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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 21, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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right now on fox 50 we continue to follow breaking news out of charlotte with a deadly police shooting of a black man has sparked violent protest overnight. >> gasoline crisis in a hunt for working gas pump parts -- continues today when gallas could pull in for critical pipeline. >> 11-year-old boy struck by a car and his bus.yesterday talking about what happened. thank you for joining us this very wet wednesday a limitless. >> glad i remembered by about this morning video? >> i did not. >> oh, no, ran in with a coat over my head into the building
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escorted you out yesterday or the day before you would think i would learn. >> my will is only this big. >> all right, her welcome gift is going to have to be an umbrella. >> let's take a look at the radar picture hopefully you know where your this we have had several days array now continues today and today brings us rain all day long. we had it in the morning monday an afternoon yesterday and today it is going to be with us for most of the day. in places it will be heavy man starts to weaken and another stronger near gardner none of this is severe weather but we had pockets where the rain will be heavy steady around i-85 and heavy rain around southern pines and bass and toward rocky mount and wilson there is patchy rain but not nearly as happy. there's a look of the big picture the radar view we still have the spin in the atmosphere
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helping to force more rain back into the viewing area today and again we will see this all day long. there is the sky camera looks messy. a day you want to pull the covers over your head except for the fact it's not terribly cold. could be worse. 71 in durham, kerry, wake forest and the studios and holly springs expect upper 60s low 70s across the viewing area and it does not get warmer as the day wears on. 73 lunchtime and a high of 76 scattered showers and that tends to mean the roads are messy and we spin that we have accidents and in fact we just confirmed power outages as well in central carry along harrison avenue we do know that traffic signals are out for a large part of harrison avenue 3300 customers without power right now we are told of fixed should come by 8:15 something we will keep an eye on and with our accidents
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the westbound lanes where we are seeing brake lights this is due to a disabled vehicle that has been here now for about one hours something that we are keeping our eye on and another accident on i-40, lake wheeler road this is with damage involving two vehicles traffic seems to be moving smoothly through here but it is pretty much stop and go. as we take a look at a report of another accident just into our newsroom about five minutes ago, i-540, falls of neuse, vicious came in the wreck is probably at the top of your screen delays already for the brake lights all the way stretching down beyond that exhibit and finally as we take a look at 15 -501 hillsboro you can start to see a ponding of water the rain has been coming off and on all morning long. when you see rain and the mist you want to allow yourself extra time if possible. bill, lena . we cover breaking news out of charlotte.
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turned violent overnight. outraged protesters confronted officers dressed in tactical gear and some jumped on a police car and threw objects police say at least 12 officers were hurt. dozens of protesters then moved onto interstate 85, shutting that down about the russians for a short time sparked by the shooting death of 43-year-old keith scott police will give i suspect with outstanding sitting in a car. blazing was armed with a gun when they shot him and he was not the suspect it will looking for the officer who shot him is now on administratively. the sister of a man killed by an officer in oklahoma once criminal charges about immediately bit police video shows terrence crutcher shocked with a gun and a fatally shot walking toward his suv in tulsa. crutcher had his hands up and was not armed to pick it was shot by a white female officer.
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department is open a civil rights investigation. of the man accused of planting two bombed the new york and new jersey is facing 4 charges including using a weapon of mass destruction. federal officials say ahmad rahami bought bomb making -- recording a video of himself igniting a blast them in s citizen also faces attempted murder charges in new jersey of those charges stem from a police gun battle in which he was wounded in oakland and federal court papers the fbi look into rahami two years ago but could not tie him to terrorism. a start, crews completing a temporary bypass of the ruptured pipeline in alabama and the leak resulted in days of gasoline shortages in our state. >> gas should start flowing again today but getting everything back to normal will take some time. leyla santiago is live in
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>> reporter: every single pump behind me has a sign that reads no gas and we have seen quite a bit of that about five other stations, i have driven by five other stations and every single in either have that bag over the pump or some sort of a sign that indicated the same thing so you guys were talking about how relief is on the way. here is the deal. to get to north carolina is could take remember we first told you about this issue over the weekend when we started to hear the gas stations were running out of fuel. the governor says the state is still getting fuel it is just a smaller amount. how much, we are talking about one third of what we are used to getting to know that the pipeline is going to get a bit of a fix we expect to see the supply go back up and provide that relief but the north carolina patrol marketers association parts -- petroleum marketing association gas move
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take several days before gas supplies return to normal in north carolina. it's not just the experts, the gas stations, the drivers keeping a close eye on this, the state attorney general's office also keeping a close eye on this because there has been quite a few complaints more than 1000 to be exact when it comes to price gouging so they have looking into and issued subpoenas that would be cases out of johnston, gilbert, rocking him and forsyth county and now they are asking anyone who suspects there may be an issue of price gouging to also contact the state attorney general's office and issue their complaint. back to you, lena and bill . >> all right we will have to concern gas leyla santiago live in durham. if you want to know which stations have gas go to for interactive map on our homepage add to find the
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concern right now. most of it is the supply issue. congressional oversight committee held a hearing on epipen price hike such person. live in the newsroom with more. >> bipartisan house committee will question my list ceo who will testify about the price hikes so the growing backlash from consumers, lawmakers and prosecutors over epipen prices which have risen from 100-$600 since 2007 and republicans on the finance committee have said they are concerned that mylan was allowed to inappropriately pacify epipen as a generic drug , reducing discounts to the government medicaid health program for the poor. brush says she wishes the company had better anticipated the magnitude and acceleration of the rising prices for some families. she also says investments are
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accessible for those who need it and she says the company has made strides to distribute the drug more widely to schools and others. lena, built . >> matt granite, thank you. followed to breaking news we reported on fox 50 yesterday morning and 11-year-old boy is recovering after being hit by a car at a school bus stopped. henry crews oriana was rating for his bus at highway 401. that is when troopers say 16- year-old nobles was trying to pass other cars and rain on the roadway and hit the concrete divider and loss onto the pavement, that is when i try to run because i was in the middle of where the car was aiming so i ran and it hit both my feet and i stumbled over the car. >> he suffered a fractured knee and other bruises and scrapes and expects to be back at school within the next couple of weeks. noblesrged with speeding and improper passing. lake county schools person said
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investigation, looking at location and overall safety of that particular stop. as for changing the location of the stop altogether, routing specialist would have to take a look at that and also there are state guidelines that bus stops have to meet. today it is all about the money on the campaign trail. >> what we are learning about how much money the presidential candidates have available and where they are spending it.
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to the presidential campaign we are learning more about money this morning, new government filings show what both major party candidates have raised and as tracie potttells us donald trump's facing the troubles on how money is being spent parts hillary clinton's economies be devoted today will focus on more jobs for people with disabilities. donald trump calls her and insider. >> she represents the donors, the politicians, the big banks, the multinat of a very rigged system. >> new filings show both clinton and trump had their best fundraising months yet in august. clinton raised in nearly $60 iomilln and outspent trump 6-1 on tbs and trump brought in over 40 money half of which he donated himself but it's his foundation's money now in question. washington post first was -- reported to charity making donations so trump could avoid
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with inaccuracies and omissions from a biased reporter. >> is clearly unethical to use charitable dollars to pay for expenses that one ought to be paying for out of their own pocket trump and pence rally in ohio today doubling down on clinton. >> hillary clinton solution it's very simple, more of the same. more taxes. more catch up our latest nbc news survey monkey online pole puts clinton five points ahead. tracie potts, nbc news washington. those filings show her super pac is way ahead in fundraising as well but the republican party has four times as much cash on hand as the democrats. finally come early for frustrated samsung galaxy note 7 owners in america. how soon they may be able to pick up a replacement after reports of exploding batties and the fayetteville teacher outrage some parents by
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i had to stand under elizabeth. >> >> [laughter] i'm sorry it wasn't any bigger. >> that wa a personal umbrella . >> it is wet. wow. >> i had to walk lena out the other day. we are thinking out getting her one. >> they are expensive, you all.
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you know where yours is keep it with you all day causthe rain will nojust me this morning buall through the afternoon. we had rain monday morning and yesterday afternoon we will put it all together have it all day. let's check out what's going on with the radar picture you can see we had a little lightning strike about 15 minutes or so ago you can see between raleigh -- first lightning strikes and noticed almorning and here we are at 7:15. we may have -- thunderstorms later this afternoon along eason i-95 clouds may break up with e daytime heating of the sun to hit the surface of the edge and instability may crop up. this tiny cell here producing lightning between and your in raleigh. we will widen the view ouand even though we are not seeing rain absolutely everywhere what you are not seeing is the drizzle and the mist. anybody missing something coming dn ybe just a little mist or pedending on
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some steady to heavy rain from wake forest to cary, durham, ch and pretty state that steady rain south hill, virginia and here lightning strike just popped up south of pine bluff. it is family active morning for us a little lighter alongand east of i-95 especially from rocky mount and wilsonbut you are seeing a bit of drizzle. the loop starts at 3:15 this morning and you circulation here across north carolina and that is all the remnants of what is left of julia. 71s our current tevita, but these wind 12 miles an hour and dew point is 70. 70 roxboroug 73 goldsborough, 72 vaping, temperatures and the -- 72fayetteville, low temperatures do not want much clouds and raikeep temperatures school. the broad circulation the low is out of the atlantic and wrapping it around into north
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things wet all day long and it is gradually going to shift westward and fall apart. today is the day we had the bulk of the rain and tomorrow it will ease up finally friday the entire thing falls apart. at lunch the rain you can if you had lunch plans you have to be out, you will want to need to have your umbrella handy or you may say, hey, i will eat lunch at my desk because it's going to be messy if you have to go out. messy on the way home as well and that means issues for the evening commute plenty of issues for the commute. weiltalk about in a few minutes it by the evening tomorrow a band of ra on futurecast it in half an hour we will talk more about what is happening in the tropics systems were watching now, nothing that looks like it will cause real trouble. certainly, rain here all day. we back it off to 15% after the evening commute is over and
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on thursday. friday, 85, 88 saturday, toasty onaturday if you're heading out to the unc game, be prepared for it to be hot almost 90 degrees at and 7:00, 79. after that we haven't cool down for monday tuesday eyes closed 80 degrees close to normal for th time of year. a lot of incidents to tell you about. >> the first we start with all morning long this is i-440 anwestern and you can see a live lookat an accident that appears to be clearing up now may have the fire department, ems blocking a portion of the road those fire trucks now focusing on the main part of the accident and if you look at the top left corner of your screen you can see one of the vehicles that was involved in this accident and we are seeing line the fire truck and police vehicle moving upwards possibly
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take look, the outer loop of i-440, western and sometng that we will keep our eyes on the vehicle here. as we look at lake wheeler, we arseng the rain is starting in portions of raleigh one example of the westbound lanes that are seeing some delays and also on 40 at south saunders we are saying rain as well wet roads as well as several accidents and we will keep our eye on them and chec few minutes. quite the messy commute ng, thank you very much big rig u.s. blaine township airstrikes that hit a convoy in syria. the white house is all the information indicates they were carried out by russian or syrian warplanes. u. s. holds rush of us also because undease-fire rusher was supposed to limit theory and strikes. russia and theory about the night bombing the convoy and
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president obama told the united nations we all can and must do better when it comes to housing refugees obama adjust the world body's general assembly yesterday and his last speech there as president. he noted progress across the globe and called on more nations to open their borders and hearts to people seeking refuge from more especially those from syria. samsung says it will have 500,000 brand-new galaxy note 7 cell phones ailable in stores starting today. these are places for the ones being recalled. regulators perceive reports that the phone caught fire while charging. samsung also suspended sales. the fires were traced to a battery problem and users in the u. s. will be able to pick up free will placement from samsung, wireless carriers weather storwhere they bought them. vilett night of cats -- violent night of chaos in charlotte. >> protest breakout after police shooting of a black man
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damaged property and that story coming up in the next half ho. next, passion for acng and compassion for students. will introduce u to a
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y247cy yy6y 7:26 crews have completed a temporary bypass for the ruptured fuel pipeline in alabama and the lake has resulted in days of the gasoline shortages in our state. gas should start flowing through the pipeline today but getting everything back to normal may take several more days. medical student recovers after being hit by a car that his school bus stop. then we crews would hit on
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trying to pass of the cars. what a mess it is rain, rain, rain, elizabeth. >> it will be with us almost the entire day causing traffic problems so plan extra time getting around. we will talk about that in a minute but let's check the radar and even though it does not look like it is raining everywhere even if you are seeing an area that is not green you are probably saying mist and drizzle. lightning strikes one near holly springs right now and another down south plenty of rain along the i-85 corridor and a band of heavy rain around southern pines, pine bluff lightning there. low 70s now but we do not get much warmer this afternoon and mid-to upper 70s for highs and rain on and off all day it will be messy thursday scattered showers and friday, finally, we start to dry it with a high of 85. >> number of accidents more serious than others, this is the most serious one over on 44
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here blocking a portion of the ramp. the vehicle that was involved one of them is there the top corner of your screen and they did narrow the area where there's been blocking but of course something to keep our eye on and over at 40, things are looking pretty busy. bill, lena mikaya thurmond they give a much.
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breaking news out of charlotte this half hour were violent protests erupted last night after a black man was killed by police. >> demonstrators attacked officers and blocked a major interstate. >> outraged protesters jumped on a police car and threw plastic bottles bit police tweeted one officer wahit in the face with the rock and at least 12 officers would hurt injuries. officers used tear gas to try to disperse the crowd end of the protesters then moved to interstate 85 setting that down in both directions for a time. here's what sparked the police went to an apartment complex around 4 pm yesterday looking for a suspect on an outstanding warrant they saw 43- year-old keith scott who was not a suspect they were looking for in a car. the spokesman says officer saw scott get out of the car with a
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approached him he exited the car with a gun again. officers deemed got a threat and one of them then shot him and he was pronounced dead at the hospital but officer brentley vinson who shot scott is on a ministerto believe which is standarprocedure ctives they recovered a firearm at the same scott's family says he was sitting in the car waiting for his child's school bus at the time. fayetteville teacher who stepped on a flag as part of the history lesson has been suspended with pay. he will have a meeting with a covena tomorrow. lee francis is a teacher seen in this picture it giving a lesson on the first amendment he says he wanted to monstrate that free speechen extds beyond words to actions as well. after he stepped on the fly, two students walked out of the picture was shared on social media and instantly drew fire from parents. >> the flag on the ground, and i take two steps with my right
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example of freedom of speech. >> because they have no idea who is in the classroom and who they are showing that two are doing -- so many other positive ysach ouchildren and that definitely wasn'tneof them. erin statement saying quote clearly there are other ways to teach first amendment rightswithout desecrating the flag. one week after uofnive nort student prise a school for the handling of a rape case school administrators met to discuss campus safety. while this was a regularly scheduled meeting prior to last week's headlines, administrato to prevent and respond to sexual violence within the unc system. officials talk about what needs to happen to have a more unifiepolicy with clear definitions. any change would impact all 17 campuses. boy, it is a mess outside, wow. >> wet wednesday. >> mikaya thurmond busy filling for brian shrader this morning it is a mess. >> it is but it does not take much rain to cause additional accidents on the roads.
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and let you know what you don't want tbe. let's look at the radar picture, it looks like most of the viewing area is saying rain except for a long easton i-95 which you cannot see, the tiny particles of mist and drizzle, it isso small the radar does not pick up on it while some matter -- no matter where you are you probably havsomething coming down steady to heavy or drizzle and mist but it will affect us all dalong. we will not end up seeing much of a break from this at any point that we will take a lo lightning strikes around holly springs and we had heavy rain coming out of gardner toward holly springs and no severe weather with this but be on the lookout for some rose that started to flood that there's moisture coming down along the i-85 corridor it will be messy and as you head around southern pines a a few more lightning strikes with a band of some heavier rain. ta a look at a big picture, the radar view, we have a big spin in the atmosphere around
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is what is helping to bring the rain today and it will just sit and spin across the region today and finally tomorrow it starts to weaken of it. you can see how wet it is in the sky cam, a lot of rain on the camera lads as we look toward downtown raleigh. 67 henderson, 72 lillington and wilson and 72 in smithfield. the the. this morning definitely areas of rain so so the cans out with raincoats. temperatures climbing to the mid-to upper 70s so it stays co today the tradf isthe rain that will be with us for much of the day. mikaya here to talk about areas seeing problems. >> all of them. we had several accidentsome being very serious and others just to play causing a ton of delays. this one is one of the more serious. i-440, outer, western boulevard this is right by that ramp you can see one police vehicle
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the ci here is still on the sce opolice thought fire trucks and ems treating a number of patient spit we do know at least two vehicles involved so hopefully they get it cleared up as soon as possible. over at i-40, lake wheeler, you can see those delays causing major issues but this is the westbound lane, headlights that you are seeing here is a problem all morning long and the mist you see on the screen is rain that has been starting and stopping also on i-40, south saunders we are seeing delays over in the westbound lanes. we had a disabled vehicle that is still here and police are on the scene with the vehicle but looks like left over residual delays lasting throughout the morning something eeto kp in mind and finally as we take a look over at 15-501, hillsboro, less busy intersection but you can see the amount of water and ponding starting to happen at the corners. something to keep in mind as
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preciate that mikaya he has a lifelong connection to view quavering also teaching at lafayette elementary only made sense. a partnership of the north carolina education lottery, always sits down with our teacher of the week wendy nash. >> congratulations. >> thank you. what she loves, teaching fourth grade at lafayette elementary school in fuquay verbena. >> if i have $15 guess what we early next first grade teacher just an advocate for everybody being a good learner, a good student and s a student who wasn't always kind to me as she stood up for me and i wanted to be that kind of teacher. >> and she has but she loved each one of her students while challenging them to succeed.
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you have got to lay down your procedures of practice your procedures and let them know you mean business but you have to let them know that you love them. >> rock on, girlfriend. i love it. >> she wears her emotions on her sleeve what you see is what you get a compassionate teacher who is passionate about her students pick she realizes that for some students hers will be the only hope they get that day. >> a lot of these kids have wonderful parents but some of them don't and so you don't know exactly where they are sti to kw that fuquay-vara attended lafayette as a child and now teaches there pitches never than two s where she started she has come full circle and giving back to the communit >> in varina teacher of the week, gerald odom's wral what a great teacher and one of nothing better than a good teacher. >> gosh. >> touched my heart. the downfall of relationship, money.
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are talking about thfinances and the top five secrets to
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les talkbout more than politics, healthcare, the news: money but money can be a source of tension in relationship surprising that most companies think they on the same page 7 in 10 say they communicate well about finance and money but what is really going on. >> reporter: joining us with e way of success or hurt get in couples financial relationship is financial planning expert marcy heck
7:41 am
>> thanks for doing me. is an impoant topic so let's get right to it there's a new study out this morning about coups financial heal what did the study a abou -- abt uples and their money. >> we know that most couples seven out of 10 say they are on the same page regarding their finances which is great to know but on the flipside we know there are some couples warrant three out of 10 said they had disagreements about money and it can be as often as once month. and so we know if you're having disagreements about money there are some things you can learn from a couples who have got it figured out. >> some couples recognize the need -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> well we've heard a few sick or some couples who have figured out how to be on the same page with regard to money. the first was writing down financial goals together. couples who have agreed on the goals they want to work toward
7:42 am
heard that agreeing on spending limits can make a big difference. couples that if they'd agreed on one dollar amount and anything over that amount they would consult with their spouse or partner before doing any spending and that made a big difference to be on the same page and have good agreements in their financial relationships and finally, when they shared responsibility for investing and saving for retirement, that was one of the other secrets we learned. >> what advice to give couples who are maybe having some challenges communicating about talking about your money regularly makes a difference. so it is not an one and done but something you want to do an ongoing basis. and he can make a difference to connect with a neutral third party to help somebody who is a financial professional or a financial advisor to couples who we talked to said if they had disagreements, 40% said financial advisor help them bridge that gap so if you are
7:43 am
someone involved to facilitate conversation can make a big difference. >> all right. the third party to ease the tension there. thank you, marcy, vice president financial advice strategy at the mayor prize financial. nc state has waited 13 years for one particular plant to bloom and it is about to do that coming up what makes the bloom and sent of this flower so special. it was a hollywood marriage we waited years for and now it is a divorce everyone is
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nothing like romantic rain songs to get started today. >> or to put you to sleep. >> you wake up and it is cloudy, dreary >> it will put you to slp if it were be worse. if it was like 50 degrees. at least it is not cold out course it makes a mess othe roads and mikaya coming up to talk about what you don't want to be an last time we asked her that she said everywhere. did not look good. check out the radar picture and we havrain almost everywhere and it's you are not -- even if u're not one of these areas in green you are saying drizzle and mist goldsboro to fayetteville and are seeing drizzle and mist. patches of thunderstorms and lightnshg owing up around holly springs and that has been going on for 15 or 20 minutes
7:47 am
otherwise patchy rain. of the i-85 corridor, rain and toward henderson and south hill, virginia you will run into wet conditions but valsalva cluster, this is actually getting more organized an interesting. 4 lightning strikes in the last 10 minutes or so and that is also moving to the west and out of the viewing area and you can get the general idea of where this is coming from. coming from the northeast moving southwest doing around wilson, rocky mount this morning and just expected to be with us all day long. here's a look at the radar picture starting at 3:45, big rotation happening around the remnants of julia. this is all going to weaken gradually over the next 24, 48 hours oh today brings us the best chance of rain and tomorrow not as much and i think by friday, saturday we should dry out a bit. rain in fayetteville, lookout wet it is roads are wet and
7:48 am
breathe at the airport rd not least wet 14 miles an hour dew point south hi 70, 67 it a71 raleigh, temperatures range fromver 67 n. the low 70s down soues. temperatures will b slow to warm up with the clouds and rain we will see we are not going to see temperaturesin warming up om where they are now. the broad circulation grabbing some moisture fromthe atlantic and pushing it into ouviewing really does not change much today but that was the remnants of julia, a couple things stil happening tropical depression carl may become a tropical storm again in the next 24 hours and here is tropical storm lisa which looks like instead strengthen it will be weakening. looks like the tropical storm is that by bermuda saturday at morning early and out into the atlantic so it should not be a threat to anybody else we will watch bermuda closely and lisa
7:49 am
anything moving up into the atlantic where it will fizzle out looking at rain of course and 76 for the high today and the best chance of rain is the first part of the day but the test is not really back off too much by the time of the evening commute looking at 50-60% chance of rain and it is going to be very wet and messy. 84 tomorrow, chance of ra 35- 40% so lower than today but it is steady through the day and to fall apart and we should have a nice da warmer with mid-80s and looking at football friday weather, nice, hopefully the field will not be sold. 7 pm, 70 degrees and 10:00, 71. the weekend looks nice high in the mid and upper 80s and chance of a thunderstorm saturday, cooler monday tuesday. all right mikaya a lot to talk about. what's going on? >> a mess everywhere you look starting at i-440, this is over
7:50 am
we have got trouble here. this is an accident that is still on the ramp police on the scene brought -- blocking a portion of the road you can see one of the two vehicles involved there is damage and injuries as well in the top-end corner of your screen. they are working to clear this up. be sure to take your time. you see vehicles coming by hear you want to slow down whenever you see police or dot workers. i-40 on eight road we are seeing delays over in the westbound lanes as they come around the corner headlights you can see starting and stopping as the rain continues to come down this morning. also on i-40 over at jones sausage, we are seeing major delays over in those westbound lanes. look at the top of your screen. brake lights, it's not stopping go cars have been stalled for some time. this is due to an accident down the road here.
7:51 am
that up so something to keep in mind as you pass through here. finally, 15-501, hillsboro, ponding of water. we will check back in in a minute. bill and lena important information in the next few days we will get a rare sighting of the campus of nc state grad student who is growing a corpse flower in a greenhouse observatory. he posted on twitter issued bloom friday and the event will be live streamed it takes at least seven years to bloom but the one at state has taken 13 years and when it finally opens it will stay open for a day or two before it collaps and let's off that distinct smell. >> wretched stink some people call it. reni if you to talk about what is trending. some morning the end of a power
7:52 am
but bring up ex-wife jennifer aniston. if you were on the internet at all you are aware angelina jolie filed for divorce against brad pitt after two years of matters and 12 years together. rted their relationship when he was still married to jennifer aniston and she filed for divorce and now twitter cannot help but revel in aniston's revenge here are my five favorite tweets. somewhere in a distant sundrenched room jennifer aniston takes a sip of smart water and laughs. how about this one when you find out the man who left you at the expression on her face. angelina jolie and brad pitt divorce jennifer aniston here is a picture from rachel from friends and we cannot see the bottom but it says i mean, isn't that just spion your neck fantastic that's what she said on friends. and this woman wrote if a couple with millions of dollars, six kids and overpriced rows wide cannot
7:53 am
now and finally there is never going to be a mr. and misses smith 2 is there? that is the sad it -- satisfied. how does jennifer aniston feel? from a source the actress was learning of brad and angelina divorcing told a longtime pal , yes, that is, for you and another says aniston feels satisfied about the split and never wanted this for them. >> took the high road. >> of course. and she is last year and has moved on but of course, fans cannot help but dredge up the past. >> maybe talking about it. >> many years together so. >> yes. >> the banks. another story people are talking about guest short --
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z247kz zy6z y247ky yy six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives the police wouldn't have obeen able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed t b
7:55 am
trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
7:56 am
7:56 lena tillett straight to mikaya thurmond. it is a mess on the roads. >> it is as we look at 440, outer, western boulevard we have police on the scene of an injuries ems five joseph let the theme something were keeping our eye on as the ramp remains close and on 40 we want to check in at the report of another accident involving two vehicles at lake wheeler road and you can see it is caing stop and go traffic in our westbound lanes. lena . high school teacher infected is on leave after a lesson on the first amendment. several people complained that
7:57 am
history lesson in massey hill classical high school. he scheduled to meet with the superintendent tomorrow to talk about the incident. today wally mayor nancy mcfarlane will officially proclaim october as international month. ahead of the 30th annual international festival october international festival october 14-16 the proclamation is at noon in the wake county express library on fayetteville street. will the rain and, elizabeth? might not until friday. look at the radar picture but the pattern for a couple more days and we have lining and thunder around holly springs, apex and as we head southward we are seeing more around sanford and rain i-85 corridor and lightning strikes west of southern pines. developing probably scared camera looking very wet temperatures are in the low 70s not likely to warm up much and
7:58 am
this afternoon rain and on and off all day and scattered showers thursday and finally brightening up friday with a high of 85. lena? next on fox 50 new charges
7:59 am
right now on fox 50 we continue to follow breaking news and china with the deadly shooting of a black man has sparked
8:00 am
cement gasoline crisis and hunt for a working gas pump continues today. the end of the crunch maybe insight. gas could flow through critical pipeline again. 11-year-old boy struck by a car that is bus stop yesterday is talking about what happened they give a joining us this morning the time is 8:00 i am lena tillett. >> reni chu, we continue to follow breaking news out of charlotte. >> that is where protest over turned violent overnight. outreach protesters confronted officers dressed in tactical gear took some jumped on a police car and threw objects and shallow police say at least 12 officers were hurt dozens of protesters moved onto i-85 shutting it down about directions for a time. this will spot by the shooting death of 43-year-old keith scott police say they were


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