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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  October 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. we start with breaking news. right now officials are closely monitoring wood lake dam. thank you for joining us, i'm with the possibility of a breach there's a possible evacuation for people living downstream. here are the areas at risk including cabins creek road. at this point the it hasn't breached, but they're concerned about the dam's integrity. >> this is one of the many issues facing our area since hurricane matthew over the weekend. we have a crew on the way to
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them here and on our 11:00 news on wral. for overnight changes on the situation watch the morning news starts at 4:30 on wral. tonight president obama declared a major disaster area, 31 counties impacted by the storm are now eligible for federal aid. >> it will supplement federal and state efforts already in motion. fema says the damage surveys are continuing, and more counties and additional forms of assistance >> several school districts closed again tomorrow. we have a list to run down for you. >> clinton city schools closed tomorrow, cumberland county closed again, edgecombe county schools closed. >> continuing that list, halifax, hoke county schools closed, johnson county schools also closed.
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>> and samson, wayne, and wilson county schools closed tomorrow. >> you can see the list of closings scrolling at the bottom of the screen, and any time on and people in princeville are keeping a close eye on the tar river. >> i understand that police are not letting anyone in? >> reporter: they're not, princeville, but as of now they're not letting anyone in the area. we're about as close as the tar river that you can get, and this area was an attraction for the town as people came out of their homes to see for themselves exactly what this river might do. this bridge overlooking the tar river became the town meeting spot throughout the day. it wasn't enough to simply hear from county officials what was
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they know this river and wanted to see it for themselves. >> >. this is very high. it's been this high before, but this is extremely high. >> reporter: still, curiosity can't get in the way of safety. by night fall, the bridge would be clear. and the town of princeville and tow dunbar are under mandatory evacuations. >> we had to evacuate my mama and my cousin, and we finally got them out safe. >> reporter: says the river is expected to crest at 35 feet. county leaders are fairly sure the dike will hold, but 1999 still isn't far from memory. everyone we spoke to said they absolutely feel as though the city and county leaders made the right call. this is the end of east st. james street, and it looks like a lake. they say precaution now could mean fewer regrets later.
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my kids thought i was crazy, but now i feel good, i have a truck full of stuff because you never know. >> i feel like they're doing a great job. i feel like our town and county is really on the ball. >> reporter: and i spoke with emergency services about an hour ago, and they say the river right now is about 31 and a half feet. as far as when people might be able to return back to their homes, they say they really don't want to give a definitive the river crests tomorrow, then they'll have a better idea of when people can get back into their neighborhoods, and i also have to add that emergency management wants people to know this is a very fluid situation, and this is what everyone is watching, however they're extremely concerned about the entire county of edgecombe, so no one is going unnoticed tonight. >> candace sweat, thank you.
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trying to overcome the damage already happening there. >> ken smith has how people are coping tonight. >> reporter: in in front of the cape fear river that's receded right now, but right after hurricane matthew it did damage downstream. the remnants of lives they built in this house are now a soggy mess. >> i've been told it wouldn't get up this hill. >> reporter: but the >> >. i i moved here in 87. >> reporter: ruining almost 30 years of family keepsakes, momentos, memories. >> you go in a room, and there's nothing. you have furnish all in pieces and on the other side of the room or in another room. you know, i don't understand it. >> reporter: from the front yard the devastation from the flooding is neighborhood wide.
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>> saturday morning it was up to this post right here. >> reporter: across town in fayetteville this is what's left of aaron lake. the front waters cutting a hole through the road and inching into this man's backyard, and taking away a few things with it. >> it took a boat and bench and the lawn mower and took it down to the river. i found my boat. >> reporter: a outcome for mrs. jacobs, saddened by the flood that's reshaped the life's she's built, but still keeping the faith. >> there's a few things that will be cleaned and saved, but just about everything is gone. >> reporter: heart breaking for her, but she and her neighbors including her brother across the street all plan to rebuild. ken smith, wral news, cumberland county. wayne county is still dealing with the aftermath,
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117 in goldsboro. this is what the highway looked like earlier today. you can see how much water was covering the road and causing the mess. several people were forced to leave homes to escape from the rising water in wayne county this afternoon. bolts and humvee -- boats and humvees were used to rescue a person, and in the middle of it they found this deer trapped in flood water. people are uses boats to escape neighbors say the devastation. >> >. matthew is much worse than hurricane floyd 17 years ago. crews are making progress, but the power is still out for hundreds of thousands of people across the state. here in our area, wake county has more than 42,000 customers without power tonight. in robinson county nearly 22,000 customers without power, wayne county, nearly 21,000, and johnston county nearly 18,000 power outages. adam owens has been with crews
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the area tonight, and he joins us live now. you're in a neighborhood they just got power a short time ago, they must be making some happy dances out there i'm sure. >> reporter: yeah, i'm sure. i can hear the tap dancing a little if i stay quiet enough, but this is a good example of what's happening throughout the city. we pulled into the neighborhood because it didn't have power, and in just the last several minutes the power has been restored. again, another great example of the struggle and the could be days before other people have this good news. life in the dark can be frustrating. >> i don't think you really realize how much you depend on it. >> reporter: but in this home, the candle light is also romantic. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you! [ laughter ] >> just enjoy being together on a special day. >> it's like camping out. >> reporter: and they could be
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>> it's a major historical storm that's going to take some time to repair. >> reporter: on grayson street we found these workers. the white trucks they rode in on look like white horses to neighbors all around them. >> the downed tree pulled down not only the power lines, but poles as well. >> reporter: this crew is working to get them back up, but replacing that kind of damage takes time, and this kind of damage can be found all over. >> so many trees down, there's flooded areas preventing us from being able to quickly restore some outages. >> reporter: jeff brooks says he gets it. he knows there's frustration, for the moment though the price family is making the best of it. >> we're trying to make it fun. maybe in a few days ask us again [ laughter ] >> reporter: there's some honorsly for you, and if you want -- honesty for you, and if you want to know why some areas
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5,000 workers in our region. they doubled that number by bringing people from out of the area into the area to maximize their army to continue working to get power on. some as far as away as canada, some of the workers working in the triangle area tonight. power has been restored to 900,000 people in the carolinas in the last 48 hours. linda, back to you. >> that's a lot of work. adam owens, live in wake county, thank you. fayetteville, one in critical condition tonight. police are looking for a suspect. this happened around 7:45. police say three men were standing on adams street when the suspect walked up and started firing. one person is in critical condition, the other two will survive. the suspect is known as jay rock. he was described as a black man, 5' 8, and weighing 175 pounds. last seen wearing all dark clothing with a camouflage jacket. we'll bring you stories of
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throughout the hour. coming up, the rescue of trapped motorists caught on tape. and a rescue team goes through great lengths to rescue a horse. and today we had sunshine and dry weather, 68 at rdu, 70 at fayetteville. the mercury is going down right now, it will be a chilly night.
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flash flood waters no, sir -- flood waters forced hundreds of people to evacuate in robinson county. it happened when a levee near lumberton broke. the levee is still holding, but the water is so high that it's getting in around it. the dam didn't hold back the flood waters in 1999 during hurricane floyd, and that's worries that history will repeat itself. people have been coming out day, and this is big news. they just hope it doesn't become bad news. >> we need more resources. we need electricity, ice, water. we need the normal supplies you need in a situation like this. >> please send help. food, clothes, whatever you have. just throw it by the road. we need whatever you can give and donate to us. >> you can get in contact with the red cross to coordinate any donations you may have, and they'll make sure the donations
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at the shelters in robinson county. and new video tonight of a rescue in wayne county. a pick up fell from a washed out bridge. crews got down to get everyone out of the vehicle. look at the damage to the truck. one person was lifted out on a stretcher. no word on how serious the injuries were. the flooded south river in samson county carved a pact right through newton bridge. the gap in the middle is several feet across most of the bridges over creeks will be closed if they're not already, and they're worried the water could rise quickly and strond people. emergency workers pulled a body out of a submerged car today. in all they've had 200 water rescues. smithfield is under water right now, the noose river flooded banks and submerged cars and businesses and cut the town off
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police are stationed on either side of the water to keep drivers out and prevent tragedies. >> we actually saved a woman who tried to drive through the water, and we turned around and followed her, and the minute she got in the water her car stalled and she walked back, and we took her in. >> johnston county still has about 21,000 customers without power. roughly a third of residents were without water today, but the coty working around the clock to restore the water service. police need your help to find a man that disappeared during hurricane matthew. within the hour fayetteville police released the picture of the man they're searching for, boar race abby was -- boris abby was last scene saturday. he's 6' 2 and weighs 200 pounds. if you have information call the fayetteville police. >. hope mills is one of the
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this is the property along little rock fish creek. the family lived there 26 years. hurricane matthew lifted the entire home off its foundation, and turned it 180 degrees. a strand of trees, or stand of trees stopped it from going further. the full scope of the damage became clear as the water receded. the family didn't want to camera but told debra morgan earlier today how hard it is the to see the devastation. >> beautiful, it's been our paradise you know for 20-odd years. it's a very unique property. you can see it's wooded all around, you know, beautiful pine grove, and kind of place we could retire to, and live the rest of our lives, you know, comfortably. it's gone now. >> the power of the water. the family feels fortunate they have flood insurance, but don't
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happy ending? a rescue of a different kind. this time a horse needed help. livestock was threatened by rising water. one of the animals was a horse named bob. bob has had a rough life and was in a livestock pen when the water invaded. he got him out and took him to another facility where he's being cared for, but they have a different dilemma. where is bob going to live now? pet finder has information, and you can have him for that's it. looks like a beautiful horse. >> yes, beautiful, but thin. not quite sure the story, but oh my gosh. >> yes, someone will adopt bob and he'll have a wonderful home, but rescuers are called on to rescue everything and everybody. >> you talk about being tired and overworked. >> the last 48 hours. >> they haven't slept. the governor was talking about that. >> we're blessed to have them. >> yes, we are. so at least we have clear
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for the next 10 to 15 days, so i think we're good there. so significantly going to dry out so the rivers can come down. we head to tarboro and princeville, and you can see the river basin and water rain that falls, runs into the tar river, and heads down into the river and sound, and the water eventually makes its way into the atlantic ocean. here's what's happening throughout the day. we've seen the river rise. now the feet. minor flooding occurs at 19 feet. it's 38.88 and rising, and candace sweat, you saw her, the water levels behind her going up. the forecast crest is 35.4 feet, but since floyd they've built the levee or dike around the area, and the dike would withhold water up to 37 feet.
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flooding would not occur since the forecast crest is at 35.4. but earlier this evening cullen browder was telling us about the mapping alert system the state came up with, and here's what the forecast looks like with the expected crest of 35.4 feet, and this is princeville, all the homes in princeville, and across the river there's tarboro and all of homes, and this is where the river runs. you see the little sliver with the south. with the 35.4 feet crest, this is where the water would spread, and you look, and there's no homes in this area, so it would effect areas not populated. it's getting close to residences here and some here, but if it stays where they say it will princeville and tarboro would be okay for the most part, so things looking okay, unfortunately doesn't look like it would fall below normal or to normal until mid to late
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to come. and here's the other computer, we do expect a cooler night. the coolest night since may 12th. 42 on this morning. long dry stretch. 10 to 15 days of dry weather, and the state fair opening thursday, and it will be off to a warm start. it's rather cool right now. 47 the low, below normal, and rdu is clear and 51. mainly clear night. the dewpoint at 46. temperatures close to home in the 40s and 50s, and in the broad view, 45 in roxboro. all is quiet on satellite and radar. watchings the next front arriving thursday night bringing the next opportunity for rain. so futurecast forecast numbers overnight, by 11:00 the upper 40s to low 50s. low 40s in the morning, but could see upper 30s in the northern counties and southern virginia. lunchtime tomorrow we're in the mid-60, and low 60s to upper
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so it bodes well for on going clean up. overnight upper 30s to low 40s. 43 in raleigh and fayetteville. forecast by 8:00 a.m. super chilly. make sure the kids are dressed appropriately if they have school. 45 at 8:00 a.m., lunchtime 65, and the next seven days dry, we peak at 78 thursday with the warmest day this week, and then after a cold front passes thursday night, friday cool, so if you're headed to the state fair friday the midway will be chilly. >> and you said some parts of state will have lows in the 30s in. >> upper northern counties. >> too soon maybe? >> it's gone from summer to deep fall. >> oh, man, i was hoping for that gradual [ laughter ] all right, the flooding forced people from their homes. >> yeah, they returned today.
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the first time. >. next in sports we'll update you on the panthers game, they finally scored. coming off the loss the
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wral sports with mandy mitchell
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the buccaneers on monday night football. the panthers have lost two straight, trying to avoid falling to one and four this season. it's hard to believe. can't show the highlights quite yet. the panthers do have a 7-6 lead on the buccaneers. they didn't score the entire first half, didn't look good at all, but they finally got into the end zone. both one and three teams that need a win tonight. hoping to have the highlights at scheduled for thursday night was postponed due to the flooding from matthew. the game will be made up on november 19th which was luckily originally scheduled to be open dates for both schools. a game time hasn't yet been set. larry says his team is not using the weather as an excuse for the loss to virginia tech. the heels getting ready for a big trip to miami to play the
10:27 pm
quarterback who's having a good season. he was beat up a little against florida state. currently has a banged up shoulder, so they're waiting to see if he can play this week, but unc will prep for him, and they know he has the talent to make the plays. >> he can spin it. he's a quality quarterback, and there's no doubt, i'm sure i don't know where he's projected, he'll go high, he can throw it. >> i think he's just a play maker. find a way to get the offense going, and that's that some quarterbacks can't do, but he find a way whether it's running or passing, and he does a great job. >> speaking of play makers, nc state has a date with clemson in death valley start. watson at quarterback, golman at running back, just a few that had good days against the pack last season. >> they have great players, so they're going to make players.
10:28 pm
college football, but i know our guys believe that we can compete play in and play out with anybody, and it's a matter of being consistent enough throughout the course of the game and not having a let down. >> we are about one month away from college basketball season. we will hear from roy williams and the heels with their media day tomorrow. wake forest had theirs today, and canny manning has a really -- danny manning has a really young team. only one with experience. despite the youth, this is a team that really excited the head coach. >> we like the skill set, we like the talent level, and it's just eight of our 13 days on scholarship freshman or sophomores, so we're young, but when you're building, that's how you have to build, and that's how we want to build, and we're excited. we think we'll be able to go out and have a chance to do good special things. >> basketball starting in one month. i can't even.
10:29 pm
summer is over. >> basketball and hockey all of the sudden playing the regular season games, so it's time. >> the people forced out of homes by flooding head up to the roof for safety. the rescue still to come. >> and we talked to residents displaced by flooding in wayne county. and find out how does goody's work so fast? here's how. goody's powder races right to your pain to deliver and now collect four of my trading cards inside specially marked boxes of goody's a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here.
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in wayne county the impact of matthew is expected to last into next week. >> you can see water almost up to the base of a bridge there in 7 springs. flood waters are dangerous close to homes near the river. wral talks to those hit hard by the storm. >> reporter: displaced with no
10:33 pm
>> reporter: families in need are sheltering at schools in wayne county. >> we're just waiting. >> reporter: heavy rain from hurricane matthew caused nearby rivers to overflow onto streets ask 6 businesses. james and his son had to trek through water to reach the family-owned restaurant. >> just the tables and stuff, got the coolers and bigger stuff out that we could save. >> reporter: barricades surround a water-filled highway 117 in goldsboro. others are taking road closures into their own hands. you guys put up the seen on your own? >> yes, to warn people there's high water, but we can't stop anybody from going through it. >> reporter: and this is why. the guardrails would be the only way of tells this is a bridge. some front yards have turned into islands. >> i actually feel sorry for the families and the businesses that are real close to my
10:34 pm
and road closures, schools in wayne county are closed for the rest of the week. vice president nominee mike pence took time to remember those effected by matthew today. >> before we get started let me encourage you to remember our neighbors and friends, fayetteville and lumberton and all across eastern north carolina. >> the comments were made in a campaign stop in ch he talked about donald trump's performance at last night's debate and took questions at a town hall meeting. tomorrow president obama visits greensboro. doors open at 3:30, the event starts at 6:00. >> also tomorrow we'll hear from the candidates running for governor. pat mccrory and roy cooper meet tomorrow night, and chuck todd
10:35 pm
moderate. watch it live on wral at 7:00. wral will also produce and host another debate in the race for north carolina governor. david crabtree and laura leslie will moderate. you can watch live on and wral. raleigh police will start testing body cameras starting next week. under the plans 600 officers will be equipped with the camera years. they expect to test at least three camera systems. >> now we can see that this is where we need to be, and this is where we're headed, and so we begin to test the products through the, through the request for proposals that came through. >> raleigh police are test and evaluate the results and receive public's input before implements a policy. the testing phase lasts between three and four months.
10:36 pm
when we come back we'll show you pictures from the outer banks.
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? nothing like a good game of sports. competition teaches us a valuable life lesson. that we must both maintain our composure in victory and be gracious and humble in defeat. ?
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with winds dying down the north carolina wing of the civil air patrol is finally able to assess matthew's damage
10:39 pm
infrastructure. crews conducted air photography missions to check dams and bridges and look for stranded people or livestock. the civil air patrol is a volunteer auxiliary of the us air force. more images tonight show the damage at the outer banks. >> the powerful wind and rough surf tore up the docks at cape hatteras. the storm knocked over utility poles and left debris all sidings and shingles were torn off houses. >> this was taken from near kitty hawk. you can see the bend and broken power poles. homes and streets flooding. some buildings have significant damage. debris in some areas is almost completely covering the roads. >> they expect more people will need help as the waters rise.
10:40 pm
county. matthew comes weeks after they were decimated with heavy rain. and a main route between greenville and raleigh system closed. water under the overpass spilled onto the road making it impossible to get through. drivers arenow utilizing back roads. multiple areas of interstate 95 are closed throughout north carolina. one of those spot social security love. there the -- spot social security lumberton. there it's -- spots is lumberton. it's closed for several miles due to flooding. you can see pieces of wood and other items floating by. if i-95 is your regular right, all #traffic is forced to exit on -- northbound traffic is forced to excite onto us 71, and then take 551 to us 51, you can merge to i-40 then.
10:41 pm
southbound, traffic is forced off the interstate to us 421. you'll travel through dunn to us 1, and then merge back on to i-95. >> so many problems, unbelievable, all over the state. >> and who knows how long it will be that way? before flood waters rise, the state uses technology to predict where it's going to happen. >> up next how it works and where the state thinks they will flood. >> we got nicole is still out there. it's a tropical storm right now, but it's forecast to become a hurricane, and there's a hurricane watch in effect for bermuda. we'll check where the storm
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
people in princeville and goldsboro are told to get out before the water rises. as cullen browder reports all of those decisions are based on neck tolling. >> reporter: -- technology. during hurricane floyd in 1999, emergency leaders invested from the flood mapping network. >> we know exactly what the water is going to do on the property because we know where their liveable space is, we know the elevation of the water. >> reporter: the software conditions topography, soil, and solid surfaces, and factors in rain fall totals. it can predict what areas can flood when, down to the
10:45 pm
evacuations get underway sooner. for instance goldsboro. >> you have 31 buildings impacted, but you predict it's going to be 131? >> right. >> reporter: and it works in real time too. as flood waters swallowed up homes in lumberton, they knew the buildings and the damage estimates. >> 945 buildings are flooding at the current time, and the financial cost to repair that is 29.2 million dollars. >> reporter: the prediction models help downstream communities better react before the water rises. >> so i can they've not had the flooding they will have. that'll be on the 14th. >> reporter: the software can't stop the flooding, but can lead people to higher safer ground. is this going to save lives do you think? >> i come to work because this does save lives. >> cullen browder reporting. and this is technology anyone can get, go to top
10:46 pm
a group of deer stranded in the flood waters in wayne county, and here's a better look at the scene now. you can see the deer are really on a virtual island surrounded by flood waters. when that pictures pulls out you can see the scope [ laughter ] >> can't get away. >> yeah, there's nothing near them. isn't that unbelievable? they seem to be pretty cool just grazing there, but wow. they really are out in the middle of nowhere. after seeing that scene we called the state resources commission to alert them, and hopefully they can take care of it and rescue the deer but gosh. >> it's possible the river could be above flood stage through at least next week. >> wow. >> so we hope it goes low enough for them to swim to safety, but at least they have a lot of grass. >> it looked like the level on that mobile home didn't look too high. >> so maybe they can get away. >> or someone can get to them. >> and we have more to share
10:47 pm
goldsboro. noose river basin, rain falls, everything goes into the basin in this region, and empties into the noose river, so all of the rain on raleigh up into orange ends up in the river, and drains down, and the water is coming down. normal is 14 fleet. minor flooding at 15 feet. major flooding, the water treatment plant is hard to get to. 20 feet is the major flood at last check was 27.73, so it's come down, by wednesday it should be back to normal. let's take a look at what's happening in goldsboro, and we'll see that over towards the air force base the strobe lights are under water, but there's no fear of the run way
10:48 pm
currently at 27.5, it's expected to crest at 28.7 midday tuesday, and the flooding will start at 7 sprint, and the forecast is for it to -- springs, and the forecast is for it to remain above flood stage, so there may be several days and the water is flowing toward kenston. and here's the weather desk top. we'll start with nicole. this is what's left of matthew never truly panned out where it turned to the south and moved back to the bahamas, the trough that brought the cold front carried it and lifted it away, but there is nicole, and as we get a closer look at nicole, there's bermuda, and at one point over the weekend it was a hurricane, then downgraded to a tropical storm, but now it's forecasted to become a hurricane again. top winds at 60 miles per hour, it's moving north at 6, and there's really no fear that it's coming to north carolina,
10:49 pm
that, and this is the path and intensity, and it's heading north and northeast, and top winds into wednesday even should be 90 -- evening should be 90 miles per hour, and into the the north atlantic it will be a powerful area of low pressure driving its energy from the difference in energy, not the warm ocean waters. and back home here's the upper level winds and temperatures. of course cooler air there, and there's where nicole is heading north and east. so over the next few days temperatured expected to rise. tomorrow in the upper 60s to low 70s, maybe a degree or two warmer, and wednesday mid-70s, and by thursday we expect to warm up. there's the next trough of low pressure, there's the next cold front, and a lot of cooler air with that, so through the day on thursday the front approaches. now it will pass by dry.
10:50 pm
moisture to meet with the front and develop showers or storms, so it's a dry passage. the high thursday is the upper 70s, about 80 in fayetteville, and once the front sweeps by we're back to cooler weather. there's friday, you notice the greens and yellows come back, and saturday will be cool as well, to friday we're expecting upper 60s, saturday upper 60s to low 70s, and saturday we warm back up, but there's no rain in the forecast. there's not a deep enough trough coming in and pulling mexico, so we'll have considerable drying in the coming days, and you'll see as we demonstrate through monday of next week it warms back up with the oranges. here's the seven-day forecast, morning low chilly. a lot of folks without power, it's going to be a cool night. extra blankets would be in order. 48 wednesday morning, the afternoon high 74. the start of the north carolina state fair thursday with 78. the dry cold front coming by thursday night, and look what
10:51 pm
70 on saturday, dry weekend coming up, in fact next seven days will be dry, and then we'll be comfortable. we have no widespread 80s coming up. temperatures closer to normal than what we had the entire month of october. >> what a change. thank you. and we have breaking news about the dam at wood lake. >> yeah. >> western moore county they're expecting an imminent breach in the areas of fort bragg water treatment plant to highway 87, river side mobile home park along the lower little river in spring lake. >> they think this dam will breach, and when it does they're expecting two to three feet of additional flooding downstream, so again it's a mandatory evacuation for the town of spring lake and those areas down river for that, so again town of spring lake, a mandatory evacuation. officials are expecting wood lake dam to breach any time. and stay with us on wral at 11:00, we'll bring you updates
10:52 pm
way to the scene. we're less than a month away from the election.
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>. the general election is november 8th, and with one of our state senate seats on the ballot, we asked the candidates
10:55 pm
stand on important issues. >> democrat deborah ross tells us what step it is united states should take to protect your national security. >> my name is deborah ross, and i would like your vote to be your us senator. nothing is more important than keeping our families safe. i'm willing to consider any kerns proposal -- common sense proposal whether party. keeping us safe starts with isis and taking them out where they are. that starts with declaring war on them. we need to increase the air strikes, destroy high value targets, deprive them of financial resources and territories, and increase the number of well-trained allies on the groundment here at home -- ground. here at home we must keep guns away from well known and suspected terrorists.
10:56 pm
and updates you know on the imminent dam break in spring lake. spring lake is issuing an immediate mandatory evacuations for resident as long the lower little river downstream from wood lake dam. >> there are specific areas again, the bragg estates, residents on west manchester road from the old fort bragg water treatment plant, and the lower little river. that's a mandatory evacuation. there's a shelter at the town of spring lake center, but it's extremely important, it could be a matter of life and death to get out of way. >> they expect two to three feet of additional downstream flooding, so heed the warning. get out now. more is coming up on wral news
10:57 pm
a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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more. ? lights, camera, access ? >> you described kissing women without consent, grabbing their genitals. that's sexual assault. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> "access hollywood."p>> "acce" >> beyond the debate continues. the ongoing aftershocks of our donald trump bus tapes. >> women have respect for me and, i will not. >> wondering if any additional tapes will come out from "the apprentice". >> a former "apprentice" producer has tweeted at the possibility of more skeletons in the candidate's closet. >> a comment he made about me was so bizarre. >> going into the debate, how many twitter followers did you have? >> i had seven. >> he's a sensation. we have the guy in that red


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