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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50, breaking news, one person is dead following a shooting at an apartment complex in durham. mikaya thurmond scene. . >> the investigation that landed a teenager behind bars. >> people across our nation pause to remember those lost in the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil. good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us on this monday morning. i'm renee chu in for lena
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garner today. >> stubs constitute the y for the i on that. >> thank you for clarifying. one of the things we're watching -- we had his in the lower 90s. it's temporary decrees. by midweek, we may be back up around 90. we'll track that out for you in the 7-day forecast in about 15 minutes. temperatures ranging from low 60s to around 70 across the north. 62 henderson, here at the station in raleigh, 69 with 70 degrees at durham and chapel hill. moving to the south a little more, 73 for irwin, same thing for clinton. about 74 for fayetteville. fair skies southeastern parts of the viewing area, though, seeing some low cloudiness in spots. we had some showers in those areas during the night. a lot of those showers have just about fizzled out. a stall frontal boundary over northern california
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this afternoon, from fayetteville to goldsboro southward. they'll be kind of hit and miss. here in the industry angle, we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds. by lunch time with oar closing in on 80 degrees. by 3, 4:00 this afternoon, we hit our high around 86. if you're out into the evening hours, we'll fall back to 79 by 8 p.m. over to brian, who's been keeping up with traffic. >> good morning, mike. we have some one in particular here at capital boulevard and i-440, we hope, is finally in the clearing stages. just a couple police officers blocking the ramp from southbound capital, just 1, 401 on the 440 westbound. . it is causing some delays heading into town, but we're hoping this will get cleared up in the next few minutes. here is i-540 at falls noos.
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some delays, still causing a residual delay. some slow downs in that area. here's i-40 at clayton bypass. the typical slow downs as you head out of johnson county into wake county. a look at the drive time, a 17- minute ride. back to you. >> thank you, brian. and up date now to breaking news out of durham. police are investigating a homicide at an apartment complex along east wood croft parkway. >> authorities say two one of those victims died. wral's mikaya thundershower monday joins us live from the scene with more updates. mikaya? >> reporter: leyla and renee, this is an ongoing investigation, but we do know this has been ruled a homicide. with those two people being shot, one has died. another person injured with nonlife-threatening injuries. it has been a long morning.
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we have a crew here on the scene shortly after, and police were here investigating what may have led to those gunshots ringing out. many neighbors are now waking up to this disturbance, and they are asking anyone with information to please come forward. at this time, think also say they are not searching for any additional suspects, but they are focused on the two individuals involv incident. as we have new information, we'll be sure to bring it to you. >> mikaya thundershower monday live on the homicide investigation in durham. thanks. israel vazquez is accused of killing jose mendoza in their garner home in 2013. he was 16 years old at the time. a judge sentenced his nephew, jonathan santian to life in prison without parole
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death penalty, because he was 15 at the time of the crimes. the animal cruelty trial against a woman charged of starving the family dog to death -- these pictures may be disturbing. stephanie baits was arrested in march of 2015 and charged with felony animal cruelty. she's accused of starving the dog named bruno. baits faces two and a half years in prison if convicted. in another -- two facing charges will be in court today. police arrested kai dougherty and amalise petersen after they found a drowned dog last month. investigators say the dog had been paint and was drowned in the pool at the bexley. animal advocates plan to be at the wake county justice center during today's court proceedings. no word what caused a fire. flames broke out at a maple view dairy farm yesterday afternoon.
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us part of a -- build was damaged. no one was hurt, and no animals were hurt either. . republican presidential nominee donald trump is back in north carolina today. he plans to hold an evening rally at the cellular center in asheville. the doors open at 3, and the event is set to begin at 6. >> the moral monday movement will rally today in raleigh to redefine american politics. north carolina clergy and activists are taking part. they will call on communities to go to the polls and vote for candidates who support their social justice agenda. the group is calling this the higher ground moral day of action, a campaign taking place in more than 25 capital cities. rally starts at 11:00 a.m. outside the old capital building in raleigh. enforcement officers in durham are trying to raise awareness about our state's pedestrian laws. they're worried about the
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durham county sheriff's office say they've on served speeding drivers -- crosswalks near durham schools. they're partnering with durham police outside jordan high school this morning to remind those drivers to slow down, not to speed in school zones. french officials are breathing a sigh of relief after a suspected terrorist plot is foiled. >> how police caught one the teenage suspect just days after stopping another potential attack. >> plus what investigators believe may have caused a
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the critics stopped short of rejecting the argument, which is set to go into effect at net. french police arrested a 16- year-old boy they believed was planning a weekend attack. officers took the boy into custody after jones services detected some sort of a threat. the arrest comes two days after police arrested what prosecutors call a trio of female commandos believed to be responsible for an
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dame cathedral. authorities believe he planned to carry out a knife attack in public this weekend. authorities are investigating a deadly collision involving a river cruise ship. a river cruise in germany came to and abrupt and deadly end when the ship hit a railroad bridge. two officers who were navigating the ship were killed when the ship struck that rail bridge. it appears the ship's retractable wheel house was not lowered in time. at the time, there were 181 passengers and 47 other crew members on board. no other injuries or casualties were reported. nearly 1 and a half million muslim pilgrims are in mecca, saudi arabia, for hajj. organizers have increased the number of emergency responders as a precaution after last year's deadly stampede during a ritual. last year's hajj stampede
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prophet muhammad gave his last sermon. a suspect in a decades-old murder of aton pates prepares for new trial. >> coming up, why the defendant's lawyer says the charges should be dropped. >> and ceremonies across the country and even here in the triangle remember the victims of the terror attacks on 9/11. the new tradition started on
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7:14 is the time. i pretend to be in a karaoke situation. . >> you don't want to hear that. >> we did have a few fireworks earlier this morning in southeastern parts of north carolina from say around robinson county over to near clinton. there was some thunder and lightning going on for awhile. most of those showers have fizzled out at this point. let's take a look at raleigh durham skycam. we have fair skies out there. you can see nice-looking high clouds in the sky in the background there. some of our viewers over in eastern and southeastern parts of the viewing area have had some areas of low cloudiness form up in addition those higher fair-weather clouds. -- around the region this morning. we have 69 degrees at the raleigh durham airport, a northeast wind at 6 per hour. our dew points in the mid-6 0s now, and the pressure of 30.21 inches.
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the town-by-town temperatures, 64 in rocksboro and south hill. we have 73 in irwin, 75 for goldsboro, 73 for clinton, about 74 degrees in the fayetteville area. satellite and radar, you can kind of see the band of moisture that was moving across north carolina yesterday. as we got into the midday and afternoon hours, we started to see a few showers and thunderstorms form mainly over the coastal plain east of the triangle. here in the night-time hours, a carolina i was talking about. those have fizzled out during the last couple of hours. that may be the first part of the state, though, down in the southern coastal plain and near the south carolina border that starts to see some redevelopment as we go along through the day. we have high pressure over eastern pennsylvania and new york that stretches down over parts of north carolina and virginia, and it will keep most of us dry today, i think,. however, there's a chance, maybe 30, 40%, once you go south and east, of about
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form up, from the triangle area north and west a considerably lesser chance. we see that play out on future cast. if you were down in southeastern parts of the states or down across the areas close to the south carolina loin, some hit or miss showers and thunderstorms are possible. farther north we'll see more of a mix of surge and clouds, and very little chance of precipitation up toward the virginia line. overnight tonight, there's a very slight chance of a shower. most of us will be dry with fair to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow we'll be with the front sitting over southern north carolina and probably kind of washing out a bit, we'll have a couple hit or miss, widely scattered showers or thunderstorms possible for about the southern third of carolina, with most of us farther north most likely staying dry. today our chance of rain in the triangle is about 15%. then another front comes through on thursday. that will give us about a 30% chance. still not a real great one, to see a couple passing showers or storms.
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we'll be around 71 in an hour or so, 80 degrees by lunch time. we top out by 3 or 4:00 at about 86 degrees, bouncing up to 88 tomorrow with sun and clouds. looks like wednesday will be mostly cloudy, a high around 90 degrees. that's going to be almost 7 degrees above our normal, still 8 degrees below the record for back in the 1800s. we'll dip back down to about 84 on friday. we'll come up to about 87 sunday, another chance of a few showers, it looks like, as we finish out the weekend. brian's here to let us know how things are going out on the roads. >> good morning, michael. improving a little on capital boulevard. we've been telling you about this crash that blocked the entrance ramp from capital to i-40 west. well, that ramp is now open there at 440 and the belt line -- rather, capital and the belt line. you can still see quite a slow
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leaves capital building on to 440 west. we are seeing delays a good ways back on capital boulevard. we are seeing delays on 540 from an earlier vehicle fire. not causing a serious issue at the moment. it is a 16-minute drive from capital boulevard on i-540 out to i-40 this morning. let's take a look at -- falls road. you see slow downs there on the westbound lanes of the freeway. here's a look at i-40, the clayton bypass. lot of slow down there as you come from johnston -- this morning, 19 minutes from i- 22 to i-440. >> thanks so much. jury selection begins in the murder retrial of the accused killer of a six- year-old boy in new york in 1979. a federal judge says they
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prospective jurors this week for the retrial of pedro hernandez. he's accused of kidnapping six- year-old aton pates for his bus stop in 1979 before killing him. his was arrested in 2012 after a relative tipped off police. the defense says hernandez imagined his guilt because of a mental disorder. the jury in hernandez's first trial is deadlocked. the nation paused to remember the victims of the september 11 terror attacks. thousands gathered for presidential candidates. jay gray shows us how the victims were honored on this solemn occasion. occasion. >> jeremiah, joseph -- >> joe ann marie aliotis. >> reporter: fifteen years later, the memory of those lost and the emotions
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>> [ singing ]. >> reporter: thousands gathered today around the memorial at ground zero in atlanta to honor, remember, pay their respects, including presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton, both suspending their campaigns sunday out of respect for the victims of the 9/11 attacks. after spending 90 minutes at the memorial, clinton's campaign team says she felt overheated. she left abruptly and went to her daughter chelsea's apartment in inside about an hour before walking out steady and waving to the crowd. a crowd of family members and friends gathered at the memorial in shanksville memorial in pennsylvania -- to divert a lodged plane heading for the capital. >> their spirits lived in this sacred ground and in our hearts. >> reporter: and president obama took part in a service at the pentagon, sharing a message of respect and resolve. >> in the end, the most
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we lost is ensuring the america we continue to be, and we stay true to ourselves. . we stay true to what's best in us, that we do not let others divide us. >> reporter: a nation united, refusing to give in to terror. >> timothy ray ward. >> reporter: and refusing to forget. jay gray, nbc news, new york. a little closer to home, the historic oak wood cemetery in raleigh honored the sacrifice of first responders on 9/11 and beyond. the cemetery director says 15 years seemed to be the perfect time to start a program honoring first responders. former raleigh mayor -- was the keynote speaker, and members of the raleigh police department as well as raleigh and wake fire rescue were in attendance.
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firefighter from connecticut, who remembers -- going through the rubble at ground zero just days after the attacks. >> i did lose some friends. my wife doesn't even know some of the things. because i was on the hazmat team, trying to rescue -- >> we're told this was the first of yearly programs oakwood expects to put on in honor of responded to 9/11. ceremonies were held across the triangle yesterday. at rdu, the patriot guard gathered in terminal two, and formed a memorial flag line. the ceremony included a procession to rdu at 7 in the morning. it concluded at precisely 8:46:00 a.m. you can find much more on how communities in the triangle and beyond -- the 15th anniversary of 9/11 by going to this is a trial happening
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county coming up. >> coming up, the man who's getting ready to face a jury months after his own nephew was convict >> don: the results of a new
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investigators have not said how the child died. a man accused of driving drunk and killing three people is set to appear in a wake courtroom today.
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in raleigh. seven people were in his car; three of them died. now let's get a check on our monday weather we are mike moss. >> thanks a lot, renee. looks like we're going to end up staying a little cooler for this monday, although it's not going be cool and crisp by any means. take a look at what we have for temperatures now. mid-60s up near the virginia boarder to around 70 in the triangle. 74 degrees around fayetteville, and 75. satellite and radar showing a front moving across the area yesterday. a few showers to the east. this morning, some over southeastern north carolina. they're pretty isolated at the moment. in the triangle, a mainly dry day. 71 degrees at 8 this morning. partly cloudy and 80 at lunch time. we top out around 86 from about fayetteville to goldsboro and points south, some hit and miss storms this afternoon. brian? we are seeing a few delays on the main arteries around the triangle. good news is, the ramp from the capital on to 440
7:28 am
earlier accident that had it blocked for several hours. traffic still fairly slowgoing through there now. let's take a look at i-40 and the clayton bypass. as usual, pretty stall through there. it's stalled here at white oak as well. a 20-minute drive from 42 to the -- split this morning. expect delays. renewed questions about
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she became overheated at the 9/11 memorial in new york. >> the democratic presidential nominee is fighting pneumonia. tracy pots joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: this video of hillary clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial, clearly unstable and needing stop signs is raising questions. her doctors say she got overheated and dehydrated two days after with pneumonia. congressman joe crawley was substantial doubting right behind clinton. >> people very tight, you know, inches from each other. >> reporter: clinton later emerged. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> reporter: seemingly better after resting in her daughter chelsea's apartment. >> are you feeling better? . >> yes. thank you very much. >> reporter: but she's canceled two days of fundraisers in california under doctor's orders to rest with antibiotics. she's had health issues before.
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her doctor attributed to allergies. in 2012, she so became dehydrated,, fainted, got a concussion, and a second blood clot. donald trump has questioned her stamina, but little is known about his health history. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. new overnight, business economists are weighing in on the presidential election. more than half of those surveyed think the election of hillary clinton would have a neutral impact on donald trump presidency would have a negative effect. in a new report being released this morning, economists now expect growth of 1 and a half percent this year, down from the 1.8% they forecast in judge. they expect next year to be better, with 2.3% growth. the survey was conducted by the for business economics. vice president joe biden makes a stop in north carolina this morning.
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he's expected to talk about how businesses and community colleges can work together to help people make it to the middle class. this evening, he'll headline a private fundraiser in raleigh with gubernari candidate warren cooper. donald trump is returning to north carolina today. he will hold a rally in asheville at the u.s. cellular center. this is trump's second visit to north carolina in less than a week. you may rebel, he stopped in greenville last week. clinton's said the democratic presidenti recovering nicely diagnosed with pneumonia, as we heard tracy pots tell us a little bit about how her illness forced her to cancel plans to visit the west coast today antomorrow. and according to campaign officials, clinton became overheated, nearly collapsed whil -- ceremony let's go over that video of her leaving the ceremony. after that issues she want to her daughter's later came
7:33 am
smiling, was fine, told the media she feels much, much better. chelsea clinton will be busy here in orcarolina this week. tomorrow she'll hold a woman in lil at wake forest university. then she'll lead the grand opening of clinton's new campaign office in durham. and on wednesday,shll campaign in raleigh and kick off a voter registration drive in carborough. commissioners will consider funding for 14 sports, projects. this include raleigh's new bike share program, which the county manager recommends not funding. during a work setoday, the board will also take on affordable hoinis to de affordable housing plan. mike joining us now to talk about the weather. some spots might see showers. >> that's right. we had a few showers
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. that ramp closed for sometime. things are looking better on that ramp. i-40 in johnston county. this is the clayton bypass. it is at a practical standstill there. you're not getting anywhere fast. 40 westbound heading into garner. here's a look at 40 into -- not
7:36 am
south raleigh on i-40. let's take a look at those drive times coming in from johnston county. highway 42 to the belt line split is a 15-minute drive. i-440 to wade, 19 minutes. but smooth going from wade avenue out to i-540 to rtp. just a 16-minute drive. back to you. >> all right, brian. thanks so much. nearly half of the country's 65 to 75-year-olds still working even though they've reached that retirement age. >> coming up, wh putting off full-time retirement. >> but first home ownership on the decline for one group of americans. . >> here are your lottery numbers. pick 31 9 and 0. carolina cash
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z246oz zy6z
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a social networking. >> reporter: which she says
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years after retiring. . housing market continues to surge. millennials continue to be the biggest age group not buying homes. be the millennial generation. the 25 to 30-year-olds is just 39%. it's a rate burns predicts will continue to fall for the next decade, meaning millennials will be renting for a lot longer. uber plans to test a drivle ride sharing program. the company plans to deploy autonomous vehicles as a program out of pittsburgh. ub,r pns to use about a hundred modified volvo suvs for the trials, and the
7:42 am
wheels. we shouldneveet. the nation paused to remember the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> but some in t sports world used the day to call for an to racial the break. . >> also actor tom hanks soars to the top of the box office in his latest ro. we will recap the top theater rns thafe break. is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t?
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ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash.
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about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe.
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welcome back. a beautiful view from carolina besun is trying to roh the days. i spent the last three daat atlanta beach, and oh my goodness it was beautiful. >> i was looking at that, thinking how nice it would be to be on that balcony. very nice view out there this morning. >> i love being at cbor day, because you don't have the crowd, the weather's great, humidity's down. >> absolutely. it does look like there will probably be a few showers or storms along the doesn't rain all day long or anything. >> oh good. >> in our area we'll have w showers, storms. they'll be widely scattered, in southern parts of the state. if you were with us earlier this morning, we had a fairly large area of showers and everyone thunderstorms that stretched from nearby south carolina across say lumberton up to clinton, and those fizzled out in the last
7:46 am
over eastern duplin county, lenor county, a little southeast of there. these are really small, but they do have fairly intense coarse, so very brief heavy rain associated with a few of those. few of the skycams around the area, mainly in the triangle, where we've had fair skies this morning. just a few scattered high clouds. there are areas with more in the way of cloud cover. fayetteville looking a little gray this morning, where we had some areas of lower clouds, blocking the sun a little mo the triangle. we have temperatures, like 69 in durham. a couple degrees cooler in wake forest. in fayetteville, it's 74, same thing for clinton. we have about 75 for goldsboro. as cool as 64 in rocksboro, and 63 up around south hills. there are some areas that have gotten a little cooler during the night, and those are areas where the dew points have come down more behind the front. the front is sitting kind of over sooner parts of our viewing area now, and on
7:47 am
dew points remain up in the lower 7 0s. it's quite muggy. they've fallen off a bit from the triangle northwest. we're down to 59 frieze for a dew point in rocksboro. likely to kind of hold in the mid-or maybe upper 60s at times over the next couple days here and stay a little more humid toward the southeast, where that front has just about stall, and is likely to gradually wash out over the region the next day or two. we can see the access of the front move across north carolina yesterday and this morning. you can see some of showers that have been associated with that on northwest side of it. not a lot of cloud cover, and kind of scattered clouds over northwestern north carolina. so across our state today as we've got weak high pressure extending in from the north and west. a lot of us will tend to stay dry. closer to that front, over sooner parts of the state, that's where we have our better chances of some hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. that kind of shows up on future cast with a mix of clouds and sun. generally more sun to the north and west, more clouds to the south. during the midday and afternoon
7:48 am
redeveloping, mainly around fayetteville to goldsboro and points south and southeast. overnight tonight, fair to partly cloudy, a very slightly chance of a shower. may be overdoing that a bit. tomorrow we see again a mix of sun more to the north, more clouds to the south, and the southern 3rd or so of the state seeing at least a shot of a stray shower or storm. should be about 80 at lunch time today, 86 at 4:00, falling into the upper 70s by 8 p.m. later tonight, a low of tomorrow's high 88. wednesday a lot of sun, up to around 90 degrees. around 90 on thursday as well. another front edging in that could trigger off scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a guarantee of rain for all of us. a little cooler behind that front on friday, probably drive in a high near 84. turn it over to brian now, who will get us caught up on how things are going on the roads. >> you can get caught in slow- going traffic on the freeways around the triangle.
7:49 am
crashes around the raleigh inside the belt line. just be myself of that as you travel those surface streets. let's take a look at some of our traffic cameras. this is i-440, the belt line, wake forest road. slow-moving traffic on the westbound lanes, moving maybe 20 an hour, stop and go certainly. this is i-440 and six forks, pretty slow, that area as well. this is i-40 and clayton bypass, where we generally see this situation every morning about this time. slowgoing there as you through johnston county. 18-minute drive from 42 to the belt line split. i-40 to wade avenue, an 18- minute drive. here's a look at the northern wake drive times. wake forest -- that's 19 minutes. it is a 21-minute drive from capital boulevard out to i-40. leyla and renee? steve patterson shows us
7:50 am
ways. >> reporter: they stood together as one during "the national anthem." all 53 seattle sea hawk players arms locked. >> as a team, we have chosen to stand and interlock arms in unity. >> reporter: coach pete carol said he was proud. >> try to make sense of how they can have an impact, how they can affect others. >> reporter: across the field, four miami dolphin took a knee. in kansas city, protests. the chiefs interlocked arms. marcus peers raised his fist. the controversy started preseason when san francisco quarterback collin capper nick refused to stand during the anthem, protest what he called police brutality and racial injustice. the move drew both outrage and admiration. some capper nick jerseys were burned. others became best sellers. nfl commissioner roger goodel. >> when our players speak out and feel strongly and
7:51 am
for us. >> reporter: brandon marshall and jeremy lane, even members of a high school football team in camden, new jersey, all making their statement. but usa world cup hockey coach john tortorella is not a fan, saying, quote, "if any of my players sit on the bench during "the national anthem," they will sit there for the rest of the game." . >> now our athletes are bringing real life into our recreation space, and i think that makes us uncomfortable. >> reporter: and on this opening sunday, september 11th, players taking a moment to pause to honor freedom while attempting to raise awareness. steve patterson, nbc news, seattle. >> "the national anthem" controversy was also a topic at this year's miss america pageant. during the question and answer segment, alicia cooper was asked whether she stood with 49ers
7:52 am
on how important the black lives matter issue is. all lives matter in this situation. i don't necessarily support the fact he sat out, but i do respect he took a knee, and people are joining in, because we need to focus on the resolution to this problem and we need to come together as a nation to have everyone feel equal in our society. >> thank you very much. >> each contestant was given 20 seconds for her response. miss washington did not win the title. she placed third runner up. arkansas. well it was no controversy music at the box office. it was an out and out win for the hero pic "sully." the film -- in its opening weekend, and that's one of the five best september openings of all time. ''sully" stars tom hanks, and is directed by clint eastwood. those are some pretty big names there. it's based on captain chosely
7:53 am
on the hudson in 2009. the domestic thriller "when the bow breaks" came in second. the film pulled in $15 million. and then the horror film "don't breathe" fell to third place. we will find out who won the $487 million power ball jackpot in july. the new hampshire lottery says attorneys for the winner are planning to come forward today to claim lottery officials say representatives from several nonprofit organizations will also be on hand, and that the winner's philanthropic plans will be revealed. the winning ticket was sold at a super market in re monday for the drawing on july 30th. all right. excuse me. we will have more news after
7:55 am
7:56 am
reverend william bash number is one of the members of the clergy planning a memorial day of action today. they're delivering a moral policy to their respective governors, u.s. senators, and candidates for office. vice president joe biden returns to north carolina today. will we'll be at central breed month community college this morning, and then
7:57 am
democratic governor's association fundraiser tonight in real. we're starting off the day with fair skies for about the northwestern half of our viewing area. the southeastern half has low clouds in some places. we've got temperatures that range from low to mid-60s across northern most parts of the state. 64 in rocksboro, 62 for henderson, 71 in rocky mount. durham checking in at 69. we have -- little warmer, more muggy and humid to the southeast. a couple showers in southeastern parts of the state as well. most of those have fizzled out. as we go through the day, a lot of us will tend to be dry. there may be a few showers south and east of fayetteville, highs mostly in the mid-80s. slow on the freeways around the raleigh area. this is i-440 at wake forest
7:58 am
440. here's i-40 at the clayton bypass. not moving quickly at all through there this morning. back to you.
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people across the nation paused to remember those lost in the it wouldiest terror attack on u.s. soil. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for joining us. now to our top story. we are following breaking news out of durham. police are investigating a homicide at an apartment complex along east -- parkway. >> we have confirmed two people were shot. one of those victims died. wral's mikaya thurmond joining us live from the scene now. mikaya? >> reporter: leyla and renee, the crime scene investigation unit of the durham police department has been on the scene here for now more than seven hours. i'm going to step out of the way to give you a live


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