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right now on wral news police say that anthony mcneil murdered his child's grandfather and tonight he is on the loose and the manhunt is still active. presidential candidates are tackling race relations this weekend and why hillary clinton's is saying donald trump is not genuine about courting the black vote. two new tropical depressions could impact the carolina coast and meteorologist aimee wilmoth is in the weather center with the latest predictions. manhunt for anthony mcneil is the top story and thank you for joining us i'm kathryn brown grid
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investigators believe that mcneil shot and killed his child's grandfather this morning and the call came in around 6:30 am off andrews road north of sample and right now police say is armed and dangerous. >> we are learning more about the suspect and what happened.>> has been playing out on social media and wral's candace sweat is live in fayetteville where she has been tracking the story all day and what have you been able to out?>>reporter: i spoke with the victim's father several hours ago at the house where the shooting happened and he tells me that his son and mcneil had a very contentious relationship at times and since mcneil has not been found he is very concerned still about his family's safety. francis reising said his son, eugene reising, and the men expected of killing them at a history of bad blood.>> they had a fight about two months ago.
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it foreshadowed what would happen early sunday morning, bullet holes in the door serve as a fresh reminder to what startled him out of bed. >> i heard three shots and i was like what is all the noise? >> his son lay dead at the back door and investigators believe 32-year-old anthony mcneil is the men responsible, mcneil has a child with eugene reising's daughter and racing's sister expects the motive has something to do with that relationship.>> love or revenge thing. >> francis reising said mcneil sent threatening messages to the mother of his child in the months leading up to the shooting.>> she has a telephone with all the text messages on it.>> mcneil ran away from the scene and did a search of an area investigators said and about half an hour later messages began to appear on mcneil's facebook page and this one is i'm not trying myself in and if i cannot make it out of
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myself. francis reising said he is concerned for his safety but he considers his son a hero.>> by him coming out he saved cindy or i from being shot at. or both of us being killed. he is a hero in my book.>> mcneil is considered armed and dangerous and anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the cumberland county sheriff's office or crimestoppers and that inf on>> candace sweat on top of this developing story, thanks. we are here in the meteorologist weather center with aimee wilmoth, two new systems are developed today and they could impact our coasts.>> they could come to of them we are keeping an eye on it went one really impressive hurricane out in the atlantic, hurricane
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not impact land , but today tropical depression eight formed just off the coast and could bring heavy rain, tropical depression nine formed is just to the north of cuba and will take a look that system as we go into 15 minutes from now. right now we will focus on tropical depression eight which could become a tropical storm tomorrow afternoon as it slowly makes its way to the west and northwest but then look at the sharp curve it does to the north back out to the ocean but it could bring heavy rains of parts of our coastline that is something that we will continue to monitor. we will look at tropical depression nine and where the system is going and it could have impacts here as well and will have the school bus forecast coming up. raleigh police need your help to identify a man accused of inappropriately touching a woman at a department store, they sent us this surveillance picture of a man he appears to have short hair and a goatee, the victim claims he touched the back of her leg underneath
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at a store, if you recognize this man call raleigh police. a triangle high school which is arrested, joseph john the head baseball coach at heritage high school, john went to his girlfriend's home and went and kicked down her bedroom door and assaulted her, the incident reportedly happened after an earlier argument and the charges include assault as well as breaking and entering and we're working to find out if he is still employed. fayetteville pol the loose tonight, officers discovered the bodies of the two men outside the southwood apartment complex shortly before 5 am near strickland bridge. police so far have not released of the victims names and no word on a suspect and they are asking anyone with information to call fayetteville police. police believed someone killed two people and set fire to a home to cover their tracks, firefighters responded to the fire only to find two bodies inside once they were able to
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investigators are now trying to figure out what sparked the fire as well as how the people inside died. but they are classifying this is a suspicious homicide and autopsies on those people are scheduled for tomorrow. us marshals capture the fugitive on the run for almost 3 years in fayetteville this weekend, investigators say corey hotsenpiller kidnapped his son for missouri in 2013 and dropped out of sight and law enforcement jack them to a home under rent drive this weekend and the child is now in the custody. hotsenpiller remains in the cumbla to management and the daughter of nokia aldrich, darren searles and his brother were arrested in chicago and both are convicted felons out on parole, aldrich was pushing her new baby in a stroller on chicago's south side when she got caught in the crossfire of gun violence. the shooting happened friday shortly before she had registered her older children for school and friends and loved ones gathered at a vigil
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ahead of the republican party appeared on nbc's meet the press this morning and reince preibu s talked about this changing issues.>>reporter: i know donald trump in private and i talk to him every day and i know what he is thinking about a lot of these issues and this is a good and and he wants to do the right thing and wants to take every position that he is talking about and pepper it with decency, dignity and humanity.>> hillary clinton supporters are going after donald trump tonight over issues of race and immigration and her camp says trump has zero events in inner cities were more minorities live.>> the trump team is on the attack with a new web ad focusing on the clinton foundation of corruption, jennifer johnson
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trump making a campaign pitch to iowa farmer saturday.>> will have a great victory on november 8.>> is hillary clinton supporters attacked the billionaire for calling her a bigot last week. >> donald trump is not held evans and the black community or gondola black church is hillary clinton is done. >> trump's camp said that will change. spent my pledge to you and everybody watching is those events are being planned and we >> clinton spent two hours saturday with the fbi for her first intelligence briefing as the democratic nominee is released a new online ad. >> hillary clinton's corruption has been exposed again and her clinton foundation slush fund sold access to the state department. >> blasting the clinton foundation for taking donations from foreign governments while she was secretary. of state and trump's camp meanwhile says immigration plans have not changed and he
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it will be fair and it will be tough but no past to legalization or citizenship unless people leave the country and he said that very consistently.>> as to whether there will be a so-called deportation force mike pence says his detailed immigration policy will come out in the next two weeks.>> that was jennifer johnson reporting and trump's running mate indiana governor. mike pence will visit north carolina for the second time in a week and he is scheduled to speak at winston-salem tuesday night and the candidate made to stop the north carolina wednesday, and charlotte and brunswick county heard the pontiff alleging to be there in person to cover those affected by the earthquake in italy. >> he is not the only one offering support and find out what other organizations are doing to help despite not being physically on the scene. and how panthers coach ron rivera is using the preseason loss to
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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new information tonight about a fatal crash involving a bus carrying flood relief volunteers, officials said the bus struck to firefighters funding to an accident near the place louisiana and a fire chief was among the two killed and at least 40 people including passengers on the bus were taken to the hospital, the volunteers were headed to baton rouge to help flood victims and police have not yet released the cause of the accident. pope francis will visit central italy as soon as possible to come for survivors
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the pontiff made that pledge during his weekly prayer service at the vatican and the holy father also set a special prayer for those affected. museums in italy also want to do their part to help and they plan to donate money on ticket sales for the rebuilding effort and also italy's soccer teams are playing moments of silence before each match. a bridge collapse in london shut down major growth through the weekend and traffic backed up and was at a stand still as rook crews worked to remove rubble and enjoy the rest of the structure was safe officials say a piece of equipment being transported on the back of a truck hit the bridge which then fell onto another truck. fortunately no one was seriously hurt and the highway links london with other key cross channel brutes. in china and overpass at a furniture mall collapsed injuring four people and investigators that one of the people was buried beneath the rubble while others fell with the structure and all four victims are in stable condition at a hospital tonight. witnesses say taxi drivers and
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for shade and investigators are still looking into the cause of the collapse. a danish container vessel removed the remainder of libya's known chemical arsenal this weekend and the move was coordinated by united nations back organizations in libya began destroying its chemical weapons in 2004 and at the time the country declared it had tons of mustard gas and chemicals as well as chemical bombs. the destruction of those weapons worst held off but that overthrow qaddafi are suspended tonight suspected to be too drunk to command an international flight and the police arrested the men just before they were about to fly from scotland to new jersey in the us delay the flight for 10 hours while the airline got it replacement group and the men will be arraigned in scotland tomorrow and in addition to the police investigation united will also conduct an internal investigation heard little league batter did some majorly damage this afternoon.>> yes the plato have
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another day and another shattered camera lens and the little league world series in here is a look at the play. the first-inning between tennessee and pamela and that pitch is out and the better
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ball connects with the tv camera. this is the second time in days that the little league has done major damage, four days ago a wild pitch bounced off of home plate and knocked off another camera lens in the same location. [ laughter ] tomorrow's the first day of school for traditional calendar students across the triangle region and parents and children are encouraged to double check the child school schedule, the system change the elementary schools begin and end earlier and middle and high schools start and end later and the decision was based on research shown that middle and high school students do better school work if they get a later start. drawbacks to the change include childcare challenges some issues with after school activities and part-time work. [ music ] check out of these dance moves by teachers
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their excitement for the first day of school. spin a getting a little help from justin timberlake's summer hit cannot stop the feeling and the teachers are sending an enthusiastic message. those videos are all the rage these days. wral will have live team coverage on the return to school for traditional calendar students and you can look for life reports and updates on school buses and transportation as well as new start times for some students and coverage begins tomorrow morning at 4:30 am on wral.>> and 60s are and the tropics are active.>> it is hard to keep up with there is so much to go on, but a lot to pay attention to in the coming days and will talk about some of the systems. some of you had rained today, in the eastern and southeastern communities really, light rain falling in wilson county and all of this headed slowly to the west and falling apart so not anticipating any significant rainfall overnight tonight.
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moment, we could get some rain from one system later on this week. take a look at items today, cooler compared to yesterday with a high yesterday of 98 and raleigh and just 90 today. 89 for south hill, ross perot and 88 and low 90s in fayetteville, temperatures now not that bad it really feels pretty comfortable for some of you 74 over and south hill and 70 and roxborough, 80 for raleigh and 76 in fayetteville. the dewpoint in the really see a big difference in our viewing area with drier air from raleigh points to the north and west and that is where we are rain free today, higher dewpoint down south and east with a lot more moisture, dewpoint to the mid-seventies, more uncomfortable and more muggy but it doesn't feel that bad in raleigh and points north and west good this is a libel from the raleigh sky cam, mostly cloudy skies of the airport and 80, east and northeast winds at 8 miles per hour, the top of the hour we
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eight, it could impact the outer banks as we head towards tuesday and wednesday before it makes it turned back to the north and east third we have another system to keep a close eye on and this one is tropical depression nine which formed around 5 pm this evening. it has maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. take a look at where the system is forecast ago from the national hurricane center, into the gulf of mexico and and would turn to north over florida and back into the atlantic and all the south carolina coast and 2 pm friday with a tropical storm a maximum sustained winds it 50 miles an hour so we will have to watch it carefully, we are in the cone of uncertainty and this is a long way away. it could impact us this weekend and if it moves a little west we could see some rain this weekend and right now the forecast is dry for saturday and sunday. future cast overcast or over
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nothing significant, tomorrow morning at 8 am kids headed off to school with clouds but we are drive for the morning commute and at lunch time up spotty showers and then more moisture south and east so you can see a few showers and an isolated thunderstorm during the afternoon and evening and then things quieting down again tomorrow night. temps are not too bad overnight tonight in the 60s and the 70s under partly to mostly cloudy skies, tomorrow the first day of school for the traditional kids, temperatures war probably be drive for the morning bus ride with temps in the low 70s but parents and southeastern communities send the kids with the rain gear on the safe side. so not that bad with temps in the 80s, temperatures in the low 90s tuesday through thursday but then thursday a cold front moves in and that brings the temps down to comfortable levels, 85 for the
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pretty good football friday forecast, 85 saturday, partly cloudy and some local games for college as well. hopefully we can get the state came in without storms the cooler weather at the end of the week. we have sports and it is a bloodbath over in the camp thursday and - over and the panthers camp. >> the panthers make their cuts and also speaking local coaches help kids she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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the panthers started to make some cuts today is a regular season approaches in one of the guys that did ring the playbook to the coaches office is braxton deaver who was always a long shot to make the team as an undrafted free agent and carolina cuts in other players and will have to cut for more be deadline. the panthers are now less than two weeks away from the season opener against denver and they have one more preseason game thursday night. they got back to practice today after what was less than inspiring performance on friday as they lost to the patriots, the first team offense failed to score point and ron rivera says he is using the game to show his team they are not quite there yet. >> we talked about the missed opportunities in the chances that we had and did not convert
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we got down in the red zone we ended up having to kick field goals and as i said that to me is disappointing, we dropped a touchdown for sure and read another opportunity for another touchdown we miss. we put ourselves in position but we did not do things we needed to do to complete.>> the vikings have a new stadium, it looks pretty nice, u.s. bank field and has a glass roof is pretty cool looking and philip rivers is in his 13th season in the nfl and that is hard to believe, he was at course, he heats or hit king and eleanor and the numbers, he doesn't catch it and it was picked off and it was not number 17 fault as he finishes without a touchdown today, teddy bridgewater looked impressive for minnesota and he is 12 for 60 with a touchdown pass for the vikings as they went 23-10. tomorrow is the first day of school and to local coaches teamed up to put pearson town elementary and make it a makeshift barbershop, jared fee
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any young boy will tell you that rolling into a new school year with a fresh haircut is almost as important as packing pencils and paper. >> when you look good you feel good when you feel good you act good and we ask that you become good.>> levelle moton remembers the first-day jitters and those times he did not feel nor looked good. >> growing up it was a challenge for me and my older brother to get back to school haircuts on-time, financially my mother was in a position struggle. >> today the cost of a cut for kids like him are on the house thanks to levelle and dealt with fellow nc central coach jerry mack, brother to brother, hope four haircuts and rivals barbershop. >> anything that you can do to enhance someone's self- confidence it will help in the long run and being successful in school.>> it was not that long ago i was in the same pain and challenges and insecurities some of these kids may have.
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all of this insecurities away.>> the hair on their heads get shorter but like the clumps on the floor their visible confidence only gets bigger. that all-too-familiar feeling makes it all worth it to moten. >> the only the kids faces but when parents come up and say thank you and they are at a loss of words for what to thank you for them to recognize that look because it was the same look in your three more races to go before the chase for the championship begins in the cars in michigan today starting with 27 laps, not a great day for kyle busch, he spins out but recovers from he does go on to finish 19th. nine months ago on to the restart and kyle larson takes the lead and the young guy goes on for his first sprint cup win any also earns a spot in the chase. larsen says he was rather emotional during the final
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started shaking and my legs went numb for a little bit and yeah, i think it was the last two of them to go i was getting choked up because we worked really hard to get a win in hadn't done it. >> to golf now, you have to see this, the final round of the barclays and this is the part of the dana ghost to jason day on 15. that is right, he curves it into how he did that, it is good for 71 comment get out of the way guys, we want to see the whole. 71 feet and a birdie, unbelievable and two shots off the lead, rickie fowler great yesterday but not quite as great today, she's a 74 and quite a few bogeys which sets up patrick reed and he is able to build the 18 but he still wins.
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united states is when the little league world series for the first time since 2011 and the team from new york beat south korea today 2-1 and the kids are celebrating a perfect 24 and zero record. minor- league baseball, winston-salem beat the mudcats 15-2 and the bowls with lots of friends, 10- 6 over the gwinnett.>> good guys winning. thanks.>> we're looking at a nice forecast.>> not that bad a pretty typical, high temperatures in the upper 80s and the 90s and the potential of a stray shower or storm late in the afternoon and lotensin the 60s and the 70s and of course were keeping a close eye on the tropics and will have an update from the national hurricane center on her late news on wral after the game.>> thank you for joining us tonight and please join us each
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y23ivy yi0y i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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it led to child abuse charges against the mother. a clayton man bursts into a burning home to rescue a family. how at first -- his intentions were misunderstood! and...state lawmakers launch an ambitious new study of school construction needs in all 100 counties. i'm kathryn brown...lets rewind... good evening...thanks for joining us...this week... a fiery crash kills one person... bringing tra to a halt on i-40.... 11 years later, a guilty plea in one of durham's most horrific crimes... and.....home owners associations band together to file complaints when thousands of dollars disappears... three cars - scorched beyond recognition after a crash on i-40 left one person dead monday. the crash happened in the westbound lanes. flames and thick black smoke was visible for miles. the highway patrol is investigating the cause of the crash, but has not yet


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