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tv   WRAL News Noon  FOX  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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we'll likely see more of that later on. it was a little bit more active earlier today than it is right now. we'll zoom around the map a little bit. just a little shower moved past rocky mount. we'll see that around pine tops, tarboro. to the north, still seeing a little bit of rain around mecklenburg county, virginia. then we have this one little tiny shower near pittsboro in towards raleigh and it just fizzled out. not terribly exciting at the moment but as we head through the afternoon, i do anticipate we'll see a pretty good looking round of thunderstorms later on. 8:00 a.m., we had this one little cell producing some heavy rain. it moved over into edgecombe county. things are looking pretty quiet right now. we had a little sunshine earlier. we are starting to see more cloud cover right now. we do have a good chance of thunderstorms this afternoon
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93 on sunday. 40% chance on saturday. 30% chance on sunday. we'll talk more about the weekend and then what is coming next week. it looks glorious. all of that coming up. >> thank you. the director of a private school called the stevens prep academy is behind bars on child sex charges. >> claude stevens is multiple charges dating back to 2007. >> reporter: deputies arrested claude stevens right here on oak creek road. this is the stevens prep academy. it is described online as an alternative prep school. also online, stevens is listed as the director and administrator. now, deputies arrested him for multiple counts of statutory rape and indecent liberties. his bond now set at $5 million. according to court records,
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2007 and 2012. victims said to be teenagers 13 years of age to be exact. now, i talked to the dad of a former student here. he tells me it was about 10 years ago when his son was here. he said this was a good thing for his son and had no complaints about the school or the director. now, i knocked on the door. no answers this morning. but we hope to learn more this afternoon when stevens makes an appearance in court. back to you. >> thank you. like the nba will, in fact, hold the 2017 all-star game in new orleans and not in charlotte. the decision hasn't been officially announced but a person familiar with the decision tells the associated press an announcement is expected today. last month, the nba threatened to move the all-star game because of north carolina's house bill 2. opponents say that law discriminates against
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women and children. the all-star game is scheduled for february 19th. two u.s. olympic swimmers caught in the middle of a bizarre and embarrassing scandal on now back on their way to the u.s. two swimmers were pulled off a plane in brazil and questioned about claims they had been robbed after a night of partying. brazilian police say their story is a lie. police say the men vandalized a gas station bathroom and were questioned by armed guards before they paid and left. one swimmer, james feigen, is still in rio. he worked out a deal to donate nearly $11,000 to a charity before he returned home. swimmer ryan lochte claimed he and his three teammates had been robbed. he released a statement apologizing for his behavior last weekend and for, quote, not being more careful and candid, unquote, in describing the event. he says he wanted to wait until
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be arriving home safely before apologizing. the olympic official arrested in rio in a ticket fraud investigation is now out of the hospital. he left the hospital a day after he decided to step aside temporarily as a member of the international olympic committee. hickey as excused of plotting with at least nine others to illegally sell tickets for the rio olympics. jamaica's usain bolt completed the so-called triple- double, three gold medals in he won his third straight olympic gold medal in the 200- meters last night. he easily won gold in the 200 after winning gold in the 100 earlier in the week. he will try for another win in the 4x100 relay tonight. team usa's ashton eaton won his second straight gold in the men's decathlon tying the all- time record. the united states now 100 strong when it comes to the olympic medal count followed by
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a deadly shooting involving a north carolina state trooper is under investigation in charlotte. officials say the trooper tried to stop a vehicle for speeding last night. the driver didn't stop. after a short chase, suspect pulled over and got out of his car. a shot was fired. the driver died at the scene. the trooper was placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure officer involved shooting. an attempted robbery ended in a shoot outlast night in fayetteville t happened at the skylight fast mart morganton road. one of the people pulled out a gun. the customer tried to drive away and ended up hitting the convenience store. man way gun opened fire and the victim pull out his weapon and started shooting. no one was hurt. the suspects did get away.
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a body found in southeast raleigh. police have identified the victim and are now calling this a homicide case. the body of 23-year-old la quan anderson was found about 6:00 last night on cross street. family members say he had been missing since tuesday. neighbors reported the shooting in the same area that night. they say they heard gunfire in the affect and again in the evening. anderson was the father of two young boys. -- in the afternoon and again in the evening. a man arrested follow quadruple murder in pitt county should be brought back to north carolina today. 39-year-old dibon toone was charged with the murder of 32- year-old garlette howard and he will be charged with the deaths of her three children. police found the bodies in the family's greenville apartment tuesday night. police say autopsies show the four victims died from traumatic head injury by assault. they believe he used a hammer.
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blunt force trauma. police say billy mccollum was watching the baby when he called 911 to report her missing. he said she wandered off when he fell asleep. he is now in jail being held without bond. social workers said they made five unannounced visits to his home early they are year after complaints of substance abuse at the house but found nothing wrong. the community is rallying around a man shot and killed nearly mcdonald's restaurant on falls of neuse road collected donation for the family of 20- year-old kouren thomas. he was shot and killed while leaving a party on single leaf lane earlier this movement a home owner on that street, chad copley, is charged with murder. thomas' coworkers are still struggling to and how this could happen. >> every time i would come into the restaurant, i make a point to say hi to everybody and
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was really tough to have a bad day if you were working with him. >> half the proceeds from sales last night plus any donation will go to the family for funeral expenses. thomas' funeral is tomorrow afternoon in raleigh. raleigh police have asked the fbi to help them determine if shots were fired saturday at crabtree valley mall. after reviewing surveillance video, talking to witnesses and examining two holes in the cerealing that in are no closer to the solving the mystery. they released nearly 300 911 calls that made it clear everyone believed their lives were in danger. some hid and others tried to get out which caused mass chaos. >> we're in the body shop at crabtree mall. there were lots of bangs and shootings at the crabtree valley mall so we are downstairs. >> did you see anybody?
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>> has anybody been shot? idon't know. >> raleigh police want the fbi lab to analyze the video the sound in the background to see if they can figure out what it is and where it came. from a multiagency panel will review the scare that send jfk airport into a panic this past weekend as well. the new york governor says the incident is an opportunity to learn the airport was shut down for flee hours sunday night after unfounded reports of gunshots. -- for three hours. an investigation revealed there were no gunshots. instead, the noise was part of victory in the 100-meter dash. it is friday and stocks are struggling to find a direction. it is a mixed market now. the dow is down 19 points. for complete market and business news, go to and click on business. donald trump continues to make changes in his campaign structure. >> next at noon, find out who
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trump is today. >> also, a violent crash involving two city buss in new jersey. what we are learning at this hour. >> and one big step today for the u.s. space program as astronauts venture outside the international space station.
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donald trump's campaign as the presidential candidate works to gain ground on hillary clinton. paul manafort, trump's' campaign chairman resigned this morning amid refuse laying abouts his work for a pro- russian political party in ukraine. his firm orchestrated a covert washington lobbying operation on behalf of the the then ruling party. man aforth never disclosed their work as foreign agents as required under federal law. donald trump and mike pence are
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flood damaged city. they met with lieu hue's lieutenant governor and attorney general on the tarmac. the officials are the highest ranking republicans in the state. louisiana's governor, a democratic says he won't be involved in trump's visit. a spokesman says trump is welcome but not for a photo op. >> trump is expressing regret for saying the wrong thing. his new campaign manager says his express of remoargs for making offensive comments was of his own volition. conway says she hoped hopes the campaign pivots towards substance. today, the trump campaign will start airing ads for the first time in this general election in four battleground states including north carolina. trump spent $4 million to run the ads for 10 days. meanwhile, there would be a change in policy for the clinton foundation if hillary clinton wins the white house. her husband, former president bill clinton, told staff
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longer accept foreign and corporate donations if his wife is elected. the foundation would only accept contributions from u.s. citizens and independent charities. firefighters have been making some progress in battling a huge wildfire 60 miles east of l.a. the fire has burned 56 square miles but is now 22% contained. at one point, authorities ordered 80,000 people to evacuate. they are now allowing some of those residents to go back home. dry weather and strong winds a new fire broke out in rural santa barbara county quickly surging to about 500 acres and prompting the evacuation of two camp grounds. one person has died and sent people were critically injured after two buses crashed in new jersey. one bus broadsided the other at an intersection around 6:00 this morning. the crash caused one of the buss to turn over on its side. the victim is the driver of one of the buses. that bus hit another transit
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the cause of the crash is under investigation. i a federal judge blockade florida law that critics say would have made it more difficult for women to obtain legal abortions. the sweeping law was similar to one in texas preventing state fund from going to organizations that provide abortions and stepping up requirements for clinics. the judge blocked the law after governor rick scott's administration made the unusual decision to drop further legal action. the state department says a $400 million cash iran was contingent on the release of four american prisoners. the spokesman says negotiations ore the u.s. returning iranian money from a deck odes-old account was separate from prisoner talks but said the cash payment was used as leverage until the u.s. citizens left iran. earlier, president obama denied strongly that the $400 million was ransom. former chairman. the joint chiefs of staff john
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46-year military career. he died surrounded by family in his minnesota home. he was 94679. the mayor of miami beach is disputing reports that there are two new cases of zika linked to the florida city. he says there is a possibility of a link between the cases in miami beach but nothing has been confirmed. he also quickly dismissed any reports that there is a zika cluster in the city. many worry that the news would be billion a year tourism industry there. the mayor stressed the city has been ramping up the fight against mosquitos. this more than, two nasa acht naughts began their first sidewalk since january -- astronauts began their first spacewalk since january.
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for vessels coming from space x or boeing. boeing is aiming for a two- person test flight of its star liner capsule in early 2018. until then, russia will keep providing all the rides at a hefty price for u.s. taxpayers. how about this? a water spout off the coast of north carolina just off the outer banks. there were no thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings issued for the area time. these things can just pop up. water spouts can have strong wind and are capable of throwing light objects around like umbrellas or lawn furniture but they often fall apart once they make landfall. >> they are so neat to see. but they are not considered tornadoes unless they do come onshore and at that point, there might be a tornado warning. but usually the structure of those is not the same as a tornado even though you look at it out in the owe ship and it looks lick a tornado -- in the
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dust devil. you see those out west. we could go into that but we have a lot of other things to talk about too. they are not that similar to a tornado. well, we shouldn't have any tornadoes around here in the next few days but we will have a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. let's take a look at what is going on outside. we'll head back to the radar again. just another peek real quick. it looks quieter and quieter over the last 10 or 15 minutes. we checked in with the radar at the top we zoom in over to eastern north carolina. and in edgecombe county, a the shower from tarboro moving out of our viewing area. another little patchy shower around spot land neck. a little bit of patchy rain mainly from north hill northward up into mecklenburg county, virginia. around the triangle, nothing happening. it is a bit gray out there right now but we are not looking at much in terms of any potential for rain at least in the next probably 30 minutes or
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half hour just to be sure. we start our high resolution satellite here at about 7:00. we do have a good bit of sunshine developing across the area. those spots, you have a decent chance of thunderstorms developing later on today. that is a good chunk of the viewing area. a look at red sox brovment nice holes in the clouds there -- a look at roxboro. nice holes 58 is our current temperature at the airport. our dew point is way up at 72. i have outside just a little while ago. i have to say it doesn't feel very pleasant. when you look at the stats, it is a little bit better. 81 in roxboro. 77 in south hill where we had some showers recently. 88 in fayetteville.
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point are still really high. 70 in fayetteville. 74 in south hill. plenty of moisture across the area right now. but again, not as much as we've seen other days this week especially the first half of the week. this is our heat index. 96 in goldsboro. 85 in roxboro. in the a big change. we do have a steady flow of moisture coming across the virginia line right now. we have will help to produce some showers and thunderstorms and have some disturbances riding along through here. every once in a while, we'll have showers and thunderstorms. here is futurecast at 1:00 show a few of those. we kind of continued on and off through the afternoon and into the evening even up until maybe the wee hours of the morning. you might still hear some rumbles of thunder. i don't anticipate a lot of widespread severe weather but there could be some strong winds that could potentially knock down some tree lines and certainly some heavy rain
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storms. saturday, same scenario. we're quiet in the morning but then scattered thunderstorms develop in the afternoon and evening. on sunday, we'll have a front that drops in on us and changes up the way things are going to feel for us as we head into the weekend. 90 today and tomorrow. 93 on zipped. the next several days, temperatures will be a few degrees above normal but it stays oppressively muggy. we do have a good chance of storms each day. not that you will see thunderstorms at your house each day. you know the nature of thunderstorms, they are scattered. but potentially one of these three days, you have a chance of seeing some thunderstorms. the front comes through and slips just past us on monday. that will open the door to a completely different air mass. this will be cooler in terms of temperatures. drier in terms of humidity t will feel good. still going to be pretty warm on monday morning but after that, our morning lows will drop nicely too. 63 for wednesday morning. 6 # is normal. but our temperatures all week have been in the mid- and upper
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be refreshing all on its own. 63 will feel even better. 75 is our warmest low temperature for this time of year and that is the reason for most of the stuff. in the tropics, we have several things to talk b -- to talk about. fee -- fiona in the looking too strong. we'll talk about that next time. today at 4:00, we'll take you behind the scenes show you how the city's less fortunate are benefiting from this olympic run. what the local chefs are doing to cater to their needs while supporting the athletes at the same time. >> and then at 5:00 on wral, dishes marked clean that were actually dirty. flies in the kitchen and mold in the ice machine. yuck. 5 on your side's monica laliberte revealing which restaurants were docked for these violations and the restaurant ratings report.
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news, the numbers enter at o. lead contamination at a fayetteville school. what education leaders saying about the problem, the remedy and the time table. >> and what we know now about
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the discovery of lead at a fayetteville elementary school has school leaders cram belling to remove it before students return. the health department tested 500 locations around owen elementary. 99% of the tests came back positive on high lead levels in chipping paint. superintendent says the problem areas are mostly outside and no lead was found in the classrooms. the health department is offering free lead screenings for anyone who thinks their
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school set for september 12th. back-to-school time means parents are loading up on school supplies actually durham group is helping teachers get what they need for the classroom. crayons to calculators is is a nonprofit that distributes donate supplies to teachers in durham public schools. volunteers are stocking the shelves at its warehouse on holloway street. teachers get credit and they visit the store and get what they need for free. their own money to buy school supplies because their kids don't always have the money to bring them. >> crayons to calculators needs all kinds of supplies including highlighters, pencils and glue sticks. it is holding a fill the bus school drive tomorrow. can you bring supplies or donate money at the chick-fil-a at renaissance village in durham. and today is the last day for the stuff the bus back-to- school drive in cumberland county.
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fayetteville area system of transit's administration office on grove street. they are also at the information center on old wilmington road, city hall, the police department and on all fast buses. a warning about a new take on an old scam. this time, the crooks are taking advantage of the back-to- school season. the irs says telephone scammers are targeting students an parents demanding payment of taxes that don't exist like the so-called federal student tax. the irs says th be very aggressive and threaten to get police involve. if you are contacted, don't provide any information. the irs would mail you a bill if you owed money. still to come, a campaign against drunk drivers to get them off the road. who you will see in weekend. soy a major state health insurer faces major it problems.
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sheriff's deputies raided the oasis spa on cumberland road in fayetteville. investigators say the spa was a massage parlor whh prostitution through young women of chinese descent. the owner was charged with operating a continuing criminal enterprise. a florida man who got out of his car to help his wife was hit and killed this morning on i-95. trooper says it happened near nc33 in rocky mount around 5:00 this morning. william morley stopped the car to help his wife who was having a medical emergency when he was hit. southbound lanes were shut down
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local landowners opposed to the atlantic coast pipeline protested in cumberland county. the hands across our land event was held in front of the courthouse in fayetteville. opponents say they are concerned about the dangers and taxics duke power and dominion are using. the blue ridge environmental defense league sponsored the event. an anti-abortion group is suing the city of raleigh over a recent zoning decision. hand of hope pregnancy resource center want the the city to rezone a home next to an abortion clinic so move its offices into the space. the city refused saying the move wasn't consistent with the comprehensive planment hand of hope filed a federal lawsuit yesterday claiming the decision violated the group's right to free speech. nearly every law enforcement agency in the state participates in the booze it or lose it campaign. they will run sobriety checkpoints in all north carolina counties. blue cross blue shield is having some problems, some
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customer service. the company is working to restore operations. blue cross says it is working with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to make sure they are all aware of the situation. visitor spending is up in north carolina. domestic visitor spending increased in 91 of the state's 100 counties. last year, visitors broke a record of $21.9 billion spent statewide. that is up almost 3% fr year before. the latest apple iphone may not be coming out as soon as you wanted. a source for the web site says iphone 7 and 7 plus will not go on sale until the 23rd of september. other reports previously said the new smart phones would hit stores earlier. in fact, last week, bloomberg said the date would be september the 7th for the unveiling. apple has said nothing about an
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the field of self-driving cars. uber and volvo are investing $300 million to develop driverless cars. volvo will make the cars an uber will buy them. uber will also provide some self-developed autonomous technology. the cars start rolling in pittsburgh later this month with chaperones in the front seat to take over in case of a problem. time to get that football season rolling. high school ball kicks off tonight and that means it is the debut of our new show high look-in on about eight games every week and it will air on the high school for about three hours each friday night. now, tonight is also the first night of the 36th soap of football friday on wral. -- 36th season. it will be abbreviated and will air during the late news. next week, it is back to normal with a starting time of 11:35. former president big clinton turns 07 today.
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to democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. no word on any plans the couple will do for celebrating. the clinton house museum in fayetteville, arkansas is waiving admission to visitors today and tomorrow. how many rewards cards do you have hanging in your key chain or in your wallet. >> why you might want to do an inventory to see how much the stores you visit the most owe you. >> plus, hulk hogan responds to
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companies must adapt. environment, but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands
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offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at ?? chances are you are part of a rerd airline miles, hotel stays or credit card points. new data shows americans are holding on to the point but is that the right choice? chris clackum reports. >> reporter: americans aren't always booed at saving but whether it comes to reward points, we are stocking up. >> they're hanging onto about 200 bill wrong total. >> reporter: we are also participating in more reward programs than ever before, about 29 on average. >> but we're really only active
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>> persons like free wi-fi lure us in to signing up. but then very. >> you probably have forgotten you had them. >> reporter: it doesn't always pay to let the points stand idle. programs can change terms to make points less valuable or expire. >> that is a good excuse to go back through and reassess your strategy. >> reporter: step one, go through your e-mail, wallet and key chain and take stock of all of your local programs. apps can them in one spot. next, assess which ones fit your lifestyle and pick a few to focus on. >> how often are you going to be spending money in that category where you can earn it? >> reporter: frequent flyers might benefit more from airline miles while credit card rewards might be a better focus for those traveling less often. then, clean house. >> you might have enough in there to get yourself a small gift certificate, a magazine subscription. >> reporter: create goals for
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your rewards take off. chris clackum, nbc news. >> american airlines and chase announced term change this is year that will increase the number of points needed to redeem rewards. the news web site gawker will file its last report on monday. gawker is schussing down after 14 years. gawk are media lost an invasion of privacy lawsuit file the$140million judgement forced the company into bankruptcy. after the announcement, hulk hogan tweeted they messed with the wrong guy, brother. gawker has six other sites that univision wants to build to help build a mri youthful audience including jezebel and dead spin. amber heard says she will
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depp to charity. heard, who had claimed depp was physically abusive wants the money to benefit women who have been abuse and sick childrenment she will donate to the american civil liberties union specifically to combat violence against women and to the children's hospital in l.a. heard and depp settled their contentious divorce on tuesday with depp denying any claims of child abuse -- or domestic abuse is the word. >> admirable on her part. where is on earth? >> a group of british researcher think they have discovered it. how you can plot your course to happiness next. >> this week's local dashes two for one treat. brian and lisa make sweet and
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today is nationals aviation day, a day established to honor it was established in 1939 by president franklin delano roosevelt. orville and wilbur wright are credited with inventing and building the first successful airplane and making the first controlled power and sustained heavier than air human flight on december 13th, 1903 in kitty hawk, north carolina. orville wright was born on august 19th in 1871. >> a london-based think tank
12:44 pm
top of its happy planet index for the third time. this doesn't moon that costa ricans are the happiest people on the planet but it does mean that they live relatively long and satisfied lives without an outsized impact on the planet. the new economics foundation which published the index puts a premium on sustainability. >> i think i should test out their theory and adcosta rica and just live there for a while. >> do a story. >> investigative journalism. >> we'll pay your way. tomatoes an cucumbers right now. >> brian shrader and lisa prince have a couple of ways to use those fresh vegetables in salads. >> we'll do a sweet tomato cucumber sal salad and a savory salad. week nights, i need a side dish quick, chances are i always have some cucumber and tomato in my produce bin. this is just over the years a
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depends on my mood, sweet or savory. >> we'll find out. we'll make the sweet one first. we combine some diced cucumbers with fresh cherry tomatoes and mix together red wine vinegar, sugar and mayonnaise for the dressing. >> we'll pour it all over. we'll stir to combine. you are done. >> this is interesting. a sweet tangy thing. >> the savory salad is justify as easy. add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, vinegar and fresh basi garden. or maybe in your neighbor's garden. >> ask and borrow. >> yes. it is time to taste. >> it is just good, clean, fresh. so easy to make on a weeknight when you need a side dish. >> that is good. both the sweet and savory salads are delicious easy side dishes. >> get a copy of the recipe on
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and look for the link to the printable version. next week, brian and lisa are back combining heirloom tomatoes with watermelon. i'm going to get me some heirloom tomatoes tomorrow night. i'm so excited. >> i'm sure farmer's market is around the cornerment can you stop by there on the way home from work. we've had plenty of sunshine for tomatoes. i have had trouble with mine. mine. >> i think it is just sabotage. it is vandalism. >> it is. >> squirrely vandalism. >> the squirrel with the cup on its head. >> i'll put some out there around the tomatoes. i guess squirrels have to eat too. >> but they just take one bite and spit it out and then move on. >> you have the same problem i do. all right. we'll tell you how we really
12:47 pm
roxboro skycam. -- we'll tell you how we really feel about it. you can see that on the radar as well. we'll take a look at that. we'll take a look at our radar picture. we'll zoom out a little bit because right around the triangle, not a whole lot happening right now. up around red sox -- up around roxboro is a tiny little shower that you can see there on the skycam shot. there it is. we are starting to see those pop up a little bit more now just in the minutes. there is one around butner, one over here near henderson. just in the last few minutes, still watching this one moving out of edgecombe county. we'll see more and more of this as we get through the afternoon. it has really been during the more than hours up along the virginia line, our northern tier of counties and that is exactly where it is right now. we'll be watching. we'll probably have more widespread thunderstorms across the area as we get through the afternoon. be on the lookout for that. take a look at our skycam in
12:48 pm
we are not looking at any precipitation right here around the triangle area. we take a look at our temperatures an right now, it is 85 in raleigh. 88 in fayetteville. 84 in greenville. 88 in wilmington. there is a heat index happening out there. it does feel hotter than it really is. it is certainly not feeling as hot as it did earlier in the week. still temperatures feeling like low to mid-90s. plenty on the up weekends that just feels like august. we'll have the afternoon thunderstorms developing. we have the stationary front here. some disturbances ride ago long it with the showers and storms developing. as i mentioned earlier, our biggest threat for the storms today, tomorrow and wednesday is heavy rain. here is a look at our chances for that. 50% today. 40% tomorrow. 30% on sunday. but we do have the front that
12:49 pm
behind that, it dries everything out. expect it to be a little more active for the next couple of days. we get into next week and it will be just fine. speaking of active, the tropics is becoming active. it is right on time. we are about to head into the peak of the hurricane soap. right here is fiona. fiona came off the coast of africa. we have another little system coming off the coast of africa yet to have a name. it has got about a 50% chance of developing. i'll show you the computer just a second. let's talk about fiona. not a lot of hope for fiona to hang on too much longer. northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. it is winds 45 miles per hour. it hasn't changed since our 5:00 a.m. advisory. we take it to the end of the weekend. it is university a low pressure system that will slip by bermuda right here and shouldn't cause major problems. we'll see what happens with this other storm. this is the one that i just pointed out to you. the computer models wanted to bring this to the leeward
12:50 pm
of course, fiona is going to head up here into the atlantic and fall apart that. one is certainly worth watching a little more closely and we will do so. mike and aimee will be tracking that over the weekend for you. we'll be following some showers and thunderstorms. if you have outdoor plans during the afternoon and evening, you want to check in any time at download our weather app and check in with mike and aimee. we are looking at lovely conditions as we get into next week. we were talking about that tuesday's high temperature, 86. it is just a couple of degrees below our normal of 88. fortunately, nowhere close to that record of 103. next week looks beautiful. we'll just deal with another weekend of summer-like conditions. >> fiona has such a gentle name. >> and init will live up to that name too. it is just dying offer. >> okay. >> very meek and mild. >> donald trump has never been
12:51 pm
all across the country and he hasn't said a word. >> coming up, the statues that created a scene in the cities on the east and west coast. >> our pet of the day, oh, my gosh, is your heart melting. i know mine is.
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new canadians of the virus linked to people in miami beach. today at 4:00 on fox 50rbg we'll have our crews there. the artist behind the appearance of a nude donald trump statue in cities across country says he would love to hear what trump thinks about his creation. >> the las vegas based artist john what monroe says the anarchists group in decline hired him to sculpt the life- sized trump.
12:55 pm
he spent four months working on the five statues. he says for him, this wasn't a political statement. it is art. >> art is essentially made to create conversation, to get people thinking, to get them talking and to stir some type of emotion and this definitely did that. >> i'm sure a lot of people are stalking about this. the statues went up in new york, san francisco, los angeles, seattle and stop there. the new york statue was removed. this wasn't the group's first anti-trump endeavor. early they are month, thousands of turtles hatched from nest as cross north carolina beaches. this week, the same scene played out in italy. a rare albino turtle and conjoined twin loggerhead sea
12:56 pm
hatchlings. scientists separated the conjoined twin loggerhead turtles and released the surviving newborn into the mediterranean sea. biologists say it is the first time one twin has survived. >> who knew that loggerhead turtles had that. >> everybody is waiting for this. >> let the awwfest begin. >> oh, my goodness. it is lance. let's take a glance. >> this little cutie is two months old and he has a few siblings. he came into our program with other exhibit lippings. he is a golden retriever mix. -- siblings. >> his mom is a lab retriever hand, something with a curly tail. look at this face. how can you resist it. >> is the whole family as good looking at lance. >> yes, we have some yellow and some black and they are all just as cute.
12:57 pm
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>> wendy: the epic story pitting brother against brother and a slave against an empire. go inside mark burnett's remake of ben-hur. >> the opportunity may never come along again. >> wendy: plus, locked up in fulsom. walking. >> wendy: and facing a life sentence, one prisoner hears a voice behind bars. >> i remember those words so clearly: i love you, billy. ??? >> pat: well, welcome, folks, to this edition of "the 700 club." you know, when i was in prep school, i learned a few things. years ago. >> terry: i hope so. >> pat: years ago.


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