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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  October 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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coast. >> elizabeth gardner tells us what we could see after the adult on florida. thank you for joining us. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm lena tillett. we'll get to that in a minute but you can see the schools that are releasing early today, cumberland county, harnett county schools, closing 2 hours early, and hockey county and moore county, sampson county schools closing 2 hours early. the full list at the bottom of the screen and on and now to elizabeth gardner with new information on hurricane matthew. that's right. we get an update from the national hurricane center once every hour and we just got the new advisory in at 8:00 a.m. we are not seeing much of a change, wind speeds are the came, 120 miles per hour and moving 14 miles per hour northwest at 13 and moving past
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landfall but wind gusts at 107, 101 miles per hour and we are not seeing the winds in daytona beach gusting quite that high, 60, 65, 70 miles per hour there. we'll take a look at where the storm is. it will continue to track up the coast of florida. it's looking ragged there on the satellite, and we'll show you the radar picture coming up. you can see the circulation pretty well there. the forecast track has shifted closer to wilmington. i'll zoom in on that in a couple of minutes. the radar, the center of circulation is filling in a bit, an indication that it's weakening, but tell brush the coast with heavy rain and strong winds in florida. for us, we'll have more rain than we thought yesterday.
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southward, devastating there. and we will outline the flooding risk area by area coming up. the rain has already begun and will be with us on and off today and have impact on the travel. bryan mimes is here to talk more about that. good morning. we are seeing a number of accidents around the triangle. just look at the map. you can see raleigh, and i'll zoom in a bit and you can see the red on 40 westbound just outside raleigh. so you will be hitting the brakes as you head west towards the airport on 40 and durham, the beltline is getting slow as well. and a number of accidents on side streets, not causing significant back up.
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-- and aviation parkway. traffic is moving along at speed, and falls neuse, traffic is coming to a stop, so you can encounter slow downs on 540 as you head west towards the airport. i mentioned things are thickening up on westbound 40. at harrison, here's proof. people be tapping their brakes there near the airport on i-40. expect slowdowns and i-40 out of johnston county or actually heading to rtp, a 9- minute drive . bill and lena? >> thank you very much. several flights were canceled yesterday at rdu, most were heading to florida and they will restart flights to fort lauderdale, the southern part of the state that wasn't
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some flights to resume, and tampa international is open and operating. operations at orland or suspended throughout -- orlando are suspended throughout the morning. they are getting hit pretty hard right now. >> and a live look at orlando. they are getting -- actually, 42% of brevard county are without power, and from the nbc affiliate, that some people decided not to evacuate and are regretting that decision and calling for help with conditions worsening there in orlando. >> and we have a look at matthew's impact on the north on the east side, winds at 75 miles per hour in daytona right now as you are looking at a picture of things bouncing
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state wide, 360,000 businesses and homes without power as a result of hurricane matthew in florida. >> and hurricane matthew is a category 3 storm but obviously, some of the images are showing it packing a serious punch. >> it's causing a lot of problems in florida. jay gray will bring us up to date. >> reporter: moving along the florida coast, matthew is in many areas overwhelming. >> starting it's a monster. >> reporter: violent wind, sheets of rain, and growing surf with the potential of a storm surge up to 11 feet. >> i am begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of the storm. those types of storm surges, that is not something you want to get caught up in. >> reporter: electricity has become a luxury in the strike zone. tens of thousands have lost power and that number's
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are under a hurricane warning. airports, closed. shelters, filling up. >> i've been in florida all my life and i know how bad it can get. >> reporter: bad now and likely will get worse. emergency officials say that the storm is an extreme threat to life and property and warn that the impact will be devastating to catastrophic in areas with as men as 10 million possibly losing power for weeks. the extreme conditions in florida, a georgia, north and south carolina as matthew continues to move along the east coast. jay gray, nbc news, daytona beach. people along the north carolina coast are doing all they can to prepare for matthew's arrival. leyla santiago is in wrightsville beach to look at conditions there and look ahead to the weekend where they could get up to 15" of rain.
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numbers and different forecasts than what a lot of folks here in wilmington saw last night before going to sleep. you can see behind me we've been here since yesterday and the winds have picked up a bit, but yet there is still people out on the beach for the morning walk. one woman coming down and people on the pier but mostly a lot of folks coming out to get a better idea of what's happening, and you can see how choppy the water is already this morning. emergency management officials were scheduled to give an update at 8:00 this morning. we will certainly be checking in with them to see what they plan to do today. but here is something that puts things in perspective. this coming from the national weather service in wilmington saying that hurricane matthew could see the new local records for the wettest 40-day period in history potentially beating floyd and last october's
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the things we talked to emergency management about and they responded about any amount of rain, be it the 15" you mentioned, bill, or less than that could really have a huge impact on the roads, homes, everything because of the flooding because the ground is already saturated because of previous rain that they've seen here and not only new hanover but brunswick and we will stay here and bring you updates throughout th back to you. >> leyla santiago on the beach at wrightsville, thank you. florida's governor said that hurricane matthew could be deadly. >> see how hurricane force-
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. it's hard to imagine the sheer force of hurricane winds. >> some people may underestimate tomko tom--tom costello shows us why you want to stay inside. >> reporter: storms so massive they are seared into our collective memory. hurricane andrew, hurricane katrina, 125 miles per hour winds at landfall and hurricane wilma, cat 5 with 183 miles per hour for the winds. researchers recreate the power behind the hurricane.
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homes, buildings, power lines, and harbors. so this is about 25 miles per hour. so this is a pretty good rain and wind storm but it's about to really pick up. this is now a category 1 storm, 80 miles per hour. we're looking at some damage to unanchored mobile homes. this is a category 2 storm, 100 miles per hour winds. there is no way you can stand in there. this is now a miles per hour. the wind is pulling my -- my cheeks and my skin back. any trees would be uprooted. after only a few minutes at 115 miles per hour, the maryland team said enough. it's just absolutely exhausting
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winds. >> that sounded somewhat apocalyptic. tom costello reporting. and they are most concerned about storm surge. >> i am blown away from that, no pun intenned. intended. they want us to remember that storms can grow quickly into something too powerful to survive. the latest update on the jersey train crash. >> the sequence of events that
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buffeted and rained on. they are dealing with the wrath of hurricane matthew. >> and cave -- cape canaveral, you can see the image there is, and a they have the incredible satellite images. that's right. and we're talking with a scientist about an hour and a half ago saying that they were taking extreme measures to batten down the hatches there and make sure everything was as protected as could be. we had winds at 107 miles per hour, 101 miles per hour and the storm is pulling away from capia navigation and -- cape canaveral and going to kennedy. and you can see the images
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there. right here is cape canaveral, the center of circulation about 20 miles from cape canaveral and tracking it to daytona beach and it's more like 50 miles from daytona beach right now. the question is what about the eyewall? the eyewall is where you have the heaviest amounts of rain, the strong effort rain. and it's right here. right here is -- okay. it's not going to work fo crosses up across the coastline is where we get the heaviest rain and strongest windings. winds. let's talk about where the storm will go next. the storm track is different than it was yesterday and it seems like every time we go to a new track, every 24 hours it tens to change. category 1 storm hugging the coast of south carolina.
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was going to take the dive south and east, and they were like you are evacuating a lot of people from south carolina and that was the right call. it's going to hug that coast, charleston, myrtle beach and then it makes the turn later than it looks like yesterday so it's probably only about 50 miles off the coast of north carolina if nothing changes from the way the track looks right now, and we have some computer model that pull it closer to wilmington. the wind potential goes up as well. but it's at 75 miles per hour saturday night into sunday, and it weakens considerably into a category 1 storm, so tropical storm-force wind conditions here and winds ranging from 25 to 50 miles per hour terms of wind gusts in our area late saturday into early sunday morning. and with the tropical storm
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coastline at wilmington, a flash flood watch for many counties, especially south of raleigh, 5 to 10" of rain there, and from myrtle beach to wilmington, 10 to 15" and winds gusting 60 to 65, and may be higher than that, and as we head towards the outer banks, 40 to 50 miles per hour and 5 to 7" the west, gusts of 30 to 35 raleigh to rocky mount, and 2 to 5" of rain and even that could cause flooding. 4 to 7" will likely cause flooding on top of the rain from last week, and winds in the 30 to 40 miles per hour range. at rdu, flight cancellations, mainly due to the trickle-down effect from florida, and we will continue to have rain here
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saturday. the temperatures over the weekend, likely to remain in the upper 60s. and, of course, we'll continue to have the rain showers heavy at times through the weekend. i would encourage everybody to make sure that you are in a place to stay put on saturday night into sunday morning. flooding is likely in our area. lena? >> thank you, elizabeth. the commuter train that slammed into a packed terminal last week in new jersey was traveling twice the speed limit and the data shows also that the train sped up for 30 seconds before reaching that speed and the engineers hit the brakes less than one second before impact. colombian president juan manuel santos has won the nobel peace prize for his effortses
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hurricane matthew doesn't have an impact on the sunday presidential debate even though the candidates are talking about it. >> tracie potts has more and how donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for the second face off this weekend. >> reporter: donald trump's mar-a-lago is in the path of hurricane matthew. he spoke to his employee there is. >> everyone in the path, you gotta take care of yourself. you gotta get out of the area. town hall that he insists was not a practice for sunday's town hall debate that is on despite the storm. trump's running mate predicts he'll win. >> he speaks from his heart and speaks from his mind and the american people hear him loud and clear. >> reporter: hillary clinton was spotted at a hotel near her home in new york, behind closed doors getting ready for sunday, and tim kaine looks forward to the final debate in nevada.
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very good. it's going to be very, very good. >> reporter: but first, sunday, could sees it own political damage after hurricane matthew. tracie potts, washington. >> again, the hillary clinton and donald trump debate, sunday at washington university in st. louis. you can watch the debate on fox 50 sunday. all dish, the ag department has fresh ideas for enjoying fresh food. >> reporter: my favorite way to eat peanuts is with the shell on. very good. >> you like that? i didn't know that about you, and sometimes, it's okay not to share. >> sometimes. >> no. >> what are we doing? >> okay.
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smoothie, get your day going or perfect for the after school snack. >> combine chocolate milk and peanut butter and blend until it's smooth and add frozen sliced bananas and crushed ice. liquefy? >> yeah. >> smooth enough for a smoothie or will it be a roughy? four ingredients and you are ready to start the day with the day? >> it will. >> yes, indeed. >> chocolate and peanuts. >> i like that little -- that laugh there at the end. the folks at the dpac have something to brag about. >> recent success that could help with future building
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when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement.
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the ti i'm lena tillett. we want to let you know that governor mccrory will give a news conference with emergency management officials to talk about the state's preparation at 9:00 and you can watch it live on wral and and elizabeth, looking like we are going to see more effects from hurricane matthew. it seems like every morning we come in and say everything has changed just a bit, and it looks like the center of circulation is coming closer to wilmington than yesterday.
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second. daytona beach is seeing the center of circulation with gusts at cape canaveral at 107 miles per hour. here is the forecast track. once it gets closer to wilmington it will be a minimal category 1 hurricane. the winds not a huge deal for us, gusts up to 50 miles per hour but we could be talking about pretty incredible rainfall totals, 2 to 5" in the triangle and maybe 16" as we get closer to the coast. right falling. bryan will talk about the commute in a minute, but the rain continues today and becomes very heavy tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so you want to go ahead and find a spot to hunker down saturday night and sunday. you don't want to be outside in it. bryan is talking about this morning's rain and how it's affecting traffic. good morning, elizabeth. we do have a lot of accidents, a number of them on side
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major backups, but the highways, the freeways, we are seeing slow downs on i-40 west and the beltline, an accident at glenwood causing delays westbound i-440 and eastbound heading towards rtc, 17 minute delays to the durham freeway. i-540 at wade avenue, pretty thick.
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welcome back. i'll bill leslie. >> i'm lena tillett. several school systems are releasing early today as a result of the storm. here's a look. cumberland county schools, closing 2 hours early, harnett county, and moore county schools closing 2 hours early, and hockey county schools, closing early and sampson county schools closing 2 hours early. >> you can find a full list at the bottom of the screen and on elizabeth gardner monitoring the impact of matthew and the weekend ahead. absolutely. we are looking at a little bit of a change in terms of the forecast track. it seems to have been been the case as we have gone through every day this week. it looks like it may be closer to wilmington than it looked
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national hurricane center at the top of the hour and we did see the storm slowing down just a touch moving west at 13 miles per hour and approaching daytona beach and leaving cape canaveral with winds at 120. the storm is cruising up the coast and looking to hug the coast of florida and georgia and south carolina and potentially hug the coast of north carolina, up to the wilmington area. a.m. on sunday, winds at 75 miles per hour. and 1 piece of good news is it will be weaker, just barely a hurricane off the coast of wilmington and it may be 40 to 50 miles offshore and the cone of uncertainty has included wilmington. again, the biggest change will be the rainfall totals. we are likely to see more rain than we were anticipating yesterday. and here's a look at the storm as it cruises towards daytona
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our rainfall potential from 5 to 10" south and east of the triangle, 2 to 3 -- excuse me, 4 to 5" in the triangle area, so we'll talk more about our flooding potential for your specific town coming up in a few minutes. expect the rain to continue for this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow, and it becomes heavier across our area. back to you. >> thank you very much, elizabeth. governor pat mccrory is getting ready to update north carolina's efforts to for hurricane matthew at 9:00 in raleigh. >> he'll be there with emergency management officials. you can watch on wral and and unfortunately, it looks like flights to florida are out of rdu. >> delta plans to fly to the southern end of the state. the impact down there from hurricane matthew not as bad as the northern locations.
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planning for flights to resume, and tampa international is open and operating, but orlando, operations are suspended through tomorrow morning, and only the 4th time in its history that disney world will be canceled. always check with your airline before heading out. a live look in daytona beach, it is storm surge and strong wind there obviously, they are feeling the fullest impact of the storm right now. we've learned in brevard county from this area, it's nearly 50% of people that are without power there. the total is about 500,000 people statewide that do not have power. >> it's having an impact. we have not heard of injuries or fatalities, and that is good
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make a turn after reaching south carolina's coast. >> our state is expecting heavy rain and strong winds. wral's leyla santiago is live in wrightsville beach with how beach are getting ready. >> reporter: already, it was declared a state of emergency. that happened yesterday. but other folks in the area will have voluntary evacuations beginning in half an hour. and we have voluntary evacuations that have already begun right around 8:00 this morning out of brunswick county. they have shelters ready for folks to head there, and out on the beach itself, you can see behind me, folks are going to have the morning walk. they are coming out in windy conditions. it's been raining on and off all morning long and they are coming out here, and i saw a
8:35 am
so you sort of see the impact of what is happening now and what is to come. take a look at the water and you can see how choppy it is given the win. officials have received a new information, and there is life- threatening flooding and the potential to create once in a lifetime flooding levels, a direct quote from the they are urging anyone who thinks about coming out for some sort of a travel event not to head this way. and for those under voluntary evacuations to take that warning seriously. back to you. >> absolutely, 10 to 15" of rain possible for that area, you're right. it could be a big problem. leyla santiago live at wrightsville, thank you. >> and the water seems like it's been getting choppier since she has been out there.
8:36 am
than 30 minutes. >> wral's mikaya thurmond is live outside the emergency management operations, and i assume this is where the governor will talk today? >> reporter: that's right. he will be here in less than 30 minutes, and fema officials are already here, preparing for hurricane matthew and any damage that the storm may cause and fema is staging supplies at fort bragg. tractor generators and water and ready to eat meals and are stored at simmons on the air field until it's time to ship them to the areas that need them and the red cross, they've begun to open up shelters in north carolina to assist with feeding and operational support. so what can you do to prepare? go ahead and grab an emergency kit, water, flashlight, anything that you may need during this storm. of course, governor mccrory
8:37 am
30 minutes, and we will be streaming that live on wral and bill and lena? >> mi -- mikaya, thank you. for years, the trump name is prominent in atlantic city.
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a lot of folks will want to stay inside because of the weekend rain. we could have a lot here in the triangle but if you are going out, you could start helping your community with music. >> and we can hear what is going on indoors because i think our list of events are
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of the rain. social media will keep this posted. >> and charlie puth? >> yes. heel be at the ritz in raleigh and he is a lot of fun. >> will oktoberfest in durham go on? >> it will because it's indoor facilities saturday, get your lederhosen family-friendly event, and it's free, and it's a lot of great stuff. >> great that it's indoors and you can party with a purpose? >> absolutely. it's the weekend of purpose. jamie kirk hahn foundation, and great food, tickets are still available.
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>> you can only get brunch at pool's once a year. and that's someone morning. >> that's the fame restaurant everyone wants to see when the celebrities come to town. >> oh, okay. >> and you can search out and about on and download the app and take it with you on the go. the durham performing arts center was a money make they are season, earning $1.8 million for the city for the season and th preliminary net income was $6.3 million. come monday, the trump name will no longer grace the casino in atlantic city. trump said that the new owner and the casino workers' union could not reach a deal to keep
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his name be removed saying it will damage his personal brand to have his name on a shuttered piece of property. coming up, the catch of the
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and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top aren't getting tax breaks at your expense. we can start building a better north carolina. boy, that's a rough day at the beach. that is daytona beach in northern florida we'll feeling the wrath of hurricane matthew. we have been watching that picture on and off for the last hour and you can tell the water is coming higher and higher and higher up the beach, and it's approaching daytona beach and watched it slip past cape
8:45 am
if the eyewall hit qaip -- cape canaveral or just brushed it. it's 10 to 15 miles offshore, and at that point t doesn't make too much of a difference. we have a zoomed -in view and the notch that sticks out, that's cape canaveral and the storm is moving past there right now and of course moving up toward daytona and bill asked, and rightly so, gosh f it's going past cape cape canaveral, will it miss day tonight it beach? it will look like it will start the northerly and then northeasterly turn right as it heads across the coast of georgia and south carolina. but it will really hug the coast until it gets to wilmington and then make the right turn into the atlantic.
8:46 am
gusting quite as strong as daytona beach, off to the southeast a bit. wind gusts in cape canaveral at 100 miles per hour and here's a look at where futurecast thinks the system is going. it this is farther inland than maybe reality is to begin with, and certainly, a little more aggressive at keeping it closer to shore than even what the national hurricane center forecast track is. other computer model that is we use -- we have been talking a lot about the american model and european model. the american model does follow this closely and follow what is futurecast is showing, hugging the coast from charleston up to myrtle beach and then the center is close to wilmington. the big change for us, the amount of rainfall. we are looking at a good bit more rain than yesterday. the flooding potential is going
8:47 am
wilmington it weakens. it will be just barely a hurricane with 70-mile per hour winds. and we have a tropical storm warning in effect for wilmington and i keep hearing from laissez les santiago that is a vulnerable spot. we are looking at 3 to 5", and this is what we were looking at last night with the potential for 4" of rain in raleigh and 6" in fayetteville and 14" in wilmington. as the track continues to push the storm closer to wilmington, they may be looking at more like 5 to 6" in raleigh and 9
8:48 am
axis of heavier rain may be wilmington sees slightly less rain and just inland from the coast up to 15" of rain. we certainly do have a flooding threat all across our viewing area but especially down south at fayetteville and spring lake. our winds from the triangle northward, 15 to 20 and gusting 25 to 30 and to the south, 40 to 50 miles per hour and with the strong gusty winds, we get into the potential for power outages. that s saturday along the coast and saturday night into early sunday morning, we are likely to have patchy power outages across our area, and we take a look at what's happening at rdu. we have some showers that you will run into, not terribly heavy and it picks up in intensity on saturday, and saturday's high, 69 and on sunday, looking at temperatures in the upper 60s as well. we'll continue to track that storm and we'll be about you all morning and all through the weekend. back to you.
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coming up november 8. and with the state's top office on the ballot, we asked the candidates for governor to let you know where they stand. >> in this message, governor pat mccrory tells us more money should be allocated to education and how it should be funded. you know, our previous governors let north carolina's commitment to education slide the bottom of our nation. our administration has increased funding, per people funding, and raised teacher pay. average teacher pay will be over $50,000 a year and when adjustmented for cost of living, our state ranks 29th in the country. our success is in stark contrast to virginia which has a $1.5 billion budget shortfall forcing their governor to cancel promised pay increases
8:50 am
helping to grow the economy and deliver budget surpluss, our state is in a strong position and we must continue to make the necessary investment in our education system to help our kids succeed. >> you can go to and search vote for more. it took a year but a texas woman finally got her wedding ring back. >> everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: james stewart said about losing her wedding fling a department store a year ago. >> i noticed that i lost my ring. >> reporter: right away, she told the assistant manager elle mcgruder. >> we looked everywhere went went still no ring until the next morning when karen tanner was cleaning the store. >> i was vacuuming and bent down and saw something shiny
8:51 am
>> reporter: she brought the ring to mcgruder, and she knew exactly who it belonged to. >> karen found the ring and just happened to go to the one person, miss ellie, that i told i lost the ring. >> reporter: mcgruder hadn't gotten the ring owner's last name or phone number and stewart was convinced she had lost it during a trip to austin earlier that day. >> i know she will be in someday. believe me, every day, i thought maybe she >> reporter: this monday, stewart and mcgruder finally crossed paths. >> i couldn't control my words. i couldn't control the tears. all i wanted to do was hug her. >> reporter: james stewart said she can't believe her original ring is back all thanks to a few honest employees. >> i don't know if i could ever repay them for what i did.
8:52 am
that. >> right. >> amid all this rough news. >> yeah. >> i tell you what. a florida teen made a catch that has gone viral. >> jeanne moos shows us his football balancing act. >> reporter: there are more unusual things to catch than a football, for instance, when a crowd walking member of a dutch band drank a beer or a dad sat his son on the luggage counter at an airport in poland. the boy fell but was caught by >> a baby where he should not be. the baby falls and the -- oh, there it is. >> reporter: at least this player didn't drop a baby. you can see, he bobble its, bobbles again, and touchdown, an unforgettable catch; right?
8:53 am
>> reporter: jayden's dad was on the sideline, talking to his wife on the phone. >> it was like he is bobbling the ball. he caught it. he dropped it. no. he didn't drop it. >> reporter: how cool to be included in sport centers top 10 plays at 13 but to be number one. >> look at this, bobble its 6 times and makes the play. >> reporter: a catch of the play. but a nay sayer said if he was really good, it woun' been bobbled so much. tell them that to the undefeated pro titans and jayden's dad. >> he averages 2 to 3 touchdowns a game. >> reporter: all the bobbling won't go to this teen's head. jeanne moos, new york. >> a lot of great football players come out of florida. what you. we'll get another check of the top story and weather and traffic coming up next.
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on the governor to talk about hurricane matthew with a press
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i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? the time is 8:56. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm lena tillett. we'll take you to a live
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about. >> - - about to have a news brief coming up in about 3 minutes. and right now, elizabeth gardner has an update on daytona beach. it looks like this will pass closer to wilmington than we thought yesterday, and daytona beach, a lot of heavy rain and from there, it will head up the coast carolina and closer to the coast of north carolina than we thought yesterday and likely to be a category 1 storm and 75 miles per hour winds. it's not likely to be a wind, and certainly a rain, and rain heavy for us on saturday and sunday, and more through the morning about our rainfall totals. bryan? a lot of accidents, the major highways improving, one area of concern, highway 147,
8:58 am
southbound 147. be mindful of that. i-40 and 751, looking better eastbound on i-40. back to you. >> bryan, thank you very much. we are standing by and waiting for the governor to speak benefit north carolina's preparations for hurricane matthew. >> we will carry that at 9:00, just about 2 minutes, and you can watch on wral and stay with us for the latest on hurricane long. when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh.
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when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement.
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