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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now on fox 50, raleigh police investigate after a body is found behind a business. what we are learning at this hour. >> a man accused of killing his to court today. what family members are saying about the 79-year-old suspect. >> the man accused of abducting a 6-year-old wilmington girl triggering an amber alert heads to court today. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm brian shrader in for bill leslie. we have friday on the brain here today and looking forward to the weekend. >> we are and all the fun activities. >> it is full on festival
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october and the weather is usually so nice and everybody packs everything into these couple of months. so it will be a business question weekend, lots of fun things to do. we'll be talking about the forecast for all sorts of things. take a look at or roxboro skycam. looking pretty out there. we've had some overcast conditions. we've seep some clouds out there over -- over roxboro. 70 in goldsboro and southern pines. 72 in fayetteville n your planner, some cloud cover, temperatures in the upper 60s. 77 at noonment about that time, the clouds will begin to thin out just a little bit. 83 for the high this afternoon.
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since bryan is over here. >> the roads look pretty great out there. no accidents except one just popped up in the last for you seconds there outside the beltline. i'll get information on that but it doesn't look like it is causing any problem there on the road. i-40 and wade avenue, traffic moving it appears that way. beautiful crepe myrtles there in the median. the drive from johnston county is getting backed up there around the wake and johnston county line. >> thank you. we are following breaking news. raleigh police are
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this morning. >> i bod -- a body was found behind a business on new bern avenue. mikaya thurman is on the scene. >> reporter: we have learned that it was a woman's body found here behind the furniture store. you can see this is 5109 new bern avenue. the focus of this investigation has been in the parking lot. you can see where that green and orange box truck is as well as that investigation has started. we do know a woman's body found just after 1:00 a.m. this morning. authorities haven't said what may have led to this death but that is what they are investigating at this time. right now, they say that there is no concern for public safety and that they are not searching for suspects. as we have any new information, we'll be sure to bring it to you.
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today, a convicted sex offender charged with kidnapping a 6-year-old gill will have his first court appearance. the little girl was found yesterday more than in some woods. there are reports she was chain tied tree and covered in mosquito bites. officials immediately took her to the hospital where they say she is in good condition. 46-year-old douglas edwards is charmed with first degree kidnapping and indecent liberties with records show he was convicted in 1994, a first degree sex offense with a 6-year-old. he was released from prison in 2012. a spring lake man charged with murdering his wife and adult daughter is due in court today. police say 79-year-old bobby kin called 911 yesterday morning and admitted he killed them. when officers arrived at the home on diane circle, they
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85-year-old dorothy king and the daughter, 55-year-old cynthia. family members say he suffers from demen shavment. -- from dementia. officials in columbus, ohio are calling for calm this morning after police shot and killed a 13-year-old. people gathered for a moment of silence in honor of tyree king. authorities say the teenager was killed during an armed robbery investigation. officers say they chased down king and another person in an alley.
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that is when officers fired at him. new details bay meat cleaver attack on a -- about a meat cleaver attack on a group of officers in new york city. they say the man pulled out the cleaver and hit one officer in the face with it. new york's police commissioner says three officers pulled out their guns and fired more than a dozen shots. the suspect is in critical condition at the hospital this morning. officer hit has nonlife- threatening injuries. barack obama has resurfaced on the campaign trail. >> coming up, what donald trump is now saying and not saying. >> u.s. house members are urging the president not to
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hillary clinton and donald trump are in washington, dose this morning with the democrat discussing issues important for african-american women and the republican rallying supporters at clinton's return to the campaign trail gave the candidates an opportunity to tweet their talking points but not their personal attacks. >> reporter: donald trump will likely face tough questions as he campaigns at his new hotel in washington today. his campaign announced overnight that trump is no longer a birther, that he believes president obama was born in the united states. but trump himself refused to answer that question telling the "washington post" i just
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>> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness. >> reporter: hillary clinton speaks to african-american women in washington today. last night, she and president obama addressed latino voters. >> we can't let that brand of politics win i don't we need to stop him conclusively in after latinos too. >> to the hispanic community, i say we are going to protect your jobs. >> reporter: he says he will do it by renegotiating trade deals. >> we are creating the car capital of the world in mexico, believe me, folks. >> reporter: trump is closing the gap 10 days before their first first to face showdown. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. a for-profit university is told to stop enrolling students
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aid. why no students will be taking chass after today. >> plus, the iphone goes on
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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well, elizabeth gardner. happy to have you back. where were you. account for your where was. >> i was at the national
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learned. >> five days! i don't can't wait to see what you learned. >> i've never been to norfolk, virginia. is it nice? >> it is. a lot of water front. we went you out to the virginia beach for a little while. >> did you all remark on the weather every time you walked outside. >> we did. like dorky things. i was waiting to have my luggage out and there were two guys there. who wants to bet what the ceiling is and meaning how high the clouds are. >> this really happened. >> it is a weather conference. >> like minded individuals. >> keeps you out of trouble. >> it does. maybe. >> we're looking good for the weekend. >> we are. >> brian is like let's move this thing along.
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it is gray out there at rdu. it is 69 degrees. a little bit of of a breeze. we are still dealing with julia in a very small matter. it is just off the coast and won't have any major impact. it is helping to bring us a little breeze along with the high pressure system working in tandem to bring us the northeasterly flow which will be color and grayer too. our dew point is 64 so moderately morning. 68 in roxboro. 69 in sanford. 72 in fayetteville. so here is what is happening. we have julia sitting offshore. it is about 300 miles from raleigh at this point so it is close but it is very weak. it is barely holding onto tropical storm status. the high pressure system up here, winds rotating clockwise around julia, the flow is count are clockwise. this works together to help bring us the northeasterly flow. a little boundary here wean the
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have showers and isolated thunderstorms and that would affect us maybe along and east of i-95. it is certainly producing enough moisture for a cloudy day to start with. we'll see a little sunshine later this afternoon. you can see julia spinning down here new rnafteoon. there is 7:00. again, our best chance of showers will be east of i-95. a gray start again on saturday. julia sits here to the south an over weekend, we'll watch a cold front back to our west getting a little closer to us. so by here is 2:00 sunday, we start to see a better chance scatte. boy, do we feed the rain. we e come in a labor day weekend, and it helped to erase some of the abnormally dry coithad. last week, things were looking pretty good. this week, we didn't have any
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dry conditions and nothing coming up in the seven-day forecast that is likemuch. mostly cloudy this morning. high of 83 a good bit cooler. at 10:00, 70. it will feel great for football friday t will be just a little bit breezy and i did not mean to go back to the forecast. let's try that again. saturday, 85 degrees. looking nice for saturday the weekend. we have bugfest at the museum, several football games. nc state plays old dominion and unc plays as well. kickoff for the nc state game at 6:00 at 82 and we finish off at 76. 90 on sunday and 93 on monday. after that, temperature back down into the 80s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and thursday morning will feel great at 60. thursday is the first day of
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not bad. >> bryan mims in for brian shrader. >> we are going to a traffic conference together in a couple of wicked. - - of weeks. yes, it will be great. we do have a couple of accidents to tell you about this morning. one not causing any problems just off the beltline and another just happened in the last for you minutes. this is at shellbrook court and north hulls drive. an we understand. it doesn't appear from our traffic sensor that it is causing much of a disturbance there. that just happened. something to be aware of if you are that that area. a look at the interstates. you can see the traffic is building up. the traffic is a little sluggish through there right now as we typically see this time of morning. here is the durham freeway not seeing any issues there. we are see something delays on
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the falls of neuse area. only six minutes from wade avenue out to i-540. . >> thank you. an area in paris that has been a magnet for migrants was the target today of a mass evacuation. at least 1600 migrants from afghanistan, the sudan were taken by bus to shelters around the region. many of them have been living on the streets of northern paris for weeks. officials say some refused to get to britain. paris authorities have carried out several similar operations in the same area. one as recently as a month ago but it remains a magnet for migrants. a human rights group in syria reports two children and an adult civilian have been killed since a u.s.-russian broke ared cease-fire took effect three days ago. the group says the children were killed in government held
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rebel-held aleppo. deutsche bank ag says no to paying $14 billion to settle civil claims with the u.s. department of justice. that is for its handle of home mortgage-backed securities and related transactions. the bank says the justice department proposed that settlement and asked the german bank to make a counter proposal. deutsche bank is one of many banks investigated over shoddy mortgages in the quiet crisis that led to millions of americans losing their jobs and sometimes their homes. the government accused the batchs of misleading investors. a house intelligence report on i'd ward snowden says he is not a whistle-blower and the vast majority of the he stole were military and defense secrets that had nothing to do with americans privacy. the report reveals that he was, quote, a disgruntled employee
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snowden right now is living in russia and he wants a presidential pardon. the fda is making good on a promise to strengthen its that is right over tobacco product. the agency announced that it issued its first warning letters to 55 retails for selling product like e- cigarettes and cigars to minors. it saw minors buying new product in appealing flavors. retailers could face fines if they don't the itt technical institute stopped operating today. the for-profit college chain announced earlier this month that it would close all 130 of its campuses including one in durham. that is after the u.s. education department banned the school from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid. education officials had questions about itt's recruiting and accounting practices. the closure impacts 35,000 students and more than 8,000 employees. take a look at this cell
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over double yellow lines and even tailgating other drivers. this all happened wednesday afternoon. one witness says the bus came within inches of nailing one car head-on. charlotte-mecklenburg school officials a no children were on board the bus. the system says it is reviewing the video. no reports of any injuries. it appears customers haven't lost their appetite for apple's smart phones. the new iphone 7 launches today but you can't buy it in stores. they are already sold out. in waited in line at the rain at the company's flagship store in sidney. many were disappointed to learn that availability of the new models was limited. some had waited in this line as long as two days if can you believe that. a teen even was offered $2,500 to give up his place but he refused. u.s. safety regulators
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phone. the consumer product safety commission urges all consumers to take advantage of this recall immediately. samsung had already in voluntary recall but the company has been criticized for not offering clear information about the problem or how it would be resolved. two first ladies are getting together today in support of america's military families. michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will participate in a discussion at the national a of the first ladies and the importance of supporting active doubty service members and their families. the american university is sponsoring that event. that will be interesting with them together on the stage. >> it certainly will. outgoing first lady. >> indeed. they are talking baseball in fayetteville. >> the issues cumberland county commissioners plan to address today to bring major league players to the area. >> a north carolina police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest
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traffic coming up in just a moment. stay with us. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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i'm brian shrader with a look at your top local stories. raleigh police are investigating after a woman's body was found behind a business on new bern avenue. at this point, police say there is no concern for public safety and at the moment at least, no search for suspects. today, a convicted sex offender charged with kidnapping a 6-year-old girl will his his first court appearance. investigators say he kidnapped
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ty good. val hit late sunday, we may have scattered showers and thunderstorms but check out our raleigh towegrca this morning. just expect to be dry today but gray to start with. by this afternoon, we have a little sun that begins to peek out. that sunshine is being delayed in appearing. it will help to temperatures cooler. so 79 at lunchtime and 82 at 4:00ment expect it to be dry mu again, late sunday into early monday, a front come through and we'll talk more about how that will affect us coming up. it is crowded on the roadways around the triangle there is an accident i need to alert you to. an accident involving injuries we hear. it doesn't appear to be causing much of a laon that stretch of hills drive.
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in through garner and here isism-540 and lamly road. we are seeing some delays on
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. there is a funeral today for north carolina police officer killed in the line of duty. >> the man accused of killing him is fighting extradition. that means that governor pat mccrory's office has to issue a warrant to get irving fenner, jr. back into north carolina. on saturday, shelby police officer tim brackeen was shot while trying to warrant. he died on monday. the governor says he will be at brackeen's funeral this afternoon. this will be a celebration today for the life and legacy of rodney ellis. ellis passed away last weekend. he is the former north carolina association of sedge r educators president well known for challenging state policies.
7:31 am
forum last night focused on conditions inside the durham county jail. the jail currently houses almost 500 inmates. at the human relations commission forum, dozens of community activists voiced their concern about jail conditions including food quality, unclean cells and the high cost of some goods. major paul martin with the durham county detention center defended the jail and its corrections officers. >> i'm going to defend this because i overblown distorted lies that are not an accurate reflection of the jail and i'm in the going to -- not going to sit here and let people get away with it. >> is this is not a us versus y'all thing. this is a we i think, a human thing. >> several human relations commission members toured the jail wednesday night. the chairman says the food quality needs improvement but he says the conditions in the
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north carolina will pay the largest fine ever issued by the state's department of insurance. the insurance commissioner fined the company $3.6 million as part of that settlement. the department of insurance was flooded with customer complaint in january and february saying the company did not answer customer service calls, did not print new id cards and had problems processing payments. block vrgs blue cross blue shield says it has fixed the the problem. a proposed baseball stadium is on the agenda later this morning. city officials say they have a way to pay for a baseball stadium downtown. it includes investments from the city, county and private sector. they say they are not considering residential tax and rate payer increases to pay for the project. city council and county commissioners are holding that special joint meeting at 11:30
7:33 am
fayetteville. if you have not been to downtown fayetteville in a while, there is a renaissance going on there and it is really impressive. >> i haven't been there yet. but baseball is a fun sport to watch and can bring a community together to cheer on a team. >> that will change everything in fayetteville. it really will. it will be incredible to see that. in apex, they will have some fun events there as well this weekend. take a look at our apex skycam. you can see the tents there on the left side of the festival that happens this weekend. seeing gray skies in many parts of of the viewing area this morning. town by town, temperatures or in the 60s and 70s. 70 in erwin. 68 in goldsboro. these clouds will stick around at least through lunchtime and maybe even a little later than that and we'll see a little sun peeking through later on. if you are heading out for your morning run, it feels pretty nice out.
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not so bad, mostly cloudy but mild and a northeast wind. it will be aling breezy today because of julia sitting off the coast of north carolina. we'll talk more about that storm and what it is doing coming up in a few minutes. bryan mims in for brian shrader. >> a couple of accidents. they don't look to be causing any major problems. let's take a look at this one that came in sometime in the last half hour, 45 minutes on north hills drive at sh sensors there. it doesn't look like traffic is being delayed at all by it but just be mindful of it if you are in the area this morning. another crash just happened in the last little bit here at lake boone trail and brooks satisfy. so be ware of that if you are traveling through that particular area this morning. here is a look at i-40 westbound through garner. it is building. traffic is thickening there on the westbound lanes as we normally see about this time of morning.
7:35 am
17 minutes from 42 to the beltline split. a look at i-40 and lake wheeler. not causing any major problems to be concerned about as you drive on 40 west through raleigh. 10 minute drive from 440 out to u.s. 1. here is a 17 minute drive from 42 to i-440. sick minute from wade avenue 540. expect apt moms and those manning a -- expectant moms and those planning a family will have a lot of questions for their doctors. >> let's take a look at your
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is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man!
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?happy birthday to you ?? ? happy birthday to you ?? >> a very sultry happy birthday to you. at least happy birthday to of you. accord tying harvard study of birthdays in america, check this out, september 16th the most common birthday in america. september is also the most common birth month. and for new and expecting moms, finding out you're pregnant and knowing what to do next are crucial steps to your baby's health. joining us this morning, j mary jane menken from jail school of medicine. thank you for joining us this
7:39 am
for asking me to be with you. >> yes. what health habits can women adopt to maximize their chances of getting pregnant? >> there are many things women can do to help get pregnant and maintain a he'll tripregnancy. basically, it is good common sensement you want to have good nutrition, getting as close to your ideal body weight as possible, exercising regularly. minimizing smoking. if you can cut it out altogether, that is the best. stop drinking. stop taking drugs. these are all very healthy hive style things that will help you get a good pregnancy. >> i understand there is a new blue tooth enabled pregnancy test called the first response pregnancy pro. tell us about this test. what are the benefits and foe thank yous? >> i think this test is really cool because, this is a digital pregnanty test and this is the first blue tooth enabled
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app to your mobile device. and it helps get you through the pregnancy test, doing the pregnancy test and that three minutes of waiting can be very anxiety provoking for women. right on your mobile device, can you watch some cool videos of calm things, educational things, entertaining things and after that three minutes goes by, you can immediately access some very helpful information. if the pregnancy test was negative and you were hoping to be pregnant, you can be synced up to learning very important information of how to get pregnant, step to take next. if you are pregnant, you can access very helpful information for your pregnancy, educational things about your pregnancy, following your babe a yi's government, talking about good nutrition, all of these things which are so crucial to get a healthy baby. >> that is very incident
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requesting to have that type of technology? >> the answer is i assume so because certainly people are very plugged into digital technology these days and using their mobile devices for just about everything. and what could be better than getting information right from your mobile device as far as starting off the life of your baby. >> and quickly, what to know during pregnancy. give us some helpful tips about managing your baby's health. >> again, sort of of the stuff leading a healthy lifestyle, eating properly, exercising properly and one other thing that you want to be doing before you get pregnant and while you're pregnant is take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, something hike the first response pregnancy vitamins. these are helpful, not drinking, not choking and you will hopefully have a wonderful healthy pregnancy. >> thank you so much from the yale school of medicine.
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viewed all sorts of great recipes. this is now the soap to share some. coming up in this week's edition of local dish, lisa and i will serve up a hearty soup featuring north carolina pork. that is lisa and brian, of course. donald trump goes on jimmy fallon.
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z246oz zy6z y246oy yy6y six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer
7:44 am
now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families. governor, please stop. ?smoke on the water, fire in the skies ?? ?smoke on the water ?? >> it is that one.
7:45 am
part of the song to come on. >> the one you've heard on commercials. >> yes, i'm that basic. it looked like there was some smoke on the water. >> it is just foggy out there in blowing rock this morning. it is pretty gray here too. up near the virginia line, we are seeing a little bit of sunshine. >> was fog on the water performed at the national weather association conference? >> absolutely. all kinds of stuff. seeks like tha would have come up with. >> let's see. i don't know. i got nothing. >> come back with it. >> all right. you all keep cracking me up about this thing. okay. let's talk about what is going on around here. our raleigh skycam is gray this morning. you can see that there. and we checked in in roxboro not too long ago and there was
7:46 am
we check out our temperatures, 69 and a northeast wind at nine miles per hour and our dew point is at 64. so it is feeling pretty nice out there. it is not terribly warm or muggy, just sort of middle of the road. 64 in son. 65 in south hill. 68 in rocky mount. we are still watching julia which is back up to tropical storm strength after being a of high presssitting up to our pressure, we have winds that rotate clockwise. we have the count are clockwise flow around the low and so we are watching the flow coming in from the northeast. a little bit cooler than yesterday with some of the northeasterly flow coming in. we have a bit of a boundary down here closer to the coast and that is where we'll have our best chance of any showers or thunderstorms. it would be nice to have a good soaking. the next best chance comes from
7:47 am
you can certainly pick julia out out here. you see that storm spinning and feeding some moisture in, enough for cloud cover tomorrow morning and a couple of patchy showers. sunday, especially as we get into the afternoon, we see a little bit more of an onshore flow paired up with our cold front approaching. we get some nice convergence happening there for a better chance for some showers and thunderstorms. here is what is happening out in the atlantic. here we have ian, karl and none of those likely to have any major impact on land at least any time soon. yule i can't has winds at just 40 miles per hour moving southeast at five miles per hour. it will just wander around off coast and not really have any major impact. 83 and it is a friday. football friday. you will see the gray skies and say are we going have rain? it looks very unlikely. you can head out to the football games without your
7:48 am
76 at 7:00 p.m. we have football all weekend. 85 on saturday. old dominion at nc state and kickoff at 6:00. 82degrees and the fp issue of the game about 76. some good-looking weather come ago long for at least saturday. we want to make sure you tune in to mike and aimee over the weekend. they will keep following the front. by late in the day, about a 30% chance an we have about a 40% chance of some storms but pretty toasty on monday at 94. sure is the first day of fall and we'll kick it off feeling great in the morning with 60 degrees. we'll see a high that afternoon of 85. if you are headed out about 8:00 a.m., expect 63. it looks really pretty. it will be nice to cole things down a little bit in the morning. bry appear mayor anthony williams in for brian shrader this morning.
7:49 am
brian shrader this morning. let's look at a couple of the accidents we are following. here is one along north hills drive at shellbrook court. that happened about an hour ago and doesn't look like it is causing any significant problems. there is one on lake boone trail to be aware of. let's take a look at 40 westbound. our typical slow and go along i- 40 from johnston county through garner. you can see the slowdown there. it is i-40 and jones sausage. it is 1 minutes 440. we'll take a look at i-40 and lake wheeler. some slowdown there through the fortify construction zone and it is about a 14 minute drive from 440 to u.s. 1 this morning. here a look at the drive times coming through south -- or from northern wake county along capital boulevard, high 1 down to i-540. no problems from capital boulevard out to i-40. it is a 17 minute drive this
7:50 am
this time next month, we will be celebrating the north carolina state fair. and all this month on local dish, the ago department's lisa prince and i are sharing some dishes inspired by the state fair's cooking contest. this week's is all about pork. >> so for the pork contest this year, have you to have a tailgating recipe. i know with we tailgate, we do different themes and for one, everyone bring as soup. we'll make a two bean pork shoup. >> we saute onion, thymes and garlic. we add in sriracha and we had curry paste and add the juice from a cooked pork tend are loin and some soy sauce, pour in some chicken stock and lisa adds mashed white beans for thicken, whole white planes, salt, bay leafs and more chicken stock. why do the two batches of chicken stock separately no. >> a little bit of lickied minister beginning helps the flavors meld together.
7:51 am
you are trying to distribute the flavors. >> bring it to a low bill and let it simmer. >> this is a two pound pork tenderloin that we cooked in the crock pot before handment if have you leftover pork, this is a good soup to make the next day. if you do a pork butt, any kind of pork you want to do goes with this soup. >> remove the bay leaves and add spinach and let it summer until it wilts. you have a you warm this winter. perfect for tailgating. >> that is really good. blue ribbon. >> oh, first place from brian. >> get a copy of that recipe on next week, lisa and i serve up some serious comfort food. >> boy, do we like comfort food. thursday night football and there were a lot of firsts. both the bills and the jets were looking for their first
7:52 am
first time, game was streamed live on twitter. bills quarterback got off to a pretty good start with an 84- yard touch downpass, the team's longest in five years. the teams exchanged leads but jets would come out on top 37- 31. the jets quarterback end the night with 374 passing yards. matt forte scored three touchdowns. as for twitter, the company signed a deal with the stream to thursday night games live. it was a hair raising experience on the tonight show with jimmy fallon with donald trump as he stopped by. fallon asked if he could do one silly thing with trump says i, quote, could be president next time he was on the show.
7:53 am
>> the answer is yes but the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in about an hour from now, i hope they will understand. >> you say yes? >> go ahead. >> that wasn't gentle at all. he wanted to give husm new hairdo. trump is said to be sensitive about his hair. he smiled throughout but press pool photographers were barred from taking his photo after the taping. i'm gentler about it. it feels quite nice. he knows.
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i'm lena tillett. here are your top stories. there is a funeral today for shelby police officer tim brackeen would died after he was shot trying warrant. the man accused of killing him, irving fenner, jr. is fighting extradition. fenner was captured in providence, rhode island on wednesday. a spring lake man is charged with murdering his wife and adult daughter. police say 79-year-old bobby king killed 84-year-old dorothy king and 55-year-old cynthia king yesterday morning and then called 911 to confess. family members say suffer dementia. going to be a pleasant weekend? >> not looking bad. turning hotter for us on
7:57 am
better chance for some scattered thunderstorms. check out our south hills skycam looking nice this morning. a little cloudy but a little breezy and feeling brzezinskiy as you -- and feeling good as you step out the door. it stays mainly dry except along and east of i-95 where we partly cloudy saturday and 85. -- we may have -- we may have a few showers. here is a look the 440, the beltline. here is the durham freeway at
7:58 am
going there and 540 and six forks road not too bad. look like traffic is moving along at posted speeds. not a bad drive this morning. 13 minutes from 42 to i-440 this morning. a body is found behind a
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. right now on fox 50, raleigh police are investigating after a body is found behind a business. what we're learning at this hour.
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wife and adult daughter heads to court today. what family members are saying about the 79-year-old suspect. >> the man accused of abducting a 6-year-old wilmington girl triggering an amber alert heads to court today. what we learned about the suspect and how the child is doing this morning. i'm lena tillett. >> i'm brian shrader. we've been following breaking news this morning. raleigh police are investigating a crime scene. >> a body found behind a business on >> reporter: this is just behind kimbrell's furniture and appliance. there has been some new developments here just been the last minutes. i'll step out of the way so you can see the scene here at 5109 new bern avenue. we are seeing police officers right now walking toward the back of the parking lot and that is where this woman's body was found. within last few minutes, they have pulled out several items from a box truck including a
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