will be your best chance ever see something thunderstorms. here is solar farm 5. that gives us plenty of time to generate some energy. our temperatures are warming up
12:47 pm
come nearby fayetteville. look at what that has done. 91 in charlotte. it is 74 in boone and 81 in asheville. still very muggy out so it feels like 94 in fayetteville. it is 86, 87 degrees but feeling like mid-90s. it feels greenville. 102 in wilmington. it only feels like 90 in tbreensboro. we should -- in greensboro. we should start to see the levels drop by next week. nobody is in a heat advisory today. that is because we won't be anywhere near 105.
12:48 pm
so up around 100 in some places but not nearly as high as it was yesterday. it will still be hot. we do have the cold front slipping southward. that will help to bring us a better chance for thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon. and even overnight tonight. a 40% chance today, tomorrow, saturday and then 30% chance on sunday. none of these days are going to be a washout. there will be days everybody sees thunderstorms. hopefully at some point in the next four days or so, you will get some rain at your house because it is starting to get a little bit dry. we are watching the tropics. right here is tropical storm fiona that developed yesterday. it has slowed down a good bit. the latest advisory that we saw earlier today had it moving northwest at about 16 miles per hour. we cut that in half. we'll be at 8 miles per hour. winds at 45 miles per hour. they did a little reconnaissance mission and took
12:49 pm
it looked like it was moving more slowly. the forecast track keeps it out to sea as of tuesday of next week. so out for about the next seven days or so. but we'll keep watching it. it still could develop into something that will be an issue. right now, nothing to be concerned about. low 90s today and tomorrow. 93 on sunday. then the 90s are gone for a little while. we'll see a high of 88 on monday. we have a cold front that moves through late monday. that will cool us off and drop our monument. humid. 84 the high temperature for tuesday compared to 88 which is normal. and even the morning lows get in on the act. we'll see 60 degrees. 75 is the warmest low temperature for wednesday. we've seen a lot of morning lows in the mid-70s. that is unusual for this time of year. we should be cooler and it looks like that will happen next week. >> it looks like that will be a
12:50 pm
next week. >> what a change. >> yes, it is. >> still to come, details on our pet of the day that you see
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quite a controversy brewing in rio. a brazilian police official telling soaringed press that american swimmer ryan lochte robbed at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. the official was speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the probe. he said that about 6:00 a.m. sunday, lochte and three fellow swimmers stopped at a gas station in a suburb of rio where many olympic von venues, located and one of the swimmers tried but failed to open the door of an outside bathroom.
12:54 pm
later today at 4:00. a police official says the story about a robbery was fabricated. star wars, harry potter and lady gaga are the buzz in hollywood. david daniel tells us why they are making headlines. >> reporter: jk roweling is still in the harry potter business. she revealed a trio of books will be released september 6th. bradley cooper has his engenue. he is is set to make his detectorrial debut in the latest version of a star is born. lady gaga will take on the role of his protege.
12:55 pm
you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. >> if there was a earth version of the cantina from star wars, where else would you find it but hollywood. visit irs to scum and villainy is coming. the site says reservations can be made soon. just leave in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> the olympics are all about coming together and friendly international competition. there is an grounder ground currency at the olympic village. today at 4:00 on fox 50, we'll explain what you can trade for food or even use to meet a famous athlete. how about a famous pet? >> we have one in our studio. so adorable. our pet of the day is from holt animal rescue. tell us about him.
12:56 pm
he is a chihuaha-dachshund mix. he is super sweet, about three months old. he is playful and cuddly. >> i saw those loving eyes looking at you there. >> he is trying to give you a kiss. >> he will love his new owner and family. >> he seems to have a very calm temperament. >> he is kind of nervous but he is calm. he definitely gets some wild streaks like all puppies but he >> giving you a little kiss there. >> he is precious. i'm sure he will find a home quickly. >> has hope animal rescue for bruno. what a cutie. quickly on the weather today, when will the rain start? >> most likely much later this afternoon or even tonightment we may run into it on our way into work tomorrow morning. you all keep that in mind. >> that is it for wral's noon news today. >> have a great day and tune in this afternoon for the news at
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>> wendy: it's part history and part manifesto. best-selling author eric metaxas remembers the forgotten promise of american liberty. and then...a devout buddhist begins to question his faith. >> am i going to be able to think on my own? >> wendy: courageous stand. >> it has meant everything to me. >> wendy: on today's "700 club." ??? >> pat: well, welcome to this edition of "the 700 club." i hate to admit it, but it's hot. july was the hottest since they've been taking records. and it looks like month after month after month we are setting records, and baby, it's hot where we


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