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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. right now on fox 50, today is a day of remembrance ahead of the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. how the victims are being remembered in triangle. >> the leaders of japan and south korea are reacting strongly to north korea's claims it conducted a nuclear test. how the u.s. is responding as well this morning. >> and the man hunt continues for a person who shot three people in two locations in durham. thanks for joining us this friday morning. . . >> i love the way you say "friday." you put energy into that word.
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96 was the high officially at the airport. we're going to be right up there again today. after that we're going to have a gradual drop -- and then much nicer for indication week. take a look at our rdu skycam. looks pretty out there this morning. a little bit of high thin cloud cover. but i think, once the sun comes up higher, you'll see plenty of blue sky. 69 in holly springs, 68 in wake town by town, 71 goldsboro. that's our cool spot. it is 72 now in southern pines. . 89 lunch time, a high of 95 this afternoon. much hotter than normal. this is 10 degrees above normal this time of year. it stays dry today and saturday. then we start to see a little more of an active weather pattern as we get into the indication few days. brian, of course, taking a look what's going on on the rods. starting to get a little
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>> it is. we have a couple crashes that have popped up here just the past minutes. 7:02. we'll start off on the south side of raleigh with a report of an accident on trion road. maybe a little bit of a slow down on trion road. allow extra time there. also we have a report of a crash on 42 near the i-40 ramp on the western side -- busy through that area. looks like we're picking up other delays maybe to to something else that you want to consider as you had out in western johnston county. . by the time you get up to business 70, you're in pretty good shape. this is the first morning commute where we have that ramp from 40 westbound to gormon street blocked. they're out there working as
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project. now they're tearing up those outside lanes. that includes rebuilding the ramps. consider using trion road as a good alternate route to got to gormon street through the weekend. right now no trouble out of west raleigh on 40 westbound. 40 eastbound out of chapel hill into the parks taking about 7 minutes. back to you, bill. >> thank sunday marks 15 years since the september 11th for roar attacks. >> this is a live look at the new york skyline in at one world trade center where a memorial now substantial doubt where is the world trade center once stood. today at the pentagon tat justice department, there will be a moment of silence. members of the u.s. house will hold a ceremony on the stems of the capital.
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moment of silence at 9:20. the stock exchange was closed for several days following the terror attacks. today's moment of silence will have the opening bell following, and that will start a new day of trading. there are a number of event the and observances in the viewing area. >> an event that started this morning at 6:00, it's really quite a powerful tribute to the victims of us more. >> reporter: bill and l,na, this is especially meaningful for the usc students, because six alumni tide on 9/11. want to give you a live look what's happening now. they did begin at 6:00 a.m., and they since wrapped up. what they did was a memorial stair run. they ran up and down each one of the steps here at k,yam memorial stadium, totaling more than 2,000. they did that, because that is the same number of
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trade centers. we had community members, which you're seeing here, rotc as well as unc students, the fire chief, police chief. it was really a melody of people that came together today for such a special moment of remembrance. bill and l,na? . >> m,kaya thundershower monday, certainly a powerful gesture there. >> certainly is. there will also be a memorial stair climb at wne community college in goldsboro. the paramedic class and mobile responders will climb 78 flights of stairs in honor of the public safety person nell who lost their lives responding to the terror attacks. >> there will be a gun salute at fort bragg today. . >> local police and firefighters will lay a wreath
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bragg. thement honors the more than 3,000 people who lost their lives on that terrible day in september 2001. the ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. on the main -- >> wake tech will also commemorate 9/11 with special tributes. at 9:00 a.m. wade tech's -- campus will hold a special ceremony. it will include a candles lighting at the memorial wall, and the release of doves. the northern wake campus will flag poll at 11:00 a.m.. welfare breaking news now, disturbing news. the leaders of japanned south korea using strong words to condemn the latest nuclear test in north korea. the north claims to have successfully tested a nuclear warhead, one that could be mounted on ballistic rockets. u.s. officials have not yet confirmed the test, but they are taking this matter very seriously.
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5.3 magnitude earthquake in north korea. north ye catastrophe broadcast a very excited announcer on its state run media delivering news of what is believed to be the country's fifth nuclear test, the largest one yet. this jong yang now claims to have standardized a nuclear warhead they can mount to ballistic missiles. >> they are not doing these things to, quote, get attention or be provocative. this is a military testing program that they have. spokesman john kirby released a statement saying in part we are aware of seismic activity in the vicinity of a known north korean nuclear test site. we are monitoring, continuing to assess the situation. a sniffer jet jones four similar jets from japan testing for radiation. the former u.s. ambassador to south korea says this is not a question of whether
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do about it. christopher hill says he doesn't think sanctions and security council resolutions alone will be enough. >> i think we have to sit down with countries like china and go through what could be conceivable options that would physically slow this thing down. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. also new overnight, durham police are investigating a crash where a car ran into someone's front yard. this happened before on dod street. he should be okay, but his car is total ed. durham police are still searching for a shooting suspect. they surrounded a location on taylor street where they thought the suspect was holed up, but he was not there. they say the gunman shot three people at two other locations in durham yesterday afternoon. they're working to get the names and conditions of the shooting victims who were taken to duke hospital for treatment. it is 7:08 now. the presidential candidates are
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commander-in-chief forum. >> coming up, why donald trump is hearing criticism from his own party, and why hillary clinton is evoking ronald reagan. plus the strong warning for airline passengers after samsung issues a recall
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. >> reporter: donald trump takes his message to the conservative value voter summit in washington today. in ohio, his education speech pushing school choice largely focused on hillary clinton. >> she refused to take accountability for failed policies in the middle east that have produced millions of refugees. >> reporter: trump is getting push back from his own party for praising russian president vladimir putin. >> i think miscalculation since people thought -- was a good guy. >> reporter: mike pence defends his running mate as the republican most like ronald reagan. >> they said he was a little more than celebrity and entertainer who entered politics late in life. sound familiar? . >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praise on russia's president? >> reporter: hillary clinton
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republicans on national security and foreign policy after a softer message to the national -- last night. >> we need a president who understands that none of us has all the answers, and no one person can fix our problems alone. >> reporter: tracy pots, nbc news, washington. one of the nation's largest banks will be sending money back to customers. >> the fraud investigation that led to the firing of hundre employees. >> a chance of redisease hangs on one kick. how cam newton and the panthers
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i absolutely love,rika badu badu. . that should be really fun. >> he played at farm aid. >> by this evening it should be a little cooler. >> sure, whatever. no, just kidding. a little -- a little teeny rise. it's going be hard to get rid of this heat. we're looking at mid-90s for a high today. it will cool off slowly this evening. it does a little better by sunday. won't be quite as hot. let's check what's going on outside. there's our wilson skycam.
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that will be true all afternoon and all day saturday. then sunday, we'll talk about how our front may bring us a chance of showers and storms, and when to expect that. 71 is our current temperature. our dew point now is at 67. so it's, you know, slightly muggy. that's probably the best way to describe it. one of our cooler spots, rossboro at 64. 70 in rocky mount, and 68 degrees in south hills. typical morning, very similar to yesterday. our dew points are mainly in little bit lower in south hill and rocksboro. it's not outrageous. you know,, we had a week or two with our dew points in the mid-70s not too long ago, mid-august. we're not seeing that now. doesn't feel as stifling as it can feel around here. high pressure keeps things dry for us. it stays hot. we're tracking this cool front up here. that's the one that arrives on sunday.
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ahead of that. the actual front way back to the north and west. first off very little today. that takes us out through 7 p.m. if you are headed to hopscotch or anywhere else, you don't have to worry about any rain. even at 6:00, we're talking about upper 80s. if you're going to be outside, something to keep you cool. a little bit of cloud cover at lunch time on saturday, but not much. then here comes our front. this takes us out to sunday at 7:00 a.m. there's the front west virginia and kentucky. and then, in the afternoon and evening, it rolls on through. at 5:00, it may still be just to our west. that means meteorologist of sunday stays dry. if you have plans to be outside sunday, it's not looking too bad. it may be later in the evening before we see too much rain around here. that's good news for out door. there are a couple things happening out there. we have one little disturbance that looks like it has a 20% chance of developing, and another out here
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developing. that's the one that came off the coles of africa a couple days ago. that one doesn't have much of chance affecting land. doesn't look like -- most of the computer models take it out into the atlanta. then it dies out. we would like this heat to die out. eventually it will. still a couple hours this afternoon feeling like 99 degrees. 92 on saturday. hopscotch, of course, all weekend in downtown raleigh. keep in the in mind. if you were planning to downtown, have dinner, that sort of thing, may want to leave extra early. the parking may be difficult with the crowds for hopscotch. 9:00, 80 degrees. so even tomorrow, it stays on the warmer side. and then, our front arrives on sunday. that will bring us a chance of some late-day showers and storms and really cool things down. 85 on monday, and then 81 on thursday. that looks like the coolest day of the week so far. that's only 1 degree below
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it's time for our high temperatures to be in the 80s, and we should see a nice string of that starting on sunday. brian is here with a look at the roads. . we are starting to see slow downs. we are. on 40 -- also starting to see slow downs in the fortified work zone. 7:20 now, and we do have a crash reported on 42 near the i-40 interchange. not really seeing any big delays through there as they get that cleared up. on the look for an earlier crash on trion road. right now, looks pretty clear. still want to just keep that in mind as they get that cleared up. see that red showing up on 40 westbound. the yellow begins right around the rock quarry road interchange, and then it slows down a little more between south saunders and lake wheeler road. a little slow out toward avon ferry road. then it picks up out toward u.s. 1 and beyond. right now that ride from 440 out to wade is going to
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440 westbound for the most part is in good shape from the i-40 interchange on the -- around toward wade avenue. doing run into a little bit of congestion this morning between newburn and capital. . that's a smooth ride all the way to the airport and rtp. out of northern wade county, a slow down a little on capital boulevard, also inbounded louisburg road slowing down as you approach 540. once you get 540, that westbound trip, looking fine. in durham now, northbound durham freeway taking just 6 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, brian. bill cosby's lawyers are suggesting for the first time that the sex assault case against him is racially motivated. celebrity attorney gloria allred, who represents some of the accusers who could testify against him, calls the attack desperate. cosby is due to go to trial in pennsylvania in june. the federal aviation summation is warning airline passengers not to turn
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galaxy note 7 smartphones during flights. the new smartphone was recalled worldwide after numerous customers reported the batteries exploded. the concern is an incident with a battery could spark a fire on board a flight. the faa's warning is extremely unusual, and also cautions passengers not to put the phones in checked baggage. 5,300 wells fargo employees are out of a job this morning for opening unapproved accounts. the bank was hit with a $185 million fine for opening millions of unauthorized accounts to satisfy sales goals. as part of an agreement with regulators, wells fargo will compensate customers who had to pay for fees or charges. investigators say employees opened accounts and moved funds that led to customers being charged. wral is here to help take some of the stress out of medicare enrollment. we'll have experts ready to help you, your parents, grand parents answer questions
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questions and costs. . experts from the seniors health insurance information program will be here tuesday taking your calls from 4 until 7 p.m. we will also have spanish- speaking experts on hand to take questions from those fluent in spanish. the new nfl season started the way the last one ended with the problem keys beating the carolina panthers. the panthers, who were leading, heading into the have been a game winning field goal in the closing seconds. it was a 50-yarder wide left. broncos ended up winning 21-20. jeff jobley will have more highlights coming up in sports later on. >> i know a lot of people were heartbroken seeing that. after months of debate and a decision from the circuit court, a decision is made on early voting. >> the roles three local county election boards must now follow ahead of election day. >> plus we'll get a preview of
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journey from the south side of chicago to
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today local police and firefighters will lay a wreath, and soldiers will offer a gun salute during a ceremony at fort bragg. the ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. on the main post --
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another one just like yesterday, elizabeth. >> that's right. yesterday, we hit 96, expecting 95 today. very, very similar. let's take a look at our raleigh skycam. looks pretty out there. just a little high thin cloud cover. mostly what we'll see is lot of sun really heating things up for us. as a matter of fact, a heat index this afternoon will put us close to 100 for at least a lit while. it is 64 in rocksboro, 72 in goldsboro, 71 in fayetteville. your forecast for the next few days, today certainly the hottest one, 95, 92 saturday, 89 sunday with a chance of late-day storm. brian? 7:27, elizabeth. look out for a crash on the south side of raleigh, hammond trion road. that's well in the clearing stages. not seeing too many problems. keep that in mind heading through that intersection between garneer and raleigh. also picking up delays in the fortified work zone. this is the first morning commute where that ramp from 4 westbound to g,ormon street is closed.
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rebuilding the interstate. going to remain closed through the weekend, reopen in time for your monday morning commute. consider using trion road as an alternate road. out to wade is talking about 17 minutes. bill? . >> thanks, brian. next on fox 50, a police officer turns himself in to face a charge in a stun gun death, and -- kick, scream and beg for any food you want baby belly it's not a problem. cause with the help of a blue shirt you got the samsung family hub refrigerator with four door flex from best buy. it switches from freezer to fridge to store whatever food you want whenever you want it. yeah that's a t-bone steak and whipped cream, baby needs her vitamins.
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up to 35% off major appliances top deals. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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a wilmington man wrongfully convicted of murder as a teen plans to attend a rally on his half today. >> this comes one day after the hanover county da dropped all charges against johnny small, who was convicted of a 1998 murder. the judge vacated the conviction last month after finding a key witness in the case lied. da ben david said he consulted with the victim's family, and they degreed it would not be in the small. so the rally goes on this morning at 11:00 a.m. in front of the courthouse in wilmington. we will have a live report on wral news at noon. early voting is expanding in counties across the state a. court order required a longer voting period. in yesterday's board of elections, officials heard arguments in more than 30 counties over where and when that voting should take place in wake county, the state board added polling locations. in orange county, early voting hours were extended.
7:31 am
voting was restored. for more details on changes at the state board of elections, go to raleigh police are following up on a series of public meetings. caw sandra deck brown held a series of -- meetings. yesterday the police department released a report listing the concerns they heard at those meetings and steps that had been taken in the last few months. the top concerns were community policing, body cams, and other technology, transparency, and diversity and engaging the latino community. the department's report addresses each topic in detail. you can download a copy from their web site. a kenl,y police officer charged with felony involuntary manslaughter for killing a suspect with a stun gun remains out of jail one day after facing a judge. he and his attorney designed to comment as they met waiting sbi agents.
7:32 am
suspect crashing in johnston county. prosecutors say the driver, alexander thompson had his hands up and was in his truck when standafor shocked him with a taser four times. the medical examiner says that killed him. >> he was not dying until the taser occurred. he said that in his opinion, that the taser -- he would not have died but for >> standafort told fbi agents it suspect lunged at him. he was on an unsecured bond. community leaders in wake county are rolling out a new campaign to support the transit plan, to improve connections between the 12 municipalities in the county. it will cost $2.3 billion to build and operate for the first 10 years.
7:33 am
ballot would add a half cent sales tax to fund the program. days like this in september makes you really wish they kept pools open much longer. >> i know. >> because it's still hot in north carolina. >> i don't like the labor day rule. >> yeah. it should be at least mid- september. you know, we get past labor day, and if it's still hot, you think it's going to last forever. but all of the sudden, it's going to shut off. by the time we get to monday, that may be our shut off. i'm not saying we won't have a few days here and there with highs in the once we see these temperatures drop in the low to mid-8 0s next week, we'll have a hard time getting back into the mid-90s, which is what we're going to see today. check out our rocksboro skycam. boy, that sun is going to heat things up today. right now it is 71 in apex, 70 in rocky mount and rocksboro, and 71 degrees in garner. a quiet day for us. heat's our biggest story. we'll see a high of 95 this
7:34 am
temperatures, of course, in the upper 90s for this afternoon. we will this watching that. of course next cool down for the weekend, we may have a few showers and storms late on sunday. i'll show you that on future cast coming up. a couple of accidents showing up on your map? . >> yes, undeed. it is 7 -- we have that earlier crash at the i-40 interchange as you head into garner this morning. need to keep that in mind, although we're not seeing heavy delays through that area. going to run into a little delay this morning on clayton bypass, which is typical every other day of the week, but fridays have been pretty quiet lately because of summer vacation, school's out, and a lot of people taking long weekends now. we're starting to see traffic sort of returning to normal, and we're seeing those slow downs. although they're not nearly as bad as they were yesterday or any other day earlier this week. we are picking up a little back up. by the time you get to business 70 or i-440 interchange, it looks pretty
7:35 am
south raleigh. expect delays on fortified work zone between 440 and south saunders streets. also starts to head down with that ramp closed now on 40 west, from 40 west to goremon. going to remain closed through the weekend. option. official route takes you down 40 west, then turns you around, brings you back down to 40 eastbound to pick up gormon street. much easier just to use trion road this weekend. taking a look at drive times out of eastern wake county, we're looking good on 64. just our typical back ups at some of those intersections along 64 business this morning. from 64 to 440, it's taking about 14 minutes. leah? . >> thanks, brian. some of the biggest names in hollywood are
7:36 am
prime time tonight for a fund raising special. this is a ground breaking initiative aimed at speeding up research and getting therapies to patients very quickly. this is video from last year's event. among the stars participate being year, ben affleck, matthew mcconaughey, emma stone, and i have control la davis. stand up to cancer airs tonight at 8 p.m. you can watch it on wral and on fox 50. an effort to shed light on african american men go through. we're talking about a college education >> up next, we'll get a preview of the pbs documentary "all the difference." . >> and a huge music festival takes over downtown raleigh. . >> pick 3 numbers 5 9 0. pick 4 numbers 2 2 6 9. carolina cash
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they just want to graduate college. joining us this morning to talk about this very important project, the executive producer of the film, wes moore, and one of the teens in the film roderick henderson. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so chicago's englewood, rather, neighborhood is a tough environment for anyone to grow up. robert, what was the turning point where you really
7:40 am
you to go to college? . >> so the turning point for me was completing the eighth grade. i lost two close friends really close to me on the streets of the south side of chicago, and i was really starting to think about all the sacrifices my grandmother made for me to get here. and i said, "i really don't want to disappoint her." i don't want to laws my life, basically. i knew i had to take high school serious, eventually get to college >> now, in the film, you said you we should you could give your mom a message after you graduated. what was that message? . >> yes, definitely. i really do miss my mother. if i can give her a message, it would be like, "look, i really made you proud, and i really appreciate you bringing me into this world so i could make something of my life."
7:41 am
you'd never even make it to college, let alone garage -- what did you say back to them? . >> it was from a lot of people around the englewood community, some of the people who dropped out of high school, system of the people what never want to college from the neighborhood, and some gang members as well. i just -- you know, i kept my i stayed positive. i didn't really respond back to them. i said, you know, "i'm going to let my actions spook for my words." that's what i did. >> what college did you end up going to? . >> i ended up going to lake forest college. >> congratulations to you. that's certainly an achievement. and, wes, why was it important for you to shed light
7:42 am
it? . >> , you know,, one of the things i loved about -- their stories are incredibly emblematic of so many stories out there, people, whether they be first generation, students of color, underresourcessed students, who are trying to and understand the reason we have to have more and more children come through higher education. so whether they be financial, whether they be we having a bigger conversation so people understand that while finishing high school is wonderful and admirable, that can not be the end of your journey. education and credentialing after that is necessary and is important. so what we wanted to do with this story is to show -- a, show the changes face of higher education in this country, show -- really try to add a question about who deserves to go to college, deserves to get
7:43 am
society do to make sure the pathways are much smoother than the way they're laid out now." . >> all right. wes moore and robert henderson, thank you so much for joining bus morning. this film is certainly going to be a spotlight into certain communities we need to see more of. i really appreciate that. ''all the difference" airs monday night. you can find more information on well this week's local dish features another cooking contest at the north carolina state fair, and this dish is sure to be a hit at your next get together. brian and lisa make pin wheels next. >> and the boss moves he can still put on a big
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if you'd leak to see it, it's going to tonight. >> here? . >> doesn't get better than that. >> hopscotch. >> a lot of fun. the reason they call it hopscotch is because there are so many different musical general res. you can sort of hop and skip and jump to a lot of different things. everything from hip hop to bluegrass. >>. thanks for the history on that. i needed that. >> one of our biggest music festivals in downtown
7:47 am
. it looks pretty on our tall tower camera. a little bit of high thin cloud cover, but you'll see plenty of sun once that sun gets a little higher. that will be heating us up quickly. 71 is our current temperature. humidity is 87%. that dew point you know, as long as it stays out of the 70s, it's little more tolerable. i think it should stay just out of the 7 0s today. it is 69 in south hills, 70 in roanoke rapids. town by town, 72 in pines, 71 in fayetteville, and 70 degrees in clinton. let's talk a little bit about rain. now, we got a lot of rain last weekend. friday night, early saturday with hermine coming through. ahead of that -- of course the drought update comes out on thursday. it's about 9:00 a.m. we can talk about it yesterday, because it doesn't come out until after our newscast is over. but we did have this swath of about normally try conditions last week. then, of course, hermine came through, and it really
7:48 am
from say the triangle area southward and eastward. but we still have a pocket of about normally dry conditions up here -- franklin county, mecklenburg county, virginia. we just didn't have as much rain closer to the virginia line. still dealing with drought issues back to the west as well, especially the southern mountains. we really don't have much of a wet pattern in our forecast. . we might slip back to that about normally dry category by sunday, this cool front drops in on us, and it will bring us a chance of showers and storms. most of that's going to be fairly lit in the day, maybe around dinner time or so. so if you have outdoor plans on sunday, you should be able to get most of it in. look at this heat. the hottest conditions here in the pinks and then the gray colors, those gray contours are where it's hottest. we're likely to see temperatures climbing into the mid-90s this average. saturday stays hot as well, more like low 90s.
7:49 am
the south, and it will feel a little better for us on monday and tuesday. wednesday, interestingly enough, we have another little nose of heat that bumps up into north carolina just briefly, because late wednesday, another front comes through, and shifts it back down to the south. looks like it's going to be pretty pleasant for us for thursday. i'm hoping that will carry into next weekend, too. 95 today. it's going to feel like upper 90s with the heat index. we typically think about aler joy problems in the spring, but i think folks who suffer from allerg and weeds are a problem. and our weeds are now high, especially ragweed and -- if you're a little sniffly, that could be why. we talked about, for hopscotch, it was last night tonight and for saturday. saturday's probably going to be the busiest night. 6:00, 89 degrees. at 9:00, 80. it's definitely going to be warm. that holds true for any outdoor events you may have. . back into the mid-80s on monday.
7:50 am
that is going to feel fantastic. ryan, tell us we have a fantastic commute this morning. >> i wouldn't say "fantastic," but it could be much worse in most spots. 7:50. take a look at the live commute. a few crashes that are still getting cleared up, one on 42 near the i-40 interchange in western johnston county. you'll notice that red on the eastbound side of 42 heading away from highway 50. hard to tell if that's related to the accident or just typical con education we'll interchange. we'll note some improvement out there. earlier delays have cleared up nicely. as you head up toward the 440 interchange, just going to run into a little delay between business 70 and 440 this morning as you merge into that slow traffic in the fortified work zone. 20 minutes now to make the trip from 440 out toward wade avenue with most of those delays now between 440 and the u.s. 1 interchange. get out to u.s. 1, it autos a smooth ride out toward 54 and beyond. also look out for a crash this
7:51 am
trewick road. at the moment at least looks like it's a minor accident. not picking up any delays showing thereupon. 440 windshield from the i-40 interchange around toward the wade 40 emergency over on the west side of raleigh, up to 23 minutes with some stop and roll conditions between the night dale bypass all the way up toward glennwood avenue and lake boon trail in durham, looking okay. a little slow on the northbound durham freeway. 40 eastbound looks food on the south side of durham. >> thanks, bri fair is next month, and all this month on local dish, brian and -- sharing dishes inspired by the singer's cooking contest. >> this week they got a beef dish they say will be the hit of your next party. >> all right. so the nc -- association's thing this year for the cooking contest is beef appetizers. so we thought, why not come up with some type of a beef pin wheel roll up.
7:52 am
peppers. add some salt and pepper. then brown some hamburger. when it's done, we make our sauce. >> i want you to mix together mayonnaise and horseradish. >> i can't stand horseradish >> i know you don't like it. it's going to give it a creamy flavor. don't worry. i would say trust me, but i know you really don't. >> reporter: flour the counter and unroll a puff pastry. then spread the horseradish mixture all over it. top it pepper mixture, then place some cheese on top. we're using muenst,r. >> now we're going to roll it up. i think you can do it. it's up to you. >> reporter: i'll try it. props me, when i mess it up -- >> i'm not going to complain. >> reporter: we decided to work together on this project. once it's rolled, cut it into 1- inch slices. place the slices on a baking sheet, and bake them at 350 degrees for about 20
7:53 am
and bake when the bests begin to arrive. >> that's delicious. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: these things will get you in trouble. >> they will. like a little philly cheese steak. >> reporter: that's very, very good. >> those are dangerous. those are the appetizers where you just keep eating. >> that's right. going round and round. get copy of the recipe on version. spring stein again breaks the record for the longest concert in the u.s. wednesday night's concert in philadelphia lasted nearly four hours and four minutes. that tops the band's old record, when the band played four hours at met life stadium in new jersey. >> the boss can still work and
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7:56 am
that comes the new hannaburg district attorney dropped all charges against johnny small. a judge vacateed the conviction last month after finding that a key witness lied. early voting -- a court order required a longer voting period. yesterday state board of elections officials heard arguments in more than 30 counties overwhere and when that voting should take place. friday going to be a hot day. >> it is. that sun already up out there,
7:57 am
pretty. expect to see more sun than cloud cover. isn't that a nice shot over south hill this morning? looking pretty. we take a look at our temperatures. it feels pretty good out there now. 70 in irwin, 66 in rocksboro, 71 in fayetteville and clinton. we will warm up quickly. 90 the high temperature this and, very similar to yesterday. 92 saturday, and 89 sunday. late on sunday, we may have a few scattered showers and storms. most of the weekend stay 7:57. just getting word of an accident blocking the right lane of southbound 95 near u.s. 64 in rocky mount. this is the dot camera out there. hard to see what's going on, but it is something you want to keep in mind. we're not seeing big delays through there. big news in garner. earlier delays have cleared up nicely. we're seeing some congestion this morning through the fortified work zone. that ride from 440 out to wade avenue is taking about 21 minutes. beyond that, no trouble heading from wade avenue out to 540.
7:58 am
triangle, one accident showing up in raleigh on capital boulevard just north of the belt line. no delays, though, showing up on the sensors. lena? next on fox 50, the investigation continues into a crash where a car ended up on
7:59 am
right now on fox 5, today is a day of remembrance ahead of the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks.
8:00 am
being remembered in the triangle. >> and breaking news, the leaders of japan and south korea are reacting to north korea's claims it conducted a nuclear test. how the united states is responding as well this morning. >> and the man hunt continues for the person who shot three people in two locations in durham. thanks for joining us this friday morning. i'm l,na toulette. the time is now 8:00. >> good morning, everybody. sunday will mark -- suns that horrible 9/11 attacks in america >> today at the the justice department, there will be a moment of silence. members of the house will also hold a ceremony on the steps of the capital. . the new york stock exchange will honor the victims of 9/11. the exchange will observe a moment of silence this morning at 9:20. after today's moment of silence, the opening bell will ring, and they will start


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