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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  September 17, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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and create big opportunity for runs. ohio state has been flawless tonight. >> gus: third down and three. oklahoma with a chance to get going here. and step up in the pocket. a flag on the play. let's see. >> joel: i think they are going to get big jones with the hold in the backfield. >> gus: holding >> joel: there he is up top. a left tackle. great move by obo okoronkwo. >> referee: number 74. ten yards from the previous spot. repeat, third down. >> gus: that will make it third down and 19. >> joel: the inside move. okoronkwo is the best pass rusher than oklahoma has. displayed it right there.
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no choice but to bring him to the ground. >> gus: make it third and 12. j.t. barrett. near side. the ball caught. he will not have enough for the first down. oklahoma the it was holding this time. ohio state brings on the punt team. jordan evans defensively for o.u. >> joel: comebacks are kind of like it can only happen one piece at a time. you don't get it all back right away. so it starts with getting off the field. then you have to provide good field position. joe mixon back to receive the punt. >> he is at his own 20. cameron johnston angles it toward the near side. fair caught. 52-yard punt. frustrating night for bob
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>> gus: the roughnecks, the spirit group in charge of the fans and the sooner schooners. powered by two horses named boomer and sooner. they ride across the field after each oklahoma score. our conditions of the game is sponsored by dr. pepper. the college football tradition. what i don't understand, joel, during the land rush cheated. why do they celebrate? >> joel: they are the ones that took off the night before. >> gus: right. >> joel: the boomers are the ones that lined up at the line
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celebrate the sooners? if you're not first, you're last. [ laughter ] >> gus: joe mixon running the ball. landers with the tackle. here are the roughnecks. >> joel: mixon had a frustrating night on the offensive side. open up the right leg. >> gus: baker mayfield rushed out with the throw on the move. incomple. now. look at the body language of the sooners. you can tell that they are looking for something inspiring to happen. >> joel: there is not a lot of energy on the sideline. not a lot of energy in the building right now. you have to credit ohio state for taking that away. there has been opportunities for oklahoma to generate that. the turnovers took that away. and ohio state run game and j.t. barrett's ability to throw the ball in particular
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no i wouldn't. copy that! switch to sprint. get the iphone 7 for zero dollars... with eligible trade in. plus save 50% off most current national carrier rates. for people with hearing loss, visit >> gus: ohio state. let's go to shannon spake. >> shannon: gus, no question that the oklahoma offense is frustrated. they have watched the ohio state offense run up and down the field. baker mayfield told his guys listen we cannot control what they are doing out there. we will eventually get stops. we have to keep doing our jobs. both of you mentioned the energy in the crowd. it is flat. i couldn't hear myself before. now it's just gone. >> gus: that is because of this tremendous performance by
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not a lot to cheer for, for the sooner fans. third down and ten at 12. first down. that is mark andrews fighting for more yardage. he picked up 15 on third an ten. that will move the chains for o.u. >> joel: great anticipation here from mayfield. excellent job. andrews clearers the linebacker and settles in the hole for an easy completion. >> gus: running. trying to get to the mixon taken down by malik hooker. a big gain of 30 yards. >> joel: mixon gets going offensively. we saw the big run. now as a running back finds the lane. >> gus: first down at the ohio state 42. near side. a.d. miller. miller stopped by marshon lattimore. >> joel: i tell you what. the ohio state defensive backs
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tackling in space. it's one of the things that is even more important now than it has ever been. offenses utilize the entire field. they are so spread out, they will be in space in one-on-one situations. tackling beautiful. >> gus: second down and nine. mayfield. stop. spiraling. oh! who a hit that time. denzel ward delivering the wood on mark andrews. >> joel: ward falls off of the guarding which was dede westbrook. gets right in the lap of andrews. excellent defensive play. goes to the chest. doesn't hit him in the head or neck area. but a vicious hit. >> gus: third down and nine
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5:46 to play. third quarter. 42-17. we will step away for a moment. back after this. ?? since 1922, dickies has stood for durability and performance. we've earned your trust by making denim that combines strength and comfort to work as hard as you do. and now, you'll find more styles, more sizes, and more ways to get the job done. we back them with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. ?? learn more at dickies dot com. ?? >> gus: baker mayfield trying to motivate his team. as you take a look on third
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the 41. mayfield. in the middle. first down. nicely done. redshirt senior from hooksbury, pennsylvania, where the grab. >> joel: the backup to mark andrews who took the big hit. and this third down opportunity from the slot, the flex position. gets open. a great ball from mayfield. >> gus: first down at the 27. mixon picks up a first down. chris worley finally knocked him out of play. but it's a 14-yard gain. >> joel: that is what here is speed will do for you. ohio state was in the right position. we have seen this from curtis samuel on the other side all night long. the safety from ohio state comes up. webb in the right position. >> gus: first down and goal
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mixon. mixon falling forward. worley caught him in the backfield. >> joel: this is the type of scenario. i know it's only the third quarter but the way that ohio state's offense has been playing, this might be that four-down territory. where you are going to go for the end zone regardless than potentially kicking a field >> gus: second and goal from eight. mayfield. reverse, looking. decides to run it. will get out of bounds inside the five. mcmillan, worley combining on the stop. baker mayfield picks up about
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>> joel: andrews is back in the game. after taking that big hit. he has lined up on the right side. right up here. they love him in these situations. >> gus: mayfield. andrews. touchdown, oklahoma. great call, partner. [ applause ] andrews. he found the soft spot underneath. >> joel: this is just an excellent route. watch he will come up, out and actually go back to the middle of the field. he dealt it beautifully. he gets all the way two steps. man defender number seven damon webb over the top. excellent drive for the sooners. >> gus: extra point good for seibert. 42-24. what is that called?
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andrews executed perfectly. stoops, something to cheer about. sooners got some energy. >> gus: 42-24. baker mayfield being looked at on the oklahoma sideline as they try to cover him up. we ran into baker yesterday at the o.u. facility. a big guy. a big, strong guy. broad shoulders.
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imagine. >> joel: yeah. that is exactly what ohio state coaches said. but he is not using that right arm. as he comes to the bench. now he is behind that towel getting attended to. 96 yards. two touchdowns. he had interceptions. run the ball for 18 yards. >> gus: backup. campbell up to the sideline. out of bounds. he crosses the 45. time for a game break. mike hill. >> mike: exciting finish between number 16 georgia and mizzou. the dogs down six. under two minutes left. fourth and ten. jacob ethan find mckenzie for the 20-yard score. georgia wins 28-27 and improve to 3-0 on the season. gus, joel? >> gus: all right. thank you very much.
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austin kendall is the backup for baker mayfield. joe burrow is the backup for j.t. barrett. so far, j.t. barrett looks like he is going to have no problems playing the rest of this game. they run into mike weber. >> joel: but the defensive starts with stopping the run. they have got to get that established first. then they can start attacking the quarterback and disrupting e barrett has been able to do in the pocket. so it starts with the down three. number 97. charles walker. number 90, galimore. redshirt talent. they have got to get some push and stop the run to get their club back in ballgame. >> gus: second and eight at the 48.
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emmanuel beal. >> joel: jordan wade, 305. the senior. played in all 13 games a year ago. this is a guy that gives excellent push from the nose tackle spot, which is so critical when you run the three-man defensive front. here is the opportunity that o.u. need. a chance the get off the field against j.t. barrett. >> gus: third down and eight at the 48. 44 for a first down. empty backfield for j.t. barrett. under pressure. barrett throws. complete to brown. but not enough for the first down. as he gets to midfield. >> joel: here comes the pressure. mike stoops defensive coordinator dialing it up. bring emmanuel beal, the linebacker to pressure. disrupts the timing.
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what do you know? oklahoma gets off the field. here come the sooners. you can start to feel the energy a little bit after the scoring drive from their offense. their defense certainly answered the bell here. >> gus: joe mixon has already been special. on kickoff return. returning one 97 yards for touchdown. can he do it on the punt return team? he is back deep. >> joel: it loo state is going to take the delay of game. >> referee: delay of game. offense. five-yard penalty. still fourth down. >> joel: only going to help cameron johnston who has been one of the best in country pinning team inside the 20 yard line. you heard coach dave wannstedt talk about him at halftime. he's been excellent so far tonight and see if he can do it again.
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yards. it will be fair caught at the ten. 45-yard punt. so the sooners offense come back on the field. baker mayfield had his shoulder worked on. when he was on the side line. >> joel: mayfield in the huddle. kendall was right there, number ten as well. but mayfield is the ultimate competitor. he's scrappy. this is the type of game that you just never know. they can be patient. it's still the third quarter. excellent drive on the last series. now some momentum starting to be formed from the sooners. >> gus: they start from
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>> gus: they have had his number. four carry. he hasn't been able to get loose tonight. >> joel: second and seven after the three yard gain. mayfield. looking to throw. pump, the other side. wellbrook. did he haul it in? he did. 22-yard gain. just like ohio state looking for their number one wide receiver to step up. that is what oklahoma needs from dede westbrook. >> joel: he runs a great route. that is an excellent ball from mayfield. and then dede westbrook wrestles it away. >> gus: mayfield gets off. this time mixon slicing through ohio state defense. and gets the 40.
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perine back in the game. second and five. perine with a lane that closes immediately. nicely done by davon hamilton, the freshman. from pickerington, ohio. >> joel: davon hamilton. that is what you defensive tackle. he stands the offensive lineman up. this is where hands play a big part. he extends his arms. he plays with his hands. then he is able to shed the block. and get perine to the ground as that is going to do it for third quarter. >> gus: o.u. needs this win. >> joel: a big series for
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>> gus: welcome back to fox college football. start of the fourth norman. ohio state with the big second quarter. as we take a look at the scoring by quarters. but oklahoma showing signs down 42-24. cameron -- gus johnson, joel kl, shannon spake with you. >> joel: a crucial third down here.
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at the 44 for the sooners. mayfield in the shotgun. the motion man. >> joel: they use westbrook in the motion to try to freeze the defensive's eyes and use perine to get north and south universitiedly to -- north and south and divert perine again. >> gus: ohio state doing a nice job on perine. >> joel: yep. >> gus: they are limiting his opportunity to get downfield. >> joel: the number 35. chris worley. worley is one of the guys that the coaches single out and said he had a fantastic fall
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he has been playing great football this season. >> gus: back in a moment. nel sa. owner, head coach and marketing director of america's newest professional football team. the kentucky buckets! a real team, and not just a marketing gimmick to get buckets of delicious chicken in front of football fans. isn't that right, starting quarterback? yes, we are a real team. so watch the buckets with a kfc twenty dollar fill up,
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>> gus: fox college football is sponsored by -- >> gus: 42-24, ohio state. the third ranked team in the nation taking on 14th sooners starting to find a rhythm on offense against the ohio state defense who has been excellent for most of the game. second and six at the 48. play fake. mayfield. intercepted again by the buckeyes. marshon lattimore.
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ohio state tonight. the second for lattimore. he had two last week against tulsa. >> joel: lattimore ran the route for him. number 14 trying to get on top. lattimore duds an amazing job on staying on top of the receiver. he never even let him get even with him. that is textbook man-to-man coverage right there. if there is nine -- anytime to drop out of the route, that it. marshon lattimore turned and immediately sprinted. see if he does haul it in. it's tough to tell on that look. >> gus: lattimore sophomore from cleveland. that one looked like it bounced around a bit. >> joel: it did. it's not the movement. it's the control.
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the ground. right there it sneaks out to his right shoulder. and then he grasps it with his right hand. that looks to me as an incomplete pass. that leaves his hand and he loses control going to the ground. >> gus: at this point in the game, oklahoma would love to catch a break and try to the drive going. >> joel: unbelievable play there by lattimore. tough read for mayfield. as they show it in the stadium he believes what i believe, which is that this is going to be overturned. because of that keyword "control" going to the ground in the catch/no catch scenario.
12:02 am
the scoreboard. >> joel: you have to look for in those situations is there any adjustment with the hands after the perceived movement or the loss of control? there certainly was the right hand for lattimore. lattimore goes to the ground. watch his right hand throughout the catch process. >> referee: after further review, it's incomplete pass. as a result, 48 yards third down. >> joel: the right hand, the adjustment there. great call by the officials up in the replay booth. a break for baker mayfield in the o.u. offense. lattimore on the sideline, along with urban meyer. don't like it. certainly the correct call. they got it right. o.u. gets a shot here.
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>> gus: for oklahoma. mixon in the back field. lines up on the slot on the far side. mayfield. quick strike. he will not get the first down. questionable call on that third down and six. malik hooker with the >> joel: no one to block the safety. trying to block the safety. on third down, i can see it on third and two if he has to dive for a first down. but clearly he knew it was four-down territory. he had two play calls lining up. didn't gain the yardage. mayfield will stay on the field. >> gus: fourth down and seven after the one-yard loss at the 9 for oklahoma -- at
12:04 am
mayfield. dancing around in the pocket. in trouble. mayfield will take the sack at the 39. sam hubbard, jerome baker. the second sack of the night for the buckeyes. >> joel: they were given great time by their secondary. the secondary has been excellent so far. the only returning starter was conley, but in the back end there is nowhere to throw the ball. mayfield is looking. he tries to buy eventually the rush gets to him. sam hubbard closes the gap. to the ground. lincoln riley cannot believe it. nobody open in the back end. ohio state, too quick, fast, athletic in the secondary. >> gus: sooners turn it over on downs. buckeyes on the 39.
12:05 am
weber. one thing you know you will see with the ohio state team is toughness. reminds me when i was in germany with soccer. i got to a conversation with a german guy in munich. he was talking about the toughness of the germans and how americans we weren't tough. i said obviously, sir, you have never been to ohio. [ laughter ] the second down and six at the 35. needs a catch. >> joel: the defense is being called upon once more to try to go there next. it's so difficult when you are constantly in what i would call face-down situations. like second and six. third and less than three. because the entire playbook is available to the offense.


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