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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now on fox 50, federal investigators and bomb squads in two states are searching for suspects in a series of bomb over the weekend. what we're learning about the search for the suspects. >> also republican heeders in north carolina signal a possible way forward in the difficult do wait over house bill 2. >> and it's a dreary start to the work woke. elizabeth tells us when we can rain today and
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anytime it's gray on a monday morning, makes it that much hard to get out and, you know, make it happen. it is nice to have the rain. not going to be a refreshing rain, but we need all we can get out there. here's a look at the radar picture. starting to see a band to our west. that's likely to continue shift eastward. a lot of tropical moisture out there, too, because of the remnants rocksboro skycam looking wet now. no rainfall. you can e how wet the roads are. they had some heavy rain. an inch and 3 quarters in the haste 24 hours or so. 70 in south hills, 75 in goldsboro, and 76 in fayetteville. not looking at a lot of trouble
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10-mile visibility, but looking around downtown, socked in. a high just 80 degrees this afternoon because of the clouds and the rain we will see on and off. and of course, brian, we're seeing low clouds on traffic cameras. yes, we are seeing low clouds, fog by conditions, break lights growing in the grayness on 40 westbound. take a look tat drive tools through garner coming out of jobston county. you can see the on the westbound lanes, our sensors picking up some show downs as we generally see this time of the morning: still pretty thick. there about an 18-minute drive from 42 to the belt line split. here's i-40 through south raleigh. doesn't look too shabby through there, though you probably will be taping the breaks as you head westbound through the fortified construction zone. 9-minute drive from 440 to u.s.
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times through southern wade county. 15 minutes on 401 north. 401 to u.s. 1 on highway 55 is 14 minutes, and 23 minutes on highway 50 from 42 to u.s. 70. bill and l,na? . >> brian, thank you very much. we begin this hour with breaking news out of both new jersey and new york. a man hunt is ends way. federal, state, and local investigators are trying to figure out who planted two bombs in the city's not. and fortunately no one died. as chris pohomb reports, people and police are on edge. >> reporter: today an increased security reasons is visible across new york city. an additional 1,000 state troopers and national guard solders descending on atlanta. a visible show of force after a bomb exploded saturday. it left 29 injured and countless others rattled. >> rushed out there within seconds of the bomb.
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i noticed screaming, running, glass everywhere. the bomb exploded in the city's chelsea neighborhood. many of the injured were -- all of them released from the hospital. >> you see the amount of damage. we really were very lucky there were no fatalities at the time. >> reporter: it might have been part if a coordinated attack. just four block away, police discovered a pressure cooker with wires and a phone attached. that device has been dismantled, and the fbi is combing it for close. law enforcement sources say it appears the same man was spotted in surveillance videos near both devices, but who he is and whether he's even involved at all remain a mystery. >> we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what the kind of motivation was behind this. >> reporter: investigators are poring over surveillance crowds and bomb fragments, hoping they lead them to the bomber. chris polomb, nbc, new york.
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nine people at a minnesota mall as a potential act of terrorism. police say the attacker stabbed the people at a saint cloud's mall on saturday night before an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. the man reportedly made at least one reference to al la and asked the victim if he or she was a muslim before attacking. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. the attacker was a 22-year-old somali man who came to the u.s. with his family 15 years ago. world leaders are arriving in the big apple for the general assembly. today president obama and iraq's prime minister will meet about the upcoming offensive to take back the northern city of mosol. mosol is iraq's second quarter largest city. the fight for mosol is expected to ramp up in the next two to three months following recent victories in fallujah and area mad day. the president will also meet today with china's premier, and will give
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assembly. a significant new development related to north carolina's controversial house bill 2. >> that's right. for the time, gop leaders are putting their weight behind a possible repeal with one major condition. wral's -- is in our newsroom to explain. renee? >> reporter: bill and lena, the two top legislative leaders are suggesting a repeal of house bill 2, but only if the charlotte city council repeals its transgender -- first. that is is clearest sign yet that the general assembly could backtrack on the controversial law. it is also an effort to pressure the charlotte city council in accepting at least some of the responsibility for a months- long fall out over the measure. that includes recent announcements it acand ncaa will move the championship games outhe state. the patrol for a repeal of a
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they say charlotte should not be forced -- merely to blunt the effects of the state law. we will be watching now for the queen city's response to this latest offer from the legislative leaders. back to you. >> renee shou in our newsroom, thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton our focused on national secury. >> why one candidate is facing criticism. >> also federal investigators are headed to north carolina. what they'll examine today as
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edward lawrence is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome -- >> reporter: donald trump used the weekend bombings and stabbing attack to separate himself, tweeting, "the it failed obama/hillary keep us safe." hillary clinton so reacted to the attacks from th weekend. >> obviously we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims. we have to let this investigation unfolded. >> reporter: safety may become a focus for the candidate this is week. clinton running mate tim kaine said trump's latest call is part of the dangerous
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the republican nominee. >> i believe it is incite or at minimum an expression to indifference whether violence would occur. >> reporter: trump said it because of clinton's views on gun control. meanwhile he shied away from previous birther movement comment with his vice presidential candidates straight it's old news >> donald trump has been focusing on issues the american people really care about. he brought that issue to an end. >> reporter: nbc news, washington. >> new clinton losing ground among voters. , for example, in michigan -- down 7 points with voters over donald trump return north carolina tomorrow. he'll host a rally at high point university. the event begins in the afternoon. trump's democratic rival, hillary clinton will also be in north carolina, attending a private fundraiser at a home in chapel
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moths will campaign for hillary clinton in north carolina. each of the women lost children as a result of altercations with law enrcent . aend events in durham, fayetteville, and greensville today, and charlotte tomorrow. concerns about the safety coming up, when galaxy note 7 owners will be able
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l,na tell us what that is. >> that is from a bat man movie. >> it's from bat man the tv show. >> that's why we're playing it. if you ask me who it is, i have no clue. >> it is a really old-school "bat man" -- >> i knew that. they're whispering in my ear: "batman. batman." i know it, guys. thought -- >> it looks pretty. you would think it would be cloud year there. it's couldn't of tough to get up and go with the gloom with oar seeing around our area. we're going to start off with a look at our radar picture. we do have showers and storms we've been tracking overnight. amy wilmoth last night was talking about the warnings we had, flood warning
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way to roxboro. that flooding has eased up. look what's developing back off to the west. we have this band of thunderstorms coming through around ashboro around the zoo, and that's going to be pushing on off to the east. we're going to start to see that rolling into alamans county, possibly up around durham. that's probably anywhere from an hour, hour and a half away. probably going to be a lot of people on the roads -- keep it tuned here, and we'll be watching as this moves on up across interstate, let, you know, if it's causing any problems. we've had some heavier rein up here west of roanoke rapids. we'll take another look, start our loop here at about 3:. we had a good bit of rain there. any additional run could also
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night. seeing an inch, 0 quarters in rocksboro. a little more rain could again cause some flooding issues. here's a look at durham. clouds now, not a lot of rain falling at the moment. it's dry at the airport, but very damp and muggy. 76 is our current temperature. and our dew point apt 75. our visibilities are low at many places. at the airport it's 2 miles. 1 mile in south hill, 2 and a half in rocky mount. no real fog; just a low ceiling lot of times, out of those low clouds, we get some drizzle. you may run into a bit of that this morning, too. like july out there. 76 in fayetteville, 75 in rocky mount, and 71 in south hill. our satellite and radar picture showing what's going on. we have the remnants of julia trying to work their way back into north carolina and back to our west, a cool front. so we're seeing this convergence. so the tropical moisture coming from the coast and some lift with this cool front
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one boundary from overnight last night, of course, produced some heavy rain and some flooding. now we have that developing a little farther to the west in greensboro. we're gong see these boundaries developing across our viewing area all day. and that's going to send us the potential for some flooding. here we are right around lunch time. we have a boundary that starts to develop along the i-95 corridor possibly this afternoon. then, after that, just continuing to be cloudy and we'll see some showers on and off on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. this is a look at our rain chances for several days. 60% today, 40 tomorrow, 30% chance on wednesday and thursday. our temperature today, of course, stays much cooler than yesterday because of the clouds and the rain that we'll see. we have that 60% chance of rain. tomorrow 82, and wednesday 82. how much rain are we talking about in the next couple of days through the day on tuesday, an inch to 2 inches around the triangle. north and east of the triangle, 2 to 3 inches, especially as you get a little
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thursday is the first day of fall. 82 degrees. even though fall arrives thursday, we're still not out -- completely, looking at another day highs at 90 on saturday. brian, it would be nice if we didn't have to see any more 90s. >> yes. i say amen to that. looking forward to fall, but, boy, summer is just stubborn. won't let go. traffic is a little stubborn on 64 east, 64 bypass, also you can see an assistant there that is in the clearing stages. a few other accidents not causing many difficulties. let me zero in on this crash that happened oh within the last hour. it is causing back ups on u.s. 64 bypass as you approach 440 west. this is the belt line here. beginning on 440 west, you probably hit some delays this morning. here's i-40 and the clinton bypass, seeing our typical delays on westbound 40 out of johnston
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is getting jammed up there through the fort tide construction zone through south raleigh. so expect some delays in that area. it is a 16-minute drive from the highway 42 exit to the belt line split from johnston county to raleigh. 440 to wade avenue is about a 12-minute drive. six minutes, you're pretty clear, from wade avenue out to -- 540 and rtp. back to you. >> brian, thank you very three people reported shark bytes in central. they happened in the same area. a 43-year-old man was bitten on the leg while half hour later, a 36- year-old was bitten on bothnds, anin the afternoon, a teenager was bitten on the thigh. okay. ree are expected ed today c republic hill, south caro following the deadly crash involving its football team. four people died, and forty-two others were hurt
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scraped along a concrete ridge column near chmond county. the group was headed to fayetteville for a saturday game. the national transportation safety board is sending two investigators to check out the tires. no word yet if the agency will launch a full-fledged investigation. also chicago police officers on patrol will be equipped with body cameras by 2018. the police superintendent said body-worn cameras provide a glimpse officers face every single day. he says they'll assist in efforts to provide better training. the program will cost about $8 million. a vote is expected on capitol hill today on a stop gap measure to coop the government running past the end of the budget year this month. congressional negotiators are working to quickly finalize legislation to provide money to battle the threat of the zika virus and prevent an election season shut down.
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washington this week and get on the campaign trails. senate leaders hope to seal a deal in time for procedural votes -- this afternoon. u.s. torn's off there are two events scheduled in raleigh. law enforcement officers will bather for an executive session tomorrow where they talk ovdoses. also there's a town hall event thursday evening at poland park community cold front in raleigh. new ov samsung will start rolling out replacements of the galaxy note 7 this week. the new replacement devices equipped with batteries will -- south korea today, the u.s. on wednesday. that's after a spate of fires led to injuries and property damage. yelp is warning a california lawsuit targeting critical posts could leave consumers with a skewed
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getting a review on yelp. they're targeting what they call y,lp lies, not just negative statements. some argue that a ruling against y,lp could stifle free speech online and gut other web sites. . the california circuit court, which has until mid-october to decide whether to hear the case or let against y,lp stand. lyft says self-driving cars will handle the majority of its company's rides hn zimmer wrote an essay on the future of transportation in urban areas over the week. zimmer also says personal car ownership will end as the cost of autonomous rides fall. lyft is testing self-driving vehicles in san francisco and phoenix. uber is carrying passengers around pittsburgh in
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back up driver. next, what's expected to happen today and concerns from neighbors. >> ken smith talks with the
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he could insthe couldn't.ling fan. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too.
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unexpected low price. for as low as 135 dollars seper month. learn more at your john deere dealer. the senator leader and house speakers say, if charlotte repeals its transer nondiscrimination ordinance, republican leaders could consider repealing house bill 2. lgbt advocates say charlotte should not be forced to strip -- merrily to blunt the effects of the state law. workers are trying to fix a pipeline leak that's impacting gas supplies in north carolina and in at least four other states.
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bypass line will be finish. already in the triangle, some stations are out of gas, prices are up from what they were on friday. temperatures will be down today. let's get the forecast from elizabeth. >> that's all because of the system rolling through, bringing raincloud cover today. right now some of the heaviest rain is sitting just to our west, but it's moving east to the area. keep that in mind as you're traveling around. you may run into some issues on the rods this morning. it's going to keep our temper you can see from raleigh west warder that rain that's a little jeff year just to our west. 72 in rocksboro. our high today just 80 degrees. a little bit cooler than yesterday. 82 tuesd wedsday. we continue with a chance of showers and storms, at least through the middle of the week. brian? and good morning to you. look out for an accident on westbound 40 at gormon street, causing some delays through the fortified zone. there's an accident in the
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u.s. 64 bypass -- just as you approach the belt line, see flashing lights. . not seeing too many delays there. 440 and ridge road. it is slowing down on the westbound lanes of the belt line. here is a look at the drives times coming from johnston county. thanks, brian. next on fox 50, one person is dead, another injured in a shooting in durham.
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police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. >> the call in in about 2:00 this morning at an apartment complex onwardsboro street. julia sims has been live on the san all morning, and, julia, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: bill and l,na, details are a half of crime scene investigators, technicians that are up in that second- story stairwell. looks to be they're processing the scene and collecting some evidence. we know two people were shot. one was killed, and another person suffered non-life-threatening injuries. details, though, are still not very clear as to what led up to that shooting. police have said that no one is
7:31 am
not the people involved knew each other or if this was a random shooting. this is the lynn haven apartments. it's a small, low-income housing complex, about 75 units. it's not clear begun exactly where this shooting took place; but as we showed you, we do believe it was in that upper unit on the end of the apartment complex. again, investigators say two people were shot. one person treated for nonlife-threatening injuries, and the other person, we understand is a fee male who has died. we will stay on this and bring you the very latest as those details become available. bill? l,na? >> julia sims in durham live. thank you very much. a raleigh man charged with murdering his wife has a first court appearance today. vladimir koch,r,n is in jail. police say he's responsible for
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bech,ren. a man who called 911 told the dispatcher the 44-year-old woman was lying in a pool of blood. investigators are not revealed how she died. a fayetteville mother faces charges relating tussores of crashes that critically injured her four-year-old daughter. police say shelly smith hit a taho, on hope mills, kept going into the -- where she hit three houses before being arrested. smith is at the cape valley medical center condition. her daughter was taken to unc hospitals in chapel hill. criminal charges are pending. blue bell ice cream is returning to raleigh today. the company is expanding its distribution area in north and south carolina. blue bell is reopening its facilities in raleigh, charlotte, and columbia, south carolina. the company is working to recover after shutting down production in several plants. the fda found listeria and unsanitary equipment in three facilities.
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today on a request for a substantial landfall expansion. currently the shotwell landfall is permitted to take up to 91,000 tons of construction and demolition waste per year. landfall operators want to increase that to 365,000 tons. they want to increase the service area to seven additional counties as well. some homeowners have complained. among their concerns, the safety of ground water. state and county officials say a review of data does not suggest any contamination due ,lon university releases new poll numbers today and tomorrow. researchers asked north carolina voters about the u.s. senate and gubernatorial races. the survey also included questions about north carolina's very controversial house bill 2. this is the first a rvey of the -- elon, part series of sure raise the school will conduct before election day. a traffic shift planned to happen last night was postponed because of the rain.
7:34 am
stretch of highway between lake mueller road and south sundayers street. it's the fifth traffic shift in the past several weeks. the dot says drivers can expect to use new lanes for the 8 and a half miles of the project later this fall. . >> i'll be glad when it's all over. >> i think we all are. tired of hearing all the developments, all the new wandses. wet roads this morning, certainly. >> that's right. we need the rain. >> we do. ki monday morning. i do, we need it. my grass is approach brown at this point. i'm not sure if it auto's going to recover or not in time for winter. let's take a look at our radar picture. you can see we do have thunderstorms south of -- right around ashboro. those are gradually shifting to the east. we're not going to see any of this moving quickly today. it's not going to immediately rush into our viewing area. being that it's 7:34, i'm not
7:35 am
to the end of our morning commute. for the most part, everything is pretty quiet around our area. you're going to run into a little rain up -- beyond that, things are looking good now. however, on and off during the day today, we will see rain. the blackhawks chance of that will actually be after lunch time. chemoyour umbrella in place where you can grab it if you're heading out the door. 75 in wilson, 71 in hander son, and 76 in willington. the kids will probably be happy to have that happy to have it. 74 this morning. it's warm and muggy now, but it doesn't heat up too much this afternoon. a high of only 80 degrees because of the rain we're seeing. brian is here with a look what's going on. you have that possible of the heavy rain in maces. at the moment, it's looking okay. still looks like a lot of -- >> yeah. these accident have been popping up over the map in the last few minutes. most of them are minor depender benders.
7:36 am
i-40 westbound. from our sensors, not appearing to cause much of a problem -- appears traffic is flg owinalong nicely throug herelo also at the belt line, where we're seeing slow down at glennwood avenue on the westbound lanes of the belt line this morning. here's a look at i-540 at fallsom news. with saw a dayfew minutes ago. it has since cleared up, as you can see, and traffic is moving through there at what speeds. let's look at the drive times coming into real local from southern wake county. lot of red here on 55 west and -- u.s. 1, a 17-minute trip. 22 minutes from highway 42 to u.s. 70 on highway 50 north. a look at northern wake drive times, highway 1, capital boulevard is 18 minutes. back to you. it's premier week on fox 0,
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to the monsters. >> sound scary. up next, ken smith takes us behind the scenes with the stars of the show "gotham and louis father.
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, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney genal, weisve dred a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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. >> reporter: the new season of "got am," the season is riddled with even more monsters with almost no place to hide. >> i don't think gotham is running out of monsters anytime soon. >> what is going on in gotham? . >> what is isn't going on in gotham? >> reporter: i was in hollywood, talking to fan favorites from popular fox shows like "gotham." corey michael smith who plays the future ridl,r. >> amok. she's back on the scene. and it's getting, at least from my perspective, it's giving penguin something to focus on and to go after. >> eat. >> reporter: the mayhem- seeking penguin, future riddl,r puts "gotham," smith says, in a class by itself. >> the show has defined itself as a singular entity
7:41 am
have a clear identity. it's so -- it's just so fun now. like, we're just role lishing in it. >> someone just came from hell. >> who could possibly scare you. >> also rising again on the small screen, "lucif,r." . >> she's hit rally going to kill me. >> reporter: the devil's mob escapes from hell, and transportation in on season 2. >> it's been just >> reporter: trisha h,mford, amy garcia joined the cast this season. garcia is a forensic scientist and a woman of faith in this world of angels and demons >> she brings, i think, nonjudgment and fun where there's no ulterior motives, and she doesn't have an agenda. >> she's coming for me. i know it. just need to get to her first.
7:42 am
fallen angel and his brother right now is a mystery. >> i wanted to make sure she wasn't -- oh she's just evil, and that's it. no. they told me what mom was all about, and i was instantly hooked. >> "gotham" and "louis for" -- tonight on fox 50. if you want to see the entire video, head to . law enforcement officials have identified a man suspected of playing a role in the bombings that have occurred over the past three days in new york and new jersey. multiple law enforcement officials identify 28-year-old ahmad rahami of elizabeth, new jersey, as a suspect. sources told nbc he was the man seen on video in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood, the site of an explosion saturday n more that up. wall it's been a dominant
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devil in a plow dress, or wears a blue dress. there's devil and address involved, and the whole point of that song is because "louis father" will be premiering on fox 50. well hopefully you'll have your run coat on. we're actually seeing a lit bit of a lull in the precipitation, but today is going to kindly bring us a day where we have a good chance for rain. boy, we've been needing that. h last night. we had some of this developing, just kind of sitting in the same place. we call it training, and that caused some flooding from durham all the way to rocksboro that particular band eased up a while ago. that flood warning has dropped off. look what's happening again. here we go with a band of rain. little clusters of thunderstorms embedded in this. we'll see back here south of greensboro starting to make its way on up here into
7:47 am
course, orange county. going to see a -- clipping rocksboro again. rocksbor has seen over an inch and 3 quarters in the last 24 hours. we add more to that, and that's not be so great. had some thunderstorms around -- we're going to run into some rain along the i-95 corridor, one nothing that's terribly heavy. you can see from henderson on down to the south and west. things are looking pretty dry at the moment. back to our west, we're going to start to see some of this heavy rain move lightning with this. if you're going to be heading from say durham and chapel hill back toward hillsboro, toward the triad rain, you're going to run into heavy rain. everything at the moment otherwise is fairly quiet. we start our loop at about 4:00 a.m. you can see this line developing back to the west, and very, very slowly, it will shift eastward. it's going to be a while before
7:48 am
some low cloud cover certainly this morning. out at the airport at rdu, 76 degrees. dew point now is at 75. so it feels very tropical now. 3-quarter mile visibility in fayetteville. consider it to be fog at a quarter-mile visibility. low cloud cover in fayetteville. not technically fog. two-mile visibility in raleigh, 3 miles in rocky mount. it's warm out there. temperatures are in the low and mid-00s. ou it feels very tropical, all of that thanks to the remnants of julia, trying to -- it's running against this cool front that's back to our west and helping create some boundaries. along boundaries, we'll have heavy rain developing. this is going to continue to be an area right around central north carolina where we end up with a lot of heavy rain today. 11:00 a.m., you can see that right in the triangle, shifting eastward in the afternoon. no matter where you are, you
7:49 am
seeing heavier rain. tropics are pretty active. julia just remnants at this point. we're watching karl back here. karl locks like it may begin to strengthen to the end of the week. right now just a tropical storm. could be a category two storm by early saturday. right there is bermuda. not likely to have a big impact on the united states, but could affect bermuda. it's a pretty strong storm. we'll keep watching it. our chance for rain today, about 60%, especially during the afternoon from say 2 to 5:00. same time period tomo about a 40% chance of rain. and we're looking at some pretty significant amounts, too, especially north and east of the triangle. that's where we could see 2 to 3 inches. 1 to 3 potentially around the triangle area. these are just averages. the actual amount of rain where you are may vary widely with this particular weather pattern. the first day of fall is thursday, high of 82. may pop out at 90 again saturday. ryan is in, talking about the roads this morning.
7:50 am
>> yeah. a lot of accidents have cropped up in the last half hour or so. most of them are minor and not causing significant delays. there's one that just happened in the last little while on 440 at capital, but it looks like it's in the clearing stages. you can see the red on the westbound lanes of 440, there are some back ups on the belt line. so be mindful of that. here's a look at capital boulevard at 440. not seeing much of a problem i-440 seeing some delays on the westbound lanes. . this is i-40 at white oak road as you drive-through gain. not seeing too many problems there. traffic is moving along at a fairly good clip for this time of morning as traffic head out of johnston county into raleigh. not seeing too many issues on 540 this morning. just a lot of gray skies and dampness. look out for some ponding on the roads around the
7:51 am
fayetteville as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. "sully" is proving it isn't just a fly-by-night movie at the box office. the movie about the miracle on the hudson remained afloat at the top of the box office for a second quarter straight weekend. the movie, starring tom hanks as captain sully sullenberber, took in $22 million. ''blare witch" in the number two spot, with only baby with renee sell weeinger, again starring as the main character, crawled away with 8.2 million, a big disappointment there. . game of stones is now the most honored prime-time series ever. the fantasy saga won the awarded for best dramatic series at the emmys last night. that gives the show a total of 12 emmys this year,
7:52 am
seasons. that means the late ?90s show "frazier," julia louise dreyfus won her sixth trophy as best comedy actress. that's also and emmy awarded. her show veep won for best comedy for the second quarter straight year. very good show. it is time now for what's trending. let's bring the camera here. >> yeah. so corey feltman is trending. he is responding to the on line bullies after his much-talked-about performance on "the today show" from last friday. the ?80s heartthrob was performing a song from his fifth album. if you have not soon it, take a look. you'll probably see why it went viral. >> [ "they put you on the
7:53 am
there." . >> the performance drew a lot of comments, many of them negative on social media about his awkward dancing and people just sayiwed and odd in general. in a facebook postthat's now been deleted, f,ldman says reading the comments has been extremely painful. he said, "we put ourselves out there, did t mean things said to me, like, constantly." feldman said he didn't think his song deserved backlash. he said, "it's just a song. you don't have to beat us up or publicly shame us." apparently he hasn't wanted to get out of bed and he's even afraid for his ttg ou because of all those comments line.
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is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man!
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federal investigators will check the tires on a charter bus that crashed in richmond county. the bus hit a concretebridge support and guardrail. four people died, and 42 were injured in saturday's crash. the bus was bringing a football team to the very first game in fayetteville.
7:57 am
it is just to our west. it's gradually going to be inching into our area, though. keep your raincoats and umbrellas handy. take a look at the radar picture. the bulk of that rain just to our west at the moment. we've had some rain overnight a morning, but around the viewing area, much of that has ended except for say roanoke rapids and back over to south hill, virginia. 75 in rocky mount, 76 in irwin. because of the clouds and that we'll see on and off today, temperatures will be cooler. expect a high of 80 degrees. we'll have showers and storms, system today will be heavy at times a. chce of showers and storms again tuesday and wednesday. ryan? wet roads and a flurry of accidents around the raleigh area. there's one on -- that's causing some delays on westbound i-440. so it's a 28-minute drive from i-40 to wade avenue. slow-going on the belt loin for sure.
7:58 am
bypass, and 440 and glennwood avenue, some slow downs. here's a look -- out of johnston county. back to you. >> thanks, brian. we continue to follow breaking news out of new york and new jersey.
7:59 am
8:00 am
republican leaders in north carolina signal a possible way forward in the -- debate overhouse bill 2. >> and it's a dreary day to start the work. elizabeth will tell us what we can expect -- rain today and tomorrow. to breaking news on the bombing in new york. authorities have identified a suspect in 28-year-old ahmad kahn rahami. he's being sought in connection with the explosion that injured two dozen people in new york. there's no word yet on whether the fbi is connecting him to explosive devices found in elizabeth, new jersey. chris polomb reports on the investigation. >> reporter: and additional 1,000 state troopers and national guard soldiers


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