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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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donald trump addresses questions about his medical history. >> and julia continues to bring rain to southern parts of the atnta coast. it is now a tropical depression this morning. amy wilmouth will tell us where julia is headed. >> thank you so much for joining us. an amber alert is still in effect for a missing six-year-old girl from wilmington. stephanie lopez castro is white hispanic female last seen wearing a white short sleeve t-shirt, white pink shorts with black polka dots and flip flops. she has pierced ears. her possible abductor's identity is unknown at this time. he is described as a white male wearing a short sleeve shirt with a dragon on it, and was riding a black mop,d.
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struck by a vehicle in raleigh has died. the police report identifies him as 73-year-old leonard chandler of -- this happened on garner road near wear house drive after 8:00 last night. now, according to the report, the street light in the area was not working at the time. no charges have been filed. a unc football player is due in court at the end of the month. alan artist turned himself in yesterday on two m. charges, one for assault, the other for sexual battery. incident happened on campus in february; but when charges were not filed, she took out her own warrant at the magistrate's office. the da says a felony investigation is ongoing, including the testing of a rape kit by the state crime lab, but his office was not ready to decide on charges yet. now they'll be prosecuteing the m.s. we're still working to find out what caused a school bus to catch fire in cumberland county. take a look at this picture. it happened at the intersection of bingham drive and
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just remarkable. when crews arrived, they found those heavy flames. the bus was carrying students from 71st classical middle school. fortunately all of the students got off the bus safely. there's a funeral service tomorrow for a north carolina police officer killed in the line of duty. friends and family will gather to remember officer tim rakim at 3 p.m. the suspect wanted in that shooting is this man, irvin fetting, junior. he was arraigned on a first- degree mu last night. investigators say fetter shot officer rakim yesterday. the officer died on monday. a union county elementary school teacher has died after she was shot friday by a robber in charlotte. police say the teacher, 33-year- old rijuan wo -- were preparing to get in their car. the suspect pulled a gun on them and asked for the boyfriend's wallet. police say he could not get his wallet outof his pocket fast enough, so the
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head, and ran off. wo died yesterday. so far no arrests. we're following breaking news out of ohio, where an officer shot and killed a 13- year-old boy who they say pulled a gun from his waist band. it was later determined to be a bb gun. the shooting happened last night in columbus. police say officers were responding to an armed robbery. they followed three suspects into an ally and say one suspect pulled what appeared to be a gun from his waistband. the boy was shot several died in the hospital. the shooting is under investigation. hillary clinton will be in the triad today as she gets back on the come pain trail following a bout of pneumonia. as tracy pots reports, we're learning more about both clinton and donald trump's medical records. >> reporter: hillary clinton is scheduled to attend a campaign event in north carolina this afternoon,
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collapsing sunday. in a detailed letter noting her low cholesterol and medication for blood clots, clinton's doctor adds that she's fit to serve and in cent mental condition. >> the doctor's letter is actually fairly complete, and it shows she's actually a very healthy person. >> you think hillary would be able to substantial doubt up here for an hour and do this? i don't think so. >> reporter: donald trump gave tv host dr. across a peek at his latest medical screenings, a bit over meds; t for the most part, healthy. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. thank you, everybody. >> reporter: today trump is expected to detail his economic plan during a speech with mike pence in new york. >> we're going to cut taxes across the board, for working families, small businesses, and family farms. >> reporter: tracy pots, nbc news, washington. >> thanks, tracy. >>donald trump's daughter
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today. she'll give remarks in kerry, where another campaign office will be opening. the event is on kill dale -- road. . so we've been promised things will start to cool down. it will start to cool down today. >> i know. >> we weren't lying. temperatures cooler today. we'll be in the upper 80s for most of us, not the 90s haste couple dates. still plenty warm out there. we still have some fog in fayette visit. we've had some fog there basically all morning long down in cumber land county and samson county. that's where it's been thickest. visibilities are still down to a quarter mile. a little shower activity out
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is because of tropical depression julia, and rip currents are very strong as well. nice and comfortable in wake forest, sitting at 65 degrees, 67 degrees in holding springs. temperatures are in the mid-60s in south hill now, and low 70s in fayetteville and clinton where we've had some of that fog. by lunch time we'll be up to around 83 degrees. can't rule out a couple spotty showers through the day, basically anywhere today. high temperatures climbing mainly in the upper evening, temperatures falling pack down in the mid-7 0s we'll take look at the up frommics coming up in just a little bit. right now we want to send it over to brian have raider. we've had things slowing down a bit. >> we have. seeing just a little improvement in the fortified work zone. 8:06. we'll take a look at those drive times, find out what caused all this. had a minor accident, i think, earlier on the westbound side of 40 around gormon street, and id blocked the right lane for awhile. we're only down to 3 lanes through there any way
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place. so when you cut the capacity by a 3rd by blocking a lane, it really starts togum things up. that's all cleared up, and traffic gradually is improving through that area. 31 minutes, make the trip from 440 out to wade avenue. not looking good on 440 westbound, which we typically would offer as an alternate route. around to the wade i-40 merge in west raleigh is taking 35 minutes, according to sensors. so best just to stick with i-40 westbound this morning as that we have a number of crashes here, although very few are affecting major routes this morning: the slow downs we are seeing are in the typical spots, through 45, 440, also 540 westbound is pretty slow this morning between capital and cr,more. also slow traffic on 340 eastbound, heading into rtp as we check in on the sensors. out toward 05. it's getting slow in the northbound side of the
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you head from i-40 to downtown. want to talk about spring lake, because starting today, at some point, they are going to close brag boulevard permanently through fort bragg. fort bragg officials asked the do go ahead and close it all at once. they hope the drivers will get used to it all at once, as opposed to kind of -- use 295 out to m,rckason road. back to you. >> thank you, brian. it's an effort to draw more attention nationwide to childhood cancers and finding a cure. >> coming up next, we talk with the organizer of cure f,st. why the organization is drawing hundreds of families in child care can sr. organizations to the nation's capital this weekend. >> plus who doesn't love freebies? the wral smart chopper is back
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we've got lot of great deals going on this week. first starting today, actually, you can score free queso and chips at mo's southwest grill across the triangle. that's a 6-ounce of queso, and it is flat out free. you don't have to sing an aria or do a back flip. if you just show up and ask for it you know what they're going to say when you walk in ladies? "welcome to mo's." as soon as you walk in, they shout that at you. then they're going to give you free queso. >> i was like -- >> i would expect them to say, "welcome to americao's." . >> but they shout it out. love that promotion. we have some other free byes. we've got a couple of free kids workshops coming up at lowe's on september 24th.
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actually the cuds make a fire boat to celebrate fire safety month. and they get to put it together, deck it, take it home with them. at home depot, kids get to make a fire truck again in honor of fire safety month. they get to decorate it, take it home as well. then the big news we've all been -- bless you. she's getting all worked up about the doughnut segment coming up. the big news is that on september 19th, crispy kr,me is offering free doughnuts. guess what you have to do? yoin pirate mode. >> ahow matey >> ahoy matey. >> i'm telling you, this is all you have to do. >> all you have to do. >> i don't have to do full pirates of the caribbean. >> that depends on how much doughnut action you
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>> . if you walk in with at least three of the approved attire items on their web site or facebook page, then they'll give you a dozen -- that is 12 -- krispy kreme original glazed doughnuts. you will be really able to get your sugar high on there for free. i'm going to head over there, get some pictures for the blog, because it's hilarious to see all these outfits. talk like a pirate, dress like a pirate. you can see details on very exciting. >> okay. >> and there's a free showing of "e. t."? . >> yeah. and you can get more information on that at sarah's go ask mom blog. there will be food trucks and other things you can purchase, but the actual movie is free. very neat. >> a classic. >> yes. >> run down the best grocery deals of the week. >> as always, there are fantastic grocery deals this
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it seems to be the theme these days. carly c's -- having its one-day sale. you can get a dozen medium eggs 33 cents. crazy good deal. there are limits. you can't go in and get 50 dozen. avocados at aldi, 69 cents each, and we love avocados, so i'm thrilled. my weekly best deal on milk is again at krog,r this week -- there are a bunch of freebies. as you can see, you can get wish bone dressing, sunny d, base quick brown rice, all using sales and coupons. and check your friday e-mail, your e-mail for a possible super doubles event starting very soon. we should have confirmation on friday. so fantastic buys this week. >> sounds like it. thank you so much >> thanks, ladies.
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keep your pocket nice and full, go to, and
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pretty for most of us this morning. we wanted to get you started with some weather headlines just to show you what's ahead in the coming days. if you don't like the warm temperatures, just don't listen for a second. we're going to be staying warm for awhile. the signs of fall are nowhere in sight. and rainfall, our rain chances are very slim for the next several days. lena wants some rain to wash out all the ragweed. our rain chances are very slow for quite a the tropics very active. we have two depressions issues and we have one tropical storm. the tropical storm is ian, which is not going to impact us. worthy. essions are both watc we do have transportation jewely. it wait a secondnd to tropical depression stat bus morning. it has maximum sustained winds at 35 miles per hour just off the south carolina coast. it's going to stay there next
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this is the tropical depression 12 that we'll be watching over the next several dates as it continues to move to the west. the tropics pretty active now. 68 degrees in rocky mount. it is mild in raleigh, 70 degrees here, 71 fayetteville. 69 fernandez in irwin. still have reduced visibilities down in fayetteville. i did just take a look at the camera. about 3 quarters of a mile in clinton. this is where we have the visibility issues still. the fog likely to be lifting in the next couple hours. the sun is shining the wral gardens. 70 at the airport, partly cloudy. winds are calm again. they've been light to calm all morning long. it is a little bit muggy. 93% is the current humidity out at rdu. we do have some low clouds, fog to the south. everyone else, a mix of sun and clouds. a lot of sun for some of you, especially raleigh, point to the north. here's where tropical storm julia is now, it's just going to loop around here for the next several days.
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rain across south carolina and maybe even the southern sections of our coastline. around here, you can tell by future cast, our rain chances are not very high. this is lunch time today, showing a few blames of green down to the south and east. we'll roll this toward the evening commute time. a couple spotty showers can't be ruled out. a mix of sun and clouds. only a 20 to 30% chance of rain. fast forwarding to tomorrow morning at 9:00, a little bit of cloud cover, we might have to deal with some visibility concerns again tomorrow morning. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, some hit and miss showers, and isolated storms, but again tomorrow's rain chances very slim as well. for today, isolated showers or storms. most of you will stay dry. temperatures will be in the low 80s in our northern communities, upper 80s in raleigh. the last 9 days in a row have been above normal, most of those days in the 9 0s. at least we won't have the 90s today, but we're
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the normal high is 82. doesn't look like we are going to be below normal anytime soon. 87 on thursday, friday 86. 87 on saturday with just a slim chance of rain. if headed to -- i think it's doing stay mainly dry. county rule out an isolated shower. low 70s by 9:00. should be pretty good weatherer for that. couple storms will be possible sunday to monday with high temperatures close to 90. then another front moves in, cooling us back down to mid-80s by tuesday. renee? . >> thanks, amy. ford is moving all of its u.s. small car production to mexico by 2018. the auto maker's ceo confirmed the move during an event with investors. right now the fiesta sub compact is built in mexico, but the focus and c max is made in detroit. company executives say the shift will boost profits because wages are lower in
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self-driving car. a fleet of ford fusions officily hit the road in pittsburgh, and they're loaded with features that allow them to navigate on their own. the cars still have a driver behind the wheel who can take control at any point, and an uber provider will ride with passengers as well. this is a pilot program. if all goes well, uber plans to add other self-driving vehicles to its fleet. september is childhood cancer awareness month. this weekend, thousands of families, and dozens of foundations and groups will be on the national to help raise awareness for pediatric cancer research. it eels called care fest. thanks to the dedication of doctors, patients, and work of organizations, like the afla -- service, the cure rate for childhood cancer is now up almost 90%, up from almost 20%. . there will be international booth, games, activities, and live
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on care f,st, usa.g. imagine a day without water. coming up on fox 50, we'll tell you about a new campaign to help draw attention red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service.
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geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo!
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fog still down in our
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thanks to tropical depression julia. take a look at the teite and radar loop. we have a few clouds around and some fog to the south. rain-free for the morning commute a. couple hit and miss showers possible later this afternoon, but they'll be fairly isolated. 70 degrees is the current temperature in raleigh. it's up to 71 in fayetteville, and 72 in greensboro. going to be another warm day today. partly cloudy with hit and miss showers, highs in the upper 8 0s. brian? 8:27, amy. of raleigh. we earlier incident blocng the right lane -- all clear now, and earlier delays have cleared up nicely. still going to take you 18 minutes to make that trip to wade avenue. going to save you time, though, over the belt line. 440 westbound from 40 out to the wade 40 merge, still hanging on to that 25- minute drive time in downtown durham or heading to downtown durham, the northbound freeway is a little slow this morning, but 55 westbound is a little slower from 40 out to the durham freeway.
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15 minutes. lena? >> thanks, brian. the fall out from house bill 2 continues to mount. next on fox 50, where two groups are set to lay out their plans to fight house bill 2 today. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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ten acc events were planned -- new london, greensboro, durham, and carey. mikaya thurmond joins us live in downtown raleigh, where two groups opposing house bill 2 will be talking this morning. mikaya? >> reporter: legislative leaders who supported this controversial law don't to be considering a repeal but this morning, that's exactly what opponents of the law are going to be pushing for here at the ncaa headquarters. two civil rights advocacy groups, including the human rights campaign, will be holding a news conference to prepare for the fall election. this battle is far from over. >> reporter: it's been a tough week for north
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now the acc is following suit, both citing house bill 2 as the reason. eight additional north carolina venues will now stand empty. charlotte officials say last year's acc football championship alone brought in more than $32 million. the council of presidents at the acc, which is headquartered in north carolina, voted to relocate the league's championships until the state repeals it law. despite the trend to governor mcrory hasn't backed down. he released a statement, saying, quote "i strongly encourage all public and private institutions to both respect and allow our nation's judicial system to proceed without economic threats or political retaliation toward the 22 states that are currently challenging government overreach." chris grow is calling on the governor to call lawmakers back to raleigh to repeal house bill 2.
8:32 am
coming. yesterday the nc. today it's the acc. the economy and tradition of north carolina are being damaged ever single day by announcements like this. it's clearer now than ever that this is not going to stop until we do something to repeal the bill. >> reporter: house and senate democrats havealso called for a special session to repeal this law. house speaker tim moore has yet to respond to that call. renee and l,na? . >> mikaya thundershower monday live raleigh. thank you. harold w,inbr,ch said the acc and ncaa decisions are painful for his town. at least six planned events are begun from carey. conservative estimates place the losses at $2 and a half million. this comes as carey planned upgrades to facilities to draw in even more events. another republican state lawmaker is joining the
8:33 am
d,nn said he's concerned about the bill is having on the state and region he represents. tam area wahr,nb,rg of wake county urged repeal of hoe bill 2. canon pleaded guilty to public corruption charges back in 2014. once released, the 49-year-old democrat will be on home confine. unl january 25th. he'l and forfeit picture in the amount of $50,000. hundreds of thousands of people skipped the trip to the dmv by renewing their driver licenses online. half a million people took advantage of this new online service. it's part of governor mcrory's initiative to improve customer service at the dmv. the governor says those on line renewals have said people more than 248,000 hours of substantial doubting in line. we are now just 28 days away from the north
8:34 am
the new state fair flyer sky. that's happening at 2:00. look at this, though. the new chair lift style ride will take you from one end of the mid-way to the other, staing near the scott building and ending near gate 8. but for me, i think i'm going to walk. when you eat all that fried food, you need to exercise a little bit to work it off. >> i need to scope it off, see which food tents i want to go to. >> yeah. >> what's yourfavorite the fair? . >> i don't like fried food. >> okay. >> you're not crazy, you're healthy. >> the corn. i like the corn. >> how about you? . >> turkey legs and elephant ears. the fried dough. >> that's the name of the food. >> it took lena a second. >> all right.
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durham skycam. pretty shot there. we have had fog to the south. not in durham. . we have some showers to our south and east along the coast. that's all associated with tropical depression julia. that will stay just offshore in south carolina over the next several days. could bring some heavy rain to south carolina. really the effects here are going to be minimal with that system. . it is 70 springs. so it's pretty mild outside this morning. it is 70 degrees in irwin, and 72 degrees in fayetteville. we're starting off a little warmer this morning compared to the last mornings. with will have temperatures stay -- 87 for the high with some hit and miss showers, and than temperatures become in the mid- 70s this evening. we'll have more on what to expect for the upcoming weekend coming up.
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lasting. >> it's what you want in a bath towel, right? monica? . >> yes it is. before with talk bath towels, i would have to say i would pay money to see renee chu eat a turkey leg. you know, we don't always get soft towels. blue towels are not just a nice treat ever now and then; they are a necessity. just ahead, what to look for when you're buying towels, and the mist us make when we wash
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>> here's the thing: who doesn't hate a wimpy towel? how is it even possible to have towels that don't dry? so what we want in a towel seems like it should be simple the: to lock nice, fool soft, dry us off, and last. >> reporter: at the store, they look and feel so nice. with so many options, here's what to look to have great towels at home. first, thick, heavy towels will dry ''consumer reports" says -- or pema cotton is the best quality. they have longer, stronger fibers, but they are more expensive. so shop carefully. >> there are a lot of towels out there labeled p,ma or egyptian, but aren't. if the price is too good to be true, they're probably not the real thing. >> reporter: another option, cotton rayon blends. they absorb a little better, although they won't wear as well.
8:40 am
they're actually treated with a special finish that washes out. >> using liquid fabric softener will make your towels feel soft, but we found it decreeses absorbency cig countily. >> reporter: instead "consumer reports" recommends using an occasional drier sheet, and know overdryi nk tow ditch the timer setting, and use the drier's moisture sensor. another caution, especially for those with home, benzol peroxide and applicant new medication can cause bleach stages. some manufacturers claim their towels resist the stains. after tests, "consumer reports" found the real simple and snow ma continuous from kohl's came through the wash just fine. ll bean showed some bleaching; but when retested for the smaller amount of benzyl peroxide, it was fine. a sure bet: white towels.
8:41 am
unscathed. >> and you can bleach them. i'm a big fan of white towels. ''consumer reports" suggests when you buy colored towels, buy a mashing wash cloth and store it with your receipt. that way if your towels fade, the wash clothes will be good evidence in your case for returning them. obviously you have to do that within a reasonable amount of time. >> ten years. >> i will tell you, this is a good little consumer reports," costco, a great place to buy towels. the price, so low. >> and they stay soft. >> yes. they dry -- >> i have too many towels. >> lena admitted, she has -- >> i need to get rid of all of them and start anew. >> there you go. i got the membership. you'll find more information on thank you, monica. lock for 5 on your side under
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well imagine a day without water. >> coming up on fox 0, we'll tell you about a new campaign to help draw attention to how much water we
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catherine blade, the soon your vice president of corporate communications for
8:45 am
thanks so much for joining us >> good morning. thank you for having always. >> so currently less than 5% of government funding -- goes to children. can you tell us about cure f,st and your goals this weekend? . >> sure. cure fest mission is to make it a national priority to fund and research childhood -- there will be thousands of people who join together. it will include families. they'll include e public, medical community, and representatives from over 250 different childhood cancer foundations. and we're so excited to be on the national mall, because it's a place where many movements have started, and we hope to spark a national movement there this weekend. >> it sounds like a wonderful movement. and, carolina, can you share with us a bit about your journey going through treatment for brain cancer? i was in the hospital for a listening time, and i
8:46 am
i had to have a lot of i. v.s and pox, which really hurt. i had to swallow a lot of yucky medicine. now i go back for a quick follow up and an so they can check for any new tumors in my brain or spine. >> wow, you eve been through so much. you're so strong. we're very inspired by you. are you looking forward to weekend? . >> yes. >> catherine, if you can tell us, why is it important to educate the public about childhood cancers? . >> the numbers are more and more optimistic, but we have a long way to go. the important thing the public needs to remember is everyone can help. even if you county make it to cure f,st this weekend, you can be part of the national dialogue by using the hash tag duck prints on social immediate, and for every time that happens, after lack will donate $2 to the research and treatment of pediatric
8:47 am
for joining bus morning. we certainly wish you the best this weekend. we're sure a lot of people will join and help you in your cause. cure f,st for childhood cancer is -- on the national mall. again, the 17th and 18th. there will be informational booths, games, activities, and live entertainment. you can find much more information on cure fest -- wow very inspired. >> so moving and hear her talk about what she's been through. >> well spoken. . we want to talk about the tropics and more of our local forecast. right now we want to get you an update. first of all, want to turn on my micro phone. . let's go ahead and take a look at the tropics. we want to show you the latest
8:48 am
south carolina. you can see the heaviest rain with this system is east of the center of the low, and it's going to bring heavy rain across parts of south carolina and programs southeastern sections of our coastline. but really having minimal impacts. just a couple spotty showers. right now julia is a tropical depression, has max him winds, and it's moving to the east at 2 miles per hour, and so this is a very slow-moving system. it's actually just going to do a little 360 here in the next several days. national hurricane center saying it's just going to uncertainty. once we go beyond monday, with oar a little unsure of what that system is going to do. but we'll keep watching it. for now it's way to our south. 70 in south hill. it's 69 in rocky mount. 72 degrees in fayetteville. the dew points are in the 60s and 70s across the viewing. 70s down to the south. that's where it's a little more muggy. we're starting to see that fog improve a little in fayetteville.
8:49 am
still does look a little hazy. but it's not as locked in as it was earlier. partly cloudy skies, wins out of the airport are currently calm. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the viewing area. just depends on where you are. certainly more of a grayer start for our southern counties. . we have a weak cool front that's going to be moving through later on this afternoon maybe an isolated shower, temperatures a little cooler compared to yesterday. still well above normal. lunch time couple spotty showers will be possible. heaviest rain to our south and east this evening. we could have a couple spotty showers. probably most everybody is staying dry today. going to be really hit and miss stuff. tomorrow morning, waking up to some clouds, maybe a little bit of fog as well. a couple isolated showers will be possible friday as well if you're worried about the football games, don't be. i think they're going to be
8:50 am
done. temperatures will be in the low 80s to our north. just an isolated shower, maybe a rumble of thunder. only about a 20 to 30% chance of rain today. 86 for the high temperature tomorrow. starting off at 67. friday football forecast, it's going to be okay. looks -- when the games get started, 73 once those games start to wrap up. as we head toward the weekend, temperatures start to heat up, and we'll have storm sunday into monday. renee. >> thank you, amy. water, it is essentially for everyday life. it nourishes us, cleans us, sustains us. hard to believe the average american uses 176 gallons of water per day. water is also critical for manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and much more. one group is urging all of us to imagine a day without water.
8:51 am
director of the value of water coalition, radika fox. good morning, radica. >> good morning, renee. thank you for having me. >> great to have you. our nation's water and waste water freeway is at risk. seven hundred water main breaks a day. what is being done at the local, state, and federal level to strengthen these critical systems? . >> you are right, renee. our nation's water freeway is at risk. . all across the tun try -- actually a water main breaks every two minutes in this country. so all around the country, we do see local providers like the city of raleigh water utility what are making those investments. they're trying to fix those leaky pipes, aging
8:52 am
we need greater investment. we need our elected officials, particularly in congress and in this new summation to increase investment in our nation's water systems. >> so do we know how much will it cost to fix that freeway? what's the east mat? . >> the epa estimates that it will be about $600 billion in investment, but the good news is there's incredible job opportunities and growth that happens when investments in why today, 500 organizations all around the country have come together for imagine a day without water. we really focus on educating americans about the need for investment in water freeway, why water is so important few their daily. we're in schools all around the country, educating students about the value of water. we are hosting a beer tastings
8:53 am
water, and treatment plants all around the country have opened their doors to encourage the public to come in and see how these systems run. >> ravica fox, thank you so much for talking with us. a day without water is today. it includes events, resolutions, and social dia engagement. you can also visit imagineadaywithoutwateorg. and the city of durham is participating in the imagine a day without water campaign. the department of water management will release three videos t what daily life would be like without water. they're also encouraging durham residents to pledge to give up one water-using item or activity today. if you'd like to take this pledge on line, you'll be entered into a drawing to win prizes as well, like an ivy rain barrel or water conservation kit. you can find that information on the city of durham's web site. we'll get another check on ur top stories, weather and traffic coming up
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oper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killerand rasts in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
8:56 am
rry mayor harold br,cacc and
8:57 am
at lstsix planned events are begun from kerry. town leaders say conservative estimates place the loss at $2 and a half million. this comes as carey is planning upgrades to facilities to draw in more events. amy, there's a slight cool down happening today. >> very slight. still gouge be very warm. temperatures will be above normal. we're hoping we can keep temperatures below that 90-degree mark. look at carolina beach. a very gloomy start to the e shn and off, this is all dow to tropical deession julia. the main em stay south of us. heavy rain possible across the southeastern part of our coastline. we could get a couple hit and miss showers later on today. it's 72 degrees in fayetteville. we'll warm it up into the upper 80afternoon. brian? . >> it is 8:5 as we take a look at south raleigh. we are getting word of something blocking the right lane of 40 westbound just beyond gormon street. 22 now to make that
8:58 am
you need to give yourself a few extra minutes th this map l lot worse than . cleared up, and r idents have the most part, major routes ar looking pretty good. brag boulevard closes in both directions today between buckn,r and howl. use m,rckason road. when you have to come to work as early as we do, a daytime nap sounds amazing. some researchers say long daytime naps could be link to serious health problems. today at noon, why some researchers suggest limiting
9:00 am
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how y'all doing today? i thank you, now. yeah, thank you very much, everybody. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, this is a good one today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of $22,135, straight out of muncie, indiana, it's the siurek family. audience: [cheering] steve: and from ladson, south carolina, it's the manigault


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