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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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media post. >> >> a hearing today in man's fight to prove his innocence after spending 20 years behind bars. who's expected to testify today. it is time to go back to school for more than 1 million children, what you mode to know before you head out the door today. thank you for joining us this monday morning, this going back to school morning. the time is now 8:00. >>'m re iveyowith us we begin with a homicide investigation. police are looking for the suspect who killed two outside of tmt complex. officers discovered it bodies of the men ouide of the southwood apartments shortly before 5:00 yesterday morning. that's near strickland and rayford roads. police have not releaseed it victims named. so far no word on the -- someone killed two people and set fire to a home to cover their tracks. they responded to fire only the find two body, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire as well as how
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they are classifying this as a suspicious homicide, autopsies are schedule today happen today. >> raleigh police need your help identifying a man accused of inappropriately touching a woman at a department store. police send us this video. he appears to have short hair and a goatee. he touched it back of her leg on july 26th. if you touch ere recognize this man, call police. former durham prosecutor expect today testify in a hearing that begins today. a hearing that could free a man he helped convict more than 20 years ago. wral's bill leslie is in the news room with background on the case. hi, bill. >> hi. you know, his testimony will testify on evidence use today convict howard in the 1991 murder of doris washington and her daughter. howard is also maintained his innocence and in 2014 a judge vacated the conviction and
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the state board of appeals said there need today be a hearing on the evidence first and that begins today a. among the evidence, a dna test that excluded howard and pointed to someone else. there's also a case that appear today be the work of a new gang, for which the victim sold drugs. he never handed that memo over to defense attorneys. >> the former prosecutor is no longer practicing law. he was disbarred as a the duke lacrosse case the hearing start this is morning at 10:00. it can last up to three days and this is days case getting a lot of attention. look for live reports on wral news at fan. >> >> we appreciate the preview. thank you. the trial of a durham man accuseed in a deadly restaurant shooting nearly five years ago is scheduled to start today, police say jerry adams killed allen at aen ihop in 2011.
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there told a group of people that included adams they cannot send in a closed off section of the restaurant which was crowded with 30 to 40 people. he left willingly and return aid short time later and opened fire. the river side high school student detained by immigration officials is holding a news conference in durham today to share his story. he was held for months in a detention facility in georgia. his attorney believes he his attorneys violence. a judge granted bond and he was able to return to durham. the news conference is at 5:45 tonight. >> deputys in cumberland county are looking for a man accused of killing his child's grandfather. anthony mcneal shot and killed eugene. >> after the shooting, a message appeared on the
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if i can't make it out of north carolina i will shoot myself. he has a child, and the relationship were con terse the last several months. police are still forward- looking statements perk who killed two men outside of an apartment come -- still looking for a man who killed two men outside of an apartment complex. >> police have not releaseed it victim's names and so far no word on a suspect. they're asking anyone with information to call police. it is the and kids head back to school today. >> it will be okay. it is better than chilly temperatures i suppose. >> absolutely. we do have cooler weather coming up for holiday weekend, not too cool to get out and enjoy some, ewe know you know, sort of last hoorah summer fun. it will be low to mid 80s. our wilson sky cam showing cloud cover this morning not seeing any rain coming out of these clouds right now but later this afternoon, i will
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along and east of the i-95 corridor. that's where we will have the best chanceover see any showers and thunderstorms. 72 in durham, 69 in wake forest and 71 in holly brings. 68 in south hill, 64 in hillsboro and 75 in fayetteville. even with cloud cover this morning the temperatures are on the mild side. expect 82 at lunchtime and a high of 89 this afternoon, again very few showers and stoma's cross the area, even with a tropical system sitting just offshore, about tropical depression eight and nine, in just a few minute, brian, of course, he you node hear what he has to say so you can november gait the message not just one, but -- navigate the message. >> a couple of spots troublesome. here at 805 tim have a little improvement in durham. the earlier crash on 70 eastbound. and the information has moved to right lane, we have all
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see the traffic is getting by it involved a pedestrian. police are still investigating that right lane is blocked and we will have more about that investigation as we get more information in the news room. we're still working to find out more details about that. there's a big problem this morning on the raleigh, took out a power pole. you can see th there, inbound lanes are blocked. the utility poll, and they get through there. not sure when they can reopen but we have pretty heavy delays, let's show you how to get around that. to southeast side of raleigh
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that will get you around the clays. not sure when the inbound side will reopen but we will let you know. this looks worse than it is. these are minor crashes there's a crash at indian trail not too far from apex, and as far as we know, the back to school morning commute has not been that bad as far as school- related that's good to know. >> thank you, brian. we're less than a month away from the first presidential debate between clinton and trump. >> how the candidates are preparing now and the issues they plan to address this week. details on arrest made in the death of dewayne wade's cousin. >> how the pope is honoring the victims of the earthquake
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hillary clinton nor donald trump are campaigning today. overnight trump announced an immigration speech. >> hillary clinton has more fund raisers today. she raised over a million
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shortening her answers. >> you can see that, but you know kind of all the rails trump. >> trump's less formal preferring to discuss issues instead of mock debates. >> northeast not going to prepare the way hillary does which is locking her in a room. >> hillary clinton's corruption has been exposed again. >> the new ad targets e-mails and back room m it a meeting, when democrattings do that they call it a conflict. the first ever event in a predominantly black community at a church in detroit on sunday. he's giving an immigration speech after confusion about whether he would deport undocumented immigrants or let them stay. >> no path to legalization, no path to citizenship unless people leave the country. >> trump has said he would work with law abiding immigrants who have been here for years.
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washington. trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence will visit north carolina for the second time in a week. pence is schedule today speak in winston salem tomorrow night the vp candidate made two stops on wednesday. one in charlotte and one new brunswick county. >> 8:12 now, new rules are now in effect for drones throughout the country. how they could impact you and how nasa helping guide the future of drone use. plus, why two united airlines pilo kick, scream and beg for any food you want baby belly it's not a problem. cause with the help of a blue shirt you got the samsung family hub refrigerator
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it switches from freezer to fridge to store whatever food you want whenever you want it. yeah that's a t-bone steak and whipped cream, baby needs her vitamins. bring home the win at best buy.
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>> not again. >> sing it to me. >> back to school. >> everybody is feeling it. >> the parents reaction. did they ready for school to be back in or not. >> different parent versus different feelings about that. >> how do you feel. >> i be back in. i live summer and i love seeing the flexibility and kind of. >> doing what you want. >> yes. >> it would have to come to an end. >> i am singing the blues. some parents are like yes, back to school. >> feed them. >> both right answers. >> let me take a look at the tall tower camera. you can see a real pretty shot there. we have mid to upper level clouds and a nice hole you can
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level cloud cover that continues to sort of thicken up in the eastern part of wake county. here is the mix 101.5 radio tower and we're looking west across wake county, somewhere fund clouds right from. so a bit on the gray side this morning and you look at that and think wow are we going to have any rain. our chances for rain really slim today, maybe a 10 to 20% chance is about it. 72, is current temperature and 70s. so it has jumped up. any time into the 70s. you just expect it to feel muggy. it may mix back out to mid to upper 60s later this afternoon. we will see. it shouldn't be the kind of oppressive heat that we had on saturday. 68 is our temperature in south hill, 72 in rocky mount, wilson and we head south at 69. sanford at 73. erwin and smith field, satellite and radar showing us an on shore flow.
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against a wall. that wall is a high pressure system. the high pressure system has winds that rotate clockwise. unthis high we're mostly dry: we have a flow but it bumps against buts of high pressure and it is not going to make it too far inland. even though it is a tropical system, we are not going to get a break, still looking okay. we had so much rain for the first half of the year, we're still not looking at major problems but it has been pretty dr months and looks like this system is not going to help us out a whole lot. it is tropical depression eight, and it is going swing right by, the outer banks during the day tomorrow, and hurricane will stay out in atlantic, shouldn't have a big impact on land and tropical depression nine between cuba and florida will zip across the peninsula and up toward north carolina and i will show you what the latest forecast track is in just a minute. this is a look at the tropical
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from the morehead city up to oregon and it is right here or so. in this area, expecting one to three inches of rain, 35 to 45 miles per hour wind gusts and it is not likely to do a whole lot of damage, a little low lying flooding potentially and maybe tossing around some trash cans and maybe loscans and shingle or two. no major damage expected. here a look at the track. it turns into a tropical storm and zips by the coast of north carolina with winds at say 45 miles per hour, or moves on out into the atlantic. it comes right by us but it is just not going to be very powerful. here is tropical depression nine, and it really picks up some speed. look at that zipping off the coast of north carolina, but not nearly as close as tropical depression eight. both of these storms like throw wet a name in the next 24 hour, the first one that gets named will be her mean and the second one is ian. we will see which becomes a storm first. they may be very close.
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again the chance of showers and storm, pretty low because of the high pressure system, 10 to 20% chance and that will be true through wednesday into thursday, and then finally, we get a better chance of thunderstorms on thursday with a front coming through and after that temperatures will cool down. thursday is the hottest day of the week: 93 is sour forecast. 86 is normal. 101 is the record for thursday, and then a pretty weekend in our forecast. at least for now, high temperatures in low to mid 80s with lena. eann two brothers accused of killing dewayne wade will be in court today. police arrested daron and convicted felons out on parole. police say alldredge was pushing her baby in a stroller on ccago's ought side when they got caught in cross fire. this happeafter she registered h older children for fire.
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quote just what i have been saying, african americans will vote trump. >> he later tweeted his condolences. pope francis will visit central italy as soon as possible to comfort survivors is of the earthquake. he made that pledge during his weekly prayer service at the vatican the holy father also sent a special prayer for those affected. museums in italy also want to do their part to help. they plan to donate money from ticket sales toward the rebuilding effort. also italy's soccer teams are planning teams of silence before each match. >> they want to know in they antigen played a role in the number of earthquake death, italian autourties are determining if failure to follow building coatings impacted the death toll. a stunning bridge collapse in london shut down roads over the weekend. crews worked to remove rubble and ensure the rest of the
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a piece of heavy equipment being transported on the back of a truck hit the bridge and it fell on to another truck. no one was seriously hurt. they link london with key cross. two pilots are two pilots being too drunk to command an international flight. they were arrested just before they were about to fly from scotland to new jersey on saturday. the arrest to delay the fright for ten hours, while the airline got a united airlines will conduct an internal investigation. new overnight. new rules meant to track eyes in skys are now in effect. department of transportation secretary anthony fox will brief the public on the faa new drone rule which is went into effect at midnight. some of the regulations include a weight limit, 5 pounds and a time restriction flying in daylight only the unmanned aircraft must also stay within the pilots visual line of site.
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rules for small drones that fly under 500 feet. they will focus on performance stands from amazon, wal-mart, ups and google. it is a system designed to help deal with weather k restricted air space, airport congestion and other obstacles. they hope to pleasant the presearch by the end of 2019. something is trending in the credit cart city, and it might just be the right time for you to make a move to another card. but only, if you in yourself. an explanation from nbc's chris. >> after being force today drop or drastically change the fees they charge, you probably never thought credit card companies would ever voluntarily drop fees, but they are. >> the fee that we saw dropped most often were foreign transaction fees. >> matt said refers to survey of
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consumers. >> it can addto addof every transaction that you make. >> they're also the most profitable for the credit ca coanies. but they're being dropped and other charges like interest rates and late fees are being reduced. because of competition in the credit card industry. >> in a lot of times when one of the big boys of credit card industry makes a move to reduce a fee, if that works well for time before one of the other competitors will do the same thing. >> that's why he says now is the time to shop around for credit card deals that are good deals but might even get better. >> chris, nbc news. it is time go back to school today, and school districts all across the viewing area. >> the reminders for parents, students and others on this first day of school.
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kicking off today ahead of the
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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>> your top story didn't is a busy back to school morning, and thest problems haven't been the return to school on the traditional calendar,. >> everything has been moved to the right shoulder all lanes are open now, and all the residual back up has cleared up so good improvement there in
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avenue out bound, we did voluntary manslaughter lanes blocke it is all on the media now but we are still seeing slow traffic. and also an overnight crash took out a utility poll. inborn remains blocked and we are seeing heavy delays from roger heading toward heading ham. out bound lane there's one that's open and traffic volume is pretty light. is inbound consider using 540 as elizabeth, we're under a tropical storm watch under the coast. >> it is really for outer banks really moore head city up through the outer banks and there they will see a few inches of rain and winds 35 to 45 miles per hour. it shouldn't be a storm that causes a lot of damage along the coast. we will talk more about it though especially on the noon newscast later today. >> the raleigh sky cam looks like a mix of sun and clouds, it is pretty quiet for commute
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calendars borrow, clinton it is 66 in rocks borrow. expect a high of 89. 91 on tuesday and wednesday, the chance of showers and storms is slim, a little higher along and east of e-59. >> ? it is back to school time for kids across the viewing area. next on fox 50, the changes in
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we
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>> we're coming up on 830 timty a very exciting day today, the first day of school for 1.5 million students in our state. >> along with those stuns it is a big day for teacher, staff members. wral joins us live at roseville elementary school. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, renee and lena. so much excitement here this morning. we've seen a number of kids come in here at roseville elementary and it takes a lot to get ready for first day. here project that happened over the just in time for summer. it is officially over and the yellow buss are rolling out right now: of course with a new school year comes a number of changes. today there will be a total of 159,000 students headed to school. that number is up by 1,000 from last year. also, there's a new price hike on school meal, each meal will cost you $0.25 more. as far as facility, wake county
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that bring it is total to bring 77 supporting the students are more than 19,000 staff members including more than 10,000 teachers: right now you're looking a live look at roseville. look how cute these kids are with their backpacks and first day outfits i have also seen renee and lena plenty of air bow, lots of pink. i'm feeling a little left out but of course it is an exciting day for all of these student. >> tren get into it. >> thank you. >> live in roseville. >> parents in durham are en encouraged to double check the schedule. >> the system changed start time, elementary school also begin and end earlier: middle and high school will start and end later. the decision is based on research showing that they do better in school if they got a
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challenge, afterschool activitys and part time work. >> they're reminding parents and students of the thumbs up boarding procedure. during the procedure, the child waits until the bus stop and the bus stop arm is extended the driver will then hold their palm up, letting the children know to wait for all traffic to stop. when it is safe to cross the road the driver give it is child a thumbs up and pointings in the direction the child should cross the street. we have a back to school guide on, featuring including bus routes, first day information, start times and much more. find it all in the don't miss it section or by searching whack to school. we will also have a slide show of first day of school pictures, we want to see yours, to submit your photo, search report it. the state naacp is launching a moral march to the polls kick off today. all naacp branches will conduct
8:33 am
against the voter id law. last month, the id requirement and id voting changes were discriminatory and illegal. that is tonight at poland memorial. >> and today former judges are unvail a new ununotisal con -- >> and north caroli understand how it can work in north carolina. >> today is 11 year since katrina's detraction a-- on august 29, 2005. the storm surge. [overlapping speakers] helmed. 80 percent of the city floods. more than 1800 people died and
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their homes. it is one of the deadliest in u.s. history. unbelieverable that was 11 years ago. >> i was going to college when tapped and it is 11 years later. we are watching the tropics. we have tropics we're watching. >> we do is one is hurricane gaston. but tropical depression eight and nine may have an impact on north tropical depression eight. so we will at that coming up in about ten minutes. here is say look at the fayetteville sky cam. it is gray. we have a mix of clouds and sun across the area and wean all the gray sky we're not likely to have much rain out of the system. we will talk about why coming up in just a little while. 72 in apex and rocky mount. 73 in vinson, 74 in clinton, 70 in rocks borrow. we will look at the temperature around lunchtime, 82.
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afternoon with highs of about 89. the best chance of showers and storms will be closer to coast along and east of i-5. of course we will get through some warmer days at the beginning of the week and a cold front comes through on thursday and should bring us a beautiful weekend. we will talk more about that coming up. renee. thank you, elizabeth. kids who return to sports too soon after a condition cushion may have longer and more compare today 22 days for those who sat out for several games. in fact those who did not rest were eight times more likely to have a lengthy recovery. >> we all wish for a longer weekend unless you work on the weekends. if you work at amazon, that could become a reality the washington post reports amazon will experiment with a 30 hour
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the hours. there are other companies that offer four day work weeks but they still require 40 hours of work. americans prefer taking photos they're not in. 2100 adult, 55% say their favorite times of photos to capture are scenery or landscape photos while only 21% named their favorite to selfies. the survey also revealed americans prefer to take candid shots opposed to posed photo. >> >> two triangle families have -- grace community church presented it keys to cars to michael ferguson. each paid $500 for the refurbished vehicles as part of the churches wheels for hope program. they received financial assistance and had help from the memorial fund.
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>> >> a group of teachers is welcoming kids back to school, with a fun, music video. check it out. ? [ music ] ?? . ? because i got that sunshine in my pocket. got that good song in my feet. i feel that in my body, and it drops oh it drop. >> i can't take my eyes off of it. i'm in the lead. i like the way we rock it. so don't stop it. middle schoolteachers show their exciteme day of school. a little help from justin timber lake to the stallion nation. very creative. >> back to school means more than just books and new clothes. >> coming up the morning and nightmare teens that could help
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and and the beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to brush up on your kid's oral hygiene. did they brush this morning, last night? joining thus morning with some very, very important reminers is dr. alex parker, the executive director of the north carolina dental society. thank you so much for joining >> thank you for having me. >> first of all, what problems do you see with kids in terms of brushing their teeth regularly. >> basically they just don't like to do it. i know with our kids when they were growing up it was something we had to constantly remind them to do especially when they were young. those reminders and parental iers and you could say modeling is great for them to see that it is the right thing to do.
8:41 am
do parents encourage them to do that. >> twice a day for two minutes with a floor i had tooth paste and encouraging them to do that i think is basic lie like i mentioned before, modeling let them see how, show them how, depending on the age they may not have the dexterity they need to manipulate the tooth brush. they may need some help. but starting in those habits when they're young is very important. >> so i don't you specific tips for parents. talk about those four tip. >> well, the main things i would say is number one get yourself and your kids to the your kids a regular check up. it is very important that kids be able to pay attention during class. if she a dental problem they're not paying attention in class. so certainly, having a check up
8:42 am
>> second thing is brushing. >> third thing is to make sure they use a fluoride tooth best and the fourth thing is to figure out some way to clean between their teeth. there's been a little controversy here lately about flossing but using an inner dental stimulator or some other device to get between the teeth is very important. >> is there a way to tell that your kid is having issues with their teeth, any sign that is maybe their teeth are them. >> i think that certainly they may tell you. if you see a dark spot that's swollen it may be something to bring to your dentists attention. >> where can we find more information on all of this. >> mouth which is an ada web site, american dental association, it is all
8:43 am
>> dr. aleck parker thank yo for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we make our children's teeth and ours a little brighter for the school year. thank you very much. >> renee. >> thank you so much. great information there. >> it is another redo for facebook's trending topics feature, thousand social net works king the huma element out to address critic. >> we will take a look the biggest moments of the night
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v. >> i try today think about how this connects to school. >> is there a bus involved in this song maybe. >> slide. slide. >> you're sliding back into a routine. >> fantastic voyage of learning that year. >> there we go. >> thank you, everyone. kids are out the door. so mom is like yeah. >> mom is having her dance party right now. >> yeah. >> the lunch packed and i am going to take a nap. >> that's for mommy. >> it is a little gray over there. did you see that? there's a peak of sunshine, just the top right hand corner i don't have our screen. overall we will be partly cloudy. we have a little cloud cover in some spots and as gray as it may be at your house we are not
8:47 am
along and east of i-59 we will have a better chance of storms but overall it will be fairly troy even with the tropical systems, sitting offshore, and as i promised you ten minutes ago we will talk all about that. first let's get you out the door if you are heading out. 72 degrees the dew point right now at 70. it is warm and just a little muggy. a in rocks borrow. 68 in south hill, 73 in rocky mount and wilson. 69 in sanford, 74 in erwin an clinton. winty typical morning. we will have cooler temperatures by the end of the week and the weekend. it should feel good. >> here is why we are not going to see much rain out of this system. it is all thanks to this high pressure system, and it is putting up a wall. high pressure systems have sinking air, and around this high, it is just going to be pretty much impossible to get, to see a whole lot of rain, so our low, our tropical system here is trying to push moisture inland but it is running up
8:48 am
mostly dry and not going to make progress inland. so from the triangle westward we will stay mostly dry from the triangle east ward. that's where we will have a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. this is the system we're watching right now had is going to brush coast of north carolina and it is tropical depression eight and certainly it is possible by the 11:00 a.m. advisory that we will have a tropical storm on our hands. we do have a watch for parts of coast. tropical , thed 8 and, thed nine out could become a tropical storm in the 11:00 advisory, and the first one that gets a name will be her mean and the second will be ian. we will see which one ones the race. ones gaston. we're not concerned about but new information at 11:00 a.m. so tune in to the newscast on wral at noon and we will show you all of that. here a look at the extent of the tropical storm, watch it is from oregon inland down toward morehead city, one to three
8:49 am
enough to do very much damage. it may, you know, have a couple of shingles fly tough roof in some places, some, you know, small branches down that sort of thing, minor flooding you can see here by the end of the day it does become a tropical storm, it is moving past the coast and then on off into the north and east with winds at about 45 miles per hour. that's about all we will get out of that. again that's not enough to cause real major damage. tropical depression nine korma's picks up speed and has winds at 65 miles per hour. that could change especially if this takes any sort of westward jog, it can affect the coast of north carolina. right now it doesn't look too likely but you want to check in with us if you have plans to be at the coast. 89 is the high temperature for today looking at only a 10 to 20% chance of showers and storms in the triangle that may go up in east. the big change with the weather comes on thursday, we have a
8:50 am
we will see a high of 93. norm 1886. it will be warm and behind that our temperatures drop back into the 80s for holiday weekend, right now it really looks nice. what is not nice, bryan is of course the issues on the roads this morning, you've had so in to deal with, what's the latest. >> it has been a mess but in durham we have seen improvement over the last little while. it is 8:50 we had a deadly pedestrian accident that blocks u.s. 70 eastbound around cheek road for much of the traffic is flowing freely through that area doing a look out because there's still activity on the right shoulder but as long as wow stay in center and left lanes you should be in good shape. again we are working to get more details, on the east side of raleigh another accident causing problems is at newbern, you can see the utility crews out there repairing the poll that god knocked down in an accident overnight. no serious injuries but inbound remains blocked maybe blocked
8:51 am
route, consider using 5450 to 264 head on in toward raleigh, on the inbound side. on the outbound side we have one right lane. we haven't seen big inbound out the out bound have been significant. 440 eastbound around jones franklin, heavy traffic from kerry parkway interchange on u.s. 1, looking at 10 minutes to make the trip. even though it look busy these are minor crashes not big problems. there's a story about how student race act to the first day back, what they're tweeting to wake county public schools, one student said these roads are treasure rows and this is the picture he sent ice all over roadway. i thought that was mighty cute. >> clever, clever. >> give him a for effort. >> school is still on, kid, sorry. >> an aviation group is trying to buy the wright brothers
8:52 am
dayton, ohio. orville and wilbur wright built the airport production buildings in 1910 and 191. more than a hundred planes were build there: it will be sold national park service: some land will be sold to the metro library for a nebranch face book is taking a new step to reduce the roll of trending topics. trending was the -- over claim it is service was suppressin topics are cted by an algorithm. editor also still vet the list but won't write the head line or summary. instead you will see user comments and an excerpt from a news article. >> the number is double what most movie experts. suicide squad slipped to number
8:53 am
brought in nearly $283 million in domestic ticket sales the animated tale, and the two strings came in third pulling in close to $8 million. sunday's mtv vma was about the adrenaline pumping performance and for about 16 glorious minutes it was all about beyonce. >> . >> bei don't know say performs a medially of songs from her -- she moves seem leslie between outfits, songs and singing with passion and danced through fire and smoke and took a baseball bat too camera before finally ending the performance laying on the stage to symbol tuesday power of women. she won eight awards including
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:54 am
any artist would have a hard time, and she proved she could hold her own over the course of four separate performances. it was like a walk back through her musical core over past decade. >> >> dream come true.
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the time now is 8:56. >> here is your top story, the state naacp is launching a
8:57 am
all naacp branch also conduct voter registration drives. the group has been outspoken against north carolina voter id law. the kick off is tonight at off the baptist church in raleigh. a little cooler today for first day of school, right, elizabeth. >> looking good out there. it could be much worse. there are some clouds in some places, but look at daughteral, a lot of sunshine there, and -- a lot -- look at durham. a lot of sunshine an rockboro. andor, expect a high of 89 this afternoon. 91 on fuse and wednesday but very little rain around our area for the next several day, even with the tropical system offshore, coming up on the noon newscast i will have the latest information on the storm. bryan. 8:57 now elizabeth. newbern still blocks on inbond site an after overnight accident took down a utility poll. again the inbound side blocked this turning you around there.
8:58 am
allow some extra time heading through there. it looks like the inbound delay versus cleared up but still you want to use 264 coming in from the eastern side of wake county. look out for lingering delays around carry parkway up toward jones franklin road in west raleigh. >> >> thank, bryan. a man who spent more than than two decade, returns to court today. a judge will determine if there's evidence of process cut to misconduct. but an appeals court ruled a new hearing was necessary.
8:59 am
newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce.
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