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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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streets with the governor's response >> local african more than students host a late-night discussion. their take on -- >> less than two months out from presidential elections. both candidates are sharing their thoughts on protests. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. i'm l,na toulette >> charlotte has calmed down after another violent night of unrest. >> more police officers were hurt. a protester was shot by another civilian. that person is now mukaya thurmond is live in up town charlotte where governor mccorey has declared a state of emergency. mukaya? >> reporter: l,na and renee, ill all started as a peaceful prayer vigil, then escalated into a protest, and than violence and rioting as well as looting. one of the scenes of the looting is right here outside of time warner cable arena. you can see windows boarded up here, glass shattered on the ground as well as
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the ground. inside there are -- everywhere, and authorities tell me a number of people took sneakers, t shirts, anything they could get their hands on, and took off. now, that wasn't the only issue last night. we do know one man was critically injured in the protest. city officials say police did not shoot that victim. police say it was another civilian. several reporters and people on the street were attacked as police in riot gear linked arms and marched in streets as well fired tear gas. four police officers were injured during the protest. after gathering in the occupy town area of the city, demonstrators then moved on to i-277. that happened around midnight. those blocking the highway dispersed just before 1:00 a.m. as police and fire officials arrived on the scene. we do know that the national guard is now here in charlotte. we also know that several businesses are asking their employees to stay home, like bank of america,
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other drops. so be sure to check in through the this morning. hopeful any this city will be much calm per evening. renee and l,na? >> that is the hope. m,k a,ya thundershower monday reporting live from up town charlotte. now, police say brently vincent was the officer who fired the shot that killed pete scott. he's currently on paid leave. while vincent himself is black, many protesters say their anger is over what they call the larger system i can issue of police shootings of african vincent it was in plain clothes, and was not wearing a body camera. he says other officers were wearing body cameras, and there's dash cam video, but those images will not be released at this time. >> students at some of our local colleges say there's a war on black people. >> they held demonstrations in the triangle last night. wral's bill leslie is in our newsroom. bill? . >> yes, l,na and renee. they gathered late last night at historically black college campuses to protest.
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central in durham, as you see here. we spoke with some of them about the issue of unrest in charlotte. >> i think it's very important for us to spark up this conversation. i think one of the main reasons for protests and things like that, and i think us cooling out here and talking about it is a productive way to do it. i feel like the riots don't get the answer that you want to. >> we to the to work, but being racially open, that's -- that's the first step into actually fixing our problems. >> students are demanding that administrators and police at the school speak out about the issue. they oar calling on them to denounce the officer-involved shootings as well. back to you. >> bill leslie live in our newsroom. thank you. we have school delays and cancellations to it will you about. a two-hour delay this morning, and then herford county schools have no classes today.
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. >> some dry air is going to work in tomorrow. we still have the potential of rain today on and off through the day. won't be all day, like we've had the last couple of days. but we will definitely have some rain with it. you want the rain gear if you're headed out and about later on today. we could even have a couple rumbles of thunder. we have showers still moving across some of our southern counties and northern counties. seeing a little break across the triangle now. but again, expecting more to develop later this afternoon. temperatures right now are mainly in the low 70s. it's 71 it's also71 in kerry, 70 degrees in moncure. 72 in raleigh, and 68 degrees in rocksboro. it will be a gloomy. 73 at lunch time, some showers possible, highs staying in the 7 0s with periods of rain robbed and off through the day.
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weekend coming up a few minutes. now it is brian shrad,r's turn. >> we have some delays in kerry on u.s. 1 northbound. we have an accident at 4:40 eastbound at jones franklin road on the west side of raleigh. that's contributing to these big back ups. slow from right around the trion road interchange all the way into west real looking. allow extra time this morning. as you come in, you might maybe gormon street. certainly, things are busy out. there looks like they might be improving just a little bit as we head on into the 8:00 hour, but still some pretty steady traffic this morning from kerry. take you out toward the belt line capital boulevard interchange. we have a stall vehicle that's blocking the right lane of 440 westbound right there at the ramp from southbound capital boulevard on to 440 westbound. traffic's trying to get around
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also people trying to get around on the shoulder, squeeze around that way. starting to see those delays building as you head away from newburg avenue up toward capital boulevard. another accident, this one is in garner, on 40 and white oak road. looks like it's there in the median and affecting potentially the eastbound side of i-40. right now, we're not seeing any big delays showing up on the eastbound side. but it's something to keep in mind. stay in that right lane. westbound traffic still busy as you head through the clayton bypass on up toward business 70. back to you. >> thank you, bria the presidential candidates are talking about north carolina. >> their comments following proit ises in charlotte coming up next. plus their strings ahead of monday's debate. >> and way too much rain in eastern north carolina. the flooding that's forcing schools to delay the start of classes today. >> wral's smart shopper is live in the studio. >> she has details on an
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we have all want to save at the grocery. >> if you want to cut your grocery bill in half, you need to know how to get the discounts. may prosser is here. . >> we have a class coming up. it is on saturday, october 8th. a few weeks from now. we're giving you an early heads up so you have plenty of time to register before it else is out.
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until 1, and we are going to cover a ton of information to help you cut your grocery bills in half. we've done this class many times out here, and we always have a lot of fun with a ton of info. >> yeah. >> good stuff here. >> talk about some more topics. >> we'll be talking about things, like huh to get the best deals on the food you already eat, how to find coupons for the stuff you use, how to store them and be able tony get and meeta lot of things you don't think of when you think of saving money. we're going to-you cut the grocery bills on the things you already buy, which is an important thing. >> will this also be a food drive? . >> it sure will. all our wral classesnd up being a food beeping for the food bank of central eastern north carolina. if you bring one nonperishable item to donate, you'll -- a great way to help give back to these in need right here in our
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grocery deals this week. >> yeah. of course every week we always have some great deals, and this week is no plaintiff's petition. you can score a whole pineapple over at krog,r for only 99 cents. that really is is a fantastic buy. cold chickens also at krog,r. it's a krog,r kind of week, for 77 cents a pound. another really excellent purchase. then ground beef at carly c's in the garner location, only a buck 69 a pound. at the other locatns area, you'll get it for $1.88 per pound. then milk at aldi, only a buck 79 this week. that is a really good price up and then finally, after eating all those fabulous things, you're probably going to want to brush your teeth, right, ladies? you can scatter some free tooth paste at cvs and walgreens. >> oh. >> yeah. isn't that great? >> yeah. we're doing a coupon intervention with you. >> i go to the grocery store -- first you're never
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>> right, right, right. that's rule number one. you're in the front seat of the car in the parking lot. you're like, "howdied that get in my car." . >> right, right. is this a trend? . >> yeah. it's all about whole dairy thing. the prices of dairy, meat, egg, all starting to come down. great news. >> we like seeing that. >> thank you, may. more smart shopping tips, go to search "smart shopper," or look under the consumer tab. steve harvey is tack ling hour-long special on race relations and policing. . >> and the gas shortage is improving, but some stations could still be in
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happy birthday to joan j,tt. >> with oar going to have to -- >> one more day. then tomorrow some of us might have some rain. the nicer weather gets here for the weekend, which is good news, good timing. take a look who's getting the rain now.
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not everybody is getting the rain. a little break across the triangle now. but we do have some showers oversome of our northern communities, toward south hill. rocksboro has been getting periods of rain. we'll show you that camera just a moment. down to the south, we still have -- this is where we have the heaviest rain, across parts of samson county, moving into sections of cumber land county and hard net county getting a little rain just to the south and east obviouslyington. that's headed in your way, we have very heavy rainfall over last couple days, especially across nearby north carolina. this is where they've had to deal with a little flooding, more than 5 inches in the last 48 hours. we've had some decent rain here, but we havthe flooding issues like they have to the north and east. close to 3 inches in soute last you can see some of the raindrops on the lens there. you do have srain headed your way. 72 degrees at the airport, ones are out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour.
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humidity now at 94%. so it's still muggy outside. temperatures are mainly in the low 70s. we have some upper 60s from hander son to rocksboro. 72 now in durham. town by town, 72. 73 in goldsboro, 72 degrees in fayetteville and in lorenburg now. fairy uniform temperatures. we're not going to warm that much because of the clouds and rain that we'll have today. we still have the remnants of julia just to our south, which continues to stream the moistu direction. . eventually this is going to move east and out of here. that doesn't happen until tomorrow. we'll have a gradual westward movement of this dry air move in tomorrow, and so it's the eastern half of the viewing area that has the potential for rain as we head into friday. for today, periods of rain on and off. won't rain all day. there will be some dry time. we'll still have a lot of clouds. it will be a gray day today with some showers possible at the lunch hour. even commute, some showers, maybe a few thunderstorms, and then tonight probably dry with
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then, tomorrow morning, cloudy with the showers mainly confined over eastern north carolina. and that will be the case during the afternoon and evening as well. you can see the skies beginning to clear tomorrow evening as that dry air starts to make a westward push in our direction. then, saturday morning, waking up to sunny skies. shower plenty of sun saturday. that's going to heat us up to 88 saturday afternoon. so once we get that sun back, temperatures really starting to go up. 77 for the high temperature today. it is the first it officially gets underway at 10:21 this morning. we'll have some showers around for the morning, into the afternoon with temperatures holding steady in the 7 0s through the day today. then 85 tomorrow with some showers east. then 88 for the high temperature saturday. so it is going to be a hot day saturday, about normal. the normal high 181. the record 96. we're not going to break a record. it will be hot enough on saturday. certainly not feeling like fall. and then sunday, partly cloudy, 82 for the high
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temperature monday, tuesday, and wednesday, with only a slim chance for rain. yeah, another gloomy day, but at least it brightens up for the weekend. >> we'll take it. thank schools in north hampton county and halifax county are on a two-hour delay. herford county schools are closed today. flooding has been a problem in eastern carolina, as you heard amy mention. a steady rain fell over much of the area as the remnants of tropical storm ju the worst problems were on this coast. take a look at this picture, taken in very clemens county. the very clemens river was all the way up to the back steps of the home. the area is not far from elizabeth city. and check out this picture from a dot camera. it shows how much water was substantial doubting on some roads near duck in deir county. at least three counties in the northeast corner of our state canceled school yesterday because of flooding. gas is slowly flowing back to north carolina, and meanwhile, the attorney
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investigation is expanding. subpoenas were issued to two more gas stations yesterday, including one in raleigh, accused of charging $4.99 per gallon. since friday, the ag's office has issued sen subpoenas, received more than 1,300 complaints of price gouging. days after returning to schools in our area, blue bell creameries is again recalling some of its ice cream due to new concerns over listeria. the company found chocolate chip cookie dough from a potentially contaminated. blue bell is recalling half gallon and pints of its chocolate chip cookie dough and -- ice cream. tonight on fox 50, you can watch a conversation on race and policing. tv host steve harvey leads a town hall discussion on the recent protests, violence, anger, and these political movements. several guests will appear, including a white mother from raleigh, who adopted three black children.
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police? >> yes, cuz i hang out with a lot of white people. when i hang out, they view me as the bad guy. recently i was tat mall with some friends. they were shoplifting. i wasn't. i had nothing to do wit. they first questioned me out of anybody else. so i thought why would you ask me when there's other people there, too. >> and, like, i feel like because i do dress differently, they might think i'm like a guy at first. sometimes they can be a little more rough on dudes. >> yeah. >> have to be careful. even if i feel like i'm not doing anything wrong or not doing anything wrong, i know sometimes people can just like stereotype me. >> timely conversation. steve harvey's town hall on race and policing is an hour-long discussion. harvey speaks to a variety of people, some frustrated, others just ready to take action. we'll even see a deputy ride with a member of the
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p.m. on fox 50. there's one thing the presidential nominees can agree on: they're troubled by the police shootings in charlotte and tulsa. tracy potts reports on the candidates' reactions the violence, and where they're headed today. >> reporter: presidential candidates are reacting to the violence in north carolina, a battleground state, and the police shooting after an unarmed man in tulsa oklahoma. >> it's unbearable, and it needs to become fox town hall says, to stop inner city crime -- >> i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. >> reporter: democrats point out a federal court declared it unconstitutional. trump argues democrats have turned their backs on black voters. >> they look for the votes of people living in the inner cities, and then they say, "we'll see you later in four years." trump's down -- points among
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clinton's team says she's practicing not sure, as they put it, which trump will show up. she's out with new web video, hitting trump on not releasing his taxes yet. >> don't you think it's almost like something's wrong? what's wrong? >> reporter: and using the charity's money to pay off legal settlements. >> there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> reporter: meanwhile trump's aligning himself with former rival ted cruz, backing cruz's push to extend government authority. tracy potts, nbc, washington. police have received scary reports from students waiting at bus stops. >> the local city where a man may have jumped out of
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we'll have much more on what's happening now in charlotte in next in our half hour on fox 50. >> and gas is growing again in a pipeline -- leading to a shortage in carolina and
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take several days for supply loves to return to normal. the short and led to price hikes, some of which are being investigated for gouging. if you get up high enough, you can see blue sky. it's a dreary day unless you get up to about 2,000 feet. we can see a little bit of blue sky, a lot of low clouds across the area. so it is a bit of a gloomy start to the day. we do have some showers falling overparts of the viewing area, and we'll have the continued chance for some showers and a few isolated storms later this afternoon. side with the remnants of juliaing us more rain today. 72 degrees in raleigh, 72 degrees in fayetteville. it got up to about 77 degrees with lot of clouds and periods of rain. drier tomorrow, a high of 85, and then pretty hot saturday, 88 with mostly cloudy skies. brian? . >> 8:27. amy, some good news in garner. an earlier crash on 40 westbound around white oak road now has cleared up. just in the past couple
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it was in the median and blocking the median. people, c were slog down, as they should under the state's move over law the we're still seeing residual delays and congestion out there as you head away from the clayt,n bypass. give yourself a few extra minutes this morning coming in frcleveland area. thanks, brian. next on fox 5, details on state fair tickets. narrator: look up the facts on the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-pollint-n public record. ane.d ri "new pro htsigh as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself
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national guard is assisting officers. >> mikaya thundershower monday has the latest on tun rest in charlotte. >> reporter: very scary scene in up town charlotte, a lot of it after the rioting from last night. i want to give you a look at one of it areas that has been severely damaged. this is in front of time cable arena in the heart of up town charlotte. you can see a boarded-up window and shattered glass on the ground, a number of hangers as well. highway patrol and police tell me this was the scene of one of the biggest looting issues they had last night. we also know that one man was critically injured in the protest. city officials say police did not shoot that victim. several reporters and people on the street were attacked as police in riot gear linked arms, marched in the streets, and fired tear gas.
8:31 am
injured during the protest. after gathering in the up town area of the city, demonstrators then moved on to i-277. that was right around midnight. those blocking the highway dispersed before 1:00 a.m. after police and fire officials arrived on the scene. of course we do know now the national guard is here in charlotte. their fool is to make sure another protest that leads to a riot doesn't happen. thundershower monday reporting in charlotte. we have new information about a shooting in raleigh we reported as breaking news last night at 11. we have learned the victim has died. this was at calvary drive and capital boulevard near the mcdonald's. police tell us 24-year-old aaron jacobs was found shot in a live look. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. a search for suspects is underway. a man charged with a deadly shooting near shaw university has a court appearance today. police charged charles mitchell
8:32 am
murdering christopher low caws. his body was found yesterday morning at blunt and l,nor, streets. according to witnesses, locust was shot during an altercation, then ran from the scene. an alert from parent this morning. durham police are looking for suspect who is appear to be targeting student at bus stops. the most recent case was wednesday morning. a 13-year-old girl was at the kosher of grant street and lynn wood avenue. police say two men came out of it the woods. one had a knife, then grabbed the girl. but she got away. monday morning, two girls were at east way and mcneil street. a man in a car jumped out, and started chasing the 11 and 13-year-olds. they were able to get away as well. anyone with information should contact police immediately. gasoline is flowing again through the colonial pipeline. the gas started being pumped through it just before 7:30 last night. this is aerial video of the area provided by colonial. it shows where crews discovered the leak, and then built the bypass line to restore servicer.
8:33 am
days before fuel supplies get back to normal. a fayetteville teacher who outraged some parents by stepping on a u.s. flag will meet with the -- superintendent today. >> he was placed on leave with pay pending the out come of that meeting. now, lee francis says he was given a lesson on the first amend. he's an honors history teacher seen here when he did his francis said he was demonstrating a circuit court decision that free speech extends beyond words to some actions. after he stepped on the flag, two students walked out of the classroom, and another took the flag from him. >> the picture was posted on social media, instantly drawing fire from parents, who said they spent years teaching their children to respect the flag only to have someone in a position of authority desecrate it.
8:34 am
released a statement, saying, quote "clearly there are other ways to teach first amendment rights without desecrateing the flag." . it is the first day of fall. we have a couple hours to go before it becomes official. going to feel like fall. >> it will. temperatures will be in the upper 7 0s. we officially hit fall at 10:21 this morning. we're starting off with a gloomy start to fall with lot of clouds, little rain, too. take a look at the -- showers over parts of hard net county down johnston county. a few lingering showers over northern counties as wall. a lot of you getting a break before the activity likely picks up again later this afternoon. we're not done with the rain just yet. it's 72 in durham, 71 in kerry. it's also 71 in holly springs. town by town, it is 72 in rocky mount, 72 in irwin, and 70 degrees in southern pines. it's going be a muggy day today, but look at p. a little creepy isn't it, our raleigh cam with some
8:35 am
we have a lot of -- periods of rain through the day today with highs in the upper 70s. the dry air is close. we'll tell you when that arrives coming up in just a few minutes, renee. >> with those dark clouds, it looks halloweenesque. >> halloween. it's getting ready for us. >> we're ready for it. the ads are everywhere. >> ingredients and recipes you need to make dinner. just ahead, 5 on your side monica liberty shows us what >> the, acc -- sports eventers out of north carolina
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i think it's interesting what you get. we were just talking about the coupons. adopt you like, ever time you get one, you think, i should try this. >> should i try it? . >> there are a bunch of different services out there, and blue apron probably the most well known. now even martha stewart is in on the act. i wondered about how it works. ''consumer reports" just checked out some most popular services. >> reporter: middle school kits are changing the way many americans are making dinner. the prepacked child box arrives at your door with every ingredient you need to whip up dinner except for staples, such as salt and pepper. in most cases, you can pick the meals or have the company choose for you. they are convenient, but are they fresh, healthy, affordable? "consumer reports" food experts evaluated five
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h,llo fresh, plated, and purple carrot. >> we prepared and tasted a week's worth of dinners from each service, and we found that 24 out of 27 were very food to excellent. >> hello fresh was a stand out for its dishes like this blackened tilapia. of the meals tested, hello fresh averageed the lowest in fat, calories, and sodium. green fresh features all organic ingredients. their recipes, like vegg tapenade feature lot of veggies used in creative ways consumer reports also asked 57 meal kit users about their concerns. nearly every one said they liked trying different flavors. and while the cost is about 10 to $10 per portion, the majority of meal kit users surveyed said the dinners are a good value. >> americans throw away 28% of the produce they buy.
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>> reporter: in every case, "consumer reports" testers found the ingredients arrived financial, and the meals took close to the claimed time to prepare. so now you can dine in like you're dining out; but in this cayou are also the chef. >> so if you want to give the meal kits a try, "consumer reports" suggests you should shop around. they can be tailored to your specific needs, whether family to feed. i so want to try these. >> i want to, too. both my husband and i like to cook, but we're not that fancy. we keep things simple. one of the good things about this is it has you trying dnt vegetable. >> yeah. >> different ingredients. like you said, you don't have to waste. >> i think we have to do it and check back with everybody. let us know. >> maybe brian shrad,r can come make it all fors >> there you go.
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we'll eat. . monica, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> you can find more information on look for "5 on you're side" under the "consumer" tab. all week long we've been going behind the scenes with the cast of fox shows to get previews of what to expect. >> the character zack from "saved by the bell" is one of thstars. how that characterelped create come industry with his costar. >> and the north carolina state fair is less than a month away. where and when you can get tickets. >> sum it up 18, picknumbers 8- sum it up 18, picknumbers 8- 1-2-2. sum it up 13. carolina cash 5 nu 1-2-2. sum it up 13. six years ago, my mother was murdered.
8:42 am
on the statef ucation. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. ry trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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[ music ] finally a nice shot here. >> blue skies. >> haven't seen that. >> you just have to go up 2,000 feet. that's all. if you do that -- we'll see some of it tomorrow. >> there you go. it off the seeing a little of a break in a few of our communities. it is expected to pick up again later this afternoon. take a look at the radar now. we can show you where we do have some rain coming down. still a little bit of very activity over some if our northern counties. just north of rocksboro getting a little rain there. some spotty showers. up into the virginia and the south hill area. and then down to the south we go, down toward samson county. this is where we've seen some
8:45 am
all slowly moving to the north and west. still a little bit of shower activity out there. we are expected to keep that rain chance throughout the day today. but we'll start to see trier air tomorrow. temperatures now, town by town, it's 68 in rocksboro, 68 in henderson, 00 degrees in roanoke raps, 73 in tarboro. it's 72 in fayetteville, and also 72 degrees in lorenburg. here's a great picture from our rocksboro skycam. they have had periods of rain morning long. 72 at rdu. winds are out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. and the at this point is very close to the air temperature. just means it's very moist. it's very humid, very muggy outside. we've had that the last couple days. we have more of it today. we have the remnants of julia still down to our south, bringing in that moisture off the atlanta. that continues today you can but the difference for will be this area of high pressure that's going to die to the south and west and
8:46 am
eastward and out of our area. it's going to be a slow process. we'll see sun late tomorrow, but showers still possible, especially from about raleigh and points to the east tomorrow. we're not done with the rain today or tomorrow for that matter, although a lot of us will have some dry time as we head into friday. spotty showers through the day today. here's lunch time. we have some clos. we have a little bit of rain. definitely have the rain gear with you if you're headed out for lunch. for the evening commute, some showers, maybe even some isolated thunderstorms. that will take we'll have to see if we can see a little sun get -- later on today. 8:00 tomorrow morning, we're definitely in the clouds, some showto the east. but the morning commute hopefully a little easier. that's going to be friday. usually those slower dates. the rain will not be quite as relents will tomorrow morn ing. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, again, the eastern counties getting some rain, but we'll start to see meclearing skies, and that drier air starts to fish in just in time for the week. we'll have a lot of sun as we head into saturday.
8:47 am
from about a quarter to maybe half an inch of rain with higher totals as you head down toward our southeast coastline. still some rain for today and into tomorrow for some of you. showers around. temperatures will be in the upper 70s, close to 80 frieze for some of you, 79 in fayetteville, 77 for the high temperature in south hills. so it will be a more muggy start to fall with a little bit of a gloomy day as well. about a 30% chance of rain for the first half of the day. those rain chances going up as we head into the aftern rain east, 85 for the high temperature. lot of sun expected on saturday. that sunday heats us up, 88 for the high temperature sunday. i mean saturday. and than, sun, partly cloudy, 82, and highs close to 80 heading into next week up back to you. >> thanks, amy. members of congress grilled the ceo of the company that makes epi pens about soaring prices. epi pens deliver an emergency dose of epinephrine when people suffer dangerous
8:48 am
medication went from $100 in 2000 to now more than $600. mylun's ceo heather rush's salary also rose dramatically. she testified she earned $18 last year alone. >> is your competition based on what you've done with this product? . >> having 700,000 free epi pens across 66 schools across america could not be more proud. >> lawmakers are also calling for a federal investigation into company handles medicaid -- -- removed sporting events from north carolina because of house bill 2. pga commissioner tim finchem says they don't plan to join that group. finch,m says the reason is simple: the money raised is for charity. he spoke about the wells fargo tournament in -- he said the tour would be vocal about the hb 2
8:49 am
been in charlotte since 2003. next year the quail hollow course will host the pga championships. greensburg has hosted a pga event since 1938. premier week continues here on fox 50. the new show "pitch" about the first female baseball player in the majors debuts tonight. ken smith want to hollywood for a preview of the new fall line up, and here's his conversation with two of the stars of the new baseball drama. >> listen to this crowd. >> reporter: bo take audiences out to the ball game. >> a woman hastener to the mound. >> we're working with mlb. that's really us in the padres uniform that's really petco park. >> reporter: that's -- along with her costar park paul gossalier. i caught up with him in hollywood to talk about this highly anticipated baseball drama >> obviously anything touch that's mlb, we have to be as authentic as possible.
8:50 am
that we have, every free moment we have. we talk baseball. we're living in baseball report chemistry as a pitcher and catcher is unmistakable even from the beginning. >> that was chemistry. >> yeah. >> we had to do that scene together when we first met, and i asked her politely i said do you mind if i give you a tap on the bum? . said, zack . >> exactly. >> she did say that. >> this girl is going to be fine. >> reporter: fans will remember gossa lier as the teen hearth rob zack morris on "saved by the bell." . >> i'm living my dream, and i get to be a part of the project that has such a strong message. and i get to play a character
8:51 am
that's such a gift. >> "pitch" premiers tonight at 9 here on fox 50. if you want to see -- spire interview, go to, and look for mr. smith goes to hollywood. we still have a few weeks until the gates of at the north carolina state fair. but you can get tickets right now. starting september 29th, you'll be able to pick up admission and ride passes at four additional locations around raleigh. advance tickets are already on sale at food lion stores across the state. for more information about this tickets, go to >> this will be l,na's first north carolina state fair. >> woo hoo. >> we've been prepping her for the big event. >> the food. >> pack on the pounds. >> the folks, the rides. >> everything. it's going to be fun. >> i know brian -- >> love it. and you know, that -- as we were saying last week, it's kind of the first week that you have one really cool morning, it seems. >> you're right. >> bring the coat.
8:52 am
afternoon. perfect weather. >> yeah. >> that will be fun. you know, the big first presidential debate is just in a few days now, yes. hopefully this is not a harbinger of things to come. take a look at what happened in georgia. georgia over in -- indication to russia. this is from last night. >> not southeastern -- >> not southeastern u.s. georgia. >> some candidates for the georgia parliament late wednesday got into a fight during a political talk show. candidates from the democratic movement and industrial's political bloc started to insult each other while on regional television. that's kind of embarrassing. they're starting to get heated up out there because the big elections are scheduled for next month in georgia. let's learn -- be cool. >> like brian. >> be cool. talk about playing the type. the dalmatian that got separated from its owner went, where else, to the fire
8:53 am
fire minnesota at florida's hisborough county firings number 5. i believe that's hillsborough county, that's tampa, isn't it? . >> florida. >> yeah, tampa. he sneaked in early in morning after he followed a truck returning there. apparently they had a blast with chico. he didn't get a job apparently. i'm sure he's welcomed back anytime. >> the whole 9. >> they missed their social media moment there. >> be the way, the come and claim chico and had him home by the end of it day. >> it's just in the blood maybe. >> i guess so. >> went right to the fire house. >> fire trucks. >> luke the dog that chases it consider and then catches it. what do they do with it? he went and chased the fire truck, and made a day of it. >> just hung out. up in the sky, it's a bird, it's plane. it's the legos super man. this probably doesn't fly.
8:54 am
touring the world with his sculptures made of lego bricks. this is the art of brick. dc superheros currently in madrid. again going all over the world, superhero, batman, wonder woman, a lot of attention to detail i would not have. >> incredible. >> that's a lot of time on your hands. >> i do not have. another check on your top
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
was shot by another civilian in critical condition. the unrest followed the fatal police shooting of a black man on tuesday. and keep that umbrella and rain gear handy today, right, amy? . >> that's right. periods of rain again today. not quite as much rain as we had yesterday or the day before. but we will have some rainy tiles again. lot of clouds around with showers possible basically any point in time throughout the day today. keep the rain gear close. temperatures now are in the 7 0s. it's 70 degrees in south hill, 02 in rocky un inner one, and 74 degrees in fayetteville. temperatures warming to the upper 70s today, and then back to the 80s friday. brian? 8:57. a couple accidents in cary this morning as we wind down that commute. we have some inside lanes blocked as they get a crash cleared up. another accident this morning, this is on i-40 at cary town boulevard. this is the westbound side of i- 40, and it looks like we have some activity over on the shoulder there at the ramp.
8:58 am
extra time programs through there. not seeing big delays. certainly those flashing lights, slow down considerably. back to you. >> thanks, brian. tesla implements a change it says will help prevent future crashes involving vehicles operated in auto pilot mode. a deadly crash in florida was blamed on the etch too. today at noon, we'll explain what else the new software upgrade does that could also protect children and pets. that is our news for now. our next update is in 25 minutes. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. s?, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico.
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polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on now. how y'all? how's everybody doing? appreciate you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. folks, we got a family here returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 22,240 bucks, from right here, atlanta, georgia, it's the grier family. and from montebello, alabama, it's the hipps family. everybody's here trying to win theyself


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