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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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new tonight, a family facing the decision on where they decided to move back home to louisiana before flooding ravaged their hometown. how they are dealing with the devastation. a new beginning for a local high school. wral is there for the opening night of a multimillion dollar stadium. we're looking at another sticky humid weekend. we will find outlined fall like weather is coming. we have showers popping up already. mike is in the weather center.
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flash flood warning for northern sampson county. the northern part of the county is seeing showers and thunderstorms across the area meaning there are -- there is activity. it's north of clinton and we will get to that point and then we will post the warning. i will stop the time lapse and it is that green polygon in the northern part of sampson county. it in effect until 12:45. newton grove highway is closed due to high water. 2 inches of rain estimated. there could be another one-2 inches. more showers and storms across and up to durham county. it looks like showers are starting to grow across the area. i don't think we will see/flooding outside of this area. will have more about this, what to expect for the weekend and the fall like feel on the way
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short-term housing and food assistance is on the way to fix comes of the flooding in louisiana. >> female will pay for hotel rooms unrolling 30 day basis. people staying in their cars, hotels or shelters are eligible. 4000 people are still in shelters. 40,000 homes are damaged. the governor says north carolina is ready to help louisiana. he released a statement saying we continue to pray for the people of louisiana as they face their 2nd week of catastrophic flooding. we have reached out to offer support and stand ready to assist. some residents have plans to move back to a flood ravaged town. now how they are facing the devastation. at him? >> it has been difficult for this family. they call louisiana home. they watch from afar as family members there are suffering from this recent flooding. now they will soon be a part of it.
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they have triplets. 11 months old. those little ones never stop moving as we found out we visited. but their family members back in their hometown in louisiana, they have their hands full as well. >> people are currently facing the reality of everything they have gone. >> floodwater was a couple feet deep in brooks parents home. there was as much is 5 feet in >> my mom lost everything. her parents lost lot. >> all of your family and friends and everyone you love, they are struggling and homeless. >> they will soon see the flooding devastation firsthand. in 2 weeks they are moving back home to these it -- to louisiana. the plan was put in motion long before the floodwaters came. their home here is already sold.
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need their support and help. >> those plans look different. >> there is not much to go back to. >> the plan has not changed. family in louisiana can really use their help. mom, dad, and the triplets are going home. before the return home, the family wants to collect as many supplies as they can to help in flood recovery. any donations can be accepted at the ship on site location in the town of wake forest were and has been working. >> let's hope the situation improves dramatically. it will be tough. obama will visit baton rouge on tuesday. while on vacation the president received updates on the
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security secretary. the white house says the president is eager to get a firsthand look at the impact of the flooding and hear how the federal government can help the people of baton rouge and louisiana. coming up in the next half- hour, the criticism obama is taking for staying on vacation during a disaster. the start of a high school football season started in -- ushered in a new beginning. a brand-new $6 million stadium. we were there for the big moment. >> reporter: a big night here at athens drive high school. the 1st game of the season and the 1st game in the stadium wrapped up. i will get out of the way so the photographer can show you what i am talking about. the teams are still on the field. there meeting with each other afterwards. it seat 3000. the ground breaking was mid last year. it won't just be used for football but athletic -- other athletic events. the grand opening started with a special tribute. >> we ask that all assemble please rise and join us for a moment of silence in honor of doctor hedrick. >> before the ceremony, the
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the memory of the gloves -- beloved athens drive bristol who passed away suddenly. >> a big sense of pride. students and teachers, everyone is having fun. >> with his passing it wasn't just another ribbon-cutting. his wife and family doing the honors in his memory. >> everyone here moved by beginning. >> what does it feel like? >> it's exciting. now it's a new beginning. everyone is so excited. >> reporter: then it was time for football. >> i am here in my daughter is a senior here. >> some witnessed the transformation of firsthand. she and many others are impressed. >> i was like wow. i parents
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at it. so excited. >> it has been a long time since i've been at a game and being the 1st game at the stadium is a beautiful experience. >> reporter: that experience just wrapped up. the teams are still on the field eating with coaches. i have to answer -- i have an answer to a trivia question. which teams scored the athens drive high stadium? cardinal gibbons. to find out which team won the 1st game, that you will have to tune in to football friday, tonight's season opener. >> what a team. thank you. public schools released the bus route for the traditional school year. each year they change based on
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on the website. a substitute teacher at east wade middle school was removed from campus after a student site utility knife in the teacher's pocket. no one was ever threatened but that even a utility knife is considered a weapon and not allowed. the founder and director of an alternative school appeared in court. several counts of statutory rape and taking indecent liberties with a child. according to court records it happened between 2007 and 2012. the victims, 13 years old. no word if they were students at the school. a north carolina man accused of cues -- killing $2 -- $2 and their mother -- he's expected to appear in a courtroom monday. he is charged with killing 32- year-old and 3 children. the 4 appear to have been eaten
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a rally mother accused of abusing her 5-week-old baby made an emotional 1st appearance in court today. several times it looked as if lauren schmidt might collapse. she insisted he she never hurt her baby girl and named her daughter grace. >> i don't understand how this happened. i don't understand how my baby is dying right now, i don't understand what is going on. >> in a 911 call appeared to have shaken baby syndrome. the prosecutor says the injuries are so significant the girl might die. lauren schmidt is being held on 8 $2 million bond. she has a 4-year-old boy. a man accused of sexually assaulting a child. is charged with statutory rape. it involves a 10-year-old child. he is in jail. and his man faces rape
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drivers need to be extra attention. drivers without use 3 new inside lanes from the i-40 i- 4440 split to rock quarry road. work should start 11:00 a.m. -- 11 pm saturday and new patterns should be ready by sunday morning. blamed -- lane shift is weather dependent. hikers are fighting to keep a possible expansion at rdu from ever taking off. they are planning a rally to protest potential development at the park. the raleigh durham authority owns the land that leases it. it is among several properties they own around rdu for airport expansion. as part of its vision, a wooded area could become a office park and hotel. a
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revenue. >> we have been very open and honest that at some point in time that may need to be reverted back. but it may not. we are simply, we are too early in the process to know. >> this is central park for us. this is a gem. it is a diamond in the rough. we are going to lose something that is irreplaceable. this is what makes the area unique. >> several groups opposed to the plan are organizing protests for sunday. it takes place at the rally point sports grill on harrison avenue. blue cross blue shield of north carolina so they're making good progress for storing operations. it has been texting think technical issues. the fight over a modern home in a historic community is over. >> the state supreme court
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the cdc expanded its warning about zika virus in
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now transmitting the virus. they identified 5 cases, 3 of them in tourists. the zika virus zone is about 6 miles from the neighborhood where it 1st appeared. thousands of people are returning to their homes in california tonight. firefighters are making headway against the wildfire in the san bernardino national forest. it is 26% contained. something officials call serious progress. 96 homes and 213 buildings have been destroyed. a modern home in the oakwood neighborhood is over. the state supreme court denied the appeal to an earlier ruling in knowing the home to stay. -- allowing the home to stay. it made headlines when it was being built. she was worried it did not fit in with historic value of the neighborhood. american swimmer jimmy feigen is on his way home.
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him his passport about 4 hours ago. he agreed to give the government $11,000 for a charity in brazil. to settle possible charges for lying to police. he is the last of the detained for consumers to leave brazil. 2 others left this morning. ryan lochte was already in the us when investigation began. let's take a look at the medal count. us in 1st place with 105 medals overall. china has 65, great britain 58, russia and japan 48 and 40 respectively. will go to a live report following nbc's olympic coverage. a big honor for a 4-year- old who we introduced you to earlier this month. he was recently diagnosed with leukemia and has a passion for everything law enforcement. today the director of the state
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agent. look at his badge. several other agents say mom and a k-9 were on for the special moment. i love that. >> he has been celebrated. >> he is so blessed. everyone is coming together. >> when he drives his [ null ] our impulses dead over, this is wham. >> i love the s some rain. >> very humid and rain coming. some folks getting downpours. it has been primarily the southern counties that have been seeing quite a bit of showers thunderstorm activity. the way it is developing and moving, the showers and storms have been training over the same area meaning one shower or storm moves in and out and another one follows. it is northern sampson county
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until 12:45. newton grove highway is close right now to high water -- due to high water. it's hard to see which roads are flooded because it is dark. if you encounter a road that is flooded, turn around, don't drown. a lot of folks get stuck. all of this activity is sliding down to the southeast. we have more over parts of the county. sanford, broadway, andrew, even way over to the cleveland school area of johnston county. so this making its way to the clayton area. we're seeing new showers popping up over the room and heading to the south and east. our last stop is father to the west. energy in the atmosphere is coming by and it's possible through midnight the activity will grow and after that point
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we see the showers and storms at midnight and after that we co we shower moving across the southern counties. mara morning we expect wake up to mostly cloudy skies. showers by lunchtime possible. thunderstorms as well. coverage tomorrow will be less -- less than what we had today but pickup on sunday as the cold mess, heat and humidity included. chances for storms over the weekend. we're calling it a relief front because it will bring relief to the hot summer we have had at least for the past few weeks. it arrives early monday warning. we will notice the change is the heat and humidity backs off for most of next week. hopefully by the fireworks -- by the end of the newscast we will see the fireworks.
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and 80s showing up. 77 in fayetteville. here are how the showers and thunderstorms evolved through the day. still plenty of activity. the flow in the upper atmosphere is causing disturbances to the upper-level flow, it will have the potential for showers and storms as we go through the weekend. there is the front. it arrives early monday morning. the air behind it is cooler. the green colors you see, temperatures running in the 50s. also in the 60s. for the next few hours, showers and possible storms, upper 60s. 73 in the triangle. to start saturday, plenty of clouds, by lunchtime a few showers bubbling up. 86 in a high tomorrow mid-80s to low 90s with potential for thunderstorm activity. a little hotter on sunday ahead of the relief front.
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once the front tuesday evening, -- clears the area, highs in the 80s, but the air will be drier than what we have had in the past few weeks. we will notice the change monday through thursday next week. los their 60. some folks near 50. ditch the car keys and take control of a train. >> humming up, and experience just outside the triangle lets you be an engineer for the day.
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my continuous 8 will play for another gold medal on sunday. the us took care of the semi finals this afternoon. klay thompson led the team with 22 peaks -- points. americans get the 8276 win over spain. they will now play serbia for the coach metal. >> it was a very hard game. and both teams, it wasn't easy flowing. both teams had to make big plays. i thought our guys did that. a little bit more than they
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>> we will kickoff the 36 season the football friday during the 11:00 newscast on wral. we're covering southern to run. when they kicked off their game, 1 spartans was especially grateful to be a new season. >> reporter: never shy of a little contact, jaylon green routinely pops up from the bumps and bruises the go hand- in-hand being a dual threat quarterback. which made him staying down the regional semi final so stunning. >> this play he did not get right up. he looked to the sideline and i immediately said, something is wrong. >> -- >> reporter: and abnormal act and an abnormal injured. the tackle dislocated his collarbone. to be clear pops outwards. >> it was pushed in and pushing on my sternum. they were scared it was tangled
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heart the separation threatened to steal his love. >> and doctor told me i might not play anymore. >> reporter: thankfully he had a gift, one of youth. a 2nd diagnosis revealed bone and not entirely hardened in that region. cartledge was present. >> when i got the news that i was going to be fine in 6 weeks, my heart jumped to my throat. i'm pretty sure i crie >> reporter: starting cornerback on friday, laying career done on saturday and now to the hospital on the mend on monday. a 48 hour let's creek -- blitzkrieg of feelings. tonight the only feeling he looks forward to is the familiar one of unleashing a picture-perfect pass. 2nd round of the wyndham
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has a fantastic day. 8 birdies and an eagle on his way to a 60. have you ever shot around like that? >> in the 1st 9. >> that is a course record by the way. he has the lead heading into the weekend. lucas glover one of tied the course record but he bogeys 18. handful of guys are 10 under par. >> favorable conditions. >> good scores on the course. >> thank you. still to come, 2 armed robbers ran into a score -- store but they couldn't get out. >> what the manager did the body crowd to watch a play out. plus president obama's vacation is being sure --
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honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. the latest criticism of obama costing on vacation during the louisiana disaster. he did say he is going to louisiana just not until tuesday. >> that is bringing up comparisons to the last president to his action to katrina. >> reporter: the devastating hoeft of mother nature's power
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storm weary residents of the bayou state pull together amid the tragedy. while the clean up continues tonight, the obama administration announced the president will in fact visit the storm's the -- region on tuesday. white house saying the president is eager to "tell the people of louisiana that the american people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever." announcement comes as the president faced a gale of criticism for his handling of the crisis. including some comparisons to former president george w. bush's katrina response. and editorial saying the optics of obama golfing of the louisiana residents languish in floodwaters striking. >> milwaukee is burning and louisiana is flooding, and he is speaking at 8 $34,000 a
10:32 pm
there is, at a certain point, the optics can be bad. >> reporter: the president has been actively engaged according to the white house. he called governor edwards, made an immediate federal disaster declaration and dispatched fema to oversee the recovery efforts. >> the president is welcome to visit, i would assume he give us one or 2 weeks to get back to >> the president only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground. >> reporter: that was then senator obama, criticizing bush's handling of katrina. a 2nd guessing a presence response to a natural disaster is as old as the republic itself. >> from john adams to the current resident. criticized for taking time off. this is becoming a bit of a serial problem for barack
10:33 pm
resources it would take to post him -- host him, he wanted to wait before going to louisiana. however there are plenty of lawmakers there who say the president could have but should have. donald trump led the course of politicians calling for president obama to visit louisiana earlier today. after visiting flood ravaged areas today, trump crossed the countr he also said the people of louisiana wall street -- always have his support. >> it was actually incredible. the spirit of the people is incredible. the devastation likewise they've never seen anything like it. but the spirit of the people is incredible and honestly, obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> reporter: trump continued to
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americans. he claims no other group has been harmed more policies from the democratic party. clinton called the louisiana governor to talk about the devastation. in a facebook post she said her heart breaks for the state. she urged people to help by donating to the red cross or other relief organizations. she did not have public appearances earlier in the day. controversy continues over clinton's use of a private email server. a judge ruled today that clinton does not have to give a deposition requested by a conservative group. however she does have to answer the group's written questions under oath. she has 30 days to provide the answers. her campaign says she will be happy to answer the questions in writing. a major fire injured 21 people in new york. 19 are firefighters. they were all treated for fire exhaustion should be okay. the fire started in the house on staten island and quickly spread to several others. it took more than 250 firefighters to get the flames
10:35 pm
people without a home. is no surprise that one of the largest financial services corporations has one of the largest 401(k) plans. however employees say it's mismanaged. that is the claim in a class action lawsuit against morgan stanley. employees say the company used the plan is an opportunity to promote its own business. and maximize profits. under federal law companies that sponsor 401(k) plans must act in the best interest of its employees. organ stanley hasn't commented. doze have banded together to create a robocall strikeforce. among them, apple, google and comcast. the group is working with the fcc to help consumers gain control over incoming calls. robo calls are the top complaint to the fcc. and while some calls actively break the law others are legal but unwanted. twitter is rolling out new tools to help you control you see and who you interact with.
10:36 pm
to only people they follow. filtering notifications can be helpful for blocking targeted harassment. another helpful tool is a quality filter. twitter says it can improve the quality of tweets you see by using signals like account origin and behavior. turning on the tool will filter content appears to be automated. 2 armed robbers barreled into a store but couldn't get out. that is because while they were collecting phones and money, the manager locked the doors. shortly after the gate slammed, the robbers began pleading for their release. finally they found a toolbox and unbolted the bars off of a back window. tonight they are still on the loose. police in jacksonville florida are looking for a suspect they call a one-woman wrecking crew. she was attempting to sell candy bars, a store clerk saw her and locked the doors. and she couldn't get out, she went a little haywire. the woman wrecked the store for about 10 minutes before the
10:37 pm
that is when the suspect took off. police are still looking for her. a lawsuit has been filed against the restaurant founded by doctor mark wahlberg. employees say an executive chef cheated them out of money.
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people lined up early for a chance to shop at kanye west pop up clothing store. this one is in happy valley oregon. the locations were kept secret until last night. fans say it was worth the wait. employees of the burger chain owned by mark wahlberg are not happy. it is featured in a reality show on a&e. in a class action lawsuit workers say they were not compensated for overtime. the franchise also reportedly paid them a flat salary of $300 per week and regularly at their tips. a spokesperson says the restaurant is working to better understand the circumstances. time for a look at what's training. >> for those of you who aren't familiar with huskies, they are vocal dogs. to prove it we have had a couple, they are so adorable.
10:41 pm
>> they really sound like that. >> they truly do. they are just finding their voice. >> what was that? >> and if they hear sirens or anything like that, anything that sets them off, they are all different. it's not just a continuous, sometimes they make a wow wow sound. they are unique and cute. you have heard people state dance like no one is watching. this is sing like no one is watching. >> he is really feeling the music. he is into it. >> he is listening hard.
10:42 pm
he is going to be one of those musicians musicians who is really into the music. >> [laughter] >> he is seen his dad or mom do that. >> distracted, nope. cute little kid. if you want to see that video again or the cute busty, hussey facebook page. ditch the car keys and take a ride on a train. >> i stand behind them and let them operate and run the throttle and brake. drive it like you're driving a car. >> you can become an engineer for a day, how cool is that. there are showers in the area. we are waiting for the fireworks.
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an alaskan cruise that -- cruise ship embarked on the trip to the northwest passage. that is the route that runs north of canada to the arctic and it has never been taken by a large cruise ship. the entire voyage from the pacific to the atlantic will
10:46 pm
days to get through the passage in over to greenland. the final destination is new york city. tickets start at $20,000 and top out at more than $100,000. >> take plenty of pictures. a small place just off us 1 made of timber in steel. >> the new hope valley railroad . a few times a year you can drive the train yourself. >> reporter: she is a little rough around the edges. blowing smoke and belching steam. they say if she isn't leaking water, she isn't running right. and this day she will be running right with kathryn at the controls. >> here we go. >> reporter: catherine has never operated a steam engine before. but she has dreamed about it.
10:47 pm
-- you are off. >> reporter: they go backwards, outbound from the station. >> short blast. long hard last. do it again. >> reporter: and then they stop. put it in forward, and come right back. >> was a train track nearby. i loved during the night hearing the whistle blow and the click lack. -- click clack. is a comforting sound. >> reporter: this chance for her to drive the train is a birthday gift from her husband chris. >> she was busy pulling the whistle in operating the break and throttle, and smiling.
10:48 pm
her enjoying it. >> reporter: nearly one hour after they pulled out of the station, number 17 is home. ready for another run. on the new hope valley railroad. >> break on. blow your whistle one time. perfect. >> a chance to run the steam engine is about $250. you can operate a diesel that would be a great kid party. >> what a good time. some people are getting good rain. >> good downpours. let's take a look at the radar view. the showers seem to have increased across the area. between now and then,
10:49 pm
you can see the movement is generally from the west to the southeast, northerly county, lightning strikes, you're probably seeing lightning. we have showers here earlier, they moved to johnson county around the room. there is one shower right here north of the city. we shift our gaze farther south and this is where lions share of the rain is. willow springs, venturing into the cleveland school area, johnson county, smithfield, selma, all getting showers. northern sampson county under the warning until 12:45. big raindrops and lightning strikes across northern lee county and the final stop is
10:50 pm
take a look at the weather desktop. we will start with the tropics because we have fiona. still a tropical storm but not well-defined. top winds at 40 miles per hour. generally moving toward the us but with the approaching cold front, moving off the coast monday morning it will continue to head to the east and the winds will push into the atlantic. will have to watch this disturbance. there is about a 10% chance over the next 48 hours it could become a tropical storm. that ups -- then it ups to a 50% chance. the next name on the list is guest on. the forecast track has a mainly due west heading in and a lot of times when you get storms that take this route, when they get to the bahamas they make that curve up to the north.
10:51 pm
it depends on where high pressure is seated in the atlantic. if there is a ridge sitting right here, it would push farther to the west may be entering the gulf of mexico. it's too early to tell exactly. i think it will be one we need to watch. let's take up the rainfall potential through the weekend. we do have scattered showers and storms both saturday and sunday. according to the weather prediction center, the greatest rainfall totals may end up in the coastal plain. it goes back up to the west. we have the opportunity for rain this weekend. 2 more hot days. sunday. after the front sweeps through sunday night into monday morning, what a nice change. we are getting beat up by the humidity, but it will really drop on monday and stays through thursday and maybe even into friday. the only criticism i have is what about the weekend? british police released video of a card chase is a warning to others.
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miles per hour but
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children in the backseat of a car. police in england just released the dash cam video of the whole thing. the driver was sitting around sidestreets before heading to the highway. the chase which happened in april lasted for miles and only ended because the driver the caught in traffic. when police approached the car they saw 2 young kids in there. the 19-year-old driver is serving time in a juvenile facility and isn't allowed to dry for 2 years. a new door for visitors at the international space station. it's americans, one tiffany's and 3 russians. the 2 americans ventured out on a spacewalk today. they quickly began cooking up a docking port to be used by 1st -- future commercial ships. you can wear jewelry owned by former nancy reagan first lady. christie's will auction it off.
10:56 pm
ronald reagan are also up for auction. including cowboy boots with the presidential seal. it benefits the reagan presidential foundation an institution. we are getting our 1st look at the newest addition at the zoo in lansing michigan. to panda cubs. they were born july 2. their birth is important because it is an endangered species. staff are conducting regular checkups to make sure in good health. they will not enter the public exhibit for at least one month. >> they are sweet. look at those cute faces. >> they are different than regular pandas. >> thank you for watching us. watch our morning news on wral starting at 4:30.
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lights. access. rio. brazilian government says they might charge you guise. >> what happens with lochte now? >> ryan lochte apologizes. but will his choice of words create more backlash? i'm natalie morales. and is lochte's image now damaged beyond repair? >> i was like, what is this guy's deal? we'r >> their gold and bronze love story sealed with bread sticks and a mix tape. gigi hadid's "vogue" shoot had him in shock. >> he told me what he asked her and i was like -- >> it wasn't a slap they're saying, it was a -- ? >> the golden guy shared the screen with beyonce. his heart belongs to another superstar. plus two schools of thought when it comes to shot put.


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