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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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right now on wral news, an effort to help victims in flood ravaged louisiana. find out how you can pink shirts unmixed matched socks, friends are remembering a young man who was shot and killed on his way home from a party. >> he reached over to grab his daughter quick, and it was to late. >> a spooked horse plows through a crowd at the state fair. what we have learned about the five victims of that incident. search crews in louisiana continue going door-to-door looking for survivors, and
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here are the latest updates that we know so far. officials say 13 people have died in flood waters, through parts of southern louisiana. an estimated 60,000 homes are damaged, more than 102,000 people have registered for federal assistance afar. as louisiana launches into recovery mode, people here in the triangle are doing what they can to help. an annual jambalaya cookoff turned into a relief effort for a restaurant with special candace swett joins us now in raleigh, with the latest. >>reporter:the jambalaya contest here is usually about bragging rights, who knows how to make this authentic louisiana cuisine. but this year it is a lot more at stake. no matter how they make their jambalaya they say they all have a love for the louisiana, and they really want to do all they can to help. >> mine is not the most traditional, i've got a little
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in mind. i've got sausage and shrimp. >>reporter:paul says he has the secret for making authentic july a. he also has a -- an authentic love for the state that made the dish popular. >> i have lots of friends and family from baton rouge. several of whom have been evacuated from their homes, and has -- have lost everything. >>reporter:he is president of the local lsu chapter. serving with these images in mind. images that sharkey's owner, rainey wilson, is all too familiar with. >> i lived 20 years in new orleans, my wife was born and raised there, my boys live local there. >>reporter:all proceeds from the cookoff will go to the red cross, and it's flood relief efforts. eight dollars brought the opportunity to taste five different recipes. more importantly, it gives the people whose lives have been torn apart a fighting chance of
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>> your clothes cap be saved, it is devastating. when people lose everything, they lose everything. >>reporter: they raise between 3000-$4000, it is not going to stop tonight. anyone who wants to bring donations, they are more than welcome. they have other events to raise money for the louisiana, in the works, this is really deep -- deeply personal for people here in the triangle we will see more of these events, as the days go on. >> let's hope that relief continues to roll in. mourners gathered today for a -- kouren thomas. here is how friends and loved ones remember thomas at a service.
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you. >>reporter:what did he say, kellen crosby's little brother loves being, and he was also known to rock his mismatched socks. thus the funeral attire for kouren thomas, dead at 20. most everybody just call him corey. >> corey wasn't no gang banger, robbing, or selling drugs. corey wasn't the type of kid. corey wasn't the type of kid that when you se to clutch your purse. >>reporter: raleigh police say he demanded clutch his gun, august 7 about 2:30 a.m., on single leaf lane. police say 39-year-old chad coakley fired a shotgun, from inside his garage striking kouren thomas who was outside. coakley called 911 saying hoodlums were vandalizing his neighborhood. police charged him with murder. >> we lost someone very special to us, and nobody will ever feel our pain.
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the weight of it all caps simon butler thomas from walking up to the stage, but she took the microphone and talked about how funny her son was. how he and his buddies never went hungry. >> they would eat me out of house and home. >>reporter:a neighbor spoke of his huge smile, and aunt remembered his bear hugs. after the service at the image of god church, everyone stood in the parking lot to turn pink and white balloons. as they drifted into the sky, a mother stood in a long embrace. she did not want to let go. brian mims, wral news, raleigh. >> the accused shooter says he was acting in self-defense. the attorney for the thomas family says there is no evidence thomas was armed. the mcdonald's where thomas were collected donations for the family, they went to help
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2 crashes shut down interstate 40 in wake county for hours today. the severity of any injuries is unclear, but you can see that traffic backing up there. investigators have not told us what caused the accident. then 2 hours later, this time at north harrison avenue, another crash. all westbound lanes were closed their exit 287, after the accident, it happened around 3:30 a.m. we are working to find out what caused the crash, and if anyone wa fayetteville police are searching for a rapist who attacked his victim early this morning. the victim told detectives she was walking to her car, near the plantation apartments at santa fe drive, with the attacker grabbed her from behind, pushed her to the ground, and then raped her in the parking. the victim was only able to give a vague description to police. ryan lochte comes clean about an accident -- an incident at a real gas station. what he dive alston an
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with the carriage, mind you, just going crazy fast. >> a horse gets spooked and goes on a rampage at a state fair. we will hear from a witness about the terrifying moments the horse plowed through a crowd. a few showers and thunderstorms on the radar, most of you stay dry today, but we do have a few of those storms are the roxborough area
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one of the american swimmers involved in a controversial gas incident in rio released a statement this week. connor says he never lied about being robbed, on the final night of olympic swimming. says he was only witness to what happened that night. he says he didn't see anyone break down a gas room -- a restroom door, but he did see ryan lochte tear down a sign from the building. he says they were later that the guards and drew their guns. that is when ryan lochte yelled at the guards. ryan lochte also made an apology via instagram and he sat down with not lower, the today show host called him out for leaving out key details of the incident, in a phone interview earlier this week. ryan lochte admitted he was not fully transparent and admitted to over exaggerating arts of a story. the entire interview will be aired on monday morning at 7 a.m. on our sister station wral. a california wildfires
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overnight. now consumed more than 10,000 acres. firefighters have the blaze between 10-20% contain. it also tore through parts of a popular national forest. cameras have been evacuated. a horse, the southwest washington state fair got spooked and went on a rampage injuring five people. >> i looked up, the horse and carriage through. i saw 2 people fly through the air, a little girl got hit by the horse. >> witnesses say that little girl caught the full brunt of that horse, and had to be airlifted to a hospital. her father, who try to scoop her out of the way was also airlifted. no one was on board, the horse, when it took off. the father and daughter remain in the hospital tonight in serious condition. officials have not released information on the other three
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died in a crash with another public bus. bus to get us to a bus, with no passengers, t-boned another with about two dozen people on board. the driver of the packed bus was killed, 19 other people were taken to the hospital. seven of them in critical condition. investigator say that a striver may have ran a red light. -- that the bus driver may have ran a red light. seems to be the target of a deadly explosion in southern turkey that killed at least 30 people. 94 others were injured, government leaders believe the attack came from a suicide bomber. they believe the person was either a kurdish militant or and isis operative. a house sprayed with bullets, leaving one person data 2 injured. the incident happened two years ago, tonight the killer has yet to face justice. your tip could read -- lead to
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tonight and see want -- north carolina's unwanted mystery. >>reporter:march25, 2015 an otherwise quiet night was interrupted by gunfire. what will a heart heard was this, a home riddled with bullets. 27-year-old dewayne sawyer and 2 other men were inside. all of them are hits, only sawyer died. the gun man got away. >> there was a whole lot of blood on the walls. >>reporter:arts son went into the house amid the gruesome discovery. >> once i walked in, i seen them on the ground. i tried to keep my composure. >>reporter:each year, after the crime, sawyer's mother, canvassed the neighborhood near
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investigators solve the case. >> as i got prepared to come out here, today, the tears started rolling down my eyes because it's like, why, i don't know why this happened. >> it was a late-night shooting, they do not see the person doing the shooting because they shot into the house. we have no real witnesses who saw anything. >>reporter:investigators hope someone will come forward with information about this crime. until then count on this out here next march. >> i tell you one thing, it will not bring my son back, but it gives me peace. ship. >>reporter:if you have any information of the murder of dewayne sawyer call our toll- free hotline. or, go to and search, report a tip. you do not have to give us your
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fayetteville police invited the community they served to learn about what they do over a cup of joe. several people turned out for coffee with a cough -- cop. officers hold events like this one, will help them build better relationships with the -- with people living in the city. a group of outstanding athletes stopped by the wral studios today for a behind the scenes tr. special olympics north carolina. a program that includes public speaking training, as you can see the weather wall was popular with the athletes. each of them took their turns doing the forecast. children heading to kindergarten this year getting a chance to celebrate in downtown raleigh. hosted its annual kickoff to kindergarten. among-- among the confidence building, a practice lunch room to get new students in the swing of filling out their
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the line. also information about north carolina's 529 plan, that is the college savings plan. it was the second of two events aimed at getting kids ready to start school. spotty rain did not stop a couple getting married in the wral gardens. congratulations to april and isaac from your wral family. >> when they were coming in today, they were setting up for the wedding, they had umbrellas waiting for that little shower to pass. >> luckily adjust past and they were able to in. very little rain today, a couple of thunderstorms showing up on the radar right now. some of them in our northern counties and some of them down to the south, as well. a little bit of lightning with it, we will zoom into the store for you in person county and take a look at the sky cam there and show you a little bit of lightning showing up. we have seen a little bit from sky cam. we have thunderstorms down to the south, they were impacting southern sections of sampson
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and sampson county most of us staying dry throughout the day today. we want to show you some temperatures, it is still pretty warm out there, 79 in brawley, 82 irwin, 80 degrees in fayetteville right now, 73 south hill, the dew points a very high, the dew points at 73 raleigh, 78 the current dew point in irwin. he feels pretty uncomfortable out there. every now and then we see a little flash of lightning with that storm to the north of it is going to impact northern sections a person county. 79 at the airport, mostly c loudy, windsor currently calm right now. no rain at the airport today, most of us stayed dry we just had hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. a cold front is tracking that will move in late sunday and bring us some pretty nice weather, for monday, high pressure will build in behind this front. bring us more of a northerly flow that will coalesce down, our dew point will be lower and will feel really comfortable as we get into monday.
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rain, up until that front moves through. tonight a couple of spotty showers and storms, then tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock waking up to dry conditions, a mix of sun and clouds, and then as we get into the late afternoon into the evening, a line of showers and thunderstorms potentially moving in. that is associated with a cold front. 6o'clock we have that line of storms moving to the south, and east. storms will be possible late tomorrow, and in the front moves through and some drier air will move in. we will start to decrease in the cloud cover and the decrease in the humidity tomorrow night into monday. the tropics very active right now, tropical storm fiona is being tracked. right now it will not impact the united states, it could hit bermuda. it will turn to the north and the next couple of days, watching the system about a 60% chance at this develops into a tropical cyclone within the next five days. and then we are watching another system, of the coast of africa, 70% chance that this one becomes a tropical cyclone
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looks i get almost to the west, potentially impacting parts of cuba, puerto rico and the moving into the bahamas as we get into thursday. we will watch the system as it continues to move to the north and west. the tropics really picking up activity in the last couple of days. temperatures in the 70's, hit and miss showers and storms. tomorrow, we will start off warm and muggy, 75 by 8 o'clock, 86 at noon, another hot day before that front arrives with high temperatures climbing into the '90s. potential for rain tomorrow, not everybody getting wet, we will have a line of storms moving late in the day as a cold front starts to arrive. best rain chances will be during the evening hours. monday, the nice weather a rrives, 67, the dew point dropping into the 60s perhaps up -- perhaps upper 50s. that is sticking around for a wild, tuesday through thursday all looking pretty good. with temperatures in the 80s
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60s. and then heating up a little bit as we head towards next weekend with highs back up to 90. looking forward to this cold front. a little taste of fall. >> thank you. we are going to go back in time, a little bit. next, sports, controversy 44 years in the making. the disputed finish from the 72 olympics and why the us basketball team still m roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes
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when the weather was good, ted was better. he splits a defensive and turns on the jets going 61 yards for the touchdown as the panthers rolled past tennessee also in the volunteer state, night racing in bristol, and also weather is a factor. currently in a red flag situation after 38 laps. kyle busch was leading when weather -- when weather kicked in. the us takes on serbia, on sunday, in the olympic gold medal game. >> we know what is at stake, we had one mission to come here
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put everything into the game, forget what happened in the past. >> every game we have played has been a game number seven. it's been a lot of pressure on us, the end of the day it is just basketball. playing at the pinnacle of our lives right now to advance to the gold-medal game and that we have to finish off our goal. >> the loop -- the us is only lost one gold-medal game and that is in 1972 loss to the soviet union remains in dispute even 44 years later. >>reporter:it was a time when politics and sports seemed intertwined. >> it was a definite cold war atmosphere. it was russia against usa. >>reporter:during the gold- medal basketball game in the 72 olympics, those tensions boiled over. tommy burlison was a sophomore in 1972, and a us olympian.
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on one of the most controversial games in the history of basketball. >> technically we won the game. >>reporter:down eight points with six minutes to play, the us players convince her coaches to start pressing the soviets. the strategy worked out with three seconds to go, a hard foul, but doug collins on the free-throw line with the us down one. collins had the first shot to try, and during the second, the soviet coach called for a timeout. at the time, do not allow for a timeout during free throws. after collins made the second shots, the officials called for the play to continue. and with one second to go, the brazilian referee then signals and for the soviet timeout. but the presidents, the world basketball association, walked onto the court to signal three seconds should be put back on the clock. >> you can see him standing there, three more seconds for the referees but the ball in
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the game is over, and he joins the rest of the team to celebrate their olympic gold. but, since the clock was never reset, the officials again award the soviets yet another inbounds play. >> we had three different reveries that speak three different languages. back in the confusion, fails to make any substitutions. >> i am looking at iva, and i said i need to be in the game. >>reporter: that left 6'7" between th soviets player. >> we did an arm bar, call for the ball, and saying he is on a trampoline or something. he's falling back, he just lays it in, the game is over. >>reporter:the soviets one on that shot, a shot burlison might have altered, a year later, he met the soviet head coach. shauna he said, why were you in there, the last three seconds. i said it was a coach's decision not to put me in.
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>>reporter:the ust protested the finish i declined their silver metals. >> we didn't even show up for the metal ceremony. those metals have never been claimed, and likely never will. the 72 team held a reunion, four years ago and again voted to never accept those metals. he even put a clause in his will preventing his descendents from ever claiming his. the us when he left no doubt today crushing spain 101- 72 to win their sixth consecutive gold in women's basketball. the us women have one 49 seconds of the 11th. in golf, a lead after three rounds of the wyndham in kingsborough. it is that on, he is 18 under, after 54 holes, take a look at this putt from jim here at, impressive they could swing the camera around that far. mr.58, from 62 feet for eagle
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five shots behind kim. what a finish, stoppage time, the carolina rail hawks tied for the indy 11 when johnny orlando draws a penalty kick, handball the call on indy, so omar bravo steps up for the pk, in the 95th minute, and sends in the game-winner. the rail hawks when in dramatic fashion 3-2 the final. [all talking at once] >> it is still something that is in dispute. >> we were talking about it during the commercial, we were analyzing it. one of the players put in there
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proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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coach is filmed before a studio audience. it's late. i'm getting worried. they're fine. when your father, luther, and dauber get on that toboggan, they never want to stop. but it's so dark. oh, they love this. when it gets dark, the trail gets icy, then they can really build speed. how fast do they go? they've gone halfway across the lake. sometimes they even pretend they're in the olympics. there they are! here they come! usa! usa! usa! usa! they're going 60 miles an hour. how are they going to stop? aah! aah! usa! usa! aah! oh, my god.


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