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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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off fort bragg road. crews are still on the scene. makaya thundershower live there. what are you learning? >> reporter: alena and renee, the fire is out here, but as you can see, those crews on the scene are using system of this daylight to take a second look at this fire investigation. they're currently conducting what is called overhaul operations, and also trying to find any close as to what may have happened. we do know that the home did sustain significant damage. this house is right off of fort bragg road near
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community college and terry sanford high school. around 1:00 a.m., the fire call came in. once firefighters arrived, they saw heavy smoke and fire showing from the roof. one body was found inside this home. another person was treated by,ms for smoke inhalation here on the scene up we know three dogs were inside this home and did not make it as a result of this fire. of course this is an ongoing investigation. as we have a we'll make sure to update them in our newscast. two men will appear in court to face murder charges in a deadly fight at a fayetteville sports bar. hue better underwood ii and steven rosser are accused of killing 52-year-old mike mansfield at the 01 sports bar over the weekend. mansfield, who owned a crash down the street from the bar, was remembered at two prayer services. his friends say mansfield was a former drug addict, who became a man of faith.
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>> he served many people out here. >> and mike would approach give you the shirt off his back. >> police are still looking for a motive? the killing. there's also a court appearance today for a woman accused in a death outside a raleigh sports bar. nineteen-year-old jocelyn paneta is charged with accessory before the fact in the death of diana ibataluna. the 22-year-old was shot and killed outside ma'am bow sports bar on new hope church road last month. according to arrest warrants, paneta helped jonathan ramon before the shooting. student returned to class with heavy hearts this morning after the labor day weekend. >> that's after a class mate died in a wake county pool where she worked as a lifeguard. bill leslie joins us now with how that student's being remembered. bill? . >> some who knew her have taken to social media to express their grief. one tweet from themel high school's account reads,
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rosov was a lifeguard -- in the heritage point neighborhood. they believe she grabbed a metal bar for support as she checked chemicals in the water. a preliminary always say suggests she was knocked unconscious by an electrical shock, and drowned. the complete report will come later. investigators have not said how the pool may have become electrically charged. rosov was also remembered by a volunteered. in a facebook post, the food ark called her, quote, "the pit me of passion and energy with direction." what a terrible loss for our community. back to you. >> that's sad news, bill. thank you. we still have some lingering problems from tropical storm hermine. part of highway 12 will be closed in kitty hawk until tomorrow. the state dot is worried about ocean overwash. detour is in place with drivers
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wake county commissioners hold a public hearing today on a request for a landfall expansion. the landfall is permitted to receive 250 tons of construction debris a day from wake and johnston counties. shotwell is asking to increase that capacity to 1,000 tons of debris per day and the ability to serve seven additional counties. similar requests have been denied twice in recent years. the meeting starts at 5. the school year has only county board of education will start talking today about the student assignment plan for next year. the discussion is only in the beginning stages. the plan will include filling three new schools and responding to other understood and overutilized existing schools. well now that it's after the holiday, you want things to kind of cool down, but it's still going to feel like summer around here. >> you know, you county complain, though. a little bit more warm weather, we'll take it. >> and dry weather. >> exactly. dry weather's great. you know, we needed rain, and
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places, of course,. friday into early saturday. so that was wonderful. we had some pretty weather for the second half of the week. now it's going to warm up a little bit. take a look at our camera. it does look beautiful. not a cloud in the sky. temperatures are feeling great, too. kerry at 61, 60 in wake forest. 65 in durham, and here at -- cities, 67 in rocky mount, wilson still 59 in rocksboro. we take a look at our planner. we do warm up to about 91 this and. the skies remain mostly clear, and humidity stays pretty low today. tomorrow temperatures creep up. humidity starts to climb a bit. going to be pretty hot for us on thursday and friday. temperatures back off a little bit for the weekend. i'll show you that coming up in just a few minutes. brian is here with a number of spots you may want to avoid -- is that a spot that's cleared up now? . >> little improvement. we are still going to see
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it is 8:06. take you to i-40 at ham monday road. an accident we've been following early out there. just cleared up a couple minutes ago. traffic flowing through that immediate area. we have 30 minutes back ups, or, rather, a 30-minute ride right now on 40 westbound through garner, and then another 25 minutes from 440 out to wade avenue, and you have delays like these, you're going to take a long time up. let's think about alternate routes this morning. if you're coming in from garner, you might consider using business 70. take that up to south saunder street or ham monday road, you can pick up 40 westbound from there. it's a smooth ride out to lake wheeler and beyond. if that's an option for you, makes sense, consider doing that this morning. we have a crash getting cleared up from the westbound side of the night dale bypass at smith field road.
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you can see they have opened up that left lane that was blocked earlier. everything is in the median now. we're still seeing very heavy delays. also i'll note on the eastbound side of 264 at smith field road, we have police activity there in the median. so try to scoot over in that center or right lane. let's take a look at that -- night dale bypass from 64 business to 440 -- consider using 64 business itself as an alternate route. also seeing slow downs this morning on 540 westbound and on 40 eastbound, some sun glares starting to build between 15501 and 54. back to you. >> thanks, ryan. 8:70 now. now that we are in september, some are calling this the official start to the fall presidential campaign. >> coming up, where the candidates will campaign today, and the issues they're expected to address. >> and the president of the philippines is expressing regret following his
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florida, virginia, and of course north carolina. that's where the presidential candidates will be on this first official day of the fall campaign. tracy pots has more on the candidates' game plans for the final stretch. >> [ applause ]. >> reporter: donald trump heads to have and north carolina today, still explaining immigration. >> you're going to have to go
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laid back debate prep. no cramming, no mock debate. >> i've seen people do so much prep work that when they get out there, they can't speak. >> reporter: hillary clinton's talked so much, she's losing her voice, but still criticizing trump for getting into attritter war with mexico's president. >> he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident. >> reporter: clinton's in florida today, sending her surrogates to other battleground states. your candidate, hands down. >> reporter: as his campaign enters the tunal stretch, early voting begins in a if weeks, the first debate at tend of september, and election day now just over two months away. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. >> a new cnn poll shows a statistical dead heat between donald trump and hullry
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hillary clinton's running mat,, tim kaine, will be in wilmington. clinton will focus on the importance of voter registration and applicants is to yourly vetting for all americans. overnight, philippine president rodrigo dutarte said he regrets cursing president obama. the cursing came when a reporter asked dutarte how he planned to explain to obama the philippines extra judicial killings of drug dealers. dutarte is under international criticism for the killings of suspected drug dealers and users since he took office. dutarte had been scheduled to meet with obama while in laos, but that meeting has now been canceled. president obama's historic visit to laos is underway this morning. it's a mission to heal war wounds and reinvigorate relations with the country with rising strategic importance to the u.s. the obama summation is committing to laos some $90 million to clean up the
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during vietnam war. a car bomb exploded in baghdad, killing at least eight people and wounding 19 others. you can see the extensive damage here that it caused to shops and stalls in the area. the commercial area is where a deadly suicide bombing took place last july, killing nearly 300 people. 8:13 now. a sex assault case against bill cosby heads back to court today. >> next on fox 50, what a judge could decide today. . >> and raleigh firefighters say pay. what they say city leaders
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need something to wake us up. >> time to wake up, get to school. >> get to work, though. get excited. >> you know, it's that not monday, but it's almost worse than monday. >> like the day after the holiday. >> after labor day. we kind of got in the swung of things last week; but you know, there was -- labor day weekend. you know, for those of us who have -- >> downhill from here. >> when is our next holiday? there's still plenty of summer fun to be had. it's going to feel like the middle of august this week. there's our durham skycam. it does look beautiful out now. mostly cloudy skies, 65 degrees. it feels really great now. our dew point is at 62.
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today. it will be a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday's high 84. today about 90. we're starting off very pleasantly cool this morning. 63 in rocksboro. 67 in rocky -- we head south, 70 southern pines now. and 68 in fayetteville. again, our dew point and humidity is on the lower side. we have high pressure that's in control of our weather. that's going to keep things nice, dry, warm for us. along the outer banks, we're seeing a little cloud between hermine and lost. we have breezy conditions. that's kicking up the surf. we have highway 12 closed for the last couple of days because of overwash. they're going to open that up either later today or tomorrow. not a huge impact there along the coast. they are still feeling some cloud cover, some blustery conditions. hermine continues to hang out up to north of us, and it will eventually weaken and go away. but it did have a bigger impact up around the coast.
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trying to head out to the beaches, new jersey, new york, and to the northeast didn't have as nice a watch weekend as we had. now, we didn't kick it off very well friday, but we had improving conditions at least from cape look out south for much of the egg weekend. around here, we take it through the rest of the day looking dodge. tomorrow future cast tries to send us a little disturbance, but our chance of rain really looks low, about 5% tomorrow versus zero today. only the temperature is really going to be our big story. 90 today. that's compared to 84, 85 yesterday. 92 for tomorrow. so the tomorrow keeps on climbing. and the dew point will creep up a bit in the upper 60s toward the end of the day. the closer we get to 70, the more progressive it feels. 70 is really muggy. 50s is pretty refreshing. so we're going to be sort of middle of the road on wednesday. and those at this points will creep up a little more on thursday and friday, and so
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90s. not a record. 99 was the record set back in 1941, but 85 is normal. so that 95 for thursday and friday is 10 degrees above normal. last friday, football friday was, of course, rained out because of hermine. but this weekend, it looks final. it's just going to be a little warm. so at 7:00, 86. even at 10:00, 80 degrees. but it should stay nice and dry to get all those games in on friday. on saturday and sunday, 92. stays nice and dry all the through the end of saturday, really sunday, too. then another front comes through. that will bring us a better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, and hopefully, by monday, we'll be back down to near normal, in the mid-80s. another, gosh, you know, 6 days in a row there of highs in the 90s. >> are pools still open? . >> some of them.
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>> [ laughter ]. >> thanks, elizabeth. hermin ex is being blamed for a third death. authorities say a 30-year-old south carolina man died on friday. he was trying to remove a tree that fell on the highway near cottageville when he was hit by a car. on saturday, high winds kicked over an 18-wheeler, killing its driver and shutting down the u.s. 64 bridge. and earlier in florida, a homeless man was killed by a falling tree. congress returns from its seven-week recess today. law make verse a huge to do list when they return, will even get done. items on the agenda include funding for the government, funding to help combat the zika virus, and the confirmation of a new circuit court justice. presidential politics, though, are expected to hoffer over all business in the month before lawmakers leave washington again to go home and campaign. an election year bill to fulfill a 70-year-old promise and protect health care and pension benefits for retired miners is dividing cole state republicans. retirement and health care
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about 120,000 former miners nationwide. the cole industry is struggling to compete with cheaper natural gas and tightening environmental regulations. the united mine workers of america say some funds could run out of cash by next year without congressional intervention. a woman known for helping to defeat the equal rights amendment has died. phillys shaffley was an out spoken conservative activist and author. her son says cancer. she was 92. in a statement, donald trump praised shaffl,y, calling her a patriot, champion for women, and symbol of strength. nurses are walking picket lines for a second straight day . the minnesota nurses association called a strike over health insurance, workplace safety, and staffing.
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4,800 nurses at hospitals run by alena health. the open-ended strike began yesterday morning after a 22-hour bargaining session ended without agreement. bill cosby will return to court for a hearing in a sexual assault case. cosby's lawyers will fight to keep out key evidence, including nearly 1,000 pages of testimony he gave in an accuser's lawsuit. the 79-year-old entertainer is charged with drugging and sexually assaultg a woman whom he mentored at temple university in 2004. arguments on the issue, and could also set a trial date. a connecticut day care was immediately shut down after more than a million dollars' worth of marijuana was discovered in the backyard. state inspectors found the marijuana during a check and called police. there were about 600 plants, some of them 10 feet tall. police say there was a newly built fence at the home that kept the marijuana plants hidden. no arrests have been made yet. general motors has settled
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its defective ignition switches. dm recalled 2.6 million cars worldwide in 2014 to replace those defective switches linked to at least 124 deaths. the two cases the company just settled are considered bell weather cases, meaning they're testing the legal boundaries of hundreds of claims against the auto maker. the amount of the settlement is not being practice closed. gm had already paid nearly $875 million to settle death and injury claims, but others their claims in court. the australian government told a court today that it wants at least $19 million from the owners of a chinese cole ship that damaged part of the great barrier reef. the chinese company is fighting the clean up bill in usa's federal court. usa -- fuel oil when the ship went off course and grounded in april of 2010. 8:23 now. the durham rescue mission has some concerns about property it owns.
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designation would only hurt those looking for affordable housing. >> and dr. mask will join us to tell us what we can
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first a lot of issues on the road. >> that's right. i've been tracking an accident on 40 westbound. through garner we're still looking at a 4- minute ride between 32 and 440. consider using business 70 azure alternate route. from there you can head out to i-40 and pick it up
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bypass westbound at smith field road. we have this accident in the median, but earlier delays have cleared up pretty nicely. not seeing any big back ups through there. also want to look out for some delays on 540 westbound this morning, from capital boulevard out to i-40. it's going to take you about 26 minutes. right now the northbound durham freeway is about a 12-minute ride. back to you. >> thanks, brian. one person is dead after a house fire in fayetteville overnight. it happened at a home on mcneil circle aroun firefighters found the victim inside the home. they treated another person for smoke inhalation. three dogs also died in the fire. the cause is still under investigation. the wake county board of education is going to be meeting today to discuss a lot today, but let's first get over to elizabeth with some hotter weather. >> that's right. gosh, what a gorgeous day we had yesterday and
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. pretty sun on gnash street. our temperature, 67 now. feeling good out there still. but our high does climb to 90 today, 92 wednesday, and 5 thursday. it will get increasingly humid. a call for justice in hard net county.
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today demonstrators will remember john livingston and christian griggs. livingston was shot on his porch last november. . and investigators say griggs was shot to death by his father-in-law. no charges have been filed in that case.
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at the walker funeral home at 6 tonight. that according to preliminary numbers from the highway patrol. three of those crashes were in our viewing area. a man charged in the shooting death of a raleigh man heads to court. jeffrey ren,zo faces murder charges in the katie of laquan ander son. the father of two was found august 18th. a bus carrying a group of marines caught fire and halted labor day traffic in tennessee. the bus was carrying 40 marines when it overheated on interstate 24 about 45 miles in fact of chattanooga. the westbound lanes if the interstate were shut tun nor some time. no one was hurt fortunately. north lake mall in
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normal schedule after reports of shots fired led to panic. a harsh police presence surrounded the mall. police confirm shots were fired outside the mall, but officers were unable to find a victim. the mall was partially evacuated as a precaution. no word on the turn condition of a juvenile shot in a parking lot in charlotte. officers were called the park around 7:20 last night. they say an argument shooting. officials say the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police have not released his name or age. a seven-year-old boy is recovering after three dogs attacked him. police say know what bertrand and his mother were walking home from a school bus stop friday when the dogs attacked. know what was rushed into surgery and has scars
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wounds on her arms and legs. the owner of the dog admitted the animals had been loose and surrendered all three to animal care and control. . the rescue mission wants its 20 lot to be exempt from historic requirements. they believe those lot should be preserved for affordable housing. those in favor say they also favor affordable housing, but say the resolution has not clearly stated -- could be a detriment. the hearing is in city council chambers at 7:00. a new pharmacy is now open. the glennwood south market is is a full-service pharmacy that also else is basic grocery and household items. the market is owned by former wake county commissioner tony gurley.
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addition there for downtown raleigh as more and more people start living there, a place to live, work, and play. >> exactly. a lot of those people are on the roads this morning. backed up, ready for the school day. that's why it's kind of appealing to be inside the belt line. you don't have to go out, get caught up in some of that traffic. look at that. just beginning there. strike tower. not a cloud in the sky. temperatures are feeling great. it's 70 in roxboro, 65 in apex, 61 in wake forest. our temperatures, of course, will climb pretty quickly into the mid-80s by lunch time, up to about 90 this afternoon. going to be about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. the humidity doesn't really climb much today. it starts to creep up tomorrow and thursday. thursday and friday are going to be pretty hot with high temperatures in the mid-
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7-day forecast. we're going to talk about when temperatures may cool down. looks like we're going to have a pretty long hot streak for this week. renee? . >> thanks, elizabeth. the end of summer means the beginning of flu season. as always, pediatricians recommend the flu vaccine for children over six months old. however, many doctors will not offer the nasal spray vaccine this year after studies showed it does not protect against many strains of the flu child vaccinated. doctors are encouraged to offer the shot no later than october. hollywood's a listers and top musicians are getting ready to take over prime time tv to fight cancer. the stand up to cancer special is this friday. the goal, of course, to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. this is video from t last substantial doubt up to cancer event. jon hamm, vie control la davis,
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stand up to cancer premiers friday night at 8 p.m. you can watch it here on wral and fox 50. 8:36 now. what you eat, what you do, and how often you do it could have a negative impact on your bones. >> next on fox 50, dr. alan mac will tell us all the things that are good and bad
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dr. alan mac is here to help us avoid some serious bone problems. >> good morning, l,na or renee. is good to see you guys this morning.
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diet and lifestyle not good for the heart, but they aren't doing our bones any favors here. , for example,, everyone loves a bag of chips, but some of us love them a bit too often. too much salt or sodium in our diet is something most people think is bad for the heart and bad for the blood pressure, but think about this, the more salt you eat, the more calcium your body gets rid of, which means it's not there to-your bones. foods like chips, breads, highest sodium counts. for the arch person, the salt -- most people get much more than. it's not just what you eat. it's also your physical activity level that can weaken your bones. >> bing watching streaming videos is growing in popularity, but it may be keeping people in front of a tv screen even longer than ever. hours spent sitting are hours not spent in fuzz call
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suffer the consequences. weight-bearing exercise, like walking, running, or weight training makes them stronger. too much time indoors is a bone problem even when you're not in front of a tv or computer screen. yourvite body makes vitamin d in sunday light, but indoors it does not. miles of cycling sounds like a healthy activity, and it is good for the heart and the lungs. but it's not as good for your bones, because it is not weight-bearing exercise. so do it in combinat walking, running, or weight training. too much alcohol can become a bone issue as well. so limit the amount you drink. alcohol can interfere with how your body absorbs calcium, which is vital to the bones. web m.d. experts recommend no more than one drink a kay for women and two for men. too many sodas can be a problem as well. more research is needed, but some studies loping bone loss with both the caffeine and phosphorous in
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also rob your bones of calcium. smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your heart, for your lungs, and for your circulatoriry system. it. it's also bad for the bones. if you break one, it could take longer to heal. >> dr. mask, how about some of the medications we take? could those be weakening our bones? . >> absolutely, renee. there are some medications to be concerned about, especially those you take for a long period of time. it can have on your bones. some antiseizure drugs and steroids can lead to bone loss. this is something you should speaking to your doctor about when they write a prescription for you. >> what about our body weight? is that an issue? . >> l,na, being overweight can impact one's desire to have physical activity. that can be bad for the bones. but being underweight is also a problem. a body mass index of 18.5 or less means a greater chance of bone fractures or
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maintaining a normal body weight. and don't forget the elderly, who have more brittle bones. for older people, a fracture can be life-threatening. so check on -- loved once to see what you can do to decrees their risk. practical things, like keeping the pathway clear, making sure that our elderly friends and family are wearing shoes with treads. that will help as well. >> do some regular checks on them, make sure they're >> great information. >> to find more information, go to search "health team," or you can find it under the "health" and "life" tabs. it is a structure that has withstood the test of time, but now it's gone. >> what vandals did to oregon's duck bill rock. >> plus collin capper nick is the focus of harsh
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carolina cash 5 numbers 8 19 20
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oh, yeah. >> right. we had such a nice little taste of early fall
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but temperatures are going to spike up again, especially for thursday and friday. it looks beautifullous. take a look. for all of you who were there over the weekend or wish you were there, just another pretty shot from carolina beach. there are a few folks there left. it looks like that guy on the left side of your screen is walking on water. he's paddleboarding. you can't always get out there and paddleboard on the ocean. looks like it's a really nice morning for that. there he is. the shallow water, but he's out there on his paddleboard. umbrellas are set up for another day at the beach while we are here at work. oh well. yeah, sorry. 65 degrees. however, it really feels great. dew point at 62, temperature at 65. in south hill, we've warmed to 71. it's 67 in goldsboro, 60 in raleigh, 70 in southern pines. our dew points are feeling good. mostly in the low 60s. the lower this number is,
8:47 am
it's really a pretty morning around here, too. we still have hermine, post- tropical cyclone hermine spinning off the coast to the northeast. high pressure is sitting close to us. that's going to keep things dry and warmer for us. temperatures will continue to warm up. surf still a little rough on the northern outer banks. they're trying to get that open potentially later today or tomorrow. but hermune continues to spin out there offshore. still ha hour. it's moving west at 6 miles per hour. that will take it right here to the coast of new jersey. doesn't look like it ever quite gets there. instead it makes another tunnel, kind of spins around in a circle, heads back up to the northeast, and weakness, with winds at 40 miles per hour by tomorrow night. so certainly heading in the right direction, spinning back out closer out into the atlanta, and starting to weaken a bit. it certainly did have an impact on folks there.
8:48 am
this is hurricane fran. 20 years ago today, this particular loop was midnight to 4:00 a.m. this morning 20 years ago. i know there are a lot of fox that remember that. we have a lot of coverage on our web site, if you want to just sort of take a trip become in time and talk a look at that. or if you weren't here for hurricane fran and you're wondering what all this talk is all about. it was one of the deadliest and most costly health insurance in north carolina's history. and you can see -- center of across wake county that morning, this morning 20 years ago. happy that we're looking at the quiet weather. it could always be worse. 90 today, warmer than yesterday. 92 on wednesday, 95 -- that temperature about 10 degrees above normal. still not quite the record of 99, set become in 1941. football friday will be hot, but it will be dry of course because of hermin, last weekend. football friday was canceled. it was all rained out, but it
8:49 am
86, though, at 7:00. we have a good looking weekend in the forecast especially if you didn't get enough summer fun in 92 for saturday and sunday with morning lows in the low 7 0s. and then, by monday, looks like temperatures may drop on back to near normal with 86 monday and a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. >> by the way, those chairs at carolina beach, they have our names on there. >> . >> yes. >> thank you. >> look it. >> the whole crew. >> the whole crew. >> we'll take this newscast to carolina beach. how about that? . >> all right. thanks, elizabeth. now we're all addressed. treating firefighters like family. more than 800 olive garden restaurants nationwide delivered free lunch to first responders around the country yesterday, including
8:50 am
holly springs. before servers could even put lunch on the table, firefighters actually had to head out on a call, doing slow the job the reaurant was there to thank them for doing. >> luckily it was a false alarm, and the firefighters soon returned for their meal. of course they weren't going to pass that up. it's the 15th year of lunch service. a group of people could face criminal charges after they were caught on video knocking over an iconic rock formation on an oregon beach. the video shows the visitors pushing the structure known as the duck bill until it crumbled to ground at cape kiwanda state natural area last week. officials thought the pedestal fell overdue to age and weather elements until this video surfaced. duck bill is roughly 7 to 10
8:51 am
park. collin capper nick's san francisco 49ers jersey is now a hot item. back on draft day in april, capper nick's jersey was the nfl's 33rd best seller, according to kick's sporting goods jersey report. now his jersey is number 3, behind cam newton and tom brady. capper nick has received both criticism and support for his silent protest of the national anthem to draw attention to racial injustice and police brutality. san francisco opens the monday night against the lance ever los angeles rams. today is national read a book day. a new survey reveals print books remains more popular among americans than their digital formats. the survey found 65% of americans have read a print become in the last year. that is more than double the 28% that read enever an e book and more than 4 times the 14% of those that listen to an audio book. the survey found the total share of americans who read a book over the last 12 months has remained
8:52 am
nearly four in ten read print books exclusively. i love a print book. i love the way it smells. >> and turning a page. >> the way it looks. you see the coverage. >> i'm converting to the digital weeks. i got a kindle a couple weeks ago. i already built a list of all the print books to replace. because it's 2016, man. >> i >> the probl,, though. i always love going to the used books store, and there are no used digital books. they're always going to charge you full price for those. >>arn it. >> and they're cheaper than print books. >> a little bit, yeah. and there are a lot of free digital books out there. >> a lot of the classics. let's show you what happened this weekend on the pitchers mound in new york
8:53 am
gymnast lori hernandez crossing. she had to make up for it, because she was a little off the mark when she pitches here. >> she is -- >> what a winner. >> yeah. >> isn't that terrific? there it is again. >> that's exactly the way i would -- >> same here. >> you would be just substantial doubting there. >> [ laughter ]. >> she is pure >> she is. she is. . in case you don't know, case you were not watching the olympics, she was part of the gold medal u.s. gymnastics team. she also earned an individual silver medal on the balance. >> part of the final five. >> she's doing it right in her postolympic career. talk about a weird neighbor. this is in drum monday, tennessee. take a look at what's left of john highd,n's home. highden said his neighbor used a backhoe to damage
8:54 am
his home. police say the two had been feuding for da, and tensions just boiled over. highd,n has been arrested, charged with reckless endangerment. highd,n's brother said he doesn't know why mcclelland would want to do something like that to his brother.
8:55 am
e govin another political dustup at a statover coal ash. today woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist,
8:56 am
rtment and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe. man: they say all they want is the truth. here are your top storiesbility firefighters hold another rally today to
8:57 am
better pay. . first responders say young recruits are getting trained here, then moving elsewhere to make more money. the rally begins at 5:30 ahead of the 7:00 p.m. city council meeting. they plan to address city council members tonight during the public comment period. beautiful start to our tuesday morning. all that sun is going to warm us up quick, right? . >> it really will. it's beautiful out there now. take a look at our raleigh skycam. looking over to the nc state fair grounds and our lovely -- it is gorgeous there we take a look at our temperatures. feeling good. still not terribly warm. we hit 71 in south hill, 70 in southern pines. 67 in goldsboro, 68 rocksporo and fayetteville, 65 in raleigh. we do warm up to 90 this afternoon. it stays nice and dry, dry through wednesday and thursday. thursday, 95 and a bit more humid. another crash in the -- past few minutes. this is on 40 westbound just beyond rock quarry road.
8:58 am
median. travel lanes are open. it's contributing to significant delays still through garner. 19 minutes from 42 to 440. then about a 16-minute ride from 440 to wade avenue. because of those back ups, we're seeing heavy delays on 440 eastbound as you merge into the traffic on 40 westbound. back to you. >> thank you, brian. whether it's online through mobile apps or video games, exposure to virtual violence can pose serious problems for your children. today at noon, practical guidelines experts suggest will prevent your acting on violent impulses don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four.
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it's extra crispy good. newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce.
9:00 am
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: what's up, fellas? how you folks doing? welcome to the show. good, good. how y'all? i appreciate you now. thank you very much. thank you, y'all. thank you very much now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm steve harvey. we got from cross plains, tennessee, it's the thomas family. and from san diego, california, it's the brown family. >> ? money, money aw, yeah money, money aw, yeah money, money aw, yeah money, money ? steve: i ain't mad at them. everybody's here


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