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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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elizabeth garner is tracking this storm, showing us the areas experiencing the most flooding thanks for joining us this morning. i'm l,na toull,t. >> and i'm renee chue. welfare some school systems on a 2-hour schools are on that 2-hour delay. impassable roads all across our viewing area this morning. elizabeth, is this rain going to let up? >> reporter: the rain is going to let up. the problem is, there's so much of it, all of that run has to go somewhere, and it's causing flooding. that was dramatic video of that road wash out there in linden. let's take a look at the radar picture. you can see, we still have some rain in parts of the viewing area. though it's pretty heavy in
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likely to have the same sort of dramatic flooding that we had in say parts of cumber land and harnet counties. we will take a look, go ahead and zoom in on this area and talk about what's happening. doesn't look as impressive in terms of the rainfall that is currently happening around fayetteville. it's from hope mills kind of up toward fayetteville proper and up 95. the heaviest rain has happened from fayetteville northward, around spring lake. there's linden, where the was washed out. the truck ran into the road. all this area highlighted in light green is under a emergency until 10:00 a.m. we are still seeing a lot of water on the roads. i think we have video of cross creek as it was flooding parts of downtown, especially around festival park. you could see a lot of water on the roads down there. it's certainly been an issue. we'll go back to the radar picture, and widen that a
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goldsboro, and there's been some heavy rain, frequent height evening from goldsboro up to fremont. you want to be careful. at least 2 inches of rain -- there. watch out for the streams to be rising. some steady rain from wilson to rocky mount, all the way to roanoke rapids. that's where we're still dealing with some rain. some of the reports down south have been, of course, 6 to 8 inches of rain. we take a look at the big picture, and we start this loop at about midnight. and you can see just how that rain fell, just hours and hours of it down south. and that's why we've seen all the problems. heading out the door, temperatures are in the mid-60s for the most part as we head into the afternoon. we're likely to have this very same weather pattern. unfortunately this front will be stall over us. more showers and thunderstorms, 77 at noon. 83 for the high this afternoon. a marginal risk for severe weather. so hail, wind damage, and flooding possible again later this afternoon. brian's here with a look at the road weatherer index, and certainly the
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>> sure is. seeing a lot of wet roads from the triangle area on to the east, but the big focus this morning has been south of the triangle as we tack a look at that road weather index, and we've been telling you all about the flash flood emergency on the northern side of cumber land county into southern harn,t county, the spring lake area. let's zoom in that area and check in with mikaya thundershower monday, on the road this morning. where are you, mikaya? >> reporter: good morning, brian. into cumber lan county, and things are looking okay. i want to give you a live look at our roads now. we do have the windshield wipers on, but it's certainly not raining very hard. the roads, however, are still wet, and we did have a report of some flooding that may have been been here. but it looks so far to be so far so good. but earlier in harn,t county, the story was much different. take a look at this video. this is from overhills road, where there was extreme
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overnight hours. cars still tried to drive through the flooded areas despite the fact that they should have turned around, and many got stuck. ultimately we do know the highway patrol then blocked the road, preventing any more cars from being able to go through, and we've actually just arrived up -- i'm going to take our live picture now again, on east manchester road -- >> all right. that's mikaya thundershower monday, obviously having this morning. you can see the overall story she's telling is that the rain has eased up a bit, at least where she is, in the northern part of cumberland county; and while the roads are mostly wet, we still have that flash flood emergency in effect, because a lot of that water is running off of the road and into creeks and streams, and they're still rising, and that's where the problems are this morning. not just in the southern portion of our viewing area, but north and east of the triangle, we're seeing pretty heavy rainfall
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area, also mecklenburg, virginia, franklin, nash counties. that i-95 corridor is going to be mighty wet -- rapid this is morning. give yourself extra time. slow down on those wet roads. rain is coming to an end in the triangle area. still seeing wet conditions and a number of crashes this morning. hard to tell if any of them are really related to wet roads or not. not many affecting major routes directly. we are seeing heavy traffic on 40 westbound, especially between wade avenue and harrison. and because of that traffic out there on 40 westbound, outbound wade is very slow this morning between the belt line and i-40. but once you get beyond that, heading out toward the airport in rtp, we're looking pretty good in durham w the exception of a little congestion on the northbound durham freeway, overall not a bad ride. back to you. >> thank you, brian. more than two dozen people in alamans county have a serious weather-related problem. it's now impassable. the hole is beyond this roped-
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neighborhood, so homeowners there can't leave. the hole is more than 10 feet deep, and making marts worse, this is a private road. one neighbor said the dot told them they weren't able to help. stay informed and alert with the most updated weather conditions by downloading our wral weather app. it disyou instant applicants is to current conditions, and will send a message when severe weatherer is in your area. and we're continuing to get photos into our facebook flooding in communities and neighborhoods. bass road, the cumber hand harnet county line. so please keep sending those in. all right. well classes are canceled for the rest of the week at a south carolina elementary school where police say a teen opened fire, injuring two students and a teacher. this happened on the play ground of townville elementary school yesterday afternoon. an off-duty officer was able to stop the armed teen before he could enter the school. authorities then received a call about a man who was shot to death near the school.
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father. the investigation is ongoing to determine a father. and we have calls out to investigators about a shooting in lee county. this happened on prim rose lane in sanford. there was a heavy police presence on the scene late last night. we are working to find out how serious the injuries are and details about a suspect. a unc football player accused of rape is due in court today. unc sophomore delaney robinson said alan artist raped her on valentine's night. earlier this week, he insisted the encounter was consensual. police have not filed any charges. they say their case is ongoing. robinson took out her own m. warrants against artist. court begins in hillsborough at 9 this morning. 11-year-old emily dowdle was found safe near her home late last night. she disappeared after getting off the school bus
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search. the u.s. secretary of agriculture will be in cumber land county today. >> he's hosting a meeting to discuss the open video open dome nick the rural southeast. bill leslie explains the concerns. >> yes. tom bilsak -- especially high in rural america, and he's hosting a series of meetings to try to tack it will problem. one recent camp until ohio, there were more heroin overdoses in a 24-hour period in which two people died. bilsak believes doctors should be trained in the risks of overdose and addiction. today's meeting starts at 9:30 this morning. that will be the cumberland county sheriff's training center in fayetteville. back to you. >> thank you, bill. the candidates are campaigning hard, trying to up their game after the debate.
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trump is making against hillary clinton. >> and wells fargo ceo is back in the hot seat today. >> and it is national coffee day. smart shopper may pross,r joins us to let us know
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all these are until -- they have different expiration times, but the longest is until 10:00 a.m. not seeing a whole lot of rain falling there. we'll go ahead and zoom in on that area and show you what's happening down south. this, of course, is where all the trouble has been. we still have some rain and some thunderstorms from hope mills over toward fayetteville, and we're seeing that, of course, as you travel eastward as well. some heavier rain and some
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up 117. some heavy rain there. tapers off around wilson and rocky mount. it's been steady all the way up the i-95 corridor for several hours. and in parts of samson county and wayne county. we've seen 2 and approaching 3 inches. now, the western part of our viewing area actually seeing a little bit of sunlight now. so it just depends on where you are. let's talk a little about some of these rainfall totals. they have been really impressive. these are estimates from the radar. anywhere from 6 to 8 from southern harn,t county up through parts of cumber land county, over toward raford in hope county as well. some amazing rainfall totals there. previously, we had some video of what was happening in fayetteville with the flooding there. i don't know we have any of that we can show you. cross creek jumped its banks, and was flooding festival park and some of the roads. it was really, really dramatic. here's a look at the radar picture, starting at
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falling for almost ten hours. and it continues to fall there. and i'm not writing off the fact that we wouldn't see some flooding problems around samson county and wayne counties. we continue to have the rain falling heavily there. nothing just yet, but it may continue to fall for 3 or 4 more hours before it dies down. we'll be watching those areas very closely. we're going to stick with you through the morning. don't forget, you can tune into our newscast at noon, and we'll have the latest update on what's happening flooding. hopefully we'll see some improvement by then. this is a look at our fayetteville skycam. you can see the rain falling. this is festival park. this building here, the water has come up to the side of the build here near festival park, and again, this is all cross creek that has come out of its banks in downtown fayetteville. i can not urge enough that you do not try to drive your car into floodwaters. that's the way most people die during flooding. it's because they drive into them. 65 is our current temperature.
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temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s. we have a stationary front almost. this front stalling over our area, and that's what's helping to reduce all of this rain. it's not going anywhere very quickly, because the upper level flow is actually from south to north. we need it to be from west to east to push this front out of here. instead this front will just gradually die out over the next 48 hours. so this afternoon, more showers and storms, the potential for more heavy rain and flooding, some hail, damaging wind all a day today. matthew is moving west at 16 miles per hour, and of course may affect the coast of the united states maybe mid to late next week, our computer model. a lot of them are keeping it just offshore. that's a little close for comfort. that's something we'll watching closely. we have a marginal risk for severe weather afternoon, hail, some wind damage, flooding rain. we still may have some lingering showers for friday, which is when we kick off --
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okay new. just a slight chance of some scattered storms. lena? . >> thanks, elizabeth. there have been a per of rescues this morning because of that flooding. >> yeah. cumber land county has 10 inches of rain, a lot of flooding in that area. gilbert bays joins us live from fayetteville two the story of an amazing water rescue. dilb,rt? >> reporter: yeah. it's kind of over now. family is okay the you can see the boat behind me. let me show this is gurl,y and robinson streets. that is a rod. off to the right there, there's a house behind that wooded area. inside overnight, there was a mother and her boyfriend and an 18-month-old. they're inside the car. we were here when the rescue happened. hey, you doing okay? . >> yeah. we're doing fine. >> what happened in there? . >> basically -- let me explain
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there was rain for two weeks with the hurricane that came by. this morning, at 5:00, we let our dogs out of the kennels. we didn't see any water on the ground. it was just heavy rain. at 7:00, our whole entire porch was covered with water. we at least have 1 foot, or 1 foot of water in our house. like, most of our stuff is ruined. luckily we cut off all our power before it could reach any electrical sockets so there any fire. that's approach what happened. >> reporter: we're glad you're okay. i see your boyfriend back there, baby across kay. and grandma, you're all right. thank you so much for talking with us. stay dry. that's going to be the message for the rest of this morning out here. stay destroy the best you can. an incredible rescue we caught it on tape we'll have it in a later cast for you. back to you find in the studio. >> thank you. wow, an 18-month-old in that car, trying to stay warm with that little blanket around her. just so scary.
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doing all that hard work there in the flooded areas of fayetteville. we just received word that cumber land county schools were canceled. earlier they were on a two-hour delay. and now they are canceled after seeing the serious flooding situation on the roads. a look at ballot data shows more people are seeking or casting early ballots in north carolina and in than at this point in 2012. hillary clinton is she may also benefit from an increase in ballot requests in georgia. donald trump is showing -- in states won by back rack obama in the last two elections. al robinger will be in downtown raleigh tomorrow morning, and you can be part of the funnel. he will be live at the wide open bluegrass festival with elizabeth garner in the 6:00 a.m. hour of wral's morning news. then he'll be live for "the today show" from 7 until 10 in the morning. see al robinger live in downtown raleigh tomorrow morning.
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in-law. certainly hope the weather will cooperate. come to the stage on fayetteville street. that's near the capital. we'll have the exact location later today on sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, t let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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many roads are flooded, impassable, like overhills road and the spring lake area of harn,t county. we certainly will be monitoring this all morning long. elizabeth, more storms on the way? . >> we still have a lot of these
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it's begun to ease up in some of the heavier hit areas from this morning. let's take a look at the radar picture. the green areas are where we have a flash flood emergency until 10:00 a.m. let's take a look at the radar picture, if we can do that. again, those green areas where we have the flash flood emergency. i'm going to light up a couple more counties. this is where we have a flood advisory. that's going be for say clinton and south and east. the rain has begun to let up a little bit. but southern hard net county, county, hok, county, this is the area where we're seeing a lot of flood. that will likely continue. we have heavy rain from goldsboro linked to the north, wilson and rocky mount, seeing moderate rain there. temperatures are going to be on the mild side. we start off with mid-60s, end up with a high about 83 this afternoon. another chance for showers and storms this afternoon with a marginal risk for severe weather. more flooding is possible.
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falling. you can see where we have substantial doubting water where cars pass through that area a. big splash gets kicked up on the side of the road. this is very common now over much of our viewing area as we see that heavy rain moving off to the east, especially along that i- 95 corridor. you need to allow some extra time. coming up next, more information about this
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the rain is dying down. >> only in some places. some places are still seeing some really heavy rain. may start to see flooding in places we haven't soon we have a stall front that's just not moving very quickly. the area of biggest concern, of course, is hard in the county, hok, county, moore county, and cumberland county. go straight to the radar. you can see what's happening there. start on the wide view. you can see the rain is mostly over in the triangle area for now. even in some of the hard-hit spots down south, where we still have the flood advisories, a lot of that rain has tapered off. a good bit around hope mills
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flash flood emergency, though, for cumber land and hard net county until 10:00 a.m., and there are other advisory there is as well. that heavy rain started coming down around 12 hours ago. look at what it did in downtown fayetteville. this is video from earlier. cross creek has jumped its banks, and is moving through downtown fayetteville. this is on ray avenue. and festival park is flooded, and there are a number of flooded roads all across that area. you really want to take it easy. let's head back to the radar picture. a lot of heavy goldsboro now. it started to taper off a little in clinton. look at some of these rainfall totals so far. 6 to 8 inches in northern cumber land county, back over into hoke county, too. this is where travel is not recommend now. a lot of flooded enclosed roads in that region. here's a look at the radar picture. you can see, starting 12 hours ago, the rain was falling there in that region, and that's why we've had so much trouble there. we take a look at our fayetteville skycam. this is a look down at festival park.
8:32 am
fayetteville is flooded, at least in that area. 66 in wake forest. temperatures are mainly in the mid-and upper 60s this morning. we climb up to about 83 this afternoon. but the pattern doesn't change. we continue to have the potential for some thunderstorms this afternoon. some may be strong, may produce some more heavy rain in the same places or places that haven't seen it yet. stay with us. we'll be watching this through our noon newscast. brian is taking a look at the road weather seeing -- >> we do. thankfully they're not affecting major routes so far. maybe with one exception. just getting word of an accident on capital boulevard at wade avenue north of downtown raleigh. for the most part, major routes are typically congested. not really seeing any unusual problems this morning. our unusual problems are with all of this heavy rain, just as you head to the east of the triangle, along that i-95 corridor and to
8:33 am
mik,ya thundershower monday, who's been on the road with jamie london. where are you now, mukaya? >> reporter: brian, we're on highway 210. this is right near hayes road, and we are seeing even more flooding. just take a live look at the flooding that is happening on 210, and you can see cars doing exactly what they shouldn't do, which is driving through instead of turning around. we keep saying, "turn around. don't drown," but this is just another example. you through followed by a jeep and cars coming in both directions. in that far left-hand portion of your screen, you're also seeing a huge pool of water as well. you're seeing now a chrysler that is going through it any way, and they're also going through at very high speeds. just something that you should avoid if possible. we saw the same thing over on overhills road. this was earlier this morning, just around 4:30 when we arrived. we saw cars going through with the similar amount of
8:34 am
through. unfortunately, many, many of them got stuck. and they had to call friends and family members to come pull them out of the water. luckily in that situation, highway patrol eventually showed up and blocked that road so no other drivers can go through and get stuck. back over here at 210, you can see car after car still choosing to go through this mess. it's causing run offs into the grassy area. brian emphasizing this is absolutely what you should not be doing. >> you are looking live at what in the to do in situation like this. this is something we're likely going to see through the day in different areas with this heavy rainfall. as mukaya is showing us live now with drive 5, just turn around when you run into water across the roadway. it does not take much water at all to float your vehicle, even a big suv right off the road and into deep water and into some serious trouble. thanks for that report, mikaya. we'll be following that through the morning. not just in fayetteville, but also to the east,
8:35 am
of there, in goldsboro, elizabeth has been showing us -- very heavy rainfall. not getting too many reports of heavy flooding. that could change as we see that rain continuing. that blue indicates where we're likely seeing standing water in many spots. the good news in the triangle, although we're dealing with wet roads, we haven't been dealing with any heavy rainfall or substantial doubting water or anything like that. we are picking up delays on major routes, but those are mostly dow to congestion. haven't seen any big problems problems on as far as big delays on major roads. we have that report again of that accident on capital boulevard at wade avenue just north downtown. also seeing heavy traffic heading into downtown between ellis and manageum. but overall not a bad ride on your major roads in durham. back to you. >> thanks, brian. and we want to update you now. we just learned that hoke county schools are now closed in addition cumberland county, and then you have moore county, halifax, and fort bragg schools
8:36 am
delay. >> correction. that would be hard net county schools on a 2-hour delay, not halifax, and fort bragg and moore county. all right. well rain could be a lingering issue in the viewing area this morning and later today. the soaking we got last night caused a lot of problems. mikaya thundershower monday shows us a lot of that already, and we'll certainly be monitoring the roads through the day. . an overnight lightning strike caused a house fire in the white house pittsburgh pines community of moore county. the bolt struck along a metal finance, entered inside a home shortly before 12:30 this morning, and this was the scene in burlington overnight, where a park was completely washed out. some businesses and homes were also damaged. flash flooding also forced dozens of roads to close. well is it time to do a refrigerator clean out? that usually involves throwing away food. >> 5 on your side's monica liberty is here to help us cut the waste >> and food waste is a very serious problem. i get annoyed styles, even
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some foods, especially fruits and vegetables go bad. well just ahead, we will test products that claim they will help your produce
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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so this might be the same for you, but in my house, we actually call the produce food the rotter. it just happens, stuff goes bad. if you can relate, you know some of the storage products that claim to prolong the life of produce, well "consumer reports" checked
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year, we load up at the grocery store. but more than half the produce we buy ins up spoiled and in the trash. what's the best way to stop the waste? "consumer reports" tested seven containers, including the oxo good grips green saver, and the rubber maid fresh works. each costs $20. testers filled them with -- and greens. they also left samples in their original clam shell containers. then fridge, where they wering are larry checked. the greens in the oxo good grips held up well. the strawberries in the rubber maud look better than the others. but do you need the special containers? . >> overall we found that none of the containers kept produce much fresher than the original clam shells. >> reporter: "consumer rots said the refrigerator itself can make a difference. produce stored -- one that chills the freezer and
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better job if you store foods in the right place. >> the best move is to store fruits and vegetables in low and high humidity bins in the refrigerator when you bring them in. >> reporter: , for instance, broccoli and leafy greens need high humidity. the low humidity drawer is best for most fruits. some produce, like tomatoes, should never go in the refrigerator. as for potatoes, keep them away from onions. as you know, onion gases will sprout. and nobody wants sprouty potatoes. i can tell you that. another tip from "consumer," bread lasts longer in the freezer than the refrigerator. you take what you need as you go along. i always notice a it's a difference from bread that's in the freezer. >> do you? . >> i'm like, "it's been in the freezer." better than moldy bread.
8:42 am
thing, now you know. and we have it on my wral monica facebook page and if you want to write it down. >> i should. you'll find more information on just look for "5 on your side" under the "consumer" tab. we'll talk with cheryl crow next. . >> plus we'll get another check
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they saw anywhere from 9 to 10 inches of rain in the southern part of our vowing area. in the's why so many roads are closed. just some new information in
8:45 am
the roads in hope county are closed due to flooding. that's a statistic that really says something to you. we have some video that says, "here's what you're going to run into." this was last night near bun level. a creek came through and just tore that road in two. and unfortunately n the dark, i imagine that truck just couldn't see what was going on there, and ended up falling right into the creek. fortunately nobody was hurt there, but that situation that we're dealing with -- and wh rain is tapering off, a lot of the creeks are still high, and will stay that way for quite some time. let's take a look at the radar. and we start with our wide view so you can get an idea what's going ornament we've had some of the flash flood watches, warnings, i should say, start to expire. you can see the one there for parts of hok, county. you can see it expired, dropping off the green there. we still have the flash flood emergency in effect
8:46 am
cumberland county, harnet county. we still have some heavy rain falling in some parts of cumberland county, especially down south toward hoke mills. much of the southern part of the viewing area is under what we call an aerial flood watch, and what that means -- and that's going to be until 2:00 this afternoon, and that's going to include all these areas up i-95, where we are having some heavy rain. there's some places where we have not had roads closed that are starting to see some flooding. the warn part of samson cou it's not going to be long until we see some of this in wayne county. look at all that heavy rain right around goldsboro. that's been happening for hours now. we'll likely start to hear flooding reports there. remember, we're going to stay with you this morning as long as there's a danger out there. we're going to let you know all through the morning, and of course updates on our noon newscast, and this evening, because we may continue to have some problems with flooding later on this evening with another chance for some heavy
8:47 am
radar estimates, 6 to 8 inches for southern harn,t, northern cumberland, and eastern hok, county. again, a lot of that rain has dissipated. but the flooding is going to be around for quite some time. we take a look at the big picture, which starts about 4:45 this morning. we continue to have some heavy rain. we saw some moderate rain around the triangle, but it's really been down south, and now along the i-90 corridor where we're seeing a lot of that heavy rain. our temperatures, of course, have mid-60s. it's a little hard to see. some of that, there was some heavy rain there earlier. this is cross creek where it's come out of its banks, flooding festival park. water has come up right against that building there near downtown. 65 is our current temperature at the airport. our dew point is 64. looking at temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 60s this morning. we have a stall front, and that's what's creating all of our problems. that will continue today. this front is not going
8:48 am
front away from us, but instead this upper level low is rotating -- everything is going this way. nothing is going this way to push this front away from us. that's what caused all the trouble. in the aers going to be the case again tomorrow. future cast has rain up through lunch time, maybe a break mid-afternoon. i would expect to see more of it later today and even into the day tomorrow, we may have some lingering rain. we have a marginal risk for severe weather. that means another threat for hail, for some wind dama flooding through the day today. and we get into the could woo. i'm so looking forward to the week. a lot of big events happening. one of those wide open bluegrass. at lurch time there could be lingering showers. we'll see a high of 82, maybe a 10 to 20% chance of showers and storms in the afternoon and evening saturday and sunday. brian here, is that -- that's not that same -- >> it's a different one. >> different one, wow. >> this is on the northern side of hok, county. fort bragg tweeted this picture
8:49 am
out road. this one is man chester, not too far from sicily drop zone. you can see where the flood water at, right through that road this morning. so this is becoming a more common scene as the sun comes up and we get more reports from hok, county and also cumber land county. we told you a lot about the witness in fayetteville and also in spring lake this morning with the flash flood emergency, and elizabeth mentioned that that fluff is going to go up on the eastern side of the viewing area, because they're seeing very heavy rain along the i-95 corridor. let's take a look at a couple of cameras around rocky mount, get a couple conditions. not seeing flooding on i-95 out at 64. you can see the road is certainly wet there. we'll head a little closer into the city of rocky mount that's 64 out of church street. and certainly looking at some wet roads there. so at the very last, you're going to run into wet conditions, and with that rain falling pretty heavily, those conditions could deteriorate, and it could become dangerous very quickly. right now that's the focus
8:50 am
through rocky incident no, wilson, starting roanoke rapids, rocky mount, wilson, down through goldsboro, then from there into parts of samson and cumberland counties. want to zoom into the triangle. you see a number of accidents. when i take them off, you see the major routes looking good overall. no delays on 40 westbound. back to you. >> thanks, brian. she's known for so many hit. among the best known "all i want to do," "if it makes you happy," and "soak the sun." we're talking cheryl you, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. the grammy awarded winner is now cancer-free. to mark the upcoming cancer awareness month in october, she wants women to know everywhere early detection saves lives. she joins us live from nashville this morning along side dr. linda greer. good morning. it's such a flash your to have you all join us this morning. >> morning. >> so, cheryl, tell us a little about your personal battle with breast cancer, how it changed your life,
8:51 am
life. >> well, ten years ago, i was diagnosed. i went and had my annual mammogram, 2-d mammogram. a small spot was detected, and they said, "come back in six months." but rather than waiting six months, i chose to have it looked at. turned out to be -- i had men maltreatment because of the early detection, and we're finding early detection does save lives. in my case, i'm ten years out, and i have the great fortune to be able about new technologies that have been -- that have been made in the last ten years, one of which is the 3-d mammogram machine now. and so we get the great owner talking about the -- 3-d, and the fact it can detect cancer even earlier than the 2-d machine, which i had. >> doctor, talk about this 3-d machine. what makes it so effective? . >> it has been a game changer for our practice for
8:52 am
mammogram, where all the tissue is just compressed on itself and superimposed, now with look at it like pages of a book. so 1-mill meter slices at a time. you can find these cancers at about 15 months earlier on average than what we were finding before. and earlier detection really means easier treatments, and you're getting back to your life faster, loss costly, all those things we really strive for. >> cheryl, if you find you do what advice do you have for other women what now know they have this diagnosis? . >> well first and foremost, i want to encourage women to go be diligent about having your mammogram, and obviously you can -- you can look up on genius 3-d on to find where the closest machine is, and that really is a game changer. and nothing your family history and -- is very important. i always tell women who are
8:53 am
normal as possible, because everything around you will feel like you're in a foreign world, and just doing the small things that make your life feel normal. . for me, it was longer how to take care of myself first, and longer how to say no, and just listen to myself. >> all right. cheryl crowe, and dr. greer, thank you so much. it's so critical women make sure they're taking care of themselves and checking on themselves. so thank you so much for joining us this morning. and we have been tracking the flooding the triangle, especially in cumberland county this morning. >> a number of rescues have happened. gilbert hayes is live in fayetteville now, where he was speaking to a family who had just been rescued. >> reporter: right. and we could be speaking to some more as well. you can see this tape here, we're in hollywood heights. this is louise street. the -- that crosses louise street into hollywood heights has been closed. there is another way for residents to get in and out. but they had boats back there. and they rescued about five
8:54 am
into an area. also there's a vehicle in the street as well, and they had to pull the driver of that vehicle out. it's not raining a bit, but still this type of stuff is going to be happening as we wait for this water to subside. >> thanks, gilbert. we'll get another check on your top stories,
8:57 am
harnet schools operating on a 2-hour delay, moore county schools on a 2- hour delay. fort bragg schools also on a 2- hour delay. drivers across the viewing area are finding roads flooded due to the heavy rain. this is ray road in fayetteville. many cars approach the flooded section, and wisely turned around. other drivers have been driving through some flooded rods, something we definitely do not want you to do. >> most people their car into a flooded road, not because their home is flooded. a lot of people have been rescued in the fayetteville area from their homes and their cars. we have some rain falling. . we'll widen out a little bit. where we're seeing some more of that heavy rain around clinton, up the i-95 corridor, there's an aerial flood advisory. we may see more flooding in those areas in the next few hours. we'll be following this for you all morning.
8:58 am
of course, 6 to 8 inches. our temperatures in the mid- 60s. we'll see high of 83 this afternoon with more storms. brian? 8:58, elizabeth. this is another one of those washed-out roads. fort bragg tweeted us this picture from manchester raford vast road. this is an indication of dangerous conditions we're seeing through much of our southern viewing area. and we're going to have to watch the i-95 corridor carefully with some more heavy rainfall falling through the rest of the morning. back to you. we just learned fort bragg schools are also now close >> don: our next update is in 25 when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh. panera. food as it should be. after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay,
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making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement.
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