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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> what we are learning about this crime scene in the city of clinton. and how investigators are hoping the public can help them following the officer-involved shooting and raleigh. i am lena tillett. >> and i am renee chou. we begin with donald trump. trump heads to mexico today to talk face to face with the president of the country. >> tracie potts has more on that as >> he is going to lead and administration that will end illegal immigration. >> we're also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> reporter: donald trump's message in arizona tonight and mexico today. president henrique has invited both candidates to visit.
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the clinton campaign said americans should play -- pay close attention to what trump says here. his team says tonight's speech will contrast his policy with clinton's which he will call guaranteed amnesty. >> all we know is something strange is going on. >> reporter: the clinton running mate is going on about the trump ties with russia. >> don't you think the american voters deserve to the bottom of why trump's relationship with russia is so cozy? >> reporter: democrats are asking the fbi to investigate. >> our real last line of defense . >> reporter: john mccaa and marco rubio won primaries in arizona and florida. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> clinton speaks to the
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the agency will also release the interview with clinton which will not see additional votes -- notes of interviews sent to congress. a busy day ahead for president obama focusing on environmental issues. we will first visit lake tahoe to address the problems with the drought and declining water quality. then it is off to hawaii meeting on conservation. governor pat mccrory will attend a roundtable today at johnston county at riverwood middle school. the governor will also do a back to school toward. in sampson county police are on the scene of a crime in clinton. police responded to reports of a multiple shooting. authorities have not provided details but it was an active
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we are working to learn more information about a shooting in durham. he was found on fiske street. he is at the hospital and police have not said what led up to the shooting. no word on a driver injured on a crash south of can we -- kenly at bagley road. th of a moped and they collided. he was thrown over the car and taking to wake med with serious injuries. the driver of the car was cited with failure to yield. spi is asking anyone who may have witnessed or have video of the incident to come trump.
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gunfire with officer responding to a 911 call. we've been watching how tropical depression eight would affect the north carolina coast. it dumped only showers along the outer banks and now residents and tourists are looking ahead to tropical depression 9. >> big changes to that pictures. before we that maybe it wouldn't have much of an impact but things have changed. a lot of the computer models are keing it pretty far offshore and we have seen some big changes coming up in 10 minutes i will show you the specific path hour by hour how it may affect north carolina. in the meantime, let's talk about what he will see heading out the door with our south hills skycam. we have had that some low cloud cover develop and in other
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a lot of this burns off with cloudy skies today. durham is 76 with 70 and holly springs. we have 75 in fayetteville and 74 in goldsboro. that sun trying to shine through the clouds. 83 at lunchtime with a high of 90 this afternoon. not a lot of showers and storms little bit of tomorrow. friday looks completely different with high temperatures almost 20 degrees cooler. more about that coming up in about 10 minutes. meanwhile nate is taking a look at the battling which is moving along. >> start the slowdown in another here we have an accident or crash at the 440
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cleared the way are seeing some delays in the westbound lanes starting to pick up a little bit. unfortunately, it starts to slow down again due to the classic rich point here going from 440 over to wade avenue . it is backed up toward six forks road all of the way from capital and almost over to glenwood on the north side. this is actually the clayton down as well. here is 440 at lake boone trail. it is causing typical volume at this point as you head further out for the rest at miami boulevard things are picking up speeds. it is still slow going coming out of johnston county. it is to the 440 split with another
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back to you. history will be made today as travel between the u.s. and cuba continues to get easier. spot next on fox 50 the new direct flight to the caribbean nation of the first direct ight in more than 50 years. and a controversial ban in a french city overturn. what a court have to say about the rope against wearing
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a u.s. commercial flight will take up to cuba today for the first time in over half a century. >> the chat through flight will travel to santa clara later today. bill leslie is in our newsroom to also about it. >> reporter: 9:45 am is the time the jetblue flight should occur this morning leaving fort lauderdale. they are one of airlines hoping to get in on the action in cuba. the u.s. law prohibits tourist travel to cuba but there are now a dozen categories of authorized travel including journalistic visits and educational activities. commercial flights are expected to increase the number of visitors significantly. many of the routes are
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largely predicted to go out of business with the advent of the regularly scheduled service from the united states. cuban and u.s. officials say 28 flights are expected into havana by the end of the year. but the cuba connection really begins in earnest today. lena and renie back to you. >> and we all thank you so much. several offices including here in raleigh will reopen today after an unspecified threat forced them to close. this time they will have at a security. the fbi is investigating the anonymous threats. it will remain closed while improvements are made. it could be the first hurricane inhawaii in years. how the islands are preparing
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concerns being raised at the white house after the eu tells
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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[ music ] ? daniel is flying i can see the red taillights and i can see daniel waving goodbye. ? >> a little elton john. >> it is fitting with the overcast sky. >> those clouds have nothing to do with any sort of tropical system not yet because by the
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if you are watching greg and mike yesterday evening you probably saw the hurricane center started to change our forecast >> reporter: for tropical depression 9. we are going to cover that pretty closely coming up that first let's see what you are going to run into as you head out the door here. this is a very interesting band of clouds developing in the that is why this band of clouds is right now. about that you can see plenty of sunshine because it is likely to be sunny today. let's take a look at our temperatures with 76 degrees. 71 is the dew point right now with our visibility started to come up just a little bit. we do have lower visibility
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still in greenville a quarter- mile you may run into cogs in some spots around south hill but many of that will start to show sunshine and it is 75 in erwin with 73 in wakemed and 68 south hills. satellite and radar showing our cold front up to the north. here is tropical depression eight moving away from nort it has been slowing down a little bit and that is why we are looking at a different pattern for a different forecast track for a tropical depression number nine. this front yesterday looked like it would all right here for thursday. it should bring showers and thunderstorms off the coast friday steering tropical depression 9 away from north carolina. now this front will not arrive until friday giving tropical
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skirt of the coast of north carolina bringing it bigger impact to the coast. tropical depression 8 is not tropical depression 9. it is just another wave of low pressure that is starting to feed moisture into north carolina. we will have a chance of thunderstorms today around the wilmington area. for tropical depression 9 is down here starting to look more impressive here. watch this balloon that happens here. i would encourage you to tune into our newscast at noon on wral for a lot more to say about this storm. it may be that tropical depression 8 has a name as well but it won't really matter or be of consequence to us. not so down south the tropical depression 9 arriving on the coast of florida thursday night it will produce tornadoes and
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along the coast of north carolina during the day friday and through the first half of saturday. the winds art cited for mile- per-hour which is hurting strength. it will move fast out quickly and most of saturday as well as sunday and monday will likely be fine along the coast now mine what cleanup happens. 81 today with 93 for tomorrow. we should see our typical weather pattern getting showers late on thursday. the cold front that interacts with tropical moisture for much of friday and cooler temperatures with 93 and 75. how much rain are we talking about? it will be pretty significant along the coast with 4 to 8 inches probably. until we get really close to
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rain are wind may be made be a couple days out with things changing. monday and tuesday is start to warm up. renie? hawaii governor has issued a proclamation as hurricane madeleine approaches the state. hurricane conditions are expected on the big island. that includes strong wind and heavy rain. forecasters say the category storm could pass close to the island. the coast guard the shutting down for in anticipation. a strong typhoon in japan has proven deadly. nine bodies were found at a nursing home in north eastern japan. police also found the body of a woman in a flooded house typhoon lionrock slammed tuesday
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recovering. police are investigating how a ferry hit a group of hikers in new york. 10 kayakers were paddling down the hudson river when five of them were hurt and taken to the hospital. they tested negative for drugs and alcohol. police are looking into the accident. also in new york several balconies collapsed on the side of an apartment construction. you can see the damage left behind. fortunately, no one was hurt. investigators say they middle balcony gateway first and then the top came down. scaffolding was set up with just a few days to go. chris brown is facing assault with a deadly weapon charge this morning. they are looking into allegations brown pulled the gun on a woman for admiring a piece of july.
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a nondisclosure agreement. she refused and called police. brown pestis several videos claiming his innocence. he was elected. the chicago top cop was to fire all officers involved with this incident from 2014. mcdonald was shot 16 times by one officer, jason van dyke van dyke is charged with first- degree murder. eddie johnson what the other officers fired along with van dyke for giving false statements. a french court has overturned a ban on burkinis issued in ken. the court concluded the cannes
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is no proven risks. human rights groups are plenty is fight similar bans. >> the white house is worried american taxpayers will pay if the european union forces apple to pay billions of dollars in back taxes. the eq ordered apple to pay $15 billion in interest and taxes. apple could deduct the payment from the amount it goes to the yes. -- owes to the u.s. they say ireland granted apple a sweetheart deal. the former farm-to-table executives facing federal charges just scored a huge paper martin shkreli so this company for a total of $5.9
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million on the deal. he became a household name after buying the rights to a drug used. lena -- shkreli was later arrested after a ponzi scheme. he is awaiting trial on charges. a u.s. soldier in texas gave his daughters a huge surprise. >> he has been defending our country in the military. we have special family member. [ applause ] >> what a special moment. they released sergeant jimmy kibler after serving a year- long duty inchoate -- in kuwait . his three children range from first grade up to high school while the youngest would not
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youngest children are cannot hold back her emotions. >> so nice to have him back home after a year. i hope he gets a lot of rest
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i am top stories. we just received information about the breaking news in sampson county. four men are in the hospital following an incident on broad street in clinton. no word yet on the condition police say the shooting occurred during altercation in the victims. the investigation is ongoing. everything is looking quiet
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take a look at our raleigh skycam. lots of sunshine east of the triangle with patchy fog beginning to burn off in the next hour. we check our temperatures mainly in the 70s with 75 in erwin and 73 in wilson. will -- we will see a high of 90 today with not likely to see a lot of storms today. it gets pretty hot before they begin to develop completely different is day on friday with a high of 75 into saturday we may be dealing with tropical depression 9 off of the coast of north carolina. looking at some slowdowns potentially aided by a crash on 40 between white oak and the clayton bypass. we are seeing some slowdowns on our d.o.t.
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it is at the old 70 otherwise it does loosen up past the clayton bypass. just a few minor accidents here and there. lena ? thank you. we are learning more about the death of a 3-year-old intern. what her father told police. newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce.
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50.
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we are approaching 8:30 here. a hurry for a man who spent three decades in prison for a double murder enters. >> mikaya thurmond joins us outside the courthouse. >> reporter: accusations of sloppy police work as well as misconduct are at the center of this hearing. darryl howard is fighting for a new trial. 20 years or two mortars he says he didn't commit. defense attorneys say mike nifong never told him the victim was sexually assaulted and never revealed that dna found inside the girl was from someone else. it was matched to jermeck jones who to be said yesterday and refused to answer the questions . >> do you have any knowledge
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doris washington on the day of the murder? >> on the advice of counsel i decline to answer this question . >> reporter: jones has never been charged in the case back at some point this week nifong who was disbarred is expected to testify. wral will have a crew inside the ur happens starting on wral news at noon. >> mikaya thurmond, thank you. the father of a 3-year-old girl who died says his daughter's dad was a terrible accident. she was found unresponsive in the minivan in durham. he pulled her out of the minivan and tried to do cpr but was too late. relatives and neighbors
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how to perform cpr and panicked. >> when she was on the floor i tried to get her back. she tried to open her eyes but it was too late already. >> it is unclear if criminal charges will be filed. we now know the names of the mother and daughter whose bodies were found inside a fatal home. police found amy davidson marybelle pull last week. there was no apparent signs of foul play. a raleigh man who worked as santa will spend the next 30 years in prison for possession of child pornography. leander jones pleaded guilty in may. he had graphic pictures
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his computer. he will be on supervised release brief rest of his life. he was arrested after taking his computer to a repair shop. a task force is tackling opioid abuse in fayetteville. leaders held a news conference yesterday. they been working together to reduce the number of opioid overdoses and promote treatment and recovery. >> the reality that the opioid crisis is affecting on four family. someone at work and someone you love. >> one of the results of the task force is the establishment of a substance abuse hotline. check an investigation is underway as to how jets flew solo over the city. officials with moody air force base said four a-10 thunderbolts took off monday morning.
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and at a low altitude. everyone was caught off guard but enjoyed it too. >> i like the fact they waved to us as they went over. it was pretty awesome. >> the air force says the problems involved are restricted from flight duties pending the results of the investigation. our morning certainly looks beautiful with big changes coming. >> we need probably going to get it. did the chance for showers and storms is minimal. it has been interesting to watch a clouds come go this morning. it is nice and bright in south hill and that is the way things will be for much of the day across the area. temperatures are in the 70s now town by town. 72 in henderson with 73 in holly springs with
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rocky mount. 82 degrees in durham at lunchtime and it may not be too bad today if you can find a shady spot. it will still warm back up to 90 this afternoon with a very few thunderstorms work friday it is going to look like we have moved to another part of the country with 20 degrees cooler and rain showers. we will talk about that and tropical depression nine which may affect the of the holiday weekend coming up in 10 minutes. renie? saint augustine's university will kick off a new partnership with go raleigh. there will be an official announcement at 10:00 this morning and then the office of student affairs will be heading out bust passes this afternoon. >> it is than 20 years since the category three storm
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caused massive damage all of the way to raleigh. a new documentary looks back at one of our states costliest hurricanes. it airs tomorrow night at 7:00. you can also find extra hurricane fran coverage anytime on our updated wral app. you can watch newscasts from before and after the storm made landfall and see how worked together to clean up the damage. the bonus material is on and the news app. those with roku apple tv and amazon fire can see it on those platforms just go to series and selects fran. kids and families will have more options for fun this fall. >> where we can find you
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kick, scream and beg for any food you want baby belly it's not a problem. cause with the help of a blue shirt you got the samsung family hub refrigerator it switches from freezer to fridge to store whatever food you want whenever you want it. yeah that's a t-bone steak and whipped cream, baby needs her vitamins. bring home the win at best buy.
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school may be back in session for most kids, but when kids have down time the fun doesn't need to stop. >> lockley families will find some in the triangle this spring. join us is sarah -- sarah lindenfeld hall. >> this just opened. it has the first playground of cary. i went over there yesterday. they this beautiful giant rock climbing area with this sheet that used to be a farm.
8:40 am
i think it is for kids 10 and under. it is beautiful. i was over there yesterday and there's already a good group coming in with their kids. already checking it out. it has lots of climbing. >> it is named after the longest running councilmen. >> that opened last week for the big grant opening -- grand opening this is open up in north raleigh near wake forest. this is huge. a lot of people are very excited. they are going to have trampolines and rope climbing. there will be bumper cars and something for everybody. it is for everybody. the pictures they have been
8:41 am
my readers are incredibly excited about this one. it looks like maybe we are talking about a mid-september opening date. >> it sounds like you are going to need a lot of red bull. >> [ laughter ] yes. the visit they have a parent lounge area so you can hang out and maybe do a little work while your children are having fun. >> and there is an interesting projec >> this is a free open the site area in raleigh opening in maybe the next week or so. it is free to come in but they also have a cafi and a used bookstore area. there will be some things with the opened play area. a lot of moms around here are looking for in down -- indoor
8:42 am
indoor play option and it is free. then they also the cafi in some classes offered. >> and that is good for babies? >> i would say more younger kids. babies up to preschoolers. maybe kindergartners. >> tells about laurel park the >> it is lauren hills park. i shared some it is 3.5 acres. this will open probably in november. this is the all children's playground. you will find a lot of things are designed for kids in wheelchairs who may have mobility issues. it is also find for every child. there will be a couple zip lines
8:43 am
-- there is a tutor totter that a child on a wheelchair can use for it is really exciting. >> it is nice they could build something like this for kids of all abilities. >> the original plan was designed for that but it was research that they cannot really get already services with it really wasn't living up to its potential. this is going to be really amazing. >> thank you. so many places to check out. thank you sarah. you can find all of those blogs by searching mom on evidence of diversity in the police force. >> the forum focused on the
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as leaders. and google want to expand into a project how the waze app works. >> zero, seven, nine. nine, three, eight, five. newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first,
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and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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[ music ] ? we may be through but you will never hear me complain because i have got friends in low places where the risky drowns in the beer chases my blues away. ?
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>> and it is not one of our low places. [ laughter ] >> it is where we get the snow. it looks beautiful, doesn't it? this awesome clouds in a few places but we will have a decent day today with 90 degrees. here is our durham skycam. we have the lucky strike tower the background with winds at 3 miles-per-hour and dew points at 71. that keeps creeping up. i would like to stop that. it feels more and more sticky so it will feel that way for us today. we finally begin to see some major pattern changes tomorrow. friday it will not look like anything else on the forecast and the weekend looks pretty. we will be dealing with
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coast. the entire weekend will not be a bust because of the system. rocky mount visibility is down to a quarter of a mile at this point. it will be low cloud cover around nash county and wilson county and halifax county and potential even down toward goldsboro. elsewhere we are looking at some sun coming through. 70s on the map with 72 in south hills and raleigh and this front up here is causing our weekend forecast to be a little bit different. if you happen to be watching yesterday we were talking about this front arriving thursday bring a chance of showers and storms and then helping to push away tropical depression 9. the forecast track headed well offshore. yesterday we were watching
8:49 am
is moving away from north carolina no longer producing any problems. this here is starting to push some moisture into the wilmington area. it is not technically a tropical system but there is a boundary here with plenty of moisture. this is tropical depression so really it any time likely to get a name. likely to end up with maybe and 11:00 advisory. any forecast track be sure to tune into our noon newscast. it is really of no consequence. tropical depression 9 will have a name with winds at 60 miles- per-hour. heavy rain here with isolated
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current forecast track brushing the coast of north carolina at almost hurricane force winds. pretty much the entire coast of north carolina could be affected by this. we have had big changes in the last 24 hours. keep checking in and we will let you know about changes so you can plan your weekend. saturday, sunday, and monday all look dry but you ca the coast. the chance of rain goes up late in the day allowing us to really heats up. we got to 93 for the high on thursday and it will be a wet football friday. watch for some cancellations and let's talk about how much rain we might see. this is almost a storm total
8:51 am
talking 2.5 inches. it is nice to see we can salvage part of the weekend. warming up a little bit next week watching tropical depression 9 closely. i think there is a good chance it will have a name by our noon newscast. >> thank you. being a woman in leadership in a its challenges. >> that is the topic the criminal justice department tackled in a forum focused on women and policing. wral's candace sweat was there. >> reporter: morrisville police chief patrice andrews has a unique story about coming into law enforcement. the stories have similarities as it relates to climbing the ranks as women. in spite of battling sexism
8:52 am
women in law enforcement today. >> what happened to me might not be the experiences of young female officers coming through today. >> reporter: the hosted a forum to discuss women in policing. we are invited to delve into the challenges faced and strengths women had in leadership roles. we may contribute to the greater goal of diversity. >> i think it is important we make sure we are diverse and introduce creativity in our work . >> reporter: 170 students packed the lecture halls to gain insight on a number of topics. gender discrimination and also community policing tactics and current events. both were candid in admitting to aspects of law enforcement they would like to change. >> i think it is important for women to be in nontraditional
8:53 am
and not worrying about being someone who you are not. >> reporter: the department of criminal justice plans to hold more forums in the future. candace sweat, wral news. the latest breeder can't wait of chipotle is for children offering free kids meals on sundays during the month of september. it is an attempt to get customers back after the e. coli outbreak last ye they also have a three-month loyalty program. on monday it announced high school and college students can get a free soda or iced tea. google is preparing to expand its carpooling app waze. it off anyone using it to offer a to a limited pool of people trying to get to work or home. it was only limited six months
8:54 am
anyone in the bay area to request a ride. it could be in direct competition with uber. unlike uber they are not trying to make money. check we will check our weather
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i am renee chou. >> and i am lena tillett. the father of a 3-year-old german girl says his daughters
8:57 am
daughter's death was a terrible accident. he found her unresponsive in the family's minivan. wednesday starts off in a beautiful note with lots of sunshine. >> in most places we are seeing a lot of sunshine. look at wilson. it does look anything like that here around the triangle area. the low cloud cover will burn off most likely. 73 in rocky mount and 75 in hillsborough with 75 in urban. -- erwin. climbing to 90 this afternoon and tomorrow we have a better chance of storms coming late in the day. tomorrow a completely different day with a high of almost 20 degrees cooler friday. we will see showers on and off and friday we may have a tropical system moving up the north coast -- north carolina
8:58 am
we are looking at an accident on six forks road on the bridge that is now cleared out. we are not seeing any lingering delays. a number of mostly minor accidents on the main routes across the area with one significant accident near the clayton bypass. florida person for another tropical system that could cause problems
8:59 am
firsbut we've fallen to 41st to teacin teacher pay,lina. 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state
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