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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is life and death. >> hurricane matthew is gaining intensity as it barrels closer to the us. the desperate plea to evacuate the coast before the storm. >> >. please don't find any excuses not to do this. there's no excuse to risk your life. thank you for joining us i'm gerald owens. >> and i'm debra morgan. the storm is barreling toward florida with winds of 130 miles per hour. matthew is the most powerful storm to threaten the east coast in more than a deck people across the southeast are told to move inland. we start coverage live in daytona beach, florida. >> reporter: these are the last hours for people to evacuate, and parts of state are already telling people to stop evacuating. jacksonville is telling residence debits to stay where -- residents to stay where they are, and hunker down because
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>> it's here. it's absolutely here. >> reporter: high winds and heavy rain. hurricane matthew is batters florida's coast. >> we're already seeing the impacts, and it's a monster. again, our number one priority is protecting every life in the state. >> reporter: but the worst hasn't hit just yet. the tomorrow is expected to pound the area with high surf and spawn tornadoes. >> this storm will kill you. >> reporter: 2 million people in matthew's path have been told to get out of way. it's th since super storm sandy in 2012. it could destroy homes and cut power to millions, possibly for days, and first responders may not be there to help. >> this is really a serious storm. we have in every way tried to prepare as much as possible to keep you safe as possible. >> reporter: and to that end here in florida they're doing what they can to keep people safe. they've opened 130 shelters across the state.
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problem accommodating people, urging people if they don't have a safe place to be they need to make it to the shelters to stay safe. now back to you. >> it's going to be a long night no florida. and you see the conditions in daytona beach, and during our coverage tonight we'll track the potential impact of hurricane matthew all across the southeast. >> we're monitoring conditions in myrtle beach, north carolina, and ken smith is watching the impact travel. we'll also have a live report from georgia in the 10:30 hour, and we're keeping an eye on impact the massive storm could have here in our state. >> >. and we continue live coverage with mike maze in the weather center, and you just got on update? >> yes, we've been watching matthew move through the bahamas, and here's the radar presentation, the storm is moving northwest at 13 miles
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sustained wind we saw recently was 64 miles per hour at the west end of the grand bahamas, but earlier this afternoon we saw a wind gust at 109 miles per hour at nassau before they stopped reporting, likely the power went outstanding there, and the top -- out there, and the top winds are 130 miles per hour, and moving northwest at 13 miles per hour, so that's the latest presentation on the radar view, and it's effecting the coastal areas, west palm beach getting heavy rain fall, the highest sustained winds so far is 52 miles per hour at juno beach, and you can see the outer bands making it through florida, and even as far north as titusville, and should make land fall around cape canaveral some point tomorrow morning. these are the latest numbers,
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storm, top winds at 130 miles per hour, about 100 miles northeast of miami, and the forecast track in intensity from earlier today, this is the way the storm parallels the coast, making land fall somewhere in florida, parallelling georgia and florida, and making the right- hand turn, but some models carry the storm closer to north carolina, so we'll not let the guard down until it passes north carolina and makes that turn to the south. now a lot of folks are saying oh, it's going to have another impact and hit florida ag weak system, top winds at 45 miles per hour by next tuesday. the influence in the atmosphere will be less and it won't strengthen again, and the waters will be churned up, so not as much warm water as now, and again it would have a completely different impact. now coming up we'll talk about the specific numbers about what they're experiencing in florida and take a look at the specific impacts in north carolina coming up within the hour. thank you so much, and while it doesn't look like
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direct hit from high pressure, we could still see the im-- hurricane matthew, we could still see the impact. >> the governor increased the state of emergency to include all counties in north carolina. cumberland county schools closing two hours early tomorrow. hoke county schools closing early as well. >> you'll find a full list on the bottom of your screen and onlinell preparing for dangerous conditions from the storm tonight. >> adam owens is in myrtle beach, and joining us now live with how they're preparing there tonight. adam? >> reporter: it's been rather pleasant throughout the day at myrtle beach, the temperatures have been nice, and even now there are no serious wavers in the ocean behind -- waves in the ocean behind me, but we could receive as much as a foot of rain from this approaching storm, and some serious storm
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despite all of that we talked with people throughout the day who plan to be here when matthew arrived. the south carolina governor says get out while you still can. >> i am becking you at this point to -- begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of the storm. >> reporter: throughout the day the governor extended evacuation orders in coastal and low lying areas, including a portion of myrtle beach closest to the ocean. the governor says storm search levels could hugo, a land mark storm in 1989. do you plan to evacuate? >> no. >> reporter: bill stayed for hugo and is staying for matthew. >> i'm trying to see how much sand is taken off the beach if any after the hurricane. >> reporter: two signs people are taking this storm seriously, the whirring of drill, windows boarded up. and the quiet of ocean boulevard.
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adam can is visiting from ontario. however been through a hurricane or anything like that. >> no, no [ laughter ] >> been through snowstorms. that's what we wet up in can -- we get up in canada, eh. >> reporter: still they think they're safe. >> we're in a safe location, i think we'll be okay. >> reporter: that's your forecast? >> maybe [ laughter ] >> reporter: and governor haley, behind myrtle beach. hilton head, and some of the barrier islands, she's concerned they may be impassable, and also flooding in the city of charleston. we'll continue to stay on top of that. more than 60 shelters have been opened statewide here in south carolina. >> quite a sight to see the normally busy areas desolate. >> i guess that's a good thing. >> for sure. adam owens, live in myrtle
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quite a few traffic woes at the airport. >> several flights heading to florida canceled today. ken smith is at the airport where travelers are dealing with headaches because of the storm. >> reporter: yeah, gerald and deborah, florida destinations are the starting point for so many vacations whether it's disney world or even cruising. let's take you right to the big board courtesy of the photographer the canceled flights aren't even listed nick, all of them -- anymore, all of them headed to florida. almost 3800 flights were canceled trade because of the storm. we talked to one gentleman waiting here for his wife who had to cut her trip short. >> she had a trip planned with her brother to go up to the national park to take pictures of leaves changing, all of the
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he's from florida and they're in the target of the storm, and he got a frantic call from his wife saying he better come home. >> reporter: st. augustine is where he's from, and it's a small and quaint community on the coast, and he heard from his brother-in-law and they safely evacuated inland. we also talked mayberry family who had to cut their disney trip short, and they caught the last flight out of orlando to get back to raleigh safely, and we're told some of the flights to florida could resume tomorrow, but as always, check with your airlines before heading here to the airport. back to you. >> you hate to see something ruin a vacation to disney world, but better safe than sorry. ken smith, live at rdu. thank you. as mike told you, matthew
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earlier today. the capital of nassau had winds in excess of 140 miles per hour when matthew blew through. it ripped off roofs, caused flooding, and stranded several people in their homes. tourists were forced to ride out the storm in hotels or shelters. no reports of injuries in the bahamas though. but the story is much more grim in haiti. the storm killed nearly 300 people there in destruction that started two days ago, and that number is expected to rise. right now more than 21,000 people are in shelters across haiti. more than 3100 homes have been destroyed, officials say. >> boy that area just devastated. >> >. so hard to see. >> we'll be tracking hurricane matthew at every turn as it targeted florida and continue to bring you live updates throughout the hour, and expect a live report from georgia
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evacuations in order. >> and we'll take a more in depth look at the damage in the caribbean. >> and a couple forced to move their wedding from georgia to raleigh in just a couple of days. how they scrapped a year's worth of planning to get the wedding of their dream. >> and an update on the 11:00 news, and our news team of mortgages and producers meteorologists and producers will be working overnight to
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how does goody's work so fast? here's how.
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and now collect four of my trading cards inside specially marked boxes of goody's florida's east coast is starting to deal with problems caused by hurricane matthew. strong wind and rain are pelting beach beach county. >> -- palm beach county. >> and this video shows a downed apartment complex, the sparks are flying. power companies have been called in. communities along florida's atlantic coast are bracing for the worst. >> here in north carolina, officials are preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. today people across wilmington boarded up windows and heavy rain is expected to cause flooding in low lying areas. >> yeah, we're not expecting to get a direct hit from a
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it's a category 2 and passes a hundred miles offshore, we'll still experience windy conditions and heavy rain fall, and those two combined will cause some problems. >> the city of wilmington and beach downs joined new hanover county in declaring a state of emergency. >> so a lot of places in the southern and eastern parts of north carolina are just starting to dry out after serious flooding last week, and now they're getting ready for what hurricane matthew will expected up to 7 inches of rain in matthew. the worst of the weather is expected saturday into sunday. the city of fayetteville is preparing to help the homeless living in at the present times near the river, they're working to provide shelter and meals for them. a vulnerable population at a time like this is certainly the elderly. >> and neighbors and family members are encouraged to make sure they have what's needed to right out the storm, and making
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stay should be a priority, and that they have the medications they need. >> it's difficult, you know, to do anything like an evacuation for example for a senior who can't drive, who maybe has a fixed income and can't afford a hotel room who may not have as much support as many friends have moved away or died, so they're socially isolated. >> good points. even with a dangerous storm like matthew approaching senior citizens leave their comfort zone, so it's important for family and friends to check up on them. >> keep up with the storm all the time on our app or website. >> and we're seeing the updates every hour now, great for you and everyone else to keep us up to date. >> scary night ahead in florida. >> oh, yeah. >> i was in florida for 23 years, and experienced numerous tropical storms, and the only hurricane i experienced was
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the howling of the winds and heavy rain coming on down, and possibly making land fall tomorrow morning up toward if space coast. now -- the space coast. now let's look at the radar view. you can see the swirling, the eye of the storm just moving off grand bahamas island, and rain bands spreading through fort pierce, vero beach, and up toward orlando where disney world shut down today, and possibly through saturday, and the heaviest winds are extended about 60 miles from the center, but embedded in the bands could be winds up to hurricane-force strength, so as the bands get closer to the coast, some of the coast, west palm beach could be looking at hurricane force winds. now my father used to live in port st. lucy until moving up north here, but she still has many friends, and they're
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wind reports we've seen from the area through the evening, and these are the latest wind gusts. gusts between upper 30s to low 40s for south florida, fort lauderdale through miami. grand bahamas island, the highest gust was 89 miles per hour i've seen so far, and right off the cape canaveral, 49 miles per hour, and the numbers will go up through the evening. and here's our weather close to home. we have a little boundary sitting offshore. we'll show that in a moment, generating some rain, and inland, so rain will increase overnight, and when you venture out tomorrow morning there's the likelihood of rain in the morning. so what's ahead, our rain chances growing, umbrellas required during the day tomorrow and especially saturday. saturday sees great impacts from matthew with gusty winds and steady rain fall. sunday should be dry in the afternoon though, so we'll salvage i think part of sunday. and locally we're looking at the frontal boundary, and as
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with the front we're seeing the rain, and it's backing up to the north and west, so initially tomorrow and parts of saturday with the boundary and tropical moisture interacting with that, that's what's likely going to create a lot of rain fall, and then of course you have matthew moving in. so here's the wind field of matthew. the tropical storm force winds in yellow, and hurricane winds in red, so tomorrow morning making land fall across the coast, perhaps north of vero beach, and 2:00 tomorrow afternoon it's beach and jacksonville, and then the georgia and south carolina coast, the winds field spreads out, and into saturday afternoon the southern part of coast having the tropical storm force wind gusts, and then making the right-hand turn. don't count on that yet. i'm still a little bit of a skeptic that it could get a little fact north than this, but we'll be cautiously optimistic. hopefully it his to the south over the course of -- it heads
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next week. so here come it is rain here at home, in the morning the rain to start the day. lunchtime some showers around continuing into the evening and likely overnight, and more of the heavier rain over the day on saturday, and we'll take a closer look at local situations and what impacts we'll for the weekend in the next half hour. so 60s the lows tonight. 65 in raleigh and 67 in fayetteville. highs tomorrow close to where we were today, upper 630s to mid- 60s to mid-70s. 75 fayetteville, and breezy, and more humid. saturday 69, rain is likely. about a 70 percent chance. rain ends in the morning on sunday, and then we'll get events in dug the afternoon with partly to mostly cloudy skies, and all next week looking dry. thursday we start the north carolina state fair, and hopefully things calm by that point. but a long night ahead for the residents of florida on the
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there. >> oh, yeah. >> could be substantial damage. >> you know, i was listening to the daytona police chief talk about how people are just still not believing it's going to be as bad as it seems. >> yeah, people don't take it seriously. >> if you've never been through it you don't know what to expect and you think you can handle it. >> well good luck. >> yes, for sure thank you. several communities along the georgia coast told to head farther inland to avoid hurricane matthew. >> we'll go live to savanna optional. it's looking more more like cam -- more and more like cam newton a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that.
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un. c, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory.
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years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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wral sports with jeff gravley. by playing the bucs monday extra day's rest, but it still looks highly unlikely that cam newton is going to play. for the second day in a row he wasn't at practice. derek anderson filled in. he filled in twice for cam in 2014, and both times it resulted in a win over tampa, so he's readied if called monday night. >> if i end up playing, i want to prepare so i'm ready to go and not let the guys down. obviously i know the expectations are high, the bar
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continue to do the things that we've done to get to this point as a team. obviously we haven't started the way we wanted, but we still have a lot of good football players in this room, and we can turn this thing around. >> the panthers have 13 players on the injured list including davis, oher and stewart to name a few. and sprint cup racing is friday night at 7:00 life from charlotte -- live from charlotte. the 88 familiar number for qualifying, but dale is not driving because of concussions symptoms. bowman takes it and finishes second. kevin harveck will lead the field saturday night from the pole. he has four career wins at charlotte if you include the all star race, and he's become quite an owl in night racing. earlier this week i had an opportunity to speak to the 2014 sprint cup champ. >> well i think lately we just had really fast cars there.
10:26 pm
that like you say we've had some success at, especially over the last three years, so we're definitely looking forward to the weekend. i know all of the guys get really excited about going to charlotte motor speed way, and we also get to sleep in our own beds and relax in our own homes over the weekend, so that's rare for the guys on the team. >> reporter: it's the one race in the chase that's at night. you've won 6 out of 57 night races. how does that why are you so successful at night? >> maybe i can just see better, i don't know. they turn the lights on and for whatever reason our cars run well, so it's a unique stat, i hadn't heard that one before, but i think as you look at just some of the racetracks we go to at night, they're really good racetracks for us, and hopefully we can continue the trend this weekend. i know the cars like speed and
10:27 pm
hopefully we can keep that trend going. >> reporter: i really enjoyed the documentary sunday night on you getting to go back home, and i was interested to learn you were a wrestler in high school. what about sports helped as a driver of a race car? >> well, for me personally looking at my four years of wrestling, i look back at them and probably think to myself those are probably the four years i learned the most about myself and who i was as a person, and how much you could really push yourself to get the most out of what yore for me, just that never quit attitude was really installed in my mind and in the rooms overhills the four years. >> so kevin will combine what he learned athletically with winning a championship. >> i don't think he was in a heavy weight class [ laughter ] >> i played golf with him a couple of years ago, and he can swing the clubs. >> i hope he was on your team. >> he was [ laughter ]
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the happiest place on earth is not immune from a deadly hurricane with florida in its cross hairs. >> find out what they're doing to protect visitors and employees. >> and we head to south carolina where at least one mayor along the coast told visitors and residents alike to get out as soon as possible. >> and matthew already carved a deadly path through the >> and matthew already carved a deadly path through the narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you.
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the news room shows the effects of matthew already felt in florida. >> rescue crews say this car hydroplaned. the driver was surfing and wanted to find better waves, but was able to get out of car unharmed. at least she was okay. >> don't think she found the better waves. >> >. though the in. and matthew could bring storm surges as high as eight feet to the south carolina coast. >> we go back to adam owens in myrtle beach, and what are you seeing >> reporter: we hope so because they really do need to take it seriously like the governor is telling us, but so far today at myrtle beach there's been little sign of this massive storm. earlier today the weather was nice, and to be honest the ocean is calm here behind me even now as you can see. live here is photo journalist andrew cumby zooms in, the most obvious signs of storm are along ocean boulevard nearly every business is closed.
10:32 pm
up with sandbags at the doors, and for good reason. as we mentioned, the south carolina governor is warning of more than a foot of rain, and some serious storm surge, and she's urging people in low lying and coastal areas to evacuate to higher ground. one of the areas where they're calling for evacuations is here in myrtle beach close to the ocean where we're standing right now, and from looking left and right on this normally busy boardwalk it looks like several people, many people are taking the back to you. >> adam owens in myrtle beach, south carolina. thank you very much. this deadly hurricane has shown us what florida and south carolina could be in for, and it caused significant damage in the bahamas. >> and some american tourists are stranded on what was supposed to be a dream vacation. >> reporter: hurricane matthew slamming into the bahamas early
10:33 pm
catastrophic category 4. winds at 140 miles per hour sheering roofs off houses an enclosing balcony offering little protection. look at this wind! these are more than 100 miles per hour. that's an enormous tree that's come down on six or seven cars over there. docks ripped apart. boats in nassau harbor lifting straight out the driving rain flooding streets. officials shutting off power across the island to protect the grid. all flights canceled, vacationers forced to ride out to storm in their hotels. >> you know, it's been a really bad storm. >> reporter: at the atlantis resort guests took refuge in a conference room, sleeping on mats. >> hi! >> reporter: this california couple here on their honeymoon. >> we'll take due.
10:34 pm
bahamas still being battered. people are still trapped in their homes unable to get out because of the flood water. we drove through neighborhood after naked exactly like this. trees down on houses, roads completely washed away. >> wow. the storm left many people in the eastern most portions of cuba wondering where to begin to clean up the process, to start the clean up process today. many returned to shattered homes and bridges, the roads leading into one city were destroyed. cuban officials are working on getting aid to the area, but the bridge as long with washed out roads are making the situation very complicated. the happiest place on earth is taking steps to protect guests from the storm. disney world shut down at 5:00 and will remain closed through tomorrow at least. several other entertainment venues are closed as well.
10:35 pm
manned tear evacuation -- mandatory evacuations with ordered, and we'll continue to monitor it into the 11:00 p.m. newscast. and the commuter train that slammed into a new jersey station was going twice the speed limit, and it speed up for about 30 sableds before reaching that particular speed, then the emergency brake less than a second before impact. a final report of what caused the deadly crash could take more than a year to complete. a strange turn of events on the second day of testimony in the chandler pena trial. a juror was dismissed for falling asleep in the jury box. family members cried as jurors were shown pictures of victims in body bags. the medical examiner testified they all died from injuries in
10:36 pm
the 20-year-old suspect drove the wrong way down interstate 85 before hitting a car, killing three people inside. today some of his friends testified about the night of excessive drinking before the crash. when the defense cross-examined rebecca green about his character, she broke down. >> was he a kind person? >> yes. >> and a peaceful person? >> yes. >> another friend testified they tried to keep him from driving. this trial is for second-degree murder. a $2,000 cash reward is offered in the murders of two anca students. the two were shot when someone opened fire digger an off campus party -- fired at an off campus party last weekend. the two students were innocent
10:37 pm
triangle for an mlk event. rachel dolezal was criticized for lying about her race. she admitted she is caucasian, but identified as black. the theme is healing race relations through conversation and participation. just three days until the next presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump face off at washington university in st. louis on hall meeting with questions coming from voters in person and on social media. watch it on fox 50 this sunday at 9:00 p.m. we continue coverage of hurricane matthew straight ahead. >> first we go live to georgia, several areas there are under mandatory evacuations. and a couple who was going to say i do in georgia are
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>> today the governor issued a mandatory evacuation. joe is live in savannah with a look at the situation there, and are people taking the situation seriously there? i imagine it's a bit of a ghost town if they are. >> reporter: good evening to you. it's a veritable ghost town with a few people, and the businesses are boarded the last time there was a mandatory evacuation was for hurricane floyd in 1999, but it missed savannah going into charleston. this is a main square in downtown savannah, and there's literally not a person to be found, but don't let that fool you because you come back around this way we will show you, um, this bar over here, and they are having a hurricane party, which deborah and gerald
10:42 pm
but there are still the evening to go, and into tomorrow evening before the brunted of this storm is felt. these mandatory evacuations are in place. we're actually at a barrier island called tybee island 18 miles east of here that juts out into the ocean. they had mandatory evacuations yesterday. i interviewed the mayor there and here in savannah, and they were serious today saying if you don't you're literally putting your life in your hands. >> joe, i know so many people are evacuating, even people from the northern part of florida evacuating to georgia, so i'm guessing the inland part of georgia is pretty full with all of the people going inland? >> reporter: yeah, well i tell you what you can't get a hotel room in savannah because all the hotels shut down. it was an issue for us, and i
10:43 pm
it's equally as hard because they're booked up from the residents from florida coming up and the georgia residence departments heading west. i-16 is a major thoroughfare, and they've closed all eastbound lanes, only heading that other direction in a westerly direction to obviously get away from the storm and avoid the wrath. >> and we still here people perhaps not taking this as seriously as they should at hurricane party. joe, thank you. more than a year of planning and one couple had to start from scratch in just a few days. >> how their family and friends came together to bring their wedding away from matthew and to raleigh. >> and a big rain band from hurricane matthew about to move in. but matthew is not the only storm in town. but matthew is not the only storm in town. now we have
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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a lot of people are turning to social media to talk about matthew using the hashtag matthew. here's one comment we were following here. having lived through many a nasty hurricane here in eastern north carolina, my heart goes out to the folks dealing with matthew. now let's take a look at another one. mom has her boots on, very concerned for friends, and
10:47 pm
approaching fort lauderdale. another comment here. cousins baby boy putting the final preps on. history made in the sunshine state today and tomorrow. that looks familiar. when you grow up in florida you use a lot of those. a lot of people speaking in spanish, especially sharing the devastation out of caribbean, and it's okay, i didn't want to sleep any 1a, just some of the conversations. a florida couple spent more than a year getting ready for their wedding in savannah, georgia only to see hurricane matthew destroy their plans. they're now having the wedding here in raleigh at the nc state university club. the bride dreamed of getting married in savannah where she spent her childhood in
10:48 pm
the groom grew up here in raleigh and called his parents to find a venue here. they were disappointed at first, but they're staying positive. >> with what we have and the hand we were dealt, i'm happy with it honestly, and at the end of day it's about getting married to the love of my life. >> they drove to raleigh wednesday and picked up the food and refunding them half the price. that's some saving grace. they'll have the wedding tomorrow and spend their honeymoon in hawaii. >> hopefully they can get a flight out but what a good lesson. it makes me think did they have to spend all that money in the first place to have the big wedding. it will be just fine. >> exactly. >> well, we're waiting for the any numbers to come out. i was hoping to have them by
10:49 pm
talk about nicole. category 2 storm, can you believe it in the. >> it just became a hurricane! >> yeah, so we have matthew and nicole. nicole is farther offshore, and we'll take a look at that, zoom in. that's a closer look. it's stationary right now. top winds at 105 miles per hour. boy, i remember day before yesterday it was forecasted just to be a weak tropical storm. things certainly have changed. it's currently stationary, but the forecast is for gradual even a loop, and move north, northwest, and a lot of folks commented could matthew and nicole come together and create a big storm. that's not the case, that won't happen. these storms repel each other, so as matthew tries to move east and this ones northwest, this may help push matthew farther to the south and west, so they're not going to merge, and nothing i've seen brings nicole to north carolina, so we're not worried about that, but we'll watch matthew closely
10:50 pm
area over the weekend. we'll talk about matthew's impacts. the time frame at the southern coast, sustained winds 35 to 45 miles per hour, gusts 55, rain fall totals 7 to 10 inches from wilmington to myrtle beach, and even charleston. and then farther up the coast for the outer banks. sustained winds 25 to 35 miles per hour, gusts 40 to 45, rain fall totals 3 to 5 inches, so less impact than the then inland to the northern counties from the triangle to southern virginia. really picks up during the day saturday. sustained winds saturday 20 to 25, and gusting about 35, and closer to wake county 4 inches, and higher totals farther south from wake county, and the southern viewing area. winds sustained 20 to 25 saturday, gusts to maybe 40.
10:51 pm
heading south and east. these are the numbers, rain fall potential through saturday night and early sunday, and you can see the grandest total southeast towards the coast, then the bands from cumberland county over to craven county and lessing totals north and -- lesser totals north and west, and of course this depends on the line of the storm, but we could get this even if the storm is farther offshore, and we just in added to the viewer area, heavy rain is likely. up to 10 inches down east toward the coast. this could result in flooding. any additional rain as well will does problems. tomorrow is a cool day, but more humid. take the rain gear with you. you'll have rain throughout the day. rain is likely saturday, again windy across the area. 20 to 25 miles per hour wind.
10:52 pm
prompting flash flooding in some locations prone to flooding. sunday morning very early could have rain to start the day. should be dry in the afternoon. walk for hope takes place sunday, so hopefully that'll be dry, and next week looking dry and comfortable. morning lows around 50. >> if we can get away with this being the last storm that effects us this season. >> hopes so. >> it's not over yet i have a running for key positions in our government where they stand on the issues. our government where they stand on the issues. >> and after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal,
10:53 pm
in washington has changed richard burr.
10:54 pm
? there's nothing like spending a quiet afternoon with your pals. organize an adult-appropriate activity, like a stroll through a museum. always remain civil and mild-mannered and never draw undue attention to yourself. ? ? governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison
10:55 pm
the general election is november 8th, and we asked the candidates to let you know where they stand on important issues facing the country. >> democrat deborah ross tells take to protect our national security. >> my name is deborah ross, and i'd like your vote to be your us senator. nothing is more important than keeping our families safe. i'm willing to consider any common sense proposal, whether it comes from rocky mount preps or democrats -- republicans or democrats on how to make the country safer. it starts with defeating isis,
10:56 pm
we should increase the air strikes in the region, destroy high value targets, deprive isis or financial resources and territories, and increase the number of well-trained allies on the ground. here at home, we must keep guns away from known and suspected terrorists. that is vital to keeping our community safe from harm. >> to see all position statements by the candidates go to and search vote. >> and you were just in the weather center looking updating information. >> it's. coming down the wire, so it's not in the computer yet. we'll go to the radar. still watching matthew closely, closer and closer to the florida coast. the rain bands moving into the fort pierce area. >> not a sight we want to see. >> we'll have more live coverage of hurricane matthew's push toward florida in the 11:00 news on wral. >> and we'll be watching the
10:57 pm
narrator: what would you do if you were sent to washington? cut the debt? create some good jobs? you'd make people's lives better. in washington, richard burr has made his own life better. richard burr took 1.1 million dollars from the insurance industry and wrote a plan to privatize medicare. the insurance industry would make billions, while you pay more.
10:58 pm
11:00 pm
more chaos as kim finally makes a move here in new york. i'm scott evans. could she be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? >> what is the likelihood that right now she's having flashbacks? >> you said you heard from angelina's camp? >> yeah. >> the olivia pope of angelina. >> a bit of blowback from melissa etheridge after sticking up for her old friend brad. i'm natalie morales. she's dealing with it in the way she knows best ? i hope you understand ? >> chelsea handler's fresh face. how did she do it? i'm liz hernandez. then after recent trauma, paris jackson returns to neverland. >> i literally was like looking across at her going, i remember you. >> the empty nest rekindles the


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