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right now on wral news on >> in charlotte we get a check on how the group affected football sunday plus we will go into the states to -- gates to find out how the environment affected the vet this first home game since the protest erupted and breaking news on the death of golfing legend arnold palmer. had -- a look back at his life and legacy. we begin with those protest
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stadium protesters said the voices will not be sally spitz thank you joining us i'm kathryn brown. here is a live look at the protests going on right now in charlotte north carolina of course became the epicenter in a collision between sports and social issues and ken smith talks to some concerned fans trying to make the best of the situation today. >> reporter: we are at the park near uptown charlotte one of a couple of parks meeting spaces for demonstrators before taking it to the streets. sunday the meeting place was bankamerica stadium. they came with message as fans streamed into bank of america stadium for sundays -- sundays panthers vikings game this wasn't the usual game day atmosphere. >> do have a second bouts of, to begin? >> we feel guilty that we are not more committed to the cause here and where going on with our lives and watching a football game. >> the hearing the singing of the national anthem demonstrators took a some held a fist in the air while others
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the nightly -- have resident kathy wondering when her community will find common ground. >> i hope it is settled peacefully and i appreciate the police here, the national guard, but i solely hope we don't need them. >> no justice, no peace. >> demonstrators once again took to the streets of uptown charlotte marching around the stadium, again with familiar message that resonat >> i think this is an opportunity hopefully for us to move forward and to move forward in a democratic manner and to move forward with equity. >> reporter: that so for many of the queen city . we saw a number of fans as well shaking the hands of officers, giving them hugs in some cases and thanking them for their service to the communities. ken smith wral news charlotte. inside the stadium the environment outside the gate could not be ignored.
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some panthers showed support for protesters a few hundred yards away. >> reporter: outside bankamerica stadium just the latest seen in a week of civil unrest but inside, just your average run-of-the-mill panthers game on a false sunday in charlotte with two exceptions, that is a pregame warm -- cam newton donning the t-shirt read injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere a quote by doctor martin luther king jr. no panthers protested during the national anthem when that changed today marcus ball who was promoted from the practice squad raided -- races that -- raised his right arm. austin said earlier he was planning some sort of display of unity and one that would respect all parties, policemen, victims, the military and it didn't come to fruition in
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today was -- as the city the sunday after everything happened but i don't want to put my team and i don't think -- i don't want to be somebody to do that by myself and it come back on me or comes back on the team as if we didn't do it together. >> boston went on to say we can surely expect something next sunday as he do go weeks to go by silently>> reporter: rough one for carolina, what doomed the panthers against the vikings coming later in sports. the state naacp announced it plans to join the charlotte mecklenburg chapter for a rally in the organization has requested a federal investigation into keith lamont scott's death. earlier today we spoke with naacp president reverend barber at a gathering in goldsboro and that meeting was planned well
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charlotte and it was intentionally focused on voter registration but discussions as you can imagine turned to the events in charlotte. the reverence of the organization is not pleased with the investigation into scott's shooting. particularly after seeing footage released by shelley police and we will show that to you and we want to warm you the video you are about to see is disturbing farmers says based on this dashcam video released by police naacp is just not convinced the shooting is protesters in charlotte had a good reason to be upset. >> we don't know what has happened. we still are unclear even with the tape so what we are saying is we have to have now all of the information released to those in public documents that along to the citizenry our taxpayers, tax dollars pay for them we have to have a full, thorough, and impartial independent investigation. >> in addition the naacp says
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to the immoral acts of racial profiling, excessive force and systematic killing of african- americans. we will monitor demonstrations in charlotte as well as the latest on the shooting investigation find articles, pictures and video from our reporters in charlotte along with updates on our website . breaking news now in the sports world arnold palmer has passed away. one of the greatest ever to swing a golf club. he played for wake forest back bit he has won seven championships including 4 messerschmitt he just turned 87 years old this month. coming up mandy mitchell explain how arnold palmer didn't only have a major impact on the world of golf but on the entire world of sports. raleigh police in the manhunt is over for a suspect accused of shooting a man in the head while inside of a van a friday morning. anthony neal charged with assault with a deadly weapon, intent to kill. he's accused of firing gunshots
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year-old travis malloy was shot in the head and was taken to wakemed hospital. police have not released his condition. second person inside the van was not injured and police also released 911 calls from a witness who said she heard shots fired and saul a car fleeing from the stupid no word from police on a motive. unease on nc state campus, student says she was sexually assaulted at the memorial belltower. she told police a man approached her from behind about 11:15 her, reached a hand down her pants and fondled her she was able to get away but so will was her attacker. police only released a vague description of the suspect and anyone with information, go to police. police have identified the man killed in a motorcycle crash on nc state campus. investigators say that these billings was driving a motorcycle when it hit the back of an suv. it was driven by cameron white did this happened around 10:00
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night. billings pronounced dead at wakemed and officers say speed was a factor in the crash and no charges have been filed. goldsboro police are investigating a fatal hit-and- run that happened near highway 70. they say the victim was found dead at the scene along norwood avenue around midnight. officers have not identified the victim nor suspects or the type of vehicle that was involved. coast guard has suspended its search for a boater who disappeared in the current sound near not silent yesterday that suspension ends more than 20 hours of searching the 95 square miles of water. the identity of the boater has not been released. a presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing for their first presidential debate watch the 90 minute event here on wral tomorrow night at 8:00 nbc nice -- nightly news host lester holt will moderate a clinton campaign team will host more than for 30 watch parties across the state including events in mali, fayetteville, charlotte and after postponing the weekend is additionally, democratic nominee will return
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charlotte's mayor requested all candidates stay away during a chaotic weeks of resources could stay focused on keeping the peace according to a clinton spokesman, clinton plans to visit north carolina tuesday and he did not elaborate on a location or a time. republican presidential candidate donald trump also had plans to visit charlotte and those plans scrapped. millions foreign-bo a debates pathway to citizenship and mass deportations and immigration jump to the forefront as a major issue. bryan mims spent time at the international folk festival in fayetteville where comments were as varied as the cuisine. >> okay may i have your -- >> reporter: access as big as the aroma of fried noodles but these women born and bred in thailand do have a voice. >> may i help you. >> reporter: in the national conversation about life in
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lived if they face is the 70s. >> trumball the wake forest among critics of the would-be president the rough old is a word that has about someone with a dislike of people with other countries -- from other countries at the international folk festival people from other countries like trump is enough old? >> i don't think so. i think -- xena phobic? >> too many people, job are not the wall and banning -- talking tough about china. >> i'm from china and i like my country but i don't like the ruler of the country. >> wesley says all that tough talk go ahead, this should help. >> do you want donald trump to be president? >> yes. >> why? >> my personal made it. >> why? >> the president he says should have that trump talk.
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tell what they want to do. >> let's pause in peru she came to fayetteville by way of? >> -- >> she thinks the trump-talk could hit people like llama spit . >> he has no respect. >> and at the thai table undecideds you will hear pure, american voices. bryan mims wral news fayetteville . >> international folk festival which began as a celebration of the foreign-born population. commitments agreed to a peace deal between colombia rebels and government and where italian communities were hit by an earthquake focus efforts now that the most urgent matters of an address bit first meteorologist aimee williams. >> a taste of fall today especially when you compare the 90s from yesterday the days
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would take a look at how long the cool temperatures stick
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ious chicken from sanderson farms. after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. breaking news out of fayetteville police saying robbers held up a garage at 8:15 pm eight people were working on the cars when the men came and pointed guns and amending valuables one was shot
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okay. police ask anyone with information to call fayetteville police. baltimore police say a mass shooting overnight was a result of a cold, calculated event. one of the victims just a toddler. >> i did not misspeak a three- year-old little girl was shot here tonight in the eastern district this was a planned, premeditated act of retaliatory violence. >> three suspects fled the scene and have not yet been captured and witnesses say they were armed with handguns and what police believe is at least one all victims are expected to survive. colombian rebels officially ratified a peace treaty with the government today. the commitment establishes peace tribunals that it reconciliation commission to get justice for victims of five decade rebellion. revolutionary armed forces of colombia has said they will continue championship left this causes and plan to do so on a political basis. month after devastating earthquake in italy firefighters are now shifting
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the relics several works of hearts from church of saint clement danes as urges -- urgent matters have been dealt with it able to make its cursor did ever to -- among the items saved medieval paintings and sculptures along with his stored belt hours and structures. reaction continues to pour in over the sudden death of golfing legend arnold palmer. how the impact reach beyond grass greens and how many nt more than the world of sports. more than the world of sports. this weakens cool down came with greg gray skies this weakens cool down came i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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and the insurance industry... not you.
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in the weather center with aimee what it of us 24 hours makes? >> yesterday most broke the record high and today, look at that, 74 of the high temperature and oddly enough it was cooler here than it was in the mountains. 86 in asheville, 77 the high in boone which doesn't happen too often thanks to a backdoor cold front that edged him from the north and east and most of the cold front move from the west but this one moving in a backdoor fashion. the air cool down from the northeast back to the south and west. captured outside right now . 66
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in fayetteville, temperatures will likely dip to the 60s for everybody. live look from the roxburgh sky camera lots of clouds so we have the cooler temperatures but it was a pretty great grade- a . we had a bit of mist and drizzle nothing really widespread but still cloudy right now . 70 at the airport wind out of the east and southeast six miles an hour dew point a number that has come down the last 24 hours 64 so humidity right now 81%. around today but most of the day was dry and nice to get the first taste of fall. thanks to the cold front that pushed through the area it is down to the south and we will see this lift to the north as a warm front in the next 24 hours and that is an advance of the next cold front back to the west moving in on tuesday. all of this area we have moisture so we cannot rule out a couple of showers over the
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chances likely increasing as we get into monday night and integers at it could have a few showers tonight the best chance for that will be in the western community the morning commute may have some showers be sure to 2 into wral starting at 4:30 elizabeth will have a check on the radar and lunchtime spotty showers and cloudy skies and another gray look to the day tomorrow. as monday evening rolls around 8:00, watch the next cold front moving in showers and a few thunderstorms will be likely as we head into the overnight hours monday force tuesday morning commute could have showers and start to dry out looks li tuesday 11:00 and night. we cannot rule out showers in the wednesday-thursday timeframe. tonight temperatures get down into possibly upper 50s and south hill . 64 raleigh, 66 fayetteville and southern pines 10 day planner for tomorrow not bad very similar to what we had
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tomorrow compared to what we had today. 65 by 8:00 in the morning lunchtime 73 and cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 70s as we head to the 4:00 hour. something will have to watch we had a low-pressure system in the tropics national hurricane center giving us a 90% chance of becoming tropical cyclone this coming week. look at the models . what we know for the most part is it will go into the caribbean . beyond that, not sure where it will go so something was really want to watch as models have it to the bahamas toward next weekend. 77 by temperature tomorrow again we could have a couple of spotty showers sent the kids with with rain gear's temperatures and make 60s, locked in clouds tomorrow with high temperatures in the upper 70s which is below normal normal high 79 . we have the potential for storms tuesday and lingering showers into wednesday and thursday with temperatures staying in the 70s and friday rolls around and it is bluegrass time, wide open group -- bluegrass festival noon downtown raleigh and looks like the weather will
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case last year appeared they moved it indoors 70 degrees at noon, 68 in the evening and next week and for now looking good. mostly sunny, highs in the 70s and low in the 50s. >> you can't ask for better than that. perfect fall weekend. >> should be nice. >> thank you. wow, stunning news tonight. >> a bummer of the day. with what arnold palmer did to pave the way for others in the world of sports and cam newton sacked eight times and the
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sports world truly lost a legend tonight as we told you earlier the man known as the king arnold palmer has passed away. he was the first real superstar in sports getting endorsements far before it was, for athletes to do commercials and he was a pitch man and helped it to make the game popular for the average guy with a huge fan base known as arnie's army. he is also the first golfer to reach $1 million career earned think about that now, won seven majors transformed golf into the golf world we see today. on the pga tour, he was 87 years old. of course arnold palmer played
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wellman just released a statement couple of minutes ago said quote arnold palmer's impact on wake forest university cannot be measured arnold had a lifelong love affair with the universities frequently and lovingly of his alma mater. sad to lose him today. panthers have more regular- season losses than all of last season. hopefully cam newton found a nice tug after this one because it did not go well. started well for the home team up 3-0 . you tick and they look to cruise a bit but the vikings will score the next 22 points. starting with the safety minnesota defense oliver kamm eight sacks this one is worth two points. you heard eight sacks he was on the grass a lot. panthers leading 10-8 at the half and that will not last. sam bradford kyle rudolph makes it 16-10 vikings camp continues to try to make something happen
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goal so it's 19-10 vikings final shot for the panthers no protection yet again for kamm who avoids his ninth sack of the game by throwing his third pick up again. brutal outcome for the panthers as they lose 22-10 in the locker room after the game. >> i feel like i should be talking to you come down here because this is where cam newton spent most of his time this afternoon on the grass at bank of america stadium. second-most in his six-year carolina korea. >> when you get one sack you have to get a better job. >> you don't want to go backwards whether penalties or sacks or whatever. three times with second or third and 30, hard to play offense and hard to be good it was a story of the day. >> whatever they were doing was effective and we have to have answers so that it cannot happen again pick we had to get
10:29 pm
game plan starting with me as a signal caller. >> a site that has not been seen since november 16, 2014, the panthers walking off the road, losers the nfl's longest active home winning streak snapped at 14. >> we celebrate winning at home it's good for both teams to win at home. we didn't do a good job today. >> the last team to actually beat the panthers here at bankamerica stadium so happens to be the next one on the schedule, the panthers open nfc south divisional play next weekend in atlan falcons. gerrit v alco wral sports , charlotte. giants third quarter kirk cousins to the former blue devil jamison crowder and look at crowder go 55 yards for the touchdown giving washington the first lead of the day making those blue devils plowed -- proud. 29 have a 27 in the fourth eli manning interception, how many times have i said that the
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wilson will have an mri to see how bad he hurt his knee in the game with san francisco his leg was bad under another player and the slow-motion replay is bad so i will not show that. and makes a queasy. wilson returned to the game but also finished one more series before leaving for good. he says it is not as serious as it looks and we will find out what the test says. the von edwards it is as serious as it looks, three-time all-american kick returner and the season after tearing his acl against notre dame edwards is the seniors of this is the end of his incredible career as a blue devil. the college football news lsu has fired west miles after last night's loss to auburn. lsu was ranked the top 5 to start the season and has since fallen out of the polls after two happy to start the worst
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taking the tigers -- national title 2007 . chason championship takes drivers to nasher the only driver who has secured us pot in the next round until today cautioned 59 laps to go, kurt busch running 11 jack falls causing it to delay. not happy about that picked you have to be perfect in the chase and he goes on to finish fifth even with the mishap for backstretch matt kenseth, have kevin harvick he takes the lead and the waco new hampshire and a spot in the next round of the chase. busy sports day-to-day. thank you, mandy. we and the newscast on a somber note as a begin baseball league losing a promising start
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narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself
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phone video showing the moment charlotte police confronted keith scott. and....ever wanted to learn to fly a drone? brian shraeder tells us about a new class at wake tech and how it can can prepare you for new job opportunities. i'm kathryn brown...lets rewind... good evening....thanks for joining us. an 11-year-old boy is hit by a car while waiting for his bus... a fayetteville teacher is disciplined after stepping on an american flag in front of students in class. and...chandler kania's attorneys are making a last-ditch effort to keep jurors from hearing certain evidence. a raleigh man charged with killing his wife made his first court appearance monday. police say volodymyr kocherhin is responsible for the death of his 44-year-old wife, olha. kocherhin stood in court, with a translator. the judge ordered him held without bond. his wife was found unresponsive behind a


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