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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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ising. he revolutionized the sport of golf and brought it home to millions of americans. the king of golf, arnold palmer has died. >> plus concern on a local campus. a sexual assault investigation now going on at nc state. thank for joining us this monday morning, aka bill leslie day. so excited it's your birthday. we're having more fun than you are.
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lily. >> you deserve it. >> i don't know. what can i say? it's a happy day. it's a monday. little cooler. >> you're getting all the good things today. >> we ordered it special. i wish we had a little sun to go along with it. we'll take what we get. take a look at the radar picture. we do have some showers you can see off to the left side of your screen. those are trying to ease into our area. we could have a little p warm front that's moving toss area followed by a cool front tomorrow. we may still have showers lingering into wednesday, pebbly even thursday. but, boy, this weekend looks fantastic. here's a look at our view across the raleigh skycam. of course that building on your right is the catholic cathedral that's being built just right by our cities. 67 in durham. it's 66 in holly springs and wake forest, 63 in
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expect mid to upper 60s, 71 at lunch time, and a high of 77. temperatures remain cool, because it will stay cloudy. couple of isolated showers is all we'll see today. a better chance for rain tomorrow, mikaya is here, taking a look what's happening on the rods. on cue at 7:00. >> that's right. we should call this a case of the mondays. that's what we're having here as we take a look at our cameras over at the clayt,n u.s. 70. you can see stop and go traffic, tons of break lights for drivers in the area -- drivers heading through the area in both directions, something we'll keep our eye on. not necessarily caused by an sent. we do have accidents, however, reported in the raleigh area. as we take a look, this one just came in about 30 minutes ago.
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business, our sensors are having some good news. they're showing green, meaning it isn't causing too much of a delay for drivers in the area. this is at crimson -- court. the yellow on our sensors means drivers are waking up, heading through this area. it is taking them a little longer to pass through. something to keep in mind. as we take a look at your drive times in southern wake county, seeing red. oh my goodness, and 50 northbound. 401 to u.s. 1 will take you 15 minutes. then nc 42 to u.s. 70 will take you 20 minutes. we'll check in in just a little bit. bill and l,na? hillary clinton versus donald trump on stage tonight for their first presidential debate. >> it's happening tonight at of
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nbc's tracy pots has a preview. >> reporter: this is the stage for their first faceoff tonight: hillary clinton stage left, donald trump stage right. she gets the first question. clinton's team is concerned the bar has been set too low for trump. >> just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean that he is prepared to be president of the united states. >> he has every right to defend himself. >> she's got to be able to make that positiv but also not let donald trump get away with what he's likely to do, which is to make stuff up. >> reporter: it's 09 minutes of debate, broken into six fifteen-minute sections. >> you get 90 minutes to look at people, see whether there's depth, whether there's substance, whether there's candor and truthfulness in what they say. >> reporter: tonight's topics -- and securing america. that can get into immigration,
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even clinton's e-mails, and the trump foundation. clinton's invited trump critic mark cuban to sit in the front row. >> she's trying to distract attention. her camp trying to play games with front-row seats. trump's not about that. >> reporter: trump tweeted about inviting jennifer flowers, who had an affair with bill clinton. tracy pots, nbc news, hemp stead, new york. debate here on wral at 9:00. tomorrow clinton returns to north carolina for an appearance at wake tech in raleigh. and that event starts at 1:00. we have breaking news in raleigh. police are on the scene of a shooting. the call came in just after 3:30 this morning. there's also a related scene at the intersection of huber avenue and raleigh boulevard. police tell us a male victim is in the hospital, but we don't know his condition.
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this morning. a female student says she was sexually assaulted at the memorial bell tower saturday night. she told police a man approached her from behind, put his arm around her, reached a hand down her pants, and fold ed her. she was able to get away, but so was her attacker. police have a vague stenoscription to go on now. anyone with information should call police there's a silver alert this morning for a missing fayetteville man. twenty five-year-old michael walltial was last seen leaving his home to his grandmother's home on flamingo drive. walsh is between 5, 9, and 6 feet tall. he has brown hair and eyes, and wears a short beard. he was last seen wearing blue jeans and no shirt and no shoes. you know anything about his wants, call police. police are investigating after a body was found at a wake county home last night. officials confirm a body found at the home was
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examiner's office. at this time, investigators say there does not appear to be foul play. authorities are investigating the death of a fort bragg soldier who was found in his off post home wednesday. fort bragg officials identified the soldier as 34-year-old first sergeant lapante bennett. no word on the circumstances of bennett's death. he was a decorated veteran of operation freedom and operation iraqi freedom. the sports world has an iconic figure. arnold palmer revolutionized the game of golf, and made it popular on tv in the process. >> he was also a star player for wake forest university actually in wake forest. renee chu is in our newsroom with a look at palmer's life and legacy. renee? >> reporter: l,na and bill, a spokesman said the golfing ledge died due to complications for heart problems. he grew up as the son of a greenskeeper turned head golf pro in pennsylvania.
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that he would one day dominate. his good looks and powerful, yet unorthodox swing made him a golf superstar. financials crowded the fair ways in droves, and came to be known as arnie's army. palmer helped make goal if the tv sport it is today. he won seven jurors, including the champions tour, a venture he helped to jump start in 1980. palmer stopped playing the champion's tour in 2006, but remained a vital part of the game his golfing up pyre includes golf schools, equipment, and clothing lines, including designing more than 200 courses across the world, including the lotie poole golf course at nc state. he was awardeded the congressional gold medal, recognizing his contributions as a golfer and philanthropist. lena and bill? . >> thanks, renee. i actually remember my grandmother drinking arnold palmers. i was a little kid, said,
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golfer, and he drinks lemonade and ice tea." >> awesome guy. for the first full-time in days, there was no curfew in charlotte overnight. >> coming up, we'll tell you what the state naacp will be pushing for. >> and a giant sinkhole opens
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demonstrations continued sunday near one of the stadium entrances during yesterday's -- vikings game. during the singing of "the national anthem," demonstrators took a knee, some holding a fist in the air or bowing their heads. officers arrested a man for having a the stadium. authorities say bruce garman had a loaded magazine and unloaded pistol in a bag, but video released saturday hasn't settled questions about whether scott threatened authorities with a gun before he was shot. . some witnesses say he did not. it does not appear in the video if scott was holding anything before he was shot. today greensboro holds a special city council meeting, a meeting to release police body cam video of a confrontation between a now former officer and
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assaulted him. they'll also hear from the police chief and review police policy and procedure in this investigation. they're preparing for the worst in iowa today. >> up next, the concerns they have about rising floodwaters in cedar rapids and the steps they are taking. >> and we'll tell you how the japanese government is
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i'm roy cooper...and my mom used to teach in this school. she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending... or that governor mccrory tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again.
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[ muse you can ]. >> i've had a great time. >> and it's just started, bill.
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>> i bet he'd rather be there, though,. >> not today, because, you know -- this. this is better than the beach and mountains. >> you could get used to it. we're doing it tomorrow. that's my favorite birthday song by the way. >> it's a . >> put it on your calendar. it is pretty nice. cloudy. the temperatures are feeling nice and cool. check the our rocksboro skycam. you can see the gray skies. our temperature at 67. feeling good. a little patchy light rain. we're going to see that on and off all morning. by the time we get to 10 or 11:00, we won't see too much more of that today. these clouds now are fairly low.
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rain you could run into really anywhere. our dew point is 58. our temperature in rocksboro at 63, 64 in south hill, 64 in goldsboro, 6 degrees in fayetteville. these temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday. 7 degrees cooler in rocky mount, and 3 degrees cooler in rocksboro. feeling pretty good out there this morning. saturday was a really hot day, and from here through the rest of the week, we're looking at high temperatures -- it's been so warm in september. finally we're starting to feel like fall. now, today, tomorrow, and wednesday, will be on the gray side. our temperatures will be a few degrees below normal. looking good this week. been a long wait, but i think it will be worth it. we can have some pretty weather for awhile. . here is what's happening now.
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back to our west. : . tomorrow morning, we'll have a better chance for rain. that front starts to push across the mountains during the and. out ahead of it, we may have a better chance for storms tomorrow. that may lunger even into wednesday. going to be a very slow-moving front. a couple of stray showers from raleigh northward for this morning. this afternoon should stay fairly dry, but we'll see mainly cloudy and then here comes a weathers than for rain. a chance for showers in the morning, than the threat for scattered storms in the afternoon. i don't think any of those will be severe, but there could be some brief heavy rain with those storms. 07 our high today under cloudy skies, 20% chance of rain this morning. it bumps down to about 10% this evening. tomorrow is going to be a mess year day. we have a better chance for rain in the morning and then in the afternoon and evening.
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on wednesday, 78. 75 on thursday. pretty weather coming up for the weekend. of course we have -- bluegrass this weekend. expect lunch time, 71 degrees. and the events do start right around noon. at 8:00, 68 degrees after a high of 77. saturday and sunday look fantastic no matter what you have planned. high temperatures in the upper 70s with sun. did you see those morning lows? down into the mid-50s. so feeling refreshing in the morning afternoon. what more could you ask for? . >> i don't know. you said no matter what i have planned. even if i sleep all day. >> the weather is still going to be good. >> perfect. that is the way i like it. the roads are looking okay for now. as we take a look at the clayton bypass, we are seeing 40 and 70 seeing some delays here. but not too many. we also are taking a look over at i-40 and aviation parkway. things are looking okay there as well.
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map, things are showing green, and we're now starting to see some red in the raleigh area. as we take a look, things are good in clayton, and over in wake forest and durham and chapel hill. once you get toward the raleigh area, we're seeing a number of. one that we've been keeping our eye on is right on i-540 at u.s. 64 business. now, this is an accident with injuries. at 64, we are starting to see those delays in both directions. now, that's partly because of the with the accident as well as residual delays and on looker delays on other side. so that is something that you want to keep in mind as you head out this morning. another didn't that looks like it just got cleared up within the last few minutes is over on blue ridge road at crimson -- our delays, though, are still showing yellow. it's going to take sometime, just a few minutes to allow the delays and traffic to clear up. mostly, now that the accident is clear, things are looking good.
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northbound, we're seeing red on both of our sensors for that. u.s. 4 to u.s. 1 will take you 18 minutes. then nc 42 to u.s. 70 will take you 26 minutes. we're going to take a look at your drive times -- in just about 10 minutes. bill and lena? . >> thank you. dozens of people have left their homes as a wildfire continues to burn north of san francisco. fire officials say the flames are spreading across more than two california. the fire we understand is about 10% contained. there's growing concern over a massive sinkhole in florida threatening one of the state's main sources of drinking water. more than 200 million gallons of contaminated waste water leaked into the floridian aquifer. a new federal lawsuit accuses the fertilizer plant mow say wick of, quote, "disregarding risks to human headlight."
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waited two weeks to notify residents. the sinkhole opened beneath a pile of waste material called a gypsum sack. the company is monitoring ground water, and is offering free drinking water and testing. . thousands have fled their homes fearing the cedar river could crest its banks. the latest projections show the river could crest at tomorrow morning. the city spent $100,000 to protect three build information downtown: the courthouse, the jail, and city hall. japan says it will watch chinese war plane activity closely after eight chinese war planes flew near the east china sea islands. the planes flew near okinawa sunday morning. japan's defense ministry scrambled jets, but chinese planes did not violate japan's air space. chinese media reports the flights were part of a
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japan says they will defend their land, territorial waters, and skies. at least 18 people were killed when isis fighters shot at a check point and set off bombs in iraq. two children and five security personnel were among those killed during the attack, which took place 90 miles north of baghdad. authorities said one militant was killed during the weekend attack. air strikes nearly leveled a rebel held neighborhood in al,ppo, syria. activists say at least 26 civilians were killed security council held an emergency meeting on the spiraling violence. the council failed to take any action -- deep divisions between russia and the western powers. russia's un ambassador blames sir i don't's rebels for sabotaging the cease fire agreement. new fall out over the controversial house bill 2. >> finds out who plans to speak out against the law today in the triangle. plus a stow away on a high- speed train. we'll it will you where passengers confronted this
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there was a proit is outside the carolina panthers game yesterday, but it
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today the state naacp holds a rally, calling for a federal investigation. cloudy, but on cool side today. home run's elizabeth. >> a little gray out. there but does feel nice. take a look what's happening across our downtown raleigh skycam. you can see -- skies out there on our skycam. there it is. though it is a bit gray, not running into much rain. maybe a few vicks, a little patchy light rain. most of the afternoon stays dry. going to look a whole lot like that. our south hills, 64 in goldsboro. our high this afternoon, 77. things are looking busy this morning. this is i-40 at -- wheeler. you can see stop and go traffic throughout the roadways. overall on our live commute
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a number of delays. let's just take a look at the biggest delays we're seeing. this is 540 at 54 business. this is an accident with injury we've been keeping our eye on for the last hour or. so delays are starting to build along 64. bill and l,na? . >> thank you very much, mukaya. some top executives are getting ready to push back against house bill 2. indication on fox 50, the argument they will make in
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. >> reporter: top executives with throw local investment firms plan to call for a repeal today of house bill 2. they are investors sickle, trailiam than 50 leading investors that manage more than $2 trillion of ass,ts. when the bill passed become in march, you may remember the backlash or the criticism from the business community was swift. among the bill provisions is the requirement that transgender individuals use bathrooms -- that correspond to the sex indicated
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certificate in a publicly owned building. proponents say the bill is necessary, or the law is necessary rather to protect women and children. the bill also prevents local governments for passing their own antidiscrimination rules. now, since its passage, you may remember that scores of entertainers have canceled concerts and other events. in july, 68 companies, inincluding red hat and ibm, filed an lawsuit challenging hb 2. in it they argue the bill undermines their ability to do business in and outside of north carolina. as for this news conference today, it's going to be at 10:30 this morning here at -- raleigh. wral, of course, will be here. we will let you know what they have to say coming up in our noon news. >> jewel y thank you very much. governor mccorey is preparing to tour flood-ravaged areas of the
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flooding that put 11 northeast counties in a state of emergency last week. today the governor will head to bertie county. while floodwaters have already begun to recede, the damage left behind is only just being tallied. troopers say a tractor trailer driver lost control and crashed in wake county. the truck was carrying sheet rock when it overturned on u.s. 401 west of garner last night. fayetteville road was closed, but it has since reopened. the driver was not hurt. troopers haven't said what caused the driver to lose control filed. a suspect in a drive-by shooting in raleigh -- charges, including assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. he's accused of firing gunshots into a van on middle branch road friday morning. twenty three-year-old travis malloy was shot in the head. a second person inside the van was not injured. goldsboro police are investigating a fatal hit
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highway 70. . officers have not identified any suspects or the type of vehicle that was involved. prices jumped at the gas pump, but they may soon hit a ceiling. gas prices rose another 4 cents over the past two weeks. according to the runberg survey, that makes the national average price per gallon 2.25 -- citing a slight decline in oil prices and an end to summ it's doing be fairly nice today if you don't mind the clouds. >> and it should be for bill's birthday. cooler weather. >> yes. it locks nice out there. we're going to have gray skies, unfortunately. but not a whole lot of rain. temperatures are feeling pretty good, though. take a look town by town. it's 67 in apex, 65 degrees in clinton, 67 in garner, 65 in wake forest. you may run into a little drizzle or mist, but temperatures feel pretty nice through the afternoon.
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bus stop this morning, it's kind of a toss up whether or not it's really worth having to take along your raincoat or umbrella. it's, again, just a few spots that may see a little bit of light patchy rain or drizzle. 77 degrees -- isolated shower possible. not going to be a terribly wet day today. tomorrow we do have a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. our high temperatures stay pretty nice this week. then we have a big drop in our morning lows also later in the week. so i'll show you that coming up in mikaya is here, taking a look at what's happening on i-40. >> it does look good. this is just a -- if you will, we are seeing. we have a pretty serious accident over in the westbound lanes. over to that right-hand side, we are seeing a number of delays. i want to show you what i'm talking about here. take a look at this live commute map on 440 westbound all the way from -- new burn avenue. we are seeing red on our
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very serious delays for drivers as they come around 440. again, our cameras are not picking up what the accident is, but we do have the report of an accident with injuries that we have been monitoring. we also have another report of and accident. this is at 540 at u.s. 64 business. this is not causing as many delays for drivers, but it is something we're keeping our eye on. just into our newsroom, about 5 or so minutes ago, we also got a report of another accident. this is at u.s. 1 at center stre will continue to monitor. overall on our live commute map, in clayton things are looking good. in the out skirts n lake forest and durham, things are looking good. you can see that red on our sensors. this is the issue at 440 that we're seeing there. but mostly things are looking okay. . with oar seeing red on our sensors.
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minutes. bill and linda? . >> mikaya, thank you very much. thousands of people came out to savor food, music, and art around the world at the international folk festival in fayetteville. it was a three-day event at festival park. more than 30 cultures from latin america to southeast asia showed their colors and dished out their delicious cuisines. it was the 38th year of the event, which has grown into one of the biggest festivals in the southeast. it all began as a celebrate fayetteville's large foreign-born population. aurora colwell is a native of peru. >> we can see everybody's cultures here represented, and i love all the people's cultures and foods. i love to see the variety here. it's wonderful. >> wral is a proud sponsor of the event. organizers say about a hundred thousands people
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>> and you were out there as well. >> saturday, when it was about 20 degrees warmer. >> it suretied drop in temperature. snapchat is making moves it hopes will mean money in the bank. >> the new product announced and the name change for the company. . >> people were drawn to -- north carolina state over the weekend. the excitement around this funky flower. >> pick 3 numbers -- pick 4
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the video is then up loaded to memory, the napchat add. it plays full screen on any device in any orientation. they will cost $130, and because the company is no longer just an app, they're changing their snap, unc. visitors were captivated as they on served a rare plant over the could woo. this is a look at university's greenhouse observatory. the plant on display is known as the corpse flower due to its distinct odor. it usually stays open a day or two before collapsing. a grad student grew the plant.
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the plant on youtube. virginia's iconic natural bridge is now the state's 37th state park. governor terry mccollum celebrated the opening of the state park saturday. -- is mentioned in herman melville's "moby dick." tokaido -- bullet train this morning were riding with a surprise passenger: a woman found a snake coiled around an armrest. can you imagine? the nearly 1-foot-long snake is believed to be a japanese striped snake. the train made an emergency stop. a police officer captured the snake. no one was injured. the operator suspects it was
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can you imagine -- i don't even -- i'm overwhelmed. if you ever used the imdb web site for drive y you might see changes soon. >> we'll tell you what you won't be allowed to see on the site because of a california law. >> plus a big week for denzel
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i like it. >> it's probably ten years old. > [ laughter ]. it is cloudy out there. years old. >> sometimes. >> i was in the fifth grade at least once or twice a day. >> that's what i love about you. . cloudy skies out there now. we're doing take a look at
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durham. 67 at the airport. we're reporting just a little bit of patchy light rain. not going to see much of that. mostly -- our temperature, dew point is at 58. actually for the amount of cloud cover out there, not terribly muggy. 63 in rocksboro, 64 in south hill, 63 in rocky mount. our 24-hour temperature change, pretty nice, a little cooler than yesterday. 8 degrees cooler in goldsboro, in irwin. it is finally feeling like fall. into the 90s on saturday. it's been a very, very hot september, and -- starting to feel much better. these are our morning lows. temperatures are going to feel like low to mid-60s for the next several mornings. finally by thursday and friday, morning lows are going to be in the mid-50s. saturday and sunday probably the same story. that will really start to feel like fall. finally a little below normal. our normal low temperature this
7:47 am
close to 60. we've been watching this patch of rain back to our west all morning. it really has been slow moving that is going to be the theme for the next several days. this warm front very slowly lifts across our area today, and it may bring us a few patches overdries mist or drizzle. this warm front may bring a little patchy light rain today. this cool front will bring a better chance for tomorrow. we'll see that again on wednesday. here's future cast this morning. couple little sprinkles out there from time to time. it will be very cloudy through the afternoon, more cloud cover than sun. maybe a few holes in the clouds. tomorrow morning, we may wake up to a few stray showers. our blackhawks chance of rain will be later in the afternoon. for the evening commute tomorrow, looks pretty messy. then, after that, we're still looking at the chance for scattered showers for wednesday. taking a look at what's
7:48 am
tropics, we have this just sort of wave of low pressure. i apologize for the data kind of dropping out there. that wfaa of low pressure has a 90% chance of development in the next 5 days. it only has 50% chance in the next 2 days. may not get a name soon. by the end of the week, may need to be watching -- pass look at some of the computer models that take it over into the ceil. our chance of rain is -- still only at about a 20% evening. tomorrow, 79 degrees. our chance of rain goes up during the afternoon to about 60%. so the evening commute may be kind of a mess in terms of the rain. after that, looking absolutely gorgeous for the weekend, temperatures close to 80, cool morning lows, lot of sun saturday and sunday, which is good, because there are so many events planned over the weekend. we're going to talk -- coming up. mikaya is taking a look what's happening out there on the belt lean.
7:49 am
this morning. some really slow spots. it's not necessarily caused by an accident but -- 440 is one of those big trouble areas. this is our live camera over at lasseter mills. i do want to show you just how big an issue shoe we're having. take a look at all of that red along the belt line. it starts beyond glenn wood avenue and extends beyond new burn avenue. as you can see, those delays for drivers for immense. i checked in about two ago. the speeds along 440 westbound through this belt line is just about 13 per hour. again, you don't see an accident that's necessarily caused this, but possibly just your usual delays. another spot, we're keeping our eye on is over at 540 at the u.s. 64 business interchange. now, this is caused by an accident with injury. you can see we're seeing delays all the way along 64 business on both sides. we're seeing an update here
7:50 am
turned yellow. they went from green to yellow, which means it's going to cause more delays for drivers as you head down 46 business. bill, lena? >> thanks, mikaya. actor leonardo day cap rio will sit down with the president next week to talk climate change. that will be next monday, october 3rd. day cap rio will be joined by canadian climate scientist catherine caho. after the discussion, day cap new documentary "before the flood." . umdb is being forced to remove actors' ages. under that law, subscription web sites used by entertainment employers will have to remove date of birth info from profiles if requested to to so. the screen actors guild supports the law, saying it will help stop age discrimination. critics say the law is censorship and will not have any impact. a country western rides to
7:51 am
star power of denzel washington to an estimated $35 million debut. it's one of the basest openings ever for a western. . it's washington's third best debut weekend. and coming -- second was "stork," an animated film where the birds have given up the delivery business for andy samperg, which is a baby delivering stork. opened with only $21 million. miracle on the hudson, docu drama, sully came in third after three weeks in the theaters with --
7:52 am
. i wish you all could see bill's dance to that music. >> it's right on the beat. >> it's compulsive. i'm obsessed with it. >> that could be trending one day. also what's trending, arnold palmer. it's all about him this morning on social media reacting to the passing of the king of golf who died from heart complications at the age of 87. you can't -- without talking about palmer and what he his good looks -- made him a golf superstar. palmer made golf the tv sport it is today. . this morning an out pouring of tributes, memories, remembrances of palmer allege legacy played out in tweets for famous athletes to world leaders. here are system of those. magic johnson saying, "rest in peace to the legend arnold palmer.
7:53 am
friends." tiger woods, saying, "thanks arnold for your friendship, counsel, and a lot of laughs. your -- are part of your legend." . from one king to another, says larry king. ''rest in peace, arnold palmer. a class act and true championship of his sport." next joe namath: "my condolences to the family of arnold palmer. he was always an of state, saying, "the world has lost an original, a sports legend, a true gentleman and generous and compassionate human being. i have lost a friend." and number 41, george. had w. bush also tweeted, "barbara and i mourn the king arnie, the people's champion. he brought golf to millions by his daring and caring. we miss him already."
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he's headed to the hard-hit town of windsor along with mike spraybury and other officials. dozens of businesses and hopes
7:57 am
week's flooding. fooling pretty good out there. durham skycam showing gray skies. there has been drizzle and mist coming out of those clouds. don't be surprised if you have to put your windshield wipers on intermittent from time to time. none of that will be heavy today. but tomorrow we have a better chance for more widespread scattered showers and possible thunderstorms during the afternoon. our temperatures are feeling pretty nice this morning, mainly in the 6 0s. it's 67 here at the tv studios and in irwin, 64 in goldsbo. of 77. tomorrow, a better chance for showers and storms, our highs in the 70s all week. mikaya? elizabeth, traffic is looking stop and go. one of our big trouble spots is over on 540. take a look at the big picture here, we take a look all the way from glennwood avenue to newburn avenue. we're seeing red on our sensors, something we'll continue to keep our eye on.
7:58 am
accident as well as u.s. 1 at tintin road. >> thanks, mikaya. the first of three presidential debates is scheduled for tonight. next on fox 50, how they're preparing for cooper...and my mom she was so proud to be usa north carolina teacher.l. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending...
7:59 am
it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again.
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concern on a local campus, the sexual assault investigation now happening at nc state. thanks for joining us this monday morning. i'm lena toull,tte. it's one on one voters have been waiting for. hillary clinton and donald trump on stage together tonight for the first >> happening tonight at of et cetera university in new york. nbc's tracy potts has a preview. >> reporter: this is the stage for their first face off tonight: hillary clinton stage left, donald trump stage right. she gets the first question. clinton's team is concerned the bar has been set too low for trump >> just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean he is prepared to be president of the united


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