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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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republican leaders in north carolina signal a possible way forward in the -- debate overhouse bill 2. >> and it's a dreary day to start the work. elizabeth will tell us what we can expect -- rain today and tomorrow. to breaking news on the bombing in new york. authorities have identified a suspect in 28-year-old ahmad kahn rahami. he's being sought in connection with the explosion that injured two dozen people in new york. there's no word yet on whether the fbi is connecting him to explosive devices found in elizabeth, new jersey. chris polomb reports on the investigation. >> reporter: and additional 1,000 state troopers and national guard soldiers
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bomb exploded saturday. >> rushed out there within seconds of the bomb. my ears were still ringing, and i noticed screaming, running, glass everywhere. >> reporter: the bomb exploded in the city's chelsea neighborhood. all of them released from the hospital. . >> you see the amount of damage. we really were very lucky there were at the time. >> reporter: it might have been part of coordinated attack. police discovered a pressure oowe are wires and a cell phone attached. that device has been dismantled, and the fbi is combing it for close. law enforcement sources say it appears the same man was spotted in surveillance videos near both ces. whether he's involved at all remains a mystery. >> we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this. >> reporter: investigators are
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fragments, hoping they lead them to the bomber. nbc news, new york. authorities are investigating the stabbings of nine people as a potential act of terrorism. police say the attacker -- before an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. the man reportedly made at least one reference to al la. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. somali man who imcame to the u.s. with his family 15 years ago. with heightened security in new york city, world leaders are arriving in the bug apple for the general assembly. today president obama and iraq's prime minister will meet about the upcoming offensive to take back the northern city of mosol. mosol is iraq's second largest city. the fight for isis is expected to ramp up in the next two to three months following recent victories
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today with china's premier. tomorrow he will give his farewell speech to the general assembly a significant new development related to north carolina's controversial house bill 2. >> for the first time, gop leaders are putting their weight behind a possible repeal under one condition. bill leslie is in our newsroom with more. bill? >> yes, renee and l,na. the two top lead rester suggesting a repeal of house bill two, but only if the charlotte city council repeals its ordinance first. that development from house speaker jim moore is the clearest sign yet that the general assembly could backtrack on the controversial law. it is also and effort to pressure sure charlotte city council in accepting some of the responsibility for the months-long fall out over the measure. that includes recent announcements it acc and ncaa will move the 2017 championship games out of the
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repeal has been heavily criticized by lgbt advocates. they say that charlotte should not be forced to take the heat and strip new and active approximates merely to blunt what they call the effects of a discriminatory state law. we'll be watching to see the queen city's response of this latest offer. >> back to you. >> a lot of new developments with that story. wow. >> we'll be monitoring that. we're alsoatching for rain chances for today. . we've already started off the day with some. >> overnight we had some heavy rain. that -- flooding warnings, from durham northward up to rocksboro. another beefy-looking line that's started to firm up in the last say 30 to -- minutes. it's getting ready to head over into rocksboro. rocksboro is seeing 2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. as this band -- starts to shift
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county and toward rocksboro. we may end up with some more flooding problems there. we'll continue to travel down this line. starting to work its way into burlington, and will push over to hillsborough here are here. it's not moving eastward very quickly. sealer city in pittsburgh, you're about to see some of this as well. and eventually we may see some of this back down into southern pines and seven lakes. but at the moment, the southern end of that is not quite as northern end. . 2 inches in rocksboro. we haven't seen those rainfall totals anywhere else. . others don't see very much out of this particular pattern. it's warm and muggy out there. 76 in wake, for example,, 05 in holly springs. town by town, 72 in south hills, 76 in goldsboro and fayetteville. only mild visibility in fayetteville, two miles in
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78 at lunch time, a high of only 80 degrees. we will see rain on and off. some of that will be heavy at times. brian is here with a look at a bunch of accidents on the road. not necessarily rain-related, because there's not a lot of rain -- >> not a lot of rain. just a bunch of ci most of them minor, not causing too many problems. but the travel lanes are pretty thick. here's a look at i-40 and aviation parkway. just a 6-minute drive from wade avenue out to i-0. into rtp on 40. here's a look at the belt line. we are seeing delays there on the westbound lanes of the belt line. there was an accident here at six forks road. it has been clearing up in the last few minutes, but still causing problems on westbound 440. here's a look at westbound i-40 at saunders street for the fortified zone. we are seeing break light there is. so count on some -- allow extra time going through
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25-minute drive from 40 out to wade avenue on 440, 17-minute drive from the 440 split at 40 over to wade avenue on i-40 this morning. there's an accident i need to draw your attention on highway 1, north just outside ap. there's one lane blocked there, so you'll run into some delays there on 1 north, heading out of ap this morning toward u.s. 64 and i- 40. back t donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing on national security today. >> their comments on the bomb blasts in new york and new jersey, and why one candidate is facing criticism. >> also federal investigators are headed to north carolina. what they'll examine today as they look into a deadly charter bus crash. . >> and howdied you dole with life when you're thrust into the global spotlight
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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so, johanna, anamazing, amazing year that you've had. you've been all over on tv, haven't you? . >> uh-huh. >> tell me about some of the things you've done in the past year. >> well -- >> you've been right? . >> uh-huh >> you've been on "good morning, america." . >> yeah. >> and you were with steve harvey. what was he like? . >> he's funny. >> he's funny? you even got him to do some dance moves, didn't you? . >> uh-huh. and a person in the crowd. >> so it's clear you still love dancing, don't you? . >> yes. >> and alyssa, how has life changed since that video of her at her recital went viral? . >> it's been a little crazy.
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shows, still taking dance multiple nights a week. just a lot of fun. >> so what's in the works now for her? . >> we have a couple of things going on. we are traveling toening land at the end of next month to tape another ow and she's got her own show she's working on that will begin filming soon. >> so when you go viral, do you get recognized? are people contacting you l >> she ds. it's fun. she went to cuds spot concert a couple weeks ago, and a little girl recognized her, came running um. she gets recognized different places. she's always very shy about it. >> so she's now at -- you're at the north carolina virtual academy, right? so that's a -- >> we love it. it's totally on line.
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a week in an online forum and interact with other students. they also have outings, so she's able to go and meet her teachers in person and meet her class mat,s. and it just has a very rigorous curriculum, so it's able to challenge her and keep her going with her school. >> and you have time to take the dance lessons and keep up with that, right? and even though you love dancing, you want to do something else perhaps when you >> i want to be a chef when i grow up. >> a chef? so does she help you out in the kitchen quite a bit? . >> she helps daddy out in the kitchen. >> nice. you learn all your techniques from daddy perhaps? . >> uh-huh. >> okay. well, we look forward to seeing more of you. i'm sure a bright future ahead for johanna and more moves. can you give us a quick move?
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>> do the shimmy. >> all right. there we go. a shimmy for your monday. alyssa, johanna, great to have you on again. >> thank you very much. thank you. concerns about thof samsung phones continued today. coming up, when galaxy note 7 owners could be able to download -- for the exploding battery problem. >> plus we're live in durham with details
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this is the type of song you need on a cloudy, rainy, dreary day. >> good monday motivation, michael jackson. >> boy, we are sockedment in some rain over to our west coming up a little later this morning. take along your raincoat or umbrella. you don't want to forget that. it may not to do so later on. so be careful out there. there's a look at our radar picture. you can see a band of rain moves back to our west. really starting to look a little more impressive. has some lightning associated with it and some heavy rain, too. it's getting ready to move on into person county, where we've hard willed about 2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. you can see that heavy rain in nancyville and all that lightning. that's all about to shift over toward rocksboro.
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follow this band coming through burlington. it will be headed through hillsboro,gh, moving over to syl,r city. i'm not sure we'll see a whole lot of rain, at least the heavy stuffth southern pines. this line of storms overwork helping to produce a lot of heavy rain. it's not moving terribly fast. it may be we get completely through our commute before we see a whole lot that affecting us. in this swath from say durham up to rocksboro. but look at this. as much as -- let's see -- back here. as much as just north of stem, as much as 3 inches. this yellow area as much as 4 inches, and this is just east of 501, just west of highway -- or interstate 85. so that's where we have a lot of heavy rain overnight last night, and there was some flooding recorded there. really it's on the triangle area eastward. there's more of it coming, of
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saw. let's take a look what's going on out there. our bigger view of the radar picture, starting about 4:15 this morning. you can see the development of that rain to our west, and it will gradually shift eastward. that's definitely coming our way, at least in the next hour or two hours, depending on where you are. our south hills skycam, no rain falling at the moment. it's wet out there. our current temperature at the airport is 77 degrees, and our dew point is way up at 75. so it's feeling very august. this very soupy tropical air mass. have low clouds in places, too. one-mile visibility in fayetteville, two miles at the airport. very little fog sitting on the ground. clouds are really low this morning. it's 77 in irwin, 76 in rocky mount, and 72 south hill. we have tropical moisture coming on to north carolina courtesy of the remnants of tropical storm julia. coming from the west, we also have a cool front. so we have the convergence of the tropical moisture
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then this cool front coming in, helping to develop this line of thunderstorms. and we'll see that on and off all day long. here's a look at future cast. at 11:00, you can see that line coming right through the triangle. then it shifts eastward along the i-95 corridor through the afternoon. after that, jewel caw continues to -- or the remnants of the storm continue to spin off to our east, pushing more moisture in for the potential for some scattered storms tuesday, wednesday, and possibly lingering into thursday. a 60% chance today, and than 0 wednesday and thursday. how much rain are we talking about total? well anywhere from 2 to 3 inches. this is just a generalization. already in rocksboro, seeing more than 2 inches. 2 to 0 inches north and east to about half an inch to an inch down south. but we'll have some isolated areas with some heavier rain. temperatures are looking nice. of course that's all courtesy of the cloud cover we're seeing. but thursday is the first day of fall, and of course
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mid-70s at lunch time, a high of 90 on saturday. . all right, brian. let's send it to you. hillary clinton talks to millennials on the state of the election at the university today, while donald trump holds a rally in florida. the presidential nominees are trying to gain momentum. nbc's edward campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump used the weekend bombings and stabbing attack to separate himself, tweeting, "the failed obama, hillary clinton policies won't keep us safe." hillary clinton also responded to the attacks from this weekend lywe need to do everything we can to support our first responder, also to pray for the victims. we have to let this investigation unfolded.
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a focus for the candidates this week. clinton running mate tim kaine -- clinton to disarm is part of the dangerous rhetoric coming from the republican nominee. >> i do believe it is an incite or, at a minimum, an, presentation of indifference to whether violence would occur. >> reporter: trump said it because of clinton's views on gun control. meanwhile, he's shying away from previous birther comments with the vice presidenti >> donald trump has been focusing -- people rally care about. he brought that issue to an end. >> reporter: edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. new polls show hillary clinton is losing ground among younger voters. , for example,, in michigan, where he is down to seven points overdonald trump with voters over 35. presidential candidate donald trump returns to north carolina tomorrow. he will host a rally at high
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trump will visit keenansville later in the afternoon. trump's democratic rival, hillary clinton will also be in north carolina tomorrow. she will attend a private fundraiser at a home in chapel hill. ahead of that event, the group mothers of the movement will campaign for clinton in north carolina. classes are canceled today at clinton college in rock hill, south carolina, following that deadly crash involving its football team. four people died, and 42 others were hurt when the bus blew a tire and scraped bridge column near rockwall in richmond county. the group was headed to fayetteville for a saturday game. the national transportation safety board is sending two investigators to check out the tires. a wake county landfall wants to expand. >> next on what's expected to happen today and the concerns from neighbors. >> and it's premier week on fox. today condition smith talks with the stars of the hit fox shows "louis father"
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, from the pain of victims and families.
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might be finish. some stations are out of gas. prices are up from what they were on friday elizabeth? we have some rain mostly to our west. a pretty interesting looking band of thunderstorms that's really decided to develop just to our west, shifting eastward. so in the next hour to hour and a half, depending on where you are, say from the triangle area westward, it will slowly start to move into the region. headed out west, you're going to run into some brief heavy rain. temperatures are mainly mid-7 0s now. . it's very muggy this morning, and we'll have rain on and off. a better chance this afternoon, even this morning, and the showers and clouds will keep temperatures cool for the next several days. a were of accidents to show you on the map this morning. not causing any significant delays, but here's a look at your drive time on 440. the belt line 23 minutes from 40 to the wade avenue split, 440 here on i-40 from the belt loin to wade
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we'll take a quick look at i- 40, u.s. 164. not looking too bad there. here's i-40 at lake wheeler road. pretty slow and go on the westbound lanes. it is a 9-minute drive from 42 to the belt line, 15 minutes from 440 out to wade. back to you. >> thanks, brian. wake county commissioners plan a vote today on a landfall's request to expand amid some opposition
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the man sought for questioning was identified as 28-year-old ahmad -- mayor bill debels owe says he could be armed and dangerous. he also said, quote, "we need to get this guy in this morning, also continuing, saying, "my experience is one that the fbi zeros in on someone, and they will get them." cuomo said there was no evidence to suggest the bombing was related to international terrorism. he appeared to walk that back again this morning. authorities are still working to determine whether there's a connection between multiple explosive devices found over the weekend. in two states, the manhattan
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unexploded pressure cooker block away from -- new jersey town, and five explosive devices at a new jersey train station. a lot of different areas. they're trying to put the pieces together this morning. we're following breaking news at durham this morning, police on the scene of a deadly shooting. >> the call came in at 2:00 a.m. on wadesporo street. julia sims is live on the scene. what are you learning? >> reporter: well later, renee, we know two people one person died, as you mentioned, and the other person was treated for non-life- threatening injuries. we know the person who died s a female. but what led up to shooting, the details, they're still not clear yet. durham police have told us that at this point, they don't have anybody in custody, but they're not saying whether or not this shooting was random or if the shooter and the victims knew each other. this is the lynn haven
8:32 am
south miami boulevard. it's a low-income, small apartment complex, only about 75 units here. we're not sure exactly where this shooting took place, but we have seen crime scene investigators throughout the early morning hours, concentrating on a second-story end unit. so again, at this point, durham police really aren't saying much, but we do know one person has died, a female, and one person has been taken hospital for non-life- threatening injuries. l,na? renee? . >> thanks. julia sims, live in durham. raleigh man charged with murdering his wife has a first court appearance today. vladimir cocher,n is in jail. she was found dead behind a business on newborn avenue on friday morning. a man who called 911 told the dispatcher the 44-year-old woman was lying in a pool of blood. investigators have not revealed
8:33 am
a fayetteville mother faces charges related to a series of crashes that critically injured her four-year-old daughter. police say shelly smith hit a tahoe in hope mills, kept going -- where she hit three houses before being arrested. smith is at cape fear valley medical center in fair condition. her daughter was taken to unc hospitals in chapel hill. criminal charges are pending. governor mccorey weighed in on a pipeline spill, causing widespread consequences across the southeast. the gove updas he's getting from colonial pipeline, a bypass is being built. still, throughout our area, we see gas prices go up, e getting word that many gas stations are out of gas. blue bell ice cream is returning to raleigh today. the company is expanding its direction area. blue bell is reopening facilities in charlotte, raleigh, and columbia. the company is working to recover after shutting
8:34 am
plants. the fda found listeria and unsanitary equipment in three facilities in al, oklahoma, and texas. wake county commissioners plan to take action today on request for a substantial landfall expansion. currently the shotwell landfall is permitted to take up to 95 -- 91, rather, thousands tons waste per year. landfall operators want to increase that to 365,000 tons, and they want to increase the service ar seven additional counties. some homeowners have complained. amg their concerns, the of gro state and county officials say a review of data does not suggest contamination due to the landfall. well a gray and dreary start to our monday, our workweek, but at least we're not going to be that hot today, right, izabeth? >> that is the one positive. we do have a band of rain that's back to our west, shifting eastward. it's moving very slowly, only miles per hour. and it's in between greensboro and hillsboro at the
8:35 am
getting ready to move into rocksboro, where we've had 2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. there's a good chance we'll have some flooding out of this. as it shifts eastward and produces as much as an inch to 2 inches of rain per hour, it becomes more likely we'll have flooding issues across the area. it's moving slowly. most likely everyone will have setted into the before that -- begins. take a look at temperatures. everything is looking 77 in benson, and 77 in garner. we check out our forecast as we get through the afternoon. those clouds really bringing our temperatures down, 78 at lunch time, rain, thunderstorms possible at noon, and th, all through the afternoon, better chance even from say after lunch through about 6:00 this evening. a high of 80 degrees in downtown durham. coming up, we're going to be talking more about this heavy rain, how weather pattern stick around.
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rain. >> thank elizabeth. the u.s. attorney's office hosts a news conference today to discuss open video and heroin awareness week. there are two events scheduled this week in raleigh. law enforcement officials will gather for an executive session tomorrow. they will talk about overdoses. also there will be a community town hall on thursday evening at pullum park community center. new this morning, the largest nongovernmental -- organization is giving north carolina researchers nearly $3 million in new grants. the funding fr kom,n is part of larger goal, aimed at cutting the number of breast cancer deaths in half over the indication deck kid. one nc central professor will decide that money. 8:36 now. negative ad, conflicting commentary, and fluctuating polls aring in through to politics. >> this may be the first time your child has been exposed to it or the first time they're paying attention at least. next expert advice on how
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hillary clinton and donald trump have been targeting open other since republican and democratic national conventions back in july. a campaign season filled with controversy, negative attacks, how do you keep it all in perspective for your kids? experts say politics can still be a great learning opportunity, and joining us live from our nation's capital is author, history professor, and civics expert dr. randy roberts, and peers and parenting expert stacy kelly. good morning. thanks so much for joining me.
8:40 am
teaching our kids about this presidential election process? . >> well, i think we start with a little history maybe. we've been doing this over 200 years. elections, i think -- during all that time. there's been some very nasty elections. but out of it has come good. i mean, america has been created out of these controversies and out of these elections. and so i think we have to look to what is valuable coming out of the elections. >> now, how do you define what's valuable for kids when they are just seeing such a negative barrage of attacks and mean language? how do you it will them what's good and what's not? . >> one of the things we
8:41 am
the democratic party, for example, believes in a stronger more active president whereas the republican party believes in more states rights and more power at the local level. so we asked our students, we asked our kids, let's hook at that local level. let's look at what the politicians are saying, and not what they're saying about each other. >> and, stacy, how can we get kid more involved, more interested in the political process? . >> one of th can do is find their passion and help develop that in line with this political process. it's not necessarily about getting into the voting booth, but being a better part of the whole community. help them find their passion. perhaps they love cooking. take them to the soup kitchen. or they're into the boy scouts or girl scouts. help them do to the local park and clean up. take it bethe voting
8:42 am
seeing some of the negative attacks, that they might than translate that in the classroom or among their peers? as parents, i think we do have to always be watch what our kids watchings right? help them understand what is good behavior and bad behavior. take this as a learning opportunity. help them understand how they'd like to be treated, and then treat others in return. >> dr. roberts, how to you explain to to disagree with others while also respecting them? . >> well out of disagreement can come very positive change. remember, america has been -- america was created out of a disagreement. we were preserved in a civil war out of a disagreement. disagreeing is fine. nastiness is never fine. so listen to people's opinions. we can listen to each other's opinions. we can try to hear what the other person is saying. we can try and learn from it.
8:43 am
mean or nasty about it. >> all right dr. roberts and stacy kelly. i think adults can also use this add vice as well. thank you very much. for more information and tips go to well, it's been a dominant force on television screens around the world. >> then we'll tell you how you can get some free
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8:46 am
okay. so we're going to celebrate that we're getting rain. we're going to celebrate that it's not going to be 90 some degrees. it eels all good. >> it is. it is. we need that rain. tough to deal with on a monday later this afternoon. check out the radar picture. we -- nasty line of thunderstorms. definitely a line of storms is back to our west, very slowly creeping into our viewing area. this line is moving about 15 miles per hour. a good bit of lightning associated with it. we'll zoom around a bit. had some lightning earlier, up around the -- just west of rocksboro, around nancyville. that started to die out just a
8:47 am
oh look at that. just recently some new lightning strikes around rocksboro. we may end up with some flooding problems, because we've already had a lot of rain in rocksboro overnight, and here comes some more. rain starting to move into nevin. it's going be cruising around over towards hills boro shortly. skyler city starting to see lightning as well. all of this just creeping eastward. so it's kind of nice. the timing of this, it's 8:45, 8:47, and it's held off during the morning commute. . we take a look at the amount of rain we've seen in spots, and it's been pretty, pretty interesting, 3, 4 inches estimated from the doppler radar. so again, we did have some flooding overnight last night, and that is now an issue, because it was, of course, overnight. but we have more rain heading our way. 4:45 is the time we start our radar loop. at that point, we have
8:48 am
area. move that forward; you can see this line starting to develop back here to the west. it will gradually creep in across the region and affect almost everybody. it may be not until around lunch time before we see that east of the triangle. it's gray in durham now up we've had some low cloud cover, ceiling starting to lift a bit, at least in downtown durham. 77 is our current temperature, and our at this point's at 75. so feeling very muggy. at the airport, visibility still at 10 miles. it's coming up in other too. 3 miles in fayetteville. ceilings are starting to lift a bit. feeling pretty mild this morning, 79 in goldsboro, 73 in rocksboro. our dew points are in the mid- 70s. so it feels very, very muggy. we have this tropical air mass that's moving in courtesy of the remnants of tropical storm julia. then we have a cool front that's bumping up against that. we have the conniver johns of these two systems coming together and that line of thunderstorms that's developing. it will gradually shift
8:49 am
moving along very fast. we have this moisture that's coming in off the atlanta as well. we take it up through lunch time. there's 11:00 with that line of storms right around the triangle. it shifts eastward along the i- 95 corridor. at least everybody has a shot at seeing heavy rain. it may not last too long, but there could be some areas that see some flooding today. here's a look at the remnants of julia. we look off to the east, and there's karl. that's a tropical storm. it's going to be fairly weak for the next day or two. but then, toward the end of the week, close to e category 2 hurricane. for us, what we're watching out for, of course, is the potential for rain. 60% today, about 40% tomorrow. so pretty decent amounts of it, too, as much as 2 to 3 inches from raleigh north and east, 1 to 2 around the triangle area. certainly we may see some areas with heavier rain than that. the one positive from this is with get cooler temperatures. pretty hot and sticky
8:50 am
saturday. hopefully just for one day. l,na? . >> thanks, elizabeth. "game of thrones," my favorite show s now the most honored prime-time tv series ever. the fantasy saga won the awarded for best dramatic series -- that gives the show a total of 12 emmy this is year, a total of 38 overall after 6 seasons. that beats the late ?90s show "frazier," which had 37 emmys over11 seasons. her show "veep" also won for best comedy for the second straight year. dreyfus dedicated the emmy in a very emotional speech to her father, who died on friday. premier weeks kicks off tonight here on fox 50. season 3 of "gotham" gets the night started followed by the second season of "l,cifer." we sent condition smith to hollywood. this morning, we got to hear
8:51 am
"lucif,r" and " gotham." . >> in the new season of "gotham," the season is riddled with even more monsters with no place to hide. >> i don't think gotham is running out of monsters anytime soon. >> what going on in gotham? . >> what isn't going on in gotham? >> reporter: i was in hollywood, talking with fan favorites -- corey michael smith, who plays the future riddler, and robin north tailor amok. vish has now organized them. she's back on the enis a, and it's getting -- at least from my perspective, it's giving penguin something to focus on and go after. >> eat fish. >> reporter: the mayhem seeking riddl,r, cast of power hungry misfits puts gotham smith says in a class by itself. >> the show has defined itself as a singular entity
8:52 am
we have a clear identity. it's so -- it's just so fun now. like, we're just relishing in it. someone just came from hell. >> reporter: also rising again on the small screen, "lucif,r." . >> my mom is going to -- she's literally going to kill me. she's not the forgiving type. >> reporter: the devil's mom escapes from hell and drops in on season 2. >> so fun. >> a trip. >> it's experience. >> garcia is a forensic scientist and a woman of faith in this world of angels and demons. >> she brings, i think, nonjudgment and fun where there's no all tearia motives, and she doesn't have an agenda. >> she's coming for me. i know it. just need to get to her first.
8:53 am
her agenda toward her fallen angel and his brother right now is a mysteryingly wanted to make sure she wasn't an arch character, she's evil, and that's it. no. they told me about what mom was all about, and i was instantly hooked. >> physically remove your tongue. >> remember, "gotham" and "louis father" premiers tonight. if you want to see the entire video, go to, and look smith goes to hollywood. today is international talk like a pirate day. at participating krispy krem, locations are celebrating again by giving away free doughnuts. . if you dress like a pirate, you'll walk out with a dozen. or you can use a custom krispy kr,me pirate facilityer to digitally dress like a pirate. if you show that snapchat image, you'll receive a
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doughnuts. that's interesting. qualifying pirate costumes must include three pirate items, such as an eye patch and a bandanna. >> going to brush up on my pirate lingo. we'll get another check on your top stories, weather and traffic coming up
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what a dreary gay start to our morning. >> it is. we have a line of thunderstorms that's headed our way. take a look at the dupe doppler. starting to move into rocksboro. going to be a little while before it ai arrives in the triangle. expect to see heavy rain in places as this li now temperatures are in the 7 0s, 79 in rocky mount and goldsboro, 77 in fayetteville. temperatures really will not climb too much, looking at 80 to low 80s across the region. good chance of showers and storms through the afternoon. that chance continues tuesday and wednesday. our chance is a little better today than later in the week. brian? not seeing many delays on the roads. as elizabeth just pointed out, are seeing some rain and ponding on the roads between here and the triad. here's a look at your live
8:58 am
causing significant delays. a 16-minute trip on i-40 from capital boulevard out to i-40, and also 16 minutes on 440, the belt line, westbound lanes, and here's a look at i-40 u.s. 164. not seeing too many problems there. back to you. >> thanks, brian. you can't go far without seeing someone on electronics these days. some people might even say they are addicted. a social media addiction a real thing? experts say yes. why psychiatrists believe more and more people are that's our news for now.
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