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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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desai. right now on fox 50, breaking news in an amber ahormone replacement therapy this morning for a 2-year-old girl taken in rocky mountment we are live vehicle came to be abducted. >> the presidential candidates go head to head in their first debate. >> an unsettled pattern of weather is moving in for the rest of the week. elizabeth tells us when we can expect a chance for severe weather. thank you for joining us this morningment i'm lena tillett. jack kemp a bill leslie. kind of -- i'm bill leslie. kind of looking forward to some showers. it is that time of year when we need some rain for gardens and
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this time of the year. all of that is left as just some patchy rain. some wet roads up around roxboro. you won't run into too much of that. it is a little this morning. 67 in cary and wake forest and durham. 69 in goldsboro. 64 in roxboro. this morning, expect mid- to upper 60s heading out the door. the clouds happening around for much of the day. maybe a few breaks this afternoon. some of the showers and storms could affect your evening
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at the road weather index. >> north of the triangle. we are not seeing any problems with wet roads in the triangle right now. we'll zoom into our northwestern and northern region along the north carolina and virginia border. can you see right along roxboro, you can see some damp conditions. also on the northern sued of granville and vance county on into the boynton area in southern virginiament could run into wet roads. we are not talking about standing water or heavy anything like that. just allow al fur-- just allow a few extra minutes. it is pretty quiet overall. couple of minor accidents on
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woodard. also on falls of neuse road at spring forest drive. that this came in as a report of a very minor accident. look out for delays in garner westbound around the bypass. take alook at drive times out of chapel hill. you get off at 40 eastbound there from 15501, that rude tabbing about 10 much. we have breaking news out of rocky mount this morning. -- that ride is taking about 10 minutes. >> we are learning more about the disappearance this morning from mikaya thurman. >> reporter: i spock with family members just a few minutes ago.
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is still inside the rocky mount police department just behind me. we want you right now to take a look at your screen. this is the little girl that rocky mount police are searching for, 2-year-old nevaeh richardson. family members say she has been missing since midnight. family members say the toddler's mother was visiting a friend's house when a man stole her car with and a half a ain the back seat. it happened at nashville road. the vehicle, the girl and the suspects have not been seen since. and a half a arichardson is a 2- year-old african-american female. she is two feet tall and 20 pounds. she is wearing a white t-shirt with a rainbow and was last seen at 731 nashville road. rocky mount police believe there is only one abductor who is a bald african-american
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green 2004 mitsubishi endeavour with the north carolina tag pcd9688. this suv also has a live, laugh, love sticker on the back. the search is continuing. you've spoken with rocky mount police who say they've expanding the search and ramping up efforts at the 7:00 a.m. hour. >> thank you. we sure wish that child some help. overnight, a house a moore county home killed six family pets and sent two people to the hospital. the fire damage was limited to the room where it started but there is heavy smoke damage throughout the structure. the two people who live there do not have life-threatening injuries but they lost their two dogs and four cats. they died. no word yet on the cause of the
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raleigh today following the first presidential debate of 2016. for 90 minutes, clinton and donald trump went at it on trade, taxes, racial tension, terror and foreign policy. tracie potts is monitoring voter reaction from hofstra university in new york. >> we had a great debate. >> reporter: hillary clinton on what came out. >> to get the economy to work for everybody. >> reporter: donald trump bill clinton's infidelity. >> were you tempted to mention those indiscretions? >> i was very tempted. >> reporter: clinton invest ininfrastructure and clean energy. >> typical politician. all talk, no action. >> reporter: trump, tax imports and lower business taxes. >> trumped up, trickle down. trickle down did not work. >> reporter: trump challenged
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e-mails that have been doe lated. >> there is something he is hiding. >> reporter: trump aunapologetic for how he does business. >> to the thousands of people that you have stiffed over the course of your business not did he serve some kind of apology? >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation. >> reporter: unapologetic for backing stop and frisk or questioning president obama's birthplace. >> i want to get on to defeating isis. >> reporter: clinton doubled down on what trump women. he has called women, pigs, slobs and dogs. >> rosie o'donnell, i said very tough things to her. and i think everybody would agree that she deserves it. >> the question is did either candidate move the needle for voters. cota is headed back to knock. >> this afternoon, she will host a rally in raleigh. renee chou has more on the
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here in north carolina. >> reporter: wake tech community college is busily preparing for hillary clinton's arrival today. both she and trump have made frequent stops in north carolina knowing that this is a battleground state for the presidential election. the event is hosted by the north carolina democratic party. clinton will deliver remarks. what can we expect her to talk about? her camp says she will be outlining her vision for an america that is stronger together and puts families first. she will also disc for building an economy. clinton will also urge income be in voter to get ready by registering to vote or checking their registration status. this rally will start some a for you hours. doors open at wake tech community college at 11:00 a.m. and the program starts at 1:00. we'll have a crew at the event. you can look for a live report on wral news at noon. google is using its analytical tools to figure out
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this election season. >> we'll talk with a google search trends expert about the top ins north carolina were researching the most during last night's debate. >> a call to action from civil rights leaders following a deadly officer-involved rights leaders following a deadly officer-involved the facts on richard burr. int-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you.
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i thought we did very well. i guess every online poll is
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it was an amazing experience. >> after last night's debet, each candidate worked quickly to put their open spin on who came out on top. but at home, americans laughed, cheered, jeered through the first debate between clinton an trump. viewers tuned in on their television, cell phones and radios to listen. joining us this morning is google search trends expert thank you for joining us. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> so search trends. what topics and issues are trending after this first debate both nationwide and in our state? >> we know that debates especially one of this magnitude are very much a second screen experience. people on their laptop, smart phone in real time often doing something of a citizen fact check to try to understand an issue or get some context.
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viewers in north carolina. so everything from voter registration to police. the recent incident in charlotte probably on people's minds there as well. isis, the national debt of the united states, race issues, terms and acronyms like nafta and nato and tpp, all of these things were things happening very quickly during the course of the discussion. but for smib watching, they turn to search to get a better understanding of what the >> what news is now driving search traffic? >> well, i think it is a number of things. it is people who have questions about the candidates, maybe sort of lingering questions about how did they perform in the debate, sore the debate about the debate. the top questions we saw around each candidate. with donald trump, it is what does donald trump do? who has endorsed donald trump? how is donald trump doing in the debate back during the
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>> with hillary clinton, it was questions around her e-mails. there are some core questions that are resonating with both candidates though and that includes something like is stop and frisk unconstitutional? that was a moment during the debate where everybody was troying to figure out what was going on and wanting to learn more about that as an issue. a whole range of issues and questions that during the debate and continuing into today. >> talk about the volume per candidate? more more things searching for things related to trump versus clinton? >> we saw nationally an average of 60% search interest for hillary clinton -- us 40% for donald trump. that was very similar in each state and in north carolina. so depending on what people were interested in but that was the search interest we saw tied to both candidates.
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insight. today is also national votele registration day. google has launched a series of tools that voter can use to help claure identify the voting process. thank you. chapel hill police are releasing more information in hopes of catching a killer. the survillance they just released in the faith hedgepath case and how they came up with
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>> nothing like an early morning romantic song to wake up to. >> we immediate this this morning. it is so gray. that gives you sunshine and smielsz on a tuesday. >> it will be a few days too. cloudy today and tomorrow. we might start to break out of the clouds a little bit by thursday. let me tell you, the weekend is looking fantastic. you have to see the seven-day forecast. and boy, there is a ton of stuff going on this weekend. we are full on in festival season right now. let's talk a little bit more about what you will run into this morning. we start our loop at about 315:67:89 we had a good -- at
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rain but that is falling apart. patchy light rain from raleigh northward. we continue to have a little light rain filtering through. i wouldn't say we could rule it out anywith else. at this point tsh doesn't -- it doesn't look like it will be heavy enough to cause additional accidents. 66 and our dew point is at 64 in henderson. 64 in roanoke rapids and 68 in tarboro. here is our front. this will be a very slow-moving cold front. as we get a little daytime heating going, we'll have a line of showers and storms that develops along the front and moves out into our viewing area and probably falls apart at some point. gradually, this front will march across the state and it will be sitting closer to us
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chance of rain. some of that heavier at times. potentially other than some severe weather and gradually into thursday t moves offshore. behind the front starting on friday, we'll have less humid conditions. it will be a beautiful wound. a lot of things happening. a lot of people schedule that you are festivals in september and october because the weather tends to finally get cooler and ith less humid. it is pleasant to be outside. a number of events going on. one of those, wide open bluegrass. coming up. future canada is tapering the rain off a little bit and redeveloping it later on this afternoon and evening. we may have a have a shower for tomorrow morning but a better chance of scattered storms during the afternoon and again, a few of those storms could produce some heavy rain, possibly even some severe weather. we'll be checking in on this storm fairly frequently unless something changes sometime soon t look like it is headed across the leeward eye lands and up into the caribbean and
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towards the bay hams. the national hurricane center is giving us a 90% chance of development so later today, it could be named matthew. -- towards the bahamas. expect about a 40 to 45% chance of scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll up the a little bit tomorrow. we've marginal risk for severe weather. not likely to so that today. up into virginia, the amount of rain may be a little higher. and than we have wide open bluegrass. we'll have the forecast for the festival coming up. we are seeing the typical delays at our trouble spots
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commute. we do have an accident to show you on the beltline 440 westbound around wake forest road. you see the median is blobbed there had. traffic is able to get by as you head from capital boulevard towards the wake forest road interchange. you want to stay in the center and right lanes as they get that incident cleared up. let's show you the extent of the delays this morning. it look like pretty typical backups. not sure if that is directly related backups begin around the knightdale bypass interchange through new bern avenue and capital boulevard out toward wake forest. as soon as you get beyond that, traffic is moving along pretty well. we are seeing a little bit of a westbound ramp delay on the inbound side of the knightdale bypass. another minor crash on falls of neuse road and spring field commons drive not too far from
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some earlier delays we've been tracking appear to have cleared up. of some of us are seeing wet roads this morning. the wood weather indaks indicating on the northwestern side of person county, you could see some damp conditions. back to you. a media coalition is requesting more footage showing the shooting death of keith scott. the police department in charlotte released about three minutes of video from two cameras over the weekend. a law enforcement source as a the gun found at the scene was reported stolen after that same source says the suspect in that burglary told atf agents he told the gun to scott. we also learned scott's wife filed a domestic violence order against him in 2015 saying he hit his child, kicked her and threatened to kill them with his gun. the naacp and clergy members revealed a list of 13 demands in a call to action in the keith scott case. they want a federal investigation into the incident.
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limits public access to police video. the reverend william barb are says the organization is not convinced based on what the dash and body camera show that
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a statewide amber alert. police in rocky mount are looking for 2-year-old and a half a arichardson. we are told the girl's mom was visiting a family friend about midnight. her car was stolen with the child in the back seat.
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endeavour with a sticker on the back that reads live, love, laugh. hillary clinton is heading to raleigh today. how will the weather be today when the presidential candidate comes calling? >> it will be a bit gray out there and a few scattered showers. can you see it is gray with a few holes out there but more gray than sunshine and that is the way things will be for most of the day. this afternoon, a few bigger holes in the clouds. we are looking at a couple of sc virginia line this morning. of course else is dry. later this afternoon, a little better chance of some scattered thunderstorms. right now, temperatures are ranging from the mid-60s in the north to low 107 down south around fayetteville. it is a big muggy out there too. -- to low 70s down south around fayetteville. let's take a look at some live drive times as you come through raleigh on 40 westbound starting off through garner.
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taking about 17 much. through the fortify work zone, 13 minutes. on the east side of raleigh around knightdale, look out if a crash in the median on the knightdale bypass around smithfield road. we are seeing westbound delays. also have the median blocked on 440 westbound before you get to wake forest road. >> when the news continues, a 19-year-old man is back in
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we have branling news out of rocky mount where police have issued an amber alert. >> they are looking if a missing 2-year-old girl. mikaya thurman is live in rocky mount to bring us up to date. this is just a sad story. we hope that it has a happy ending. >> reporter: it is a very sad story. i want to start off with some new information that we just received want last five minutes. i spoke with a spokesperson from the rocky mount police departme a normally at this time of morning, there is a changing of shifts between the night shift and the day shift but today that will not happen. they are having every single car, every single officer out this morning searching for this 2-year-old little girlment we are told they have set up a grid system to go up and down every single street in rocky mount. right now, i want you at home, the view are, to take a look at your screen. this is the little girl that
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searching for. 2-year-old and a half -- and nevaeh richardson. they say the toddler's mother was visiting a friend's house when i man stole her car with nevaeh in the back seat. we have just learned that the car was running at the time that it was stolen. the vehicle, the girl and the suspect have not been seen since. nevaeh richardson is a 2-year- old african-american girl. she is two feet tall and 20 shirt way arraign bow and was last seen at 731 nashville road. -- with a rainbow. the possible abductor is a bald african-american man. he is driving a green 2004 mitsubishi endeavour with a north carolina tag pcd9688. this suv also has a live,
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back. again, with the car running at the time that it was stolen, rocky mount police want to emphasize, parents, if you have kids or even if you don't have kids, do not leave your car running even if you are stepping inside for a split second because the worst can happen. >> we hope that girl is found. thank you so much, mikaya. police released a come bossy stretch they hope will help identify the man wh killed a unc student faith hedgepath. this create a sketch of what the suspect could look like. anyone who recognizes the man's face is asked to call chapel hill police. police also releases surveillance video showing hedgepath and a roommate at at thrill nightclub in chapel hill about 2:00 the morning of
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before she was found dead in her apartment. today be ateen will be sentenced on firearms charges in connection with the death of a wake county couple three years ago. a jury found israel vasquez not guilty of killing samuel mendoza and his wife maria mendoza. he was found guilty of possession of a stolen firearm with an altered authorities say the mendozas were unintended victims of gangs. a man accused in a raleigh drive-by shooting now face as a murder charge. police upgraded the charges against anthony neal after the victim, 23-year-old travis malloy died. police say neal fired shots into a van on middle branch road friday morning. malloys with shot in the head. died at the hospital. a second person in the van was not hurt. a durham woman charged in the death of her 3-year-old
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in court today awsm grand jury indicted 24-year-old rosio estrada. herle girl, leslie died in august after she was found in a hot van. she says it was an accident. the governor is firing back the big-time investmentors who say house bill 2 is bad for the state's economy. near hi 60 investors claiming to represent $2.1 trillion in managed assets are asking that the controversial bill be repealed. the investor say troubled financial implications for the investment climate in north carolina. the governor says the latest attack comes from the same people who manage the new york city pension fund that is on the verge failure. raleigh police will benefit from a $20 million federal grant aimed at enhance business police body camera african- americans. the department of justice announced in raleigh that the capital city will be getting $600,000 of that money. greensboro will get $300,000.
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triangle are working feverishly to ramp up testing for body cameras while others like chapel hill already have cameras on the streets. in durham, some city leaders criticized the new state law which takes effect in october for sapping some of the transparency out of the design. fur. >> because, when the public weighed in on that, that was before the general assembly acted. so quest now is will the financial investment that will need to go into that be the so high pressure called transparency we were expecting. >> durham police are expected to raise the issue before the november 6 stow council meeting. northeastern north carolina is drying out after last week's intense flooding but it will be a long road to recovery. >> governor mccory toured parts of windsor. he met with emergency management heeder, first responder, home owners and
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flooding. the governor says much of the area will need water testing and roads and bridges need to be evaluated. >> they had a rough go of it last week. >> they certainly did. >> i'm sure did he don't want any more rain. >> they certainly don't need any. the northern part of the state west of there certainly still could use some. we have been under abnormally dry conditions. it will be interesting to see what happens with the drought monitor for this week. the rain has picked up. this morning, we are locking at a few patchy showers mainly from the triangle area northward. that is really easing up. it shouldn't be be a big deal for your morning commute. 66 in chapel hill. a little warmer than it was this time yesterday and a business muggier too. almost feeling like sum every again. but that is going to be short lived. we have nice cool air coming in and drier air for the weekend. in the meantime, this morning, if you are heading out for your morning run, expect it to be just a little muggy.
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upper 60s. cloudy skies, i few sprinkle the triangle area northward. nobody else really getting west this morning. brian is here way look at what is happening on the roads. >> we have a few slow spots. this is on i-40 at fayetteville road and you are looking at traffic building on the eastbound side, already busy this time of day because of congestion and thousand we have an accident that is blocking right shoulder and part of that right lane. now, it is the that begins to merge into traffic on 40 eastbound, that ramp from fayetteville road onto 40 eastbound but still that is a right lake that is blocked there. also we have a truck over here in the median also blocked this morning so some slowdowns building on the eastbound side of i-40. right now, the delays are not so bad from 54 for the durham freeway. we'll be watching for the alternate route over the next
7:38 am
see the delays building. right now, 54 would be your alternate route but it wouldn't be a good choice. but in about 15 to 20 minutes, we'll see that become more attractive. we are looking okay overall. it is busy on 40 westbound new garner especially between 42 rapid business 70 but also slows down a little bit between the jones sausage road interchange at 440. we are watching delays building in the fortify work zone on 40 westbound between 440 out the u.s. 1 interchange. a few crashes showing up, including one on 440 westbound not too far from the wake forest interchange. that is contributing to our delays on 440 westbound now beginning in advance. knightdale bypass continuing out towards capital boulevard on to the wake forest road area. the median remains blocked out there. allow some extra time. also see something delays on
7:39 am
bypass, 264 trying to merge into the 440. some job cutsmay be on the way for lenovo. >> remember pokemon go? how could you forget? it was the game of the summer. we'll take a look at how the
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high school students weren't scared off by the newly redesigned sat college ens reince exams. nearly 1.4 million high schooler took the sat teen march and june of this year.
7:42 am
over the same period last spring. while the new sat exams slowed slight deencyclopedias in scores across all sections, college board says results are incomplete until next fall when they will have i full year of date actual the new test debuted in march. it focuss more on real world vocabulary and classroom learning. american express' policy on credit card fees did not violate antitrust laws. the pal soy baered merchants from asking customers to use the second court of appeals ruled monday that a brooklyn judge made a mistake by focusing on the interests of merchants instetted of cardholders. american express saws its policy kept it competitive against visa and master card. lenovo could be laying off up to 1,000 workers but the company hasn't specified where the job cuts would be made. this information comes from unnamed sources. lenovo has one. its two executive head quarters in morrisville.
7:43 am
take brunt of of the job cuts. the cuts would impact less than 2% of the company's global work force. >> home observers on the move are choosing mother affordable states and that includes north carolina. core logic found homeowners making moves out of state are increasingly selling out of expensive markets an dying into more affordable ones. between the years 2000 and 2015, this were more buy are coming into north carolina and texas than sellers left california than out of state buyers who came in. the sports world continues to honor one of golf's greatest. >> how sports illustrated will pay tribute to arnold palmer. >> plus, the surprise guest for a group of middle school students. what students learned from this olympian.
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she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending... or that governor mccrory tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again.
7:45 am
20 years in congress, work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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that is daydreaming. >> that >> that is a huge combination. >> we are aboth daydreaming thinking of that. >> and dawn patrol out there for the surfers. looks like there is a little bit of surf out there scroovment will they have rain today, elizabeth? >> yeah, a little bit but not as much as we will. ours is coming from a cold front back into the mound it be as and they have a little bit of an onshore flow coming in off the atlantic. we'll have an okay day too but we'll have a little better chance of rain than they will. let's take a look at what we're seeing right now.
7:47 am
had heavier rain from the western part of our vowing area back toward the mountain and just over the last three or four hours. we have aseen that really weakening. it has lost a lot of its support. the support for this is a cold front that is coming into the mountains right now. so all of this rain sort of ran out ahead and now it is going -- it doesn't have any lift really to continue. so a couple of scattered showers from raleigh northward an westward potentially. not as likely to so south. this afternoon, with a little daytime heating, we should have more showers and thunderstorms develop but that cold front will be slow in arriving t doesn't move into our viewing area until tomorrow. that will bring us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. you can see the wet roads in roxboro and downtown. we are seeing gray skies everywhere. it feels like a little more like summer. 66degrees at the airport. our dew point is at 66. it feels very muggy this morning compared to yesterday
7:48 am
into the 50s. 64 in roanoke rapids. 68 in erwin. 71 in fayetteville and 70 in goldboro. here is what is happening. you can see as we begin our loop, lots of run here but it is just not able to push too far east. we were talking about wrightsville beach earlier. also, a low pressure system sitting offer cost of south carolina pushing moisture in here. none of that really affecting what we are watching is this slow-moving cold front that moves in across our area for tomorrow and very gradually starts to shift and move away from us by thursday. behind this front, we have a very pleasant air mass. it will be less humid for the weekend, plenty of sunshine. nice, cool morning so we have that to look forward to. a few scattered showers lingering especially from the triangle area north we're the as we head through the rest of the morning and into the afternoon, a chance of a ask therred shower or thunderstorm. that chance goes up for us on
7:49 am
more rain showing up on futurecast and some of this rain could be heavy at times especially tomorrow. we continue to watch this storm right here if it gets a name which is looking more likely than it did yesterday. its name will be matthew. this is a look at the computer model forecast. the hurricane center giving us about a 90% chance of developing into a tropical system in the next 48 hours. look at this. it look like it may take that sharp turn up toward the united states potentially by late in e we'll continue to watch that one closely. as soon as they give day name and start with the forecast tracks, we'll let you know how that is looking. 18 our high today. a lot of cloud cover. about a 40 to 45% chance of showers and thunderstorms late are this afternoon. on wednesday, we'll have an even better chance for storms, about a 60% chance plus a million man march natural risk for severe weather. as you mentioned, everything turns much nicer for the weekend and we have wide open bluegrass along with many, many
7:50 am
and the weather looks perfect. we start saturday morning nice and cool at 55. at lunchtime, 76. and on saturday, about 63 63 degrees at the bitter end. we have emergency crews on 40 at fayetteville road at south durham. looks like just for a moment they are 40 eastbound as they begin to clear this crash. you can see that a lot of the activity, most of the activity is blocking the right lane on 40 eastbound just beyond the fayetteville road interchange. we also have the median blocked there. all that coming together to create some pretty big delays. 16 minutes right new to make that trip from 54 out to the durham freeway on 40 eastbound. let's take a look at your best alternate route which is 54. that has become more attractive over the last few minutes as
7:51 am
eastbound. the ride on 54 east out to tw alexander drive is taking about 15 minutes. we are likely going to see the delays building steady until they can get the crash cleared up. around the rest of the triangle, major routes are in pretty good shape. just getting word of an accident on glenwood avenue at ebb knees are church road. you will notice the red line there indicating some pretty significant delays starting to build as you head towards 540 this on 440 westbound around wake forest road and that is contributings to those delays. -- and that is contributing to those delays. back to you. >> thank you. late golf legend arnold palmer is on the cover of sports illustrated this week. the core line is king of kings. a vintage photo of him on the golf course.
7:52 am
of 87. this is the 12th time he has graced the cover of sports illustrated. his grandson spoke to a crowd in pep pen telling them what it is like -- what it was like growing up around an iconic figure. >> it is flattering that people want to come and tell me their arnold palm are story. maybe as a kid, i got a little tired of hearing them but i've grown to every one of them. >> he woman more than 09 teurpments. won the masters four times and became the first person to make a million dollars playing golf. pokemon go fervor has cooled but the game isn't dead yet. 500million people downlot the game in the twirts two months.
7:53 am
iphone app after 74 days on top. this adding features to keep players interested including wearable pokemon trackers. local middle schoolers began their wean with a visit from an olympic medalist. rae shawn jackson visited and he sh overcoming adversity by staying focused and chasing your dreams. >> coming from where i come from, i didn't have much. a lot of kid are the product of their environmentment i want to influence kids and let them know anything you set your mind to, you can achieve. >> jackson won a bronze medal at the 2008 olympics.
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i'm lena tillett. pri an shrader is tracking issues on the road. >> we have some robs in durha the fayetteville road inner change. we have the right shoulder and also that right lane blocked right now on the eastbound side of i-40 leading to a 17-minute ride between 54 and the durham freeway. your best alternate route this morning is going to be 54 eastbound although you will notice that ride from i-40 out to tw alexander and rtp is already up to 16 minutes so they are about the same. we'll just have to watch to see what happens with the drive times, something we'll continue following over on fox 50.
7:57 am
are in pretty good shape. back to you. quite israel vasquez will be sentenced on firearms charges in connection with the death of a wake county couple three years ago. a jury found him not guilty of killing samuel flores mendoza and his wife maria. authorities saws they were the unintended victim of a dispute between rife gangs. the durham va medical center wants to hear from veterans about the quality of their care and overall experience. they are hold a meeting in the cafeteria atrium starting at 4:30. elizabeth, gray skies. >> yes, and a little bit of patchy light rain. it was heavier overnight. can you see a lot of that really dissipating. it hasn't been eliminated completely so still just a few patchy showers from raleigh northward. roads may be a little wet. running rein wind shield wipe ares that are maybe intermittent. we do have a chance of showers and storms. it is on the warmer, muggier
7:58 am
70 in goldboro, 66 in southern pines. we'll see a high of 81 with a chance of thunderstorms. a better chance tomorrow with a high of 78. >> thank you. teachers are spending more than ever in the chas room but they are also get something help.
7:59 am
we are tracking breaking news. an amber alert has been issued for a 2-year-old girl taken in
8:00 am
with how the came to be abducted and the stroke you need to look out for. utah presidential candidates go head to head in their first debate. the issue they were thinking about the st some terms of importance. >> unsettled pattern of weather is moving in for the rest of elizabeth will tell us when to ex some severe week. g. i hope you have great usthtun morning. i'm lena tillett. >> iie. likewise, i think it will be pretty good sad story right now. we are hoping for a happy ending but we have breaking news out of rocky mount where police have issued an amber alert.


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