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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 13, 2016 7:00am-7:58am EDT

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the ncaa pulls games from north carolina because of house bill 2. we are live to tell you how many championship events will not be played here. >> chelsea clinton campaigns for her mom today in north carolina. where she will appear and find out who donald trump in charlotte. >> the first triangle town to experience faster internet with google fiber which opened up in about two hours. a big day in the triangle. thank you for joining us. i'm brian shrader in for bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. we continue with our warm weather here in september. i guess summer just wants to hang on for a little lit.
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>> we have pretty sunrises out there this morning. some of you are blanketed in clouds and others have a little bit of cloud cover and that make for a little -- a nice sunrise. no rain in the forecast for the morning commute. it will likely stay dry for us today with some showers our coast t -- it does feel good outside. this afternoon, temperature will be warming up after this nice start in the 106. we'll warm -- in the 60s. we'll warm up to the 80s by lunchtime. and then a cold front arrives
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coming up in just a few minutes. >> and now it is time to take a look at the roads. >> it is a pleasant september morning on the roads this morning. a couple of accidents but not causing any problems in the raleigh area. traffic moving along nicely. here is the -- i'm not quite sure where that is but i got the wrong camera this. we wanted to look at 440. not sewing any problems on the beltline this morning. a 60 minute trip from 42 to the beltline split. and because i like to pretend i'm a weather man, here a look at the road weather index see
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the triad. if you are heading out towards greensboro, you could run into fog on i-40 and i-85. the fallout continues after the ncaa pulls seven championship events out of our state as a result of house bill 2. >> the games will be moved including the first and second rounds of the men's basketball championship. wral's mikaya thurman joins us live in raleigh with reaction. >> reporter: first, the nba charlotte citing house bill 2. now, it is the ncaa championships and this law is sure to have a huge financial impact on north carolina. the ncaa says this decision is based on its commitment to fairness and inclusion. the ncaa says the board of governor was concerned about civil rights protections in north carolina. as mentioned, a total of seven
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police that other states. that includes the division i men's basketball championship set to take place in greensboro. the state democratic party wasted for time in releasing this statement. what a disappointment for basketball fans. add this to thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars pat mccrory's discrimination bill have cost north carolina. rye copper had this to say. it seems that almost every day we learn of a new consequence of house bill 2. the executive director for the greater raleigh sports alliance estimated an economic boost of about $5 million when raleigh hosted the men's basketball regional in 2014. we reached out to governor pat mccrory for a response to this latest news and have not heard back. carolina gop did send us this statement saying, in part, unr e ncaa's logic, colleges should make cheerleaders and football players share bathrooms,
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wife in wake county. jose and maria mendoza were shot more than two dozen times in their garner home. jonathan santillian was tried and convicted and is serving a life sentence. now, his uncle is on trial charged about w. two counts of first degree murder. the shooting was a gang hit and the coolers got the wrong address. a deadly shooting happened
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about 7:00 last night. the victim is a man but so far no other details have been released. hillary clinton will be off the campaign trail again today as she continues her recovery from pneumonia. >> donald trump will be in iowa and pennsylvania one day after making a stop in north carolina. he was met with protests and violence outside the rally in asheville. the republican presidential times by protesters and one of his supporter punched a demonstrated being escorted out. as for trump's messagement he denounced hillary clinton's remark that half of his supporters belonged in a basket of deplorables. vice president joe boyden spent some time in north carolina to head line a fundraiser for the democratic governor's association. biden waved to supporters
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event. attorney general roy cooper, who is challenging republican pat mccrory, also attended. >>hisea visits winston-salem today as part of a women in leadership panel at wake forest university. and then she will head to the opening of clinton's new campaign office in durham. tomorrow, she will campaign in raleigh and start a voter registration drive in carrboro. donald trump's daughter-in-law will also be in the area to open three new campaign offices. former presidential candidate ted cruz shares his thoughts about recent athlete protests. >> details on a lawsuit filed
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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colin kaepernick wasn't the only player protesting prior for the 49ers first regular season game. huers a look at what happened around the field during the national anthem. -- here a look at what happened around the field during the national anthem -- here is a look. >> fran played st. louis at levi stadium. you saw quarterback kaepernick and, reed kneeling. some of the teammates raised their fists to show support. kaepernick has refused to stand to the anthem in protest of
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oppression in the u.s. here what is chip kelly said after the game. >> i think again like we said since day one. we recognize their right to do it. it is their constitutional right. our president said the same thing. that is part of what it is like to be an american that you have the right to choose. that is what he is choosing to do. >> the 49ers will lay the carolina panthers in charlotte on sunday. you will able to watch that ga ted cruz condemned athletes who are doing this. he tweeted this. in a second tweet, he fired back at espn basketball commentator jalen rose who saluted the athletes. he said never buy another shoe, shirt or jersey off rich, athletes who dishonor our flag.
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from kate upton. on sunday, she wrote is is up acceptable. you should be proud to be an american especially on 9-11 when we ou support each other. she was references miami dolphiplayers who knelt during the national anthem. two former gymnasts say they were sexually abused by the long time doctor for usa gymnastics. one of the accusers was a meer of the u.s. women's olympic team. dr.larry nasar spent decades working for the gymnastics organization last of the year. in the lawsuit filed, the women claim he inappropriately touched them and other teammates and made inappropriate co his attorney says cl wi gorously defend himself. get ready for ster internet service in the triangle. >> google fiber begins taking orders imorrisville today. and when others around tharea will be able to sign up. >> and fayetteville police have a brand-new web site.
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planning to post online.
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y246gy yy6y the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration
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who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe. man: they say all they want is the truth. ?say it's all right ?? ? say it's all >> that is a hit. >> perfect song selection,
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at the state fair in about a month. >> it will be here before you know it. >> a month. >> i need go buy my tickets. >> that's right. >> can youment do that, you buy your ride tickets early. >> the state fair web site. >> we'll be at the wral booth. >> it is that first -- it always seems that week of the fair you have that first really chilly morning. >> that's right. we are certainly not going to get that this week. it will feel it feels pretty good outside. pretty comfortable out there this morning. not too humid for most of us. temperatures are pretty comfortable but here a look at the tropics right now. if you didn't know this, we had tropical storm ian develop in the atlantic yesterday. it has maximum sustained winds at 45miles to the north-northwest at nine miles per hour. the good news is it will stay far away from us. the track takes it back to the north and east out in the atlantic and it won't impact
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pretty active. the last several week so we'll have to keep monitoring the tropics. we do anher system that just developed off cost of africa that we have to keep a close eye on as well. that particular storm system not going to impact us. tall tower cam showing a pretty start to the day. we did have low clouds. it does like before a little bit of fog in a few locations. some low clouds and not going to impact your morning commute. do be sure to be careful around the bus stops this morning. 66 mostly cloudy skies at rdu. the winds are currently calm. the dew point from raleigh and points to the north in the low to mid-60s. south of raleigh, it is the upper 60s, low 70s. but feeling pretty comfortable from raleigh and points to the north where we have drier air moving in. 64 identity the current temperature in rocky mount. 66 in raleigh. 68 in erwin. 07 in southern pines. 72 in fayetteville and 07 in clinton. it is down hpoe t is also in th
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head out the door down in our southern communities. here is the satellite and radar. we don't have any rain bit of locations but not anything widespread. we do have an area of high pressure just h ingingsome drier air at least from raleigh and h. it feels really comfortable. we do have acold front on wa bringing showers and thunderstorms across parts of the midwest. into the it will weaken as it arrives. we'll have the potential for storms but not anything widespread like what you see right now as this front continues to move to the east. behind this front, we do have cooler temperatures as well. but it will weaken so our temperatures are not going to get this cool. 46 in bismck. 50 in denver. 66 in raleigh. 79 in miami. so it is freelying pretty good here but butch cooler back
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ant r -- behind that front where it is in th40s and 50s. high temperatures will be three to five degrees above noal forhis time of year. it will be a warm day but not too bad. tomorrowwe get into the hot sector. 90 for the high temperature tomorrow. thursday, our cold front arrives. we do have the potential for showers and storms the second half of the day. but only once that front moves through, teeratures get back to around normal. highs will be in the low 80s frid and saturday. storms possible as another front moves in late this wind sunday into monday. that is a look at your weather. we are looking okay this morning as faas the weather goes. how are the roads looking? >> looking okay. not having many problems out there around the triangle.
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beltline and new bern avenue causing some delays on westbound 440 in that area. -- at i-440. be mindful of that. some delays at mechanical boulevard if you are in the area. here is that durham freeway at alexander. not seeing any issues whatsoever on the durham freeway. very smooth this morning as you head from 40 to durham or downtown to i-40. we'll take a lock at i-40 through johnston county and into garner. our typical delays there this morning on westbound 40, a 60 minute drive from highway 42 to the beltline and 440 to wade. it is about 15 minutes through there but it is wide open from wade avenue to i-540 and rtp. no problems there. ju a five-minute drive. brian and renee. >> thank you. the tsa says there are
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prohibited items turning up at pair ports. they have already intercepted 37 guns at rdu international last year. that is compared to 30 guns for all of last year. today, the tsa will have a special display set up at terminal 2 reminding passengers what not to bring on board. fayetteville city officials say they have a way it pay for a baseball stadium downtown. residential tax and rate payer increases are the project. the city does plan to hold another public forum about the plan. last month, the city council and houston astros signed an agreement to bring a minor league team to fayetteville. the fayetteville police department web site has a new look and a new message. the web site allows the department to post breaking news, community calendar events, crime statistics d more. the new message is one. one agency, one community, one
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starting today, gookle -- google fine are we'll be available in the triangle. it is starting in morrisville. starting at 9:00, google fine are will begin accepting orders on its web site. it will be up to 1,000 megabits per second, up to 40 times faster than typical broad band access. other parts of the triangle will receive the serve us in the coming months as will include more than 5,000 piles of high speed cabling. the husband sent a loud warning to north korea. the military september two nuclear capable supersonic bombers streaking across the peninsula. the goal is to caution north korea against further nuclear bomb testing aand to show support for our south korean
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update on the dam. they are rebuilding a dam that failed twice before. construction is expected to be complete next year. they will issue a progress report and answer people's questions between 11:00 and 11:30 this morning at the gazebo near the dam site. a happy reunion in louisiana. you will remember this video. millions of people have seen it and shared t the good samaritan jumping off the boat to rescue haley brouillette and her dog from a sinking car brouillette finally got to mean the man who saved her, david phung. she said she loved him and called him an angel. he brought her some food and other items realizing she had lost everything in the floods. what a wonderful story. >> great that they got to meet again. >> under much better circumstances. red carpet walks are all about smiles and capturing the right angle. >> : later, hear what miley cyrus says she will not doing anymore at premiers.
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live to explain why cancer survivors and patient will be
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good morning. local stories der with a look actually renewed call for the repeal of north carolina's house bill 2 after the ncaa pu senate minority leader dan a sp session to try to repeal the bill. >> republican leaders are standing behind hb2. the tsa says there are too many guns and other prohibited
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they have already intercepted 37 guns at the airport this year. they will have a special display today at terminal 2 to explain what not to bring on board. >> we'll climb up to ou90 tomorrow but it is nice out there this morning. temperatures in the 60s and s. little bit of shower activity down to the south and east but dry here. 66? raleigh right now. a little warmer in fayetteville, 72 degrees. cooler in the mountains, mostly sunny skies. mostly sunny wednesday with a high temperature of 90. -- we'll climb up to 86 degrees, mostly supe skies. >> that is a look at your forecast. bryan has some accidents to tell us about. >> be especially mindful if you are on 440 east. an accident has occurred in the last 30 minutes or so here at
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trucks, emergency vehicles there on the inside lane of 440 east but it looks like traffic is moving okay through there. not a big problem there for traffic on eastbound 440. here isism-40 and saunders street, not seeing any issues there. >> thank you. an overnight attempted armed robbery at nc state. we'll tell you what police are
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welcome back. i'm >> i'm renee chou. >> i'm brian shrader. lena tillett has the day off. governor office is offering up to $10,000 in a reward for the arrest and conviction in the death of a shelby police officer. tim brackeen was shot on saturday as officers searched for a suspect wanted on outstanding warrants. the 38-year-old married father of one died from his injuries yesterday. investigators this morning or looking for , 23-jr. of grover, carolina. they consider him armed and dangerous. new information about what
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pool. inspectors released a report on how the pool bake lemignot fired. they believe a pool pump motor failed and the ele current that should have gone to a conductor and tripped a breaker did not. the conductor was open so the current followed the only path available, the pool water. the lifeguard, 17-year-old rachel rosoff was found in the pool in the heritage point neighborhood on september 3rd. she was a student at enlow high scol. hillary clinton is still at home under doctor's orders to she is campaigning the only way she can, with a phone. >> meanwhile, donald trump is not saying much about her health but he is focusing on what she sa about his supporters. tracie potts has the update. >> reporter: after nearly collapsing from dehydration, is home this morning in new york tweeting i'm feeling fine and getting better and i'm just anxious to get back out there. she tells cmn why she did not
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diagnosis earlier. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> reporter: today, president bill clinton heads to the west coast in her place and president obama campaigns for clinton in philadelphia. >> could we have a doctor, please. >> reporter: like clinton, someone got overheated at a donald trump rally but he is not focused on clinton's health. instead, trump is hitting the airways. >> you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hardworking people like you. apology from clinton for calling half of his supporters a basket of deplorables. >> the racist, sexist, homophobic, islam aphobic, you name it. >> she talks about people like they are objects, not human beings. >> reporter: clinton says she regrets how many she labeled
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backing trump. for now, she is making hecase from behind closes doored. mike pence will be on capitol hill today. he will hold a joint news conference with house speaker paul ryan, house majority leader kevin mccarthy and other leaders. he will try to rally the house behind donald trump. he will also campaign for house an senate republicans to maintain their ma yoarts in november. lightning sent two construction hospital in beauf rt. no word this morning on their condition. a reminder when you hear thunder, it is time to go inside. >> they saw a lot of storms along the coast. we stayed dry pretty much around here, didn't we? >> we had a couple of showers in extreme southern parts of the viewing area but just about everybody stayed dry yesterday. i think that will be the case today as well. we've shown you some pretty sunrises out there but we also have quite a bit of cloud cover
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fayetteville, you are under the clouds right now. a bit of a gray start for you. found some patchy fog and reports of some drizzle at times as well. so not as bright down to the south. here a look at temperatures town by town. it is feeling pretty good in benson. 64 daze, sunshine there. mostly cloudy in rocky mount. 64degrees. it is 70 in clinton. mostly cloudy sky. 60s and 70s with a good mix of sun and clouds just depending on where you are. we'll be up to around 81-degree at noon today under partly cloudy skies. it will be warm. high temperatures will climb into the mid-80s, upper 80s for some of you under partly cloud you skies. warm day today and we jump into the 90s again tomorrow. 90 for the high. thursday areaves. it is 87 degrees then and then a cool front moves in and drops temperatures a little bit as we head into friday and saturday. we'll have more on what can you expect for the upcoming weekend coming up in just a few minutes. right now, it is getting a little bit busier i don't a little backup on the beltline
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an accident occurred there in the last 45 minutes or so. let's zoom in on the area in question. this is the new bern avenue exit, beltline, eastbound lanes. let's show you the scene out there. it is a 21 minute drive from i- 40 to the wade avenue merge. so a little slow going there. here is the issue. an accident occurred on the inside lane of i-440 east and can you see it is causing a slowdown there on the travel lanes. so you will be tapping the area. don't have many details on what caused the crash. you can see the flashing lights and emergency personnel out there handling that situation. here a look at u.s. 1 and 64. a little slowdown as you head north and east. north on u.s. 1 and east on 64 as you approach i-40. here a look at i-40 and jones sausage road, some backups there on the westbound lanes as you approach the beltline
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coming through garner. i-40 west. wade avenue it 540 looking pretty good at six minutes. back to you. dr. alan mask attend the the panthers-broncos game in denver. we'll ask what he thought about the hard hits on carolina quarterback cam newton. >> and cancer patients and survivors gather today in washington, d.c. a government will join us live to talk about
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welcome back. cancer has probably affected every one of news some way. today, patients and survivors are embay they aring in washington, d.c. for a lobbying event. >> and the goal is to urge
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against cancer a national priority. bob sheckner of raleigh is north carolina's ambassador for the american cancer society cancer action network. bob, great to have you with us. tell us how cancer has touched your life. >> well, i am a three-time cancer survivor. i learned everything i needed to know about cancer when i saw the terror in my wife and my children's eyes. so i understand this disease pretty well, i >> let's talk about some of the statistics, national and state cancer statistics. it is really surprising. >> yeah, it is. it is sort of horrible. in north carolina alone, we will have almost 60,000 individuals diagnosed this calendar year with cancer and about 20,000 of north carolinians will die from this terrible disease. one out of every two men, one out of every three women at
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diagnosed with cancer. it is pretty horrific. >> bob, you are in washington, d.c. what llwi you and other cancer survivors and patients ask of federal lawmakers? >> well, there are more than 500 cancer warriors from across the country here in d.c. and we are going to ask our lawmakers to make sure that making cancer, fighting national priority. we are asking for substantial funding increases to help with the vice president's moon shot. we are asking for -- $680 million in funding for the national cancer institute. we need to invest this money. the only way we'll make progress in fighting cancer and in independenting this nightmare is to invest in the kind of research necessary to find the solutions.
7:41 am
morning, what n they do to support the fight against cancer? >> well, one of the things they can do is to join the americ cancer society'sca nceraction network. become an advocate. if can you write an e-mail. if you can make a phone call, if you can right a letter to theditor, you shld be doing that, urging your lawmakers to canc institute, national institutes of health so they can aid in this fight. it is an easy do. >> bob, thank you so much. talking on behalf of the american cancer society canc actionetwork. asonaut scott kelly has plans for a book and a hoywood film. tails ea >> and disney plneto remake the mulan movie. we'll tell you about a campaign
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>> that just beautiful. >> isn't that pretty. >> south hill, right? that is americana right there. >> sure is. and the sun is just rt of taking on that fall look. yesterday, i was like oh, it's getting close.
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feel like it. we'll get there but this is not really any time soon. temperatures will cool off a little bit this week thanks to a cold front. will be plenty warm today and it will be hot torrow. temperatures will start inthe northern half of the viewing ea it is 61 in roanoke rapids. that is almost cool. 61 in louisbg and in roxboro, it is 61. that pretty picture out of soh hill. 64degrees there. 66 at the tv raleigh. so very comfortable for most of us. 72 in fayetteville. ght now, 70 clinton offer in sam on county. 70 in southern pines. the dew points right now, there is a big range. we dry air slipping in from the north thanks to an area of high pressure. we have some 50s and 60s. this is where it feels really nice here in the northeastern communities and even down into raleigh but you head down to the south and the dew point jump up into the upper 60s and
7:46 am
uncomfortable and i little bit more muggy outside. we have had some locations covered in clouds had morning. fayetteville is one of those spots. mostly cloudy out at the airport right now, 66 degrees. we don't have any rain but we do have a mix of sun and clouds. some of you have bright blue skies and some of you are just having a gray state this morning. it just depends on where you are. high pressure is just north bringing in some dry air especially across the rtheastern part of the viewing areament we are tracking a cold front. this is headed to the east t arrives late thursday t does bring the potential for some rain and slightly cooler temperatures but it really starts to weaken a lot as it approaches the area. right now, temperatures are much cooler behind the front. it is 46 in bismarck. 50 in denver. you jump over that front an temperatures are in the mid- and upper 60s. 79 in miami. as far as the rainfall goes,
7:47 am
for the next five days. as that front arrives, we do have about a 30% chance of rain but notice it is just about a tenth, maybe a quarter inch here and that is more likely in our southwestern communities. we'll keep our fingers crossed that we do get some rain as that front arrives thursday. today and tomorrow, rain chances very slim. only about a 10%. bump that up to about 30% an that is about as gets in the next five days. great newsor football fr iday and the start of the weekend but we could use a little bit of rain. it doesn't look like it will be very widespread. 86 today. 90 tomorrow . friday looks great. the front has moved through. the temperatures are dropping back to normal for this time of year. the 7:00 temperature will be in the mid-70s. by 100 being temperatures in the upper 60s.
7:48 am
football. saturday is looking pretty good too. we'll have partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 80s. bugfest is saturday. that is a huge event in raleigh and the weather right now it look like it will cooperate. we do have the potential for some storms later in the weekend sunday and that continues into monday as well. right now, we'll check in with bryan to see how the accidents are looking. >> we've had a few accidents this morning causing problems on the beltline. westbound i-440, i was a little directionally challenged in the but the westbound lanes of i- 440 at new bern avenue, there are some issues there. as you can see all the red on the map. it will be a 33 minute drive from i-40 to the wade and 40 merge on the beltline this rning. so it is slow going on westbound 440. this is an accident at new bern avenue that has ju cleared up. this was cleared up in the last minute literally.
7:49 am
inside lane of the 440 westbound. this is 440 west and you can see how slow it is there. this isism-440 at wake forest. again, more slow traffic on the westbound lanes through that area. -- this is i-440 at wake forest. it is also slow going through john ton county and garner on 40 st as beltline split. it is an 1-minute drive from 42 to i-440. had 40 to wade is 1 minute as well. -- it is an 18-minute drive. there is a new plan to save the red wolf populationin north carolina. some environmental groups still are not buying it. >> newly filed federal documents show the u.s. fish and wildlife service wants to
7:50 am
them more closely. environmental groups say the plan won't work because wolves travel. the same group sued the wildlife service lt year saying the agency wasn't doing its job to otect the endangered animals. pest control is a big part of preventing the zika virus. >> some people are concerned about being exposed to certain chemicals. gale gallardo he can splores some of the natural alternatives for mosquito repellents. >> reporter: the sun out side while crews are out trying to kill mosquitoes. >> i see drugs driving by spraying the stuff. >> reporter: some parents are starting to worry about their children and toxic accumulation wondering if there is anything natural to fight off mosquitos. >> i've yet to find anything that really prevents mosquito bites in florida. they are just everywhere. >> you can combine any number
7:51 am
life of the repellents. >> reporter: certied nutrition consult cantant shows he malls suddenied by. cdc and oil of lemon eucalyptus or clove oil proven to repel mosquitoes. these are for external use. you can also try to take supplements. >> something to reduce body odor like drink or chlorophyll that would work as an internal deodorant. >> reporter: pediatrician david berger agrees and believes certain supplements like vitamin d, fish oil and a good probiotic can also be helpful. >> things that are stimulating the immune system will help people no matter what the virus is. apple wants you to know about scams involving i tune gift cards. the company says cam artists are pressuring their victim into his transferring money by
7:52 am
unpaid bills or bail money. you should immediately report that to shorts if yoare contacted. authorities pi to catch a certain star may find it tougher from now on. david daniel has details in the hollywood minute. >> reporter: no more red carpets for miley. miley cyrus tells elle magazine she is through posing for photographers at premiers. she says that is not how i roll. it is likea skit. it is like zoo lander. >> i could have gone long ore this flight if there was a good reason. >> reporter: scott kelly spent nearly a year on the international spacstation. now, he is headed to hollywood. soapy picture has bought the movirights to kelly's upment coming book, endurance, my year in space. the book and presumably the film will follicley from struggling student to navy test pilot to his friendly rivalry with his twin brother rk as they became astronauts. the book is due out in november of 2017. >> sunday your trooped to
7:53 am
mulan as a live action movie and that has prompted a petition about the casting of the film based on a chinese legend. the rap reports the petition demand an asian actress ay mulan and cites recent whitewashed movies where white actresses played women of color. the petioner hagathered nearly 90,0 signatures. i'davidaniel. > with a recent report on newton's repeated helmet hi, concussions very much are in the news. >> in our next hour, dr. alan mask shows us why athlete need to take a break after a concussion and what they may even need to scale back during
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i'm rep a chou. here are your top stories. nc state campus police are looking for a suspect in an this happened just after midnight in the governor scott courtyard behind kill diagnose gore hall. the victim was not injured. there is new information about what led to the death of a teenaged lifeguard at a wake county pool. inspectors release a report on how the pool became electrified. they believe a pool pump motor failed and the electrical current that should have gone to a conductor and tripped a breaker did not.
7:57 am
pool in the heritage point neighborhood on september 3rd. let's get a check of our weather with aimee wilmoth. >> nice and bright here at the wral gardens. temperatures just a little bit above normal today. we do have some showers off the southeastern coast but i think for the most part we'll stay dry here today. very comfortable, 66 degrees in raleigh. south. high temperature we'll be in the mid-80s. close to 09 tomorrow so a hot day of mostly sunny skies tomorrow. -- close to 90 tomorrow. >> the accident on westbound i- 440 has been cleared up but still slow going on the beltline. you can see the red on the westbound lanes. it is a 4 minute drive from i- 40 out to the wade avenue split so not going anywhere quickly
7:58 am
bern avenue where the accident cleared up in the last for you minutes. the accident on the inside ne but you still see the backup there. here is 440 wake forest road. back to you.
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now on fox 50, the ncaa pulls games from our state because of house bill 2. we're live to tell you how many
8:00 am
played in north carolina. >> chelsea clinton campaigns for her mom today in north carolina. where she will appear andfind out who will campaign for donald trump in charlotte. >> and the first triangle town to experience faster internet with the much-awaited google fiber. thank you for joining us. 8:00 now. i'm brian shrader. >> i'm renee chou. great to have you with us. fallout continues after the ncaa pulls seven result of house bill 2. >> those events will be moved. mikaya thurman joins us live in raleigh with reaction. >> reporter: fits, the nba pulled its all-star game out of charlotte citing house bill 2. now, it is the ncaa championships. it is a loss that is sure to have a financial impact on north carolina. the ncaa says this decision is based on its commitment to


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